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Honeymoon Phase: Meaning, Signs you’re in it, Signs it’s over, and everything else

Honeymoon Phase: Meaning, Signs you’re in it, Signs it’s over, and everything else

Updated on Oct 04, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Honeymoon Phase - Meaning, Signs You Are In It, Signs It’s Over, & More

Are you or a loved one in the honeymoon phase? Did you hear it from someone else or find it yourself? Perhaps, you always boast about your man/woman? Did your friends beg you to stop?

Well, I’m so delighted that you’re in this wonderful phase. However, I’m sorry to break this… that it might not last forever. NO! I didn’t mean your relationship… It’s the phase.

So, I prepared a few tricks up my sleeve to make it a constant. 

For the ones who have been over the honeymoon phase already, you deserve this exciting phase too. So, how can I leave you behind?

Come on, let’s all fall and stay in love forever…

Honeymoon Phase Meaning

The honeymoon phase is the early relationship stage. It’s when you feel infatuated with your partner, idealize them, and can’t bear to part from them.

In the early stages of a relationship, couples feel the happiest and lead carefree lives. They are passionate and are attached to one another.

It’s so exciting that couples refer to their feelings as “butterflies in the stomach”. They’re always on one another’s minds and want to stick together throughout the day.

Of course, there’s both physical and sexual attraction and romance. As per relationship experts, couples don’t care about the remaining world. It’s as if they’re in a bubble and the world is invisible.

This early stage of a relationship is called the honeymoon phase or New Relationship Energy.

Wondering where it began? I can’t wait to tell you, so let’s know it here…

Honeymoon Phase Origin

The term comes from the old English word “hony moone”. because newlyweds drank mead (fermented honey water) and because the fleeting happiness is only a month-long from a waning to a full moon.

The term “honeymoon” is a derivation of the Old English term “hony moone”. In the 16th century, this term was first used to imply sweet new relationship feelings.

Newlyweds also got mead – a fermented mixture of honey and water.

The term moon may refer to the shortness of the honeymoon stage… as in the full moon to waning moon period… which is almost a month long.

In the older times, the term “hony moone” expressed underlying sadness. It only reminded couples that their blissful days are numbered.

To imply the same, modern English uses the term “phase”. But nowadays, the honeymoon period isn’t solely for newlyweds. It happens in all relationships, even the no-commitment ones.

Wondering when it happens? Let’s clear the doubts here…

When does the honeymoon phase occur?

The honeymoon phase occurs in brand new relationships or when a couple touches a relationship milestone. It’s when you romanticize your partner and feel thrilled about your relationship.

Usually, the honeymoon phase begins as soon as the relationship starts. You find your partner amazing no matter what they do. Right from the way they scratch their neck down to all of their quirks.

Some might experience this when they overcome a relationship milestone like buying a house or getting engaged.

The excitement lies in knowing the unknown sides of your partner’s personality. It has both good and bad sides, and you feel eager to uncover them all.

Since you haven’t experienced much friction in the relationship yet, it feels flowery and magical.

If you feel your partner is always perfect, believe they can’t have any imperfections, or that you’re completely compatible… you’re already in the honeymoon phase.

Curious when it might end? Well, let’s keep moving forward here…

How long does the honeymoon phase last?

It might be as little as 2 months or even 24 months. It might happen multiple times in a relationship and depends on the relationship dynamics and life situations.

The honeymoon phase of a relationship might vary from two months to two years. 

It depends on factors like how the relationship began, their life situations, their personality traits, when they fall in love, how much time they spend together, etc.

Though the phase ends, it may return when you put in the work. You may revive lost feelings repeatedly until the end of time.

Wondering why you didn’t experience anything likely? Let’s know the secrets here…

Do all the relationships have one?

A relationship might not experience the raging flames of a passionate honeymoon phase. They might experience a slow flame, which is ideal for a healthy relationship.

All romantic relationships might not have a honeymoon phase. On the contrary, they experience a slow rise in their feelings. It depends on the couple’s common interests and shared memorable experiences.

In this type, the flame of passion doesn’t burn fiercely and die out. The fire burns slowly forever in the relationship. In this kind, the honeymoon phase feelings are quite mild but they last longer.

