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Wife Material: 65 Signs You’ve Found the One or 10 Ways to Become One!

Wife Material: 65 Signs You’ve Found the One or 10 Ways to Become One!

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Wife Material - 65 Signs You’ve Found the One or 10 Ways to Become One

Wondering what makes a woman wife material? Think she’s a servant who sacrifices her life for her husband and in-laws? Curious if your partner is wife material?

Well, you reached the best place to find out all the answers to your questions. This think-piece will even show whether you’re a wife material or not.

If you’re not, you’ll find how to be one. Most of all, you’ll learn how to be happy in married life.

Some people use the phrase “wife material” in the wrong sense. It’s even time to bust those abusers. Because being a wife material doesn’t have anything to do with obedience.

 So, come on, let’s know how the modern wife material looks here…

Wife Material Meaning

A woman is wife material when she’s loving, caring, respectful, honest, true to herself, and independent in all ways. The term expresses the desirability of a woman to a man who wants to marry her.

Wife material defines a woman with certain qualities and traits that make her a great wife. This phrase describes the desirability of a woman to a man so that he wants to marry her.

It’s the qualities that make her more ideal for married life. You may debate that everyone’s desired quality is different, so whether a woman is a “wife material” depends on the man.

However, a woman is wife material when she’s trustworthy, honest, loving towards children and the man’s family, mature, responsible with money, and wishes to stay beside you.

While some qualities do depend on the man, the basics are always the same.

You’ll find dating material girls quickly because you don’t look for such qualities. But it’s hard to find wife material women… because when you think of marriage, you think about everyone’s happiness.

It’s also hard because men don’t know that the wife material doesn’t hide in the pub.

But how do you know she is a wife material… with the help of these qualities…

Qualities of Wife Material (Characteristics of Wife Material)

A woman isn’t a wife material when she only focuses on your home… She is one when she loves herself as she loves others. Want a quick idea of a wife material woman? Then, you must look out for her qualities.

Make sure you peel your eyes open and observe her qualities in and outside the household and her outlook on her own life.

1. She loves your loved ones no less than you.

2. She fights for you.

3. She’s your personal motivational speaker.

4. She doesn’t feel jealous of your female friends.

5. She has a life of her own.

6. She’s independent in her own way.

7. She sees through your facade and still loves you.

8. She’s friendly with children and elders.

9. She’s kind to both known and unknown people.

10. She’s the best friend you always wanted.

11. She doesn’t crumble in the face of hardships.

12. She allows you space when you need some.

13. She doesn’t make fun of you publicly.

14. She shows her vulnerabilities to you and depends on you during hard times.

15. She can cook and do other household chores.

16. She’d rather work on things than complain about them.

17. She’s not toxic or abusive.

18. She’s great at managing finance.

19. She doesn’t take anyone’s insult.

20. She doesn’t hold unrealistic expectations.

Are these too direct to understand? Let’s check it in detail from these signs…

How to know she’s wife material – 65 Signs

Whether you already have a partner or a single female best friend around you… or your parents arranged her for you.

Wondering how to find out if she’s marriage material? Well, spend more time and tally these signs with her…

1. She deals with life setbacks well

After marriage, wives face many hardships. Though you, as a husband, want to help her, it’s not always possible. Moreover, marriage is an equal partnership, so she must be capable of bearing responsibilities.

If someone always depends on you for minor inconveniences in life, she isn’t ready to be a wife. If she handles all the lows and disappointments… that’s a great sign.

2. She cares for her body, not just her appearance

Physical attraction is important for relationships to begin. However, if someone is only obsessed with how they look superficially, they’ll never look deep within you either.

But don’t confuse this with her health consciousness. If she pays attention to her diet, hygiene, and fitness, and wants to keep herself fit and healthy… then she loves herself, that’s not an obsession for perfection.

When a woman loves herself, she has enough love to share with others too… so she’ll also love your loved ones.

3. She’s universally kind

Kindness is a noble virtue and everyone doesn’t have it. A kind woman is compassionate not just to you. She’ll be kind even to strangers.

For instance, if she sees an elderly person standing, she’ll leave them her seat. If she sees a lost child crying, she’ll help her find their parents.

If she can be that kind to unknown people, imagine her kindness when you love her… another sweet wife material sign.

4. She loves the real you

Let’s be honest, many men try to impress women with abs, cash, sports cars, and luxury items. A good wife material doesn’t care about these. She knows that a person’s heart matters more.

She will love you for your property. Rather, she’ll love you for how you treat her during difficult situations. If she finds everything about you lovable… that’s a great sign.

She won’t depend on a checklist for “husband material” and loves you despite everything… she’ll hope you do too because nobody is perfect, right?

5. She’s motivated and focused

Nothing can beat down a motivated woman who focuses on what she wants. Wives face challenges every day in their life.

If you set your mother as an example, whether she was a working woman or a full-time homemaker, she had too much on her plate.

She was able to work things through and help you grow up because she knew her goals.

