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25 Signs your ex will eventually come back

25 Signs your ex will eventually come back

Updated on May 27, 2022 | Published on Apr 04, 2020

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Will My Ex Come Back - 25 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

If you are eager to know whether your ex will come back to you or not, you are reading the right article! Here we will give 25 sure-shot signs your ex will eventually come back.

This is really a sensitive issue and we understand that it makes you feel anxious but if you really want to have that relationship back it depends on both of your decisions and willingness to work it out together!

Also, remember that sometimes exes do not want to come back and that’s actually a blessing in disguise.

25 Signs your ex will eventually come back
25 Signs your ex will eventually come back

Why Will Someone Want Their Ex to Come Back?

Some relationships end badly with fights and a lot of drama. And then there are exes who have hurt you so much that it’s good that they are not in your life anymore.

But then not all past relationships are like that! Maybe your ex was a good person and you had a great loving relationship.

It was perhaps some mistakes and misunderstandings that had led to your breakup. In that case, it makes sense to want to give it another try!

The time you were separated from each other might have proved their worth in your life even more. You have realized your mistakes and want to give your ex a second chance.

Will my ex come back?

After a few weeks of the breakup, often this question appears in our minds – “Will my ex come back again?” Especially, when you had an intense relationship with your ex.

You had a great time together. As couples, if you were the most perfect ones or so you have thought someday, it becomes tougher after the days lapse following the breakup. 

Almost all boys and girls have at least experienced this once in life when they have really wanted their ex to come back again.

Often a comeback happens and that could be quite exciting! But be sure this return won’t cause further heartbreaks and dramas in your life. What if your reunion happens for all the wrong reasons before the relationship collapses again!

As much as you might want your ex to come back to you if they return for the wrong reasons they would most likely go away again.

Needless to say, this won’t be a pretty scene in your life because you would go through a heart-shattering experience once again for the same person. So, it’s better to consider if the reunion will actually do any good to you before seriously making a decision.

Look for the signs but try to see things rationally as opposed to what you want to see! If you observe that your ex isn’t keeping contact deliberately, rule out the option of them coming back to you! If you see that he/she has moved on, it’s a good idea that you stop wasting your time on them. Realize that it was a clean breakup and move on with your life.

25 Signs your ex will eventually come back

Though you can’t read Ex’s mind, still these few signs can help you to know if Ex secretly wants to have you back!

1. Your Ex regrets the breakup

Has your ex communicated to you or some of your mutual friends that he/she really regrets the breakup? This is a sure-shot sign that your ex misses you.

If you get to know that your ex is repenting on his past decision to go away from you it means that you still have importance in your ex’s life. There is a good chance of your ex coming back to you.

2. Your Ex keeps in touch with you

Does he/she stay in touch with you through phone calls or on social media? Do you see her post pictures of you both?

It could be that your ex is nostalgic about the good times she had spent with you! Pay attention to whether he/she is looking for excuses to chat with you on social media. This could be a sign that your ex wants to come back.

3. Your ex keeps asking if you are seeing someone

One of the good signs of your ex coming back to you is if he/she is really interested to know if you are single or started dating someone!

Particularly if it’s a long time since your breakup and you two have started talking casually. Your ex might not ask you directly but ask your mutual friends.

4. Your ex has changed in a positive way

Have you seen any difference in your ex? Is everyone saying that your ex has changed a lot! Maybe your ex was short-tempered earlier and now you hear that your ex is taking a course in anger management!

Or maybe ex was extremely casual but now has become more serious in his/her approach.

If your ex has changed or trying to change in a better way means that they do not want to repeat the same mistakes!

Your ex must be sorry for how he treated you and maybe that’s the reason for his transformation. A changed person can always come back!

5. Your ex respects your friends and family

Does your ex talk graciously with your friends or family if he/she meets them? Being nice to your folks is always a good signal from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

If someone cares for you they would be nice to your loved ones too! If they are close to your family they must still be in love with you!

6. They are depressed after the breakup

If your ex is miserable after the breakup, it’s obvious that they are not over you. Check their social media profiles. Are they frequently sharing tragic romantic posts?

It’s a sign that they want you back. Also, if you hear from your mutual friends that they are taking therapy or joined a meditation class, it suggests they are not happy without you.

Although most people feel sad after a breakup, if they are taking professional advice from a qualified mental health professional, it could be that they are devastated after you have gone from their life.

It surely indicates that they want to come back. 

7. They are not seeing anyone

If your ex is not seeing anyone after the two of you broke up, it’s an indication that they have not forgotten you. While you are thinking if your ex will come back again, most likely they are thinking that too!

