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What is Magnetic Attraction and How Can You Recognize it?

What is Magnetic Attraction and How Can You Recognize it?

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

What is Magnetic Attraction and How Can You Recognize it

Magnetic attraction? Isn’t that physics?

Yes, that is true, but people too can get attracted towards each other just like magnets – a strong, undeniable, no-going-back attraction.

Have you ever felt drawn to someone in a way you couldn’t understand or explain even if you wanted to? Have you felt everything around you go silent, and the entire world seems to stand still for the two of you to act on this impulse?

Yes, right? That is exactly what a magnetic attraction feels like!

What is Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

Magnetic attraction is an intense instant connection between two people. It is often overwhelming and completely undeniable.

A magnetic attraction between two people can be described as chemistry, a soul connection, or love at first sight.

We often call this attraction between two people to be magnetic because we feel pulled towards the other person like the opposite ends of a magnet. There’s an indescribable force between two people that draws them towards each other.

Over the years, many terms have been derived to describe these unexplainable attractions. Some say it’s simply because they are alike, and it is love at first sight. Others get more spiritual and say it’s a unison of twin flames, souls, and energies.

No matter what you call it, one thing’s for sure – there isn’t a single person in this world who wouldn’t want to experience this sensation at least once in their lifetime.

Is magnetic attraction mutual?

Yes, magnetic attractions are mutual. Both people would feel the exact same intensity of attraction towards each other.

The term magnetic attraction is usually used to refer to the strong attraction of two people towards each other. Therefore, magnetic attraction is always mutual.

A magnetic attraction between two people feels like an instant connection with someone. When it happens to you, it’s the only thing that will fill all possible mental space.

It becomes physically impossible to keep yourselves away from each other. You keep on daydreaming about the perfect bond you must have with each other.

Magnetic attraction examples

Picture this, you are on your way somewhere, you have a lot on your mind; you have a busy day ahead and suddenly, you lock your eyes with a stranger, and then your mind just puts everything on hold. You both lock the gaze for a while (which, in reality, just seems like a split second).

You begin to feel flustered as your body temperature begins to rise, your heart starts to race and the “tingles” take over your entire body…

What on earth just happened?!

This is what a magnetic attraction towards someone feels like.

The best examples of magnetic attraction between two people are soulmates, kindred spirits, twin flames and of course, “love at first sight”… All of these people experience a strong pull towards each other, just like a magnet.

Magnetic Attraction Signs

The thing about magnetic attraction is that while it’s definitely noticeable. The feeling is so intense, it is hard to miss it! Here are 25 signs to tell if you have a magnetic attraction towards someone.

1. You feel an extraordinary connection

This is the very first thing you will notice when there is a magnetic attraction between two people. They will feel an intense connection with each other.

Even if they are complete strangers, they will still be drawn towards each other just like magnets.

These connections go beyond our understanding. They are often referred to as soul connections or twin flames and are not limited to physical attraction, surface-level conversations, or even intellectual similarities. Instead, it feels like there is an invisible force that binds the two people together.

2. You’re lost in their eyes

When someone is attracted to you, they subconsciously will try to engage in a lot of eye contact. They do this to feel closer to you, and because they are interested in you and in what you say.

In case of magnetic attraction between two people, once they lock their gaze, everything else around them just disappears.

They literally get lost in each other’s eyes!

3. You can read each other’s mind

Many of us have ever had a feeling that someone is literally reading our thoughts or that you are reading someone’s mind.

It happens, especially between people who have an intense pull towards each other.

When you have such a strong connection with someone, you would be able to read each other’s minds. You wouldn’t need to explain much about what you feel. It’s like you both will have telepathic powers to understand each other.

4. You’re glued to each other

You two will not be able to stay away from each other. When you feel this ultra-high power attraction for someone, your brain is to blame to make you want to be with them 24×7.

The brain releases the love hormone oxytocin which is responsible for all the desire to be close to them.

You become two people joined to the hips. You want to eat, sleep, work and even shower together!! Naughty, naughty!!

5. It is undeniable

When two people experience a magnetic attraction for each other, they feel an unexplainable, intense connection. You just cannot walk away from it or deny it.

