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How to Make a Guy Fall In Love With You: 45 Ways to Make Him Crave for You

How to Make a Guy Fall In Love With You: 45 Ways to Make Him Crave for You

Updated on Sep 25, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Make a Guy Fall In Love With You - Explore 45 Ways

Did you see a guy at your friend’s party and start crushing on him? Do you want his attention? Do you want to know how to make a guy fall in love with you?  Then, you have landed at the right place.

Making him fall in love with you seems a daunting task but it’s really not. You just need the right strategies, ways and understanding of what a guy really likes and wants. 

To make your task easier, we have curated a list of ways to make him fall in love with you quickly, using tricks and what makes him fall in love with you

So, let’s dive deeper into this. 

How to Make a Guy Fall In Love With You Infographic

How to make a guy fall in Love with You
How to make a guy fall in Love with You

How to make a guy fall in love with you

Everybody wants to know how to make a guy fall in love with them. There are many ways, some are more effective than others. Find out what really works and what doesn’t with this handy guide.

1. Show him that you respect him 

​​A man wants a woman who merely respects him. He wants her beauty and femininity to draw him in the same way that his masculine strength draws her.

He wants a woman who appreciates his ability to protect, give, and solve problems. He wants her to admire him for his stability and ability to remain composed under duress.

He does not wish to truly feel emasculated because he is a lot more sensible as well as rational and also does not (usually) cry at ludicrous movies.

2. Accept him for who he is

There is one thing you must avoid doing when it comes to “getting” a man if you want him to like you and also envisage a future with you.

Do not treat him like some sort of chore that needs to be completed since doing so immediately pulls up the walls.

If you feel the urge to try to change his appearance, his social circle, his communication style, or what he likes doing, don’t!

Continue looking until you find someone you can appreciate for who he is right now, exactly as he is. If he needs your help, he’ll ask for it.

3. Be thankful to him and his efforts

Men may give women two important gifts: their ability to supply and their ability to protect. If he is willing to put his life in danger to protect you and to sacrifice his time, talent, and treasure for you, all he really wants is a little gratitude in return.

Men like women who can appreciate that he works hard to take care of you too, even if he can’t give you all he desires. Actually, that’s not a lot to ask.

The one thing you cannot do is take him for granted or assume anything about him if you want someone to see the best in you and fall passionately in love or disrespect his initiatives.

4. Show that you care for him

What does a man need and want from his wife in return if it is up to him to provide for and protect his wife and family members?

Simply put, a woman’s beauty and elegance draw in a man, and they frequently manifest themselves in her inherent capacity as a nurturer or caregiver.

Now, before you accuse that idea of being sexist, keep in mind that we’re only talking about two persons here who collaborate to enjoy, take care of, and also make each other’s lives even better.

The true attractiveness of a relationship is when two people meet and have a desire to give rather than just receive. That is, once the magic has been released.

4. Be optimistic

You might never realize just how much a man really wants to please you, if he is able, despite what you might think or your past experiences have taught you. When he no longer thinks he can satisfy you, the problems start to show.

Men are really simple creatures. They demonstrate their value by taking care of things and solving problems (as well as periodically they might make the blunder of attempting to repair you).

And also, nothing makes a man really feel worse than actually feeling enmeshed in a problem he can’t fix, so if you’re unsatisfied constantly, he’s probably given up and will likely try to separate himself from you.

5. Always support him

When it comes to actual demonstrations of man’s strength and the rule it lives by, the concept of honor is essentially inseparable from the right.

Having your boyfriend’s back may be the difference between life and death, whether it is for actual soldiers in a conflict zone or hypothetical “warriors” on the playing field. A man must believe in you to be on his side and also have his back for him to commit, else he will never.

6. Don’t suffocate him

If there is one area where I consistently see ladies make mistakes, it is in trying to define a relationship or tie a guy down too fast. That’s because his innate demand for freedom and an absence of restraint stands in direct contrast to her requirement to feel “risk-free.”

When you realize that fundamental fact, you’ll understand why he might be reluctant to just give it away, but don’t worry.

