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How to Make Your Wife Happy – A Complete Guide

How to Make Your Wife Happy – A Complete Guide

Updated on Sep 12, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Make Your Wife Happy – A Complete Guide

Does your soulmate often say you are not doing enough for her happiness? Are you losing your sleep thinking about how to make your wife happy?

Reading this article will help you get the answer you want and also offer insight to make her happy under different circumstances.

Let’s get going –

How to Make Your Wife Happy Infographic

How to Make Your Wife Happy – A Complete Guide
How to Make Your Wife Happy – A Complete Guide

How to Make Your Wife Happy – Adopt These Different Ways

When a woman marries you, she develops some kind of expectations from the marriage. If you want to live up to her expectations, you must spend quality time with her, know her as a person, then gradually understand her likes and dislikes.

Once you know all these details over time, you can fathom subtle ways to make your wife happy.

It is now time to set the ball rolling and prepare yourself for adopting these methods –

1. Care for Her in an Unconditional Manner

Like any other woman, your wife feels happy when she sees that you showcase unconditional care for her. 

She does not always require expensive gifts or treats in 5-Star hotels, but it’s the simple gestures from your end that are enough to make her happy.

If you make an offer to pick her up from the fitness class or check on her if she has reached the airport while she is going on an official tour, it brings a smile to her face.

2. Give Her a Patient Hearing

Listening is an art. It happens to be an essential part of any effective communication between two individuals. 

You need it even more in your married life because it is imperative to give your wife a patient hearing.

Giving time and attention to what she says is a small gesture that can easily make your wife happy. Doing this will make her feel that you are giving due importance to her thoughts and not taking them for granted. 

When you prepare yourself to listen, you let her express her feelings. You are making your wife feel important. She gets the assurance that there is someone who will listen to her part of the story without passing judgment.

3. Praise Her in Public Whenever You Introduce

If you are contemplating introducing your wife to your co-workers, friends, and others in the social circle, make sure to do so with a compliment. It might be small for you, but it could mean so much to your wife.

Praising her in front of others indicates that you acknowledge her as your wife. Her happiness means everything to you. 

Do you seriously want to make your wife happy? Then, do not hesitate to do this whenever you take her out for a get-together with your friend’s circle.

4. Do Some Household Chores

The usual trend is that a wife should carry out all the household chores. You can change this around and give your wife a pleasant surprise by carrying out some responsibilities, hence helping her reduce the burden of work.

It can include preparing your bed, doing the laundry, or shopping for essential items.

Doing these will reflect how much you care about making your house an abode for both of you. You can stay there and enjoy good times together.

5. Cook for Her on Special Occasions

There cannot be a better way to win your wife’s heart than by cooking her favorite dishes on special occasions, including her birthday and marriage anniversary. You can give her surprises. Ask if she wants to eat any particular food item.

It will further make her realize how much you pay attention to her needs. Whenever you cook the items of her choice, she will instantly fall in love with you for giving her that respect.

6. Treat Her with Grace and Kindness

You should never adopt a harsh tone and avoid being judgmental while talking to your wife. You must be kind, act gracefully, and always remain polite while speaking.

It will enable her to realize that you are not a threatening individual. You are someone she can show her complete trust with and freely open up to share her thoughts and feelings.

7. Physically Satisfy Her in Bed

Sweet whispers and pillow talks in bed make her feel wanted. As a man, if you can make your wife feel special, just like a Sex Goddess, she will do anything to seduce you and attain ultimate physical satisfaction.

She will not think twice before experimenting with new types of pleasures to spice up their sex life. If you can satisfy her physical needs, nothing can stop her from being extremely happy in her married life.

8. Plan for Dates and Long Drives Now and Then

We all know that even after marriage, there is no end to juggling the responsibilities of personal and professional lives. In the midst of all these, try and take your time to experience good times with one another.

You can plan for a romantic dinner date, or you might go on a long drive together. It will help keep the flame of love language and passion intact in your relationship

During winter, you can go camping or engage in some other activities. All these can make a significant impact on the mood of your wife and make her happy.

9. Try to Make Her Feel Equal

Your wife is your partner for life. She plays an integral part in making your married life a success. 

If you want your marriage to work in the best possible manner and for both of you to remain happy, make sure to treat your wife as an equal partner in the relationship. You need to make her realize that her existence and opinion matter.