It could be that your ex is so depressed after the breakup that they have lost interest in seeing other people. You are still close to their heart, you could say! 

If you get to know from a reliable source that your ex has not yet entered the dating scene, you can keep hoping for a reunion between the two of you.

Especially, when breakups happen because of misunderstandings the two partners often start missing each other and repent after they have moved away. 

If your ex is still leading a single life, you can certainly consider it as a good sign!

8. They aren’t returning your stuff

After a breakup, it’s normal to get rid of all the things that your partner used when they were with you. But if your ex is not throwing away your things or even returning those to you chances are they are not yet over you! 

Your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend still misses all the good times they spent with you and that’s why they are keeping your stuff with them.

If this is the case with your ex, there is a high chance of them coming back again. 

9. They are stalking you on social media

Do you find your ex reacting on each of your Facebook posts even if they are not writing a comment? Have you checked and found profile visits by your ex on your page? It’s obvious then he/she is stalking you. 

A good reason for this could be that they are still missing you and they visit your profile to look at your photos.

Or perhaps they are jealous and want to see if you started dating someone! Whatever the reason, if your ex is stalking you on social media, it’s possible that they want to come back again.  

10. Your breakup didn’t involve any nasty drama

Not all breakups happen because a partner was cheating or they were abusive. Sometimes breakups happen in a friendly way when both partners want to move on.

It could be because they want to prioritize their career or they have to relocate or just because they feel the spark is missing. 

If your breakup didn’t involve any bitter experiences you have a fat chance of coming together again! Some relationships grow even stronger when tested. When the partners move away they get the time to reflect on their relationship. 

If you had a healthy relationship it’s completely understandable that you would want them back! And if this is the case, it could be that your ex is also thinking on the same line.    

11. The two of you wish one another well

If your situation is as discussed in the previous point, most likely both of you are still friends. Or at least you maintain a distant cordial relationship. In your hearts, both of you wish one another well. 

If you post on social media about a professional success they congratulate you warmly. It’s because they still wish you well. This certainly is a sign that your ex can eventually come back. 

12. They remember your birthday

Now here’s the thing. On social media your birthday is put on a reminder, so, even strangers can wish you on your day.

So, if your ex sends a message on your Facebook wall it certainly doesn’t matter much. Not really! But if your ex wishes you over call or text, it certainly means you are still special to them.  

If you get a special birthday wish from your ex, you are hoping rightly. Yes, you might be having the reunion soon.  

13. They call you when they are drunk 

If your ex calls you after drinking heavily it’s one of the good signs that they are missing you.

Usually, people become more sentimental after drinking a lot of alcohol and they often speak the truth. So, if your ex calls you after getting drunk it’s only because they can’t forget you.

14. They call you when they are having a hard time in life

When we face challenges in life, it’s normal to turn towards our loved ones. If your ex contacts you when they are in a tough situation in life, don’t feel like they only contact you when they are feeling bad.

Instead, you can be sure that they are still in love with you.   

If your ex calls you after a recent breakup, or maybe to talk about miserable aspects of their love life, it’s a strong sign they are still in love with you. 

15. They keep sending you texts

Do you often receive casual texts from your ex? Like its nothing super urgent but maybe simple greetings or even forwarded texts.

Then it’s obvious that they just want to keep in touch with you. 

If your ex keeps sending you texts it’s because they too want you back. 

16. They reply in long texts to the one you send them 

Talking about texts, have you noticed this simple thing? When you send them a text they send you a longer reply! That’s a good sign that they are finding excuses to talk with you. 

17. You broke up because it was a long-distance relationship

If it was a long-distance relationship that couldn’t survive after a lot of efforts from both sides, romance can rekindle again.

Often distance is a reason that ruins good relationships. Perhaps both of you intended to make the relationship work but the distance was the factor that separated you.

If distance had separated the two of you, it can bring you together again! Say, if your ex has moved to your town it could be a sign that destiny wants the two of you to come together again.

And what if your ex has purposely shifted to your city? Well, you never know!  

18. You have mutual friends and you are not uncomfortable with that

Some people feel uncomfortable whenever they share a common friend circle with their ex. Particularly, if they had a bad fight before the breakup and all their friends know about it.

But if you and your ex parted ways peacefully you would naturally have no problem if you bump into a mutual friend.

This is a sign that neither you nor your ex has any bitterness about each other. So, whenever you have a get-together with your mutual friends, they do not anticipate a drama.

They know the two of you do not dislike each other. And because of that, your close friends can even help you to reconcile with your ex. 

