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More Than 30 Clear Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

More Than 30 Clear Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Updated on Jul 06, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

More Than 30 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

There are several signs relationship is over and you need to move on in life. There is no use in forcefully continuing a relationship when things are not working between you two.

A toxic relationship can never bring happiness or peace in life in any situation. 

If you are experiencing several issues in your relationship, that does not always mean that it is over. It is possible that you are only going through a rough patch and with a little time and effort things can be good again.

In this article, we have covered several signs that can help you to realize the condition of your relationship. 

More Than 30 Clear Signs That Your Relationship Is Over
More Than 30 Clear Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Signs a Relationship is Over – 35 Surefire Signs

Having arguments or conflicts sometimes is pretty common in a romantic relationship. But when conflict is always constant things can be really tough.

With time you may start to feel that even having an argument is not worth your time anymore.  

You are never on the same page about anything anymore and you want to spend more time alone than with your partner. There is no missing each other when you are away. You always find something else to prioritize other than your partner. 

There is no respect left for each other. You always find some excuses to avoid each other’s company.

Even if you are together you feel lonely and sad. You start losing faith in each other and you may feel that you are unable to be yourself when they are around.

This article covers all the possible signs that can suggest that your relationship is over and can not be reestablished anymore. 

1. Conflicts 

Having conflicts about different things in your relationship is very normal, as long as you both are able to successfully resolve them.

Whereas if these conflicts have started to become constant in your relationship then there may be a problem. 

You both are entirely different people and it is natural that there will be a difference in your perspectives about certain things. 

In some situations conflict is inevitable. But the thing that matters the most is how you both are putting efforts to find a common ground without being disrespectful to each other. 

If you start experiencing conflicts in almost everything, things are definitely not good between you two. Every time you are having a discussion about something, you will end up fighting each other. 

The argument is not always about something important, you both can start arguing about something lame or stupid but end up having a big fight. 

None of you are ready to back down or take the initiative to resolve it. There is no apology or regret at all. You both often end up saying a lot of bad things to each other and hurting each other. 

After the argument, you both hold onto those bad feelings and anger, which always lead you to the next fight easily.

This can eliminate all the positive feelings you had for each other once and create a crack in the base of your relationship.

2. You do not bother to fight

With time you may start feeling too exhausted by arguing with your partner all the time. Avoiding the argument will feel better than fighting about every little thing.

When there is no chance of any solution, these things will stop bothering you. 

There is no point in putting your effort into a disagreement when you know none of you is ready to find a common ground. That does not mean the relationship is happy or peaceful. 

As you both are unable to work on your issues, all your unresolved feelings will be suppressed in your mind. With time you both will start losing interest in each other and things will be bad. 

When none of you are bothered to work on your differences or disagreements in this relationship for a long time, three is no turning back anymore. 

3. You do not share any good news with each other anymore

When you love someone, she is always the first person to share the good news with. It is natural to make them a part of all the happiness and all the nice things you have in life. 

Whereas if you do not like to share any good news with that person anymore, things are getting bad between you two. 

You may not think it is necessary to share things with your partner anymore; she may have lost their importance in your life for some reason. They do not feel equally happy in your happiness anymore or they get irritated when you try to share something with them. 

You feel more comfortable sharing good things with someone else than your partner.

She no longer cares about you and it is not worth talking to her about the positives or the good things that are happening in your life. 

4. One of you does not want to seek help

When you are experiencing certain issues in your relationship proper counseling or therapy sessions are clearly needed to save your relationship. If any one of you is declining the help even after knowing that it can end your relationship, there is no hope left.

With proper help or guidance, you will be able to understand each other and identify the issues you are experiencing. Therapy can also help you to resolve the problems and start over together. 

If you are not ready to take that chance, it means you do not want things to get better. This relationship is not that important to you anymore and it is not worth your time.

Either you both agree on this matter or only one of you is willing to seek help and make things right.

If you both are not on the same page about the future of your relationship, things are almost over between you two. It is better to move on and lead your life on your own. 

5. You feel drained by your partner

In a romantic relationship, things are not necessarily good all the time. Any of you may feel needy or sad sometimes. The other person always tries to be there for them and comfort them in their time of need. 

