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30+ Ways To Express Love To Someone You Like

30+ Ways To Express Love To Someone You Like

Updated on Aug 08, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Express Love - 35 Different Ways To Make Someone Like You

If you want a healthy relationship it is necessary to express love to each other.

Your partner must be able to understand how much you care for them and how important they are in your life. 

Falling in love can be easier than confessing it in front of your loved ones. 

It can be hard for some people to express their love in words but they can show it through their behavior and body language. 

Expressing love is a practice that can bring two people close and develop an unbreakable bond. 

Many individuals think that love can solve any complicated issues in your life and make your journey more enjoyable and peaceful. 

Definition of true love may vary from person to person and the ways to express love are also different in different individuals.

Everyone has some unique ways to express their feelings of love to their loved ones. 

30+ Ways To Express Love To Someone You Like
30+ Ways To Express Love To Someone You Like

Express Love – A Way to Improve Your Relationship

Expressing love means expressing how you truly feel about the person you love or care for.

It is not always necessary that you have something big or dramatic to express how much you love someone. 

You can tell someone how much you love them by doing little things in your daily life. There are several verbal or nonverbal ways to reflect your love for someone. 

If you are not yet ready to express it verbally you can adopt some nonverbal methods. Make them feel special and important when they are around you. 

Listen to your partner and try to understand them. Be there for them whenever they need someone to rely on. 

Every time you have some misunderstandings, be the one to take the initiative and resolve the disagreement. 

Everyone loves to receive compliments about themself. Tell your partner the things you love About her/ him more frequently. 

Explain how they make you feel and how grateful you are to have them in your life. 

34 Ways To Express Love to Your Partner

Read here the amazing wasy to express love to you partner.

1. Show affection

Affection can convey your love to someone and help you to reach their heart. 

When you are not able to convert your feelings into appropriate words, showing affection can be your alternative. Find out a way to show your affection to develop the bond between you two. 

Observe how your partner is showing their affection towards you, how they like to be treated in public, and when you are alone. 

Try to understand how much they appreciate physical touch. Observing these things will help you to modify your way and meet their expectations.

You can fulfill their little needs every day and give them some special treatment. You can hold their hand, wrap your arms around her or make her breakfast in bed. 

You do not have to do something crazy all the time. These small things can convey your affection and make her feel loved when she is with you. 

2. Show gratitude

Let your partner know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Appreciate the things they do for you. 

When you are in a relationship with someone both the partners do a lot to hold up the relationship and develop it with time. 

Every individual has several responsibilities in a relationship when they are trying to build their bond together. 

Everyone needs to express their gratitude to their partner and appreciate the efforts they put in. 

Things should never be one-sided. If your partner is putting so much effort you should do the same for them.

Admire their good qualities and take equal responsibilities in your relationship. 

3. Be kind to them

Kindness is always essential for a long-term and stable relationship. Never take your partner for granted and show some kindness when they are working really hard. 

Being kind to others can be a good personal development too. 

It can start several positive interactions when things are not right and make the other person feel good. 

When your partner is exhausted or they are going through a tough time, be there for them and try to fulfill their needs. 

Do not act mean or make fun of them when they are in a crisis. Try not to judge them from the outside.

Try to understand what they are going through and empathize with them.  

Even if you are in a bad mood or you are having an argument with your partner, treat them with kindness and care. 

Never let your bad mood take the charge. Find a way to talk to your partner in a better way and try to repair the damage to your relationship together. 

4. Share happiness 

Celebrate your achievements and your happiness with your partner. Every time something good happens in your life, share it with them. 

It means you are making them a part of your life and they are important to you. 

Sharing happiness does not mean that you have to be the center of attention all the time.

Plan something good and celebrate when your partner is doing something good in life. 

Acknowledge their success too and show them that you care and appreciate it. 

Support them in their journey and pay more attention to their life. Be there for them when something important is happening in their life. 

Show some excitement when they are sharing something good and positive from their life. 

