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50 Different Types of Hugs and Their Meanings

50 Different Types of Hugs and Their Meanings

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

50 Different Types of Hugs and Their Meanings ThePlesantRelationship

Cozy and warm hugs are the best ways to express love for someone whether it’s family members, kids, colleagues, friends or partners. The best thing is you can express all types of feelings with different types of hugs

When you don’t get enough words to express your emotions, hugs come into the place. Not only this but in difficult times hugs work as a comfort. 

Not all hugs have similar meanings and sentiments. They contain different meanings at different times.

These are 50 types of hugs according to the meaning they carry. Knowing what a certain hug denotes and how you return the gestures properly will help you maintain your various relationships. 

So, let’s understand them. 

Types of Hugs Infographic

50 Different Types of Hugs and Their Meanings
50 Different Types of Hugs and Their Meanings

Types of Hugs and What They mean

There is nothing as comforting as a hug from the right person. It can be in between parents and kids, lovers or friends since a hug strengthens our bonds while making us healthier and happier.

Hugs can say a lot about your relationship. So, let’s see what these different types of hugs reveal about the feelings behind them. 

1. The warm bear hug

This hug is ideally for friends. You know what it means – the kind of tight embrace you give a friend when you haven’t seen them in a long time. 

The kind of hug your grandmother or sister gives you every time she sees you because she knows how much you appreciate each other.

These hugs draw you in, crush you tight, and fill you with joy and contentment from within. 

These hugs signify a lot since they are filled with emotion. They’re the real deal and they’re just for the best people in your life.

This type of hug is a comfort for someone in any difficult time and gives a sort of relaxation of having someone in your support. This is the most common type of hug to give or receive anybody.  

2. The back hug

These are the sneaky hugs where your loved ones attack you from behind and envelop you in a tight embrace, leaving you feeling truly cherished. 

These are hugs from your significant other or close family members. These are not intended for strangers because that would be inappropriate.

These hugs indicate that your partner or loved one is particularly fond of you. 

It may also occur after you have done something good for your loved ones and they have shown their gratitude.

It could also indicate that they have missed you and are overjoyed to see you again. It is a really intimate hug that leaves you feeling incredibly comforted and cared for.

Hugging from the back relieves emotions that someone adores you for having in their life secretly.  Couples used to give this hug to express their deep love towards each other.  

3. The backstroke hug

Friends are more likely to provide these hugs than family members or partners.

These are the hugs in which you share an emotional moment, embrace each other, and give a small back rub in addition to the hug. 

These hugs essentially signify that you wish the other person well and wish them happiness. It’s a sincere and heartfelt hug.

It’s more than simply your typical, short hug between friends. Friendship hugs are also provided after a heart-to-heart discussion or when they reunite after a fight.

This one is the most formal kind of hug to give someone whom you appreciate for being with you or being happy with some of their good deeds. 

Friends state this kind of bond which perfectly reflects the bond with each other.  

4. The polite hug

This is the kind of hug you offer to coworkers and acquaintances. It is given sideways, with only a single arm.

There is only limited upper-body touch, and there is no contact with the lower body. 

This style of hug expresses embarrassment or discomfort. If you receive or provide this type of hug from your lover, it indicates that there are some problems in the relationship. 

However, it is completely nice and appropriate if it is given by a friend’s spouse or a neighbor.

When you don’t want to have a long and deep hug then a polite hug is the way to go. You only have to provide this hug formally, not so intimately. 

5. The one sided hug

If you hug someone with everything you’ve got and they merely let you go without joining in the hug, you’ve got problems, friend. 

Something is going on in the guy’s brain, and they aren’t feeling as affectionate towards you as you are towards them. 

A lack of reciprocation indicates that the other person is not as invested in the connection as you are.

This is a red flag and you should engage the person in conversation to figure out where you stand.

This hug sometimes shows you both are not so attached to each other. You are giving this hug just for the sake of giving.

If someone gives you this hug then it represents the gap between you both and you need to solve it.  

