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40 Things to Talk About With a Guy!

40 Things to Talk About With a Guy!

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

40 Things to Talk About With a Guy!

We all struggle with talking to the opposite sex at times. There are men who find it hard to talk to a girl, and there are women who don’t know what things to talk about with a guy!

Not many people know how to start a great conversation to keep a guy interested in you. Honestly, you can put in all your efforts in attracting a guy’s attention on you but if you don’t talk about authentic yet interesting things, chances are, he might slip out of your hands. While it’s not that big a deal, keeping a conversation going is an art that every woman should master.

Even if you feel tongue-tied or nervous around the guy you like, try to muster up a little courage and start a conversation.  With the right choice of words and guidance, any girl can make a great conversation with a guy. Once you start talking, you need to keep the conversation flowing as well. Now, how would you keep him hooked? Well, there are some interesting ways that you must know about it!

40 Things to Talk About With a Guy!
40 Things to Talk About With a Guy!

35 Things to Talk About With a Guy

Here are some exciting topics to talk with a guy and make him fall head over heels for you!

1. Start with paying him a compliment

give a guy compliment
Give him compliment

No guy can ignore a woman compliments him. So, this is where you should start. Pay attention to the feature of his personality you want to compliment before you compliment him.

For instance, if it’s his eyes then maintain an eye contact and tell him how dreamy they look. However, don’t talk about his eyes alone. Try to drift the conversation to other topics apart from compliments.

2. Talk about his passions/hobbies

talk about his passions
talk about his passions

Guys love having conversations about the things they like to do or their natural talents and passions. Feel free to invite him to a conversation that involves his hobbies and passions and then let him know why you would like to indulge in the same activity as well.

Connect it with some emotional memory (not related to you ex) and tell him you always wanted to try the said hobby or passion. He would be smitten by you!

3. Talk about your passions

Talk about your passion
Talk about your passion

A classy woman is made of confidence, style, and passion! Yes, guys love it when a woman talks about her passions and all the things she wants to do in life. The best part is that when you talk about your passions, you naturally become attractive to the other person.

There is nothing superficial about the conversation and you don’t have to try to keep the conversation going. Who knows he might have shared interests with you in terms of passion!

Plus, there is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows she wants more out of life than just a man! When you reveal to your guy friend secrets about your personal preferences, choices, and passions – he’s bound to think you are more interesting!

4. Play the old and famous question game

Play a question game
Play a question game

We all have pulled this one successfully at least once in our life, let’s agree on that! Make a list of minimum 20 questions and start asking him the same! You will be surprised at how interested he would become in answering all of them! Well, let’s just accept that men love to talk about themselves at any given time of the day!

The questions themselves can vary from common habits to secrets. Whether you ask him about his childhood crushes and first kisses, or what he wants from his life in the future – this game will not only help you make conversation with him in an interesting way, but you will also learn something new about him! And who knows – maybe you’ll find out you guys have more in common than you initially realized!

Let’s make this game a bit interesting by throwing the rapid-fire questions on him. Make a list of questions that might seem a bit controversial  (if you know what we mean) but not too much and give him 10 seconds to answer them all. You can also ask him to prepare a set of questions for you as well. After all, the conversation must flow from both sides.

5. Bring in the ‘S’ word

talk about sex
talk about sex

You don’t have to brainstorm your head to figure out what to talk about with a guy all the time. For starter, men can and will always be interested in conversation topics related to sex.  However, you need to have a way with it. Don’t just shoot a million sex-related questions or topics on him for that might throw him off the conversation entirely.

Work your charm and slowly glide toward the topic. You will leave him in awe of you certainly! However, it should be noted that these topics can sometimes be a little sensitive for some people. Everyone has their own pace at which they like to approach and talk openly about such topics.

So be on the lookout and make sure your guy friend is open to talking about such things and you are not making him uncomfortable with this line of conversation. If you don’t look out for the social cues and shifts in body language, you may end up making things awkward before you even realize it!

