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100+ Relationship Tips to Build Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

100+ Relationship Tips to Build Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

Updated on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

100+ Relationship Tips to Build Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

Are you looking for some definite relationship tips to make your relationship healthy and sustainable?

Of course, you are… that’s why you’re here, reading this.

Falling in love is definitely an indescribable feeling, and you will want it to stay in it forever. But hey, relationships are not just about holding hands in the park or walking in the sunshine.

There’s so much.

In a relationship, you must feel valued and also ensure that your partner feels the same. The person you love must be in a wonderland when they are with you.

If you are looking for tips to create such a wonderland for your partner, come read along…

Relationship Tips Infographic

100+ Relationship Tips to Build Healthy Relationship with Your Partner
100+ Relationship Tips to Build Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

100 Relationship Tips that couples should know

If you are looking forward to eliminating all the red flags in a relationship to feel safe and comfortable with your partner, try and practice some tips from this list… I promise you’ll go a long way

1. Build emotional intimacy

If you can’t connect with your partner, then what’s the whole point of a relationship?

The reason behind most failed marriages or relationships today is poor emotional intimacy.

People have started considering relationships as business and try to seek a partner with a higher bank balance. It eventually leads to the failure of a marriage.

2. Give space to respectful disagreement

Being a lifetime partner doesn’t imply that they have to agree to everything you say and vice versa.

People in healthy relationships understand different perspectives. Disagreement doesn’t mean that they don’t respect or don’t love you.

So, the next time you both fight, make sure you give them the space to disagree respectfully and vice versa.  

3. Keep your interests alive

A strong relationship is where you have your freedom. Commitment doesn’t mean that your life has to be entirely about them.

Instead, your partner must support you to keep your interests alive and motivate you to work towards your goals.

Further, you must also do the same for them. After all, you owe yourself first and then to anyone else.

4. Encourage open and honest communication

Honesty is the building foundation of any healthy relationship.

There can be several things that can upset your partner, but no matter how difficult it is, you must still discuss them.

Because if your partner finds things out later, it can even lead to failure of the relationship, and you wouldn’t want that at any cost, right?

5. Spend quality time regularly

The secret to a healthy relationship is spending quality time with each other. No, spending quality time is not just about sex because sex is only one aspect of a romantic relationship.

Instead, take out a few hours from your busy schedule only to pamper your partner. Watch their favorite movies, go out on dates and leave your phones behind.

Strike heart-to-heart conversations and revisit your old memories… I promise, you’ll never forget the golden times!

6. Find your mutual interests

There are chances that you are interested in singing but your partner enjoys reading. You both might not be able to meet midway there.

Different interests can create differences in the relationship because you would like to surround yourself with people who share your interests.

It is totally acceptable, but why don’t you give a shot at finding out something that interests both of you?

7. Have fun together

Sharing daily chores is a part of adulting and relationships. However, that doesn’t mean it has to snip the fun element of your relationship.

You must never give up on the ideas of teasing and annoying each other or fighting playfully. Pillow-fight still remains the best way to start having fun in bed. 😉

8. Communicate your needs

Your partner must know about your needs, wants and desires. Sitting quietly and waiting for them to guess will only lead to disappointments.

It ultimately takes your relationship off-track and you end up as a failure.

Remember, no matter how complex your problem is, everything can be solved with effective and good communication.

Talk to your partner about what you want or if there is something that you wish to change.

9. Observe the non-verbal cues

Not everyday your partner would want to speak about their problems.

On some days, the work pressure may be prying on them silently. On the other hand, your partner may be struggling financially and may feel embarrassed to tell you.

But you must understand that by their behavior and body language.

Like, if your partner usually eats outside on weekends, but this time they choose to stay indoors and cook at home or are cutting out on expenses for a while… pick on the cues!

10. Listen to them

Don’t communicate only to talk. Your relationship depends on both of you, and hence, the needs of both have to be taken care of.

If you get a chance to speak, your partner must get one too.

Similarly, if you expect your partner to listen to your needs and fulfill them, then you must do it too. Don’t only hear, listen to them, without any outside interference.

11. Understand what is important to your partner

You are two different individuals committed to this relationship. The two individuals will have different opinions, ideas, priorities, goals, passion, interests, and whatnot.

While you may want to visit a party during the weekend, your partner may want to spend some time with you.

You may think buying a car is important, whereas they may feel investing to start a business is more important.

Respect the opinions and list the pros and cons for both… Finally find a common ground that makes you both happy.

12. Don’t chase wins

Your relationship is not a competition, it’s a partnership. Winning or losing should not be even a thought in your mind.

