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50+ Signs a Man is Falling in Love with You Every Day!

50+ Signs a Man is Falling in Love with You Every Day!

Updated on Aug 05, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

50+ Signs a Man is Falling in Love with You Every Day!

So, you’re looking for signs a man is falling in love

This means there’s a guy in your life who has been dropping hints but you aren’t sure about it.

Well, let me be honest: It’s extremely difficult to find out what a man feels because they behave differently in love. 

They act weird, sad, or sometimes extra happy. They often drop confusing hints and if you also love them back, it makes you feel frustrated. But the good news is, I’ve finally cracked the code and now, with this think-piece, you will too.

Even though men are complex, they all follow a similar pattern when they fall in love. They may take some time to directly confess their love for you but unconsciously hint with signs that help give you a sneak peek into their feelings.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s know if you got lucky with these…

50 Signs a Man is Falling in Love with you

A man in love has a racing heart around his beau. So, whenever they’re around you, it makes them feel giddy and it naturally triggers some changes in their behavior.

Can’t wait to know if your ship is ready to sail? Let’s quickly get down with these…

1. Your future excites him

When a man asks you if you wish to move in with him or have kids with him, he isn’t asking you just for the sake of it. He’s asking because he’s really interested! 😉

So, don’t get too nervous; he is only excited to build a future with you. You can tell him if you have other plans.

And if he agrees to your plan or finds it equally interesting, it is a sign your man is falling in love.

2. He cannot get enough of your eyes

It is a fact that you can look into someone’s eyes without hesitation when you love the person. The eyes reflect all the unsaid words.

Eyes are the mirror to our soul, and if your man cannot get tired of looking into your eyes, he is in love.

During the research of Psychological Science, researchers mentioned that if you feel romantically attracted to someone, you will keep looking at the person’s face.

3. You are his priority, always!

Who gets to pick the dining space- you or him? Who has more mood swings- you or him? Who throws more tantrums- you or him?

If you answered YOU in all the questions, and still he is with you, it is a clear sign of deep love.

As mentioned in Europe’s Journal of Psychology, he has compassionate love for you. It is a level above romantic love when you selflessly act towards making your partner happy.

4. He laughs, seeing you smile

Does your man send you too many memes or funny videos? Do you wonder why? Well, because he wants to see you smiling.

With the help of college students, researchers conducted an Evolutionary Psychology study. They found that men will always try to make their special ones laugh.

But the hidden secret here is that the pair must laugh together. So, the more time you spend laughing with your man, the stronger your relationship will be. 

5. Details… and more details

Trust me on this; most men are so secretive that they don’t even wanna share their daily schedule. But if he shares all the tiny-little details of his life with you, you are DAMN lucky!

He gets intimate with you without any hesitation. By intimacy, I don’t mean sex.

Here, I mean all the intimate details of their lives that they share with nobody else. It can be their ill past or their future plans.

6. Click! – Your heartbeats match.

When you connect with someone, you naturally adapt to their habits. So, suppose you and your man are in the same room for a while, then your heart rate matches each other.

A study by the University of Colorado Boulder proved this point and stated that you genuinely sync up with each other.

So, if your man is hurt somewhere and you touch them, you act as a pain-reliever. If this is not love, I don’t know what is.

7. You poured positivity into him

When everything goes perfectly in a relationship, you eventually see only positive things in life. A German study proved this point with the help of 245 couples.

The study also concluded that a stable relationship decreases stress and rarely leads to wrong decisions. 

Similarly, if things are working well in your relationship and your man considers the glass as “half full”, it is because you made him feel confident and filled him with positivity – of course, he loves you!

8. Spends time to make your relationship work

Wait, why will you invest your time and energy into someone you don’t have a future with? So, this is a very good point to determine if your man is falling for you.

He makes an effort to invest more time with you because the feelings inside his heart have now started taking over – if you know what I mean! 😉

He feels happy and content around you and doesn’t want to think of other alternatives. So, if your man goes out of his way to spend time with you, he loves you.

9. “We” is constant in his vocabulary

When you are planning things about yourself, you’ll always share your plans as ‘I.’ But, recently, if you notice your man says ‘We will do this,’ ‘We will go there,’ it only indicates that he considers you a part of him.