If she fell down many times but got right up… because if she doesn’t her family will suffer… that’s exactly what you want in a wife.

6. She loves your friends and family

Your friends and family are very close to your heart. If someone says anything against them, you’ll feel like punching them… at least that’s how I feel.

If she gets along well with your friends and family… that means she’s like-minded and respects your loved ones. So, she’ll always be kind and loving towards them… that’s a crucial wife material sign.

You can’t live with someone who’s prejudiced against your loved ones. You can’t accept them truly as a life partner.

7. You have common values

It’s kinda refreshing to be with someone with different values and perceptions. You learn about one another’s views and broaden your horizons.

However, if they don’t accept your values…it’s not possible to stick together.

So, either a woman with the same or similar values or a woman open and accepting of your values is marriage material. During hardships, she won’t blame you for not considering her perspective.

If she’s there for you through thick and thin and supports you… go pick the ring, NOW!

8. She’s great with money

What kind of woman are you seeing? Does she blow cash like air or is she very calculative about expenses? If your girl buys items impulsively and later doesn’t even use them… she didn’t make the wife material checklist.

To work with long-term relationships, both men and women must be aware of money management… finances are important for marriages.

Before you call a woman wife material, notice how she manages her money. If she’s out of cash by the end of the month, she’s not the one.

If she saves well, that’s a pretty sign of being wife material.

9. She’s an optimistic person

When you’re low and beat yourself down for not being the best… a wife material will motivate you. She’ll tell you you’re on the right path and you’ll soon achieve your goals.

If she has an optimistic outlook on your life, that’s your sign buddy. She’ll pick you up when you’re down, she’ll support you even if you need money to grow.

She’ll never reprimand your failures and you’ll feel safe being with her.

10. She doesn’t stay silent if you’re wrong

Marriage life isn’t sweet at all… remember how your parents fought so hard? That’s actually normal and you’ll face that too. So, what do you think your mother must do when your father goes wrong?

You hope that she’ll stick on her ground and tell him he’s wrong. Human beings make mistakes and they need guidance to become a better person. Some people don’t tell their partners they’re wrong.

However, that’s unhealthy because later it’ll wreck your marital life. A good wife may not call out on your stupidity but a great wife will.

If she isn’t silent with your stupidity, wife her up.

11. She makes the best out of every moment

Life is mostly gloomy and down. You gotta work it out on yourself and make life interesting. Women who drown in sorrows and don’t try to get out of it… will also make you feel depressed.

However, if she makes the best out of everything… helps you enjoy life even through difficulties, that’s the sign! You’ll love being with her because of her nature.

12. She isn’t afraid to be alone

Many men think a good wife is someone who’ll depend on you. She’ll latch onto you for every need… but that’s toxic. Such women are only there for the money.

However, if a woman isn’t afraid to fight the world and take her own responsibilities… yet wants you. That’s it, man! She has pure intentions and is truly capable of being your partner through rain and shine.

13. She doesn’t chase and makes you the chaser

A great wife will let you be and won’t question all of your actions. She’ll rather wait until you speak up about what’s happening.

She won’t chase you to the end of the world because she knows her value.

Her confidence will make you feel unconfident. You’ll naturally want her attention more than she wants you. She’s that wonderful that you’ll want her all to yourself… without her saying a word.

If all these rings a bell, you already found her.

14. She makes you feel needed

Women are always on guard because they don’t want anyone taking advantage of their vulnerabilities.

Even at their worst they cover up and keep their distance. However, this makes men feel undesired and doubt their capabilities.

“Maybe she doesn’t think I can handle it?” lingers on your mind.

A wife material won’t hide her weaknesses from you. Even if she’s a strong independent woman, she’ll include you in her life decisions and ask for support during vulnerable times because you’re an important part of her life.

15. She isn’t unpredictable in serious matters

An extraordinary wifey material tackles poor situations with her brains. Women are emotional beings and she’s bound to break… However, she knows that if she doesn’t keep her cool, nobody else will.

She’s a born leader and acts the way grave situations need. If something bad occurs, she prioritizes dealing with the situation, she’s ready to be wifed up. She contains her unpredictability for fun only… she’ll have a versatile nature.

16. She stays far from drama

Ever seen a couple where the woman abuses the partner during conflicts? They might slap their partner or say mean things… this is common in heterosexual couples. Some women take advantage of female-oriented laws and abuse their partners.

A woman with marriage material traits won’t do that. Even during fights, she’ll be respectful. She won’t assume men don’t feel pain or their partner is entitled to stand abuse.

If she doesn’t lose her mind, hit you emotionally or physically and apologize to make things better… What are you waiting for? She’s your wife from the beginning.

17. She protects her private life from society

Many women post couple pictures on social media all day long to show off. They gossip about how their partner is better than their friends. It might seem great from afar “because she’s proud of me”.

However, if she’s always like that… she’s hungry for attention. She wants validation from everyone that she’s happy. If she shares your personal fights with the world, that’s also disrespectful.

