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What Is Eye Contact Attraction? Different Types, Signs, and Their Effects

What Is Eye Contact Attraction? Different Types, Signs, and Their Effects

Updated on Jul 06, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Eye Contact Attraction - Types, Effects, Ways, Signs & So Much More

Eye contact is a clear symbol of attraction toward someone most of the time. Eye contact attraction means that you are interested in the person in front. 

You want to open up yourself and engage in further communication with him/ her. 

Eye contact does not indicate sexual or romantic attraction all the time. 

Sometimes you may be a little curious about someone and try to figure out different things about them, by looking into their eyes. 

It is easier to reflect all your suppressed emotions through your eyes. If you are feeling something and unable to talk about it, your eyes can help you to express them easily. 

Maintaining eye contact while speaking is a great way to show curiosity about the person you are talking to. 

What Is Eye Contact Attraction Different Types, Signs, and Their Effects
Eye Contact Attraction – Types & How To Attract Someone
What Is Eye Contact Attraction Different Types, Signs, and Their Effects
Eye Contact Attraction – Effects & Different Eye Movements

What is Eye Contact Attraction?

Eye contact is a natural way of communication without saying something. It can create attraction between two people and help to express those feelings that you are unable to talk about.

When you maintain eye contact while interacting with someone, that means you are confident enough and not afraid of anything. You are ready to face any challenges in life and believe that you can win. 

Everyone will be able to rely on your words when not looking away. They will pay more attention to every single opinion and appreciate them. 

A person sitting in a corner of that room will also think of you as a smart and sincere person. 

Looking into his/ her eyes on your first date will not make your partner fall in love with you but it will definitely create a spark in between. Try not to creep him/ her out with a weird or cold stare. 

Types of Eye Contact Attraction

There are different ways of attraction that can develop through eye contact. In this section, we are going to discuss them all. 

1. Staring 

Staring at someone means looking at a person for a long time with widely open eyes. Everyone has this experience of someone staring at them at some point in their life. 

This can be attractive as well as uncomfortable, depending on the way of looking. Someone is staring at you means you are being noticed either positively or negatively.

A person who is attracted to you and is ready to express his/ her feelings, without being afraid, can stare at you for a long time without even realizing it. 

You may like all the attention and focus you are getting but if this is coming from a stranger, it can be really creepy and unpleasant sometimes. 

It is possible that he/ she has some weird fixation on you. Even if it is making you feel weird or uncomfortable they will continue staring. 

2. Furtive glances

A furtive glance is looking at someone without letting them know. It means you really like that person but are too shy to express that in public. 

For example, you are at a restaurant with your friends after a long day and find some random person attractive and interesting. 

Now this sudden interest can make you nervous and instead of staring, observe him/ her from a safe distance without getting caught.

There are times when some people look familiar but at that moment you may not be able to recall their names.

Thus, it is embarrassing to approach them or talk to them without being able to remember who they are. 

Whereas, observing them from a distance, until you can remember who they are and why they look familiar is way more convenient. 

However, this situation can also happen with the person you are dating. Suppose, you are at a restaurant for a candlelight dinner and your date is not at all looking at your eyes while talking. 

You may think that they are too timid to meet your eyes or they are not interested in you. But if you notice carefully you may find them stealing a glance when you are not facing them. 

3. Total avoidance

Total avoidance is always more complicated and less common. Some people are way too nervous and struggle to express their feelings or their needs around other people. 

They may not be sure about what they want from life. 

If you really like someone from the core of your heart but are extremely nervous about messing things up, it is always easy to flee from the situation. 

You will do anything to avoid looking at them and to hide.

You can be attracted to someone you should not and expressing your true feelings for them is inappropriate. 

Avoiding any eye contact will help to hide all your emotions. People who have social anxiety also may experience this condition. 

4. Unconscious glance

Sometimes your eyes can meet up with some random person and you may not realize for how long you are staring. 

