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How to Keep a Guy Interested – 50+ Ways to Make Him Fall for You

How to Keep a Guy Interested – 50+ Ways to Make Him Fall for You

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Keep a Guy Interested- 50+ Ways to Make Him Fall for You

How to keep a guy interested? How to make him love you every day? If this is your concern then you’ve arrived at the right place.

When you really think about what it takes for a couple to stay together, it’s not always something that happens overnight. 

That’s why when you find that special someone, you hope their emotions are the same as yours so your love is strong enough to last. 

Some partners fear the development of complacency as they grow more comfortable with each other. The honeymoon phase is over before they know it.

It can be really hard figuring out what to do once a guy has been losing interest! It’s not always intentional on his part.

In some relationships, the other person isn’t always perfect and can take part in the transition.

It’s okay not to blame one person or another – it takes two people to make a long-term relationship work. 

Here is how you can keep a man interested forever by initiating small actions. 

How to Keep a Guy Interested- 50+ Ways to Make Him Fall for You
How to Keep a Guy Interested- 50+ Ways to Make Him Fall for You

How to Keep a Guy Interested

It is not easy to let a guy stay interested in your relationship. It can be hard to know what he wants, and it can be even harder to give him what he wants. 

But there are some things that you can do to make it easier for yourself. Therefore, below are the ways to make a guy interested in you. 

1. Try to always look good and your best

It may seem like a given that men are visual creatures, but in reality, this means something different than you might expect.

It’s unfortunate but lots of women are under the impression that guys are only interested in online dating “supermodels.” 

That there’s some impossible beauty standard they can’t help but fall short on, and as a result, they’ll never keep the guy they really want.

This is completely untrue. In fact, while women think a guy’s focus on their physical flaws, they actually focus on her best physical attributes. Because physical attraction plays an important role here.

In other words, he’s not focusing on the things you hate about your body – he’s focusing on the things he absolutely loves about your body.

That means no matter how you look, a person can very easily fall in love with you and stay attracted to you as long as they feel like they’re the only one. 

It all comes down to whether a person thinks that they’re one-of-a-kind or not. It doesn’t matter what you look like in the end.

Guys don’t need to be perfect because beauty standards are just something people keep telling you about to sell unnecessary products.

Guys aren’t looking for some model who can’t appreciate herself; they want someone who knows how good she looks and feels confident.

2. Find out how compatible you are

Compatibility is the most important aspect of being in a relationship that lasts, especially a long-distance relationship.

Without it, you’re building a relationship on shaky ground and risking it crumbling at any moment.

Relationships from the start, tend to not last. If you don’t get along, every day will be a struggle.

It might be hard to communicate with those close to you. It might seem hard to find things in common or even get each other’s feelings across. 

It would be more difficult not just to say how you feel but also to fight against feeling hurt.

A relationship between two people who are complete opposites is tough – it can be hard to find a compromise. 

Many people misunderstand this and think the hardest thing is just getting into a relationship when in reality relationships take a lot of work.

One of the best relationships you’ll ever find is one where you genuinely understand and are understood.

So it’s not hard work – it’s easy to spend time with them and talk to them about your feelings. You’re on the same team all the time.

That said, when you know so much about each other and have a lot of family history, you’ll know if your relationship is compatible or not. Just be optimistic!

3. Avoid fights and dramas

Some people can get really dramatic about things and that’s not always helpful.

If you get emotional sometimes, it may help to acknowledge what you’re feeling and maybe even talk to someone about it at the time. 

Though it’s unavoidable at times, talking through text messages can lead to a lot of drama if you are not careful.

Try to stay positive when messaging and avoid bringing up any heavy topics. 

If you do need to address something serious, tell that person in person or make an appointment where needed.

Quarreling over text messages is the worst. You will even have a harder time getting an agreement when you’re just texting. 

If you can tell a disagreement is on the horizon, say you can speak about it later and move on. You want to stay positive so that your relationship will develop nicely.

4. Make plans with him

Another good way to keep him interested is to make plans. Have your texts back and forth with him, plan out your next date or time you’re going to meet up. 

Let him know that you’re looking forward to seeing him and build the anticipation so that he can’t wait until the next time you two hang out. It should be fun for him to see you, too. 

You can talk about what types of dates sound most interesting to you—and figure out some fun things you two can do together.

5. Sending your cool pics

Sending photos through texts is another great way to have fun with your guy.