If she knows better than sharing internal deets, that’s your wise wife material.

18. She honestly appreciates your compliments

Most girls can’t take compliments. The other person then tries to convince her. This is a mind game most women play subconsciously.

They aren’t confident about themselves so when someone compliments them, they try to indirectly hear more compliments.

A fabulous wife material knows she is fabulous… and she’ll take the compliments confidently.

If she doesn’t make you drag around the topic and accepts compliments gratefully, she’s your wife material.

19. She’s decisive about her life

Wife material women aren’t all about household and chores. They also commit their life to professional goals. Even if their goals are far from their grasp, they’re serious about reaching them… and have a path in mind to reach them.

She doesn’t hesitate to take charge of her life because she values it. However, she might also aspire to be a homemaker.

For her, if it’s not about the endpoint, but her dedication and decision-making nature to reach it… you found an amazing woman to tie the knots.

20. She won’t stay quiet if you’re at fault

Many assume that a woman is wife material if she tolerates her partner’s abuse. That’s not the actual definition of a wife… she isn’t a slave.

She’ll stay if you respect, love, and cherish her… if you’re a husband material.

She knows the basic necessity to live life respectfully is that you mustn’t tolerate abuse either. That’s why she can help you, your children, and your family lead a respectful life. If your woman won’t tolerate your BS, she’s wife material.

21. She doesn’t blow up arguments

Arguments are quite natural in marriages because two people are unique. They won’t have the same views about everything in life. However, arguments can be healthy and unhealthy.

If she doesn’t escalate arguments into battles, she’s wife material. She’ll communicate even if you’re on different sides.

However, if she flips out because you two don’t think the same, you dislike something she did, or you asked her to stop doing something… that’s one of the major red flags.

22. You believe she’s your best friend

Marriage is a lifetime partnership or team. If you don’t coordinate like a team, it’s really hard. Imagine playing soccer with a new teammate… you don’t know one another’s moves. You’ll have difficulties winning and the same goes for a marriage.

She’s a marriage material when you think she’s your best friend. A best friend knows everything about you and does just what you need. You can’t start a family without cultivating friendships.

23. She doesn’t need to be always right

Some women always have an urge or impulse to be right. Even if they’re absolutely wrong, you can’t refute them, else it’s war. That’s a toxic way to get her way in the relationship.

In such relationships, husbands unwillingly accept defeat even when they’re not at fault. This develops resentment and the relationship becomes bitter.

If she admits her wrongs, doesn’t feel ashamed about it, doesn’t involve ego in between love… you already got your wifey.

24. She can take a joke

Women are more serious than men about daily life. That’s great but people also need to relax in their relationship. If she easily gets angry about the mildest inconvenience… that can make your life hell.

Wife materials know when their partner joked or pulled a prank. They play along with them, rather than fighting over small issues. When you both laugh together, you’ll love harder and live longer.

If your sense of humor matches perfectly like wine and cheese… that’s an amazing sign of wife material.

25. She can cook

No, this isn’t a gender role that only women must cook. However, a good wife material must know how to cook regular food. You can’t live off Taco Bell or KFCs… unless you want to be hospitalized.

Likewise, you must know how to cook too… it’s not only her job. However, if you get sick… will she feed you fast food? That’s when this becomes a must for your wife.

So, can your girl cook? If yes, she can be your wife.

26. She has similar faith

Many couples have different faiths and still make it work. However, most can’t stick together till the end. Marrying someone of a different religion and staying together till the end… isn’t about your tolerance.

Partaking in religious rituals together is a different way to bond. However, this is valid only if you’re deeply religious. If you don’t invest much time in religious practices, it might work out.

So, all the religious folks, if your woman is of the same religion, she’s your wife material.

27. She isn’t a party addict

No shade on parties… but against the addiction of parties. Being a party addict implies drug and alcohol addiction, less quality time with family, and more superficial time socializing.

Such women won’t focus on family and wifely duties. They’ll ditch their crying babies and stressed partner to enjoy a drink. Wife material isn’t a party animal.

Your girl is also a wife material… if she’s used to parties, but that’s not her sole purpose or goal in life.

28. She doesn’t mind housework

Once again, wives aren’t supposed to do housework. Despite your gender, you both must share the chores.

Someone who hates chores or uses the banner of feminism to avoid household responsibilities… They aren’t wifey figures at all.

A perfect wife may not like chores, but she’ll understand her responsibilities. She won’t ask you to hire a maid unless she’s incapable due to ailments or work.

If she takes pride in doing chores because it’s her house, that’s the one, boy!

29. She doesn’t leave you for money

Gold-diggers are never wife materials. If anyone falls in love with you after you flaunted money and authority… know that she’s not the one. If someone leaves you when you’re broke… deem yourself lucky.

Find yourself a wife who will stay with you even if you lost everything. A wife material will even support you financially when you’re broke… but she may step back if you try exploiting her goodwill.

