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How to Make Someone Blush IRL or on Texts? [+Things to Say]

How to Make Someone Blush IRL or on Texts? [+Things to Say]

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Make Someone Blush IRL or on Texts [+Things to Say]

So, you recently had a crush… and are wondering how to make someone blush? Or do you just want to add a bit of novelty and excitement to your long-term relationship?

Well, whatever the case may be, you still need some ways to make someone blush. And I’m so so glad to announce that your tiring hunt for the perfect think-piece is over!

So, c’mon, let’s explore all the ideas that can make the cheeks red in a moment! 😉

How to make someone blush?

If you meet this person regularly, you’re really lucky as it’s always easier to make someone blush face-to-face than via text. So, fasten your seatbelts while I unveil all the secrets for you.

1. Get flirty with your body

If you’re wondering how to make a boy blush… Well, your body language tells a million stories, so make sure you use it properly.

Especially when you’re in a group setting, try to pay attention… with your entire body. Nod your head and show your facial expressions more.

Face them with your entire body, and sit closer to them than others but not too close as they’ll feel uncomfortable. Place your hand inches away from theirs.

2. Let your eyes do the talking

Another way to make a girl or guy blush is to hold their gaze. But don’t stare at them creepily at a stretch. Instead, look at them once in a while until you find their eyes.

They might look away the first time, so keep trying. When they finally make eye contact and don’t look away, hold their gaze for 5 seconds, smile, and look away while touching your neck… this shows that you have a thing for them.

3. Break the touch barrier affectionately

If the touch barrier still exists, touch their finger, hand, forearm, shoulder, or face. This touch must be subtle so that they don’t feel offensive and pick on the hint that you really like them. But again, do not continue the touch for more than 5 seconds as it might get awkward.

Avoid touching risqué places if you’re not in a romantic and/or sexual relationship. Otherwise, they’ll flinch away from your touch and instead of blushing, may fume with anger.

4. Flirt unpredictably

Be spontaneous when you flirt with them to catch them off-guard. This will show you’re confident and it’ll also grab their attention. You’ll stand out from the crowd in a good way as you’ll make them blush with your unpredictability.

In a group setting, if you strike a flirty conversation with them, they’ll feel special and get the signal that you’re into them. However, people feel it might create an awkward situation and hardly execute this plan.

5. Tease them but gently

There are different kinds of teasing, so make sure you never touch the borderline of offensive teasing. Keep a playful attitude so they understand you’re not serious and just poking fun.

For instance, say “Your hair looks as messy as a weasel’s… *fix their hair as you maintain eye contact*… just kidding, it was an excuse to touch you.”

Whether you wish to make a guy or a girl blush, it’ll 100% work on both.

6. Lean in to whisper

In your quest to know how to make a girl blush, remember to reduce your distance slowly. To tell them something special, whisper in their ears.

They’ll be alarmed thinking you leaned in to kiss their cheeks. But when they’ll hear your sweet words and register that you weren’t about to kiss them, they’ll turn red instantly.

The intimacy will make them feel they’re special to you but also leave their heart pounding.

7. Focus before you compliment

Understand them well before you compliment them. If you mention something they’re insecure about they won’t feel comfortable with it and it’ll leave a bad aftertaste.

Take your time to understand what they cherish the most about themselves. If they’re unaware about some of their positive qualities, reiterate it to them.

8. Stick to genuine and respectful praises

Even if you can’t find any unique qualities in that person, make sure you don’t make things up… because someday they’ll know that you lied and will put them off. So, only speak the truth.

On the other hand, while complimenting a girl, avoid any objectifying comments. If you want to use compliments to make a girl blush, make sure it’s about her face or hair… and not her chest, legs, or butts.

9. Comment on their qualities

Another way to make a person blush is to compliment them on any attractive but non-superficial features like their accomplishments or personality traits and tell them that you admire them for it.

If you say you personally admire or like something about them, it’ll make a more personal impact. They’ll feel closer to you as they’ll know you respect them from within and it’s not just to get in their pants. You’ll make them blush even when you’re not around.

10. Try out the inside jokes

In group settings, cracking an inside joke is a good idea. You might refer to a past funny situation or a shared experience.

This will show them how in a crowd of people, you’re still seeking their smile… Of course, they’ll feel special among a whole bunch of people and their cheeks will naturally glow up.

11. Dedicate them a playlist

One way to make them blush is to show them they’re important and not the same as anyone else. So, put together a list of music that expresses your feelings of love for them.

