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Signs He Regrets Cheating – 18 Signs He’s Apologetic for His Mistake

Signs He Regrets Cheating – 18 Signs He’s Apologetic for His Mistake

Published on Nov 01, 2023

Signs He Regrets Cheating – 18 Signs He's Apologetic for His Mistake

Signs he regrets cheating on you talk about several indications that you come across in their behavior which denote they are sorry for having committed this blunder and you must keep your eyes open for recognizing the same. 

Let’s explore further to know more about the signs in this article below –

Signs He Regrets Cheating

It can be difficult for you to differentiate whether or not he is genuinely sorry for what happened because of the mixed emotions and feelings that come with an affair. 

If you have doubts about his intentions, the following are the obvious signs that suggest he regrets cheating on you –

1. He Immediately Stops His Affair

The first sign that suggests your partner regrets cheating with someone else is when he stops his affair immediately after you catch him red-handed. 

He would be remorseful thinking that he has messed up his current relationship and is willing to do anything to get things back on track.

2. He Promises to Do Everything Possible to Get You Back in His Life

Another indication that denotes he regrets cheating is when he makes a promise about taking all possible measures to get you back in his life and put their relationship on track. 

Moreover, he would also talk about changing himself, moving ahead toward becoming a better person, and not giving any scope for you to have regret.

You might see him taking care of your needs, taking your siblings out for a day, and making them do and have things that he enjoys. Moreover, he would make sure you do not feel lonely at any point in time.

3. He Consults with a Therapist for Necessary Help

He is willing to know what had gone wrong in his mind that provoked him to cheat on the person he cares about the most and hurt her feelings. 

Due to this reason, he looks for professional assistance who can make him undergo therapy and prove to you that you can trust him. 

The therapist can suggest both of you to undergo counseling to sort things out. Therefore, the fact that he is willing to go that extra mile and attend counseling sessions demonstrates that he is truly sorry for moving away from his life.

And has a full commitment to mending the relationship. 

4. He Starts Spending Quality Time with You Even Without an Invitation

He does not leave any chance to spend quality time with you even without an invitation. You can often see him coming over to your place and switching on the TV to watch his favorite show with you. This is another sign, which makes it evident that he regrets cheating.

Besides, when you come back home from work only to find him greeting you with a smile and offering you coffee to make you feel good. 

If he is really serious about reconciling, you will see him having no problem showing up on days when you are not at home, only to give you a surprise once you return. It means he genuinely wants to attract your attention, rather than letting it drift toward another man.

5. He Is Trying to Show Different Ways in Which He Has Changed Himself

Your boyfriend might start acting more like someone you would fall in love with again. This goes over and above just being sorry for what happened before. 

He is willing to make necessary amendments, change his approach, and become a better person. It can include taking good care of your needs and doing everything possible to bring about the overall development of your personality. 

He makes sure that you see the regret he has for being involved in an affair. Hence, he is playing tricks to make things up.

6. He Attempts to Please You More Than Ever Before

When he regrets cheating, you would come across the sign in which you will see him trying out various ways to please you more than he has ever done before. He would express his desire to please you, forget about what happened, and make you happy. 

If he indeed puts in a lot of effort to ensure that you are happy, then it is a positive sign that he genuinely feels bad about the affair and has a lot of consideration for his actions. 

Putting more effort from his end to ensure that you are happy denotes that he knows he has done wrong.

7. He Is Ready to Go Down on His Knees and Ask for Forgiveness

The next sign of regret for having an affair and cheating on you is when he shows his willingness to go down on his hunches and almost beg for forgiveness. 

He could even ask you what it would take for you to have him back into your life because of how sorry he feels for having been caught in the act. 

It shows that he genuinely wants to make up for all the wrongs he did to you and your whole family. This proves that he cares about your feelings and sentiments and is ready to do everything possible to win back your trust. 

8. He Wants to Start Afresh with You

Once he expresses his disappointment for cheating on you, he might also state his desire to make a fresh start with you. 

He might be willing to forget whatever he had done in the past and focus on building a better future with you. 

Perhaps, you might even see him accepting the fact that having an affair with someone is the worst possible mistake of his life. 

Hence, he is sorry for what he has done and would like to put his 100% effort into growing the relationship with you so that this never gets repeated.