The upside is that he will swap his flexibility for something better, so just act better and avoid pressuring him to make a decision too quickly.

7. Use psychology to get his attention

Holding eye contact with someone increases the likelihood that they will fall in love.

As a result, make sure to show him that you are completely taken with him and also seriously consider him by doing so, and also watch him fall in love in front of your very own eyes.

8. Use body language around him

Having an open body posture makes you more desirable to others. This means that you should turn your chest toward him, avoid crossing your arms or otherwise closing off your body, and lean in his direction. 

These nonverbal cues have been clinically shown to increase his feelings of attraction to you as a visitor.

9. Allow yourself to be open in front of him

If he doesn’t know that you’re interested in him, he’ll be far less likely to feel confident in returning those feelings.

A good connection and also true love depend on susceptibility, which also gives you a psychologically richer feeling.

You will officially be in your guy’s thoughts and also in his heart when you fully understand what I just stated and also exude these qualities. 

That’s because he will definitely see all the “logical” benefits of your wonderful qualities just as soon as his heart opens up and also “feeling” progressively enters the equation.

How to make a guy fall in love with you fast

If you’re looking to make a guy fall in love with you, read our 10 ways on how to make a guy fall in love with you.

10. Make him feel important to you

Yes, you’re a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man, but the truth is that men want to feel needed. Put it down to our changing history of acting as both the provider and the guard in the relationship. 

You can certainly change your own tires and remove your own crawlers, but that does not mean you necessarily should.

The next time you have anything you know your man would excel at, ask for aid. If you have actually been single for a long time as well as have really become accustomed to handling everything that needs doing, this can take a little method and also release.

11. Let him miss you

If you give in to this person, you want to spend every waking moment with him. Additionally, it’s possible that he also wants that. Let’s go right into that constant connection, shall we? Or, better yet, never ever get there.

For couples, taking time apart is beneficial and balanced. It gives you the option to accomplish things alone or spend time with others every time (do not be that chick that deserts her good friends whenever she remains in a partnership). 

It gives you both something to talk about while you are together. Spending time apart helps to balance your relationship and allows you both the chance to miss each other.

He assumes you when he misses you. He thinks of his sensations for you. All good ideas!

12. Compliment him for the things he do

If you’re thinking in your brain that he looks toasty in that t-shirt, tell him so! I don’t know why, but even when we’re considering free things, most of us fail to properly compliment other people.

Consider how wonderful you experience when someone compliments you. Why wouldn’t you want to make the man you care deeply about feel so good? 

Anytime you see anything admirable about the way he looks, something funny he says, or something he does, let him know you like it.

13. Show your true personality, don’t fake it

Some so-called dating gurus advise women to play down their brains or discourage their strong personalities. This is just a waste. 

If you do that, the other will get the impression that you are totally untrustworthy. He could leave you once he realizes that you’re incredibly knowledgeable or opinionated as you get to know each other well and start being honest.

That’s it. No need to insist that you aren’t a control freak or that your IQ isn’t off the charts. Let your flag of control or fanaticism fly. 

By doing this, he is able to understand exactly what he is getting into right away. Whether he enjoys it? Great. He’ll probably be that most likely to fall for you.

14. Admire his masculinity

Need how they like to feel needed, men also like it when you acknowledge how macho they are. It doesn’t mean you have to touch his muscles and also become pale every time you see him, mind you.

Manness is more than just having a lot of testosterone and muscle. It involves treating others with respect, acting heroically, and displaying honor. 

Being sensitive and sympathetic are qualities of a true guy. It is wonderful. Allow him to know that you value these outstanding characteristics, whatever that means to you. 

If nothing else, it will definitely start a fascinating conversation on what it means to be a man in this day and age.

15. Be patient with him

Be patient with him. Don’t react to tiny and silly things, since it can affect your relationship and you can’t control it later. Hence, try to avoid small arguments on insignificant things, be patient, polite, humble and generous with him.

Make him understand the mistakes he had made in a polite manner. Aggression is not the right way to convey your disappointment and concerns. 

