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What Makes a Woman Attractive? – 40 Irresistible Things & Qualities

What Makes a Woman Attractive? – 40 Irresistible Things & Qualities

Updated on Dec 07, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

What Makes a Woman Attractive – 40 Irresistible Things & Qualities

If you’re wondering what makes a woman attractive, let me tell you it’s not about your color, race, or size.

I needed to clarify that because most women rate themselves based on that and it breaks my heart when lovely ladies out there ruin their confidence game due to such shallow reasons.

So, if you’re ready to flaunt your most attractive self every day, let’s head in…

What makes a woman attractive? – 40 Irresistible Things & Qualities

A person might feel attracted to you because of your manners, qualities, or even your attire! Ah… the attire part probably made you scrunch your nose, but I promise to give you satisfactory answers with even scientific and psychological reasons.

So, let’s know what they are here…

1. A pair of high heels

Before you complain let me clarify, I know that high heels are uncomfortable and cause foot pain… it’s even scientifically proven. Even I complain about letting these devils clasp my feet.

But, it’s been found that high heels make women physically attractive and stand as a sign of female sexuality.

High heels also change women’s walking style which amplifies the hip tilt and rotation. The participants rated high-heeled women more attractive in a video of both women with flat shoes and heels.

So, the studies also show that men are attracted to women more with high heels. 

2. Undying love for books

You might read a book just as a leisurely activity or to learn something. However, books also open your mind and increase your life expectancy compared to non-readers. 

But astonishingly, the benefits of reading books don’t end yet. Men and women find their potential mates even more attractive when they have a flourishing bookshelf. On the flip side, it’s also been found that well-read people are much more appealing.

Particularly, men find the most attractive when women have erotic novels stacked (is that even a surprise?)

However, it’s also because your taste in books and genres showcases your personality traits and makes your partner understand you easily.

3. A flowy sundress

On a hot and humid day, nobody likes to wear clothes that stick to your body like a sheath. No wonder sundresses made a huge hit in the fashion industry.

But, do you know that sundresses also increase your attractiveness to your potential mates?

Men find sundresses classy, figure-flattering, and feminine. Men prefer women who don’t compromise their comfort and they also love a next-door-girl vibe… a sundress gives you all in one.

4. Sleeveless clothes

You might believe that men eye up your legs… but they’ve been fooling us. To men, arms are a highly attractive part of the feminine body. No wonder your sleeveless dress is a killer for them!

Most men particularly like taller women with slender arms.  Others find that they also like thin and toned arms.

Nowadays, toned and muscular arms are attractive to men because those are a sign of health and physical fitness. But we hope that the trends will slowly include all figures and not just slender ones.

5. A befitting perfume

A woman’s beauty isn’t just defined by her body and attire. Even your smell plays a part in physical attraction. People judge others’ beauty based on their sense of smell and hearing.

The human nose can assess personality, age, diet, health, and fertility. It also picks the smell of family members and rejects a similar smell as a potential mate to evade inbreeding… yup, noses have a mind of their own!

That’s why edible or fruity perfumes arouse and attract people… so it makes you more attractive to men.

6. Something in Red

The color red might signify danger, but it’s also a sign of lust. In fact, both males and females feel more attracted to potential mates wearing red.

Young women when seated in front of a red background were found “more sexually attractive” when compared to when they were seated against a white background. But the men didn’t perceive the same when the study included older women.

To your question “what makes a woman attractive physically?” a red lipstick, dress, nails, or even a hairband makes women look more desirable and alluring to men. However, the actual reason behind the impact of the red color is unknown.

7. Natural makeup

So, some man told you “You look better without makeup” and started dating a makeup-wearing girl the next week? You cursed him in your mind but he actually had nothing against you.

Your makeup must accentuate your features positively. In fact, a no-makeup look or bare-minimal makeup look makes women more attractive.

One Boston research showed that minimal, moderate, and dramatic makeup looks all had positive effects on attractiveness, competence, likability, and trustworthiness.

But with prolonged staring, the likability and trustworthiness factors changed but attractiveness and competence remained constant.

8. Bodycon dresses

You might say this is so obvious… men are all about breasts! But this study shows that men are more attracted to women with an hourglass shape despite their cup size. They’re in love with women’s hip-to-waist ratio.

While men indeed don’t like when women with heavy face contouring, they like it when it’s on the body. So, bodycon dresses are still as trendy as ever due to their body shaping/contouring effects.

Even if some men like slim-waisted women more, a bodycon dress makes women of any shape and size gorgeous. So, never shy away from rocking one!