6. The intimate hug

This is a hug between lovers. It’s a full-body hug with direct eye contact. The most significant aspect of this hug is the eye contact. 

It elevates this form of hug to a higher level, plainly becoming more than just physical contact.

If you’re getting these kinds of hugs, it suggests you and this person have something special going on. 

If you like this person, hug them back and tell them that they have lit a fire in your heart as well.

Nothing is more intimate than a couple. Therefore, it’s the perfect way to show love and affection to your partner.

When you find it hard to find the words to describe your feelings, then give a warm intimate hug to your partner and make the bond stronger and more powerful.  

7. The hand around the waist hug

Even if the guy giving you these embraces hasn’t yet expressed his emotions for you, then this hug is giving away all his secrets. 

This hug is an intimate gesture that suggests he is attracted to you and wants to spend as much time as possible with you. 

The most romantic and expressive love between a partner is not other than holding waist. 

It says loudly that he is in deeply in love with you and looking forward to long lasting deep and emotional relationship with you 

He is thrilled to meet you and is head over heels in love with you. It’s likely that there’s some form of sexual tension between you two as well. So, ahem-ahem, best wishes!

8. The straddle hug

This happens when the lady takes the initiative and leaps into the arms of her man.

She also crosses her legs over his, pinning them in place. This hug shows how much the woman adores the man. 

If you give this kind of embrace to someone special on a frequent basis, it implies that you two have a strong link and that your love is passionate. 

You’re at ease with one another’s bodies and will most likely end up together, especially if your partner responds positively to these hugs.

This shows how comfortable you both are with each other and never bother you both if you are annoying each other.

The comfort in your relationship will lead to a happy and fulfilling relationship for a long time.  

9. The quick hug

This hug appears awkward and unwanted. Both parties quickly grab each other and pretend it never occurred. However, such is not the case here. 

This embrace basically says that, while there is love or affection between the two of you, hugging each other at this moment in your relationship (or time) is awkward, so make it fast and informal. 

This type of hug is offered and received when people are in the early stages of a relationship or after a fight between siblings.

This hug shows that you both are making after a fight or just appreciating each other for doing something good.  

10. The head on shoulder hug

This occurs when either the male or the woman places their head on the shoulder of their partner. 

If you and your significant other frequently embrace, you should be aware that you two have a great connection, love, and affection for one other and are both eager to spend your lives looking after each other. 

You have a great deal of love and regard for each other and your relationship is going well. It also implies that you are extremely at ease with each other.

This represents your bond with each other that is super strong and healthy. You are deeply in love with your partner and want to grow your relationship stronger day by day.  

11. The comforting hug

This is the type of hug you give a friend who is in need of emotional support. It is a very personal and intimate heart-to-heart hug that calms the person you hug. 

You can also give someone who is extremely tired or emotionally drained a comforting hug.

This embrace shows that you care about the other person and desire to relieve their suffering.

When someone is sad or broke, a comforting hug can remove a lot of pain from their heart. If you can’t give a solution to anyone’s problems even though a comfortable hug works wonders on them. 

Types of Intimate Hugs

Intimate hugs between partners are underrated, powerful and compelling.

In order to balance the purity of simply wanting to embrace a lover as a means to showcase your love to them with the intimacy that can also be derived from a tight hug.

So, here are different types of hugs that you can give your partner to express your intimate feeling towards them.

12. The cuddle hug

This hug is for those who are in love. It’s filled with hugs, kisses, and cuddling. In this way, both couples want to show how much they care for each other.

When you hug someone like this, it’s not just any ordinary hug.

This is much more, and the other side will feel special as a result of the wonderful chemistry.

It is a hug that you only offer to someone who means a lot to you and whom you adore.

Also, because this hug is reserved for a special person in your life, it is rare, but when you receive it, you feel so safe and protected.

Who would have thought that hugs could have such an impact on people?

13. Flirty hug

This hug is for those who enjoy living life on the edge. When you give a flirty hug, you don’t overtly reveal your feelings for a man but the way you lean in to hug him and your body position tells it all.

When you hug a man like this, it shows you desire more from him.