If you find this similar, remember there’s nothing wrong with your relationship. Instead, both of your approaches to relationships are much more ideal and healthy… good news, isn’t it?

Usually, people in full-blown honeymoon feelings overlook facts like… how real life works or what kind of person they’re committed to.

The moment the honeymoon feelings die away, couples start knowing one another for real. They might not always have the best revelations.

However, if you don’t experience the honeymoon phase intensity, your loving feelings will always stay in the relationship.

Wondering if you’re in it right now? Let’s find it all here…

How do you know you’re in it? – Honeymoon Phase signs

Honeymoon phase is the happiest period for romantic relationships. You usually feel hooked and infatuated with your partner during this phase.

Though you’re most susceptible to experiencing this in new relationships, it can always return to old ones. So, let’s see if you’re still relishing this phase…

1. Your body easily responds to them

You may not get aroused the instant you see them. However, their presence brings some thoughts to your mind: kisses, hugs, making out, sex.

If you wanna have sex, feel aroused with erections or wetness, pull them to the bed when they enter the room or spend most of your time having sex… it’s a clear sign of the honeymoon phase.

2. You desire their presence madly

Do you feel withdrawal symptoms when your partner is away… even if it’s for work? Do you feel sad the whole time you’re apart?

Can’t you wait until they return and have sex? Can’t wait to spend more time together?

Or do you just want to stay in his/her embrace all the time? Such extreme longing is another sign.

3. You become more energetic

In the honeymoon phase, you start to feel more energetic. You don’t easily feel tired and want to spend all day either talking to one another or being playful.

You feel a boost of energy, a never-known excitement when you’re together. You’re always ready to go out for dates and talk all night long… even if you’re exhausted from other responsibilities.

It’s your unique way to know your partner.

4. You prioritize your partner even in busy times

During the darkest or most exhausting hours, you just want to see, hug, or even kiss your partner.

For instance, you’re drowning in deadlines, your clients are complaining… instead of sitting back in your room all cooped up (WFH buddies?), you dash to the door to greet your partner’s return.

Or, when you return from a long day, instead of tending to your responsibilities, you hug your partner. These gestures keep you striving harder. It’s like your recharge moment.

5. You can’t help but smile

Another obvious sign… you’re always smiling at one another whenever your eyes meet.

Of course, I don’t want you to frown at them. But you smile without a reason…. possibly because you feel butterflies in your stomach or your heart flutters.

6. You connect your souls with your body

In this stage, you randomly kiss, hug, hold hands, and give body rubs… you may not exactly want to have sex. Since you’re in love, you feel a compulsion to remind them of your position in their life.

It’s a good way to understand if your partner is in the mood for sex. You may think you do it unintentionally.

But it’s actually because you feel closer when you touch them… whether sexually or non-sexually.

7. They always got your attention

A usual sign is that you’re always focused on your partner… more than you need. You’re so charmed that you don’t notice what’s happening in the world. As if you’re in some other world… and the rest of the world doesn’t matter.

It’s generally because of elevated concentrations of estrogen and testosterone. Your mind always revolves around lustful feelings.

8. You can’t stop making out

As relationships progress, the making out and sexual attraction slowly fade. However, in the early days, you’ll always make out … as if you thrive on it. You can’t have enough of one another’s body at all.

9. Your emotions thrive on intimacy

A good sign is that your obsessive attraction connects you emotionally.

You always wanna stick to one another, feel they’re perfect, and eventually develop more feelings for them. This is great to solidify brand new relationships.

10. You avoid intense fights

Whenever something goes wrong in your relationship… you don’t assume the worst. You give them the benefit of the doubt and avoid any conflict.

You make sure that you always have a good time and even deny that they may be wrong. This is a major relationship flag because, over time, the negativity may snowball into greater issues.

To keep the relationship conflict-free, you may become too agreeable.

11. The differences don’t bother you

Even if you have a few alarming differences, you overlook those in the honeymoon phase.

You focus more on common interests to enjoy your time. If you don’t have much in common, you might pretend to like their interests.

If you’re not being yourself in a relationship… it won’t be long until you feel caged and suffocated.

12. Only they’re in your future plans

What do you want in the future? Obviously, you’ll include your life partner in your dreams.

