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Signs She Cheated and Feels Guilty – 18 Gestures to Help You Identify

Signs She Cheated and Feels Guilty – 18 Gestures to Help You Identify

Published on Nov 15, 2023

Signs She Cheated and Feels Guilty – 18 Gestures to Help You Identify

Signs she cheated and feels guilty refer to several indications about her betrayal despite being in a relationship with you. 

If you take a closer look at her actions, you can easily make a significant difference in her mannerisms and feel like she is no longer feeling comfortable spending time or sharing her feelings with you.

Let’s explore further to know more –

Signs She Cheated and Feels Guilty

Do you sense that your girlfriend or wife had cheated on you and now they are going through cheater’s guilt for their actions? If it is so, then you must not overlook the same and put conscious effort toward learning the truth. 

It would help save you from facing further heartbreak. Look out for the following signs to get a clear picture –

1. She Would Start Hating Herself 

When she feels guilty for having cheated on you, there is a tendency for her to indulge in self-loathing. 

This act of hating oneself may not always happen, still, you might want to pay close attention to this, if it is sudden and happens without any reason.

You can see that your partner is feeling dejected and has hesitation toward accepting the joys of things they always used to love. Then, it is a clear indication that she feels guilty for having cheated you.

2. She Suddenly Becomes More Thoughtful and Showers Affection Toward You

If your partner suffers from a sense of guilt inside for cheating you, then you would see her trying to make it up by suddenly becoming more thoughtful and by showering an extra bit of love and affection toward you. 

You must take these with a pinch of salt as it is a clear sign that she is seeing someone else or has shared a sexual relationship with another man. 

3. She Resorts to Manipulation

It happens to be one of the major signs that suggest she is feeling guilty after cheating. Do you feel that you can never get a straightforward answer from her? 

Does she try to confuse or manipulate you into staying quiet whenever you ask them questions revolving around your suspicions?

You would surely need to closely look into these behavioral patterns. If you frequently see that your partner turns the tables on you whenever you try to enquire about some of their questionable moves, it could well be on the signs that their guilt is pricking their conscience.

4. She No Longer Gets Along with You Emotionally

Pay attention to your partner, the next time when the two of you hang out with one another. See how they respond when you try to make an emotional connection with them. 

Notice if they always seem to be moody and attempt to stay detached from you, despite having no apparent reason for doing so. Then, it is another clear sign that she cheated and now feels guilty. 

When she does not confide in you with her inner feelings and sentiments, it means she believes you are not capable enough to understand them and resolve their issues.

5. She Makes You Feel That Something is Wrong

It is quite possible that being with her or even talking to her over the phone makes you feel as if something is wrong. Apart from the paranoia, if you genuinely feel your partner is cheating on you, it might well be because they are doing so.

Even after having an open discussion, if it comes out that they are clean and have complete dedication toward you in this relationship, your intuition might continue to suggest otherwise. 

This feeling might occur as you sense that your partner might not have revealed everything truthfully. 

6. She Is No Longer Willing to Be Intimate with You

Earlier in the relationship, you used to regularly share a different level of intimacy with her. 

Now, you sense that intimacy no longer exists between the two of you. Usually, most couples go through certain periods in their lives where things go dry as far as enjoying intimacy is concerned. 

Still, if your partner shows no sign of connecting with you, then that means she is getting the requisite pleasure from someone else. When you confront her with this truth, she will feel guilty and promise not to do the same again.

7. She Has Begun to Suffer from Insomnia 

When your girlfriend or wife has betrayed your trust by sharing the bed with another man, then that guilt feeling would have serious consequences in her life. One of them is insomnia. She would struggle to sleep as they will constantly think about what they have done. 

The guilt is killing her from inside and not letting her have a good night’s rest. You might see her lying with eyes wide open and this might continue for days. Seeing this might make you feel perhaps she has had sex with someone else and hence is unable to sleep peacefully. 

8. She Tries to Avoid Making Eye Contact with You

One of the most common forms of communication is by making eye contact with another person. It shows that you are confident and have nothing to hide. 

Lovers especially use it for talking to each other without words, teasing, flirting, and building an emotional connection. Now, if your partner is avoiding making any eye contact with you, then it indicates that they have cheated and hence feel guilty.

Besides, it could also be that she might make prolonged eye contact to avoid giving you the impression she has done something wrong and hence suffering from guilt.

9. She Acts Differently Inside the Bedroom

If your girlfriend or wife cheats you, their guilty conscience would change their behavior even in the bedroom. You might see her having more focus on giving you a lot of pleasure than on her own, as she intends to compensate for all her wrongdoings. 