No, he won’t say something like, ‘We love sandwiches!’ But whenever he tries to talk about serious plans, he will include you because he loves you.

10. Moving out of his comfort zone looks so easy to him.

Change is a part of every process. And to bring a change, everyone has to move out of their comfort zones.

Coming out of your comfort zone is not an easy task. And why will any of us like to take up a challenge for someone else?

But if your man moves out of the comfort zone and tries something new only because it makes you happy, it is solely because he loves you A LOT.  

In the initial stages especially, most men try new things to impress the girl… and so is your man.

11. NO pretense around you

Compare the time when you first met your man and your man today. I bet you will say there are a lot of changes in him.

Yes, a few things did change, but the rest are the parts he hid from you.

For example, he might forget to pick up his dish after meals.

In the initial stage, he picked the dish to impress you. But now that he knows you won’t leave him, he doesn’t feel the need to pretend anything anymore.

When a man is his true self in front of a woman, it is a sign that he loves you.

12. Nobody is as forgiving as him

A section of society believes that only weak people forgive since they don’t have the power to retaliate. The powerful ones always strike back and teach the other person a lesson.

On the contrary, another section believes that forgiving people’s mistakes requires lots of courage. And only those people who love others can forgive the mistake.

So, if your man loves you, he will be ready to forgive all your mistakes and will look past all of them… because hey, love defies all!

13. His past is an open book to you

The initial days are all rosy in the relationship and filled with romance. You don’t want to talk about bitter things because you still didn’t successfully lure your partner in.

We all committed mistakes in our past and learned from it. Some of these are so painful that we hardly want to talk about them.

But when your man shares his past and bad times with you, he feels he has something beyond physical love with you. He dreams of an emotional connection with you because he loves you.

14. The security guard is always on duty

Any loving man will want to protect you from insects to major life threats. He doesn’t want you to have any physical or mental pain because he loves you.

Yes, you may not need any protection because you are an independent woman who knows how to deal with life.

But if you see from your man’s perspective, he wants to be your hero because he loves you.

So, if he always has his security guard on to protect you because of his hero instinct, consider it a sign. 

15. Oh! The fear of losing you.

I know you are constantly worried about losing the man of your dreams… and you keep wondering if he feels the same. The answer to your anxiety is YES!

He also feels insecure and possessive and has a fear of losing you to someone else. But men just cannot express it very well.

C’mon, think about all your past weird chats with him when he said he wanted to share something, and it came out as something lame.

Most probably, those times your man wanted to confess his feelings for you but failed because of self-doubt.

16. His friends know you VERY well

Just like you keep talking about him in your girl gang, he also speaks about you with his bros. All his friends already know about you because he just can’t stop singing sags on the love he has for you.

As per human psychology, we love talking about our loved ones. And unconsciously, he also follows this.

So, if your man loves you, it doesn’t matter if you have met his friends or not, they know everything about you. 

17. He asks for commitment

A man who loves you will always want to have something more with you. You might be in a stable relationship, but he will still demand extra commitment.

Maybe he’ll propose to you for marriage because he dreams of his life with you.

However, commitment to men is tricky. If you force things too hard on them, they break the relationship.

And if you take it too slow, they consider it casual. So, maintain a balance between your desires and then only your man can fall for you.

18. There are no games.

The initial phases of a relationship usually include many games like will he call or not.

Or how long should you wait before calling or replying to him? Is it good to respond to the texts instantly?

But these games do not last long if you are meant to last. 

If the games continue, your relationship has no future, and you are not quite interested in each other.

But if your man makes efforts to clear these games and take a step forward in a relationship, it indicates that he has fallen for you. 

19. ‘The look’ is only for you.

You probably know the saying that “your eyes say it all no matter how cool you try to act”. So, yes, in the initial stages, your man may try to act all cool and disinterested.

But he won’t be able to hide his feelings through his eyes. 

If you randomly catch him looking at you or giving you longer stares than usual, he is falling for you.

You’ll notice his eyes glow when you enter the room… because your presence makes him feel comfortable.

Also, let’s not deny, just looking at your loved one makes you feel loved, doesn’t it?

20. He feels you need him

You may think that men are all about sex… because society painted this picture in our heads.