So, if you have to lose an argument to your partner to avoid unpleasant situations, do that. Losing an argument is always better than losing a relationship.

13. Ensure you are fighting fair

If you want your partner to do something for you, and they haven’t done it in a while, it will certainly result in a fight. But ensure that you are fighting fair.

You must have realistic arguments where you demand answers from your partner from the situation. Playing ‘blame-game’ in the relationship is only going to lead to toxicity or worse, different ways.

14. Do not bring in old arguments

Let the past be in the past.

If you are somebody who keeps bringing up old arguments in today’s conversation, I am sorry to say but your partner might leave you soon.

Remember, to err is human and as a partner, you must not send them on a guilt trip. Focus on the present problems… not the past, which is anyway out of your control.

15. Forgive easily

Well, it may seem too cliché, but believe me, this tip has saved millions of relationships worldwide and it can save yours too.

Like I said before, everyone makes mistakes and if you keep reiterating it, it will create a rift in your relationship, or worse, end it.

So, learn to forgive if you want a long-term relationship. No, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about the hurt it inflicted on you.

But if they are guilty about it and they assure you to change, don’t always circle back to the same topic.

16. Do not say anything in temper

Our elders keep saying that ‘temper kills everything’, and I agree, especially in the case of relationships.

You can definitely mend something that you broke in anger, but you cannot revisit the time to fix someone’s feelings if you hurt them.

For example, you might tell your partner that they mean nothing to you in temper. But it will keep hammering their mind even after the fight is over. It will act as a silent killer in your relationship.

17. Let go of things for peace

Compromise! Without this ‘golden word’, you cannot survive in a relationship.

Neither you nor your partner is perfect. If they are accepting your flaws, you must accept theirs too.

No, I am not saying you shouldn’t try to change their bad habits. But I am only emphasizing that don’t build a matter to fight on very small occasions.

Let go of things to avoid fights. Later, when you both sit to communicate with your partner, you can put up your points and solve the matter peacefully.

18. Don’t release your frustration on your partner (not always!)

If you had a bad day at work, don’t come home and scream at your partner. Your partner is not responsible for your boss yelling at you or for your failed project.

Releasing your frustration on your partner can disappoint them and ruin your mood. Ultimately, it can result in a heated argument. Find other ways to cope with your frustration.

19. Don’t try to force a solution

Every person has a different approach to solving problems. So, if you force a solution on your partner, they might not consider it.

Give them some time to come up with their own version of a solution. And then, as a team, you both can discuss what is beneficial for both to move out of the tough spots.

20. Revisit the early stages of your relationship

Remember the early stages of your relationship? Everything felt rosy because you paid attention to every detail of your partner and put in efforts to make them happy.

THAT needs to be done throughout the relationship, and you will see that even in the later stages of a relationship, there will be no problems that the two of you cannot solve.

21. Be open to change

You or I cannot deny change. You have to learn to thrive through the changes whether you do it willingly or unwillingly.

So, be flexible and adapt to the changes that take place in your relationship with time.

Accepting the changes will only help you two to grow together and seek good times instead of struggling days.

As they say, my love, change is the only constant.

22. Seek others’ help

No long-term relationships are stable. There will be many problems in your way, some worse than others.

In such cases, it is not bad to seek someone’s help. You can go to a couple therapist or some trusted friend or family member but make sure you both are on the same page about it.

23. Keep realistic expectations

It is nearly impossible that your partner will have all the traits you require them to have. None of us are perfect.

So, to maintain a healthy relationship, it is important to accept your partner as they are.

If you think you can completely change them for your love, then they will lose their individuality which will further lead to disappointments.

24. Ask questions

Asking questions to your partner is just another way of communicating that you are their priority.

It shows that you value their opinions and, in a relationship, valuing each other is very important. So, ask your partner about their opinion before making an important decision.

If they are narrating something, ask them about their experiences and show that you are interested in their life.

25. Share information

If you believe in research reports, they conclude that sharing information brings people closer.

So, during a conversation, make sure you discuss your day, your dreams, and your life, in general.

However, ensure that you do not give away too much personal information at the stage of knowing each other.

26. Depend on each other

Your dependency on your partner symbolizes your trust in them. So, always fulfill your share of responsibilities and tell them they will have your back, no matter what.

Remember, dependency is healthy only until you don’t depend on each other for happiness. Be happy in your own skin and let them add to it.

27. Use ‘I’ statements

Yes, you must share your opinions freely and honestly with your partner but you must not blame them in the process.  

Instead, you should use ‘I’ statements like “When you don’t call me, I start to feel like you don’t care about me.”

If you tell them “You don’t call me when you go somewhere. It feels like only I care for the relationship” – it will only inflict further damage.

