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70 Girl Code Rules You Must Never Break (+10 Every Guy Must Know About)

70 Girl Code Rules You Must Never Break (+10 Every Guy Must Know About)

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

70 Girl Code Rules You Must Never Break

Want to update yourself on girl code rules? Perhaps, you think it’s time to break them but feel unsure? Or, are you a man and feel threatened by these?

You see, girl code rules aren’t meant to harm anyone… it’s the power girls use to protect fellow females.

If you wanna make sure you follow the right ones for the right reasons, this think-piece will answer it all.

So, let’s unleash the girl power here…

What is “Girl Code Rules”?

Girl code rules are basic morals and ethics girls follow to look out for one another, whether a sis, friend, or a stranger. It’s usually about dating but nowadays some rules apply even in regular life.

In female friendships, to strengthen the bonds and keep the sisterhood alive, women must mutually respect and follow some rules. These are called girl code rules and especially revolve around dating.

However, these are mostly unspoken and unwritten rules like you can’t date your friend’s crush or you can’t date your friend’s ex-boyfriend.

If you spot your friend’s boyfriend with another girl, you gotta report pronto.

Many believe that the girl code applies to all women and not just your close friends. So, if a stranger needs a sanitary napkin, you must lend them one if you have one… it’s a rule of feminism, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

However, some debate that girl code rules are indeterminate and make women judge other women.

Wanna make sure girl code rules are a necessity or not? Judge them yourself here…

Girl Code Rules List

Girl code rules are sacred to female friendships. Usually, it starts very early when kids don’t even understand what’s happening around them.

Sounds crazy but we girls did make lots of friends and foes based on our best friend’s fights.

If you’re wondering how similar it looks, let’s get right into it…

1. Be honest without being rude

When your friend tries to be cool but actually becomes the butt of a joke unknowingly… don’t laugh pretentiously along with others.

Pull her away and tell her what the issue is. But never say that aloud in public. Remember: You wanna protect her dignity.

2. No sexual history judgment

One of the major girl code rules about guys is don’t judge a girl based on her sexual activity. Don’t slut shame her if she slept with more than one guy.

Don’t think she’s undesirable or boring if she’s a virgin. Stop judging her based on men.

3. Uplift others instead of getting jealous

If a woman achieved something you can’t, praise her for it. Don’t spread hate speech like “she doesn’t deserve it.”

If a woman looks hotter than you, compliment her instead of saying “She’s asking for it”. Positivity will help you grow.

4. Steer clear from forbidden zones

One of the most important girl code rules for dating is to never date your friend’s ex-boyfriend.

Imagine how you’ll feel if your bestie says she’s in love with someone you had feelings for. Let’s put her feelings before anyone else.

5. Don’t let anyone put themselves down

If your girl says “I look so ugly”, don’t stay quiet. Stop her right that instant and show her that she’s much more beautiful than she thinks.

Remember the times when you were the same and needed a friend? Support her as you desired back then.

6. Let her rule her life

If she likes a man but he pisses you off, don’t try to break them off. Her relationship is her business until you have sure-fire evidence that he isn’t worth it.

You may still tell her about something being off. But, you can’t make her break up for sisterhood.

7. Be the wing woman she needs

So, your girl found a man she likes at your birthday party? If you know that man, take responsibility to arrange a date with him.

Tell the man about her best qualities and make him fall head over heels for her.

8. Sisters before misters!

If you like the same man, don’t fight over him. Leave that man alone, nobody needs to win this fight and lose the precious friendship.

Never betray her for a man, because he’s not worth so much sacrifice, girl. You can always have another crush.

9. You join the battle together

Remember, you’re always on the same team. If someone declares war on your sis, it’s a war for the entire group.

If someone passes a crass comment about her, don’t stand when she fights for herself, support her but be very strategic about your moves.

10. Never talk behind her

Despite how much your girl gets on your nerves and how much you can’t stand her, don’t talk about it to others.

This is equivalent to backstabbing. Instead, talk it out between you two and never involve a third party in your beef.

11. Never judge stranger girls

If you see an unknown girl in a weird state or whose decisions aren’t like yours, let her be. Don’t judge her choice if you don’t know her story.

She might have a reason to be like that, how will you know her hardships?

12. Defend the backstabbed chick

If you’re in a group where they’re talking behind one of the girls in her absence, tell them they better talk to her face.