9. Any simple hairstyle with a hair tie

As per Pantene’s study, 87% of men were attracted to women that did something to their hair. Though it’s scientifically proven that men find it attractive when women have long hair, it also depends on their hairstyles.

For instance, men feel a tousled braid shows a woman’s easy-going nature. Others say a loose and low bun signifies an inviting style. Though traditional ponytails didn’t hit the list, the versatile hairstyles on healthy hair with just a piece of hair tie got them swooning.

10. A classy black dress

Most men have agreed that women look irresistible in black dresses.

Traditional folks might say black is an ominous sign of gloom, death, and mourning… but in the modern era, it’s a style statement of confidence. So, if you wanna leave a good first impression, black can support you any day!

And for added evidence, a study from the University of Liverpool proved that men perceived women wearing red or black as more attractive. So, despite what the world says, you MUST get one black dress in your wardrobe.

11. Golf clubs

Though many perceive bowling as sexier, golf rules men’s hearts more… but don’t believe my words blindly. It’s actually proven by a survey on 68,000+ people, where about 70% of men liked golf-playing women more.

Psst! Never shy away from a mini golf date, kay? And you can even put it up on the dating app as one of your hobbies for better matches.

However, golf-playing men aren’t that attractive to women… so you can tell it’s more of a guy-thing.

12. Sunglasses

A pair of shades might help your migraine and protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays… but surprisingly, it also attracts you dudes! Many studies found a connection between wearing sunglasses and being “cool”.

This is actually because these amazing accessories make your face more symmetrical and “scientifically and traditionally pretty”. If you wear a suitable pair, sunglasses also accentuate your face and highlight the right physical features.

Moreover, since eyes are the window to your soul, sunglasses make you seem mysterious to others.

13. Eyeglasses

If your glassy gems need extra support for spectacles, don’t rush to get eye contacts and sunglasses! Your eyeglasses might not be as mystifying as a pair of shades, but as per the University of Vienna, it’s still attractive.

Especially, if you wear rimmed or rimless glasses, you will look much more attractive. Eyeglasses also make you look intelligent and faithful.

However, if you’re confused about which frame to pick… men are as clueless as ever about that. So, you have complete freedom to pick your favorite.

14. Chewing gum

If you chew gum in a professional setting, people typically perceive that as unprofessional… you might even become jobless with this habit.

However, chewing gum intensifies the attractiveness in both men and women… so do professional settings discourage it to lower office romance? Who knows?

But as per a journal, when 500 people were asked to pick a more attractive person from a set of identical twin sisters – one doing nothing and the other chewing gum.

You probably guessed the result, but to be precise… 73% of people chose the gum girl!

15. More smiles

Out of all the expressions, a woman shows her smiles are the most attractive to heterosexual men. Typically, society links expressions of joy with femininity. So, it’s all about biology and our mating and reproducing instincts.

Some men associate a female’s smile with friendliness and even sexual receptivity. So, men feel a smiling woman is more approachable than a poker-faced one.

If you want to make a good impression and not just on potential mates, show your pearls more often!

16. No hot and cold games

You might think that playing hard to get might make you more desirable to men than being direct. However, when any person feels confused about their potential date’s intentions, they change their perceptions of them.

A German study showed people feel a person is more attractive when they’re open and honest about their emotions. If you keep a date guessing, it makes them feel you don’t match and they feel discouraged to woo you further.

So, try to clearly put forward your feelings.

17. A high-pitched voice

Most women feel a smoky voice gives off a sexy and suave vibe. But it’s time to think it over… because a UK study found that men were more attracted to women with high-pitched voices.

Science says the high-pitched voice is perceived as a sign of a woman with smaller stature which seems more feminine. Some men even reported it to be sexually enticing.

The reason? Men feel proud to show off their protective instincts to physically small women as it boosts their ego.

18. A dazzling sense of humor

You probably know that a good sense of humor is a must-have in modern dating scenes despite gender. But some studies say that women rate men’s desirability more on their humor but men don’t really mind if a woman is funny or not.

So, what’s the truth?

Well, despite the gender, everyone hopes that their date or crush will laugh at their jokes. So, even if you can’t act funny, you must at least get the jokes and laugh genuinely. This sends signals to men’s brains that you’ll bear intelligent offspring.

19. An immense love for pets

When you have a pet, you naturally give away greater maternal instincts. On dating apps, a woman with a pet in their picture makes them instantly more likable to those without.

The pet shows that you can care for another innocent being and you’re responsible enough to care for both yourself and them. Moreover, potential dates notice how you treat your pet and judge your character based on that.

20. Kindness

While appearances are important, people don’t always judge women based on their looks and uncontrollable factors. Kindness is one of the most attractive traits in a woman.