You don’t need to send him any that you could regret in the future, but a picture of your good side makes sense. 

He will usually send you pictures from time to time. This is a fun way to build anticipation for your next few dates.

You like him, so why not share some pictures with each other? 

It’s fun to disappear for a second and imagine this man as someone who is more than ‘just a profile’!

Just keep it PG enough because it’s not advised to send inappropriate photos if you’re not an established couple.

6. Don’t be jealous of his female friends

If your BF happens to check out another woman when you are out together, don’t worry! You can say something in support of him such as, “She’s an attractive woman.”

This will show him that you’re confident. You’re not going to go crazy if he happens to see another girl. 

Men are programmed to keep their eyes peeled for potential threats, and a pretty woman just walked by. It’s natural for him to glance at her, everyone does it sometimes.

Don’t tell him that his natural instincts are wrong.

There will be times when you’ll be very happy to meet his inner caveman (you know what I’m talking about – and we all do, but not everyone is proud to admit it.) 

If this is something you’re interested in, just leave some doors open.

7. Forget your past relationship

Don’t allow the ghosts of past relationships to affect a healthy new one. It’s good to take some time to get to know someone before jumping in head first, but don’t let them put negative thoughts in your head. 

This way, you’re much more likely to find a guy who sticks around who will be interested in you and what you have going on.

It’s natural to be cautious and assume that your next partner is the same type of person as your last one. If you imagine he’s a player, it’ll only result in negativity for you, him, and the relationship. 

Throw away any baggage from your past relationships and keep the lid on tight to initiate eye contact with him. 

How to Text a Guy to Keep Him Interested

So you want to know how to text a guy?

It’s now common to text when you’re talking to someone too, especially when things become more serious. 

Texting conversation is used both initially and once the relationship develops. It’s often the first means of contact and it allows for a wide range of emotions.

You have time to think, which can be both a good and bad thing. On one hand, it gives you the chance to prepare your speech but on the other hand, you may overthink things.

The problem with his approach is that it’s difficult to know if you understood his text or if he even got your message because he may have taken a long time to reply.

So, here are the ways to keep a guy interested while flirty texting. 

8. Wait till he responds before texting again

Chances are you’ve had a few discussions with your guy friend and he chose to text you back. If he didn’t, it’s likely he is busy and not forgetting everything about you. 

Do not send him a lot of texts to see if this will change his mind, just chill out and wait. Wait for him to text since he will get back to you when he can.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what your partner is up to. They might be out with friends, asleep or their phone could have died. 

Silence does not mean they have lost interest in you or are trying to avoid you; give them the space and time they need. And as for text conversations – don’t do it!

9. Be a little silly while texting

One of the best ways to get a man to like you for longer is through witty banter.

When there are heavier conversations, such as “what do you do? What am I looking for? Have you ever been in a relationship before?” Laughter is a great connector.

Guys are into girls who make them laugh, especially when they’re just getting to know them. It shows a girl is outgoing and responsive, two things guys like in a partner.

Send some (fun, witty) lines over text. It is great to flirt over text. 

10. Send him a photo of yours

Communication with texts, Snapchat & photos is rude sometimes. Sending cute selfies now and then is fine, but please try to aim for something subtle.

Ladies, sending too much input can come off as overbearing!

Instead of sending the traditional text messaging, send him a picture of something funny that you think he’ll enjoy. 

Or if you’re on the go and want to update him, then send a snapshot of where you are now.

Send him a request for a photo – grades will go up and you’ll have way more to talk about!

11. Keep the text short and sweet 

Don’t send more than a few lines of text in a row when using text messages, as it can become hard to initiate a conversation. 

If the conversation should be light and not deal with important information, consider using phone or video call instead.

Keeping texts concise is a great way to encourage back and forth communication. If you have a lot to say, break it up into several lines to give him a chance to read and respond.

Lots of things to say but let me just state a couple.

Use full sentences when responding to writing requests, but don’t create lengthy paragraphs without finishing a point so that you convey the message succinctly.

12. Don’t complain about others

I know that the more time you spend with a man, the more comfortable you’ll feel. That means you’ll open up more and more, which is generally a good thing.

But don’t use this opportunity to vent or make complaints.

It’s only natural to say things like “boy, it’s hot out!” In-person, just don’t go on and on about your work at work or how you hate your children/dog/spouse. 

If a conversation from a few minutes ago carries over into an email, there’s some good chance that you.

Shoutout to all chatty people who love a good phone chat every day! 