16. Let him know you are thinking of him

You would try to maintain an impassivity in the early stages of dating a new man. You might be hesitant to tell him that you have faith in him since you are unsure if this will develop into a romantic relationship.

Well, because things are moving forward and the rules have changed, it would be to your advantage to let him know that he is on your mind.

Similar to praise, if you enjoy it, he would undoubtedly like it too. Every time he tells you that he is thinking about you, you blush from head to toe, so why not give him the same feeling? 

17. Be supportive of his interests and efforts

They prefer people who inquire, particularly those who follow up with questions. Asking follow-up questions shows your attentiveness and your curiosity. 

Do not stop by simply asking him how his fishing trip went. If he says he caught a tuna, find out what kind of fresh tuna he prefers. Inquire with whom he fished. 

Find out what kind of lures he uses. If you share his passion for his pastime, especially if you don’t know much about it, he would be more than delighted to share it with you.

Encourage him in his efforts. Send him a message in advance letting him know you’re rooting for him if you know he has an interview today. Then, check-in with him after to see how it went. 

Help is one of the building blocks of a caring relationship; when you show your partner that you are his biggest supporter, he feels terrific. You’re starting to understand how to win a man’s love when you support him, too.

18. Don’t try to change him

There will probably be a few things about this person that could irritate you, but they shouldn’t be deal-breakers. You can’t just assume that by disciplining him now, you will cure him of his annoying conduct in the future. A man cannot be transformed. 

If you have worries that are significant enough to make you delay when you consider a future with this guy, he is not the greatest choice for you. Release him. The future will be much better for you.

Men tend to avoid women who constantly offer suggestions for how they could be improved when they are with them. Pay attention to the claims you’re making to him. 

You’ll lose him if you keep bombarding him with messages. Instead, accept him for who he is. He’ll treat you in the same way.

19. Listen attentively when he talks

Although speaking is straightforward, paying attention is significantly more challenging. While you paint your toenails, browse social media, and barely pay attention to the person on the phone.

When you focus all of your attention on hearing what he has to say, you are actually listening on this level, you are hearing his words but you are also taking in what he is communicating nonverbally. 

This is vital to understand, especially if you want to learn how to make a man fall madly in love with you, as 60–80 percent of communication is nonverbal.

20. Show him you appreciate you

Think about how you feel when your man gives you your preferred grande triple shot coconut milk cappuccino during your coffee break at work. That tiny gesture shows you how much he cares for and values you.

What can you do to show your respect for him?

Think about ways you can make his life easier. He might be very active, so you take his dry cleaning or take his dog for a walk. He may have been anxious recently, so you give him an hour-long massage and brighten up the room with candles.

Place a romantic note in his laptop bag. Bring him breakfast in bed. Thank him only for being his wonderful self and for nothing else. 

He will sense your love and start to feel his own for you the more you show him how much you admire him.

21. Let Him Make You Laugh

Most guys have good humor that female partners usually adore and are attracted to. So, if he is making you laugh at his jokes or funny actions, let him do that. 

Don’t stop him or get arrogant because of the silly things he does for you. You might find it silly but his true intention is to make you laugh and happy with silly and immature things. 

Let that humor live in your relationship because that matters for a long-lasting relationship. At some point of time, that Butterfly in stomach feeling can go away, but the bond is something that stays forever. 

And humor, laughter and guns make your relationship stronger and more powerful. So, Don’t get annoyed, instead enjoy it and accept him for who he is. 

22. Trust him in everything

I am aware that confidence is difficult to come by if you have already experienced an injury. Please understand this individual is not that man. Furthermore, you will eventually need to have faith in him if you want this union to succeed.

Do not ignore any warning signs he may be giving out that suggest you shouldn’t rely on him. Allow the walls around your heart to come down a little if he has done everything correctly.

How can you possibly trust him? Stop thinking that you are the only one who can accomplish something. 

Let’s say you prepare for trips like you always do, and you do it while simultaneously thinking of your partner. If he’s offering, hold him responsible for the situation rather than taking the initiative.