It indicates that you are attracted to him and are using your body to express your feelings for him.

In addition, every woman who gives a hug like this prays to God that the male recognizes how much she cares for him.

You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever given someone this hug.

Also, you know that this hug sparks a lot of chemistry within, so look out for who you are going to hug like this!

14. The catcher hug

This hug is typical of couples that have strong feelings for one other.

If you’ve ever experienced this hug, you know what I’m talking about.

It goes something like this: You see your lover standing there all charming and sweet, so you decide to run and hug him.

When you get close to him, you can’t stop yourself from jumping into his arms and putting your legs around his waist.

This hug is highly intimate, therefore you can’t hug just anyone like this.

However, if you opt to hug your partner in this manner, he will be overjoyed.

In fact, he’ll be the one who insists on this hug every time you two meet. And who can blame him since this hug is so sweet!

15. Slow dance hug

This hug is characteristic of weddings because the pair is so close to each other.

Even if they step away, they keep their hands on each other. It’s because they’re at ease in that position and want to stay there.

It’s beautiful and charming, and couples who dance like this have a lot of chemistry and connection.

If you and your partner are hugging, you can bet that something very important is going on between you.

When you dance with your loved one in this manner, you will bring forth your best qualities.

Others will notice how happy and satisfied you are, and you will simply melt in your partner’s arms.

16. Sloppy hug

This type of hug may be long but it is useless because it is sloppy.

You hug people like that when you don’t really care about them, but you do it because it’s nice or because everyone else is. In a love relationship, this form of hug is not shared.

It doesn’t convey any love or affection and it appears as if you’re doing it for no reason. Believe it or not, people do give this hug on occasion.

17. The ragdoll hug

This type of hug takes place between two people when one of them is uninterested in the other.

If you get this kind of hug, it means you’re in a one-sided relationship. It doesn’t matter how hard one person tries to make the relationship work because the other person doesn’t give a damn.

It is the same in romantic and friendship situations because this type of hug is not something a person looks forward to.

It’s a polite hug, so the other person doesn’t feel bad for not paying attention to them.

18. The twirling around hug

If you ever fell in love with a man who gave you this kind of hug, I’m sure you’ll remember him for the rest of your lives.

A man who gives you this type of embrace says that he enjoys spending time with you and is not afraid to show you his playful side.

It means he enjoys seeing you grin and laugh and he will continue to do so until you tell him to stop. The best part is when it happens unexpectedly.

For me, this is one of the most pleasant hugs to receive, so consider yourself lucky if you have someone who can hug you like this.

19. Resting head on each other hug

Did you ever get the kind of hug from your partner, when he would softly put his head on yours?

If you did, you understand how incredible that was. It felt as if you were the most loved woman among them all and that he only had eyes for you.

This hug is particularly pleasant and comforting, and it shows that you care deeply about each other.

It can also indicate that the two of you are a wonderful match and that he cannot picture his life without you. We’re not sure what this is if it’s not a romantic hug.

20. The pickpocket hug

This is the type of hug you can only offer to your partner. It involves hugging them in such a way that your hands are in their back pockets.

Because your hands are almost on someone’s ass, it’s also known as a naughty hug.

They can do that to you at the same moment, and if they do, it implies they are completely at ease with you.

They have no difficulty doing it while the two of you are alone or with your pals.

If your partner hugs you in this way, you may be certain that he adores you. When he’s around you, he feels good in his own skin and this is his way of showing all his love and affection.

If you can give your partner this kind of hug, congrats – you two are a perfect match.

21. The eye to eye hug

This is one of the most common types of hugs and is meant for lovers.

Because it requires full-body contact and strong eye contact, it is also known as an intimate hug. This hug is elevated by eye contact.

It doesn’t mean you can’t hug your friends or parents this way, but this is how most people hug their loved ones.

It is a romantic hug, and people who are in love want to express their feelings in this manner.

People may see into each other’s souls when they stare into each other’s eyes and spend so much time together and feel the love that is between them.