But are all of them about your partner, having kids that resemble them? Do you not dream about anything just about yourself?

For instance, a vacation with your friends or something for your parents? If not, then you’re in the honeymoon phase.

13. Your mind is full of them

Whether you’re struggling with work or are out with your friends… are you always thinking about your partner?

Do your friends say you always talk about them? Do you always relate every situation back to them?

Perhaps you have a brunch date with friends and think “Oh he/she might like this place”… that’s another honeymoon phase sign.

14. You focus too much on appearances

In long-term relationships, couples eventually become comfortable showing their messy behavior. They wear sweats, give a break to makeup, and even don’t care about morning breath.

In the early relationship stages, however, you can’t bear to do it. You want to show yourself and your belongings in the best shape.

You try hard to ace a perfect messy bun, wear stylish loungewear, and even try out the no-makeup looks.

15. You want it to stay

The honeymoon phase is addicting because you only experience positive feelings. In long-term relationships, when you’re addicted to the honeymoon phase, you’ll do anything to bring back old times.

You feel that’s true love, without the crazy urgency in your heart, it’s no longer love. In new relationships, you can’t bear the thought that it might change someday.

Wondering how to relish this phase? Let’s find out here…

How to enjoy the honeymoon phase?

The wise way to enjoy the honeymoon phase is to do everything you want in a relationship, know your partner well, stop assuming they’re perfect, and have fun in and out of bed.

Relationships come with endless responsibilities… So if you’re in the honeymoon phase, embrace this moment! This is the time to enjoy date nights, go on adventurous vacations, and relish one another’s presence.

This is the moment to know your partner better. Of course, you think your partner is flawless… but they’re not.

So, explore their different sides… don’t just love the various sides, make sure you learn how to work with the differences.

Never-ending passionate sex will always be on the table. If you’re not married, don’t jump to major decisions until this period wears off.

Don’t buy a house together, move in, or get engaged… unless you’re okay with a nasty feud after the breakup.

Wondering why good things end? Let’s find the secrets here…

Does it have to end?

In the honeymoon phase, your relationship impacts your hormones. When the novelty wears off, this phase disappears. It’s all for the best because that’s when you develop your relationship.

The honeymoon phase is the result of a few neurotransmitters

Dopamine: After falling in love, dopamine activates the pleasure points in your brain and leads to happy feelings.

Oxytocin: A feel-good hormone, usually released from physical intimacy.

Serotonin: In love, serotonin production lowers which results in excess thoughts about your partner and relationship.

Norepinephrine: Its increased production shoots adrenaline. This results in butterflies in your stomach.

Cortisol: It’s the stress hormone. It decreases with intimacy.

With your growing relationship, physical intimacy decreases. So, the neurotransmitters don’t work the same as in the early phases. You can bring this phase back later.

However, it’s important to let it end now. Only then can you build a deeper relationship, identify issues, and resolve them maturely.

Waiting for the end? Come on, find your answers here…

When does a honeymoon phase end in a relationship?

It usually ends when you notice your partner’s flaws, understand relationship responsibilities and crave more space away. There’s no fixed time for this.

Well, there’s no hard-and-fast rule about when it ends. For some, it’s a few months, for others it may take more. It depends on how long you two can sustain the new feelings.

When you’ll notice the reality of relationships… depends on you two. Since it’ll change anyway, let it be natural. Don’t forcefully contain your feelings within a time limit.

Want to know if you’re already over the phase? Let’s know it all from…

How to know if the honeymoon phase is over? – Signs

The post-honeymoon phase scenes are always different from person to person. You might accept them despite the differences, you might fight about them, or you may even compare them with outsiders.

So, let’s find it all here…

1. You notice the differences

Initially, you turned a blind eye to your differences. But when the phase is ending, you notice more sides to them. 

These might be flaws, vulnerabilities, or even a difference in choices and perceptions. The differences may or may not bother you, but you notice them better.

2. The intimacy fizzles down

In the honeymoon phase, everything was about being physically or emotionally intimate. So, another sign is the lack of it. 

Since you know them so well, you don’t feel as eager to explore them. It’s how you don’t need to learn ABC all over again.

3. Conflicts are more than before

Initially, you were all about not fighting. You avoided conflicts intentionally. Or, you yielded to your partners’ whims to minimize arguments.