You can feel tired of your partner and the time you are spending together is not enjoyable anymore.

Even if your partner is not needy at all, you may feel drained by them. You do not like it anymore around her. 

This means you are not into her anymore and the bond between you two is fading with time. 

6. You do not agree on the issue

Identifying the problem in a relationship is itself a big task. Once you identify the root, proper measures can be taken with a little effort and willpower.

Every time you start working on a problem you end up with a huge disagreement about what the problem is. 

Both of you point out different things and o one is ready to look into the matter through the other person’s eyes. This disagreement often leads the situation into blaming each other. 

With this much conflict, the actual problem is always buried in the dark. When the origin is unknown nothing can be fixed and with time the number of problems continues to increase.

It is not possible for you to find a common ground or bring a real change in this situation. 

7. Bitterness is getting worse

Bitterness is not good for a relationship especially if none of you are ready to make an effort for it. Sometimes certain things are really hard to forgive and forget for some people.

With time the hatred and the bitterness start increasing and damage your relationship. 

Some people just hold onto these feelings because they prefer to stay in that pain rather than let it go. It may feel like a connection to something or can work as a reminder for them. 

They are unable to move on in their life and it creates a bitter feeling in their relationship and with time it gets stronger. 

Whereas on the other hand, certain individuals are just not able to control their behavior and end up repeating the same thing. 

They are incapable of working on themself and end up causing resentment. This is often a dead end where nothing can make things right anymore in their relationships. 

8. Superficial politeness

When there is a long and stable detachment between two people who are in a relationship, it is a sign that something is wrong. It does not mean that you both will start hating each other or fighting each other. 

Instead, you both may be super polite to each other just in a civilized manner out of formality. The connection you had once is just gone.

If you live together things may start to feel like an agreement where two people are sharing a home under one roof. 

The relationship with your partner will be like a roommate with some emotional intimacy. You both will have each other’s back but there will be no romance or affection at all. 

9. You feel like a different person

When two people get to know each other and get into a relationship for a long time they both develop an image.

If you start feeling or behaving like a different person than the idea that your partner has about you, it is time to take things seriously. 

It is obvious that your partner does know you pretty well and if you start behaving differently around them, they will definitely notice. 

If it is a temporary condition then there may not be anything to worry about.

Whereas if your partner feels like you are not the same person anymore for a long time now, especially in a negative way, things are not that simple. 

10. Lack of trust 

Trust is really important in a romantic relationship, it creates the base of a relationship. Where there is no trust, things can really get out of hand. You both will start to be suspicious about each other’s every action. 

Nothing your partner says will be believable for you and you may start having negative thoughts about them even if there is nothing to worry about in real life.

Doubting each other for no reason can initiate conflicts which can lead to a negative environment. 

Where there is a lack of trust, little things can also induce jealousy and develop over possessiveness. Which is never healthy for a romantic relationship.

It can increase with time and developmental toxicity in your relationship. 

11. You find excuses not to stay together

People who are in love will always find different ways to spend quality time with each other and enjoy every moment together. No excuses can keep these two souls apart, they will always find a way to stay together. 

The moment you start losing interest in your partner, you will always find some excuses to stay away.

These excuses can be entirely made up consciously or your mind will find something else to do instead of staying together. 

12. No laughing together

When you are around the person you are in love with, a smile will automatically appear on your face. That person can make you laugh like crazy even with a lame joke. Sharing a sense of humor is very natural. In a romantic relationship. 

Whereas, if you are not happy with them there will be no laughing together anymore. Things will be formal and extremely calm.

Laughing together builds a connection between two people. It brings joy into your lives and helps you to overcome any complicated situations. 

When your partner is unable to bring a smile to your face there may be something off in your relationship.

If you both are unable to laugh out loud together and enjoy each other’s company, it’s worth paying attention to. 

13. You start questioning your future together 

You can come to a certain point in life where you are just unable to imagine a future with the person you are in a relationship with at this moment. This is something that you should take seriously and figure out the reasons behind this feeling.

People who are in a serious relationship often plan different things about their future and build a nice life together.

Dreaming about a good life together is very common for people who are in love with each other. 

Whereas, if you are not ready to plan a future with your partner there must be something lacking in your relationship.