You should always stand up for her. Give due respect to her in front of friends and relatives. Moreover, try to showcase impeccable manners like opening the car’s door or holding the chair before she settles down at a restaurant.

10. Thank Her Frequently to Make Her Happy

Whenever she does something for you, thank her for her efforts. You should never give her the feeling she has not done anything for you. 

She should never feel her work is not significant enough for you to thank her. Doing any such thing would make your marriage suffer.

Hence, recognize the smallest of things that she does for you. They include making you a cup of coffee and giving you medicines on a timely basis to help you recover from fever and body ache. 

There are numerous other small things she keeps doing. Always say ‘thank you for her good work.

How to Make Your Wife Happy Again

No relationship is picture perfect. The same is applicable in the case of a married couple. As time progresses, you are bound to face ups and downs, which become an integral part of the healthy relationship between a husband and a wife.

There will be moments when certain situations will make your wife unhappy. They might even give rise to negative thoughts and feelings within themselves.

Does that mean that your situation cannot improve and you cannot resort back to those days when everything seemed rosy? Certainly not. So, what are things you can do to bring happiness back into her life?

Let us take a look at some ways through which you can make your wife happy once again –

1. Practice the Art of Gratitude

The key to allowing your wife to enjoy passionate and fun-filled moments in her life is to note down all those things that your wife does for you both on a short-term and long-term basis that make you grateful.

Happiness stems from gratitude to a large extent. Little things can make a big difference to one’s mood and make someone happy. 

When she brings you coffee every morning to help you kick off each day in the right spirit. Do not forget to recognize her effort and give a vote of thanks.

Your wife is happy about your promotion to your full-time job. You need to reciprocate similar sentiments, encourage her to work harder, and experience even better growth at her workplace.

2. Leave Aside Your Resentment

You can sometimes feel that your wife doesn’t assist you in the family’s financial planning and puts this burden on your shoulders. 

It is also possible that you might think she could have done much more for your parents. Sometimes, you even expect that she should put the kids to bed every night.

Ideally, you must not pay heed to these negative thoughts. Remain grateful for your wife’s ability to balance personal and professional commitments. Take a closer look into the expectations you feel your wife is not meeting.

Do you always expect your wife to look beautiful? You need her to possess the sex appeal for attracting your eyes. 

On top of these, you also want her to be someone who is reasonable, accommodating, and sensible. Then, it is a perfect setup for ill feelings and tussles.

When you want to make her happy again, you should let go of your resentments. Strive to accept your wife just the way she is. You can even express your happiness for having her as your wife.

3. Make Physical Contact

Couples often tend to express their love for one another through hugs, kisses, and cuddles during the initial years of marriage. 

They even become passionate about making love on a regular basis. A husband feels that his wife is the most beautiful woman in this world.

The burden of various responsibilities piles up with the passage of time, and passion tends to die down. You start preferring a good night’s sleep over sex. 

It is the stage to reincorporate physical gestures. They include holding a hand in public, kissing, hugging, and cuddling. All these can help to stir up passionate feelings again.

It is especially very important for your wife to feel loved and appreciated. 

You can reignite those earlier times of your relationship by holding hands every now and then while watching a movie together on your couch. You might even allow your wife to rest her head on your shoulders now and then.

Every single gesture counts. Don’t forget that physical touch is an essential need for a wife. A touch can make any woman feel loved and happy once again. 

Hence, it will bring your wife closer to you. Small touches will translate to developing a deeper emotional connection in no time.

4. Avoid the Bias of Negativity

The longer you are married, it is more likely that a husband pays attention to the adverse aspects of his wife’s personality. All those traits you had found extremely adorable earlier will now irritate you. It is an integral part of human nature.

You must counter this tendency of criticism by changing your mindset and focusing on what is good. It is not always easy to overlook certain qualities of your wife and feel like telling something on her face, but you should hold on.

Think of the good qualities she has in her personality. You cannot ignore the responsibilities she carries out within the family. They include cooking, providing timely medicines to you and her in-laws, and taking care of all other minute requirements.

Therefore, show love and express your gratitude for everything that your wife does. It is the least you can do to make her feel happy once again.