Connect your feelings of instability rather than shoving an old woman friend from high school down his neck if the issue is him being with other women, especially if you’ve been taken advantage of. 

Let him know that you find it difficult to remain calm in that situation due to prior experiences. He will undoubtedly assure you that he only has eyes for you, therefore you should believe him rather than tell yourself that this is simply another person who will hurt you.

23. Be independent and strong woman

Many of the women quit dating and also showed interest in people while they were in their 20s and also in their first serious relationship. This cycle continues as you get older as well. 

If this describes you, it is crucial to realize that one of the greatest ways to learn how to make a man fall in love with you is to be independent and continue doing activities you enjoy with people you value.

You would undoubtedly be more attracted to a man who gave up playing football with his friends once a week to spend daily time with you.

It’s healthy and balanced to have some breathing room in a relationship. Consequently, earning points independently is important.

Even if you simply want to spend the entire Saturday midday alone, if that supports you, that is what is best for the relationship. 

That being said, the right person won’t have any issues and also will likely even be pleased with your independence.

24. Send him texts throughout the day

It’s time to change your approach, when you first started dating, you continuously waited for him to initiate messaging.

Make things even more awkward by starting 50% of the conversations because nobody likes to be the only one to message first.

They are not required to include conversations. A rapid “Hello, cutie. How’re you? “suffices to make him feel special and also to communicate your point.

25. Don’t be afraid to push back

Once more, it’s advised that women should be more restrained and delicate. They tell you to concur with him. Let him make the decision. He is a MAN!

Tell him if he says he wants to see the most recent thriller and you hate it.

If you disagree with anything he says, let him know. Nobody stated you need to have the exact same point of view as the man you like. If you don’t, the topic is far more engaging.

Not saying is pushing back. It’s simply letting him know that you have a viewpoint that merits consideration.

That’s bullshit. A man does not desire a yes woman. He desires you.

26. Have a strong opinion

There is nothing more attractive than an intelligent woman with a strong opinion. Doesn’t matter if the media alerts you to anything or not; we dig it. 

Please feel free to ask him about a recent article you read in order to get his opinion. Do not be hesitant to present an opposing opinion. Find topics that both of you enjoy discussing. You could alternate choosing the subject.

Relationships can become stale when there isn’t any fresh air. Participate in those intellectual dialogues to keep your arguments consistently fresh.

What makes a man fall in love

The bulk of us want to go insane as in movies.

We want to adore someone who inspires us and makes our journey through life enjoyable. Obviously, it can be challenging at times, especially if your love life is having difficulties.

Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through what makes a man fall madly in love with a woman. 

You cannot force a private to feel or develop feelings for another person.

It will probably become unachievable, as well as you will appear to be constantly seeking happiness. That said, we’re going to look at what makes a guy fall profoundly in love without forcing anything that isn’t meant to be.

27. Honesty 

Sincerity is the main factor a man considers when falling in love. In a few minutes, some women are unsure of what they are looking for.

You can find yourself dating someone who takes little initiative to keep you in mind. You have never ever discussed your criteria with him beforehand, nor have you ever set any kind of criteria in the first place.

When someone is informed that you are hoping for a genuine connection rather than a casual one and then chooses to leave, he is useless. He must be fully authorized and uniform in his love for you.

28. Confidence

Understanding that there is a fine line between being admirably upbeat and being overconfident will help you attract men.

If you want to learn how to make someone fall in love with you, you must avoid coming across as arrogant.

A man in love likes a confident lady since it increases their desire to find you. They can trust you since you appreciate being independent.

You can be deciding or realizing that you shouldn’t let something happen right now, frequently in the pit of your stomach.

You’re lowering your standards in the hopes that this person would like you too, even though the idea is to allow him to chase you.

29. Standard

Something really attractive is a woman who sets high standards for herself and does not give up easily.

People want to appear as though they have achieved success and also have been rewarded, which is one of the most crucial things about people.