Having a second thought or doubts about the future of your relationship frequently is not something that you should overlook that easily. 

14. You do not have any desire to grow together

Being in a long term relationship means growing together and developing the both of you. With time you both need to be more mature and develop yourself so that you can understand each other better.

The more you get to know each other and spend a lot of time together, the more you start growing into each other.

Whereas you are not ready to adopt the changes that are happening to both of you and work on your bond. 

The way your partner is moving you will not like to go. You reject them to be alongside you in your journey of development and growth.  

15. Effects of external factors

If you are making any excuses other than love or passion for your partner to continue a relationship there is no chemistry left between you two. Ask yourself and your partner the question of why you both are in this relationship. 

There are several factors like financial security, family pressure, fear of being alone, children, and many more that can force a person to stay in a relationship.

When a person is not ready to face these challenges, she will be unable to move even if she feels out of love. 

A romantic relationship without true love can not bring happiness in the long run. With time it will become a burden for both the partners, no matter what external factors are involved. 

16. You do not let each other in

Emotional intimacy is something that always maintains the connection between two people in a romantic relationship.

If you are not ready to share that emotional connection with each other your relationship will start getting weaker. 

In certain situations, it is a lot easier to let anyone in for some people. They can be insecure about being judged or not comfortable in sharing certain feelings with their partners. This often creates an emotional barrier in between and with time this starts getting stronger. 

Once you stop letting your partner in, with time you share less and less. You may become more comfortable in keeping everything to yourself and seeing yourself, your partner may start doing the same.

It will weaken the emotional connection you have and increase the distance in between. 

17. You like hurting each other

Some people who are in a relationship often end up hurting each other or taking revenge on each other and sometimes enjoy it.

His type of relationship often ends up being toxic and negative from the inside out. 

Seeking revenge is a natural human instinct and it is more effective in some people. Revenge is a counter to empathy, understanding, and patience most of the time. 

If any of these people get hurt by their partners they never leave a chance to take their revenge and take great pleasure in doing it.

It is a never ending process that always happens in rotation till the relationship is over for good.

18. You have to apologize for who you are

Your partner may dislike certain things about you and is never ready to accept you for who you are. You are not able to be yourself entirely when they are around.

They want to change most of the things about you and make you an entirely different person. 

They always point out something wrong about you one way or the other. You always have to apologize to your partner for being yourself. You can never expect any kind of support from them and end up feeling sorry for yourself most of the time. 

If you are experiencing anything of this sort you must need to recheck your comparability and rethink this relationship. 

19. Compromise

When two different people come together in a romantic relationship they may have different needs and desires in life. 

They try to find a common ground and compromise certain things for one another. It is because both of them share a common goal which is building a future together. 

Compromise is something that never works one way in a kong run. When only one person in a relationship compromises their needs all the time for their partners, after a certain period things are not going to be the same.

A relationship can not last if it is only based on compromises. When you are making a compromise, you are giving away a small part of happiness from your life for something. 

Every person can make such adjustments to a limit. The moment this line has crossed that person will not be able to hold himself/ herself back anymore.

20. There is no respect for each other’s values

Respect is one of the main pillars of a healthy romantic relationship. Without it, an entire relationship will be lost and broken. 

It is natural to have different values when two people from different backgrounds come together in a relationship. But it is very important to respect each other’s values to maintain a healthy relationship.

If someone has a different thought or mindset about something that does not mean that he/ she is wrong. It is okay if you have a different mindset but if you can not respect their thoughts, there may be a problem. 

If you are having different opinions or different perspectives about certain things, it is better to sit down and talk about them until you find a solution. The moment you start disrespecting each other’s values, a question arises on your comparability in the long run. 

21. You are tired of working through your problems

When you are in a long term relationship with someone and you are experiencing several issues from the beginning, things can be really tiring.

Trying to work on your issues for a long time and still, there is no noticeable change that can make you lose all your hope.

You have started to believe that it is the end because there is nothing you can try anymore. It is also possible that you have explored every possible solution to your issues and there is nothing left.

You may start feeling that you have given enough time to this and everything is a waste. You are tired of trying hard all the time, now you just want to give up and move on and achieve a peaceful and happy life. 