19. If the two of you meet your ex treats you really well

Are the two of you still on good terms? When the two of you meet does your ex treat you well and pay a lot of attention to you?

Then you can be rest assured that they still have strong emotions for you. Just as you want them back, so do they. 

20. Their family still keeps touch with you

Does your ex’s family stay in touch with you? Maybe their mom still invites you to her parties. Or she keeps calling you to share her news with you.

It’s most likely, your ex talks about you with their parents. So, if your ex’s family is in touch with you, it’s a pretty good sign your ex wants you back in their life!

21. The two of you have a lot in common

If you and your ex have a lot in common it’s no wonder you are missing him/her after the breakup. You do have the right to hope your ex is also missing you.

When two romantic partners have a lot of similarities they kind of become used to one another!

They just can’t help falling in love with each other again. It’s because neither of you would ever be satisfied in any other relationship.  

22. You and your ex have a history

From bunking classes at college to laughing your heads out, screaming for the same baseball team, going to places together, and returning home at midnight getting drunk, the two of you have so many shared happy memories.

As much as the two of you will want to forget each other after splitting up, it won’t be an easy deal for either of you.

The reason being you have a history together. You have been there with each other for a long time and did so many crazy things; it’s highly probable that you reunite again.

23. Your ex makes plans with you

Have you both stayed friends even after the breakup? If your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend includes you in their plans or comfortably accepts your invites there is a good chance they are interested in you.

When your ex is trying to spend time with you, it means you are still important to them. It’s one of the biggest signs they want to come back! 

24. Your ex tries to be flirty with you 

If your ex flirts with you or suddenly calls you on the weekend it could be a booty call but what if they really want you back?

Although, it’s a good idea to figure out if they just want to have sex or they really care about you.

If you see some of the other signs from this list along with this one, it definitely means your ex is missing you. In the hugs or caresses, they are trying to tell you that they want you back in their life. 

25. They are in a rebound relationship

If your ex is in another relationship, don’t give up! Here’s the thing, they might not be in a serious lovey-dovey relationship at all.

Starting another romantic relationship right after the breakup doesn’t mean they have forgotten the prior relationship. It often indicates they want to forget you. There’s a big difference, do you realize?  

Your ex wants to fill the void you made after leaving him. They are possibly trying to find a substitute for you. He/she is miserable without you. And that’s the reason why they have got into another relationship.

Also, they might want to make you jealous and fall in love with them again! Just hold your patience and behave in a good, friendly manner with your ex.

It’s possible they would have another breakup before coming back to you!

Trust your gut feelings but if required take advice from a relationship expert. Probably, your ex will eventually come back. But what if you can’t see those red flags? If you consult your friends they might not be able to give you the right advice. So, if you aren’t sure it is best to get relationship advice from a professional.

Why Won’t Your Ex Just Tell If They Want to Come Back?

It really would have been so easy if people communicated clearly all the time! But sadly we don’t express our emotions because we don’t want to be vulnerable.

Here are some reasons why your ex isn’t admitting that he loves you still and wants you back!

1. Fear of rejection

We are always scared of people rejecting us on our faces! your ex might assume that you will say “no” this time. Particularly if it was their fault that you two broke up, your ex would not want to raise his hopes this time.

You see, people do not want to be dejected. We all want acceptance and we are afraid of failure! your ex might feel that you will not accept him/her and this fear of failure might stop them from asking you.

2. Ego

It could be that pride or ego is stopping them from accepting the truth. Your ex is missing you but wouldn’t admit so because of the ego.

In your ex’s mind, your ex wants you back but your ex’s ego wants you to concede first!

3. Doesn’t feel that your ex deserves you

It can also be that your ex feels less deserving of you. Your ex might be thinking that you are better without himself/herself.

Particularly after what your ex has put you through! So, your ex is preventing herself/himself from coming close to you again.

4. Your ex thinks that you don’t care for him/her anymore

Your ex might be thinking that you have moved on. Your ex can think that you have no feelings for him/her anymore. And that’s why your ex does not want to expect you to accept him/her again.

5. Your ex is going through a rough phase in life

Life brings challenges that others would not understand. Maybe your ex is now going through a really bad phase.

Your ex loves you still but they are so engrossed in their own problems that they are not ready to speak out their feelings for you.

Closing Thoughts

If you are waiting for your ex to come back to you this IS the very article for you! Watch for the signs mentioned here. If they are showing some of these signs, chances are your ex will eventually come back to you!

Have an honest communication or give out a clear hint that you are still interested in them.

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