If you’re feeling really down and want to talk about it, save it for then. Otherwise, you might come off as a Negative Nancy and this is not sexy.

13. Don’t text him when you are bored or angry

The best advice for texting is to avoid texting when you are not at your best. For example: if you’re not feeling well, dealing with difficult emotions, or angry, resist the urge to text.

It’s much better when texting to keep a good vibe. I know that everyone understands how difficult it is on a bad day, but if you’re sending texts during this period, he’ll be less interested in you.

If you text him when you’re bored, the conversation might get very dull and monotonous. You can only talk about it so many times before it becomes boring. 

Being mad or having a bad day can be discussed, to an extent.

How to Keep a Guy Interested Without Sleeping with Him

The sexualization of sex and relationship is so pervasive nowadays that many people refuse to believe in a successful relationship without it.

While I agree that physical intimacy plays an important part in a relationship, it is not impossible to have a successful relationship without it.

That’s not always the case, but it is a possibility.

The idea that animals can’t think is just an old misconception that’s been around for a long time.

Yes, you can be the woman of his dreams without having to sleep with him.

Tired of being hit on by every guy you come across? Keep reading, I’ll be sharing tips below on how to make men interested in you without having to sleep with them.

14. Find out what interests him

It’s always a good idea to find out what he likes and what he truly enjoys talking about.

When looking for a partner, it’s always a good idea to find out what he likes and what he truly enjoys talking about. 

Get him talking and listen to what he has to say like you would when solving a math problem.

Why is this important? It’s the best way to connect with him and that can go a long way.

When someone’s excited about something, you can tell. They light up!

Explore, jump, and show their interests. These dudes love talking about the stuff they’re passionate about.

If you let him talk about the things that make him happy, he’ll feel like you get him on a deeper level. He can open up about the things that make him feel warm & fuzzy inside.

15. Give him space when he needs

If you feel as if your partner is pulling away from you, it could be due to their sense of insecurity.

Your partner may not want to lose you and that sense of insecurity can make them want to pull away. 

There are a few things that can help overcome this sense of insecurity, such as making an effort to spend time together, or by having realistic expectations.

Ok, so really quickly you see a big difference.

Before the breakup, it is all about the relationship – like feeling comfortable and happy. But after the breakup, love dominates her words and actions.

Fearing the possibility of being left alone, a girl unconsciously does things and says things that might seem like a good idea on paper, but actually pushes him away.

This type of romance goes a bit downhill. Rather, when a woman gets more & more panicked that he is pulling away, she tries to pull him closer.

However, the guy feels smothered and drifts away from her even further. Most relationships find it hard to maintain that level of emotional strain and need space.

The easiest way to avoid this is by giving them some space when they request it – allow them to be distant for a few days at a time.

16. Don’t be afraid to experiment

It’s normal for relationships to get stale after a while and for couples to want to try new things.

That’s because the comfort zone is a real place – and one where personal growth rarely, if ever, occurs. Sticking in your comfort zone can lead to stagnation.

You should strive to live a real-life to the fullest and try new things. Some people are going to be willing to explore their comfort zone, and it’s good if you’re willing to explore yours at the same time.

If you try something new and it’s not for you, that’s completely fine! You tried something new. If you like it, all the better! You managed to go out of your comfort zone and explore new things – cool!

Plus, if you are willing to try new things, it will open up doors for him (and vice versa).

For example, if he is interested in something you’re not so much into – but know that he might like it – and open to trying it himself.

17. Enjoy your life outside the relationship

It sounds like you should each live your life to the fullest outside of the relationship. Then, when you feel like it’s time, come back together and see.

He needs his own life outside of you and your relationship in order to be happy. Just like how he needs a life outside of you & him, in order for the two of you to both be happy.

Relationships shouldn’t be your only source of happiness. If you use it like that, for too long, it becomes a burden and makes it much harder to enjoy the relationship.

It’s always nice to have someone to love, but they’re not life itself. If the only reason you’re happy is because of your relationship, that can put a lot of extra pressure on them and vice versa.

The best way to keep a relationship feeling great is for both partners to have happy, fulfilling lives outside of the relationship so that they can come to the relationship already feeling happy and fulfilled. 

They need to share the happiness they found with their partner, which will make their relationship even better.

18. Ask fun questions

Asking a guy about his favorite music, or kicking a ball around with him are perfect ways to get to know someone.

Making the most of new relationships and getting the intrigue levels up is important too. 