Celebrating something good together always helps to show how much you love and care for each other.

It can give you some amazing and beautiful memories to cherish your whole life. 

5. Offer your help 

Every time they are experiencing a crisis and need help, be the first person to offer help.

Be their safety net so that your partner can rely on you during a bad phase of their life. Show your partner that you care for them and you are always ready to back them up. 

6. Forgiveness

The ability to forgive your partner is really important for a long-lasting relationship. Everyone has different arguments about different things in a relationship. 

When two different people are coming together there will be several disagreements or fights. You both should start forgiving each other and make up every time you fight.

This should not increase the distance between you two. If your partner is doing something wrong forgive them and try to make them understand why you think it is wrong. 

Guide them on the right path. Let them make their own choices and be there if they make mistakes.

People learn from their mistakes, you should not push them away if they are making one. 

7. Understand what they need

Everyone has different ways to express and receive love. Different people expect different things from their loved ones. 

It is really important that you are showing love exactly the way your partner expects from you. 

Otherwise, it can be difficult for your partner to understand your language of love. Try to figure out their needs and their desires and try to modify your methods. 

Your partner should be able to understand and appreciate your love for them. 

Some people love physical touch whereas some people prefer spending quality time together.

You have to practice different methods together and find out what is working out for you two the most. 

8. Include more positive interactions

Every time you are arguing try to include more positive interactions. 

Negative interactions can heat the conversation and this is never going to end well for anyone. Both of you can say something bad and regret it later. 

It is better to calm down and start having a positive discussion every time you disagree. 

If your partner is angry and intense, take your time and let them calm down first. Having an intense fight is never going to solve the issue you are experiencing. 

Pay attention to their words and show them that you care. Reach out with affection and love.

Have a healthy and positive discussion and find a common ground to find a possible solution. 

9. Stay calm

If your partner is angry for some reason or in a bad mood and the conversation is heating up.

Try to stay calm and find out what is wrong. If you both start shouting or blaming each other things will go out of hand soon. 

Sometimes when you are calm in the middle of an argument, your partner may think that you are not taking them seriously. 

Make your partner understand that you are not avoiding them and you are ready to talk peacefully. 

Show them some comfort and take extra care of them when they are hyper about something. Once the situation is controlled, have a healthy discussion and sort out everything. 

10. Show some empathy

Every time you understand that they are not in the mood and something is wrong, try to be empathetic. Make an effort to understand the situation from their shoes. 

It is very easy to judge from the outside. But remember, what you think is easy or simple can be really hard for someone else. 

Never judge them in the middle of a fight. It can be really disrespectful and can hurt someone badly. If you really love your partner, you are surely going to regret this behavior later. 

Even if you think that the situation is not that tough, talk to your partner about it with respect and find out why they find it difficult or why they are upset. 

11. Listen to them

Never interrupt your partner when they are saying something, especially when you are having a disagreement or an argument. 

Give them a fair chance to speak for themself no matter how angry you are. Listen to what they have to say and pay attention to their words. 

Some people are really afraid to speak because they think that the person in front is not interested in listening. They are afraid to be made fun of and be avoided. 

When you love someone, you will never want them to feel unheard. They should not think that you are not taking them seriously. 

When you are listening and focusing on your partner, they will be more confident about talking to you every time there is something wrong. 

Give them your undivided attention all the time. It will help you both to avoid any misunderstanding and give you an easy way to resolve your differences. 

12. Cook his favorite food

Everyone loves it when you do something special for them. Find out what is his favorite food and prepare a romantic meal for them. 

This can work wonders if your partner loves to eat. They will definitely appreciate the love and warmth you put in the food along with the taste. 

You must pay attention to the details and put your effort into making them feel special through small arrangements. 

You can plan a surprise candle night dinner at your place and enjoy each other’s company with some delicious food. 

A cooking date also sounds fun. If your partner likes to cook, prepare something together. This way you can spend some romantic time in the kitchen. 