Share the playlist and ask them to listen to it in front of you. Watch their expressions as they go through each song… the sweet words of every song will tell them what you intend to say and leave them blushing, ofcourse!

12. Confess!

If you guys aren’t in a relationship and you genuinely fell in love with them, the best way to make them blush is to say the magical words of all time: “I love you”.

Confess your feelings with tiny details like what about them is so special or when did you start feeling butterflies around them. But make sure you know them for long enough or they might think you’re playing around and will soon get over them.

13. Pass them a sweet note

If you’re in the same workplace or class, instead of spending time on verbal expressions, write a note. A small note with a compliment or even an “I like you” can catch them off-guard.

To top it off, keep looking while they read the note. If they start blushing and look over, tell them they look like an apple or any other red fruit to make them blush harder.

14. Use a pickup line

Take a good look over the internet and you’ll find great pickup line articles. Learn which ones are the most suitable for your situation. Practice delivering them in front of the mirror so you don’t seem unprepared.

If you use the right pickup lines at the perfect time, it’ll make them blush and smile at the same time. Choose something from a common subject that you both can relate to and avoid any body-specific theme to avoid offending them.

15. A bit of PDA does no harm

People feel a bit more conscious of themselves and their surroundings in public places. So, nobody expects any kind of physical contact there. A cute and sweet public display of affection will surprise them and make them feel more special.

This works especially well if you’re a couple. Kiss your partner on the nose or their neck sneakily so nobody notices. However, if you’re still not together, avoid any over-the-top physical contact.

16. Go the extra mile and wink

If you feel adventurous and want to make their heart race from a distance, catch their gaze, flirtatiously smile, and wink. Your crush or partner will be flustered and look around whether anybody else noticed and blush super hard.

If your crush also likes you, this will bring you closer as they’ll get the hint of your feelings. Your audacity to wink in a room full of people might even make them breathless.

17. Surprise them with plans

If they ever mentioned wanting to visit a nearby place or somewhere they never went but hope to, plan the entire trip if it’s possible in your budget. Keep everything a surprise and call them up to join on that day.

If you can’t go that far, celebrate their birthday or any other achievement with just you two. Either way, they’ll feel super happy and cherished which is bound to make them blush.

18. Give them thoughtful gifts

Whether it’s their birthday, valentines’ day, Christmas, or just a random occasion, don’t try to spend big money… especially if they aren’t your girlfriend/boyfriend, it’ll make them feel pressured or they’ll feel you have ulterior motives.

Stick to reasonably-priced yet meaningful items. It can be chocolate, pizza, their favorite flower, handmade items, or even couples’ mugs from the dollar store. These items are small and inexpensive but it obviously touches a deep corner in their hearts.

19. Share words of appreciation

Sometimes a simple yet elaborate form of “thank you” can make a huge difference. If this person did a lot for you, instead of just the two words, explain how grateful you feel.

Phrases of gratitude like “Your motivation was irreplaceable in my success journey… I don’t know what would’ve happened to me if you weren’t around.”

Add a splash of spontaneity and even the simplest and most-expected words can make their heart race.

20. Flash your million-dollar smile

If you didn’t already know, your smile can make the world swoon. Especially, if you don’t smile at everyone you see out there and reserve it only for your special someone, they’ll know exactly how close they are to you and make their cheeks burn.

Wondering how to do it? Whenever your eyes meet, smile sweetly at them and hold eye contact until they shyly look away. They’ll feel an intense connection with this.

Now that you know the ways, what should you say? To know the answer, keep reading.

Things to say in person to make someone blush

It’s easy to make signals from far away from your crush. But what if they approach you? You can’t afford to get tongue-tied, so keep some of these in mind…

1. I can spend my entire life gazing into those deep eyes… I wonder how you feel about that.

2. You look absolutely stunning in that outfit.

3. Your smile can brighten up the entire world… but I wish to monopolize that so badly.

4. Don’t ask me how you look… I need more time to soak in your majestic beauty.

5. How do you always manage to look so pretty/handsome?

6. Thank goodness I didn’t stay in today… else I’d have missed your gorgeousness.

7. Can I see you smile once? I need some good luck today.

8. Whenever I see you, I lose my train of thought. Will you stop being so attractive?

9. If you look so stunning in casuals… I can’t wait to see your date outfits.

10. I can imagine you wearing a sack and still looking fine AF!

Ahh… so you can mainly communicate with them through texts? No worries… let’s manage it here…

How to make someone blush over text?