5. Learn How to De-Escalate

Adopt this approach as and when those inevitable arguments happen. You should know where to draw the line. It is essential as that can stop it from going overboard. Thus, this step can help calm things down between partners.

If you wish to make your wife happy, take the path of de-escalation. You can soon end the argument by diverting the attention toward some daily responsibility. Hence, you will allow your wife’s emotions to die down in no time.

It can have a miraculous effect on the proceedings. Your approach manages to catch your wife’s attention. She starts to appreciate you for your presence of mind. 

This little act also makes her realize how much you want her to stay at peace. She will even feel that nothing matters to you more than her happiness, hence resulting in a happy relationship.

How to Make Your Wife Happy When She is Angry?

Your wife can become angry for different kinds of reasons. Now, it is likely that you will not manage to fathom each reason behind her anger. 

No matter the reason behind your wife’s anger, these circumstances can make you feel like your marriage is falling apart. You start feeling like your house does not have the same kind of atmosphere that it used to have earlier.

Let us briefly discuss ways to help your wife calm down and make her smile.

1. Say Sorry for Your Mistake

Wives tend to stay angry at their husbands for a length of time. This is because their husbands do not apologize for their mistakes.

It is essential to note that whenever you unnecessarily argue with your wife, you make her lose her temper. You must keep your ego aside and try to fix everything.

Accepting your faults and saying sorry for the same does wonders to your wife’s mood. It is an essential quality. The practice of apologizing for your mistake will make your wife happy. This will also keep some of your marital issues at bay.

2. Calm Down Your Angry Wife Instead of Escalating Any Issue

You should always try to calm your wife down whenever she gets mad at you. Rather than letting her words get to you, take the higher road. Avoid saying things back that can hurt her sentiments, or even you should not try shifting blame over to her.

Instead, try to talk to her. You can even hold her tightly in a loving manner as and when she bursts out at you. Make sure not to tell her something, even casually, which can further aggravate her anger. It is the right time to show your wife that you care for her.

It may sound as if you have to act like a saint. To make your angry wife happy, sometimes you need to do what is required. Eventually, she will give in to your efforts, calm down and give out a wry smile.

3. Carefully Listen to Her Part of the Story

An angry wife can soon turn out to become a nagging one. She can keep complaining about different aspects from time to time. 

You can get sick and tired of listening to the same thing again and again. Think about it closely as this might not happen just like that. There has to be a reason behind it.

You can deal with her by paying sincere attention to what she has to say. Lend your ears to her issues or complaints she has with you. 

Probably you have been regularly coming home late. There might be some misunderstanding that constantly plays on her mind.

Allow her to express her emotions freely. Try to understand her perspective. Hearing her out will make you realize your mistake.

4. Do Not Allow Your Pride to Become an Obstacle

Your pride will get hurt when an angry wife expresses her grievances to you. The ideal approach is to become defensive during an argument.

Unfortunately, things happen otherwise. Whenever married couples fight, the problem intensifies because neither party is willing to downgrade their pride.

Both husband and wife feel that they are correct from their perspectives. This attitude hampers the relationship. As time passes, satisfying your ego becomes more important than protecting the relationship.

You should never allow pride to come into the line while trying to make your angry wife happy. If you need to spend some time processing things, take time out for it. 

Once you feel that you have set aside your pride, approach your wife to showcase your love by uttering words that can easily flatter her.

5. Surprise Your Wife with Gifts

No matter how angry your wife becomes, she will not manage to keep her anger for long if she notices that you are genuinely trying to win back her love. 

As a husband, you know all those things that can melt her heart. It is the chance to use all those things to attract your wife.

Give her thoughtful and surprise gifts to cool down her temper in no time. They include sending flowers over to the house, writing love letters, cooking dinner, or gifting her a pretty dress. Her anger will go away and become happy in no time.

How to Make Your Pregnant Wife Happy

Whenever there is a pregnancy, people always talk about women. They discuss what she should eat, how much sleep she needs to get, and her overall well-being. In all these, the husband manages to escape these unsolicited suggestions.

At times, he also shies away from his responsibilities toward his pregnant wife. As a modern man, you cannot leave all the burden of pregnancy on your wife’s shoulders. 

After all, you had a significant role to play in her pregnancy. Hence, you need to carry out your portion of responsibilities in this hour of need.

