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Signs of True Love: More Than 30 Ways to Know If Someone Loves You

Signs of True Love: More Than 30 Ways to Know If Someone Loves You

Updated on Oct 16, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

Signs of True Love - More than 30 Ways to Know If Someone Loves You

Have you ever wondered if there are any signs of true love? If yes, then this article has everything that you need. 

Love and romance can be pretty fantastic. The way of showing love can differ from person to person. 

When in someone, people do everything to nurture your relationship and pamper your partner.

They will be ready to face every challenge and put extra effort to resolve all the issues in your relationship

There are no hard rules for expressing your love for someone. In this article, we will cover all the possible signs that can tell you if someone is in love with you or vice versa. 

Signs of True Love More Than 30 Ways to Know If Someone Loves You
Signs of True Love More Than 30 Ways to Know If Someone Loves You

Signs of True Love – Are There Any? 

There are different signs which can symbolize true love. But you have to be very alert to notice these small things and understand the significance. 

If a person is in love with you, their behavior towards you is enough to indicate that. 

They will pay attention to every detail about you. Trust is another important thing that is the base of any love relationship. 

You can see all their efforts to make you happy and comfortable all the time.

What is True Love

True love can not be described in words, it is a feeling of passion, warmth, care, and desire. There are no conditions involved and this feeling is always constant in every up and down of life. 

With true love, you can handle any hardship easily. When someone loves you, they can look through your soul and admire everything about you. 

Seeing your partner can give you butterflies in the stomach and the spark is always intense between you two. 

True love can be limitless and last longer. It will not allow you to see each other in pain and can make you do anything to bring a smile to your partner’s face. 

The journey of a relationship is not always easy, people in love may have to experience different complicated scenarios. 

But, their faith and confidence in each other can eliminate all the barriers they face. 

Signs of True Love from a Man

When you are dating someone for a long time, you may wonder if that person truly loves you or not. 

To understand the true intention of your partner, it is necessary to pay attention to the details. 

1. You feel safe with them

It is really important that you feel safe and secure when around him. Someone who is in love with you will never cause any harm physically or mentally.

You should not feel threatened when you are around him.

He can never force you to do something you are clearly not interested in. Feeling safe also involves making your own decisions without any pressure from someone. 

There should be no fear involved to express yourself and your needs. Negative criticism or negative judgments should not be a part of a healthy loving relationship

Misunderstandings or disagreements are always a part of a relationship.

But, someone who loves you, will try to control his anger or irritation and initiate a healthy discussion to resolve those issues. 

Even if any negative outburst happens, as soon as he realizes that it is making you uncomfortable, he will rectify the process. 

2. They listen to you

Someone who loves you will be interested in your life all the time. Whenever there is a need to talk he is ready to listen. 

Long and healthy talks without any interruption is a part of this kind of relationship. 

He will pay attention to every detail and try to remember all of it. You can sense the care and concerns in his words. 

Someone who loves you will never get irritated or lose patience when you are talking about something. 

Whenever you bring up any conflicts, concerns, or problems in your relationship, your partner will never ignore them. 

He will always listen to your problems and try to understand your feelings in every step of your relationship. 

A healthy discussion with you is a must before making a huge decision about different things.

Your opinions and thoughts are precious to him and he will never leave a chance to express that. 

3. They do not try to change you

Your bond with your partner may be strong enough but at the end of the day, you two are very different people. 

It is normal to have different hobbies, different likes and dislikes. Something that you do not want in your life can be very dearest to your partner. 

You may have a different approach or a different perspective about certain things but it is important for your partner to accept those differences. 

He must show some interest in your perspective and try to understand where you are coming from. 

He should not try to force his ideas on you and accept you for who you are. You both should try harder and find mutual ground.

No one in this world is perfect. A man who loves you will accept all your flaws along with your positives. He will never try to change who you are and force you to be something else. 

4. Communication is not one-sided 

Communication is very easy with someone who is in love. There are no insecurities or fear involved in these communications.