6. His favorite films and TV shows

talk about TV and Films he like
talk about TV and Films he like

You can start the conversation with the question related to things he likes to do in his free time. Chances are that he will tell you that he likes to Netflix or watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries and play video games. Find out if he loves, sci-fi, horror, or thriller.

If you are planning on dating him in the future, this will also help you pick a movie for  a future date and impress him! So, pay attention to him as he talks about him, try to touch his skin subtly, and then offer him for a marathon of his favorite shows or movies. This way you will also get an opportunity of spending time with him and he will get to know you better.

7. What’s his idea of a perfect date?

What's his perfect date idea?
What’s his perfect date idea?

One of the most common things to talk with a guy is asking for his perfect date. If a guy is sweet, he would love to tell you. Well, if he is a player, he might get comfortable. However, if he really likes, then the category doesn’t matter. He would love to answer you and perhaps even pick up the sign that you are so subtly trying to show him.

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8. Talk about his long term plans in life

what are his long term plans
what are his long term plans

Everyone has a dream. Everyone has a plan, and you should ask him about his. He might get shy at first, but he will eventually give in, it’s a promise. In fact, if he agrees to share his impossible dreams with you, then you might become more than just a date to him. Believe that!

As he talks about his dreams and aspirations, you can put across your advice and help him in finding a way to reach his dreams. This way, he would feel that you support his dreams and thus, might fall a bit harder for you. However, you don’t have to do this just to impress him. If you are a genuine person, you would care anyway.

9. Ask about his crushes, both celebrities and real life

how about his crushes?
how about his crushes?

A guy loves talking about his love life only if he knows that you won’t judge him for his choices. So, if you are genuinely interested in him and want to know it all about him and his life, well, then try II find about his past relationships, but only if he is comfortable about talking about it.

Believe it or not but even the bad boy has gone through some trauma in terms of love and relationships in life, which turns them such a player in life. It’s a fact! So, it’s better to not nudge them on the topic and take things slowly. If he feels uncomfortable talking about his ex or crush, then move the conversation to some other topic, like talk about music—everyone loves to talk about music!

10. Talk about the things you have in common

Things in common
Things in common

 Nothing connects two people like the things, hobbies, and passions they share together. Bond with him on an actor that you both like and then keep adding the things on the list that have common interests. Nothing works more like a charm than this conversation. Trust the universe and know that this will lead to somewhere extraordinary!

11. Food! Talk about food anytime

food is always a vibrant topic!
food is always a vibrant topic!

Start from your favorite food and then mold the conversation toward his direction. Chances are that you won’t even have to give it a direction. Your man will automatically jump into it. Men love food. So do women!

But men love food—sense the tone! They can go on about their favorite cuisine and how they love to cook. You can subtly tell him that you cook delicious treats and invite him over as well. See how it goes!

12. Ask him about his favorite places to travel

Favorite travel places
Favorite travel places

If you want to know someone genuinely, then you must travel with him or her as soon as possible! To keep your things in motion, ask him about his favorite place to visit in the world.

He would instantly connect with you. In fact, he might offer you to plan a trip with him and what’s better than that? Waste no time in giving your nod to his offer and there, you are set!

13. Ask him about his favorite thing about a woman

His favorite things about woman
His favorite things about woman

Men are attracted to various qualities and features of women, it’s true. While many women shy away from asking this question, a woman who is secure and confident in herself doesn’t stop herself from asking the same.

So, look directly into his eyes and ask him about that one thing he loves about a woman. It’s generally the eyes and smile of a woman that attracts a guy but it’s her heart and nature that takes the trophy.

14. Tell him about your plans

Tell him about your life plans
Tell him about your life plans

There is nothing cooler than a woman who knows what she wants in life! Start with your dreams as a child and where you are currently, followed by where you aspire to be now!

This is the best way to get a man interested in you. When you tell him about the future plans, try to include him in it, to give him a sense of importance. If he is interested, he will respond.

15. Talk about a book

A lot can happen over a book!
A lot can happen over a book!

Bonus points, if your man is interested in reading. There is nothing better than a man who reads! Ask him about his favorite book and then tell him yours. Explore more genres, books, and related topics. If you are both into it, then chances are there will be another date on the cards.