If your loved one hugs you while making strong eye contact during a slow dance, consider yourself lucky because it means he is sincerely, madly and deeply in love with you.

Nothing can shake your relationship since you are both so invested in it.

22. The London bridge hug

This is a unique type of hug since both parties only contact each other on the upper part of their bodies, while the lower parts of their bodies are far apart.

It’s referred to as a polite hug. It’s a little cold — politicians and diplomats are frequently seen cuddling in this manner.

If someone hugs you in this style, it means they don’t love you very much and don’t desire to create a deeper bond with you.

They only want to be friends and have no desire to get to know you better.

You may be asking why individuals hug in this manner in the first place. They don’t do it to appear arrogant, but they don’t show their real emotions to the person they are hugging.

Admit it: the London Bridge hug isn’t your thing, isn’t it?

23. The long hug

If you’ve ever received a hug like this, I’m sure you felt safe and secure.

This is the hug you get when people want to tell you how much they miss you and how safe they feel in your arms.

It is also typical of long-term relationships and close friends. It’s a close hug meant for people who have strong feelings for one other.

In this manner, they may wish to inform you that they request help, that their day was difficult, or that they are down for no apparent reason.

If you receive this hug, make a point of helping the person. If your boyfriend gives you this kind of hug, it means that he really loves you and that he is happy to have you.

If he makes eye contact while hugging you, you can be sure that his affection is real.

If you observe his body language, you will see that he does not embrace everyone the same way.

He considers you to be his best friend and the one on whom he can rely when times are tough.

But one thing is certain: no matter who gives you a hug like this, if you get it consider yourself fortunate!

24. The tight hug

This is the most favorite of all the common types of hugs. People enjoy it when someone hugs them tightly. Only someone who loves you can give you that kind of hug.

When someone hugs them like this, it brings out the best in them, and they feel fantastic.

People spend a lot of time hugging people like this and they love every minute of it. Because you are squeezing the person in front of you, it is also known as a squeeze embrace.

It’s as if this is the final time they’ll see you. They want to show you how much they adore you and how much they will miss you once you are gone.

If your boyfriend gives you this type of hug, it is a subliminal indication that he likes you.

It suggests he is interested in you but is afraid to acknowledge it, so he utilizes this form of hug to show you how much he cares about you and misses you.

If you’ve ever had this type of squeezing, you know how it feels and we hope you get many more in the future.

Types of Hugs Guys Like

This is a question that many women have, but the truth is that you don’t have to be so complicated about it. There isn’t a specific technique.

The most important thing is that you genuinely want to give the embrace. If you hesitate, it will be embarrassing.

If you like him, you can put your feet close to his and move your body in to relax onto his chest.

If he’s just a friend, you can put your feet further apart and keep the hug for a shorter period of time. Then you can give him a kind grin and go away.

Below are the best types of hugs guys mostly like.

25. The friendly hug

Although these hugs are longer than a hello hug between friends, the “we’re just friends” type works as follows:

Your arms are beneath his shoulders, while his arm wrapped around yours. If you stay long enough, his hands may wander, but they should not go beyond your mid-back or upper arms.

You might get a quick peck on the cheek, which you can interpret depending on previous hugs or if he kisses other girls.

A longer hug rarely indicates anything other than friendship if one of you is comforting the other, although it can have deeper meaning at times.

26. The something more hug

If the nice hug becomes more friendly, there could be something more going on.

A heart-to-heart hug occurs when both people’s chests meet while hugging each other’s shoulders. This is clearly an indication that there’s more to come.

Furthermore, chest-to-chest embraces lasting at least 20 seconds cause the production of oxytocin, the love hormone responsible for bonding.

Hand positioning is also important. If your hands are wandering longer and farther than usual, it’s most likely not your imagination, but his!

27. The make no more mistake hug

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, if you’re making lower-body contact, you’re either sleeping together or will be soon.

When a guy hugs you from behind (if you know him well), he’s excited to spend time with you alone.

Longer and tighter hugs indicate strong feelings and, when done in public, show commitment.

