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How to Impress a Guy – A Comprehensive Guide for Women

How to Impress a Guy – A Comprehensive Guide for Women

Updated on Dec 07, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How to Impress a Guy – A Comprehensive Guide for Women

Every individual wants to create an impression in front of someone they like. The same applies to a girl. Whether or not you are in a relationship, you will surely want to know how to impress a guy.

The following article will help you understand ways to do it along with other relevant details.

How to Impress a Guy Infographic

How to Impress a Guy – A Comprehensive Guide for Women
How to Impress a Guy – A Comprehensive Guide for Women

How to Impress a Guy – Follow These Tricks

It is quite natural for anyone to think that physical appearance is the only thing that helps draw the attention of men. Unfortunately, it is a wrong perception. Looks are not the be-all and end-all of everything.

It is true that if your face is attractive, it can help hold a guy’s attention for some time. Still, do you want to truly impress him and make him fall for you deeply with strong feelings? You require more than just looks.

Following are the tips you should follow to attract your guy and make him fall in love with you

1. Do Not Have a Judgmental Approach

You may maintain high standards. Honestly, everyone should keep their standards high to not settle for the bare minimum in life. In the process of maintaining your standard, you must keep in mind that no one is perfect.

Even if a person seems fine in all respects, there is always that one thing you do not like about them. Hence, you must have an open mind. You must respect the differences that exist in one another’s personalities.

If you want to impress him, you’ll show some level of interest in what he has to say. You need not agree with him but you should see things from his point of view. Share your genuine feelings, but do not get judgmental or rude.

2. Do not Allow Him to Get Away with Some of His Conduct

Are you someone who forgives the guy even when he keeps you waiting for more than an hour before he shows up? It is a good time to change your approach. Do not let him take you for granted.

At the beginning of a relationship, you must ensure that he considers you seriously. It is better to ignore him if he tries to act too smart. Give him a cold shoulder. 

You can even speak curtly to him whenever you see him giving more attention to someone else. Always make him realize that you can pay the bill and offer to pay it. 

For the sake of giving him his due respect, you split the bill. Doing these things at the start of a relationship will automatically make him give you more respect.

3. Keep a Smile and Laugh Around Him

Any individual would always prefer someone happy over a grumpy person. A girl’s laughter can mesmerize a guy. Laugh whenever he cracks jokes if you find him cheerful. Give all the attention whenever you are with him.

There is no need to initiate a lot of conversations. You can sit back and let him get the feeling that you are enjoying his company. Try and say something funny to make him laugh so that he also starts feeling the same level of comfort around you.

Keep a smile on your face. Know that you look far more beautiful and add a glow to your face whenever you smile.

4. Do Not Shy Away from Getting into Debates

Be fully aware of things that are happening around the world. Talk about those with him. Give him an impression about not knowing how things are transpiring across different fields. It might seem attractive to you for some time, but things will soon backfire.

Remember that when a guy feels you do not have a level of intelligence, he will treat you like someone with whom he can enjoy parties, crack jokes, and fulfill his sexual fantasies. There is no way he will consider you as his life partner.

Now, hold on! You are not engaging in any kind of battle with him. So, there is no question of winning and losing. It is all about making the guy understand things from your point of view.

5. Unleash Your Naughty Side

There is nothing wrong with being a little flirtatious, especially when you intend to impress a guy a lot. Seeing the naughty side of a future girlfriend or wife happens to be a major turn-on for every man.

You can sit close to him, brushing your body against his and making it look like an accident. Wear something that makes you look hot and sexy to turn him on. Amidst all these attempts, you might give indications that he is feeling a bit awkward. 

It is a signal that you should stop your quest for attraction immediately. You will not want to earn the tag of a ‘clingy girlfriend’ for him. Nothing holds more importance than consent.

6. Try Not to Please Him Right from the Start

Even when you like a man a lot, do not resort to different ways of pleasing him from the first meet. The reason is that a guy would feel that he has already won your heart. 

Still, you have to ensure that mutual feelings exist. It is a good idea not to say ‘I love you unless you have confirmation that he also carries strong feelings toward you.

You should look to match his energy. Try to strike the right balance regarding how many indications you must give him. Neither you can give away too much for him to take advantage, nor afford to give away too little.

7. Attract Him with Your Looks

Think of a situation when you date a guy. He has a terrible dressing sense whenever you go out with him. You will surely feel a sense of disappointment at the time of walking alongside him.