Preparing something together can improve your ability to work as a team and increase the understanding in between. 

13. Plan a date 

Date nights are always special for every couple. Planning date nights frequently is necessary to keep the romance intact and make things spicy in every relationship. 

Take the initiative and plan a surprise date for your partner. A man really appreciates when his partner takes the first step sometimes.

You can take him out for lunch or dinner. On the other hand, you can plan something inside too.

Plan your whole day with time activities or some fun games that you both can enjoy. 

14. Just be with them

It will mean a lot if you just be there for them whenever they need you. 

Men often find it difficult to express their emotions and their feelings because of several reasons like their upbringing or the society. 

Being with them can help to build up trust and comfort so that they can open up to you. 

Sometimes when anything serious or bad happens in a person’s life, he/ she can be really upset and not ready to talk at that moment. 

In certain situations just sitting beside them and holding their hand can do the magic and provide the support that is needed.

15. Spend some alone time with them

It is really necessary to spend some time with your partner alone every day. 

His alone time can help you both to talk about different things in life and share things that you are not able to do when surrounded by others.

If you are married or you have children then it becomes more important to arrange some time away from everyone. 

With multiple responsibilities, couples often forget to make time for each other and this can increase the distance and weaken the bond in between. 

You can do something productive or learn something new together. Otherwise, you can just plan a movie night or do something fun and enjoy each other’s company. 

It will help you both to know more about each other and grow your relationship. 

16. Take a vacation together

Plan a small and cozy vacation somewhere with your partner. You can keep it a surprise and take her somewhere for the weekend too. 

It will give you both enough time to spend together and know more about each other. 

If there are any problems with going on a long vacation you can have a day outing nearby.

This way you can spend a whole day in each other’s arms and give her a wonderful time.  

Try to find out which type of places your girl loves the most and pick a romantic destination where you can chill and experience something good. 

Enjoying the beauty of nature with your loved one can make it more special. It plays a big part in bringing you two closer and clearing your minds.  

17. Inspire her to achieve her goals

Girls always appreciate men who support them in every step to achieve their dreams in life.

Everyone has certain goals and purposes in their life; they expect their partner to stand by their side in this journey. 

You must inspire your girl and help her to set up some goals and make their journey more comfortable. 

Be there for her every time she fails and motivate her to stand up again. Give your full support so that she can achieve her goals and her dreams in life. 

This is a symbol of your love and care for her. She will really appreciate it when you are prioritizing her dreams and her goals too. 

Her needs are important too; she must receive all your support as she is always there for you. 

18. Participate when she is saying something 

Women hate when they are saying something but their partners are not paying much attention. 

They love to share different things about their day or their life with their partner and expect some response as well.

When your girl is trying to talk to you about something, never ignore her. Sit down with her and actively participate in the conversation. 

She must not feel that the conversation is one-sided and you are not interested in it. 

When you give some responses or take part in the discussion, they feel that you are listening and giving importance. 

Whereas, if you do not talk back and she is the only one talking, it will never make her feel good about herself.

She may feel that she is disturbing you or you do not care about her feelings at all. 

19. Praise when she is doing something good

Everyone likes to be praised when they are achieving something good in life. 

The praise becomes more satisfying when it comes from someone you are in love with. Never forget to remind her how good she is in her field. 

Praise her small achievements and this will work as a really good reinforcement in their life. Talk about her positives and appreciate her for her good work. 

Every time you talk about these it will reflect your love and how proud you are of your partner and how much you appreciate being with her. 

20. Take long walks 

Long walks can be really romantic and pleasant. Hold her hands or put her in your arms and go for a long walk after a tiring day. 

Talk about different things in your life and share some good moments together. 

You can explore some new areas together and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Getting out of your house and taking a walk will help you both to clear your mind and have a beautiful time. You can also talk about your feelings.

A calm environment, breeze, and a peaceful mind will help you both to connect with each other and express your love for each other. 