Let’s face it, even if you brush off that feeling, it will linger on in your mind for quite some time until you actually do something about it – meet that person again (only to realize that the attraction is stronger than ever now!).

Yes, it is strange but that is the cold hard truth. Once you feel this connection, it will live on forever in you.

6. The flirting never stops

Attraction and flirting are closely related. Flirting can create attraction, whereas attraction can make flirting a lot easier. People flirt with their eyes, their words, texts, and even body language.

When two people are so intensely attracted towards each other, they would not hesitate to flirt with each other. They wouldn’t think twice before they reveal your cheeky flirtatious side to them.

They flirt to get closer to each other and it also acts as an ice breaker. Who knows, all this flirting can actually make them a romantic partner for life!

7. You’re the happiest around them

If you are truly happy to be with someone, you won’t be able to hide it. A big beaming smile followed by a warm hug – what else can anyone possibly need to feel happy?

You both feel this extreme surge of happiness whenever you see each other.

When there is a magnetic attraction between two people, they always try to engage in a positive conversation with each other. You both become kinder and a lot more gentle so that you can always keep the other person happy.

8. The bodies are like magnets

The physical chemistry between the two of you is unmatchable. This chemistry is something that does not include your partner’s personality, shared goals or anything else – it is only based on your first impression about the other person.

Your bodies literally turn into high power magnets ready to pull both of you closer. You just can’t keep your hand to yourselves.

You have a strong desire to be physically near each other all the time.

9. The souls connect with each other

Some believe that there is a special connection between soulmates – a physical attraction, or magnetic pull, that draws them together.

This belief is based on the idea that we are all energy and that our energy is attracted to compatible energy frequencies.

So, when we meet someone with a compatible frequency, we are drawn to them – like a magnet. You both are linked to each other on a very deep and significant level. It’s like an invisible cord that ties your souls together. It is a powerful chemistry – intense and constant.

10. You feel comfortable sharing

Magnetic attraction makes you naturally comfortable to share anything with the other person.

Every moment spent with them feels like you’re at home and you feel safe around them.

When you have such an extraordinary connection with someone, you grow closer to that person. You both understand each other so well that you can speak your mind, share your thoughts and ideas without any inhibition.

11. The curiosity is at its peak

Curiosity is an essential part of this crazy attraction you feel towards someone. Curiosity ignites passion which ultimately paves the way for a successful relationship.

The innate desire to know about each other comes naturally when you feel attracted towards each other like magnets.

You just want to know anything and everything about them. It doesn’t matter how silly the questions may be; you just want to know them all.

12. There’s no unnecessary judgment

You just know that they will never judge you for anything. They understand you more than anyone else and you do not need to pretend to be anyone else to impress them.

You both can express all feelings, share your deepest and even your weaknesses with each other.

13. Emotional connection is super strong

A magnetic attraction leads to a stronger emotional connection. You share a common unspoken language with the other person.

This synergy between you two creates a balance between the push towards growth as well as a comfortable place to fall back on.

This strong emotional bond is the “X” factor that keeps you glued together. It imbibes an essential feeling of security that establishes a foundation for genuine intimacy.

14. Body language is always positive

The fact that you two are attracted to each other is also well reflected in your body languages.

You always have a bright smile on your face, maintain eye contact with each other, have a receptive body posture (arms wide open and not crossed across your chests) and blush when you’re around each other.

15. It feels like déjà vu

You’re taking a stroll in a park or dining at a restaurant in the city with someone, when it suddenly dawns on you that you have done all of this before, but with this very person!

This experience of a déjà vu is frequent when there is a magnetic attraction between two people.

You feel an intense sense of attraction, recognition, and longing. They feel familiar to you—an undeniably intense bond as though you have known them from your past lifetime. Some people call these connections twin flames or soulmates.

16. You never get enough of them

When you’re attracted to someone, it only makes sense that you would want to spend as much time with them as possible.

When two people are attracted to each other like magnets, this want becomes an insatiable need.

You are never satisfied with the amount of time spent together. You always want more. And, you want to talk to them more, spend more time with them and be around them all the time. Well, you both are so into each other that it is never enough for you.

17. Other people’s opinions do not matter to you

When you have such a strong attraction towards someone, a connection so intense, other people’s opinions just do not matter anymore.