Don’t indulge in backstabbing whether that’s your close friend or someone you hardly know as this strictly shows poor morals.

13. Rescue her from creeps

Rescue any girl if you see her hit on by a creep. Be her bodyguard right that instant. Show them the power of girls.

Whether it’s a drunk friend or a sober stranger, girls must always stand for one another. Stick to this girl code rule for life.

14. Save her from makeup embarrassment

If you see lipstick stuck on her teeth, mascara on her eyelid, smudged eyeliner, or if you can tell she made out, let her know.

She’ll thank you later for being such a darling. And if the time comes, she’ll return you the favor.

15. Share the juicy bits

When you get to know gossip from anywhere, don’t just have fun all on your own, share it with the squad. Everyone deserves a bite of spicy news. However, if only you know the gossip, don’t spread it.

16. Get her home safely

If she’s tipsy and it’s late, don’t let her go home alone. Get a cab and drop her at her house. You never know what might happen if she returns like that. Be a superwoman every drunk girl needs.

17. Give honest opinions on outfits

Tell her if she looks bad in her outfit before she goes out. Never let her be the laughing stock just because you don’t have the courage to say the truth.

If you won’t say it, she’ll never learn until someone else does… and that’s the moment she’ll lose faith in you.

18. Head to her right away on bad days

When your friend called you after a bad incident, call the squad and head to her place with her favorite food, drinks, and desserts.

Stay over with her for the night, and be her adviser and cheerleader. If she needs to, take her on a road trip.

19. Return the items laundered

You’re like a sister to your bestie, so you may lend her clothes any time.

However, make sure you don’t ruin her clothes and get them cleaned before returning, even if it’s unstained. These are basic hygiene rules of the girl code.

20. Protect her from a wardrobe malfunction

If you see a tag sticking out of her clothes or her zip came undone, help her. If her top strap comes undone, stand in front of her to cover her and help her cover.

If there’s a fan blowing and she’s wearing a skirt, help her hold it down.

21. Share the tampons

If a girl gets her period at the wrong time and you have a tampon in your bag, run to her.

Never ignore these girly problems because nobody else will understand such issues. This one goes without saying for all the women out there.

22. Delete the pictures she hates

The set of rules in the girl code also asks you to be her favorite photographer. Take lots of pictures of one another until you’re satisfied.

When she says she hates a picture, delete it right away even if it’s on social media and you got thousands of likes on it.

23. Support her when she’s tipsy

If she gets drunk so bad that she can’t hold herself straight, support her from falling. Stay with her until she’s sober or take her home.

Or, if you don’t know her, wait until her girlfriends pick her up. Make sure you put her in safe hands.

24. Help her when she vomits

If your girl or any girl got so drunk that she gotta puke, help her hold her hair back. She’ll sound, look, and smell horrible, but someone has to do this.

Get her a bottle of water afterward because you’re a true friend.

25. Give her a reality check

When you think she’s deluded or hurts herself with the wrong decisions, don’t keep it down because it’s her business.

You can’t let her sink to the pit of the abyss and not do anything. Protect her from potential danger even if she doesn’t agree.

26. Don’t spill her secrets

When a girl tells you her secrets, she trusts you with her life. Despite how small it seems, respect the secrets.

Don’t share it with another soul… even your mom or if you have a common bestie. Unless she tells them on their own, her secrets must dive deep inside to never resurface again.

27. You leave with who you arrive

If you two go to a party with your girl, you leave with her too. Even if you find a man and become busy making out with him, stay committed to her till the end.

Unless you have a curfew or you’ll leave with family, it’s morally wrong.

28. Keep tabs on her first date

When she goes on her first date with a guy, you can’t trust that dude with her safety. Ask her to share her live location and constantly give you updates.

This world is too cruel, so better safe than sorry!

29. Washroom break is for the group

If you’re in a public get-together, neither of you goes to the washroom alone.

You may need one another’s help in fixing your clothes or makeup, or even need a tampon. So, go together even as a backup.

30. Compliment any woman

One of the best rules of the girl code is that when you see any pretty woman, drop them a compliment.

Boost her confidence with a “That booty looks thick” or “Ooooh your eyeliner is on fleek girl!” You don’t discriminate between friends and strangers and just say it.