There are plenty of questions, which help you learn more about somebody’s personality and body language.

Texting habits are definitely a good way to spend some time and learn more about the other person. 

You can even get things going in a flirty direction if that’s what you’re into. It’s like an introduction for when two people first meet. Guys love it when someone does this. 

Have a chat with him to learn more about his personality and ask him easier questions that aren’t too intrusive.

19. Make him feel special

You might want to make it clear that you like him by sending him a text like “goodnight” or “thinking of you.”

Just knowing that he means something special to you can make a guy feel really happy since each guy loves it. 

You could also send him supportive texts when you know he has to work or has a test coming up at school.

These small but romantic gestures can help keep him interested and make it all easier.

Another cute way to show him you care is to let him know you’re thinking of him.

If you’re already in a romantic relationship, then this is a good way to let him know that you miss him while he’s away. 

It might be tough at first to tell someone how you really feel about them, but being raw and honest with your feelings will always help you progress in the relationship. 

Much like you appreciate it when they’re honest with their thoughts and emotions, so does he. 

This is a great way to show your partner that their work matters, and it’s a good way to show your partner that you’re interested in what they do. 

It can also reinforce your love culture of “helping” or “doing.”

How to Text a Guy to Keep Him Interested Examples

Trying to figure out how to flirt with the guy you like? We can help! Browse our collection of flirty texts for him and pick one that will be sure to get a man’s heart racing.

Whether it’s a sweet text to let him know you’re thinking of him or a flirty text to get his attention, these are the best texts to send that guy you like.

With this list, your flirting love games are sure to take off.

Texting a guy to keep him interested? Sounds like you have a lot of experience in dating and know how to take control! 

You could start a conversation with your crush and who knows, you may get closer to that person than you ever thought possible!

20. Don’t only say hi on text

The change to “hi” happened gradually, and it’s the laziest response to someone you want to text.

Sure, you’re trying to get a response from them, but there are so many other more creative ways.

By sending these clever messages, you let him know that he’s on your mind a little and you give him something to respond to. 

The whole point of texting is to create engagement, so keep that in mind. When you talk to him, remember that what you’re going for might be different from how he interprets it. 

So, be open about your intentions and think about the context each interaction is happening in.

21. Tell him you have a life too

Men like to chase. It’s in their nature. So you’d be surprised at how much we like it when women are unavailable for us. The more interesting you are, the more likely he is to want you.

If you want to know how to text a guy so he stays interested, let him know when you won’t be available and plan on sending it back to him later. 

If you say you’re leaving with friends and don’t answer immediately, let him know that and tell him when you’re heading back home.

Firstly, you should always text back because it’s polite and when you don’t respond for long periods of time, it leads people to worry. 

Here, you’re being subtle about not being able to talk for now but also letting them know that they shouldn’t be too worried.”

There are many ways to keep in touch with him via text. For example, you could send a photo of what you’re up to or tell him about your day. 

Texting is a great way for him to feel close and connect with you too, while also not having to wait so long for a reply.

You’re probably not afraid to ask the guy you’re dating questions about his life, so be sure to return the favor.

Ask him about his career, family, hobbies, or day-to-day routine so that he can get to know you better.

Get to know each other on a deeper level. Not only will you feel more comfortable and at ease talking to them, but it will also make the conversation staying interesting for both of you.

By showing an interest in what they are interested in, he’ll be reassured that you like him & it will encourage them to show interest should they reciprocate.

22. Don’t respond immediately to his text

Okay, I usually don’t advocate playing games in dating, but this is more of a strategy that’ll help you in the long term. 

What happens if you text him back within seconds now, but a few weeks or months from now you lose interest and drag out the time between responses? He’ll pick up on that immediately.

It’d be wary of someone who texts you right back because it’s either because they want something from you or they really like you.

Especially if they know they have your attention and they just don’t want to lose you, but not to be too interested because that can make you feel pressured to respond.

Also, the chase factor. If you keep responding when he texts you right away, it takes away some of the challenges and makes him think that if he texts you any time, he’ll always have a response.

It’s also good to note how quickly he responds to your messages. If he takes a while and is slow, you don’t need to reply right away. 

On the other hand, if he responds rapidly and you do the same in return then it may be worth taking the next step.

23. Use emojis

Emojis have grown in popularity over time, and more and more people are using them. 

They are a better way to express what you mean with words when there’s ambiguity, which is especially useful because it’s easy for people to misunderstand what you’re trying to say.