Your mind, body and soul tell you that they are “the one” for you. You both know for sure that you want to be in a committed relationship with each other.

18. They become your first priority

By definition, a priority is something that takes importance in your life. Such a strong attraction for someone makes them the most important person in your life.

You make them your first priority. They come before anyone else in your life. A sense of “we” forms as you maintain this priority on purpose each day.

19. You design your life around them

When they become your priority, you create your life around them. You keep them in mind when you make important decisions in your life.

This happens because you see a future with them and want to accommodate them in your life.

20. You never get tired of each other

Nothing is ever boring when you two are together. You both enjoy each other’s company and want to spend more and more time together.

You look forward to seeing each other every day.

21. Time just flies by… with them

When you two are with each other, you both lose track of time. No matter how much time you spend with each other, it just feels like a few minutes.

22. You care about each other

When you care about someone, this is different than just knowing them. Caring about someone is more of an action, where you will essentially show them how you feel about them.

It is also about more than just telling someone you care about them.

The magnetic attraction between you two makes you fond of each other. You look after each other’s needs and wants and would do everything possible to make sure you are happy and content.

23. You both share the same dreams and goals

People who think and dream alike are usually attracted to each other. Similar dreams and goals are the glue and foundation that keep a relationship moving forward and help you bond as a couple.

When you feel a magnetic attraction towards someone, you are automatically guided towards someone who shares the same goals and life visions as you do.

24. You both can’t stay apart

It is called a magnetic attraction for a reason, right? It is obviously because the extraordinary connection between the two of you makes you inseparable.

You both just do not want to spend a minute away from each other. This person is unforgettable, irreplaceable, and relentlessly ingrained in your mind.

25. You both are meant to be

Magnetic attraction is an instant familiarity, a “click,” almost like you know this person, an immediate comfortability that has not been experienced with another partner.

All the signs, your feelings and your souls guide you towards them. It is as if the whole universe conspires to bring you both closer.

You both realize that you both belong with each other in a caring and loving relationship.

Why do some people have a magnetic attraction?

Have you ever stepped into a room, and as your eyes sweep across the crowd, you suddenly find yourself drawn to one person in particular? They’re just so comfortable with themselves that you can’t help but gravitate toward them.

Most of us probably have someone like this in our life, or maybe you wish you could be more like them.

So, what elements in a person make them attractive like a powerful magnet? Let me tell you.

1. Body language

We are always more attracted to people who are friendly. A bright smile on their faces, always at ease posture, and open arms – all add to the attractiveness of a person. It also makes you feel comfortable around them.

Open body language is more attractive than any outfit, hairstyle, or dance move. Receptiveness and a positive attitude are all more likely to attract people to you.

2. Personality

Personality or inner beauty refers to the mindset and character of a person. Psychologists have revealed that kindness, respect towards others, and generosity are the basic traits of an attractive personality.

When you are with someone who has an open mind and heart, you are easily drawn towards them.

3. Physical appearance

Everyone likes being around attractive people because, let’s be honest, they are a treat to look at, and being with them makes us feel good.

So, if you look beautiful, people will automatically be attracted to you.  

Physical attractiveness does not necessarily mean the individual is conventionally beautiful – they can be physically attractive to the other person for different reasons.

4. Thoughts and ideas

There’s a saying, “birds of a feather flock together”. You find people exceptionally attractive when your thoughts and ideas match with theirs.

You want to talk to them and know them more. Or, you become curious about everything related to them.

People experience an intense attraction toward those who have the same mindset and viewpoints.

5. Presence

You cannot really be attracted to someone who isn’t around you physically. When you find someone to always be there for you, you are automatically drawn towards them.

The fact that they make themselves available for you, makes you feel special, it makes them way more attractive compared to others.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you feel magnetically attracted to someone you hardly know, you may find yourself, feel alive and confident, and you might even start making big plans in no time at all.

Maybe you weren’t even looking for a romantic relationship, but when you met this person, you couldn’t resist getting to know them on a deeper level. You may have even wondered why you feel such a strong pull towards this person that seems magnetic. It might have even confused you!

But don’t bypass or downplay the chemistry you feel, as the magnetic attraction between two people holds great potential. It’s an excellent foundation for romantic relationships between people who seem to share an other-worldly connection.