The same applies to you as well. Therefore, dress properly and try to look good whenever he is around. Wear your best outfit. When that happens, the guy you desire will feel lucky to engage in a conversation with you.

8. Ensure That You Smell Great

Allow your fragrance to linger while you walk past him or hug him to say goodbye. The good smell of perfumes has a magical effect on guys. This especially happens if it comes from the girl they love. 

Spray the perfume onto your wrists, around your neck, behind your ears, or under the collarbone. It will leave your fragrance behind while you sit beside him in the dinner and movie hall.

9. Show Your Kindness Toward Everyone

Guys tend to act on their instincts. They instantly sway toward kind girls who possess pleasant personalities and seem easily approachable. Show your warmth while speaking to others. It is applicable even if you do not have any interest in dating them.

Never say anything untoward about other girls. Do not insult a guy just because he cannot communicate well. You must not even engage with those who do not give you desired respect.

10. Display Your Personality

Are you shy or suffer from social anxiety? Perhaps, due to this reason, you do not interact with friends over social media. Still, if you wish to impress a guy, you must make him feel that you carry a personality. 

When you hang out with friends, stay active. Try to involve yourself in activities. Enjoy your time while having fun. Any guy will find a girl like you interesting to engage with if you are genuinely passionate about something. Keep this in mind and act accordingly.

How to Impress a Boy

When you like a boy, you might try and do a lot to attract their attention. Remember, good things take time to flourish. Hence, wait for a while until you get a favorable response from him.

Let us now discuss some of the teen dating tips you can follow, which allow you to put your best foot forward and impress him in no time:

1. Maintain Eye Contact

The best way to build a strong foundation of trust is eye contact. If you make appropriate eye contact, it clearly shows the confidence you carry within yourself. 

When you speak, try doing so in a clear voice. It will let him understand what you are saying and react accordingly.

You must keep good eye contact while carrying out an intense conversation. Science proves that eye contacts create a stronger connection between two individuals. 

2. Have an Open Mind

Anyone, whether it is a boy or a girl, gets attracted to someone who always welcomes the flow of experience and new information into their life. 

In this situation, avoid behaving stubbornly when you do not agree on a certain point, while having a discussion with him. Be an active listener to what he says. Understand his point of view. He could be right in assessing the situation. 

It is also possible that he possesses better knowledge than you on that topic. You must give him further encouragement so that he shares more of it and enriches your knowledge.

3. Allow Your Personality to Speak for Itself

The kind of personality you carry makes the first impression on an individual. When you do not know a lot about someone, their personality comes of great help. Still, personality not only means good looks. There are other aspects like body gestures and body odor.

When you speak, your gestures through the body say a lot about your personality. Impressing a guy will require you to display positive and attractive body language.

Smelling good is equally important. If you give out a dreadful odor from your body, it can end all your hopes of impressing him. Thus, ensure that your foul odor goes away before you meet him.

4. Good Sense of Humor

You must carry a remarkable sense of humor if you wish to impress the guy you like. Every boy loves when someone makes him laugh. But you know one thing? 

He appreciates it, even more, when a person can make him smile when he is not in a good mood.

Look to pursue things that help you and put a smile on his face. Try making fun of yourself. There is a belief that a girl, who can make fun of her characteristics, will be more than capable of impressing any guy she wants.

5. Avoid the Habit of Nagging Over Simple Things

Nagging can irritate even the most patient of all individuals. Thus, it is not a wise thing to do. It is a manner of elucidating negative thoughts. 

Have you just started to make something more out of your friendship with a boy? Know that nagging does not do any good. This habit of yours will only push him away.

He will prefer someone else, who would give him the freedom to be himself. Thus, if you want to keep your place in his life and grow your relationship, stop nagging and accept him for his individuality.

How to Impress a Guy on a First Date

Oh, the initial sweet steps of dating. You are feeling alive and your racing heartbeat is making you ready for your first date. 

A sense of apprehension is working within you about what to expect, how to go about communicating with the guy, and lots of other things.

Without further delay, let us check out the following date ideas which can help you find a way to the guy’s heart on the first date itself –

1. Reach on Time

It does not look cool when you turn up late for your first date. Both of you are looking to know one another better. If you do not reach the place on time, it does put a bad impression about you on his mind.