However, when the rose-tinted glasses are off, you don’t bear it anymore. 

Naturally, you become more vocal about the bothersome differences and fight more. Your relationship doesn’t become bitter, but there are more fights.

4. You miss the past

Sometimes you miss how your partner treated you initially… another sign of the end of the honeymoon phase.

You miss the excess attention, wish to return to the past and have fun, and wonder why they changed.

But did they really change? Were they really deceiving you? You’ll know the best.

5. You don’t reach out much

In brand new relationships, you can’t wait to talk about your day. But with time, that urge decreases. 

You don’t call them as much, stay up the whole night, lose sleep over flirting, or go on dates when you’re tired.

You may not disconnect completely, but you prioritize yourself whenever you gotta.

6. You don’t feel excited

Remember the butterflies? Post-honeymoon phase scenes: They don’t flutter anymore. Think they died? No, in reality, the neurotransmitters stop overreacting.

It all goes back to the lack of intimacy and novelty of the relationship. It’s not a bad sign and happens in all relationships.

7. You spend less together time

At some point, you always wanted to stick to one another. You want to meet them, keep them close to you physically… if it was allowed, you might even imprison them.

As time passes, such feelings become moderate. You don’t mind spending time together and it feels nice. But you know you have more commitments… and you just can’t get distracted like before.

The amount of time you spend depends on when you’re both free and ready.

8. You show your true self

Makeup and fancy dresses when you’re indoors become a hassle. You guys flaunt your unguarded real skin and disheveled hair to one another.

You show them your bad habits… and they still love you. You both accept one another wholeheartedly.

9. Their quirks get on your nerves

Before, you were covered for their “cute” quirks. They may or may not be relationship red flags. But you become more sensitive to their behavior. You were forgiving and accepted their selfish wishes unconditionally.

But post-honeymoon phase, their snores, and farts irritate you. Their stupidity sometimes ticks you off.

10. What even is a date night?

Date night comes less often than a full moon and you have considerably less fancy dates. You stay indoors and enjoy your time together.

You do have dates, but not the fancy ones. The place and ambiance don’t matter to you guys. Take out and Netflix works as good as the past dates.

11. You feel a bit bored

You know this person inside out. From their morning groggy voice to their fart smell… you know it all. You know what’s on their mind without even asking… which is another good sign.

However, it just makes you feel bored because it’s no more exciting or unknown. You miss your friends and family and want to meet them for a change.

12. You don’t indulge in PDA anymore

If you guys never kept your hands to yourself, be it in public or private… that’s gonna change for sure. You get used to their presence and touches. It doesn’t feel as miraculous as before.

So, there’s no excitement and you just let it be. There are other parts of a relationship and you work on that… rather than PDA.

13. Surprises are all gone!

In romantic love, people surprise one another with flowers, chocolates, spontaneous dates, and so on. It’s because you’re past the courting period. You know you bagged them so why put in the effort?

However, if the little things stop, your relationship may soon face ruins. This is another major red flag in relationships. Fix your ways before it’s too late.

14. You’re less in heat

Another alarming sign is almost dead sex life. Don’t call someone a sex addict just because they want good sex.

Honeymoon phase sex was crazy good and you suddenly change your ways out of the blue?

Sexual gratification is one of the important parts of a relationship. So, don’t slack off and put in more work in the bed. It’s a way to instill emotional intimacy.

15. You don’t care if they judge you

Initially, you always tried to please your partner with looks and agree with them. With time, you start becoming real. You know your partner might judge you… but you don’t mind that.

You work past the fear of judgment and that’s what a real relationship looks like. This is the best benefit of the end of the honeymoon phase.

16. You introduce your emotional baggage

Nobody feels secure sharing their emotional baggage. You can’t comprehend how they’ll feel about you. But with time, you understand that they understand you.

You trust and believe in them… and show the courage to bear your emotions. When you show vulnerabilities, relationships get better.

17. You need more space

You spent so much time with your partner, you feel smothered. You need more breathing space to rejuvenate yourself. You can’t always stick to them and tend to them and your relationship.

Sometimes you miss how carefree you were in singlehood. If you have kids, this feeling comes much more intensely.