Good wives love supporting their partners, but they aren’t fools. If she’s wife material, she won’t dump you when you’re broke.

30. She understands your circumstances

A marriage material woman will understand your feelings and circumstances. She won’t expect or force you to do something against your wishes. She’ll listen to your explanation and respect boundaries.

However, don’t expect them to silently accept everything. Rather, explain and never judge her or think she’s not wife material for questioning you.

They’re humans, not pets, and only want to understand you… to make the relationship work better.

If someone respects your circumstantial boundaries… that’s the one.

31. She’s loyal to you

Whether you go on business trips or she goes clubbing with the girls, a wife material won’t look at another man. She’ll prioritize exclusivity and loyalty and expect you to be the same… that’s her trademark.

For her, love, sex, and flirting all happen with the same man. She thinks one-night stands are pointless.

However, when a woman is more into quantity, not quality… a marriage won’t tie her down. She isn’t worth the shot.

32. She’s not too picky

You can’t satisfy a picky person ever. They’ll always find some issue with you, their life, their materials, your loved ones… This is a sign they can’t compromise.

In serious relationships, compromise is important and if she can’t do it at all, they aren’t the one. The ability to adjust as the situation calls and be content with your attention is a lost virtue in modern times.

If you find someone with such traits, you better pop the ring!

33. She doesn’t disregard your opinions

A marriage material woman will listen to your opinions, think about them, and then act on them. She won’t brush off your opinions herself or others.

Suppose, you easily give in to others’ demands and others take advantage of you. Your wife mustn’t allow that, she’ll support you to stand up for yourself. This might seem very basic, but trust me, it’s really hard to find.

Not every woman knows that you unwillingly say “yes” a lot. But if your woman does and acts on it… that’s the sign of a perfect wife material.

34. She’s open to learning new things

For many, an ideal wife material must have the zeal to learn new things every day. She won’t find unknown things boring.

For instance, you and your partner have different professional lives. You have lots to share about your work… but it’s not your partner’s subject or interest.

This leads to frustration and you look for someone else to share your feelings. However, a wife material will want to listen and know. Her attitude will show you she likes it and you’ll wanna share more.

35. She never cheated before

Many men want someone who has never dated before. However, if you’re looking for wife material… it’s safe to find someone who did.

A relationship newbie’s actions are unpredictable… but an experienced person is predictable.

So, if your woman ever cheated on anyone… even one person or even kissed or flirted with someone… they aren’t the wife you want. Because you never know if they’ll cheat again… a wife material won’t have a cheating history.

36. She buys you gifts

From age-old tales, women aren’t allowed to work, seek equal wages, or opportunities. The current woman wants equality, she wants to earn her living and not be a burden to her father or husband.

When a woman holds similar principles, wants to stay independent, buys you presents with her money, doesn’t bow to you for your money, makes you feel special like a child who got their first candy… she’s wife material.

37. She has high self-esteem

A woman with low self-esteem always seeks others’ validation. She’ll expect you to cheer her up in different ways. If you don’t, she’ll assume you don’t care about the relationship.

Even if you show her endless love, she’ll find something at fault and sob. She expects someone to give all of their attention 24/7.

She might even worry about maintaining superficial things like status, lifestyle, appearances, etc… All of these are major warning signs.

If your girl has high self-esteem and always focuses on what really matters… She’s wife material.

38. She doesn’t do anything for the “society”

A wife material will care for others because she wants to, not because she’s obligated. She won’t go along with things she doesn’t believe in.

Many girls do show a caring side BECAUSE their parents said so… and that shows on their faces. One look at her and you’ll know someone forced her.

On the contrary, if she does things on her own, doesn’t wait for anybody’s advice, and knows just how to show warmth to people… don’t miss a beat, she’s the one.

39. She’s realistic AF

At some point, all girls watched or read a princess story where the knight saves a damsel in distress. Some liked the idea, others didn’t.

If a woman understands she can’t depend on a man to save her, she needs to protect herself all alone… that’s the woman you need in your life. You can’t be busy giving your partner a reality check… you got better things to do.

So, it’s always better to marry someone who doesn’t live in fairy tales. If she says “I’ll deal with it myself”, that’s your wedding bells chiming.

40. She knows what she wants

A woman with her $hit together is always the hottest marriage material. She knows which way she’ll go; she won’t depend on you to make her decisions.

For instance, if you’re out of town or busy… she’s all alone and gets news of an emergency. At that moment you need her to make decisions herself. You won’t be available forever, so a decisive woman is important for a marriage.

If this sounds familiar, you already found the one.

41. She doesn’t let pride get in her way

Couples have fights, don’t talk for days, ignore one another’s presence… These are normal in marriage. But what if you become sick during a fight? Will she continue the cold war and leave you to fend for yourself?

A good wife material knows the limits of her pride. She knows her priorities straight. She will treat you to health even in the middle of a fight. Her motherly affections won’t know any bounds.

