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How to Treat a Guy Who Used You – 14 Techniques to Overcome and Heal

How to Treat a Guy Who Used You – 14 Techniques to Overcome and Heal

Published on Oct 16, 2023

How to Treat a Guy Who Used You – 14 Techniques to Overcome and Heal

How to treat a guy who used you talks about the steps or techniques you must adopt to make him realize that he had treated you wrongly. 

Besides, it also denotes that you are ready to move ahead in life and not waste your time on someone who could not understand her truth.

Let’s explore further –

How to Treat a Guy Who Used You

When you want to make a guy realize his mistake for having mistreated and used you, you can sit back and watch how the Universe makes him pay him back in the same coin. 

Otherwise, you could take the initiative to make him understand his mistake and move ahead in search of someone better.

The latter approach is more desirable and hence, the strategies you can adopt are as follows –

1. Do Not Allow Yourself to Be the Victim

It is not difficult to sit in the corner of a room and keep thinking about why he had to do this to you and several other questions. The best thing in this situation is not to get bogged down but to look into the brighter side of it.

You must tell yourself that this sort of betrayal could happen to anyone, not just you. Hence, you should relax and tell yourself that you will find a guy who would truly love and respect you for who you are. 

2. You Are No Less Than Any Other Girl

Even though it might not be easy for you to find something positive during the time a guy used you, you should understand that because you have something in you that the guy always wanted to see in a girl. Hence, you must not blame yourself for whatever happened.

You had given your time, attention, and money to fulfill their needs. Despite all these, if he had used you, then it reflects their mentality. They lack the necessary intelligence and motivation to understand who they should appreciate and not use them for their benevolence.

3. Staying Cautious is the Need of the Hour

When you look back on how the guy had used you, you might curse yourself for being kind to him, but you want to treat him in the best possible manner for his deeds. Now, you should hold your head high and understand that showing kindness toward someone you genuinely love is never a sign of weakness. 

You could be a little cautious from next time onwards but that does not mean, just because someone did not appreciate your contribution in their life, you would not continue being kind. 

This world needs people like you who showcase love, care, and compassion toward others. 

4. Tell Yourself That You Deserve to Be Loved

Before you think that this is the end of the road as far as getting into a relationship is concerned, tell yourself that you deserve love and care in your life. 

So, what, if one guy did not have the genuineness to understand what is love and he used you?

You can still have a bright future and lead a fulfilling life with someone who would shower you with their love and care. 

Moreover, they might give back more than what you would do for them. Hence, you must not lose hope and look ahead to the future with optimism.

5. Cut Off Your Ties with Him

When a guy is using you for his selfish motives, either emotionally or sexually, you must cut off your contact with him. Neither you should ever try to meet him, despite his persuasion, nor you must look to get in touch with him over social media. 

Any kind of indication from your end, which might make him feel that you are open to his ideas of frequent meetups, rest assured that he would keep playing with your emotions and you would get hurt. 

Hence, even if you like him, refrain from falling into his trap again in your life.

6. Analyze Yourself Closely

A guy had used you, which was wrong from his end, but ask yourself if you had allowed him to do so by being extremely lenient with him. Perhaps, you had not taken a stance for protecting your image and self-interests, hence allowing the guy to treat you the way he did.

It is fair enough that you love him. Still, it is equally important that you think back if acting with a little more authority and setting boundaries would have helped in avoiding taking advantage of you. You must work on those aspects and move on.

7. Reconnect with Your Friends

Once you have gone through the phase of getting used by a guy, you must reconnect with all those people who love and appreciate your presence in their lives. Therefore, get in touch with your friends’ circle and spend quality time with them.

Your family’s support will always be with you, but along with that, your friends could also help you get that love and emotional support you are looking for to get your life back on track. 

Hence, make plans for shopping, and watching movies and remain free from stress and tension. 

8. Express Your Emotions

If you are looking for ways to treat a guy who used you, it is imperative for you to release all your bottled-up emotions. There cannot be a better place than to do it while you are with your friends. 

You can avoid doing so with your family members as they might become overwhelmed seeing you in this situation, but friends would know how to deal with your problem. 

Hence, speak up on every single issue that is going on inside your mind regarding that guy and what he has done to you. You would become free and feel like a burden has been taken off from your shoulders.

9. Focus on the Learnings

You were in a relationship with that guy, he had used you and now you wish to treat him in the desired manner. So, there is every reason for you to get angry and curse yourself for having put your faith in him. Even then, you can look into it with a different perspective. 

Life teaches us valuable lessons in some way or the other, some are painful while others are painless. 

Now, this episode was surely a tough lesson for you to take but you must think over, what did the person teach you through his betrayal? You will become better prepared for the future. 

10. Practice the Art of Self-Care

It is important that you do not get so obsessed with your reflection that you forget about taking care of yourself. You must practice this art and gradually heal from the hurt you had suffered from the guy’s treatment. 

Hence, you can spend time doing things you love. They include reading a book of your choice, listening to soulful music, and penning down your thoughts.

11. Be Cautious While Moving on to the Next Relationship

Your relationship with a guy who used you did not work out, but it will not be long before you can get into another one with someone who would meet your expectations. The important aspect of that relationship would be to take things slow and steady. 

You must fall back on the learnings you have acquired from your last relationship and apply them to this one. 

Remain on the lookout for how he behaves while being with you, your gut feeling and also take care of the warning signs, if any, which tell you that he is not the right person.

12. Build Healthy Boundaries

You must build boundaries to avoid getting used by others in any manner in the future. 

You can surely help someone but make sure that it does not become a constant thing from your end. Then, people will once again start taking you for granted. Make sure that no one interferes with your happiness. 

You have already experienced the adverse effect of not creating any boundaries in the previous relationship, thereby allowing that guy to take undue advantage of your love and kindness. 

13. Do Not Be Apprehensive About Trusting Again in the Future

Not all men are the same in this world. Therefore, just because a man has used you mentally and physically, it does not mean you will stop believing in others in the future. 

You must believe that there are decent men around who would give love, and respect and want to grow old with you. 

Learning to differentiate between a guy who is serious about having a long-term relationship and one who only wants to have sex with you can be of great help.

14. Reach Out to a Professional

Despite making various attempts, if you are still not able to get rid of the guy who had used you, from your mind, then it is time to talk to a professional.

They can identify your weak links, and give valuable input about ways through which you can make improvements and make your life peaceful. 

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed different ways that you can adopt to mete out the right kind of treatment to the guy who used you. 

It also mentions how you must focus on your overall well-being and prepare yourself accordingly to prevent anyone else from taking undue advantage of your love and care.