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What Do Men Like in Bed? 25 Things That Ignite Their Passion and Fulfill Their Fantasies

What Do Men Like in Bed? 25 Things That Ignite Their Passion and Fulfill Their Fantasies

Published on Sep 22, 2023

What Men Like in Bed 25 Things That Ignite Their Passion and Fulfill Their Fantasies

Unlocking the mysteries of what do men like in bed is a fascinating journey into the realm of human intimacy. While individual preferences vary, there are common threads that weave through the fabric of their desires. 

Most men share the basics as far as their intimate likings are concerned. Do they wish to have a lot of snuggles and sex between the sheets or is it something related to satiating their emotional undertones? Are you aware of those signs that suggest something more than what you had initially thought of? 

What Do Men Like In Bed

Communication stands as a cornerstone, as most men want partners who have excellent speaking power and communication style.  Moreover, they prefer women who have open and honest discussions about their desires, boundaries, and fantasies in the bedroom.

All these create a safe and fulfilling atmosphere. Variety often appeals to men, encompassing everything from trying new positions to introducing exciting elements like toys or role-play. 

Another key thing is self-assuredness and confidence. Building an emotional connection outside the bedroom significantly enhances intimacy within it, emphasizing the importance of feeling loved and respected. Foreplay is not to be underestimated, with men valuing sensual exploration as much as women.

25 Tempting Things Men Like In Bed

Most men prefer women who take the lead or provide feedback about their sensuous experiences in bed. At times, respecting boundaries and consent all contribute to a satisfying and mutually fulfilling sexual experience.

Ultimately, understanding these preferences, while acknowledging individual variations, paves the way for a more intimate and connected relationship.

1. Expression of sexual or loving interests

When it comes to understanding women’s wishes and desires, most men appear confused and clueless. They tend to struggle to pick up on the signals.

Men appreciate it when you express your sexual interest, whether it’s through a subtle message or a seductive photo, or through snuggles and cuddles. They enjoy being shown the path of intimacy that they have been craving for long.

2. Open communication is a must-have

 Your spouse or partner may not read your mind, or understand your subtle feelings unless you have made an effort to clarify it openly. Nor can’t you read him either. So why not talk openly about each other’s preferences in the bedroom?

 Sometimes, open communication helps to understand each other’s choices in bed. It leads to a deeper emotional connection. You don’t need to provide a detailed checklist. Instead, share your preferences during foreplay or lovemaking. When he witnesses your reactions, he’ll quickly understand your likings as well.

3. Embracing your playful side

Men prefer to stay playful when it comes to intimacy and love-making. They wish to witness your passionate side. Even when you are not comfortable with the open display of passion, you must remember that you shouldn’t hold yourself back; instead, find ways to attract him in bed in various sensuous ways. You may feel hesitant initially, but be sure that it will not tarnish your image in his eyes. 

4. Allowing him to watch

Men are inherently visual beings, and there’s no denying it that they harbor an innate desire to see you through a man’s eye. It means they want to see you attractive in bed. So, ensure you offer him a good sight when you’re getting intimate.

For an added thrill, you can position yourself in front of a mirror, giving him an exceptional view. You can also tantalize him by letting him watch as you undress, dress up, or even explore your own desires.

5. Exploring erotic content together

Men are often visually stimulated, and many indulge in watching adult films. It’s essential to understand that this preference has nothing to do with your desirability.

So, if he suggests watching adult content together, don’t assume it reflects a lack of attraction to you. Give it a chance, and together, you can find a genre of adult content that appeals to both of you and ignites your passion. 

6. Breaking the monotony

While you may have a routine of morning intimacy, it’s beneficial to spice things up from time to time. Everyone can become weary of the same old routine, and he’s no exception. Both men and women crave spontaneity and excitement in their sexual experiences.

Therefore, it’s a must to allure him with surprises. You can do something that he likes. Such as having a passionate encounter when he least expects it. Perhaps you have planned an outing together in the next half an hour, yet you still have some time for an intimate moment that will leave him pleasantly surprised.

7. Taking the lead

He won’t push you away or reject you; you’ve shared intimate moments before, so that’s not an issue. In fact, he might be pleasantly surprised by your assertiveness, which can heighten his arousal even further. Sometimes, you’ll have to take the initiative in bed. This will foster intimate moments that you people will cherish throughout life. 

8. Taking control of pleasure

Men appreciate intimate touch and stimulation, so if you’re looking to spice things up, consider enhancing your manual stimulation skills. Surprise your partner with your ability to provide a satisfying experience solely with your hands. 

9. The art of sensual mouth play

Another obvious thing that men like in bed are touches and cuddles, that you do with your hands. Undoubtedly, the mouth is an incredibly sensual tool for pleasing your partner.

Explore beyond his lips, and with the gentle caress of your lips and tongue, trace the contours of his erogenous zones. Lastly, treat him to an unforgettable oral experience that will leave him thoroughly impressed.

10. Boosting his ego in the bedroom

Sometimes, your man wants to feel good in bed. They just wish to boost confidence in the bedroom. You don’t have to constantly shower him with compliments about his prowess or anatomy.

However, every now and then, you need to express your enjoyment and appreciation for his actions, letting him know that you find certain techniques particularly pleasurable.