Let us discuss a few of the ways through which you can make your pregnant wife happy –

1. Accompany Your Pregnant Wife to Antenatal Visits

It can feel monotonous and boring to accompany your wife during each antenatal visit. Understand one thing. 

It has got nothing to do with your feelings, but everything with your wife’s sentiments. You cannot even imagine the confidence you can instill in your wife by investing your time in these visits.

It is all she requires from your end during those testing times in the hospital, waiting in anticipation of her baby’s well-being. Whether it is about checking the diet schedule with the gynecologist or just hearing the fetal heartbeat, be present and spend time with her.

Try to exchange glances and share smiles with your wife every now and then. These things can bring her a great sense of relief and satisfaction.

2. Patiently Handle Her Mood Swings

Do you have a treadmill, a pet, or a punching bag at home? You would need something to vent out all your pent-up frustrations. 

When your wife is pregnant, you cannot take out your frustrations on her. Hence, you can concentrate on running on the treadmill, take your dog out for a stroll, or you might keep hitting the punching bag.

Your wife might want to have ice cream or wish to watch the recap of a soap opera, just at the time when you are about to watch the long-awaited match. 

Even if your wife’s demands sound unrealistic, you should fulfill them. These are signs of a good, caring husband.

3. Help Her in Carrying Out the Daily Chores

You can assist her in doing the daily chores to release her from the burden. She would hate doing the dishes in this condition. Thus, helping her out would do a world of good.

It is necessary not to restrict yourself to doing just that. You can chop vegetables, make breakfast or dinner, take dirty clothes to the laundry, keep the wardrobe tidy, and perform many more such activities. 

Ensure your wife gets sufficient rest to keep her health in good condition.

4. Pamper Her Regularly

You should deal with her mood swings and keep pampering her simultaneously during these pregnancy days. It is not always easy to know what might please your wife. Still, you must try to keep the romantic side alive within you.

As part of giving her romantic feelings, you can sometimes plan a surprise candlelight dinner at her favorite restaurant. 

You can take her shopping in maternity stores; watch her favorite movie together or even enjoy your time in theme parks. She will love all these things, even if she manages to get on your nerves now and then.

5. Read Pregnancy Books to Her

If you are in the habit of reading, you might read literary and fiction books as your prime interest. 

On top of these, you can always read books on pregnancy. Reading them will not make your masculinity come down. Read to your wife every single detail on pregnancy and childcare.

It will surely help you develop better bonding between one another as parents. You will even get a good idea of what she is going through. 

It does not matter if you goof up a particular week’s pregnancy progression with another. Your wife will love the idea that at least you care for the same.

How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved and Appreciated

There are occasions when a married life can become vulnerable and unstable when a husband stops putting the requisite effort to maintain the romance. It can help a lot if you put a little effort and ensure that your wife feels loved and appreciated.

Let us look into some of the tips that can turn out to be quite effective –

  1. Tell your wife the extent of love you have for her. Remain sweet and loving whenever you talk to her. Focus on doing the simple things. They include wishing her good morning and serving her breakfast in bed. You can send her a message of love without any reason just to express how amazing she seems to you.
  2. Ensure to say all possible sweet and romantic things to your wife. If she has had a haircut, do not forget to compliment her looks, even if you genuinely don’t like her haircut. Apply the same strategy when she buys a new outfit and asks for your opinion.
  3. Take her out on date nights even when there are no special occasions. Even if you are busy right now, make a schedule to take your wife out during the weekend. These outings will help strengthen the bond and make your wife feel you genuinely love and appreciate her company.
  4. Always let your wife know that she is beautiful. You should tell this by looking at her. Say lovingly and sincerely that you have never seen anyone as beautiful as her.
  5. You should show extreme care for her when she does not keep well. Tell her to go and take a rest while you fulfill her needs and other household commitments. Stay by her side, give her hugs and kisses, and tell her that she can give all her worries to you, thus easing her stress and tension.

Please go through the following video for a better understanding of the ways about how to make your wife happy.

Final Words

We have discussed several ways through which you can make your wife happy. Most importantly, you know how to ensure her happiness when she gets angry or when she is in the phase of pregnancy.

Hence, following these tips can be crucial for a successful marriage, which will ensure a happy life.