Emojis have been around since the 1990s and have exploded in popularity over time.

They are a great way to express your feelings and convey meaning to someone when you can’t find the right words. 

While they may seem like they’re just for teenagers, there are many adults who have embraced the world of emojis as well.

But be careful not to send too many emojis if he never sends any. You don’t want to come off as overly juvenile by constantly sending them in your texts if he never does. 

Just match his style as much as you can and be polite about it.

24. Don’t always initiate first

Don’t be too eager and send the first text. It’s better for him to come to you first.

If you like texts that say “good morning” then keep receiving them. Let your guy know how much you enjoy his good morning texts and he’ll keep it up.

This being said, don’t always initiate sending a text first. Every few texts that he sends, send texts back. This will show him that you like him and won’t be afraid of initiating a conversation with him.

Learning how to text your guy so he sticks around is all about observing patterns and tempos. 

You’ll soon see that he texts you at around the same time every day and should be able to predict when he’ll text next.

I recommend surprising him by beating him to it a few times and waiting for his responses!

25. Have a topic to start the conversation

If you have a goal or purpose for every text convo, then the time will seem shorter and easier to manage. It’ll also be coherent too.

I want to make plans this weekend? I want to learn more about him? How about we text to check in and see how he’s doing. 

These thoughts will help us keep talking and make sure our conversation doesn’t get off track. Plus, they’ll spare you the bother of texting a busy person. 

You never know what someone is up to and could risk interrupting them with an unwanted message.

How to Keep a Guy Interested Sexually

It can be challenging to keep your man happy in a relationship, but it’s not impossible. 

Make your man happy emotionally by being attentive to his needs and giving him space when there’s no other way around it.

Therefore, here are some ways to keep a man sexually interested in you. 

26. Don’t be clingy

Don’t be clingy. Nobody wants to feel controlled by you, so avoid clingy behavior. For instance, don’t force your significant other to participate in PDA if he’s not comfortable with it.

Clingy behavior is not attractive, and no one wants to be in a relationship where their significant other is constantly pressuring them to do things they don’t want to do. 

This behavior can lead to arguments and a breakdown in the relationship.

You should cut him some slack if you don’t hear from him for a while — he might be swamped with work and it’ll just put a bad taste in his mouth if he sees 18 missed calls from you.

27. Initiate physical touch

Touch is also important. Men said they value both giving and receiving compliments & flirty gestures, as well as any other physical touches.

Studies have shown that touch is important when it comes to relationships.

Men said they value both giving and receiving compliments and flirty gestures, as well as any other physical touches.

I’m not going to lie, it can be hard to find someone who will touch you.

But men in this study found touching more often– either romantic or sexual– to be a turn-on, whether they liked the person doing it or not.

28. Flirt together

If you like, you can flirt with a guy over text. Plenty of people makes use of this feature to keep their partners interested in them. 

This could mean that you’re sending him simple compliments now and then or maybe it’s something slightly more risque. 

Different relationships have different levels of intimacy, which might affect how you choose to flirt with him through texts. 

If you’re interested in him for more than just a fling though, then those things will come up naturally in your conversation.

29. Initiate sexual activity

At least some of the time, initiate sex. Be the first to suggest doing the deed every now and then if you want to really get his attention.

Improve your sexuality by trying different sex positions and new things on the bed.

Look for opportunities to surprise him and pay attention to your sexual life. You are not required to say anything if you are shy. 

Simply take his hand in yours, smile seductively, and gently pull him into the bedroom until he understands.

30. Keep intimate relationship priority

No matter how busy your life gets, make your sex life a priority. As you settle into a relationship, a slew of new distractions appear. 

That becomes even more true if you eventually have children together. To truly enhance the moment, try to set the mood ahead of time. 

Make plans for a romantic date night, send him sexy texts during the day, or get up a little earlier in the morning for a quickie.

31. Tell him what he does makes you feel good

When something feels good, tell him. Make sure your man thinks he’s a stud in the bedroom by telling him you admire his work. 

Tell him when he does something that makes you happy or when you admire his demeanor. Compliment his manliness outside of the bedroom to keep the mood going.

Never make fun of him in the bedroom or criticize his performance.

It’s not something you’d want to do to yourself, and men are especially sensitive about their sexual prowess.

How to Keep a Guy Interested You Just Met

So you’re interested in a man and he’s giving you signs? This is great news! Now the question is, how can you make him interested? 