42. She isn’t disorderly

A wife material woman must also keep at least her things tidy. Women own many products like clothes, makeup, and other items. She must put her things back in place and not expect her partner to clean the mess.

Even if it looks cute initially, a disorderly person can ruin your life.

If she’s responsible for the cleanliness of her products… don’t you think that’s enough of a sign?

Again, both partners need to be neat and orderly to make a marriage work. Before you look for such a wife make sure you’re orderly too.

43. She’s sensitive to your emotions

Another wife material trait is sensitivity to your and others’ feelings. Many people don’t consider others’ emotions and say anything without a filter.

You won’t be happy with someone who doesn’t understand your feelings… because they’ll repeat the same mistakes. It might also hurt your loved ones.

If she always treats you gently when you’re down… that’s a sign she’ll make the perfect wife.

44. She appreciates you in bed

A woman who doesn’t appreciate your performance or pleasuring ways in bed isn’t satisfied. You’ll never know if you can make her feel good and feel doubtful. You never know when she might seek another man to fulfill her desires.

A wife material knows that communicating in bed is important for her partner’s confidence. If she says it either verbally or in other ways that you make her feel good… she’s ready to walk down the aisle.

45. She has a good relationship with her mother

The relationship between a mother and child is pure and full of love. Unless a mother is absolutely tactless, no child will hate them. Usually, a mother and her daughter bond the best because two women understand one another’s pains.

A woman who doesn’t get along with her mother has family issues. You don’t know if that will impact your family.

If she treats her mother like her best friend… she’s wife material. Bonus: She’ll also treat your mother the same.

46. She trusts you with her eyes closed

A woman is a wife material when she trusts you wholeheartedly. She won’t get touchy about every woman you interact with.

She won’t get in the way of harmless interaction. She will understand that you can interact without cheating on her.

Suspicious women can’t build happy families. They suffer from trust issues which lead to relationship conflicts. If she trusts you enough to socialize beyond her radar, that’s a good wife material sign.

47. She won’t lie to you

If you ever catch someone lying, they’ll attract trust issues in the relationship. If a woman needs to lie, she either doesn’t trust you to be understanding or knows she’s wrong.

Wife material women are honest with themselves and their marriage/relationship. They know their priorities and hold their morals close to their heart.

If you’re her trusted aid in the whole wide world… that’s another strong sign of wife material.

48. You think she’s funnier than others say

Even if a woman is grumpy usually, if she’s wife material… she’ll try to make you laugh through the worst times. It’s like owning a personal clown who makes things lighter only for you.

It doesn’t mean that she won’t treat others the same. She will, but for you, it might be more. On the flip side, others might not know about her funny side at all. This is because she treats you differently than others.

49. Gossip is just not her cup of tea

A woman who likes to hear gossip, will also be a part of the gossip. She’s mean in so many ways… like the neighborhood lady that complains to your mother for accompanying a female friend. They never bring good news even to their family.

A marriage material woman won’t like gossiping about herself or reading gossip tabloids about celebs. She’ll feel uncomfortable because it doesn’t have a meaning or point.

If she only cares about her life, you, and other loved ones… that’s your wifey!

50. She wants to make love to you

Another sign a woman shows she loves her partner… she’ll crave him in bed. She’s not a sex maniac… but she wants to please her partner. This is one of her ways to express her devotion and love.

Sex is an important part of happy marriages… without it, marriage is dull and uninteresting. If your woman initiates sex and isn’t always on the receiving end of pleasure… She’s the one.

51. She never brings up the past

Everyone makes mistakes in their life, you, me, her, our parents… nobody is flawless. However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to bring up the past. If you open old wounds, they’ll be messy and worse than before.

If she doesn’t poke at your past mistakes and understands that you’re a human and are prone to go wrong, don’t wait to marry her… or someone else will.

52. She finds your quirks tolerable, not cute

If she thinks your quirks aren’t cute… she’s candid! Not all women can be as frank and honest. However, even if she finds it annoying but won’t make a fuss out of it… that’s a sign right there.

She knows that you’re imperfect and still chooses to stay beside you. She understands reality and is in it for a long time, not a good time.

53. She doesn’t mind giving you chances

Sometimes, you’ll fail in life miserably… even worse when you fail to fulfill your partner’s expectations. You let her down, she feels hurt… but she has faith in your potential.

So, she gives you second chances. She knows life is never perfect in the first shot… that’s the person who’ll stay beside you forever.

54. Her bare face looks pretty to you

Your feelings also decide if she’s the perfect wifey for you. Initially, women deck up and feel vulnerable showing their faces. In the later stages of the relationship, women feel confident to show their bare faces.

When you look at her sans makeup… How do you feel? Do you love that look as much as when she’s made up? If yes, that’s your sign buddy.

55. Sacrificing is her second nature

How does your partner behave when you two have different desires? Does she stick to her desire? Or, is she ready for adjustments?

If a woman knows how to deal with differences and always works on middle grounds… that’s another wife material trait.