16. Suggest a new activity to try together

An activity that you both enjoy
An activity that you both enjoy

This is the best way to know him better! You can discuss an activity or two to indulge in together. If he is an adventurous soul, then you can go for bungee jumping, camping, scuba diving, zip-lining, etc.

If you like traveling, then head over for a weekend rendezvous with him to a beautiful destination and explore new activities together. You both can join dance, cooking, or singing classes together and grow your relationship.

17. The kind of music you both listen

..and how can you forget music?
.. and how can you forget music?

This conversation should be about both of you. Discuss all genres of music along with your favorites! Yes, music is something that binds people together for life! That’s true! Ask him about his favorite artist and his song.

If he likes you, he will share his playlist with you as well. When he does it, waste no time in sharing yours with him as well. Let the music going and the conversation flow, thereafter.

18. Converse about his career and yours

discuss career

This is something that must be discussed with anyone you see a future with. If a person loves his job, well, chances are he or she is quite happy in their life. There is no doubt about it. So, ask him about his job and whether he enjoys it. Ask him what made him choose the career he was in.

Is it just about money? Or is it more than that? When people work a job that’s more than money, for instance, passion, well, you know they are doing well, more than they like to believe. This also means that they have a zest for life and don’t hold themselves back from going after things they want to.

19. Do they like animals

do they like animals?
Do they like animals?

You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals or people who can do nothing for them. A person who is kind automatically becomes attractive—there is no doubt regarding the same.

If a man loves animals, it’s a plus. Ask him if he has a pet. If yes, that’s even better. If he owns a pet, he would continue talking about him or her for hours. This also suggests that he is caring at heart as well. That alone is a turn on. So, go ahead and converse!

20. Ask him about his friends and family

his friends and family
His friends and family

He might seem guarded at first, but when he finds out that you are genuinely interested in him, he will open up. On your part, you should show an interest in meeting them, well, he might just go ahead with it, but be ready to accept his choice, if he doesn’t want to at the moment.

This doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in you—this means that he is putting a boundary for the time being. Well, who knows he might just agree to introduce you to a lot of his friends? In any case, people love to talk about their family and friends all the time.

21. How’s the weather?

When you want to cut through an awkward silence, the weather definitely comes to the rescue. You can simply start with “It’s pleasant today, isn’t it?” This will eventually glide him into talking about what activities he prefers to do in soothing weather.

On the contrary, you can also complain about the weather and discuss the disappointments it has led to you in the past. You can then shift to talking about different seasons and your favorite among them.

Talking about a particular trip that you made in similar weather is also a good idea. This will indulge him to talk about his experiences too and keep the conversation going.

22. Discuss Sports and Games

Sports are a turn-on for men, for REAL. It’s not necessary for you to know all rules about a certain sport to initiate a conversation.

You can lightly comment on the next match or your favorite player or your favorite game. He will enjoy talking about his favorite sport and share his opinions too.

It is not necessary to support the same team as him. You can voice your own likings and maybe have a small fun debate on why you are right. Make sure not to overreact or heat the room. You can maybe discuss watching the next event together if everything falls right!

23. How was your childhood?

One thing everybody yearns to revisit is their childhood. Hence, you can take advantage of it and begin a conversation by sharing your favorite childhood memory.

You can also talk about the games you played, how naughty you were or your likings as a child. You can definitely add on some funny incidents from your childhood.

Similarly, you can ask him if he was a naughty child too? What are the good and bad memories that he remembers?  If there are similarities between your and his childhood, you can always bring the correlation to place and discuss different ways of doing it.

24. Talk about work (of the both of you!)

While starting a conversation about work, ensure that you don’t ask anything about his earnings. You don’t want to look like a gold-digger or someone who is interested in him because of his money. That’s a big turn-off any day.

Talk about the company he is working in, his timings, and his boss or whether he enjoys the position he is in. Share the same ideas about your work too.