31. Help her compose good comebacks

During a war with her boyfriend, help her create text messages to express her anger and beat him at his own game. If she can’t beat his ass with words, back her up.

If he’s fighting with her, he gotta deal with your wrath.

32. Enter the changing room together

While shopping, pick the attires you think will look good on her, enter the changing room together, take pictures, and rate her outfits.

You’re no less than sisters, so don’t feel shy and get on with your photoshoot.

33. Be the motivator she needs

If she’s in a dilemma about having something she deserves, enlighten her. Let her know she deserves everything in the world.

Tell her she mustn’t back off from her goals whether it’s an expectation from a relationship or a better job opportunity.

34. Tease her without a doubt

If she’s your BFF, you have all the right to tease her. Insult her playfully, make her mad, make up with her, but don’t let anyone else treat her like that. She’s yours and you’ll know exactly how to take care of her.

35. Tell her if he’s cheating

If you see her man flirting or being extra intimate with another girl, text her right then.

Take pictures or videos of the situation if possible. That cheater needs to be ratted out publicly and that’s exactly what you’ll do with your sis’s consent.

36. Snitch on the fox hitting on her man

If you see another girl hitting on her man, notice how both of them react. Report the full story to her immediately.

You can’t leave out any details or blow out a small one. Investigate the case together if she’s ready.

37. Tell her if her friend is sus

She made a new friend and you don’t have a good feeling about this new person. You don’t need to suppress it if you get bad vibes.

Tell her right away what you feel and exactly why otherwise she might not believe you.

38. Give that heartbreaker a piece of your mind

If your girl calls you late at night crying about what her boyfriend did, you can’t stay put. Get that jacka$$’s contact and let him have it.

He hurt your precious girl, so he’s definitely not a good man.

39. Remind her you’ll always be there

Sometimes she might function normally but your sixth sense says something is off. If she doesn’t wanna share anything, respect her privacy.

But don’t forget to say “I’m here beside you just a call away”. Let her know you’re ready to stick through rain and shine.

40. Celebrate BFFship together

Your best friends aren’t “Best” without reasons. Reassure your girls that they’re the best. Plan a girls’ sleepover.

Over a bowl of ice cream or cans of liquor, profess your love for them until you fall asleep. Tell them where they stand in your life until they’re convinced.

41. Be one another’s venting machine

Even though life is full of horrible people and incidents? I bet you both feel that, so vent out your feelings to one another.

Listen to her when she talks and lend her a sleeve to wipe her tears. She’ll also return the favor.

42. Your friend’s enemy is your enemy

If your best friend hates someone, she has a reason. You can ask her for the details later, but if you see she suddenly ignores someone, you do the same.

You can’t get friendly with them anyhow. Otherwise, that’s low-key betrayal.

43. Tell her if there’s no toilet paper

Ever entered a toilet and taken a dump only to find out there’s no TP? That’s the worst so warn any girl that’s about to enter a washroom without TP.

If you’re in the next stall, pass her the roll when you’re done.

44. Save her from drunk texting

When she’s drunk after a heartbreak, she might text embarrassing and emotional stuff to that undeserving lad.

Or, she might send nudes to the playboy you made her stall. Know exactly when to take her phone away and save her from a lifetime’s humiliation.

45. Wait until she enters her house

When you drop her home, don’t drive away unless she goes inside her house and locks her door.

No bloody creep can attack your friend on your watch! You got her out in one piece and you’ll send her back unharmed like a momma bird.

46. Tell her if you can see her boobs

During any rigorous physical activity, boobies don’t act their part.

They have to go haywire, so if her boobs are out of her bra or you can see her headlights, tell her before the guys see. There’s no in-between for this one.

47. Her close friend or cousin is off-limits

Let’s just say you got a crush on her childhood male friend. She never told you she had feelings for him.

One of the unspoken rules is that you can’t date a friend of your girl without her permission. The same goes if you wanna date her family.

48. Don’t keep count on hair bands

Whether it’s in PE class or while commuting on a humid day, if she’s struggling with her hair, don’t ignore her if you have a hair band.

Lend it as you both own them. Love will follow you back in no time.

49. Don’t let her dance alone

When your bestie or any girl dances on the club floor all alone, don’t just sit on the bar stool.