If it feels right then just keep doing what you’re doing. It shouldn’t be too hard to keep him around. Below are some ways to keep a guy interested you just met. 

32. Be careful not to post all the details of your plans upfront

Men like to keep guessing and when you give in easily, he starts getting too close. But if you find a balance between both, then you’re using the power of tease.

The art of the tease is an important one. Women should use their femininity to their advantage.

Teasing can keep a man guessing and make him work for your attention while still making him feel like he’s in control. 

Finding the balance between giving in too easily and not giving in at all can be tricky, but it’s worth it if you want to make a man want you without having to say.

As the relationship progresses, give only the necessary details about you to keep him interested. For example, he does not need to know your complete day-to-day routines. 

Doing this will make him intrigued about who you are.

33. Don’t be codependent who also gives and never expect anything in return

Spend your free time outside of the relationship and engage in hobbies or interests that you enjoy. Avoid becoming too clingy or codependent- this will only lead to dissatisfaction.

Mates sometimes spend less time with their friends and families in order to spend more time with their significant other.

Extracurricular activities shouldn’t just vanish once you enter the world of work. They need to be included in your new working life as well, whether they are sports or a hobby.

34. Don’t get too close and personal with him

He’s constantly changing his schedule and often at the last minute, which can be really hard for you to adjust to. This can affect your plans or other responsibilities.

The more this becomes commonplace, you’ll start to realize it’ll just become something that people expect. You can’t keep being someone’s employee. What you do is just as important.

I know sometimes it can be difficult to agree on plans, but hopefully, they’re something that you can work together on.

35. Give credit to him when he helps you

It’s essential to understand your partner if they make an effort to surprise you, especially if they don’t always show this emotion. 

You could let them know how happy or appreciated you are by letting them know how much these gestures mean to you.

The best surprises usually come when you don’t know what they’re going to be – so go with it even if you’re not sure. Surprises are always better when they involve thoughtfulness.

Surprises are always better when they involve thoughtfulness. If you’re not sure what to do for someone, go with what feels right – even if it’s not something they would want or expect. 

A few examples of thoughtful surprises include a home-cooked meal, an impromptu tea date, or a vegetable garden.

36. Have a good time together

This can often be one of the best times to revisit old date ideas and keep things feeling fresh.

One suggestion is to make a tradition that every night you go out for dinner together- even if only at home.

There are so many creative ways to spend your time on a date- there’s no excuse for being bored. 

For example, you may celebrate fall in your back garden or even an apartment by having a fun pumpkin carving party for two?

37. Make sure you stay fresh 

Keep your home smelling and looking clean. Men usually loved a woman who smells good from an early age, like vanilla or citrus. 

38. Laugh together

The best moments in two people’s lives are when they can laugh together and be on the same wavelength.

Humans are social beings, and laughter is a powerful way to bond with someone.

Laughter is an expression of joy, happiness, or amusement. It can also be an expression of relief from stress, fear, or pain.

Laughter is closely related to a sense of humor. In fact, it may lead to humor: a joke or amusing event can make us laugh.

You’ll be setting a solid foundation for your relationship by investing in quality content, which will make your partner happy.

39. Surprise him with gifts

Get him things he loves. You two should talk about what he likes so he knows.

When it comes to gift-giving, it can be challenging to please a man. He may not let you in on what he likes, or he’s too embarrassed to tell you what he really wants. 

When he talks about his favorite things and you get the hint?

Try to find out what that is and then surprise him with something, like a golf tee time at that exclusive course he spoke about.

If you are in a relationship and are noticing that your significant other talks about his or her favorite things, you should try to find out what that is and then surprise him or her with something. 

This can be a gift, a dinner together, or anything else!

How to Keep a Guy Interested after Hooking Up

You’re interested in a guy and you think you might have the opportunity to make things happen with him.

Sometimes, what seems like a good thing at the time (like sleeping with your significant other) can turn into an awkward or in some cases, emotional situation. 

There could be different reasons as to why he’s backed off after this happened. But either way, you may need to set him straight if you want to clear things up.

Below are the ways to keep a guy interested after hooking up.

40. Don’t be too possessive 

It’s normal for people to want some space, even when they’re in a relationship.

A common misconception is that people in relationships are not allowed to have space.

In truth, it’s actually normal for people to want some space, even when they’re in a relationship. 

It can seem like a daunting task but it can also make your relationship stronger.

Support him, but don’t judge him or suspect anything when he talks to other girls – even if it’s on social media.

