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Signs a Guy Wants You to Chase Him – 16 Gestures to Look Out for Before Making the Final Call

Signs a Guy Wants You to Chase Him – 16 Gestures to Look Out for Before Making the Final Call

Updated on Oct 11, 2023

Signs a Guy Wants You to Chase Him – 16 Gestures to Look Out for Before Making the Final Call

Signs a guy wants you to chase him are the subtle indications he gives from time to time. They suggest that he would love it if you gave him attention. 

Even though, usually, men of high quality do not mind if they have to do the chasing. Still, there are exceptional cases when the opposite also happens.

Let’s check further –

Signs a Guy Wants You to Chase Him – Are You Ready to Get Lured?

You can come across a guy and feel that he wants you to chase him. It does not always mean that you should make the first move. This might just be his manner of flirting. It is a way through which he wants to renew his relationship or use it to boost his ego.

Without wasting any more time, let us discuss the different signs you can come across to understand this topic better –

1. There Is No Effort from His End Toward You

You will see him not putting any effort toward you. Still, it is not the same as maintaining distance or being disinterested. He wants to ensure that he does not put extra effort into expressing his feelings. 

There are occasions when he could boost his ego by sending out flirty texts, which is also known as breadcrumbing. If he is a shy guy, he would stay away from taking the first step for fear of rejection.

2. He Does Not Give You Any Special Attention

He might be giving you indications, which suggest that he carries strong feelings toward you. 

Despite these, you might not see him giving you any special attention. Then, that means he is waiting for you to take the first step. 

There might be various reasons that keep him away from facing vulnerabilities and expressing his deepest desires to you. 

Probably, he is shy and cannot make the concrete decision to express his feelings. Alternatively, he might just want to ensure that you also feel the same.

3. He Expresses His Feelings but Then Takes a Step Back

He could show interest by expressing his feelings. Moreover, he might always try to stay close to you, but he does not go ahead further. This could be a clear attempt on his part to provoke your feelings and sentiments. 

In this scenario, it is not wrong to recognize his feelings and start giving slight hints from your end. 

You must keep an open mind. Additionally, it is also important that you remain cautious of the possible mind games he might be playing. It will ensure that you are not caught on the wrong foot.

4. He Gives Subtle Hints of Dating You

You can often see him cracking jokes about dating you, which is a clear indication that he wants you to chase him. He takes this route just to express his desire to date you but still cannot take the desired action for the same.

It is necessary that you take a closer look at his jokes. If he has been doing the same thing with others, then it should not raise an alarm inside you, but if you only see him doing it with you, then he is doing it deliberately with the intention to provoke you.

5. He Shows Irregularities While Caring for You

When a guy wants you to chase him, more often than not, he acts hot and cold or becomes irregular in showing his love and care toward you. 

One day he could be in a mood to spend intimate moments with you, while the next day, he might show as if he does not care. His behavioral patterns would change as per how you react toward his actions. 

Ideally, you must not rush things because if you force him to make a decision, he will move away from the limelight as that would not serve his purpose.

6. He Tries to Prove to You How Desirable He Is

It is one of the most significant signs of a guy who wants you to chase him but does not happen to be a healthy sign. 

Portraying his self-worth to you is just the way he gives the signal that you must chase him. He does this primarily to attract your attention and also to feel good about himself. 

Ideally, you should look for more signs to get an assurance if he is truly interested in you. Stay cautious about being on the lookout for other warning signs. 

7. He Has a Liking Toward You but Not Yet Made the First Move

The phase of a man wanting you to chase him is not only complicated but also quite confusing. You can easily recognize through his behavior, which suggests that he likes you, but something is not allowing him to approach you. 

There could be a whole lot of internal and external reasons why he might be holding himself back. Probably, he does not want to get hurt or face rejection, which makes him apprehensive about expressing his feelings again. 

Therefore, he is indirectly forcing you to understand his feelings and get in touch with him.  

8. He Enjoys Being Playful with You

When someone displays a playful attitude toward another person, it means that he is feeling comfortable being around and keeps teasing them from time to time. 