Join her as she might attract creeps and who knows if she’s already getting harassed. This universal girl code is valid for all fellow females.

50. Never shame her feelings

If your bestie develops feelings for a man you dated and she wants to date him with your permission, don’t judge her.

If it hurts you, tell her… but don’t discount her feelings as they’re real. You can’t control your feelings, can you?

51. It’s okay to go makeup-free

If a girl goes out without makeup, don’t judge her choice. Makeup isn’t a necessity and every woman is allowed to feel confident with and without it.

So, despite your beauty standards, don’t make a woman feel self-conscious in her comfort zone.

52. Never give her the cold shoulder

You’ll have fights because who else will you be candid with? However, take care of how you react out of anger.

Don’t walk out on her, give her the silent treatment, or make her feel miserable for anything. Unless she broke your trust or betrayed you, communicate properly.

53. Get healthy together

If your friend plans to lose a few pounds for prom or her wedding, join her gym. Help her stay motivated throughout the plan.

You can’t ever let her live on salads while you take a bite of a juicy burger. That’s no less than a brutal betrayal.

54. Screenshot the boys’ texts and send her

When any boy flirts with you, send her the screenshots. You’re probably high on your emotions.

Your friend can save you from potential danger and even help you pick the right man for yourself. And if you want, judge them together.

55. Don’t try to outshine her

A good friend never ever tries to look better than her friend. If it’s her special day like a birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, or got promoted, never steal her limelight. 

If you swear to love her and be her true friend, let her bask in her glory.

56. Never make her pick sides

If you dislike her man for some reason, don’t try to snatch her away from her man.

It’s like when a child loves both of her parents but they ask the child who they’ll stay with after their divorce. It’s heart-breaking and emotionally taxing.

57. Don’t let a crying woman alone

If you hear a girl crying in your school toilet, office stall, or in a public commute, don’t turn a blind eye to her.

She needs help and nobody is around. Be honest with yourself because you too experienced such days and needed help.

58. Plan her marriage if her date goes well

If a date goes extremely well, she’ll be on cloud 9. Don’t try to dull her excitement. If she imagines her marriage with him and her wedding dress, add more to it.

Give her ideas about the flattering gown designs to keep up.

59. Get high if a date goes bad

When a first date goes extremely bad, she needs your girl power.

Take her to the bar and get high. Don’t share a similar story but say “I can’t believe that asshole can’t recognize a gem!” until she believes it!

60. Don’t date her casual dates without her permission

Even if she was friends with benefits or in no-strings-attached with someone or dated someone for a week and it didn’t work out, don’t date him without her knowing.

She may still have feelings for him or feel you don’t trust her enough to be happy for you.

61. Don’t fight when he steals her from you

If your girl gets hitched and busy with her relationship or marriage, don’t blow out. Her relationship is also an equal commitment to her and so will be yours.

However, if you really need her and she doesn’t respond, talk to her calmly.

62. Like and comment on her posts

You aren’t allowed to ignore your friend’s post. Whether it’s her personal or business account, always react, leave the best comment, and rate her business 5 stars even if you disliked it.

Your girl needs your support to grow… so unleash the girl power!

63. Don’t trust a girl dating a taken man

One of the most important girl code rules is not having another woman’s man… even if that woman isn’t yours. So, never trust a woman breaking girl code rules.

You never know when she’ll hit on your man or sabotage someone else’s relationship.

64. Drag her out of her apartment

If she shut herself in her apartment/house for days but says she’s okay, never believe her.

Raid that B!t©#’s house, help her put on her best outfit, do her makeup, and take her out. She’ll hate you being so forceful, but she needs it.

65. Take care of her social media post-breakup

After a breakup, she won’t be in her right mind. If the breakup seems serious, take her smartphone and change her social media settings.

Hide her updates from her ex and his friends. Keep an eye out for what she shares online.

66. Get a clear view of their boundaries

You both have boundaries in every area of your life. Discuss yours and ask about hers.

If you’re unaware of your boundaries, learn to define them together and tighten your bond. Once you’re aware, promise to never violate any boundary.

67. Don’t mind the differences

Though girls become BFFs when they find slight hints of common interests and beliefs, you and your girl will always be different. You’re born in different households and brought up differently.

So, don’t worry about those. Female friendship can be as strong as ever even when you’re different.