28. Use clean language

Make sure you use your words wisely while talking to your partner. You do not want to attack your partner for something, but you are attacking the problem.

So, avoid criticizing or judging them and discuss the behavior you are upset about.

29. Understand some problems have no easy solution

Not all problems can be solved between two different individuals. Some problems are deeply rooted and you cannot change everything about a person.

So, it is you who have to decide if you can live with the problems and accept what you have or still love the person even when there’s no feasible solution to it.

30. Be affirming

John Gottman, a relationship researcher stated,“Happy couples have a ratio of 5 positive interactions or feelings for every one negative interaction or feeling.”

Hence, you must always focus on the positive aspects of a relationship and express gratitude and affection for each other to keep your relationship healthy.

31. Be a part of the process

Everyone may seem confident and happy but most of us are trying to learn and adapt to situations. You both are still trying to know each other and relationships are all about that.

You have to be a part of that process and practice the art of building a happy relationship.

32. Be yourself

In the initial phases of a relationship, most people pretend to be something else just to keep their partners happy. It is one of the most underrated problems of any relationship.

Of course, you can’t keep the pretense forever. So, after some time, when your original version starts to come to surface, it causes a rift in the relationship.

This is because they have always loved and known you for your ‘pretended’ personality rather than the original YOU.

33. Know everything about them

In a relationship, you must not always focus on ‘How was your day?”

As a partner, you must know everything about them so you should ask further like ‘What made you smile today?’ or ‘Why do you seem so frustrated?’

Such questions will reap amazing benefits for your long-lasting relationships.

34. Check-in with each other

Make this a weekly thing. After every week, sit and analyze what didn’t work for you last week and how you plan to improve things.

Also, make schedules, plan dates, see what is waiting for you in the coming days and revisit your good times.

These weekly check-ins are very important to fulfill the unmet needs of any relationship.

35. Keep it sexy

“Sexy” in general represents the excitement in the relationship, not only on the bed, but in your day-to-day life.

It is sexy to help your partner in household tasks or maybe use the washroom with an open door, etc. So, keep it sexy and silly, my friend! 😉

36. Take a mental vacation

The daily hustle-bustle of life hardly leaves no energy within you and your partner. But, every once in a while, it’s good to take a break away from all this and just be with your partner.

This is a mental break… trust me, it is necessary for the good mental health of your partner and you.

37. Take fight breaks

In a relationship, conflicts are a part of daily life and so it is advised to approach them thoughtfully. Keep calm and show kindness towards your partner.

In case you see a lot of stress while talking, either of you can call out for a break to help you or your partner calm down.

This doesn’t mean you should run away from the conversation, tell them when you will come back to revisit the conversation. (10 minutes, Tomorrow, etc.)

38. Express your true feelings

Many partners lie to their other half for years-long due to the fear of hurting them. But, gradually with time, things pile up and lead to ugly fights.

This will, in turn, lead to frustration and suppressed anger… which can harm your relationship like no other.

Hence, make sure you don’t try to hide anything from your partner, right from the first day. Loyalty and honesty for each other will help you thrive longer in the relationship.  

39. Seek to understand, not agree

This concept is simple but difficult to apply. Most conversations turn into arguments because we’re always seeking an “agreement.”

But, instead if you choose to “understand,” most of your conflicts will find a resolution.

40. Make your apology count

Apologizing and forgiving is always a good thing for all of us, whether in a relationship or as strangers. Accepting that your partner is hurt and feeling sorry in real, makes a crucial impact.

Hurting your partner intentionally or not, seeking an apology for the pain caused is always worth it.

41. Don’t take them for granted

Let’s admit it, we all tend to do that. It may sound very simple to thank them, for their daily chores like making coffee or tea, doing the dishes, etc., but most people still fail to do it.

Don’t do that. Taking your partner for granted can make them feel unimportant.

Instead, be mindful of the small things your partner does for you and acknowledge it from time to time.

42. Give each other some ‘me-time’

Being with your partner may feel secure, but it is also necessary to spend some time alone. At times, being around the same person 24/7 may seem annoying.  

So, spending some ‘me time’ is mandatory as it enables personal growth, self-reflection, etc.

As absence makes the heart fonder, spending time alone will also make you appreciate your partner more often.

43. Don’t ‘let yourself go’

When a certain level of comfort is reached with a person, you are not hesitant in being yourself.

You no longer feel awkward or have a specific behavior. Same pants, messy hair, random outfits, all gradually become normal in a relationship.

But, amidst this comfort zone, you shouldn’t ignore your hygiene, or allow your personal space to be ruined.