You do not have to think twice before sharing your thoughts and needs with your partner. 

Every time you speak he will always actively participate in the discussion. You will always receive good feedback every time you need it.

In such a relationship, communication is never one-sided with your partner. 

He will show interest in your thoughts and views even if he does not agree with them. You will never feel left out or ignored when you are sharing something with your man. 

Signs of True Love from a Woman 

5. She always wants the best for you

She never settles for something average, she believes that you always deserve the best.

Loving someone does not mean holding them back or forcing them to do something they do not like. 

Someone who truly loves you will never keep you away from your dreams, even if it means letting you go. 

For example, you get a chance to achieve your dreams but for it, you have to go away to some different country. 

If a woman is in love with you will encourage you and help you to move forward no matter how insecure and sad he/ she is. 

One more example can be given from this perspective. Let us say, one of your old friends has been in love with you for some time now.

But, you on the other hand love someone else. He/ she will never come in between you and your love even if it breaks their heart in pieces. 

6. Trust is important

Trust is one of the most important factors in any relationship or love. Your partner should trust you with all their heart. 

Love always comes within the trust. If she is not ready to put her trust in you that means her love is not yet complete. 

Before searching for this sign you must be certain that your partner has no reason to distrust you. 

You should be honest and loyal to your partner and she will never have a reason to accuse you of hiding something or cheating. 

She will not try to enter your personal space or ask too many questions about the things you are not comfortable sharing yet. 

A woman who loves you must have faith that you will share everything whenever you are ready and there is nothing to worry about. 

7. They make efforts

Women love to express that they are putting so much effort into making your relationship grow and get stronger.

A good woman who loves you will do anything to make you smile and to make you feel special. 

Someone who really cares will always give you priority in their life. Planning small surprises, and special events always reflects efforts and love. 

Trying something new together is another important sign that can spice up the romance. 

8. You both collaborate pretty well

The way someone handles conflicts or disagreements is really important in a relationship. It always defines the ability to work together and achieve success. 

Love can make you a great team and you can win anything when working together. 

If you like someone you may try to adjust or compromise in different areas of life. But when the person in front of you feels the same about you, things will not be one-sided. 

She will move forward the same way and never let you feel uncomfortable or unhappy. 

Finding a solution together will be easy every time there is a conflict. Thus, the collaboration between you two will be satisfying all the time. 

Signs of True Love from Boyfriend  

9. He is always there for you

Whenever you need any kind of support in your life, you will find him in every step. 

Emotional support is always very important for any relationship and he is always ready to provide you with that. 

Everyone has several boundaries in their life. A romantic partner can not do everything for you but he will always have your back. 

From celebrating your success to cheering up in your sadness, your boyfriend will never leave your sight. 

He will try to help you as much as they can even in a situation of a financial crisis. 

No matter what you are struggling with or stressing about, your boyfriend is there to reduce your pain and bring a smile to your face. 

10. He is proud of you

A person in love will never outlook anything positive that you have. It can be the simplest thing but it will be cherished. 

Nothing can keep him away from celebrating every little achievement in your life. 

Love makes everyone proud. He will appreciate your struggle and the milestones you have crossed. 

Someone who loves you is always extremely proud of who you are and never misses a chance to express it to everyone around them.

11. He will try to make you happy all the time

When you are with your boyfriend every moment is joyful. When you hug them you can forget all your pain. He will do anything to take away all the pain you are experiencing in life.

If you feel bad about something, you know in your heart that there is someone who can make you happy. No matter how difficult the situation is, he can make things easier for you to deal with. 

12. You can see that he cares every day

Someone who loves you will never leave a second to express their love and care for you. 

Every time you talk to him you will feel the warmth and the comfort in his behavior and even in his voice. 

He will do different things to make your day special. Whenever you talk to him or meet him you must feel excited and pampered. 

You can sleep peacefully in his lap forgetting all your worries and stress for some time. 