Types of Hugs from a Woman

The type of hug makes it clear whether she wants to take the relationship with you to another level or not. Hugs are wonderful ways to express your deep feelings to another one. 

This type of hug can give you clear clues of the longevity of the relationship. The warm and comfortable hug removed long worries from the mind as well. 

So, here are the different types of hugs a woman likes that loudly describes her feelings for you. 

28. Warm pure hug

A warm hug is the most well-known and successful way to express affection. It is not required that you are close friends; it is a gesture to show the nature of your concern for each other. 

Hugging is a hybrid of holding hands and kissing. Women are the most touchy-feely people; a warm hug makes them pleased.

Words cannot explain what a warm hug can be. It is beyond words. It is neither too short, too long, nor too tight; it is simply genuine. 

A woman’s sweet hug makes you feel joyful and signifies a lot.

A warm hug expresses liking, compassion, love and care. These types of hugs have no negative or ulterior motives.

29. The sweet hug

It is the type of hug that is given in official settings such as meetings, gatherings, parties, and special functions. She gives a gentle hug out of respect and for the purpose of social etiquette. 

This is merely for the sake of a hug. It is a hug in which she embraces you but does not touch you.

If you’re on a date with her and she offers you a polite hug, it suggests she’s not interested in you and won’t go out with you again. 

As a result, a polite hug is simply a simple and formal hug such as a hello hug delivered by her. The interesting thing is that it concludes with a big smile.

30. Buddy hug

The hug she reserves for a friend is strictly for a friend. She hugs you in a way that makes you feel special; you are a very precious friend to her.

She will never want to let you go and will always want you close to her. 

She hugs you warmly or respectfully and gently touches your back. This is a great pleasant embrace that you can have.

Both feel an incredible friend zone between them, as well as comfort that they do not feel with anyone else. 

These are really beautiful and memorable embraces that no one can ever forget.

31. The comfortable hug

There are various forms of hugs, but the bear embrace is the best in the world. This shows the intimacy of two people.

Both partners hug each other the tightest they’ve ever hugged till you’ve knocked the air out of each other and end up lifting the other. 

This happens when two people are completely at ease with each other and have a sufficient amount of closeness between them. This is a hug with a huge squeeze.

At the time, all she wanted to do was keep hugging you and never let you go, with complete love and no pretensions. 

She gives you this embrace when you are very near to her. She doesn’t even mind if the embrace ruins her outfit. She simply expresses her emotions through the tight hug.

32. The sleepy hug

Among all the hugs, this is the most emotional hug that each couple has. She may doze off on your shoulder or chest if she is extremely tired and sleepy.

You cradle her in your arms as if she were a darling baby. 

She simply puts her arms around you and expresses her affections for you in a sleepy manner or she may be unaware that you are a human being and not a pillow.

She only wants you to grab her and gently touch her back. 

At this point, she is perfectly satisfied with you falling asleep and enjoying your company. This only shows her high level of comfort around you.

33. The one arm hug

This is the most awkward hug I’ve ever experienced. This is frequently seen as a representation of people’s sadness, however this is not always the case. 

The truth is that the woman is not social enough to give a hug. It appears to be an awkward thing for her to do. It implies that she is really hesitant to deliver a hug.

If she already knows you and you’ve known her for a long time, but she still offers you this hug, it suggests you’ve done something wrong with her. 

It’s not time to think; it’s time to act in order to make her feel delighted and comforted.

Also, if she is dating you and gives you a one-sided hug at the end of the date, don’t expect the second one. Your chapter is closed!

34. The affectionate hug

The Flirty Hug is the most daring and tempting hug that lovebirds want to give themselves.

This is the ideal way to embrace a lover in which the lady does not hold but is aligned with the man’s body to offer him a perception of her gorgeous body curves. 

The tempting and intimidating nature of a flirty hug encourages lovebirds to get closer to each other.

A woman holds her hands down to allow a man to have a firm grip on her body. Flirty Hugs are generally preferred by women with attractive curves. 

People in relationships frequently do this to communicate their love and final feelings to their lover. This is a two-sided hug that is more than just a warm embrace.