But do you really think all these marriages have been successful only because of sex? No, right? So, “men are all about sex” is a completely false notion.

The way you want to feel appreciated, your man wants it too.

He wants to feel loved, so he will try every damn thing to help and protect you. He’ll make efforts to express his love, not by words but by his actions.  

He wants you to feel he is necessary for you… all because he fell for you.

21. All attention is on you

If he wishes to know everything about you, he’s falling hard, girl. You’ll never find him occupied or distracted by something else when you’re talking.

Suppose you shared how your family enjoyed the getaway last weekend; he secretly wishes to become a part of it.

So, he may ask you more questions to dig into your life and become a part of it. 

Even if you mention something about your work, he will listen to it with equal importance because he wants to know what’s going on in his love’s life and how he’ll deal with it in the future. 

22. Meeting halfway on plans is not difficult

Yes, you made plans to spend the evening together, but last-minute emergencies might crash in. And your man will understand this.

He knows you have your own life and preferences, and things that you must focus on. So, if you cancel plans someday, he will understand.

For instance, you canceled your date because your boss asked you to work after hours. Here, he will understand that you’re committed to your work.

Similarly, your BFF needs you someday because she is feeling low, and you need to cheer her… instead of chilling with your man.

A loving man will understand that there are other important things in your life and will willingly sacrifice the plans for you.

23. You feel at home

As mentioned before, if a man loves you, he will play no games because games invite anxiety.

So, if your man tries to make you believe you’re needy, he is still not serious about you. Any man who loves you will always want to see you happy and confident.

Only with him can you share your dreams and figure out your route to achieve them without fear.

He’ll guide you if you’re wrong because he knows whatever the results will be, you two will share them in the future. 

If he’s falling for you, he wouldn’t want you to wait for his messages because he loves talking to you. So, you’ll feel the comfort of a home around him.

24. YOU amaze him, all the time!

Do you know what the best part about love is? Your partner loves you for things even you don’t love about yourself.

Let me give you an example here. You have a snoring problem, and you’re hiding it from others.

But when you spend time with this man, he will know about your snoring issue and still love you. He doesn’t perceive it as a flaw.

He still sees you as a perfect lady and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

He’ll appreciate your uniqueness and always encourage you to love yourself too because he is in love with you.

25. The emotional side comes out soon

We all know that men feel uncomfortable showing their emotional sides. So even if they are insecure, jealous, or feeling low, they will not speak out.

You have to figure it out with the change in his body language. However, a few men also know how to control their body language. 

So, if your man acts all clingy and paranoid, he is probably wondering how a perfect girl like you landed upon him.

He has low self-esteem, and he is figuring out how to love you more.

26. There’s a indefinable connection

How can you even be in love if the two of you have no connection? Yes, you need a connection in every field of life. But how do you know he feels connected to you?

He’ll introduce you to his friends and family members. He’ll flaunt you in front of people and take pride in being by your side.

Moreover, he may ask you to accompany him in his favorite activities or passionate interests. You may play his favorite game with him or chill at his favorite bar.

All this represents that he wants to stay connected with you because he loves you.

27. He takes care of you like a baby

If you relate to this, hands down, he is in love with you. But well, what is it all about?

When your man focuses on you or fulfills your wishes even when you didn’t ask him to, it is a sign that he loves you.

He may kiss you suddenly not caring if it is a public or a private place. All these gestures indicate that your man loves you.

If your man is around you all the time, it means your relationship is upgrading because no man likes wasting time on a woman he has no future with.

28. His eyes only seek you.

Another clear sign to know if he loves you is to notice his actions in your absence. You’ll observe that he will still have his eyes only for you in a room full of people.

If you are not visible around for a while, he will search for you in the room.

If you are already in the room and he enters, you are the first person he wants to look at or greet.

Even if plenty of hot chicks are present in the room, your man feels loved and comfy only by your side. He will leave everyone’s company to be with you.

29. You rule his thoughts

I know even while working, you think about him. But you keep yourself busy so that you do not end up messaging him time and again and annoy him.

But do you know that your man also feels the same? 

Yes, you wish you could get into a man’s mind and know the truth!

Like you, he also thinks of you while working. Even he wants to finish his work and come back home to see you. 