56. She’s always willing to spice up the bedroom

When you suggest something new in your sex life… how does she react? Does she refuse it right away? Or, does she take time to think about it?

If your girl wants to try out new things in the bedroom to make you happy… How much more do you want? Not all girls are open to such ideas.

57. She puts efforts to make your family happy

When she meets your family, what does she do? Does she laze around with you and your cousins? Or, does she try to please your family in some way?

Perhaps, she asks your mother if she needs help with cooking prep… or, teaches your brother his weak subjects? Or, does she make the ambiance lively?

If any of these are true, she’s waiting for you to ask the big question…

58. She values your space

Sometimes, we want to spend time all alone… to nurture ourselves with things we like. Or, we want space to get over a bad incident in the workplace.

We don’t want to share and relive the situation… We long for time and space to cheer ourselves on.

During these moments, does she let you alone? If yes, then what are you waiting for?

59. She doesn’t interfere with your decisions

Sometimes only you know the best decision for your situation because nobody else faced it. For instance, you’re a workplace bullying victim and you want to switch jobs.

Your parents might try talking you out of it. Your friends ask you to bear with it. However, if your partner stands by your side and believes you made the best decision… that’s another wonderful sign.

60. Your instincts say she’s the one

Here’s a secret way to know if she’s your wife material. What does your heart say? Question yourself… do YOU think she’ll make a good wife? Do you feel you’ll enjoy working in the kitchen together?

Your instincts never lie… so if you feel she’s the one, then she is.

61. She doesn’t judge or compare you

You’re not even close to perfect… even if you have a Ferrari or Tesla. Neither is she because perfection is a farce. However, does she compare you with other men who court her?

We all have emotional moments in our life. Does she laugh at you for shedding tears?

If she never judged or compared you… she has the wifely qualities.

62. She likes your girl – friends

Is she close to your female friends? Do they get along well without drama? Do your female friends say that you found a gem? Or, perhaps she said that she’s lucky to meet your friend?

If she won’t stop you from meeting your female friends and can’t wait to meet up with them again… that’s a wife you got right there.

63. You can’t watch her cry

When she cries, how do you feel? Do you think your world is tearing apart? Do you want to fix every issue in her life right now?

If your world breaks down when you watch her cry… if you think her tears are worth a diamond… that’s a sign you already noticed her wifely qualities.

64. You can’t picture a future without her

Close your eyes and imagine yourself waiting at the altar… and someone walks down the aisle in a white dress. If your traditional marriage scenes are different, then picture that.

Do you see the face of the bride? If it was her face even when you didn’t mean to imagine her… that’s a great sign. In your mind, she’s already your perfect wife material.

65. She likes kids

Does your partner love to play with children? Does she care for your nephew or niece or younger cousin with love?

Does she go “aww” at cute baby pictures? Perhaps she can’t wait until her sibling makes a baby? Did she already plan something for the baby’s future?

If she loved babies beyond means… She’s ready to start a family herself. This is an indirect and subtle sign of being wife material.

Are you a woman? Want him to think you’re a wife material? No issue, let’s find out what to do here…

How to become a good wife material?

If your man doesn’t talk about marriage with you… I understand it feels uncertain. However, you can change the dynamics in your relationship if you shuffle things up a bit.

He’ll definitely understand that you’re gold and want to tie you to himself in no time. So, come on, let’s know how to be wife material here…

1. Make exclusivity your goal

A man will value you only when you give him undivided attention. Men are territorial even about love. So, make sure you boost his ego and stay away from distractions.

However, exclusivity works both ways… he must also believe in exclusivity to notice you as marriage material. If he plays around outside even when you’re ready to go exclusive… he isn’t the one.

If you want to have a serious relationship in the future, be one another’s only love.

2. Spend time without sex

You both are busy throughout the week and your only together time is on the weekends. You go out on dates, have fun, return, have sex, and stay over. This type of routine quickly becomes mainstream.

When men get bored, they don’t want to further the relationships for too long. They want to have fun elsewhere. So, take your time to abstain from the same old fun.

Go on more dates in the daytime so you don’t end up in his bed again. Sex is fun, but if he doesn’t easily get it… he’ll understand your value. He’ll think more about you and want to keep to himself for good.

3. Bare your vulnerabilities

If you have tender secrets, share them with him. Tell him stories of times when you were hurt but nobody was there. Let him know how you fought in your life and made the best of everything.

He will understand that you opened up because you believe in him. He’ll also share some of his old painful tales.

This is a great way to bond deeper and make the relationship stronger. He’ll also think of you as a marriage material more.

4. Ask him about his life

Know how his day went… listen carefully when he speaks. Don’t zone out in the middle of the conversation. Otherwise, he’ll think he bores you and will stop sharing.

Ask follow-up questions about his interests so he feels heard. He wants to marry someone who thinks he’s interesting. After all, you too want him to listen to your ramblings, why not begin by yourself?