Signs of True Love from Girlfriend 

13. They are encouraging

Someone who is in love with you should always enjoy your company. She will encourage you to move forward in life and motivate you to work for your goals. 

Every challenge is easy to face with your partner by your side. 

She will help you to face your fear and overcome it. You can express all your insecurities and she is always ready to help you in your struggle to resolve them. 

Even if you feel sad or discouraged she will assist you to regain your energy and enthusiasm. 

14. Makes you a better person

Love can make you the best version of yourself. She will help you to improve yourself every day and achieve everything you want in life. 

She believes you can do anything if you truly want. All your negative habits will fade away when you are with her.  

Your girlfriend will encourage you to develop good qualities and help you to find a better way to deal with a situation. You will feel like a better person every time you are hanging out with her. 

15. She wants to introduce you to her family 

Love is something that you want to be proud of, you want to share with the people close to you. Family is the closest thing one can have in this world. 

When your girlfriend is really in love with you, she will want to introduce you to her family. 

She will want her parents, siblings, and friends to get to know the love of her life and get along together. She will want you to be a part of her family too. 

Thus, it is important for her to create a bond between her family and the person they are in love with. Every individual wants to share their happiness with others. 

She will never leave a chance to show off her boyfriend to the world. 

Signs That You Are Truly in Love with Someone

There are certain signs that you can search for in yourself to understand your feelings about someone you are crushing on. 

16. You can not stay angry for too long

Every relationship has its fair share of fights. Even if you are not happy with something that your partner has done, it is not easy to be angry with someone you love. 

Everything they do to impress you seems so cute and innocent that you can not help but smile no matter how much anger you have.

Even if they do not agree with you on certain things, you can not stay away from them for too long. Sometimes you prefer to lose the argument than lose the person you love. 

This situation that you are into may be your partner’s fault. But when you see them full of guilt, sadness, and regrets all your anger will melt away. 

Seeing someone you love sad or feeling bad about themself is just not possible. You can do anything to take away that guilt and make them smile. 

17. You lose the track of time

It is normal to lose track of time when you are spending time with the person you love.

You will enjoy every moment with that person and will not want that time to end. It is okay to make excuses to stay longer. 

No matter how much time you spend with each other, it is always less. You can talk for hours but still want more. 

Even if you are thinking about your partner when he/ she is not present, time may seem very distorted.

When you are spending a day without your partner, time may not seem to end. The day will feel longer than usual and it is hard to do something to pass that time. 

You can feel restless and anxious to meet him/ her sooner. 

18. You make sacrifices for them

You will put their needs before yourself when you truly love someone. You are ready to sacrifice different things for your partner. 

Getting out of your comfort zone is very common in this situation. You can give anything away to make your relationship perfectly healthy and happy. 

19. You idealize them

When you idealize someone and try to be like that person, it can be a sign of love.

Their habits, their ability to handle a complicated situation, and their behavior will have a huge impression on you. 

Idealizing someone does not always indicate romantic feelings all the time. The need to follow that person can create from your respect too. 

You should look for some other signs as well before developing any wrong concept about yourself. 

20. You can not wait to see them again

Every time you come back after meeting your partner, you start waiting for the next meeting. The excitement to see him/her is never-ending. 

Finding yourself always planning for the next meeting is a sign of love. 

21. You always make time for them

No matter how busy your schedule is, there is always time for your partner. You are always ready to make time for them when they need you. 

Among every other thing, it is always constant in your life and nothing can change that habit of yours. 

22. You do not feel the need to hold yourself back

Being with your partner will not need to hold you back. You can express your true self in front of someone who truly loves you. 

There is nothing to be embarrassed about or to hide. Someone who cares for you can never judge you for something that is a part of you. 

Signs of True Love Soulmates  

There are different signs to understand if the love is mutual and you both have strong feelings for each other. 

23. You both support each other

Standing up for each other is important for any romantic relationship. Every time one of you makes a decision the other will always provide support. 