When a man loves you, your thoughts are constantly in his mind. If you don’t message or call him for a while, he will get worried and may keep messaging you to check if you are doing fine.

30. The PDA is overflowing.

You may find it awkward, but he loves showing you off in public. He will hold your hands or drape his arms around you.

He will keep hugging you or occasionally exchange kisses when you are out in public because he wants the world to know that he is lucky to have you!

Even if you are not in public, he will post pictures with you on social media with cute captions to declare his love for you.

In short, a man in love won’t be afraid of PDA with you.

31. Doing things for you is not a task.

We find doing favors for our loved ones effortless. We will hardly be as accommodating to other people. This is the best way to know if your man loves you.

Relationship coaches say that if your man picks up your favorite food on the way without your knowledge or finishes off your chores, it is a sign he wants to take the burden off you…. and isn’t that another sign of love?

32. Patiently listening to you is a must-do.

If your man is only interested in having physical love with you, he will only pretend to listen and divert the topics to romance.

But if he loves you, he’ll patiently listen to all your worries even if it hardly makes sense.

He will listen to all your past, present, and future talks as you are important to him. So, does your man also listen to you? If yes, congratulations! He is in love with you.

33. There are never-ending calls.

A man in love will often find different excuses to hear his beau’s voice.

So, if he starts calling you more frequently than before, it is because he misses you and wants to feel your presence. It is an unconscious sign, so even your man cannot resist his urge to call you.

Moreover, you will notice that the duration of the call has increased manifold. He won’t like to hang up the call easily.

But, how to know if he is falling in love if you are talking over texts?

Well, if he loves you, he’ll try changing the messages into a call. For example, “I got something priceless today; let me show you over a call.”

34. You’ll always find him around.

You will always find your man around you on your worst days or whenever you have terrible fights with others. He will crack lame jokes, order your favorite food, or dance for you.

He’ll listen to your rants and advise you to deal with your problems. He will feel restless unless your problem gets solved and continue figuring out newer ways to make you happy.

If he does all this for you, it is a sign that he is slowly falling for you. 

35. He’ll take your opinions seriously

Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, a man in love will always try to impress you. He will wait for you to compliment him whenever he dresses a little extra.

Don’t you expect the same from him too?

If you say you like a particular color on him, he’ll buy shirts of that color more. He will try to dress the way you want him to.

If you don’t like his beard, he will shave it to make you happy, even if he wants to keep it. It is all because a man always values the opinions of his beloved woman.

36. It’s the little things that matter

Just because you want to keep your loved one happy, you will observe every little thing they love. He may remember the flower that elated your mood once or the song that made you dance.

Even if you didn’t share such details, he will make notes of your daily behavior.

He’ll know that you like sandwiches because you always order it or that you don’t like traveling in heat because you avoid handing around during day time.

And then, maybe out of the blue, he may show up with these… because he knows that these little things make you smile.

37. Everyday chores are no longer a burden.

Nobody likes to see their loved one burdened. And as I mentioned, your man will love to help you with everything to see you stress-free, even if it involves him handling the household chores.

A man in love with you won’t be arrogant or think that chores are women’s responsibility.

He will do the laundry or cook meals when you are late from the office. He may wash the dishes when the househelp is unavailable because he wants you to be the queen of the house.

38. You feel you’re living in a dream world

Your man will leave no occasion to make you feel special when he is in love with you.

He’ll watch the lame movies for you, eat the food prepared by you even if he doesn’t like it, go to your favorite dining place, let you choose the vacation spot, dedicate romantic songs, send you funny memes, and whatnot. 

He will do anything to make you feel special and loved. He may also handle your dear ones’ tantrums to keep you happy.

When you get such a man, you will often hear others telling you, ‘You’re lucky!’ 

39. Watching chick flicks with you becomes routine

Your man will also watch all sorts of chick flicks with you, which he does not want to. He may miss his sports tournaments but will still sit by your side and watch chick flicks.

He also knows his friends will make super fun of him if they know. But he still doesn’t bother because you are by his side.

He will watch it without any complaint and get you popcorn to enjoy it together.

40. When you’re sick, he’s at your beck and call.

A man head over heels for you won’t only care about you when you are healthy… but he’ll also stay by your side when you are sick.