22. You feel lonely 

Even when you are with your partner, you do not feel that loving connection anymore. You feel alone and left out even when you are spending time together.

His physical presence is unable to reduce your loneliness and there you can not feel any emotional connection with them.

Spending time with your partner does not matter to you, it makes no difference in your life. You may feel unheard and avoided for a long time now, this feeling has forced you to put a barrier around you.

Now even if you are in the same room, it feels like poles apart to you. 

The increasing distance in your relationship has pushed you far away from your partner emotionally. Now there is nothing that can reduce this distance and bring you closer. 

23. There is no communication

Communication is really important for any kind of relationship. Without talking to each other there is no way to understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. 

There may be several reasons which are holding you both back from talking about different things. Without healthy communication, you will never be able to know about each other and develop a bond. 

Only a good discussion can resolve several complicated issues or clear out misunderstandings in a romantic relationship.

If you both are least interested in talking, even the smallest problem can turn big and damage your relationship. 

If you are with a person but do not feel comfortable talking to them, this kind of relationship can not last for a long time. You both will get tired of each other in no time and things will end up really bad. 

24. You do not do anything together

A romantic relationship always promotes teamwork and helps you to create something magical together. There are several things that couples do to enjoy every moment together. 

It does not have to be something serious or productive all the time. You can just chill with your partner and watch a romantic movie.

If there is nothing that you can do and enjoy together anymore there may be a serious problem in your relationship. It is not about what you are doing, it is always about spending quality time. It is necessary to strengthen your bond and your relationship. 

If you are in a long term relationship there should be several things that you enjoyed doing together. But now all of them feel worthless or boring.

Their company does not excite you anymore and instead of feeling good, their company makes you feel annoyed and sad. 

25. You do not miss them

When in love you will always miss your partner when they are away from you. Whereas it does not bother you anymore even if they are away from you for days now.

Their absence does not make you miss them. You do not crave their touch or feel the urge to see them anymore. 

Sometimes it may mean that you both have extreme faith in each other. No matter how much time you stay away, you both know that nothing can take away the love you have for each other. 

You will always make your way to each other. Thus, in this situation, you will feel the urge to see each other but you both will be able to manage it for a limited time. 

Whereas in another scenario, being away stops bothering you at all even if they are away from you for months or days.

It suggests that something is not right in your relationship and it is time to take it seriously. 

26. Little things feel annoying 

When in love everything your partner does will always be adorable for you. You will not have a problem accepting their most irritable behavior too. But if that epic love between you two starts fading, little things they do can annoy you on an extreme level. 

The empathy or compassion you had for your partner is gone now. When your relationship was good you never thought about these things. 

Now, you just can not overlook them in any way. Everything he/ she does bothers you and causes irritation. Sometimes you may feel like just going away from all of it and spending some peaceful time alone. 

27. You focus on their negatives

Every person has certain bad habits and when you enter a relationship, you accept all the good and bad in that person.

Sometimes all the goodness in them can make you overlook their bad. If they ask, you may also help them to improve certain bad habits which can be really harmful. 

Whereas, the only thing you can notice in them is bad. You may feel that all the positives have just faded and now that person does not have anything good left. 

You receive great pleasure by criticizing them in every step of life and you do not even bother if they are surrounded by other people. 

This over criticizing behavior of yours can drive them away and affect this relationship negatively. You only point out the negatives in them instead of appreciating the good he/ she is doing. 

This behavior always damages a healthy relationship and develops toxicity and nothing can save this relationship anymore. 

28. Your mental state is not well

Your psychological well-being can be hampered when things are not right in your relationship. When things are extremely complicated for a long time in your relationship, it can affect your mental health negatively. 

If you are experiencing certain negative emotions all the time which are kind of overwhelming, it is time to take it seriously. 

Most of the time you are experiencing irritation, hopelessness, sadness, or anger. All these emotions are getting out of control and affecting your behavior towards other people too. 

There may be some other underlying reasons for this condition. But if your relationship is the cause of your emotional breakdown, it is time to move on and pay more attention to your mental health.

29. You do not go out of your way for each other

There was a time when you both literally went out of your way to help each other. You could do anything to make your partner happy and loved.