Therefore, be on time to showcase your punctuality. It will also give an impression to the boy that you are very particular about maintaining time. He will understand that you respect the value of his time as well.

2. A Neat and Clean Appearance

Wear clothes straight out of the laundry. You should get comfort out of them. Ensure the dress is suitable for the weather, place, and occasion.

Understand that the wrong outfit carries the potential to ruin the occasion.  If you are feeling comfortable, you will act confidently. This confidence will make you shine in front of your dream boy.

3. Use a Perfume of Good Fragrance

You will definitely want him to feel a nice smell from your body. Use a perfume that carries a good fragrance. It will act as your representative. Whenever he smells the same fragrance elsewhere, he will think of your beauty and great personality.

A good smell has got nothing to do with price. Your focus should be on wearing something that soothes your senses. Take care of that. It will be enough to create an impression.

4. Begin with a Friendly, Warm Hug

Ensure that you have a good start to the first date. A warm hug will surely break the iceness between you guys. It will not exactly break the ice, but help to melt it. 

If you have an open mind, and are comfortable, go for a hug. The warmth in your hug will lead to butterflies in the guy’s stomach. He would feel the urge to know you better.

5. Try Sitting Next to Him

You don’t mind sitting next to him, isn’t it? It will help ease out awkward silences that can appear on your first date. It is not that you should sit over there to avoid making eye contact with him.

When you are beside him, you can gauge the surroundings. You might see some people giggling, while some couples are holding hands to express their love for one another. Seeing all these will help you deal with awkward moments of silence better.

6. Display Confidence but Avoid Overdoing It to Look Arrogant

You are feeling good, looking pretty, and wearing a nice-smelling perfume shows you know what suits you. That does not mean you have to act arrogantly. 

Avoid saying that you are proud of your personality. You should allow him to decide how you are as an individual. Keep your confidence but remain humble. 

7. Ask Some Important Questions

If you desire to know him better, you should ask a few mandatory questions. Ask about his interests, how he spends his time, things he loves doing, his thoughts on some books, movies, or a current national issue, etc.

Asking these questions would suggest that you are not a self-centered woman. You have a genuine intention to know him as an individual. 

How to Impress a Guy Over Text

Texting is a two-process process. Therefore, if a guy has not sent you messages since dropping you home after the first date, do not hold yourself back. You can take the initiative and start a conversation over text messages.

Read on to know more about the different things you can send over text messages to impress the guy –

  1. Ask him what he has been doing since their last meeting. Display your positive intent by mixing words with emojis and gif images.
  2. Discuss your shared interests. You can talk about a new web series that he will not want to miss on Netflix. It is because you already know what kind of genre he prefers. It will make him realize how much care about his interests.
  3. If you have become sexually attracted to him because of his personality and good looks, you can play a fun game over text. You can sound flirty and steer the conversation toward how he would want a woman to seduce him. Keep a note of his reaction. Try to act on the same in your next meeting to fulfill his wish.
  4. Make him feel special by telling him the lasting impression he had created on you with that one meeting. Tell him that you have been thinking of him ever since and cannot wait to plan a meeting soon.

How to Make a Lasting Impression on a Guy

Will you date yourself? If your answer is in the affirmative, figure out what you like about yourself and put it to the test while trying to impress a guy.

Men always look forward to some qualities in a woman. They help create the image of a dream woman who can leave a lasting impression on his mind.

Let us briefly discuss the five different date tips through which you can impress a guy

1. Ambition and Passion

When a woman is passionate and ambitious about her life and knows for sure what she wants out of it, this clear plan will always impress a guy. 

Men folks will not want someone who always remains dependent on them for fulfilling their needs. You can be someone who follows her passion. Plus, you work toward meeting your ambition. Rest assured that it will create a lasting impression on any guy.

2. Intelligence

Men always love those women who are intelligent and can handle stuff on their own. One who is not needy but manages to engage in meaningful conversations. 

If he is a  secure man, he will always appreciate and feel proud of your intelligence. Nothing impresses men more than getting the chance to introduce you to their friends and colleagues.

3. Sense of Humor

There is nothing wrong with a woman having a good sense of humor. Men generally appreciate women who are funny and crack jokes from time to time. 

It shows that you can make light work of any precarious situation. Hence, show off in subtle ways whenever you meet him.