9. He Does Not Make Plans with Anyone Else

If you see him avoiding all his friends and beginning to spend all of his time with you, it might be because he regrets having an affair. He is also not dating any other girl because he does not want to miss any opportunity to meet you. 

His primary goal is to rectify the situation. It denotes that he wants to ensure you are alright before paying attention to other women. He might also start being emotionally dependable, which might also be a sign of regret. 

10. He Will Make All Possible Attempts to Get Your Attention

If he is genuinely regretful of the cheating he has done to you, he will try to seek your attention and make up for the lost time. 

He would frequently text you, call you, and hence try talking to you more often. All these efforts from his end will be to prove how much he regrets having done all the wrong to you. 

His only wish would be to make you fall for him once again so that he can display his true feelings of regret. You could also see him making grand gestures that might not be necessary but resort to doing them only to win your heart. 

11. He Makes You an Integral Part of His Plans

Another significant sign that suggests he regrets cheating on you is when he involves you in all his plans. He might express his desire to go on a vacation with you or he could even say he will call you after coming back from his office trip. 

Moreover, you can even see him taking your advice regarding the execution of plans for his brother’s birthday party. All these things would prove he is serious about the regrets he expresses because of cheating on you.

12. He Tries to Make Himself Look Good in Front of You

If you had any doubt regarding his regret over an affair with another woman, it should no longer become a matter of concern when he goes out of his way to make himself look attractive in front of you. 

He would always want to focus on his dressing sense, and make sure that everything else is up to the mark. 

It is also possible that he might try to show off his success by wearing fashionable clothes and getting a new hairstyle. He could even try to show off valuable possessions that were earlier hidden from everyone’s view. 

13. He Might Try to Bring Back Old Memories When Things Were Going Well

You might see him bring back all the good old memories when everything was going well between the two of you. 

He could try to convince you to believe that you still have a future together by sharing anecdotes from the time when you had spent time together during the initial years. 

Perhaps, you can even try to recreate your first date as it was a special moment for both of you. Probably, he could even plan a spontaneous road trip with your favorite food items to bring back those happy memories. 

14. He Starts to Keep His Promises

Though it is easy for a guy to say that cheating on you was a mistake and now he makes a promise about not repeating it ever again in the future. It is easy to swear that things will be different from now on but will they ever be and hold on to his promise? 

If you see him keeping promises like never before, then it shows he is trying to change things around, but if he keeps his promises only in recent times because of his affair, you should remind him about the importance of persisting with this behavior. 

15. He Opens Up to You More Than Ever Before

Normally, he would have been maintaining secrecy with you during the time of his affair. 

The reason was that not only he had cheated on you by being with someone else, but he had even betrayed your trust by telling lies regarding his whereabouts. 

Now, everything will be different. He will walk on the path of honesty and he will open up about his inner feelings. Whenever he is out for some work or with his group of friends, he will make sure to let you know where he is and why he might get late. 

16. He Will Never Put the Blame on Your Shoulders

One important aspect of all this is that he will never blame your shoulders for his affair. He would not even blame his mistress but is ready to take responsibility for his actions. 

It is a common habit among other guys to blame their partner for their affair and hence justify whatever had happened. If you do not see him doing the same, then it is a good sign that he has repentance in his mind. 

17. He Adopts Different Ways to Improve Your Level of Confidence

Another sign that will give you a clear indication of the regret he has for having cheated on you is when you see him trying to flatter you by giving compliments, various gifts, and constant attention apart from showering you with love and affection. 

He would understand how his affair has hurt your feelings and confidence level. Hence, he will make all possible efforts to boost your confidence. 

Thus, you would often see him calling you beautiful, buying you fashionable dresses, and taking you for lunch across fancy restaurants. You will see him taking an interest in different aspects of your life. 

18. His Regret Will be Visible to People Close to You

The fact that he regrets cheating on you will be further confirmed by some of your friends and family members. 

They would make you believe that his actions speak louder than words, and hence there is no reason on your part not to trust him. 

Final Words

We have discussed several signs to suggest that he indeed regrets cheating, which would go a long way toward building your confidence and making you believe that he has indeed changed his behavior. 

Moreover, as actions speak louder than words, hence, if you keep a close watch over his actions, it would help bring clarity and make you trust him once again.