But things have changed entirely at this point. You do not like to put much effort into making your partner feel special anymore. 

You do not want me to come to you and ask for any help. All their problems do not bother you at this point, you just want them to deal with everything on their own.

Having each other’s back or helping each other is not the equation of your relationship anymore. 

30. You prioritize others over your partner

A healthy and happy relationship means always giving priority to your partner. The moment you start giving priority to someone else over your partner frequently, things may turn bad. 

Even if you are in a romantic relationship you have other people in your life, who are close to your heart too. But maintaining a balance is really important in this matter. 

Though it is not right to support your partner even if they are wrong. In the same way, it is not okay to purposefully choose everyone else over them all the time.

It can be really disrespectful to your partner and can also hurt them really bad. 

Not giving value to your romantic partner or pushing them away from your life will create a breakage in your bond.

They will start questioning their importance in your life if you continue choosing someone else over them all the time. 

31. Unrealistic expectations

Every person has their own way to show love to their partner. In the same way, they also have a limitation to fulfill expectations. The moment you expect anything that crosses the limit, it can become an unrealistic expectation in that situation for that particular person. 

When you are choosing your partner you should keep all your expectations from that person in mind. Try to avoid expecting something out of their reach. 

When you start expressing several needs which are nearly impossible for your partner to fulfill for you, things may start heating up. 

Especially if you are doing so on purpose it can create extreme pressure on your partner. Your partner may start losing their mind or start questioning themself because of being unable to fulfill all your wishes. 

If you are having several expectations all the time that are not possible for your partner to fulfill, things are not good. It can have a negative effect on both of you.

It is better to take a step back and walk away and find someone according to your needs in life. 

32. Everyone around you start noticing your unhappiness 

When you are in a healthy relationship with someone nothing can hide the happiness and peace from your face. 

Though not every moment is good in a relationship, you will experience sadness or several negative emotions too. But you both will be willing to work on those and bring back the smile again. 

If all your efforts are not working and things are not getting any better, the pain and the sorrow will increase with time.

No matter how hard you try to hide, these things can not be hidden forever. It is not possible to pretend to be happy all the time if you are struggling inside. 

The people close to you will start noticing the problems and the pain soon. Your behavior and your facial expression can reflect that you are not happy with your life. These signs will catch the eyes of the people who love you. 

Your family and your close friends may start noticing that you are struggling with your relationship. If things are getting out of hand, they may start asking questions too. 

35. No physical touch 

Physical touch is always very important in a romantic relationship. It does not have to be sexual all the time.

Little things like a tight hug, a forehead kiss, or holding hands can share the warmth and the love between a couple. 

If there is no physical touch involved in your relationship for a long time now, things are not right in your relationship. You may have started to lose all the affection towards your partner you had once. 

If their touch makes you feel irritated or vice versa, you should make an effort and talk about it.

But there is a high chance there is no chemistry anymore between you. There is a high chance that this relationship is going to end soon. 

34. You feel trapped

When you are in an unhealthy relationship for a long time, you may start feeling trapped in it. There may be several reasons which are holding you back from moving out. 

Your partner does not value your emotions or your needs. Their behavior towards you may have changed over time. 

Sometimes you may feel like you are trapped in a cage. This feeling may arise if your partner is over possessive or over controlling.

You may not have the Liberty to make your own choices. At times it may feel that you can not even breathe freely.

This kind of relationship can feel extremely suffocating and tiring. In most cases, these relationships do not last in the long run.

If you ever feel that you are trapped or you are forcing yourself to continue a relationship, take some space and think it through. 

35. You do not treat each other well

When two people are in a romantic relationship, they always try to make each other feel special and never leave a chance to show love.

You always treat the person you love really well and put so much effort into taking care of them. 

Whereas if you both are not behaving properly when you are together there may be something wrong. 

From a small misunderstanding to a big disagreement anything can cause this temporary situation. But when this is happening most of the time, it can be a sign that your relationship is not going well.

You may start disrespecting or humiliating each other or treating your partner like trash. There is compassion or empathy involved.

You never think twice before doing something that can hurt the other person. 

35. You want out

You are so over with your relationship and you are just searching for a way out. There may be some reasons for which you are unable to say it out loud.