21. Plan a surprise  

Who does not love a great surprise? Gifts can be really materialistic sometimes and making them a surprise can add a little more emotions to them. 

If you want to give them something and make them feel loved, plan a nice surprise and win their hearts. A surprise can make your gift more special and precious. 

You can plan something outdoor or indoor, whatever you are comfortable with. Take help from your friends and never act suspicious. Do not let your partner doubt anything. 

The smile and the spark you can see on their face after getting the surprise will be the biggest satisfaction of all your efforts. 

22. Consider your partner’s feelings

When you are selecting a gift for your partner, you should try to be thoughtful about it. Think about what your partner needs at this moment and try to give it to them. 

It will make them understand that you pay attention to their life and you try to take care of their needs. 

Focus on his/ her wish lists and select something from there. Giving something that they needed for a long time can be really nice of you. 

It will reflect your responsibility to fulfill their dreams and your love for them. 

Try to consider their likes and dislikes as well as their feelings about certain things while choosing a gift. It matters a lot especially when it is coming from you.  

For example, if they have certain negative memories related to certain things, avoid giving them.

They may not like red roses, never include that flower in your gift even if no other flowers are available. 

If you are thinking of buying a dress or a book for them, choose a dress of their favorite color or a book by their favorite writer. 

23. Unique gifts

You can think of some unique gift ideas. Especially if you are gifting for some special occasion make sure no one else is gifting what you are planning to give. 

Everyone expects something unique and different from their partner. The cost of the gift does not matter much but you should put some effort into selecting the gift. 

Make sure they do not have it already. Your gift must be meaningful, it should convey the message of your love for them. 

Take your time, take some suggestions from your friends and then finalize your gift. 

24. Give kisses

Give them kisses frequently without any reason. It should not have to be on the lips always. You can kiss their forehead, their cheek, or their hands. 

It can help you to develop the romance in your relationship and spice up the love you have for your partner.

25. Spend some intimate time

Intimacy is really necessary for any romantic relationship. Intimacy is a form of love and affection. 

Spend as much time as you want in each other’s arms and share some cozy and romantic moments together. You can plan an intimate dance to spice up the romance

Be sure to ask their permission if you are thinking of taking the next step. This way they can see the respect you have for them and find out if they are ready yet. 

Never force anything physical if they are not ready. Give some time and try to find out if they are having some issues. 

They should not feel threatened by you in any way, make them feel more comfortable when around you. 

26. Hug them

Intimacy does not have to be sexual all the time. You can just hug them and hold them tight every time they feel insecure or sad about anything. 

Hugging someone is a great sign of showing love and care and it can signify that you are there to hold them and comfort them in every difficult situation. 

27. Talk about your feelings

Some people find it too difficult to talk about what they are feeling at the current moment. 

It is really important in a relationship to open up near your partner and talk about different things. Try not to hide the things that are going on in your mind. 

Find some appropriate words to express your feelings and say them out loud.

The person in front is unable to read your mind and if you do not open up, things are not going to move forward on their own. 

If you find someone attractive or if you like someone, just go and tell them without a second thought. 

Take the first step and do not wait up for anything. No matter what happens next, have faith in yourself, you can handle any situation in your life. 

Remember, if you miss the chance someone else might take it. Talk about your emotions and let them in. It will make them feel special and important. 

They will be more comfortable around you and it will allow them to open up too. 

28. Say how much you love them

Always talk about how much you love your partner. No one gets tired of hearing it from their partners. 

It will make them feel special and loved. Saying ‘I love you’ frequently is a healthy habit in any romantic relationship. 

Do not feel shy or embarrassed. There is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings more often. 

Confessing how much you love someone verbally needs a lot of courage and confidence. When you are ready to do that nothing can stop you to express love to the person you want. 

29. Use words like ‘thank you’ or ‘please’ more often

Every time your partner does something good for you, appreciate them by saying thank you. 

Saying thank you to someone does not make anyone weak, it means that you are grateful to someone who is trying to help you or putting much effort into you in any way. 