When you accidentally catch their gaze, you may end up enjoying it. A connection and huge attraction may develop between you two. 

An unconscious glance can be a great start to something magical and romantic. If you accidentally discover someone staring at you, do look away if you also like that person. 

Give a green signal through your eyes and put a smile on your face, so that they can take the initiative to start a conversation if they want. 

5. Confident  eye contact

Allowing a person to look in your eyes with full confidence means opening the gate of your feelings at that moment for him/ her.

You are ready to be vulnerable around that individual and open up yourself. 

If you are insecure about something, it will reflect through your glances. Your eyes will move around nervously to hide all emotions and your true intention. 

Strong and stable eye contact is a sign of your confidence and faith in yourself. A steady glance is all you need to support every word you speak. 

6. Friendly eye contact 

Friendly eye contact is something that is really comforting and caring but it does not always convey the message of a romantic attraction. 

Your eyes should reflect that you are a friendly person and you do not mean any harm to someone. 

A warm and calm glance is something really important to impress someone. Your inner positivity must affect the way you look at someone you like. 

This type of eye contact can be a perfect invitation to start a beautiful friendship with someone. 

Effects of Eye Contact Attraction

There are several things that may happen with simple eye contact.

Eyes can tell a lot about people, and their thoughts, and reveal their personalities. You just need to pay attention and observe carefully. 

Eye contact can reflect your interest

Subtle eye contact is always a clear sign of interest in someone’s life. It is the most simple way of showing your desire to know someone better.

Your eyes can reflect every feeling that you have for an individual. 

One can easily understand all unexpressed emotions from the way you look at him/ her.

Interacting through the eyes can be the most attractive way of communication and it can also spice things up. 

People often make mistakes by engaging in too much staring and making things more complicated.

Keeping an eye on someone too much is called stalking and it is not really good for your relationship. 

Unhealthy stalking can create fear and increase the distance between two people. Your sight should convey the right message to your crush if you really want him/ her to respond to your feelings.

In the same way, if a person is looking at you frequently, he/ she may be attracted to you. Give that person a positive signal if you are interested too. 

Sometimes you may find someone, who is staring at you but looking away whenever you are making eye contact. 

That means they are really shy to express their emotions to you and embarrassed or afraid to get caught. 

Eye contact and persuasion 

It is really hard to say no when someone is making eye contact with you, it can be really persuasive sometimes. 

When your partner is staring at you with cute eyes full of emotions and requesting you for something, it is not much easy to decline. 

In certain situations, things can be the other way around. Talking to a person with long and confident eye contact is resistant to any kind of persuasion. 

Your eyes can tell that you are not at all interested in those things they are asking for. 

Prolonged eye contact can make people follow your words. They will really take your opinion seriously. It can be motivating enough to do something new and work hard. 

Strong and stable eye contact is all you need to earn respect and to make people agree more. 

Eye contact can make things memorable 

Saying something by looking into their eyes makes them remember your words for a long time. It allows everyone to feel the moment and express true emotions. 

Eye contact requires too much engagement. When a person is staring at you and saying something important it is difficult to lose focus. 

He/ she will be able to tell if they are not getting enough attention. Memory and gaze are two things that are always well connected. 

Eye contact can help to look at a person minutely. As it helps to pay attention to the details without any interruption and the image of that person will be stored in memory for a long time. 

Eye contact reflects the truth

Eye contact can reflect how confident you are while telling something but it can not reveal if you are lying or not. 

People who are trying to hide something or not telling the truth may not establish eye contact because they are afraid to get caught. 

Everyone always pretends to be honest when observed, no matter how much they have lied originally.

When a person is staring at someone for a long time it can be really hard to lie on their face. 

A stable and long glance means you are being watched and there is no place to hide. It can startle someone that getting away with dishonesty is not easy. 

While trying to gather information about different things, an inquiry with eye contact can help to know it all.

People can tell more in this situation than they actually wanted. 