5. Be a little unpredictable

During the happy moments, surprise him in unpredictable ways. Make him feel cherished and loved whether he’s happy or sad. When times are bad, order his favorite food to lift his spirits.

If you get good news from him, take him out on a dinner date. Nobody said women can’t plan dates, right? But will he expect this? It’s time to show him how precious you are.

6. Accept him as he is

Men also feel self-conscious about many facts. They doubt whether their partner will accept their rugged sides.

Will she like me this way or should I go change? Will she judge my choice, or should I take her opinion?

All human beings feel a dilemma about certain aspects of their life. So, they need the verbal reassurance that you’ll stay with him despite how he looks or how well the date is.

Vocally appreciate him and show him you accept him anyway.

7. Support him through hardships

Your partner may break down at times… he’ll shed tears, silently sob in the washroom, and come out as if nothing happened. They feel they mustn’t trouble you with their heavy heart.

It’s time to help him get rid of such feelings. Tell them you accept their vulnerabilities… that you understand they’re a human too. They’ll face many hardships and you don’t mind staying with them.

Even if the world turns its back on him, stay with him… and he’ll never forget you in this lifetime.

8. Spend time with his loved ones

If your partner loves their family and friends deeply, make efforts to meet them. Be more open to spending time with your friends and family.

If you feel shy, it might be hard to bring up this topic… but muster up all the courage and tell them you want to join. If you never spent time with their loved ones, this will catch them off guard.

Make sure you genuinely spend time with them… your partner will eventually notice how well you fit in their life. 

9. Spice up your sex life

Though I asked you to keep the sex down for a while… I didn’t ask you to abstain from it. We’re humans in love with worldly desires… we can’t be Bodhisattva just yet.

So, when you have sex after the long break… surprise them with something spicy and fun in the bedroom. It might be one of your fantasies, a new position, a toy… anything that might brighten up your partner.

When sex isn’t boring, your partner can’t think about a life with someone else.

10. Don’t depend on them for happiness

The hottest wife material is an independent woman. She knows how to be happy with herself… which makes her partner jealous and regret not spending time with her.

When your partner is busy with his friends, don’t nag them for attention. Allow them to lead their life their way and have fun. Focus on something you like and embrace the alone time.

Later on, tell your partner about what you did and how much fun you had. Let them feel jealous and dejected that they missed out on the fun.

However, focus on making yourself happy… not on making them jealous.

Do you feel that this term is degrading? Disrespect towards women? I have something to share here…

Is Wife Material a compliment or a Bad Stereotype?

Many think the phrase “wife material” is demeaning to modern women as women aren’t objects to please men. However, here it’s only to point out the traits in a life partner that are both alike for men and women.

The term “wife material” has been controversial for ages. Women no longer live to please a man, have his babies, have his approval, or be the prize he can show off.

This term comes off as offensive to many women because they feel fulfilled with their career and growth… not with how a man thinks about them. They don’t want to be selected as a rare claw machine prize.

However, this think-piece didn’t mean to offend women in any way. I am a feminist and if you check the signs, you’ll find many supportive comments about women.

This piece solely exists to help men identify the qualities in women… and not ignore them for superficial reasons. Moreover, to be husband material, a man must also be the same.

A dude called you wife material… wondering what he meant? Let’s clear the confusion here…

What does it mean when a guy says you’re a wife material?

Though men initially implied a submissive and inferior woman with the term wife material, the meaning changed. Now they mean that you’ve seriously secured a place in their heart.

When a guy says you’re a wife material… he doesn’t mean it negatively. Rather it means he’s looking for a stable partner and you might be the one.

Back in the time, men oppressed women… made them stay at home, do chores, have kids, and fend for themselves… It was a tragedy. However, in this age, there are many feminist men.

They desire equality for their partner and hope that she’ll be as dedicated towards herself as towards you.

Wondering if you’re a wife material at all? Let’s find out from here…

Wife Material Quiz

Whether you want to get married or not… whether you just want to know it for fun or want to know how your boyfriend thinks about you. The easiest way to know if you’re a wife material is this quiz.