He will give you timely medicines and ensure that you take your meals as the doctor prescribes. 

He cannot bear to see you sick and wants you to recover fast.

Most men also get frustrated seeing their better halves sick… all because they love you so much that they always want you to be fit as a fiddle. 

41. Have you ever been alone?

You want to go shopping, but none of your friends are available. You have a parent’s teacher’s meeting for your kid, and you don’t want to attend it alone.

You can’t get a good company to watch a long-awaited movie.

Your man will step forward in such situations and accompany you whenever possible.

He may ask you to wait for a little while until he wraps up work and then takes you to all the places you wish to visit… because he does not want you to be alone.

42. The world knows his feelings.

No, he won’t hide your relationship from the world if he loves you. He will only want to yell and tell the world how fortunate he is to have you.

He’ll express his love for you fearlessly in front of others and accept you as a partner who changed his life.

He’ll only speak genuine facts about you and won’t hesitate to accept that you’re the best person in his life.

When he says these things about you, understand that he already loves you.

43. Love grows every day.

A few people believe that with passing days, the love fades. But the truth is the love between two people only grows with time.

Every day, you learn so much about your partner… both good and bad… and still choose to stay.

So, even your man’s love for you keeps growing if you help him feel good about himself.

He will appreciate your efforts, intelligence, attractiveness, and wit to make his life blissful and want to spend more time with you. 

Moreover, he can’t resist touching you.

44. You hear never-ending compliments.

Your man will never get tired of your great personality. The world may keep complimenting you about how gorgeous and adorable you look.

But your man will also observe and appreciate your inner beauty as well. 

He will habitually compliment you for every little thing you do for him.

Even if you cook for him, he will compliment you in front of others. He wants you to realize that you are special and you make his life glow.

If your man does this too, it is a sign that he is falling for you

45. There’s a constant attempt to please you

Even after knowing he already won your heart, he’ll still try to please you by changing his behavior. 

Yes, in long-term relationships, you get annoyed with your partner’s specific habits. These cause relationship conflicts when you complain.

However, your man won’t change these habits if he doesn’t love you. But if he does, it is clear that he fell hard for you and tries to change himself to please you.

46. He’ll try to know what others talk about you.

No matter how much you fight and speak ill of each other privately… if he loves you, he won’t tolerate others speaking trash about you.

Even if he doubts someone slightly, he will immediately try to know the issue and fix the person’s issue or give them a good scolding.

He cannot hear a word against his special one because of his deep love. 

47. Is he your hunk today?

Your man will always be concerned about his dressing sense on your dates, especially in front of your family.

He’ll want to look the best because he doesn’t want others to make fun of you. Hence, he will always be nervous about his appearance while going out with you. 

Is my hair proper? Does this shirt suit me? You’ll hear him bombarding such questions because he seeks your validation about his perfect looks around you. 

48. You’ll find him extra kind to you

There are certain things none of us can tolerate. For example, I cannot tolerate people being late.

And if your man has the same thing, he’ll get super annoyed at anyone turning up late for a meeting except you.

He just cannot feel frustrated with you because he loves you too much to do that.

After all, you are his special one, so he will treat you with extra kindness and care, which he doesn’t do for even his family.

49. He’ll always try to help

Your man will always look for ways to help you and be useful to you. He will offer help with household chores or grocery shopping.

He will ask you to sleep while he puts the kids off to sleep. He may not leave the responsibility of guests entirely on you.

He will try to share even the minute daily burdens as much as possible because he wants to serve you out of love. 

50. Your sex life is off the hook

If a man loves you, he will stop mentioning sex every time you meet him. But he will try to develop emotional intimacy with you rather than touching your hands, waist, or hugging you in public. 

He knows that if he wants you in his future, he has to give his sex drive a back seat and be emotionally connected to you.

He will stop seeking sex from other women and stay focused on you.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

So, how many of them did you match? Exactly, don’t judge your man’s love with the number of signs. Every man has unique ways to show he’s in love with you. 

Moreover, they don’t do it intentionally… it’s just how they feel they must. 

Remember, men are practical beings and probably their reason to go out of their way is you… most men won’t intentionally try to spike something romantic. 

Why? Because the definition of romance is different for everyone. So, they rather follow their heart and make their better half feel happy.