35. The passionate hug

The passionate hug has a serious tone to it. It’s a lot like a coquettish embrace. The woman gave this passionate embrace at a period when she is at ease with a man about her at all times and they are not unfamiliar to each other. 

She’ll withdraw gradually, her hands on her hips, her gaze fixed on you. It’s a signal that conveys both romantic yearning and wistful connection.

This just implies she likes you the most and finds your presence really pleasurable. 

This is not an embrace you’ll soon forget. You can’t just let it go!

The intense hug shows how much she cares for you and feels entirely accountable for you. Her love is a representation of her feelings for you.

36. The playful hug

The majority of the time, this hug occurs between couples. A woman will offer you this embrace if you are incredibly dear to her and near to her heart.

She’ll put her arm around you and glide away for a time. It’s a warm, pleasant, adoring, and passionate hug. 

The cuddling hug demonstrates the deep affection and devotion. When a woman feels safe and secure with a man and they both love each other, she gives him a cozy hug to express her feelings.

Types of Romantic Hugs

In any relationship, hugs are the most important part of intimacy and romance. 

In order to make your relationship strong and romantic for a longer period of time, you should express your emotions through hugs to your partner. 

It makes the bond stronger and establishes your relationship with your lover.

In this matter, below are different types of romantic hugs which you can add to your activities of relationship. 

37. Eye contact hug

The couple wraps their arms around each other and looks deeply into each other’s eyes in this type of hug.

That kind of intense eye contact is a terrific method to cause sparks to fly – and it’s also scientifically proven!

A famous study was conducted in which subjects were instructed to undertake a series of events and ask certain questions to one another.

As a result, strangers would fall in love with one another.

Making eye contact with each other and eventually falling in love with each other is a universal bond.

Therefore, this represents intimate and romantic love and bond between each other.  

So holding eye-contact while hugging is a very romantic and intimate thing to do!

38. Sit and hug

This is where two people will sit in a public place and hug.

This is a public display of affection performed by couples who adore one another.

If you want to comfort each other and make us feel special then this type of hug is ideal for you.  

This is not a romantic hug but represents a comfort bond between you and your partner.  

39. “I want you” hug

Of course, with love comes intimacy and with intimacy comes the want to be as physically near to your lover as possible.

A seductive hug such as one that involves touching the hair or a light brush of hands down the back, is a method for you to tell your partner, or for your partner to tell you that they want to take things behind closed doors.

Use this style of hug to express your want to be close in a delicate and romantic way.

40. Butt grab hug

Grabbing the butt while hugging is one of the most romantic types of hugs.

When your partner grabs the butt in order to hug then it means he wants to be intimate with you. That can be kissing, touching or cuddling. This expresses his deep desire for you to make love. 

Moreover, it is also an ideal way to be romantic with your partner when both are having quality time together. 

41. Spin hug

This is a hug in which two people embrace and one of them lifts the other up and spins them around.

If done between an adult and a child, this hug is definitely innocent and not sexual. Children are little and easily swung about, therefore this hug is frequent with them.

However, if both parties are mature adults, this hug becomes much more difficult to pull off.

How do you hug a girl in such a way that she is pleasantly surprised?

Go for a swing hug and a pick-up!

When the fire of your love is roaring and you finally see your spouse after a period of time apart, lifting them up in a frantic embrace cliché to the movies is always a lovely expression of how you feel for one another.

If you and your partner enjoy these moments, it’s safe to assume you’re madly in love and your passion is at its peak.

Just don’t let these memories go away with the passage of time!

42. Talking hug

You hug the person while continuing to speak in this form of hug.

This hug is exchanged between romantic lovers who haven’t seen each other in a long time. They are missing each other.

They want to catch up on each other’s life while still feeling their physical presence, something they haven’t felt in a long time.

43. Piggy back hug

One person is carrying the other person on their back with this hug. While this could be done with a youngster, it is a highly romantic and fun hug if the two persons are mature adults.

This is the biggest hug between couples since it represents how important you are for your partner.