So, let’s know your place in the wifey material spectrum…

1. Which one is your top relationship deal breaker from here?

A. Malice

B. Bearing grudges

C. Being lazy

D. Monotony

2. Where do you see yourself in fifteen years?

A. I know where I want to be

B. I might know where

C. I have a number of ideas

D. Breathing somewhere on Earth

3. Which of these is a secret to a second date?

A. Treating service industry folks better

B. Focusing on me while I speak

C. Making me laugh a lot

D. Smooch me until I’m hot

4. What do you feel about family gatherings?

A. It’s my all-time favorite

B. I like the sound of it

C. I do complain when they all return

D. No, I hate thinking about it

5. Do you like entertaining your in-laws?

A. I love it

B. I think it’s fine

C. I can handle it

D. I want to flee

6. Is marriage only a certificate?

A. That’s an oath to commit

B. Yes and it’s lovely

C. It’s as important as your ID

D. What else is it?

7. Do you think opposites can be happy?

A. For some time, but not when it’s about values

B. They can, but not sometimes

C. Until a certain level

D. Always! They’ll forever crave one another

8. Do you think about marriage financially?

A. Well yes because finances matter

B. I do, but mostly not

C. That’s too unromantic

D. Marriage is about money

9. Who is your couple role model?

A. Barrack – Michele

B. Will – Jada

C. Kim – Kanye

D. T.Swift – someone

10. Do you think we only have one soulmate?

A. Rationally, there’s more… but emotionally I believe in one

B. There’s one

C. There are a few

D. Nope… there are always many

11. How is your earning–spending relationship?

A. I always spend less than I pay… I save too.

B. I spend less but most months can’t save

C. I haven’t saved a penny yet

D. I have too many debts

12. Are you petty?

A. I am, but I keep my demons in check

B. I can be… depends on the situation

C. I can’t handle it once I begin to be petty

D. Always

13. Do you have unrealistic expectations?

A. No

B. I can, but nope

C. Sometimes

D. It doesn’t matter… everyone disappoints you anyway

14. Do you hold grudges?

A. I work them out

B. Very rarely

C. Sometimes

D. Always

15. Do you want kids?

A. I have them

B. Maybe 2-3

C. I didn’t think of this

D. Nope, they’re devils

16. Do you stay true to your words?

A. I try to

B. Mostly, yeah

C. I try but sometimes it’s impossible

D. When it works for me

17. Do you know the perfect time to ignore things?

A. Yes

B. Mostly

C. I try hard

D. Nope, I can’t

18. What do you think of prenups?

A. It’s logical

B. I understand why it’s a thing, but it’s not romantic

C. It’s when you don’t trust one another

D. Aren’t those for rich peeps?

19. How far is your education?

A. I completed my college and thinking about/pursuing some courses

B. Still studying

C. I might return to school

D. I didn’t get schooled, I don’t wanna

20. How many marital role models did you see up close?

A. Everyone in my family

B. Only my parents

C. Not my parents, but my other relatives were great

D. The neighbors

21. Do you love yourself?

A. Yes

B. Mostly

C. Sort of

D. Pass

22. Which of these make a potential spouse material?

A. Compassion

B. Honesty

C. Sense of humor

D. Sexy body

23. How do you want to be in the future?

A. Practical, goal-oriented…

B. I guess

C. I didn’t give this a thought

D. I don’t know…

24. Do you have a will in mind?

A. Already have one

B. Made one ages ago

C. Thanks for reminding me

D. Why even?

25. Can you prioritize others?

A. Yes

B. Yes and that affects me

C. Sometimes

D. Nope

26. Can you cheer for someone forever?

A. Yup

B. Sounds interesting

C. Sounds scary

D. Never

27. Can you point out others’ good qualities even if you’re angry at them?

A. Mostly yes

B. Sometimes

C. Not that very moment

D. Nobody has good qualities

28. How about someone cheering for you forever?

A. Love the idea

B. Sounds great

C. That’s unique

D. Creepy!

29. Can you maintain boundaries?

A. Always

B. I’m almost there

C. I just started and progress is good

D. It’s a touchy subject

30. What do you think of widowhood?

A. It’s one of the parts that will come at a certain point. The world works with equilibrium.

B. I can’t imagine it now

C. It’s depressing

D. I don’t want that

If you mostly chose A’s

You’re wife material. Are you married or about to be married soon? Because someone like you without suitors or a steady partner is unimaginable.

You’re good at maintaining your identity, make others happy… you’re a graceful wife (to-be).

If you mostly chose B’s

You’re almost there and I can see you’re growing to be a fine person. You’re considerate and have a great idea of how marital life works. You’re more on the practical side but have your thoughts on life clear.

A bit more work on yourself and you’ll soon be a wife material. No need to change yourself. Just keep at it.

If you mostly chose C’s

It seems you previously weren’t a fan of marriage. However, something changed your mind and your thoughts are bending with time.

Though you didn’t like the idea of marriage initially… you value it now. You want to be a good wife and it shows with your efforts. Keep working on yourself champ… I have faith in you.

If you mostly chose D’s

You don’t want to be a wife. You don’t like the idea of marriage and cringe at the thought. You think marriage is old-fashioned and life is all about fun and games.

You don’t care about others and want to make yourself happy before all. You want to find love within materials… because there are too many lovers available.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The best way to know if a woman is a wife material or not is to follow your heart. If you have a steady partner in your life and can’t think of a life without them, there’s no need to follow a checklist. 

Your happiness matters most and if you think she makes you happy… she’s the one. Also, if you want someone who exhibits all the signs… ask yourself are you husband material?

Everyone has flaws, you can choose to work through them together. 

Women, before making a man think you’re a wife material… focus on making yourself happy. Don’t force yourself to follow steps blindly… be comfortable in your skin.

Because you are the most beautiful when you’re YOU!

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