You can also ask about his dream job or company. You can learn about what bond he shares with his colleagues in the office. Or, you can share instances of how you switched companies for better growth.

25. Don’t forget Social Media

You definitely wanna know his social media behavior. Some of the great conversation starters for this topic are: Which social media platforms he is active on? Which one does he prefer the most? What is so likable about it?

The questions to ask a guy can also consist of – if he has ever used dating apps? How does he feel to meet a stranger through an app? Does he like sharing too many posts or does he believe in keeping his life personal?

You can then discuss the new trends popular on social media platforms. Another good topic to talk about – the way people portray their lives to be better on social media than reality.

26. Love and Romance

Now, you are interested in this person because of a reason. Before moving forward, you definitely want to know his ideology on romantic relationships. You want to know if he is emotionally available. Here are a few tips on how to talk this out:

You can ask him about his first relationship. At what age did it start? Why did it end? Was it anything serious?

You can also ask him about his longest relationship. How did he move on from there? So that you get to know you are not just a rebound.  

You can even question him on what it is that he is looking for in his partner? This way you will be able to evaluate whether or not you match his requirements.

27. What’s your current relationship status?

To know his current relationship status, make him feel comfortable. Ask him if he likes to spend time alone. Does he believe being single is advantageous?  Or does he want someone to share his life with?

You can also dig deeper with a series of questions and know if he is looking for a fling or something serious. It is important to know that he is still not stuck at his ex. Because if you find this out later, it will only make things more complicated.

A good conversation starter here can be to ask- if he believes everyone needs someone to complete their life. Only after knowing his emotional availability, you must invest in him.

28. You definitely want to know his ambitions!

It is an extremely interesting topic to start with. You want to know his future goal to decide what his future will be like. You can ask him about his dream job. You can try to know if he is happy at his current job. What future does he see with the company he is currently working in? Does he see a potential growth rate at the position he is in?

You can also enquire if he has any different plans. Like, he might be just trying to gain some experience currently and start his own company in the future. Or possibly, he has a business plan ready and is working on it.

29. Religion and Faith

While imagining your future with somebody, you will want them to share the same beliefs as you. Here comes the knowledge about his religious beliefs. You will like to know if the person you are talking to believes in God or not.  If he does, does he spend much time worshipping God?

Discuss if he thinks all religions are similar. Try to know what he has to say regarding communal problems. Don’t get into a debate. Try to keep it subtle.

You can also ask him if he believes in resurgence. What does he think happens after death? These discussions will get you to know a deeper version of him and keep the conversation rolling.

30. Try to dig deep and discuss fears

While you enjoy talking, take a sneak peek into the person’s darker version. Once he is comfortable with you, ask him if he has any phobias. Or is there anything that he fears losing? A person’s fear tells a lot about them.

If he has any, enquire what he is doing to get out of it. You can try and help him feel comfortable by making him dig deeper into it. You can ask him to recall when this fear peeped into him. Is it related to any particular incidence from the past? Suggest him ways how he can overcome them.

31. Talk about the current news or events

Guys prefer intelligent girls. To keep him hooked onto you, share your views about any current news that is trending- anything political, cultural, or viral. Certainly, he will also have something to comment on and it will lead to meaningful discussions.

To woo a guy, this works great. This makes them feel that the girl sitting here is not only emotional but also rational. He will feel he can open up to you and discuss things with you like he does with his friends. It will also give you an insight into his perspective on certain things.

32. What are your weekend plans?

To meet him again, you can interrogate him about his weekend plans. If he says he has nothing to do, you can slightly hint at the idea of doing something together. If he is interested in you, he will readily agree to this.

Or, he might say he is busy on Saturday, but there are no plans for Sunday. Here, he is showing his interest in you and wants you to know that he has some free time for you. Plan a movie or house party or another date together. You can maybe take a day out together and know each other even better.

33. Trigger funny conversations

Try to avoid talking on serious topics unless important. Keep playing on the light-hearted humor. This person you are talking to has to like you. Know his interests, know what he thinks is funny and share stories similar to it. If you have something funny similar to it on your phone, show it to him.