4. Confidence

Another aspect of yours that can make a lasting impression on a guy is confidence. When you feel confident, you can easily surpass all other features. 

Confidence can come through with the thought of having everything under complete control. You don’t mind what others think of your actions and decisions.

5. Spread Around Your Kindness

A man will pay attention to how you treat others if you go on a date. He will watch how you treat the waiter. Are you snobbish and make it difficult for others to approach you? 

What makes you think a guy will get drawn toward you? So, spread kindness by being humble. Respect others for who they are and what they do.

How to impress a guy without talking

As a girl, you need not always have to utter words to impress a guy. Therefore, what you try to exhibit and demonstrate through your personality matters the most. It is worth appreciating to impress a guy without talking to him.

Let us briefly check out some of the ways –

1. Carry Your Unique Style

Each girl has her sense of style. No one needs to teach her what she should wear. She is aware of what suits her best. 

You must carry it gracefully and continue believing in yourself. Guys appreciate girls who become the center of attention without even trying for the same. 

2. Stay Happy Around Him

A girl’s laughter dazzles and captivates the attention of guys. Therefore, even in a group, try to give him all the attention through your smile. When you do not take any initiative to please him, he will try harder to win you over.

3. Act Politely Yet Remain Unavailable to Him

You need to show your intelligence charmingly. At the same time, you must make him feel you already have someone in your life. You can portray that you are single and have the desired level of interest. 

Even then, you are not desperate to get into a relationship. He will know that if things work out in your favor, you will stay committed to him.

4. Wear Your Self-Confidence

As a woman, always wear self-confidence up your sleeves. You have it when you are happy being the person you are. 

There is no need to show off your fashionable outfits or perfect hairstyle. Confidence is something that comes from within. You will convey a powerful message even without uttering a word.

How to Impress a Guy Friend

Do you feel strongly for your guy friend and wish to spend your whole life with him? If the guy showers love and affection to you as more than just a good friend, you should not ignore the sign. 

Following are some of the ways you can adopt to impress him –

1. Avoid Showing the Changes in You

You should avoid bringing forth sudden changes in your behavioral patterns. They would confuse the guy. He might even think of not keeping the friendship with you. It is because he has never seen you from the point of a prospective lover or girlfriend.

2. Resort to Appropriate Flirting

When you have a male best friend, you should have the ease of flirting. You can keep things indirect and very light. 

In other words, it should be just sufficient to spark off your romance to some extent. He will get the hints you need and enjoy the feeling you are pursuing him.

3. Hang Out and Communicate More

Hanging out with your male best friend will serve two purposes. First, you will have a lot more scope for communication, on personal and virtual levels. Second, he will gradually start shifting from the friend zone to the lover zone.

4. Offer to Help

Every guy would want to have a girl in his life who shows generosity and is always ready to extend help. Due to this reason, you must genuinely offer him any assistance he needs. Once you do this, it will not be long before he starts seeing you differently.

How to Impress a Guy Who Is Not Interested in You

Most women feel that once a guy tends to lose interest, there is no way they can get him to ever look at her with the same level of intent. But this is not true.

You must know to grab his attention. Following suggestions will help you in winning back his attention and interest once again –

1. No Need to Force Anything, Just Be Yourself

If you wish to be successful in getting a guy back into your life, believe that you can genuinely impress him with your personality. It is the fundamental thing you need, which will even instill faith in his mind.

2. Allow Him to Chase You

Men tend to be hunters by nature. They love playing with the ‘hard to get feeling’ which women employ. Still, you cannot afford to become desperate. If you are going after a guy, which makes it seem there is desperation inside you, it can turn off a man.

3. Ensure That You Stay Genuine

Never change your personality in any situation to instill a certain level of interest inside the mind of a disinterested man. If a woman tries to become someone they are not, a man will never get back to her.

4. Take Good Care of Yourself

You should take the requisite steps to feel much better from the inside. Ensure that you are eating healthy food, getting sufficient sleep, and doing physical exercise from time to time. This level of maintenance will automatically attract the attention of even a disinterested guy. 

Please go through the following video to get a better understanding of how you should impress a boy or a man.

Final Words

Impressing a guy has nothing to do with expensive gifts, seducing him through the skin, or regular hugging and kissing. 

You can impress a guy by showing your level of confidence, your independent nature, and offering respect to him. A guy gets impressed when you show the intent to know more about his life.

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