18. You question your feelings

You can’t bear their quirks and state your mind more freely past the honeymoon stage. Sometimes, you may question, “If I love him/her, how did I act so inconsiderately?”

Well, as long as you didn’t act on a relationship deal-breaker… it might not be a biggie.  Don’t think too much and go with the flow.

19. You might feel interested in others

Your partner snores at night, wears granny pants or dirty boxers, forgets to pick up the laundry. Your co-worker that wears fitted shirts or pressed skirts… probably wears nice underwear too.

Sometimes, you don’t wanna cheat on your partner… but these random thoughts flock in your mind. Yep… the pink glasses are finally off!

20. You highlight their faults

Some couples stay tight-lipped about their partner’s negative sides… and might even keep up with honeymoon phase abuse. When it’s all over, they identify the rights and wrongs.

Since the negative feelings snowballed over the course, they magnify all of their faults.

Well, if there was some abuse in your relationship, it’s hard to sustain the relationship… whether the honeymoon phase is on or off.

21. You know it’s true love

You saw one another trying your best through the awkwardness. You saw them lose their mind during the worst times. You cried in front of one another and looked ugly. If you still stick together, that’s true love.

You understand that honeymoon phase love wasn’t real. And you feel happy for whatever you went through.

22. You joke about your body

Human bodies function in weird ways be it a fart, a loud sneeze, snores, or even mishaps during sex. When the honeymoon phase wears off, you don’t feel embarrassed about your bodily functions.

Rather, you become more used to it. You may even have a farting competition or tease one another with the audio recording of their snores.

23. You stay back even after fights

During or before the honeymoon phase in a relationship, feelings aren’t strong yet. People break up over the smallest things. But after the honeymoon period is gone, people have new insights about relationships.

Couples, which grew together through the honeymoon phase, don’t try to split up. They work through the conflicts.

24. You’re not shy to be sick

Remember when you suppressed or hid your body excretions to look attractive? For instance, you dreaded the idea of telling him you have diarrhea.

People get sick and it’s gross for obvious reasons. However, you accept that there’s no point in being embarrassed about your ailment.

25. You share embarrassing stories

As you don’t care about judgment, you naturally behave more freely about your past scars. If you have this special person and trust them more than yourself, you’ll share the sob stories.

This might be about how your parents treated you in childhood. Or, how they still worry about you… to the point of calling your workplace.

So, it’s really over huh? Don’t worry that’s not the doom of your relationship. Let’s know here…

What comes after the honeymoon phase in a relationship?

When the honeymoon period wanes off, work on the differences, be more understanding, know what you want in the relationship, and love them more.

Your post-honeymoon phase scenario might include hardships, big and small disagreements, lack of excitement and attraction, more sensitivity to your partner’s faults, and desire to have space.

But they’re not always bad because you two grow together. You understand the meaning of love in this phase. You fall in love and build a good relationship despite the differences.

Along with lots of hugging and kissing, there will also be a deep understanding between you two. 

You might not always think about the relationship… and sometimes focus on you two as different individuals.

This is the reality and the beginning of your real relationship.

Don’t wanna part from this phase? I got the perfect recipe for you here…

How to make the honeymoon phase last?

The honeymoon phase works on novelty and thrill, so to keep it alive, work harder on everything. Mostly, you need lots of spontaneity, variety, and effort.

If you can’t focus on most areas of your relationship, it might not work out. So, let’s know how to keep the honeymoon phase…

1. Make time for one another

Since there’s a bit of disharmony in the relationship, try to spend more time together. Prioritize one another and go tech-free to focus. This isn’t about a day or two, so be consistent.

Establish rules like no phones during dinner dates.  Enjoy how your partner puts effort into your time together.

2. Focus on the future

Do you want to buy a car? Go check some cars now. Wanna renovate your interiors? Scroll together to get some ideas. Wanna get children? Look out for parenting books.

Aren’t married but plan to? Look for wedding planners or find how you wanna decorate your wedding banquet.

There’s a lot to look forward to and they keep the present more interesting.

3. Go all out on sex dates

Seriously, this is one cool relationship healing method. Every relationship expert swears by sex dates. Schedule the sex and plan all you want for it.