Everyone loves a good laugh. You can also share funny incidents from your past and tickle his bones with laughter.  Comment something hilarious on the topics he is discussing. Striking funny conversations will make him crave to spend more time with you.

34. Something that surprises him

Men love surprises. Surprise him by showing that you are interested in everything that has to do with him. Surprise him by showing that you wouldn’t just keep blabbering but can be a listening ear too.

Ask him about his favorite game, his interests, and hobbies. If you don’t understand any part of it, ask him to explain it to you in detail. You can also strike conversations on the stock market or gadgets that most men are interested in. It will raise his eyebrows with surprise because you certainly talk about everything that he is interested in.

35. What’s his daily life like?

You can break the ice by asking him about his daily life. How does he spend his day? He will appreciate somebody taking efforts to pay attention to every single detail. Does he like to spend his time with his family members?

Ask him- What does he like to do on weekends? What are the frequent places that he visits? Does he get time to spend on his hobbies?

You will also like to know here that barring work, what amount of free time he gets. Does he spend that time with his friends? What does he do between short tea breaks in office?

5 Things Never to Talk About With a Guy

Now that you know about the things to talk with a guy, there are a few things that you should NEVER talk to about with a man with whom you see a future. There is no exhausting list about these topics, but here are a few things that you should avoid talking to a guy, especially during the first stages of your relationship or friendship.

36. Long chats on why your life sucks

Long chats on why your life sucks
Long chats on why your life sucks

People like positive people. Period. Instead of giving yourself (and them) reasons as to why your life sucks, you can talk about how truly blessed you are, even though you know you deserve better. Also, try to keep any conversation short and sweet instead of long and exhausting.

It is a turn off when people know that they are not living it up and know it! Try to put yourself in his shoes and you will know. Life is exhausting anyway, you shouldn’t add to the  baggage. Instead, you should add some value into his life and expect the same from him.

37. Focusing too much on his features

Focusing too much on his features
Focusing too much on his features

It is good to say nice things about his face and body but don’t exaggerate it. It gets a bit too much after a while. You can say nice things about him but you don’t have to push yourself for the same. Compliment him only when you genuinely like something about him, not otherwise.

38. Focusing too much on his negative traits

Focusing too much on his negative traits
Focusing too much on his negative traits

If there is something about him you don’t like, well, you got to say it, but again, you do not have to bring it to his attention all the time.  People do not appreciate criticism, well, not a lot. You wouldn’t like it when a guy keeps focusing on the bad in you? Right?

Well, at the end of the day, he is a human and it becomes exhausting to hear about things you already you know aren’t good in you. So, if you really want to tell him about his negative traits, well, clearly do the same and then let it go.

39. Talk about his past love

Talk about his past love
Talk about his past love

Most guys do not like to open up about his past love experiences. Many of them are still recovering from the heartbreak and aren’t ready to talk about the same. You should be his friend first and not grill him for the same again and again. He will talk about his past love once he thinks he is comfortable with you.

40. Don’t demand extravagant things

Don’t demand extravagant things
Don’t demand extravagant things

When you are getting to know a guy, do not go out-of-your-way to demand gifts that he can’t afford or shouldn’t want to afford. Be capable of gifting yourself whatever it is that you want.

It is a turn-off for a guy to gift your things that he doesn’t want to and yet he has to. It’s a desperate thing to ask for extravagant things from anyone, not him. Be the woman who gifts herself all the things she deserves.

Here is an interesting video which gives 15 topics to talk about with your boyfriend --

Topics to talk about with your boyfriend

Take-home Message

Having a great conversation starter really sets the tone for a great connection between two people. It creates a genuine bond that becomes stronger with each meeting. Thus, if you have some interesting things to talk with a guy, then you almost have him for a first date.

Keep it up on the date and you will earn yourself another and so on. However, you do not have to force yourself into keeping a conversation up, especially if the guy you are into doesn’t put a single effort in keeping it going. Just do your best and let it go if it still doesn’t work out. There is always someone amazing waiting to happen to you around the corner. Always!

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