They thus fail to understand what drives a man to fall completely in love with a woman and the benefits that come along with it.

A thing will undoubtedly be treasured more than someone has to work at making it, even when a man makes love to a woman.

The more the guy has to work to get you, the more he will undoubtedly value you! It’s something that not only lets people know who you are, but it is also a fantastic way to show your self-confidence.

30. Authenticity

Being someone you’re not will almost certainly come back to bite you in some way.

Simply said, you cannot sustain it for an extended period of time. When you take a position, it frequently results from instability that you could need to experience.

You don’t always need to understand what a man thinks when he falls in love. Allow him to work on his expression while you wait quietly. You can find authority in risky situations when you learn to accept who you are and be honest with yourself.

What causes a man to genuinely fall for a woman? Being sincere and displaying your true personality would make him chase you.

31. Intelligence

Knowledge is a quality that can help you and your partner have conversations that are good for both their minds and their hearts.

If you’re wondering what makes a guy fall madly in love with a woman, just consider the attraction and seduction that a woman’s knowledge holds for a guy.

A wise woman may keep a man interested and also motivated while encouraging him to step up his game.

32. Humor

Without laughter and lightheartedness, what is life? It is normal for a man to be drawn to a woman who makes him laugh and enjoy the moment, as this helps him to relax.

When a woman can make him laugh, whether, through ridicule, humor, or self-deprecating, it drives him completely insane.

It contributes to a higher level of connection fulfillment. Humor can enable you to lower your defenses and also loosen up with the other person.

33. Attentive

A man will typically find a woman he likes if she makes an effort to listen carefully to what he has to say.

A man wants to know that the woman he is involved with cares about what he says and his points of view.

The caring act of truly paying attention makes a significant difference when you are assuming what causes a guy to fall madly in love with you.

34. Her own unique point of views

It is a common belief that people seek out friends who share their opinions on all topics. Having a woman around who has her own opinions is interesting and empowering.

The fact that the woman he is drawn to and his opinions about her is what makes a man fall in love. It suggests a significant mind capable of independent reasoning.

It’s important to let a guy know that you don’t always agree with what he says if you want him to like you. You can occasionally obstruct him and persuade him to see things differently by presenting your own perspectives.

35. Being straightforward and clear 

Why hide when you can express exactly how you feel to a man and make him fall in love with you?

A man finds a woman alluring if she defines and also speaks things clearly, without being afraid or engaging in games.

Because women aren’t typically expected to be reserved, it might be surprising when a woman is open and honest about her preferences, her style, and her dislikes. A man might be both floored and exhilarated by being apart from this.

36. Gives him a genuine sense of desire

If you’re trying to figure out how to make a man fall in love, think about making him feel wanted by you.

A man’s self-confidence can be increased and he might feel that you regard him by realizing what a woman wants.

It gives him more reason to be vulnerable and rely on you from their heart. That is what drives a guy completely insane when they are together.

37. Emotional Stability

When a woman is honest with him and intellectually receptive, a man knows he loves her.

Couples might cling to one another by becoming psychologically vulnerable to one another. It has the potential to significantly deepen their love for one another.

The secret to what causes a guy to go completely bonkers with a woman may lie in psychological susceptibility. You will lose the opportunity to make him feel truly close to you if you don’t pay attention to this aspect.

Tricks to make a guy fall for you

Let’s face it, everyone wants to fall in love at some point, and even more importantly, they want someone to love them. The last isn’t always as simple as it appears, but there are things you may do to compensate.

When you discover a few simple techniques, you’ll realize exactly how simple it is to make someone fall for you, and the greatest part is, these are things that a lot of women are typically excellent at! 

When it comes to getting men to notice and appreciate you, subtlety does not always work, but you also do not need to go too far.

38. Be interesting

Being intriguing is the most effective approach to pique a man’s attention.

Human nature makes us drawn to interesting people, therefore we don’t really need research to tell us this.

Lead a balanced life. Live for you instead of a man. What matters to you? What kind of activities do you enjoy doing? What tickles your interest?