Carrying on the back defines the responsibility which comes to you and they are ready to accept those responsibilities for a longer duration of relationship. 

Types of Hugs in a Relationship

Relationships are all about highs and lows, wins and loses, challenges and opportunities. When you want to express your feelings, hugs are the way to go. 

Or, if the significant other gives you hugs then understand their feelings.

Therefore, here are some of the best types of hugs in a relationship that you should embrace as comfortably as possible. 

44. Partner hug

The most fundamental is the exchange of hugs between two partners in a relationship or marriage. A single hug is enough to mend whatever rifts or disputes you may have. 

This one is gentler and more of a confirmation of how much each still means to the other.

45. Family hug

Haven’t we all been there? The gentle hug that serves as a constant reminder that family is there for you through thick and thin. 

When you see each other on family occasions or if you have been away from home for an extended period of time, this one is a given.

As it should be, the family hug is always warm and soothing.

46. The assurance hug

When everything goes wrong, rely on a hug to calm you down. The assurance hug is a compassionate hug offered to the other person when they have lost someone.

It indicates that the individual is not alone in the world and has someone to lean on. 

The assurance hug is an extremely emotional hug. A mother-daughter relationship is a classic sign of assurance in this setting.

And partners can also embrace this way to express their support for the person they love. 

47. The fight hug

Doesn’t that sound ironic? A fight hug is typically given following a fight between two people. It implies peace and an unspoken apology for whatever occurred. 

It’s more of a middle-of-the-road hug. I mean, is there anything a hug can’t fix?

48. Break up hug

The most important thing that should exist is a hug after a breakup. We all know how much a breakup can hurt without a second viewpoint. 

The most crucial thing you need at this point is a hug to remind you that you are not useless and that you do matter.

While it will not take the pain away, it will help to ease the process.

49. Welcome hug

Welcome hugs are a nice and welcoming gesture to the host. It is also significant since it sets the tone for your talk, allowing for a more open and relaxed setting for engagement.

If your partner gives you a welcome jug then it means that he adores having you in their life and they are welcoming you with all love and support in their life. 

This can be a simple hug but the meaning and sentiments behind this is quite deep. It says that your partner will always welcome you in all aspects of life. 

50. Hug with kisses

This may not be as common in the United States, but it is a highly popular way to welcome guests from all over the world.

This embrace is reserved for close family and friends, but it can be given to strangers as well. Some cultures prefer to kiss only one cheek, while others prefer to kiss both cheeks.

Remember that you are not literally placing your lips on the person’s cheek. Instead, you press your cheek against theirs and make a kissing sound with your lips.

What Type Of Hug Is Best?

The best form of hug for you is determined by the circumstances of the situation and the type of relationship you have with that individual.

The backstroke hug is the ideal type of hug to give to someone who is in need of comfort. This is a reassurance hug (where you touch someone’s back soothingly to make them feel better).

If you’re in a love relationship, the best forms of hugs are those that allow you to maintain lengthy eye contact, such as a tight embrace, long hug, or bear hug.

This form of hug takes closeness to a new level, demonstrating that a hug is more than just physical contact.

You can give your friends a bear hug, a close hug, or a side hug.

Overall, our personal preference is a tight hug since it allows you to perfectly show how much you value that one individual (be it your friend, family member, or partner).

You can’t go wrong with any form of hug as long as it’s appropriate for the situation and your relationship with that one person. Consider that any type of hug is the best hug.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The type of hug a person offers you indicates whether or not they want to be in a committed relationship with you. 

Hugs are the most effective technique to show your sentiments for another person.

The style of embracing you and your lover can provide important information about the state of your relationship. 

It also brings families closer together, makes you happy and strengthens friendships. So, whenever possible, give your loved ones a hug. 

Hugs are soothing. They can provide comfort and de-stressing while also expressing your strong friendship and emotional connection. 

Body language analysis can reveal a lot about the nature of your connection.

Try to read your one-of-a-kind relationship with the other person and accordingly decide on the type of hug to avoid confusion.

Happy hugging!