When you’re with someone who loves you, allow them to be themselves. That way you can have a better relationship too.

41. Be good at cooking

If you want to show your cooking skills to a man, food is a good way of doing so. Prepare something he likes, talk about what you’re cooking, and ask for his input. 

Cooking is a good conversation starter because it’s something that everyone does.

That’s an old saying that tends to work for most men. Consider cooking or baking the types of dishes that he enjoys the most in order to make him happy. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect every time. It’s your thoughtfulness and kindness that matters, not whether or not you cook for him.

If you don’t feel like cooking, buy him some treats instead or take him to his favorite restaurant.

42. Show the appreciation for him

Seeing your appreciation of him will make him happy and feel loved.

I know it sounds strange, but you can make a significant difference in his life by simply telling him how much he means to you.

There are small things you can do that will make a big difference.

Try complimenting him and expressing how much you mean to each other. It’s easy to make your man feel special. 

Just be sure to praise him when he helps you, and appreciate him if he ever does something nice.

These little gestures can really go a long way and make him fall in love with you even more quickly.

43. Try to stay positive, even when you don’t want to smile

One of the most important aspects of a happy life is to find the positive in every situation. It may be hard at times, but it is worth it in the end.

When you’re positive, your mood will affect your man. But of course, it’s not always easy to be happy and it’s okay if sometimes you can’t be too enthusiastic. 

You may have had some less than ideal life experiences but it’s important to take these in a positive way. It is and will always be in your best interests to shine even more for your partner.

44. Don’t prove yourself great

If you’re the General Manager of Dunkin’ Donuts or the Founder of Papa John’s, he won’t fall in love with you because your bank account or success is bigger than his. 

It might seem like you need to go above & beyond in order to make a great first impression, but it’s more important that you’re your authentic self. Don’t try to show off all the time and just be yourself

You might be good at Scrabble, but most men don’t fall in love with a woman for her (superior) intellect; they fall in love with her heart.

When you’re talking to a guy, don’t just give him a glimpse of your qualities – show him all of them.

Don’t overwhelm him with all the things you have going for you though. Try to mention one thing at a time instead.

45. Keep some stuff limited to yourself

You don’t need to tell him every single detail of what happened while you were on a student exchange. If you have any up & coming activities, you might want to mention them.

Dating is a chance to get closer to someone on a different level. Going all cerebral and having no heart will drive him away and make it difficult for you to connect with them.

Do you want his attention or not? I say focus on something else because it’s all about you.

46. Laughs are always welcome and you should try to have as much fun as possible

Be open-minded when you’re dating, and don’t hesitate to have a good time with your new guy! Bad vibes only bring misery.

It’s important to have a good time while you’re dating new people. If there are any weird vibes, it’s best to cut it off and find someone who wants to have fun.

Bad vibes only bring misery, so don’t be afraid!

Take a break from being an adult and try to imagine yourself as if you were a child. Remember the time you spent making pies or playing dress-ups? 

That innocence is what this date will have in store for you if you do it right.

Relax before your date by taking a bath and listening to music. Treat yourself to some self-care that will make you feel beautiful and energized when he arrives.

How to Keep a Guy Interested When Dating

Getting a guy to like you might be easier than you think. The hard part is keeping him interested in you. 

As technology develops, dudes (people in general) attention spans get shorter and it’s pretty easy to see why. 

If you’re not feeling engaged with someone, it becomes almost a reflex to find the next person and try them out. 

Here are a few ways to keep him hooked and focused on you:

47. Tell him how much you respect and care him

A lot of people in relationships fall into a common trap based on how open they are about communicating with each other.

That is, sometimes people think that their partner is loving and appreciating them when in fact the partner doesn’t feel loved or appreciated

In some cases, it can be hard for people to show their love in certain ways and not others. 

So let’s say if one partner primarily shows their love through gifts and another partner primarily shows their love through caring actions – they might become confused on how they show their love to each other.

There’s no better way to show how much you care about him than by loving him in the same way that he loves you — even if that means not necessarily returning love in the same manner. 

Doing this will help ensure he feels our love from us as powerfully as possible

48. Match his level of commitment

This might be my biggest problem with relationships, and it’s also probably the biggest cause of heartbreak I’ve seen.

The fact that so many women are currently committed to men is what scares me the most.

The idea behind “commitment therapy” is that if she can show him how awesome committed relationships are, he’ll want one too. 