44. Trust your partner

Trusting and having faith in your partner is a little difficult, especially when you have been hurt in the past. This may lead to several unwanted situations and arguments.

You definitely can’t allow your own “individual” insecurities to ruin this relationship. Hence, it’s always better to trust your partner, communicate with them, and, if needed, take therapy.

45. Set mutual goals

Setting mutual goals can impact your relationship positively. The process must involve both your efforts and you both must have equal zeal to achieve it.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of you and your partner can help you both to learn more and work harder towards each one’s interests.

This aids in bringing harmony and building something wonderful, as a team, apart from what you may imagine.

46. Appreciate them

As a couple, if you both celebrate every moment of joy, achievements at work, new milestones achieved, etc., it will make your partner feel special.

Noticing the minute things, remembering important dates, supporting their passion and dreams, etc. make your partner feel appreciated and valued. This in the end helps build a stronger bond.

47. Understand their perspective

Your partner may have a perspective towards a situation that is different from yours. You must listen to them and understand their outlook before reacting.

48. Try new things

Trying new things, visiting different places, eating different cuisines will keep things fun and interesting between you both.

Planning a good date, casually visiting a tourist place, or setting off for a trip, are all small gestures of making your relationship better.

49. Keep a balance between friends and partners

You must try to maintain a balance between your work, colleagues, friends, and partner. It may seem difficult but it will help you create healthy relationships with everyone.

50. Keep your ego aside

Ego ruins the relationship so if you love your partner, don’t show pride by not expressing it. Or else, your partner will slowly start distancing away from you.

Moreover, if you have made some mistakes, keep your ego aside and accept it to save your relationship from falling away.

51. Stop comparing your relationship

Comparing your relationship with other couples, noticing how others are doing, impacts how you behave with your partner.

You need to avoid this practice at all costs if you want to save your relationship from the ruins.

Remember, each relationship is perfect and unique in its way.

52. Don’t pressurize your partner

Whether you are married or committed to your partner, you must never pressurize your partner.

Each one of us is different and adopts different ways to fulfill responsibilities. Have faith in your partner and support them at all odds.

53. Don’t consider your relationship as a failure

In case your bond is not working out, don’t consider it a failure. Think of this as a stepping stone and this too shall pass.

54. They are not God to understand everything

Your partner can’t be an expert at everything that may be on your mind. They neither have a mind-reading power nor are professionals in guidance. And this doesn’t mean that the love they shower on you is less.

55. Push your internal boundaries occasionally

Every healthy relationship has boundaries. In fact, a relationship doesn’t work out if the defined boundaries are not clear and respected.

In marriages or relationships, healthy boundaries can help you keep up for the long run. This creates a natural limit for both.

Later, these limits are benefited as both of them have a mutual understanding and also agree to abide by them.

56. Visit new places

Visit places you two have not gone before. It will lead to some adventures that you can cherish for a lifetime.

57. Celebrate milestones

For a healthy relationship, it is always important to celebrate milestones like anniversaries or any special dates you two have shared. If you have achieved any goal together, celebrate it.

58. Talk to elders

It is always good to seek support from your elders. They will teach you how to handle certain phases of your relationship and make sure you both emerge out of it as a healthy couple.

59. Know that Sexuality can change over time

For all the couples, it is important to understand that their sexual preferences can change over time and you must keep a check on it with your partner.

60. Don’t take it as a pressure to justify your relationship to others

LGBT couples are not widely accepted and hence, they hesitate to show their love towards their partners. But you must know that your relationship is yours and you don’t have to prove it to anyone.

61. Stay silent!

Whether or not you’ve done anything wrong, sometimes it’s important to stay silent. Let them vent out their anger, and if you think it’s your fault, don’t hesitate to apologize.

Accepting and apologizing for your mistakes can open the road to a long relationship and set everything right.

62. Don’t compete

In a relationship, you are a team and not an opponent. So, don’t waste your time trying to prove you are better than them.

63. Trust your gut

Buddy, your gut can tell you things that your eyes cannot. So, listen to your gut and act accordingly.

64. Don’t let external forces control your relationship

Relationships suffer more because of the interference of others. Do not give anyone the right to control your relationship, EVER.

65. Don’t babysit

Your partner is a grown-up and wouldn’t like you spoon feeding them every action. Give them their space to decide their next course of action.

66. Don’t forget Self-love

You cannot love someone else rightly unless you know how to love yourself. So, start loving yourself and you will see the love being reflected in the relationship.

67. Respect your relationship

It is never a good idea to belittle your partner in front of others. You can discuss your problems in private but always respect your relationship in public.

68. Don’t let money become a barrier

Often when one partner earns more than another, there’s a kind of ego between the two, and the one earning more starts dominating the other. However, ensure that you maintain equality in the relationship.