Take consent and try out kinky positions, toys, BDSM, voyeurism, exhibitionism, or anything that works for you. You have time to plan out all of your fantasies.

If possible, plan the sex dates as frequently as possible

4. Don’t ignore intimacy though

Even though you have planned sex, don’t hold back on intimacy. Don’t time physical or emotional intimacy.

First thing in the morning, hug one another. Before going out for work, kiss your partner goodbye. Return from work and spend some time talking, massage your partner to help them de-stress.

5. Communicate and listen

Whenever something feels off, talk it out. Think you always talk but they don’t listen? Are you sure you don’t begin with blaming? If you attack a person, they’ll never listen to you.

So, give it more thought and ask them about the matter. Let them clarify their side before you jump to conclusions.

Listen to them properly, don’t zoom into one portion and make a bigger fight.

6. Start something totally new

The thrill of your relationship disappeared with the novelty. This is usual and all couples go through this.

It’s basically because of the low dopamine levels, but you can definitely do something about this.

Find out an activity that you guys never tried. It’s better if you never even saw anybody try it out. It must also be out of your comfort zone.

Find this activity together and when you find it, build intimacy while learning.

7. Creatively say the magical words

Saying “I love you” is quite regular, but don’t stop saying it. Every day, if you can’t make much time, then write a three-sentence love confession.

Send it via text when you’re apart like during lunch breaks or while traveling to and fro work.

Remind them that you still love them and put in some effort.

8. Brew the good moments with varieties

Make sure you have a good time when you go out. This one doesn’t usually come to people’s minds. If their partner likes romance movies, they endlessly have movie dates.

If you like pizza, can you live a healthy life having it every day for every meal? Same goes for your date nights.

Don’t let it get boring with the same plans. Make it spontaneous and mysterious to stay entertained.

9. Focus on me-time

Don’t expect your partner to stick with you throughout the day. It smothers them and they stray away from you. Sometimes, let them be and work on your own life.

You have some aspirations and dreams in life. Resume them and make sure you find happiness all by yourself. You’re in a relationship with yourself.

If you can’t love and prioritize yourself, your partner won’t either. Show them that you’re someone capable even without their attention.

10. Bring back the little things

Remember the small surprises you got from one another? Well, finances might be tight but you can still surprise your beau. For instance, surprise them with takeout from their fave street food for dinner.

Bring your girl chocolates during that time of the month. Give your man a massage after a day of hard work. Remember Macklemore and Ryan Lewis worked out even with 20 dollars.

However, if you got cash, go all out with bouquets, wine, and fine dining.

11. Appreciate with paper

Can’t be vocal about your feelings? Well, if the tension between you guys is for long, you might feel troubled.

You can’t give one another the cold shoulder for weeks… and transition into a hopeless romantic overnight. To warm up to this, try writing appreciation notes.

For instance, write down what’s their good parts on a note and leave it somewhere they’ll notice.

12. Call them spontaneously

When marriage and relationships get old, couples no longer call without reason. But in the honeymoon phase, you used to hit up one another all the time.

What went wrong? Sure, life is hectic, but it doesn’t hurt texting them during breaks. Begin with small texts like “How was your day so far?” or “When will you clock out?”

Slowly, start calling them during their free time.

13. Spill your thoughts to them

Since you’re so worried about losing the honeymoon phase, share your thoughts with them. Know what your partner thinks of this change.

Ask for their advice to make it last. Perhaps they have a thing or two in mind… but they can’t express it because they’re shy. Long-lasting relationships require transparency so why not begin with this?

14. Promise them excitement

Commit to something more adventurous next weekend. Tell them what you plan to do next weekend. If you don’t have an idea, ask them to suggest something. It might be a mini-vacation or staycation too.

Discuss what you’ll do during this vacation. Build anticipation beforehand and keep the promise. Don’t miss it unless it’s an emergency.

15. Try out couples’ therapy

If you really can’t help the situation at all, enroll in a class with a couples’ therapist. Don’t be afraid to talk it all out with an expert.

Your emotions sometimes don’t let you notice the obvious. A third-party opinion will help you understand the issues better.

But a third party mustn’t be someone close, else you won’t get impartial advice.

16. Plan dates more often

So, how frequently do you go on dates? Lost track? Alright… when was the last time you had a date? And the last to last one? There you got an average answer.