It is another clear sign that a guy wants you to chase him. The tricks that he uses to flirt and play mind games are sufficient proof of his liking toward you.

He is adopting different ways to give you mixed signals and simultaneously waiting for your reaction as well. Every single relationship is built on the give-and-take policy. That’s how a healthy relationship is built and helps to keep things going.

9. He Does Not Proceed Further in the Physical Relationship

It might happen only when a man uses some kind of passive style for flirting with you. He desires to show you that he does not have any interest in a fling relationship but is fascinated to build something long-term with you. 

When this is the scenario, he would go on dates, and also keep constant contact over text messages and calls. Still, he will not lean in for the first kiss. This clearly indicates that he wants you to make the first move toward going physical. 

10. He Is Active in Following and Engaging with Your Social Media Channels

There are occasions when he might not show any interest in meeting you over coffee or making any random plan of watching a movie. 

Even though you might feel he is gone in reality, he is actively following you across social media outlets. He is keeping track of your activities, friend list, liking, and commenting on your photos. 

All these actions might not just be sufficient to signal that he intends to make you chase him. Still, when you pair them up with other signs, then it is perhaps a sign that he wants you to initiate a connection again. 

11. He Tries Out Different Ways to Make You Feel Jealous

Even though adopting the strategy of jealousy might not always work out and backfire, some guys choose this path to get attention. 

Does he discuss exploring other types of romantic interests? If he is serious about making you jealous, then there is every chance that he might want confirmation that you are interested to take charge and go for the chase. 

He is even ready to get caught by you while he is hanging around holding hands with someone else, kissing or hugging them. Indirectly, he is trying to let you know that there is enough competition for his attention. 

12. He Portrays Various Signs of His Jealousy

Do you see him getting jealous of all those people you date despite him not making any moves? While it is possible that he just happens to be a jealous type of guy, there is also a chance that he might want to become the main attraction in your life. 

Thus, his signs of jealousy might be an indication that he wants you to chase him and not think of entertaining other options. It indicates that he treats you more than just a friend and is looking forward to you realizing the same. 

13. He Keeps Complimenting You from Time to Time

Another sign that you will see in the conduct of a man who wants you to chase him is his inclination toward complimenting you often during his life. He is not someone who will sit around and wait for you to hurt his ego. 

He will do everything possible to make you realize that you are special, interesting, and attractive in his eyes. 

The most important thing about him is his ability to express gratitude that he would take you by surprise when he fails to follow up with some kind of action for some time. 

14. He Constantly Looks for Your Advice

If you see him regularly seeking your opinion for all the important decisions that he must make in his personal and professional life, then rest assured that he likes you. 

He cares about what you think and knows that you would not give him wrong suggestions. 

There will be occasions when you might even see him reaching out to you for advice on simple matters. 

They could easily take you by surprise, while, the fact is that he will do so intentionally to make sure that you keep chasing him with your suggestions. 

15. He Talks About How Does He Usually Spend His Time

Whenever someone is in love and shows interest in you, he will try his best to ensure that they have an emotional attachment with you. He will always be on the lookout to share his experiences and talk about his day. 

You can even make out the change that takes place in his body language and how he feels at that point in time. This is how he tries to share some information about himself while leaving some space for you to narrate your stories and connect with him.

16. He Texts Back but Never Takes the Initiative

People have the notion that a guy should always be the first one to call, text, or take the woman out on a date. If you do not see him initiating the text, then possibly he is waiting for you to lead the way. 

There are enough reasons why he does not take the first step. He might be buying some time to attain courage before expressing his feelings. 

If you see him replying instantly and the conversation is an intriguing one, then he is clearly showing signs that he wants you to chase him. 

Final Words

We have discussed in detail the different signs you can look for in a guy who wants you to chase him and provoke you into taking favorable actions toward him. 

Knowing about these indications would help you prepare your reactions accordingly, which will also prevent you from falling into any kind of trap and avoid messing up your life. 

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