69. Be selective

There can be someone out there who has all materialistic possessions but it doesn’t make you feel right. So, select your partner that makes your heart sing.

70. Commit from your heart and soul

If you think of other people while being with your partner, you aren’t entirely committed and your relationship may lead to a failure.

71. Know their temperaments

With time, you will understand what angers your partner and how they react to it. Avoid arguing during such times even when they are wrong to save your relationship.

72. It shouldn’t become stressful

Your relationship must not bring you stress consistently. Yes, ups and downs are a part of it, but if you are in constant stress, identify the problem at once and sort it out.

73. Use humor

Whether it is a fight or a gathering, your partner will always love your added humor to lighten the environment.

74. Don’t manipulate

Your partner doesn’t need to say ‘YES’ to everything. So, don’t sugarcoat things and try to manipulate them. It is not a sign of a healthy relationship.

75. Know your fighting styles

Some people need time to be alone during a fight whereas some need to rant. Respect the fighting style of your partner and give them the space to practice that.

76. Acknowledge them in public

Appreciating them is important but acknowledging them is more important. You must seek pride in introducing your partner to others.

77. Recognize circular arguments

In regular intervals, if you keep fighting over the same topics, then you must sit down at once and sort the issue.

78. Say ‘I love you

No matter how old the relationship is, saying ‘I love you’ will always make them feel special.

79. Surprise them

It does not necessarily have to be big… you can also surprise them with small little things.

Order in food from their favorite restaurant or maybe buy some flowers while on your way back home from work.

80. Don’t be on the phone always

If you’re always on the phone, this is your cue to stop doing it. So, stop scrolling Instagram and instead spend some time hearing stories from your partner.

81. Fix problems early

If there is a misunderstanding, sort it ASAP! Don’t wait for your partner to speak up or use it as a weapon to fight.

82. Organize some special date nights

If you know your partner has had a tough day, plan a special date night without any occasion to light up their mood.

83. Eat together

Couples should have at least one meal together a day to spend quality time and talk about their day. It makes you value each other.

84. Leave sweet notes

It is always a good idea of leaving thank you notes for your partner. It can be as simple as ‘Thank you for washing the dishes today.’

85. Spend time with their family

Yes, you may not feel comfortable as your partner but it is still important. They will love every bit of you for doing this.

86. Be there for them

Don’t say ‘I have your back’ but prove it. Make them so comfortable that whenever they have some problem, they can approach you without batting an eyelid.

87. Do silly things together

Being adults doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to be silly. You must share lame things together and even opt for silly activities.

88. Accept their family traditions

There will be many differences in each other’s families. Accepting even a few traditions from their family will create a huge space for you in your partner’s heart.

89. Dress up

Dress up for your partner, according to their choices, especially on the rough days.

90. Don’t be insecure

Don’t restrict them from having friends of the opposite gender. They should be able to make friends without your interference and hang out with them as they want.

91. Fulfill your promises

Breaking promises can be extremely disheartening. If you know you cannot do it, tell your partner beforehand, instead of disappointing them later

92. Remember your special days

Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries may make your partner feel unworthy. So, if you’re a forgetful sort, mark the dates and surprise your partner.

93. See how far you have come

Whenever you fight, see how far you have come with them and the efforts they took for you before calling the relationship off.

94. Breathe together

If you become a part of their breathing process i.e., inhale and exhale together and feel it, you come closer to each other.

95. Touch often

Touches give you a different sense of belongingness. It reassures that you’re not just emotionally present but will also be physically present to solve every situation for them.

96. Watch movies together

If you started watching a series or movie together, don’t continue watching it alone. Instead, wait for your partner to get free to resume watching.

97. Go on holidays

Yes, you need a break and it is a fact that couples going on holiday together come back stronger.

98. Watch sunrise/sunset together

You can go for early morning or late evening walks together to observe sunrise or sunset. Pleasant sceneries of nature have positive impacts on your relationship.

99. Don’t make them guilty for having ‘me’ time

If your partner spends time with their friends or family, don’t taunt them and make them feel guilty.

100. Sing their favorite song

If you want to make them blush, sing your love song for them or even better if you can compose a song with their name in it.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

So, after reading these tips, I am sure you are ready to level-up your relationship.

If you follow even a few from this list, you’ll feel a lot closer to your partner. The problems will seem easier to solve and nothing will look impossible.

However, you must know that it is not a one-day thing. You will have to follow these tips every day consistently to achieve their results.

…and buddy, if you’ve reached till here of this think-piece, I am sure you’re committed to make your partner happy… and you will!