Unfortunately, human nature doesn’t work that way and the result is that he will get even more distant as he sees her putting up with it. He just knows she won’t leave but still won’t commit himself.

Let’s just say that if you make a commitment to someone who doesn’t do the same, it can ruin the incentive for them to commit.

To avoid this, match his level of commitment. If he’s unwilling to commit to you or close down communication with other women, then don’t commit to him and you won’t be disappointed.

49. When with your partner, don’t be negative and harsh

Even though you are not alone, be respectful always. Don’t criticize or say harsh words. If you are angry, try to talk politely.

Being respectful is not just an act of politeness. It’s a value that we should always hold in high regard.

We should never use harsh words or criticize someone. If you are angry, try to talk politely and respectfully to the other person.

If you feel like you’re getting annoyed, have a talk with the person in private. Treat them the way you’d want to be treated and follow the Golden Rule.

50. Be playful with him

Stay playful and your partner will love to be around you. Hug him, give him surprises, and play with him. 

Yes, you can keep things upbeat and happy when you’re on your own too. Your mate will appreciate this and it will help them get over the distance. 

However, if being away is really bad for you in the long term and it’s not possible to build that closeness then it might be best to move on.

51. Be cheerful and happy

When texting the guy you like, it’s best to stay happy. If you have a rough day every now and then, it’s okay to send a low-energy text. But try not to send too many of them. 

If you want advice to keep him engaged, you need to think about the texts you’ve been sending. They haven’t been engaging so he’s probably not responding in kind. 

To try and fix this, send more fun or positive texts so that your energy will rub off on him and make him want to text back

Talking about good things or fun things will make the conversation go in the right direction. Mastering how to drive a text-based conversation isn’t easy for everyone. 

Unlike talking to someone in person, you’re not going to judge what they say. It’s a good idea to be fun and show your personality with your texts. 

Some people like to use emojis and GIFs to add some color to them. You’ll develop your own style over time.

52. Talk about common interests

Talking about what you have in common is a great way to make the conversation engaging. Have you been listening to that new album? When did you first listen to it? 

Texting might seem like a fluffy conversation to some but it can be a good way to explore new things. 

For example, talking about the latest TV show or even something like food can keep the person on the other end engaged. Have some fun chat about something that brings joy to both.

If you don’t know yet if you have any common interests with your partner, I recommend you learn more about their interests. 

For example, what are some of their favorite bands and movies? You’ll find out that in most cases there will be areas where your taste aligns and this is when the two of you can start exploring new topics. 

It is important to find a connection to his interests in order to keep the conversation going. He is more likely to engage in the discussion if he feels it is something with which he identifies. 

You could always learn more about what he likes and expand your horizons. It would be a good idea to take an interest in things that are unfamiliar, even if it’s something you want to do just for him.

53. Hangout with your friends too along with him

Don’t forget your friends. It’s easy to miss out on other important things when you’re in love.

Don’t be that girl and not show up to your best friend’s annual candle party on Saturday because you’re in a relationship now.

You don’t have to spend every day with your new man. You could hang out with him on Friday, and see the girls on Saturday as well if you’re not too busy.

When a man feels that his world does not completely revolve around theirs, it is generally easier for them. 

There is less pressure and if he needs time alone or with his friends, then it is perfectly understandable. Ergo you might as well do something fun too.

54. Make him feel a real man

You don’t have to make yourself seem like you’re below him. Making your guy feel great isn’t about letting him feel superior.

You don’t have to make yourself seem like you’re below him. You may feel that making your guy feel great isn’t about letting him feel superior, but this is the truth. 

Men want their partners to look up to them and be impressed by what they do. Making him feel like he’s on a pedestal will make him love you more.

If you want to keep a guy interested, there are many ways to do it. 

You can give him compliments to make him feel good about himself or, if you really like the guy, let him be this chivalrous gentleman by holding the door for you. 

When he feels appreciated for who he is, he’ll want to spend more time with you.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

As a partner, there are many things that you need to keep in mind in order to maintain healthy relationships. 

One of these aspects is making sure your man feels satisfied with your time together and makes his fair share of the effort.

If he fails to take any initiative in the partnership, you won’t be bearing responsibility double. The best relationships are made up of individuals who are able to depend on one another. 

However, the entire pairing is not and should not be entirely dependent on only you maintaining your man’s interests for it to survive. 

As mentioned earlier, it takes two people in a couple to be able to maintain their relationship.