Love makes you the pillar of your partner’s life. Commitment is a promise to have each other’s back and in every situation and find a solution together. 

24. Forgiving each other is not that hard

Forgiveness is something that is not at all easy. When one of you does something wrong it is hard to forgive your partner. 

People can get hurt easily when it is coming from someone they love and care for. The more you are hurt, the harder it is to forgive. 

People make mistakes but when you are mature enough to keep your ego aside. You will try your best to forgive your partner and start fresh. 

It can take some time to recover from the situation you are experiencing and move towards a new beginning. 

25. You do not get bored of each other

No matter how much time you spend together things will never get monotonous between you two. You will always find a way to spice things up. 

It is hard to get bored of each other when someone is in love. Every behavior of your partner seems cuter day by day. The more you observe, the more you fall in love all over again

26. You both try to resolve the issues

No relationship is perfect all the time. There are several complications that every couple experiences at certain points in their life. 

You both take the initiative to work on those issues every time. 

Arguments, misunderstandings, and conflicts all are parts of a romantic relationship. But how well you can handle them is important. 

Arguments can increase the distance between two people. You will not prefer to keep arguing with your partner if you truly love him/ her. 

You can sit down with your partner and talk things out instead of ignoring them. 

27. You plan a future together 

When you two love each other, the thought of a future together is inevitable.

You can spend hours just planning your future and thinking about the thing that you want to do with your partner.

All these thoughts will be exciting and satisfying for both of you. Both of you will take initiative and express your expectations for the future. 

Sometimes only talking is not enough. You can start working towards your dreams and your desires that involve each other. 

28. Growth is always there 

Growth is an important part of a healthy relationship. When there is love both the partner will help each other to grow in life. 

The growth of their bond is also necessary. With the time you spend together, the trust in this relationship must improve. 

The sense of maturity, understanding, or the ability to work together is always growing. 

If the growth is stopped in a romantic relationship and things are not improving, there is something wrong with it. 

Early Signs of True Love

When you know someone for a long time and start dating him/ her recently, It is natural to wonder if that person likes you or not. 

29. You feel connected

You will always feel connected to the person with whom you have a romantic interest. There is an attraction forming between you two. 

You do not want to develop any distance in between. You may feel that you two are meant to be together. 

30. It is exciting

Things can be pretty exciting when you are dating the person you love. Every time you plan something together, the excitement will never change. 

You want to explore different things together and make some sweet memories for life. Little things can become more fun when you are doing them together. 

31. They make you laugh 

It is hard to stop laughing when someone is around the person they are in love with. Their partner can do everything to make them smile. 

Laughing together can help to improve your bond and increase the amount of enjoyment and the happiness you are experiencing at that time. 

32. They respect you

Respect is another must-have in any romantic relationship. The signs of respect include no judgment, polite behavior, healthy communication, and understanding. 

If you have made some decisions and your partner is not on the same page, they will not force you to change your decision. 

They will try to understand your thoughts behind it and respect your wishes. It is also important that you do the same.

If you are giving any opinions about different things, that should not be overlooked or made fun of.

If the opinion differs that should lead you to a productive and healthy discussion or a healthy debate. 

They should not say something abusive or offensive even if they are having an argument about certain things. 

The way of talking should be polite and not disrespectful. They will never disrespect your family or your background too. 

Physical Signs of True Love 

Physical signs are equally important to understand the feelings of the person in front. But, some of these physical signs can appear in case of any emotional ups and downs. 

While interpreting them you have to pay attention to the other signs as well. Concluding with only one condition may not reveal the exact reason. 

33. Pupil dilation

When you are maintaining eye contact with someone you are in love with, your pupil will dilate.

In this situation, your heart rate increases love hormones like oxytocin and dopamine are released which can affect the size of the pupil. 

Fear, anxiety, or some other conditions can also cause pupil dilation in someone. Thus, you should not reach the conclusion just by this. Look for some other signs too. 