In the process, she might resort to doing something that she has never done with you before. They include the use of different positions while having sex or could even satisfy you orally. 

You might even see her getting distracted and feel as if her mind is somewhere else.

10. She Feels the Need to Justify Each Action

When your partner has cheated on you and is suffering from a guilty conscience, you would notice that there is an excessive urge on their part to justify all their actions. 

In this regard, you can see them explaining why they were late while coming back from work, sharing every detail, which would surely take you by surprise. 

Apart from this, when she would go out with her friends, she would disclose their names and their marital status to make you feel her genuineness.

11. She Adopts a Defensive Approach

Another sign that you come across in a cheating partner is their inclination toward being touchy and the tendency to adopt a defensive approach while handling even the slightest matters of the relationship. 

If they feel any kind of pressure, she might respond violently or try out different ways of manipulation. She would make sure to prove her actions right irrespective of the challenges that her husband throws toward her. 

12. She Becomes Busy with Her Social and Professional Lives

It does not augur well for your relationship if you see your partner having no time to spend with you and remain engrossed in handling her social and professional commitments. There is also a possibility that she is giving her time to someone else.

Your wife or girlfriend might have cheated on you, and despite feeling guilty, she keeps meeting the guy. 

It could be because she is getting something from him that you are failing to provide her. Therefore, she might be receiving her desired sexual satisfaction or she feels comfortable confiding in him while sharing her emotions. 

13. She Has Frequent Mood Swings

You can notice her frequent mood swings only when she is having an affair and the feelings of guilt are making her go through these fluctuations. 

On the one hand, you can see her being happy and cheerful in the morning. On the other hand, you can suddenly notice that she gets irritated even after discussing a topic that does not carry much significance. 

She behaves like this because of her apprehension that if you find out what she has done, it might result in a breakup and hence, trying to point out all those things that you do not do perfectly.

14. She Suffers from Depression

Your wife or girlfriend is undergoing a guilty conscience when she shows signs of depression. She might have felt naughty, adventurous, and wild while having sex with another man, but now, gradually she has started to realize what blunder she has committed. 

The person is bound to feel depressed if she genuinely loves you and considers going around with another man and sleeping with him a mistake. Some of the signs that suggest she is depressed include crying, irritation, intolerance, low self-esteem, etc.

15. She Seems Dishonest While Complimenting You

One who cheats and feels guilty would generally give fake compliments to their partner and thereby swell up their ego and prestige. Hence, look out for the same in your girlfriend or wife as well. She does so to make up for the mistake they have made to him.

You would see them buying gifts, arranging dinner dates, and making themselves look attractive in front of you. 

Therefore, when you see them showering too much praise and doing all those things to make you happy, know that something is wrong with them. 

16. She Fails to Maintain Consistency in the Things She Shares with You

Your wife always shares with you her daily schedule and how things have been throughout the day. 

Now, of late, you have been identifying inconsistencies in her sharing of details. She keeps changing her narration from one day to another and if you talk to her about the same, she starts manipulating you to make you doubt your perceptions.

The reality is not what she tries to portray in front of you. She is trying to cover up her lies through all these actions. It is because she simultaneously pays attention to another man’s needs as well. 

17. She Avoids Queries Related to Her Whereabouts

It is quite normal on a husband’s part to ask the wife about her whereabouts if she has been away from home for hours on a weekend. 

If you see her evading your question and trying to shift your focus toward something else, then rest assured that there must be a solid reason behind doing so. 

It could be because she is having an affair with someone. She cannot answer your question because she knows she has done something that she should not have done. Hence, now she feels that if she discloses the fact to you, your relationship will end. 

18. She Always Tries to Keep Her Phone Away from You

When a relationship lacks transparency, there will always be an attempt from your partner to keep her personal belongings away from you for fear of getting caught. 

Therefore, if your wife has cheated on you, there is every chance that she will try to hide her phone from you. 

There must be some sensitive data, including text messages, and videos, which she does not want you to see. Though, there is a chance she might have erased romantic conversations with her lover, to err is human. 

The fact that she is protecting her phone means something is fishy.

Final Words

We have discussed several signs you can remain on the lookout for in your relationship, which would give clear indications that your girlfriend or wife cheated, still cheating behind your back, and feels guilty. 

These signs would allow you to remain cautious and provide input regarding how you should tackle those situations and go about handling your partner’s emotions and reactions.