It’s easier to know whether the tricks work on them when you’re there in person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take someone’s breath away through texts. It’s harder but with devotion and consistency, it’s not impossible.

So, let’s get everything down at our fingertips here…

21. Mention what you’ve been thinking

Tell them that they were on your mind the entire day to make it sound extremely special. They’ll like that they made such a deep impression on your life that you were lost in their thoughts.

If they’re your partner, it’ll make them glad and giddy that you still love them just as much as you did on the first day. If they’re your crush, they’ll feel shy that you feel so intimately about them.

22. Talk about their looks

A compliment or two about appearance and outfit always works well if you know the other person well.

Mention them in text like “Hey, I didn’t mention it because to avoid making a big deal out of it… but you look extremely handsome/pretty in that color/outfit today”.

This will leave them thinking about your thoughtfulness the entire day. They’ll feel shy that you noticed something new or different in them and waited for so long to text them about it.

23. Exaggerate for dramatic effects

“You’re pretty” or “You’re handsome” is always mainstream and overused… so it doesn’t have half the effect on people. So, to make a simple compliment a flirty text, add a hint of exaggeration.

For instance, text something like “I swear you’re the hottest man or most gorgeous woman in town!” The other person clearly understands this exaggeration is your attempt to flirt… which will obviously make them feel special and shy.

24. Play out the compliments like a question

In this era, everyone is super confident despite their race, gender, color, or size… as they must be. So, sometimes, flirty texts with compliments get shot down with “Oh, I know, tell me something new.” This totally leaves the sender in a foul mood.

Instead, pose it as a question “Did anyone ever tell you that you’re really cool?” This question might get a similar response but it’ll still make the receiver laugh and blush because of the attempt.

25. Hit send with a cheesy and sweet text

So, if you believe this person changed your world and makes you feel optimistic… Why don’t you tell them? But since you’re texting, go overboard with the cheese.

For instance, text “Nobody else can ever be as amazing as you are”, “The person I am today is all because of your support”. They’ll not only feel cherished but blush and laugh at your sickening sweetness.

26. Tell them you find them interesting

Let them know that you think highly of them with a text like “I can’t believe I’m in love with an awesome person like you” or “Every passing day you make me fall in love with you all over”.

The hint of romantic words will catch even a spouse of 10+ years off guard and flush those cute cheeks. They won’t be able to wait until they meet you next time.

27. Be suggestive if you’re committed but never hit the hay

If you guys are in a serious relationship for a while but didn’t yet get down and dirty in the bedroom, leave them flushed with a suggestive text. Tell them how desirable they are with a few words like:

“I really want to kiss you right now”, “I’m so turned on thinking of you in that dress” or “I want you”.

If you want to lower the steam a bit, you can even text “I wish you could come over now” or “I really wish we could cuddle now”.

28. Refer to your intimate moments

But if you guys already experienced a steamy night, a reminder of your time together will be enough. Send texts like “I can’t forget about that night”, “you’re really amazing”, or “I planned to blow your mind soon”.

These will make your partner feel special and revisit the sensual moments. However, if you’re not in a sex-only relationship, then use the other types of texts too… otherwise, they’ll feel you only like them for their body.

29. Reach out for advice

Another way to make a person blush is to show them you care about their opinions on valuable decisions.

If they’re your crush, text them “I have a meeting with a client, recommend me a good restaurant for a business meeting”. They’ll feel you value their opinions and trust them.

If they’re your committed partner, you may even involve them in major life decisions like a new job, moving to a new neighborhood, or even the car or house you’ll buy.

30. Say you miss them

The classic “I miss you” never fails to express your emotion to others and make them blush. But if you want to make it even more impactful, throw in something that reminds you of them. It can be a picture or an object you borrowed from them.

For instance, text “I was scrolling through our pictures and found this… I miss you so much”, “Whenever I miss you, the warmth of your jacket calms me down”, or “The world seems so gloomy when you’re not beside me.”

31. Send them pictures with cute texts

If you click cute and pretty pictures of the flora and fauna around you or you find some on the internet, share them with the caption “This reminded me of you” or a silly picture with “this is me when I daydream about you”.

Or, you can take funny or dreamy pictures of yourself and label them “forgot to have lunch while thinking about you”.