34. Butterflies in the stomach 

It is the most common sign of all. When you see someone you like or feel something about, your stomach will let you know without a second thought.

You can feel the butterflies in the stomach and feel nervous as well. 

35. They lean in

The way you speak, sit, or stand can tell a lot about you. Someone who is romantically interested in you or wants to flirt with you will lean in while talking. 

Leaning forward or moving their upper body towards you indicates they have some romantic feeling for you in their heart. 

They will move closer when they are talking about their feelings or asking you something about your personal life.

If you do the same while talking to someone to express your interest and they also lean forward that means they are definitely interested. 

Moving their body away from you symbolizes that they do not feel the same about you and they are currently not interested. 

Sometimes, things can be really confusing and it is possible that they are experiencing different conflicts with you and unable to reach a conclusion. 

In this case, they may just sit in the same posture without moving their body forward or pulling away. 

36. Mirroring

Mirroring is very common in the case of any romantic relationship. When someone is too attached to you and influenced by you, he/ she will try to copy you at every step without realizing it. 

Mirroring can happen consciously as well as subconsciously. It can be considered a non-verbal way of expressing your love for someone. 

Sometimes a person can start mimicking you just to catch your attention or to build a rapport.  

37. Eye contact

Eyes can reflect all your emotions without any verbal communication. When you like someone you will always lose yourself in their eyes. 

The frequency and the amount of eye contact are also really important. 

Cold and long stares do not count as a sign of love. This is kind of creepy and uncomfortable.

Long glances can signify that someone is trying to figure something out about you or observing you for some reason. 

Romantic eye contact has to be subtle and a smile comes along with it. A calm and soothing vibe can come from their eyes. There will be nothing weird or negative about it. 

38. Sweaty palms

Talking to the person you love can make you nervous and excited at the same time. It creates a rush of adrenaline in your body which can result in sweaty palms. 

Though your palms can sweat due to some other emotions like stress or anxiety when you combine this with other signs you can get the actual reason. 

39. Blushing

Blushing is inevitable when you see the person you love even if that person is not looking at you. 

Whenever you look at him/ her or think about that person, your cheeks may turn red and you can not help but blush. 

It is a sign that you are attracted to that person and you want him/ her to make a big part of your life. 

Things That You Should Be Careful about to Maintain The Spark

When you are in a relationship with someone you love for a long time, you may have to face several complications or challenges together. With time the number of responsibilities increases too. 

This can lighten the spark or the excitement in a relationship.

There are several things that you must be careful about if you do not want to lose the spark and make everything monotonous. 

  • Do not take each other for granted
  • Always make time for each other
  • Never let the anger come in the way
  • Divide your responsibilities and fulfill them together as a team
  • Try something new and exciting now and then
  • Never let a routine bore you
  • More talking, less fighting
  • Spice up the intimacy
  • Surprise each other
  • Take a short vacation after a hectic week

Difference Between True Love, Lust, and Infatuation 

People often get confused between love, lust, and infatuation. There is a fine line between all these three to keep them separate from each other. 

Infatuation is an overwhelming feeling of attachment for someone. It does not allow you to see the reality of the person in front.

You often build a fantasy of that person and portray him/ her exactly the way you want. 

Infatuation can create several negative emotions like nervousness, anxiety, or insecurities. It is a temporary condition and with time it starts to fade. 

Lust, on the other hand, is entirely based upon physical attraction. There is not much emotional connection involved in this phase.

You do not believe in spending quality time and just want to take him/ her to bed. 

Love is something entirely different and positive. It is something that dies to fade away easily.

When you are in love with someone, you will try to know everything about him/ her and develop a never-ending bond. 

It is hard to ignore the connection or the attraction one feels when in love. 


To understand true love you have to keep patient and pay attention to every detail. Think about how the person in front makes you feel.

Focus on their behavior when they are around you. 

Once you understand their feelings for you and if you feel the same, do not wait around.

True love is not that easy to get in life. Go and confront your feelings and enjoy every precious moment together.