11. Unleashing your erotic vocabulary

Most men are drawn to the allure of dirty talk in bed. You can give it a try during passionate moments, starting with milder words to gauge his response. You might be surprised by how much it excites him! If you’re new to the process of intimacy, there’s no need to worry.

Some simple phrases like, “You’re too sensuous, I’m loving it” or “You make me aroused all the time in the finest ways”. These words of comfort and appreciation can ignite his passion further in bed.

12. Embracing fantasy play

Every man has secret desires, even if they don’t openly admit it. Why not fulfill some of his fantasies through imaginative role-play? Start by discussing your shared fantasies and build on them from there. 

13. Encouraging his touch

Men appreciate exploring their partner’s body, and foreplay is a key element of their desires. The issue often arises from a lack of communication between the partners. While they may want to savor every moment, heightened arousal can sometimes lead them to rush toward intimacy.

You may guide his hands and lips across your body to indicate that you’d like to take things slowly. Your man will like it and would prefer to do more of it as the night gets darker.

14. Elevating passion together

Genuine passion in the bedroom requires both partners to be completely absorbed in the moment. There’s nothing that excites a man more than witnessing your genuine enthusiasm and wholehearted engagement.

Ultimately, experiencing mind-blowing pleasure is a mutual voyage where both of you fearlessly delve into the depths of desire.

15. Exploring new positions

If you and your partner frequently stick to the missionary position in bed, it’s natural for both of you to occasionally yearn for something different. After all, part of the allure of experiences demands novelty. You should think about other sex positions to spice up intimacy in bed.

16. Cuddling after sex

There’s a common assumption that men should be the initiators of post-sex cuddling, but it’s crucial to acknowledge that they also enjoy being cuddled!

When you find yourselves in a warm embrace, consider taking the lead and being the big spoon on occasion. He will genuinely appreciate this thoughtful gesture, and it will convey your love and affection without the need for him to request it.

17. Exploring the world of sexual accessories

Men can derive enjoyment from sexual accessories as well. You can incorporate sexual toys for men into your intimate experiences. There’s a wide range of options available if you both decide to explore them together online. Embracing these accessories could potentially introduce an exciting dimension of pleasure to your sexual relationship. 

18. Embrace a unique pet name

Some men find great pleasure in being called specific names during intimate moments, as it can make them feel empowered and more dominant. The choice of name can vary widely, but terms like “daddy” or “my big boy” are relatively common.

While he may hesitate to mention this desire for fear of appearing vulnerable, if you can say it with sincerity, it might be something both of you can enjoy together without any reservations.

19. Experience intimacy without a condom

It’s a fact that no condom has ever been able to replicate the sensation of human skin. Before considering this option, ensure that you have alternative methods of contraception readily available.

20. To reach climax while you’re in control

The idea of lying back, arms relaxed, and experiencing an orgasm without any effort? It’s an enticing thought. Allow him to take on the role of the dominant partner in the bedroom on occasion, letting him be the one who leads the way.

21. Exploring intense foreplay together

This concept might appear unconventional, but stay with me. We frequently assume that foreplay primarily caters to women’s desires, yet men also relish the anticipation and buildup to the main event. He may desire a sensuous massage, a steamy bath shared with you, or perhaps the gentle sensation of a feather caressing his chest – his preferences can vary widely.

Foreplay can be incredibly arousing and lay the foundation for an electrifying intimate encounter. It’s one of the things men secretly enjoy in bed but might not voice due to the misconception that they should always be instantly ready for action.

22. Mutual pleasure

Most men who love their wives or partners dearly put emphasis on mutual pleasure and happy moments shared together. In bed, they act as negotiators who seek consent from their partners before engaging in intimate moments. It is a sexual relationship that refers to both partners deriving enjoyment, satisfaction, and fulfillment from their sexual activities. It’s a fundamental aspect of a healthy and satisfying relationship.

23. Variety in bed

Variety in the context of a sexual relationship refers to the willingness and enthusiasm of partners to explore different sexual experiences, positions, and activities. Maintaining variety in the bedroom can contribute to excitement, satisfaction, and the overall health of a sexual relationship.

24. The right mood needs to be set

Set the mood of the bedroom with some romantic music, and perhaps consider changing the standard lights in your bedroom lamp to a soothing red or blue hue. Embracing the concept of romantic intimacy can be a delightful way to surprise and delight your partner. Additionally, you can feel free to slip into that enticing lingerie to allure him completely.

25. Achieving orgasm

It’s important to note that forcing an orgasm is not the goal here, as it often happens naturally. However, when a man is engaging in sexual activity with his partner, he genuinely likes her to experience pleasure.

It boosts his confidence. If you constantly struggle to reach orgasm, it might leave him feeling disappointed and possibly affect his self-esteem. So, it’s essential to prioritize your own enjoyment and have a pleasurable experience together!

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantRelationship’

To end, we can infer that what men appreciate in bed varies widely.  Some common themes include open communication, mutual pleasure, emotional connection, and a sense of adventure. Respect, consent, and understanding of individual preferences are paramount. 

Ultimately, a satisfying sexual experience for men is one characterized by a deep connection, shared enjoyment, and a willingness to explore and adapt, ensuring a fulfilling and pleasurable journey for both partners.