If you’re just text buddies or they’re your crush, don’t come on too strong with an entire playlist. That’s too heavy because they’ll find you creepy if you don’t know them very well.

So, recommend them one romantic song at a time. The first time they’ll be suspicious that something is up but blush anyway.

When you repeatedly share romantic or sweet songs, they’ll blush knowing pretty well what you mean.

33. Imply you love spending time with them

If you guys recently spent time together whether on a date or in a group activity, mention that their presence enhanced the experience for you.

Tell them that “you’re so cool, I think I can survive a zombie apocalypse with you” if you’re just dating or they’re your crush.

If you’re in a serious relationship, go extra cheesy and say “I can’t imagine living the rest of my life without you.”

34. Show genuine interest in them

If they were anxious about something earlier during the day, follow up in the evening. Ask them how the situation was. They’ll have a sense of closeness with you.

Contrarily, if they didn’t express anything like that, simply ask them about their interests. Or, to make it even more intimate, ask them to recommend to you some songs they like “because you’re bored”. They’ll blush because you believe in their choices.

35. Ritually send good morning and good night text messages

They’ll definitely feel special if you send a sweet text before beginning your day and just before hitting the bed.

You can add more sweetness with “Good morning, can’t wait to see you” or “Good night, hope the night passes quickly and we meet again”.

This will leave their face flushed and hearts racing. If you stay consistent, they’ll always look forward to seeing you and blush naturally when your eyes meet.

36. Mention a cherished memory about them

Reminisce about a positive shared experience between you two and mention it in text. Tell them how you found their actions cute or daring and that they left a great impression on you ever since.

Explain the entire scenario from your point of view to make it even more special. If you send this out-of-the-blue text about the past, their cheeks may also start hurting with the constant blushing.

37. Use an optimistic tone when they’re worried

Whenever they text you about their anxieties, send them a supportive and motivating text message. Remind them that you believe in them for a reason. Bring up old references to make your faith in them believable.

Though it isn’t the best time to make them blush, the simple text will show them what they mean to you and make them blush anyway.

38. Send a list of their super-qualities

Make a list about why she’s amazing, funny, or cute… just ensure it’s nothing demeaning or hurtful. Create an entire list of what you think about them and send them one after the other.

You can start with a text message like “Let’s play this 5-good-things-about-you game… I’ll go first” and then type up the rest. This will show them what you really think about them and bring that glowing flush to their face.

39. Avoid flattery on looks when you’re not familiar

If you’re thinking about how to make a girl blush over texts but you hardly know her, share compliments on anything but her looks. You never know about their insecurity or reasons for confidence issues.

If you tell them something about their eyes but they have a traumatic past regarding that, it’ll flush the color off their face instead. In this situation, stick to personality compliments and play safe until you get familiar.

40. Bring up something they mentioned

If they ever recommended or mentioned a book, bar, eatery, shopping place, or even an arcade, talk about that. Most people think that others will forget about those and leave it be.

So, if you randomly and spontaneously send a text that you tried something out, this will make them feel special and blush hard.

If they didn’t mention anything personally, run a quick investigation on their social media, research on that, and hit them up about it.

Still unsure what to type? Let’s show you here…

Things to say on texts to make someone blush

In texts, we all get a bit too gutsy for our own good. That’s why, I thought, why not show you the ropes so things don’t go haywire? Here are some soft and romantic ways to make them blush…

1. You looked so nice yesterday, I still can’t get you out of my mind.

2. I miss you so much… the house looks lifeless without you.

3. Last night I had a dream about us getting married… How do you feel about that?

4. I can’t wait to see you again… your sense of humor is like a breath of fresh air.

5. Your positive vibe is so tantalizing… I can’t wait to meet you again.

6. I really didn’t want to let you go home tonight. I think I’m falling for you.

7. My friends won’t let me join the party because I mentioned you too many times… they want to meet you soon. What do you think?

8. Your pretty smile is still on my mind… I don’t know how to focus on work anymore.

9. Even if I write a thesis about my feelings for you it won’t be enough.

10. I missed you a lot throughout the last 8 hours. I can’t wait for you to wake up. Good morning!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember that just because your crush or partner started blushing, your task isn’t over. If you want to make them blush because you want to date your crush or add spice to your current relationship… consistency is important.

So, make them blush regularly, but don’t be monotonous. Moreover, add more hints of originality, otherwise, it won’t always hit the right mark. And make sure you don’t use many sexual compliments as you never know when you cross the boundary.