Eye contact makes people self-aware

People often forget to take care of themselves and overlook all the troubles they are having currently.

When someone else is looking at you, it is natural to make extra effort to be your best version. 

When you meet people and talk to them you want to be liked by them. You are ready for anything that is needed for it. 

A man or a woman pays more attention to their health and appearance after starting to date someone. 

It is hard to overlook yourself when someone else is paying more attention to you.

It makes you more conscious about yourself and be aware of the things that were ignored for a long time.

Eye contact can make someone more sensitive about their thoughts, behavior, and feelings. They will start enjoying every moment and give importance to their emotions.

It is hard to feel alone and abandoned without established eye contact. It is a symbol that there is someone who is always there to listen to whatever you have to say.

Eye contact can attract people

Holding a person’s glance with a cute smile on the face can never be out of trend.

If you are in a restaurant and you find someone smiling and looking at you with a welcoming gaze, it is really hard to ignore that look. 

You will definitely wonder about what he/ she needs. This kind of look develops curiosity and the image of it in your mind can make you smile anywhere. 

Eye contact can help you to understand a lot about a person. The way he/ she is looking can expose a small part of their personality and their thoughts. 

The way they look at you is really important to understand the value and the respect they have for you. 

These factors are really important to create the spark between you two and if the attraction is stronger it can make you fall in love too. 

How to Attract Someone with Eye Contact 

You can not just look at someone and make him/ her interested in you. It can only help someone to understand how much you are interested in him/ her. 

There are certain things that you need to remember if you really want someone to find out what you feel.

Be very subtle

Staring at someone for too long can be really creepy and make them feel awkward. 

Especially if you do not know the person you are looking at, it is really important to be very careful. Try to be cautious about your every move. 

Some people do not like unwanted attention and they feel really uncomfortable. If you check out someone for too long, they may not feel safe at that time. 

Be very subtle when you are staring at your crush. You must pay more attention to the way you look. 

It should not make them feel threatened and afraid. Remember short glances are more effective than long ones. 

Follow the lead

Be the first one to look away after a long eye contact with your partner. 

Try not to do it all of a sudden, this may create confusion between you two. Make him/ her understand that you are ready for more. 

Observe your partner and look for more signals. It will help to take the next step without holding back. When your partner starts staring back at you, be prepared to look into each other’s eyes. 

Do not ignore when he/ she is giving some signals. If your partner is not ready to make a move and never force them to do so. 

It will make things worse. Work on your smile and never let it go from your face. Eye contact is really magical but when you try to force it, things can take a turn.  

Talk about something else

Engage in a sweet and decent conversation with him/ her. Talking to your partner is really important to building a healthy relationship

When you are exchanging sights with your partner and smiling at each other, it is a great opportunity to start a cute conversation. 

It can break the ice between you and make you both more comfortable with each other. Good communication by looking into each other’s eyes can increase the spark and bring you closer. 

Body Language and Eye Contact Attraction

Body language along with eye contact can express anything that you have in mind. If you see someone talking while crossing arms that means they are hiding something.

Even if eye contact is maintained in this situation, there is a high chance that the person is not telling the truth. 

Facing your feet or rubbing your hands while talking about something important may reflect your insecurities or lack of confidence. 

A steady body posture with established eye contact is all you need to express all the positivity you got in yourself.

Different Eye Movements and Their Meaning 

When you have developed eye contact with someone you should pay more attention to their eye movements. Every eye movement may have a different meaning. 

1. Narrow eyes

Narrowing their eyes while talking to you means they are not happy with something. They are irritated or disgusted for some reason. Something has turned them off. 

Be careful of your behavior and your surroundings. Think about their likes and dislikes, the things that can make them uncomfortable. Resolve it as soon as possible and try to set the mood back on. 

2. Cold glare

If someone is giving you a cold glare, it means that he/ she is upset with you for some reason. It is basically an intimidation approach and a symbol that if you have done something wrong, it is the time to make things right. 