You may be afraid or insecure to ask for a breakup from your partner or you feel guilty about hurting him/ her. 

You are just waiting for the right time to take the next step. All this time you are just searching for an appropriate reason to make your way out easier.

There is no attraction or attraction that can hold you back anymore. 

Signs a Relationship is Over Quiz

1. How often do you have arguments in your relationship?

  1. Every day
  2. More than twice a week
  3. Less than twice a week

2. When you are in an argument, do you say things that can hurt each other’s feelings?

  1. Every time
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never 

3. Do you trust each other?

  1. Never 
  2. Sometimes
  3. All the time

4. How long have you been together?

  1. Less than a year 
  2. 2-3 years 
  3. More than 3 years 

5. When was the last time you went out on a date?

  1. More than a month ago
  2. In last 15 days
  3. Last week 

6. When was the last time you did something special for each other?

  1. Months ago
  2. Days ago
  3. We do it every day

7. When you fight, do you try to sit down and talk it out or just keep yelling at each other?

  1. Never 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Every time

8. Do you consider your partner your best friend?

  1. Never 
  2. Sometimes
  3. All the time

9. Do you have any second thoughts about each other?

  1. All the time
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never 

10. Do you miss each other when you are apart?

  1. Never 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Every time

11. Do you feel excited when you meet after a long time?

  1. Never
  2. Sometimes
  3. Every time

12. Do you have similar goals or your goals are way too different?

  1. Extremely different
  2. Somewhat similar
  3. Exact similar 

13. Are you both able to satisfy each other’s needs?

  1. Never  
  2. Sometimes
  3. Always 

14. When you are making an important decision, do you discuss it together?

  1. Never  
  2. Sometimes
  3. Always 

15. Have you ever felt trapped in this relationship? 

  1. Always 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

16. Have you ever tried to find an excuse to move out of this relationship?

  1. All the time
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

17. Do you keep secrets from each other?

  1. Always 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

18. Do you still want to continue this relationship from your heart?

  1. No 
  2. Not sure
  3. Yes

19. Do you share the same bed?

  1. Never
  2. Sometimes
  3. Always 

20. Do you have any physical intimacy on a regular basis anymore?

  1. No
  2. Sometimes 
  3. Yes

21. Are you comfortable sharing your feelings with your partner?

  1. Never
  2. Sometimes
  3. Always 

22. Have you ever thought about consulting a therapist for your relationship?

  1. Yes
  2. Sometimes 
  3. No, never needed

23. Do you often feel irritated by your partner?

  1. Every time 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

24. Do you have arguments in front of other people?

  1. Always 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

25. Do you ever feel lonely even if you are spending time with your partner?

  1. Always 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

26. Do you feel drained by your partner?

  1. Always 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

27. Do you make an effort to understand each other every time?

  1. Always 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

28. Do you think you can be yourself without being judged by your partner?

  1. Never 
  2. Sometimes
  3. Always 

If your answer is mostly 1

It means things are extremely bad in your relationship and there is not much hope left. If you want, you can still try to make things right but the chances are really low. It is time to make a tough decision. 

Your relationship is already over and there is no love or attraction  left between you two. It is better to move on instead of making it more toxic. 

You deserve something better in life and let yourself find it. Move on in your life, something beautiful is waiting for you out there. 

If your answer is mostly 2

It means things are neither good nor bad. You are experiencing certain issues in your relationship but there is still hope. 

If you want to save your relationship, there is no time to waste. Try to sit down with your partner and talk about the problems you both are experiencing. You can also seek professional help if needed. 

If your answer is mostly 3

If your answer is mostly C that means things are really going well. There is nothing to worry about. 

Try to be there for each other and never let the spark between you two fade.  


There are several signs in your daily life that can tell you if your relationship is over or not.

A romantic relationship is all about love and care but having arguments or misunderstandings is also normal in certain situations. 

What matters is how you are making an effort to resolve your differences and find a common ground. The moment you both stop doing that, a different problem arises in your relationship. 

If continued for a long time this kind of behavior can introduce toxicity to a healthy relationship and break it from the inside.

If you are really in love with someone, never take that person for granted and always try to make each other happy and loved.