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Getting Mixed Signals from a Crush – 12 Cues to Understand and Recognize Them

Getting Mixed Signals from a Crush – 12 Cues to Understand and Recognize Them

Updated on Oct 19, 2023

Getting Mixed Signals from a Crush – 12 Cues to Understand and Recognize Them

Getting mixed signals from a crush can be both a confusing and exciting journey. It is emotionally draining to receive mixed signals and makes you feel a range of emotions from hopeful to uncertain. 

Your crush may not feel the same as you feel, and it can be challenging at times.

Let’s explore further –

Getting Mixed Signals from a Crush – Signs to Look Out for

Getting mixed signals from a crush refers to a mix of positive and negative behavioral patterns that they display toward you from time to time, which do not allow you to understand their real intention. 

Also, it involves experiencing the emotional and behavioral characteristics of your romantic interest, which makes you wonder what’s going on inside their mind.  

Let’s help you decode the signals and navigate your relationship with subtle cues for a better understanding. Mixed signals have positive and negative aspects that must be considered to determine their true meaning.

1. Your Instinct Suggests That Something is Wrong

It can be comforting to know that our emotions are not always tied to reasoning or logic but can arise naturally and spontaneously. It’s important to honor and acknowledge these feelings as they come and allow us to experience them fully. 

Your inner voice can be a valuable tool when it comes to interpreting mixed signals. Believe in your instincts and maintain a realistic perspective to avoid any misinterpretation.

2. Initiating Contact When It Seems Necessary

It is a pleasant surprise to find that your crush has sent a request on social media or suddenly tried to contact you by calling and texting you. 

Things get tricky when you see they keep calling you and don’t bother whether the timing is preferable for you. 

The intention becomes clear as your crush only wants to talk to or meet you at their convenience. You should be alert as the person is certainly giving you mixed signals.

3. Finds Ways to Manipulate Your Emotions

There are many instances where people intentionally give mixed signals. It is simply their nature to manipulate emotionally. 

The moment one becomes sure enough of your feelings towards them, they start playing games with your emotions and keep you guessing about their feelings. 

Mixed signals control or influence someone’s emotions for their gain. The person can make you feel either emotionally guilty or trapped by gaining your attention, sympathy, and support. 

You feel emotionally distressed and anxious which leads to psychological harm.

4. Gives Only Physical Compliments 

We all love compliments especially when we receive them from someone close to our heart. Giving compliments to others is a great quality of the person. 

It means this person has a genuine interest in you and expects the same from you. But, If the person only gives you physical compliments that are intended to be sexual, it is a red flag from your crush as the person is giving you mixed signals.

5. They Expect You to Share But Hold Back Their Own Feelings

It always takes a lot of courage to share something very sensitive. And it only happens when we feel comfortable and like someone. But what if the other person isn’t sharing much?

So, if the person is pressing you to share more about yourself soon after getting to know one another, but holds back their own feelings, then it is not a good sign. We all need time to build trust to share something very personal but it should be a two-way communication. 

6. Starts Comparing You with Others

It is a natural human behavior that we keep comparing ourselves with others in many respects. But, when you are emotionally involved with your crush, the comparison is not a good sign.

The person keeps comparing your appearance, personality, and achievement with someone and it can be positive or negative. It is not an ideal way to gauge the compatibility between the two of you. 

7. Significant Changes Come Through in Their Body Language and Attitude

Understanding body language is incredibly important. It’s a powerful way of communicating our inner emotions, thoughts, and intentions.

If your crush is around you, it is sometimes easy to understand whether the person is feeling confident, shy, engaged, or disinterested. Body language and attitude give you a better understanding of whether your crush is being truthful or not.

When you start feeling a strong bond, suddenly you start receiving a very cold attitude without any cues. This ambiguity in behavior may severely affect your emotions and peace of mind as well. 

8. Avoids You in Social Gatherings 

You both have exchanged your numbers in a meeting. You are feeling happy the person shows interest in you and reciprocates your feelings as well. 

Everything is going well. You want to communicate more so that you both can know each other. 

Suddenly the person not only receives your calls and replies to your messages but also does not make any eye contact while both of you are present in the same spot with others or friends. 

The person only shows his intimacy and interest in private meetings. Your crush is giving you mixed signals.

9. Makes Plans but Does Not Show UP

Meeting this person makes you feel connected and sparks a great deal of emotion in you. You both start talking and making plans to meet soon and your crush shows great enthusiasm.

In reality, it never happens as the plans are getting delayed or bailed at the last moment. It is not because of you – but the person gives trivial reasons for being busy with other work. It is not a good sign if you like the person. It makes you feel the connection is only over the phone or on the internet.

10. The Person Keeps Talking about Exes 

You have been seeing your crush for a while and spending time with each other. During every conversation, the person keeps talking about the ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. 

Of course, it is uncomfortable to listen about their romantic relationship or how much pain they have gone through. This is unacceptable to listen to their personal good and bad moments. 

It also suggests that your crush doesn’t get rid of the hangover from the past or is still in touch with the ex. Certainly, it is a mixed signal.

11. Interested in You but No Strings Attached 

It is another important aspect to note in mixed signals. Though everyone’s point of view and way of thinking about relationships is different, at some point in a relationship it requires commitment. 

Being invested emotionally in a relationship takes a great toll on your mind. If you do not get genuine interest from your crush, Emotional attachment also requires commitment. 

12. Start Flirting with Someone Else 

When your crush shows interest in you, you yield to your feelings as well without any confusion. You both hang out with each other alone or in a group of friends outside. 

The pattern of behavior drastically changes from time to time. When you are alone with the person, you get so many hints through compliments or subtle touches. 

You realize you are not the only one who is getting this signal because the person is doing the same with others in front of you when you go outside with common friends. This mixed signal hurts one’s dignity.

How to Handle Mixed Signals from a Crush?

There are endless and baffling assumptions regarding mixed signals, which would only make you search for a concrete answer. Here are some tips to follow for maintaining your sanity.

  • Communication is the key to solving all problems and misunderstandings. If you are honest about your feelings, gather the courage and ask about the person’s feelings toward you. 
  • It is okay to feel the way you do, and with patience and perseverance, you can overcome the uncertainty and confusion that comes with having a crush. 
  • Take a step back if you get the hint that the person is only enjoying playing with your feelings. It will help you save your heart for the right person.
  • Being too honest sometimes backfires. So, be careful to open your heart because mixed signal givers take advantage of that.

Final Words

Maintaining a strong and healthy relationship is an ongoing process that requires consistent effort. It also needs deep understanding and acceptance of each other’s differences. We should seek clarity to prevent misunderstandings.

In the end, respect your crush’s boundaries and decisions by not inflicting your well-being and emotions. Use the mixed signals as your personal growth and self-discovery.

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