Say please when you are requesting something from them. They do not owe you something, you must be respectful and polite while talking to them. 

Be gentle and consider their feelings too. Your words should not sound rude to them, it may convey the wrong message. 

30. Eye contact

When we are talking about the nonverbal expression of love, eye contact always comes first. Every time there is love, there is always a romantic and flirting look in the eye. 

Look into their eyes when you are talking to someone you love. If they are looking back you should not look away, it can give the wrong impression.

You can flirt with your eyes and see if they are giving you any positive signals. Put a smile on your face, they should not be creeped out by your look. 

Try not to give any cold, long stares, this can make them afraid and give you the impression of some weird stalker.

Be confident and try to show all your love for your partner through your eyes. 

31. Write a letter to them

Writing a letter can be old-fashioned but it has never lost its charm. No matter how old you are, writing love letters to your partner is always very romantic. 

If you are not ready to talk about your feelings, you can write them down and send them to the love of your life. 

You can also write an email to them. This can be a new way of expressing your love for your partner. Never try to copy someone else when you are writing a letter. 

The message should be original, coming directly from your heart. Try not to hide something or lie, especially when you are writing.

You can add some romantic quotes or some love quotes at the end to make it more interesting. 

Otherwise, things can get bad and disrespectful. Just convey your true feelings for someone in the form of a letter without using your mouth.

32. Do not let your ego stop you from saying sorry

Never let your ego come in the way. It is going to ruin your relationship with the person you love.

If you have done something wrong or if you have hurt them, knowingly or unknowingly, never forget to apologize. 

It is the best way to show that you love them and you are doing the right thing for them.

If you are having an argument and you both are upset or angry with each other, take the initiative and say sorry first. Take the first step and make things love if you love them. 

There is no point in dragging things and increasing the distance in between. But you must be careful that the person in front is feeling the same for you. 

Remember, you have to put aside your ego, not your self-respect. 

33. Decorate your room and plan a cozy night

Creativity can express the way you think or feel. Plan a cozy and indoor night together. Use your imagination and your creativity to decorate your room. 

You can light some candles to set the mood and use rose petals for creating a romantic environment. Set up a table with the food your partner likes. 

Play some romantic songs and you can slow dance together. Create a cozy environment and you can spend the whole night cuddling with each other. 

34. Make something creative for your partner

Bring up your creative side and do something for your partner. Find out which area you are interested in.

Handmade gifts or creative gifts are always very special to anyone. You can write a poem about your love story and read it to your partner. 

You can draw them a picture or make something with your hands. You can try writing a poem about your partner and your feelings for them.

This is always very romantic and cute no matter how old you are. 

You can arrange a date with your partner and do something creative together.  Mix up both your creativity and find out what can come out of it. 

These small efforts can bring a smile to both your faces and help you to have a beautiful and romantic time together. 

Why Should You Express Love?

Love language can be different in every person.

But demonstrating love is always very important in any loving relationship, no matter if it is a parent-child relationship or a romantic relationship. 

The other person needs to feel safe when he/ she is around you and there should be a sense of stability in a relationship. 

When you are in a romantic relationship showing affection is absolutely necessary and no one should feel left out or unloved in it. 

Expressing love can spice up romance and intimacy and also help your partner to have good mental health

Everyone enjoys it when someone is praising them or paying attention to them. No one should feel ignored or valueless in any kind of relationship. 

It is your responsibility that your partner does not feel left out or unimportant in any situation when they are with you. 

Try something creative for your partner and make them feel special. Plan a romantic date for them or write a romantic letter to them, when you are not ready to say something verbally. 

Never ignore any misunderstanding in your relationship. Try to sort things out as soon as possible and it will help to reduce the distance between you and your partner. 


How you express love in your relationship is very much important for making it longer and more stable. 

Expressing your feelings for your partner can make your bond stronger and help you to achieve a peaceful and romantic relationship with the person you love.