3. Rapid blinking

Rapid blinking always signifies that the person you are talking to has something to hide. He/ she is not telling the truth about certain things. It can be both positive and negative. 

It is possible that he/ she is hiding something important from you for some reason. It can be certain valuable information or some incident that you want to know. 

On the other hand, it can be the way they feel about you. 

That person may have a huge crush on you and he/ she is afraid and insecure that this feeling may reflect through their eyes while talking to you. 

4. Looking down

Looking down can indicate their submissive nature. They may feel inferior in front of you for some reason. It also reflects the respect they have for you in their heart. 

Not looking at your eyes and staring elsewhere while talking can symbolize that the person is shy. 

If someone is struggling with some guilt they may not be able to look up while talking in certain situations. 

5. Winking

When someone is winking at you that means he/ she is really interested in you and wants to talk to you. It is a sign of flirting for some people. 

Winking is also a sign of humor and a person can wink at you when an individual is expressing their sense of humor and want you to notice it. 

6. Pupil dilation 

Pupil dilation is a clear symbol of attraction and love. If a person likes you or crushes on you the size of their pupil will increase every time they look at you. 

That person may have some developed feelings for you or have fallen in love with you. 

Their pupil size will increase whenever they think of you, even if you are not present in that situation. 

Eye Contact Attraction During a Conversation

In the middle of a conversation when a person is looking everywhere else but your eyes that means he/ she is not much interested in your words. 

They are not paying attention to you and have their mind somewhere else.

It is also possible that the person is shy and not confident enough to look into your eyes. 

If you are talking to that person for the first time, do not jump to any conclusion. Try to understand the reasons behind their behavior first. 

Eye Contact Attraction and Flirting

If you are not ready to start a conversation with someone you really like, eye contact can be a safe way to start flirting

If a person from the corner of the room is meeting your gaze frequently and offering a sweet smile every time you look, it is a clear invitation to flirt. 

You can also flirt back with your eyes. Long stares are not at all good for flirting, it will create more suspicion and anxiety in their mind than any attraction. 

Look frequently but take some pause in between to make it more interesting and to catch their attention. 

If the person you are flirting with is not ready to take the first step, you can always take the initiative. Start a beautiful conversation and find out if it is a good match for you or not. 

Avoiding Eye Contact 

There are several possible reasons behind avoiding eye contact and it can vary from situation to situation. 

If a person is not confident enough about what he/ she is going to speak, it is hard to look in the eyes of someone while speaking. 

People often avoid eye contact to hide their insecurities and deepest fear. They can look away when they are hiding something or lying about something important. 

It is not possible to be comfortable around everyone you meet.

When you are not ready to open up in front of someone and feel uncomfortable, not developing eye contact can make you feel a little secure. 

Signs of Eye Contact Attraction 

There are certain signs in eye contact from which it is easier to tell if a person is attracted to you or not. 

If you can understand someone is really attracted to you by the look in their eyes, all you have to do is give a positive sign to start something nice. 

The look in the eye will be comforting and friendly. You will not feel threatened or negatively anxious from their glance.

They may have a beautiful and flirty smile on their face while looking at you. 

The stare should not be too long or creepy in any way. They may try to flirt with you with their eyes even from a distance. 

On a first date, it is really hard to tell if a person likes you or not. Gathering the courage to ask him/ her for a second date is very tough. 

You may wonder if there is a magic trick to understand if that person is interested in you or not. 

Spend some time looking at each other’s eyes for some time and it will help you both to express your emotions easily. 

If their pupil dilates, when they are looking at you, that is clear in the dictation of romantic attraction. 


Eye contact is really important for any kind of relationship. 

If you have trouble looking at others’ eyes while talking to them you should pay more attention to yourself and try to find out the reasons behind it. 

Eye contact is a great sign of your-self confidence and determination about something. It is necessary to be careful about eye contact. 

It must be sweet and attractive. Long and cold eye contact can make someone afraid and creeped out in different situations.