Avoid obsessing about relationships and relying on men or having a man in your life to make you feel valuable. 

Nobody wants that type of pressure, which is what this does: it forces them to be everything you are.

If you see potential in him, step it up a notch by putting some of these scientific principles into practice.

39. Get your cuddle on

It probably comes as no surprise that touching has been shown to build a destination since we often want to touch someone we like and the bulk of us like being touched. People are more likely to become drawn to you when you touch them.

Avoid him, but make an effort to improve your physical call. Hug, hold hands and cuddle if you’re still dating or in a relationship. 

If you’re trying to increase affection, keep in mind that face touching and hand holding are perceived as being more intimate than other sorts of touch.

40. Do something exciting

You don’t need to perform any really risky activities, such as jumping off of airplanes. It may be enough to see a scary movie, ride a roller coaster, or play a really cheap card game. 

Think about what makes you anxious and also try to incorporate that while you’re hanging out or dating someone you want something more with.

Also keep in mind that getting a rush of adrenaline from exercise may be just as thrilling as doing something terrifying, so hit the gym or go with an active person.

41. Wear red

Red is known as the color of passion and love, but using red can actually increase a person’s allure for you, so clearly it’s not just symbolic.

It was previously shown that red on women increases man attraction in the animal world.

Purchase a few fantastic red goods. This can be strong like a figure-hugging gown or refined like a headscarf. Or even experimenting with red lipstick. 

Basically, when getting ready for a day or going somewhere you know he’ll be, think a little bit more deliberately.

42. Get in touch with him in person

Get in touch with him in person. Do this only if it is possible; otherwise, refrain from stalking him frequently. Don’t show your presence where you think he might be.

It’s nice if you were invited to a birthday party event and also ordinarily wouldn’t have gone, but you know he’ll be there, so it changes your mind. As far as everyone knows, you’re not there to see him but rather to attend the event. Know when to accept a tip.

If you see him frequently and have the opportunity to see him take things further, he isn’t because he wants to; rather it’s because he doesn’t want to. 

An experience is a form of tourist attraction, but it may also spread mockery. Remember that there are always two sides to a story and that you should choose what your gut is telling you rather than mindlessly performing a series of tasks.

43. See him a lot

He may become more attracted to you if you see him frequently, but how can you get him to sense that trigger or connection? It can help to imitate his physical movements. 

Matching is something we do unconsciously when we like someone. He crosses his arms, you cross yours, he leans in, and so on.

Even while you probably do this unintentionally, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it on purpose: by emulating him, you can evoke feelings of closeness as a way of saying I like you and also I feel the same way you do.

44. Open up to him

In order to establish a sense of closeness and pave the way for developing a really personal connection, it helps to be a little vulnerable and also share a little of our own selves.

Self-disclosure is more important than just forming charming connections when it comes to winning people over. People that give a lot more personal information about themselves are likely to be liked much more than those who don’t. 

It works both ways since we like people more when we reveal more personal information to them.

With him, be sincere. Widen your opening a little bit more than usual. Focus on a small area. Avoid exposing all of your bone structures to him or confusing him with them TMI.

45. Have a genuine character

The character is crucial. We know that men are aesthetic, but our data does not support the notion that they only value outward appearances. 

Men who were given a positive personality type to link to the images were exposed to a wider range of body measurements than the group who weren’t.

When told that fat women had good characters, men were not only more drawn to them, but they were also less drawn to slim women who had bad personalities.

Focus on being your best self. You cannot change into something you are not on your own (and you shouldn’t intend to). With what you have, you can get by. Adjust your positive traits and work to improve your negative ones.

Most of us have them–no one is excellent.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Love and relationship can stay for longer and be stronger if you and he are deeply in love. And sometimes, you need to put in some effort to let him value you and understand your sentiments about being in a relationship. 

Therefore, if you want to let him fall in love with you truly. Try to adapt to these changes and show your best towards him (don’t fake it). 

Being true, honest and loyal works in any relationship. Show your best side with your best actions and emotions. This way makes your love life happier, satisfied and wholesome. 

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