As per the halo effect, when someone perceives you as physically attractive, they also believe you’re kind. And with years of research, it’s found that the reverse is also true: When you’re kind, people naturally find you more attractive.

21. Regular grooming

If you’re sloppy about your appearance, anyone will judge you for that. As superficial as it sounds, this no-brainer is applicable in professional, academic, and all other fields of life.

Good physical features like clean, fitted, and pressed outfits, healthy weight, and good posture show that you can take care of yourself (for now) and your family (in the future).

It signifies good health which is a valuable factor for choosing a partner… after all, men are wired to judge women based on child-bearing capabilities.

22. Mature Appearance

In this era, women are obsessed with age-defying treatments. But does the tone of acids and fillers really make you pretty? Surprisingly, it gives you the opposite effect!

Scientifically, men feel attracted to women that look as mature as their age. With aging, secondary sex features lose prominence due to hormonal changes.

It’s because the importance of reproduction lowers with age and the male brain doesn’t register those features as important or even desirable anymore. So, men seek women that look mature as per their age.

23. Pleasant social circle

A woman that hangs out with a group of friends is more desirable to men. But don’t take my word for it… this baffling and interesting finding is backed by the University of California.

Participants rated people in a group as more attractive than solo pictures of people. This is mainly because the human brain grabs the average beauty of a group which raises the attractiveness factor even for less attractive people.

Moreover, it’s also been found that men actually prefer women with average features as it symbolizes a diverse gene pool and healthy child-bearing skills.

24. Slight head tilt

It doesn’t mean you must try to move your neck like an owl, of course! Men feel more attracted to women when they tilt their heads at a flattering angle.

So, what’s this “perfect angle”?  Relax, no need to reach out to your geometry box!

Rather, most men reported that when women slightly tilt their heads downwards and expose their necks casually look more attractive. It emphasizes the importance of the symphony of your body language and physical features.

25. Intelligence

Men in this generation want a woman of equal footing. They don’t want a trophy wife or lock their woman up in glass showcases. To the male race, basic intelligence is like a rare gem.

But, if that makes you believe you need to be well-read and get several diplomas to be labeled attractive, let’s explain a bit further.

Men feel attracted to a woman they can hold intellectual conversations or debates with. They feel intrigued with how a female mind works and desire to know them better.

26. Decisiveness

No $#!t Sherlock! Men find women that can choose for themselves. Especially when it comes to dating, most potential partners seek a woman who doesn’t dilly-dally their decisions.

Of course, don’t get me wrong… it’s not about big choices between a million-dollar package job and a degree from your dream college.

Men feel attracted to women that take charge in regular life decisions like what you’ll wear, where you want your next date, or what you want for dinner instead of putting it all on the man.

27. Emotional responsibility

Who doesn’t lose a fuse or two once in a while? But if a woman blames others for losing control over her emotions and doesn’t take responsibility for her actions, that’s a sign of emotional immaturity… an unfavorable trait for all human beings.

Whether in interpersonal or romantic relationships, both emotional responsibility and maturity are necessary traits.

It shows your mates that you’re willing to work on your shortcomings and sort out issues together with your partner instead of blaming them.

28. Comfortable expressions

If you suffer from self-doubt or suppress your feelings, it naturally reduces your attractiveness to everyone else. When you doubt yourself, others also believe you have a good reason for it.

Contrarily, if you clearly express your emotions and feelings, it makes you look more confident in others’ perspectives. It shows that you know what you want and needs in life or in a relationship.

Potential partners eventually feel more attracted to you because you stay unapologetically you… which is like a breath of fresh air.

29. A powerful walk

You already know that high heels accentuate your walk, but it’s not every woman’s cup of tea! Even I hate the idea of torturing my feet until their swollen and bruised.

Though high heels give you the perfect walk, foot pain can kill your enthusiasm and confidence. And nothing is less attractive in a woman that isn’t comfortable in her appearance.

So, a powerful and confident walk can build confidence whether you wear flats or go barefoot. It also makes you look proud of yourself which is simply irresistible.

30. A tattoo or piercing in the right place

Though some men don’t like the idea of piercings and tattoos, in one survey about 69% of the men felt attracted to women with tattoos and 55% felt the same for piercings.

If you’re considering getting inked or pierced all over your body, you don’t need such painful measures. Take a deep breath and calm your nerves because you only need a little bit of it.

As per that survey, only shoulder and upper back tattoos and belly button piercings were the most desirable in women.

31. Fearless attitude

When a woman is bold, adventurous, and willing to take risks, it amps her attractiveness by a few folds. But of course, we’re not talking about life-threatening risks, so don’t get reckless, mm ’kay?