68. Learn to apologize

As a human being, you’ll commit mistakes unknowingly. However, when you wrong your girl, know when and how to apologize.

You can’t let a fragile pride interfere with your friendship. Prioritize your sisterhood over the petty things and apologize as you mean it.

Purposeful mistakes are off-limits!

69. Accept apologies

You and I both know that girls don’t apologize easily. If she doesn’t feel sorry, she won’t. When a girl pretends to apologize, every girl knows… we’re just wired like that, Hun!

We’re all human beings and might commit mistakes unknowingly, so let bygones be bygones and forgive.

70. Never break your promises

If you promised her something, stay true to your words till the end of time. If you break your promise, you’ll also lose your bestie’s trust.

Never do something that may break your bond for good. She’s your sole protector, a blessing of god… don’t lose this precious bone.

If you’re a man and wondering which girl code means danger, let me take you for a walk here…

Girl Code Rules Every Guy MUST Know

For men, most girl code rules don’t matter other than those about relationships and guys.

So, if you’re dating or will soon, you must know the major girl codes that may work against you. Keep these in mind if you’re taken or while flirting…

1. Women share EVERYTHING

Girls tell one another everything. Starting from how you made her heart skip a beat to how you made her mad, her bestie knows everything.

If anything happens to you, her bestie can recite a complete personality at your funeral like she was your BFF.

2. Never chase your ex’s friend

If you fall for your ex’s friend, in some situations people get away with permission. However, it’s still risky.

If your feelings break their friendship, they won’t stand that. They might even brew an evil plan if you did wrong to her back then. So, steer clear for safety!

3. Don’t invade girls’ sleepovers

How would you feel if your girlfriend stopped you from a boys’ night out? I don’t think you’ll appreciate that, so it’s the same for women.

Don’t interfere in their business whether they plan to sleep in or party all night.

4. She won’t like you badmouthing women

Due to the saying “a woman is another woman’s greatest enemy”, you may not understand this.

But even if your girlfriend hates a woman, if your crass remark makes fun of the entire gender, she won’t stand it. In fact, you may anticipate a breakup notice soon.

5. Girls rescue one another

If you wonder why the girl you were hitting on is always busy with other girls, she probably sent an SOS text to them.

She doesn’t want you to woo her and that’s a clear “BACK OFF!” sign. If you don’t wanna be reported, stay away.

6. Don’t date your sis’ friend

This isn’t anything bad but before you make it official with her, talk to your sis. She might let you know how important she’s to her and ask you to cherish her.

So, if you guys break up, your sis will lose a friend for life… Do you really want that?

7. She won’t like to be given choices

Don’t impose your plans on her when she already has one with her girls.

Though her friend might not mind and will probably be ready to reschedule, women don’t like controlling behavior. Your girl will probably stick to her original plan and you’ll have endless fights.

8. Don’t lie about her appearances

Men can’t say it on their women’s faces when they don’t look good. But they forget she’ll always take her friend’s opinion.

When she tells her she looks off, think about your position. You’ll be a liar that tried to make a joke out of her.

9. Her BFF is an important part of her life

Even if you’re on your honeymoon and are about to have the craziest sex of your life, if her girl texts she needs her, you can sleep for the night.

Her girlfriends are important to her as they must be… otherwise she really has moral issues.

10. She’ll follow toilet comradeship

Your girl might hate your ex to the core, but if these two meet in a bathroom and share a tampon or TP, fear the consequences of your past mistakes.

If you did wrong to your ex in major ways, she’ll let your girlfriend know… and hell will break loose.

So, if you’re curious whether everyone seriously follows the girl code in this day and age, get your answers here…

Is girl code still a thing?

It depends on what you both believe, your thoughts about the girl code, and of course the context of the situation. If breaking the girl code will hurt any of you, it’s still on. But if it doesn’t harm anyone, don’t restrict yourself to rules.

Whether the girl code matters or not depends on the people involved, their feelings, and their situation because human beings create rules and not vice versa.

Suppose, Girl A and Girl B are BFFs. Girl A dated Boy X but they broke up ages ago and she’s with boy Z right now. Your question might be can Girl B date Boy X? Do they need to follow the girl code or should they ditch it?

Well, if the four can hang out together and enjoy without bitter feelings for anyone, they can move past the girl code. However, if the hangout turns dramatic, makes someone cry, or girl A and boy X still have unresolved issues, think again.

