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Signs He Wants More Than a Fling – 12 Gestures to Help You Gain Confidence

Signs He Wants More Than a Fling – 12 Gestures to Help You Gain Confidence

Published on Nov 10, 2023

Signs He Wants More Than a Fling – 12 Gestures to Help You Gain Confidence

Signs he wants more than just a fling refers to specific behavioral patterns of a guy, which give you the impression that he is not just looking for sex but wants to build something substantial.

He might be more interested in building a stable and long-term relationship than a casual one having no respect for your feelings and emotions. 

Let’s check further –

Signs He Wants More Than Just a Fling

You have recently started seeing a guy, you like him and want to get into a relationship, but you are not sure whether he is thinking on the same line. 

Hence, you would be interested to look for subtle signs to suggest that he is not simply looking for physical pleasure and is serious about having a relationship. They are as follows –

1. He Discusses about the Future with You

A man who is only interested in having a casual relationship would not usually talk about the future a lot as he knows it will not last long. 

On the other hand, if you see a guy regularly talking of the future not in terms of “me” but “us”, then it is likely that he wants more than only a fling with you.

If you see him asking about your goals, it is because he wants to be sure whether they are in line with his plans. You would notice that he is sure about what he wants from the relationship and his life. 

2. He Wants to Understand What Is Going on Inside Your Mind

When a guy is interested in a casual relationship, he will not invest his time and effort toward understanding you at a deeper level. Alternatively, if he wants more than a fling, one of the signs you will come across is that he would like to know what’s on your mind.

It denotes that he has a genuine interest in knowing you and what works for you. He has a great interest in understanding your feelings, thoughts, and experiences, thus developing a deeper connection with you. Knowing them would make him relate your line of thoughts with his and hence give him a fair idea regarding your mindset. 

3. He Will Not Touch You Sexually

In a relationship, how a person touches their partner says a lot about their intention. You can easily sense from their touch whether he is only looking for sex or he wants to show his genuine love and care toward you and make the relationship stronger with time. 

If you feel that his touch is sweet, thoughtful, and not at all sexual, rest assured he wants more than just having sex with you. He wants to give you the freedom to express your feelings and emotions, and not shy away from sharing even some of your deepest secrets. 

4. He Gives Instant Replies to Your Text Messages

If a man is not serious about building a stable relationship with you, he would not bother about instantly replying to your text messages. 

It is because he does not respect your feelings as his only priority is to use you for satisfying his physical needs. He takes his own time and replies only when he feels the need to have sex. 

Now, when he wants more than just having casual sex, he will take care of your emotions and sentiments. Thus, he will instantly reply to your messages and give you a clear impression of how much you matter in his life. 

5. He Takes Initiative

When a guy wants more than a fling, you will come across signs of him planning for dates and following through on his plans to see you smile. 

He would often surprise you with your favorite chocolate or flowers. While staying together, if you have cooked for him, he will make sure to do the cleaning part. 

He looks for opportunities to do things with you and has no problems in expressing the same. Hence, a man will only do them when he wants to take care of you and fulfill your needs and desires for the rest of your life. 

6. He Remembers Specific Details You Had Shared Earlier with Him

A man who wants to know more about your personality will make sure to remember specific details you share with him. Those details may not always have a direct relation with you but might be concerned with your family members.

They include your father or mother’s birthday, their anniversary, or any other occasion. 

If he truly wants to have a serious relationship with you, he will surprise you by calling you on your mother’s birthday or any other similar occasion for your family member. It means he wants to make himself an integral part of your family. 

7. He Wants to Meet You During the Day

Little gestures can have big implications and they especially hold when you are trying to gauge whether your boyfriend is serious about having a relationship with you. One of them is when you see him wanting to meet you mostly during the day. 

It shows that his intentions are pure and that he does not want to give you the impression that he wants to make use of the nighttime to pursue his sexual thoughts. 

Hence, he will make plans to have breakfast or lunch with you followed by a movie, and then drop you home while there is daylight. 

8. He Makes You Meet His Family Members and Friends

If a man is serious about wanting more than a fling with you, he would not mind taking you along with him to meet his friends. He will want you to become friends with them and become an integral part of his friends’ circle. 

Similarly, he will also not hesitate to let you attend the family BBQ and introduce you to his parents. Slowly but surely, he will start including you more in his life. 

You will see him showing genuine interest to make you feel comfortable around his brother, and sister and becoming friendly with his parents. 

9. He Pays Complete Attention To You

His seriousness toward wanting a genuine relationship also stems from the fact that when he goes on a date with you, he puts his phone on silent mode to avoid any kind of distraction. He does not want to make you feel bad by spending time on his phone. 

Hence, he listens to whatever you say, thus knowing your thought process and personality better. 

Even when you are living together, he will not look at his phone before both of you go off to sleep. He would rather prefer to put his arms around you and have some late-night talks. 

10. He Maintains Consistency

Another sign that suggests a guy is more interested in forging a long-term relationship with you than just a fling is his consistency. 

He will regularly show up, stay by your side when you need them, and showcase his interest in making plans for the future. Thus, he will not confuse you by giving mixed signals or anything that would raise doubts in your mind. 

He would not show hot and cold behaviors, where you might see him showing a tremendous level of interest toward you one day and maintaining distance the very next day. His feelings toward you would remain constant throughout. 

11. He Seeks Advice from You About His Life

The fact that he considers you as an important part of his life becomes even more evident when he reaches out to you for advice, which can help improve his life. It means he believes you are someone with whom he can share his thoughts and secrets, not just the person to have sex with.

His inclination toward constantly asking for your advice also depicts the trust he has and how much he wants to be with you. Thus, he leaves no room for you to have any confusion regarding his intention and helps you gain clarity. 

12. He Directly Tells You He Wants More from the Relationship

One of the most obvious signs that tells you he wants more than a fling is when he tells you directly about the same. Hence, it puts to rest all sorts of assumptions you might have been having inside your mind regarding his intentions. 

You would see him being vulnerable and not being afraid to express his innermost feelings. He speaks from the heart and you can easily notice genuineness in his eyes. 

Thus, you can sense his emotional maturity and complete readiness to commit himself to a permanent relationship. It depends on how soon you express your desire for the same and settle down. 

Final Words

We have discussed several signs to help you understand if your man wants more than a fling and focus on building a long-term relationship. 

You must remain on the lookout for these indications whenever you are with him to get an even better idea about his intentions. Thus, they can allow you to relax and express yourself even more with freedom.