Instead, it’s about how open she is to trying out minor and reasonable risks to benefit her life. It can even be any thrilling activity to beat boredom.

Men being risk-takers perceive such women as more open-minded, understanding, supportive, and compatible which boosts the attraction factor.

32. Confidence

If you ever heard of a “high-value woman”, that’s what men love and yearn for… it describes a woman that knows her value, respects, and carries herself with dignity, grace, and confidence.

How to be an attractive woman in any field of life? It’s confidence

Though confidence is a significant factor in being attractive, many women don’t have it. Of course, they rely on other things like outfits, accessories, or even makeup to boost confidence… but it’s nothing compared to natural confidence.

Studies support that women that believe they’re attractive and deserve the best are also attractive in the eyes of their potential partners. They’re also more likely to find a mate of equal attractiveness.

33. Passion

Many men and women find women with robust life goals tantalizing. A woman working on her passion all day long and focusing on her life and the path she needs to reach the top always makes heads turn.

Potential partners understand that a woman with passions in her life won’t always cling to the partner for support or enjoyment. She’ll be busy making miracles and will be happy with herself.

Men feel more interested in a woman with passion because she’ll always have something new to show.

34. A keen eye

In movies, the woman gets a haircut and asks the man how she looks… when he can’t figure out the change, notice how she fumes. Paying attention is an equally important yet less-discussed virtue for women.

Though society begs to differ, men want to feel cherished and appreciated too. So, when a woman points out a man’s kindness, strength, confidence, motivation, or any other positive trait… that man can’t ever erase that woman from his mind.

So, you must have a keen eye and a big mouth to express your appreciation.

35. Sexual confidence

Sex is an important factor in romantic relationships. However, without open communication about sexual needs and desires, the partners find difficulties understanding whether they can seriously please them. The uncertainty brings dissatisfaction and hesitation to the relationship.

So, any man prefers a woman who’s outspoken about her sexual urges. Sexual confidence makes women a few folds more desirable as it catches the partner off guard and even tickles their curiosity.

However, you mustn’t come off too strong about your sexual needs until you reach a serious relationship.

36. Humility

You might have a voice sweeter than a nightingale or your culinary skills might be equivalent to any top-class chef’s. But you mustn’t boast about your qualities… even if your words are completely legit.

Keep these details to yourself as they make you much more interesting and mysterious. If you let a man know everything in one go, he’ll quickly get bored and seek a new mystery to solve.

Instead, when a man discovers new things about his woman bit by bit, it keeps him hooked and longing to know more.

37. Self-respect

You might think “How contradictory… she just advised sexual forwardness!” Well, being sexually confident doesn’t mean you must say everything about your past sexual life or the number of skills you know in the bedroom. Neither does it mean that you must agree to sleep with a man right away.

If you’re wondering how to appear more attractive as a woman, respect is the key.

Respect your body more, or else others will also refuse to do so. Men with good intentions feel attracted to women that respect themselves.

However, if you’re too open sexually, a man will lose interest and even if they stay or return, it’ll be only for your body.

38. Imitating manners

When you imitate the manners of your potential date, psychologists say it makes you both feel closer and familiar. It creates this sense of unity as if meeting someone from your hometown in a city full of strangers.

Another research found that people that were being imitated by their potential dates easily approached the other person. This imaginary connection made them more courageous to strike a conversation smoothly.

So, it’s advised that women must imitate the person they only want to be approached by and not anyone random.

39. Bright pearl-like teeth

A 2012 research shows that your potential dates subconsciously register you as more attractive with one glimpse of your bright teeth. On the other hand, men perceive women with yellow teeth as much less attractive.

It’s mainly because whiter teeth are a symbol of good dental hygiene and self-care. It shows you value yourself and can even teach good values to your children.

However, you mustn’t overexert your teeth and gums with excess whitening products. Men didn’t react any differently to brilliant white teeth compared to natural bright ones.

40. Active listening skills

Whenever men express a tough situation to another man or woman, they receive lots of suggestions… but often none of them apply to their situation.

It’s mostly because the other person doesn’t pay attention to all the details of their problem.

So, a woman with good listening skills is all a man desires as she can provide much deeper insight into emotional situations. This gives a man a sense of security that whenever he’ll face troubles, he can rely on her and follow her instincts.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

There are so many answers to the question “what do men find attractive in women?” But while you try to get others’ validation, don’t forget to prioritize your own feelings.

A woman is the prettiest when she does what she likes because that makes her happy and she glows from within.

Moreover, remember to not overdo anything. Good things are the best in small packages. So, take the time to find the perfect way to be pretty comfortably. But above all, remember that your attempts make you the happiest.

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