Are you looking for a reason to follow the girl code? Find yours here…

Why do some people don’t support “girl code”?

Some don’t support the girl code because they met people who don’t mind it. Or in the LGBT community, it’s because they don’t believe in ownership theory on past or current partners.

When people don’t follow the girl code, they too talk from personal experience. It happens when a woman meets another woman who didn’t mind her getting along with her ex or made an effort to make her happy.

This is also common in the LGBT community because they believe in the “No ownership” concept of love and love interest.

For instance, in polyamory and other ethical non-monogamous relationship structures, they feel they don’t have the right to own someone forever whether it’s an ex or current partner.

Can’t decide to support or not? Let’s show you the right way here…

Is it Ok to break the girl code?

Whether you wanna break the girl code rules or abide by them is a mostly personal choice. However, sometimes you MUST follow and MUST break them. Otherwise, something is seriously wrong with your morals. So let me show you when…

It is OK if…

1. She doesn’t care either

If your female friend doesn’t bother about respecting the girl code, why will you do her that honor?

Don’t knowingly hurt her, but you can prioritize your happiness over hers any day… just like her. If she ever calls you out for that, know she isn’t even worth your friendship.

2. You don’t make common enemies

“You can’t date my ex” is a selfish action. You can’t force your friend to think your ex is also her problem.

Especially, if your ex isn’t a jacka$$ and you don’t have romantic feelings for them, they can hook up. Both of them are allowed to fall in love, so what if they worked out? Leave the silly girl code behind.

3. She has no problem with you dating her ex

If your friend doesn’t seriously mind it if you dated her ex, tried to get you hooked with them, or even talks with both of you knowing you have a thing for him, that’s a cool sign to break the girl code. However, if she’s the sacrificing type, you better think it over.

4. She’s abused

If your girlie is in an abusive or toxic relationship and tells you she’s alright, that’s your cue to interfere. Forget about the girl code and rescue her outta the shitty situation.

Women are vulnerable to many manipulative tricks, so it can be really hard, but don’t give up.

5. She’s just happy however things are

If she wants to try out something… an outfit, makeup, job opportunity, relationship, or whatever… that doesn’t suit her yet she seems happy, ditch the code.

Let her be happy in her own way. You may give your opinion once, but if she’s ready to dive, let her!

It’s NOT OK if…

1. She’s still hung over him

If your bestie still likes him, you can’t ditch the girl code to date her ex. It’ll cause her immense pain and open up old wounds. If you can bear to see her writhing in pain, you lack compassion.

Though she gives you the okay, if she avoids you and her ex consistently, you know she didn’t accept your relationship completely. Your actions will tell her a story about how much you value her.

2. You leave her alone to be abused

If she gets abused every day yet says she loves him and insists to leave her and her relationship alone, it’s a sign of trauma bonding.

In this case, you can’t leave your friend alone to do her thing because she’s happy. She most probably isn’t and it’s your job to put black apart from white.

3. She’s happy but you wanna break them up

This is the opposite of the last one. Your girlie feels really happy with a man and you think she can do so much better. You don’t have valid reasons to dislike him and you want her to trust your instincts and delete him from her life… that doesn’t sound healthy.

4. You secretly resent her

If you have beef with your girls, it’s not easy to respectfully and honestly explain the issue. So, you can talk it out with another person without backstabbing or betraying her.

However, it’s still unfair in the long run if you stay friends yet never mention the issues. The best solution is to communicate eventually over a movie date with her.

5. You make her choose between you and him

If you give her ultimatums, her man will be a better bestie than you. Suppose you really love her and want to hang out with her but she can’t because she’s committed to the relationship or marriage… that’s her life now. If you make her choose now, she’ll obviously forget the inconsiderate one.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

When it comes to dating, girl code rules are cool only if you don’t obstruct your lady’s happiness. You and your female friends must uplift one another and not restrict them.

As far as general life is concerned, these rules build badass women of this era. It’s a serious part of feminism and women empowerment, i.e., a woman supporting, protecting, and cherishing another woman.

In this cruel world where women get eaten by cannibalistic animals (no shade to men), the girl code shows you how to survive, thrive, and nurture stronger women for generations to come. In a way, it also teaches men women aren’t weak and are meant to be respected.

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