If you don’t even have weekly dates, change that right now. Make sure you have more than one date, monthly.

Out of the four weekends, book two for yourselves. Leave the rest for elders and children.

17. Share your vision

Strike more intimate conversations on your views on life, your fears, your hopes, life motto, role model, the best and worst days of your life, sacrificed and forgotten dreams, and so on.

Go deep into the convo and build your foundation once more. If you think you already did it and it’s over, you’re wrong. Such convos never go stale, so bring it up once more.

People change with time; you never know what’s on their mind now.

18. Try out thrilling activities

Laid-back sophisticated and romantic dates are always great. However, how frequently do you try adventurous ones?

Skydiving, paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping, hiking, rock climbing, and more.

Surf more on the internet to find the perfect mix of thrill and romance. Why, you ask? Thrilling activities give you an adrenaline rush. It imitates your feelings back in the honeymoon phase.

19. Identify your love languages

There are five languages of love. Which one is yours? If you don’t know that already, sit down together and find it out. Express love in your partner’s love language.

Possibly you guys misunderstand one another because you express love differently.

20. Take the vows once again

If you’re married, consider taking that holy oath once more. If the budget is tight, then make it small between only the two of you.

Get a white dress and suit… or even wear your wedding attires to recreate the past. You may also recreate your wedding night.

If you’re unmarried, recreate your first date.

Think it’s already over? Don’t worry, handle the situation swiftly with some steps…

How to deal with the honeymoon phase being over?

If the honeymoon phase is already gone, you can still bring it back… because who doesn’t wanna feel the relationship high?

Though it’s a bit tough, you can work it out slowly. Along with the steps from the last section, work on how to repeat the honeymoon phase over & over again here…

1. Retreat to intensify feelings

Intentionally spend some time apart from your partner. Don’t overdo it otherwise they’ll catch on to this trick. Make plans with your girls or boys on the weekend.

Let them grow fonder of you with the distance. If they can’t appreciate you while you’re around, make them understand how your absence feels.

2. Indulge in different interests

Take time apart to focus on different hobbies and interests. Encourage your partner to spend time with their interests. It doesn’t seem much but it gets your intention across.

Your partner will understand that you want them to enjoy their life… and that you don’t want to smother them with your demands.  

3. Give your partner a break

Hopefully, you have a fair division of chores if you live together. If not, it’s high time to set the responsibility divisions straight. Sometimes, relieve your partner from their responsibilities.

If you don’t live together, drop by and do some chores. This isn’t compulsory but it’ll help them understand your love. They’ll also try doing something for you.

4. Align your life goals

Your partner might not be ready to make big plans or commit to having babies immediately. Don’t talk about certain future plans if that makes them uncomfortable.

Though if you feel insecure about your relationship labels and future, don’t hold back. However, if they verbally say they aren’t ready, respect that. Work for a common goal and adjust together, not alone.

5. Understand time zone issues

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, sometimes they’ll feel too tired and fall asleep. Don’t force them to stay awake and talk to you. That’s not true love or a healthy relationship.

Wait for the weekends to talk and exchange texts throughout the weekdays. Let them focus on their work or studies abroad knowing you’re rooting for them. Love will eventually intensify.

6. Talk to the experienced

If you have many loved ones with partners, talk to them. Know how they tackled their relationship boredom. However, no need to apply everything they say.

Be picky when you wanna choose something out of the vast ideas they suggest. Never try everything at once or one idea every day. Give it a break before you skip to the next idea.

7. Work on your looks

Physical attraction matters even though beauty isn’t skin deep. I know… sounds quite contradicting.

However, will you buy a watch with an unappealing design? Well, it’ll show you the time and serve its purpose… so why won’t you buy it?

How about a dress that looks so-not-your style but serves the purpose of covering your body? It’s not that they don’t care about the plain you. But to rekindle the lost emotions, invest more effort.

8. Indulge in conversational games

If you feel shy or awkward asking them anything, try out online conversational games.

There are some that focus on knowing one another (twenty questions), some that help you add a hint of sensuality (Truth or Dare), and even Never Have I Ever but add a tinge of naughtiness.

Choose something you’re comfortable with. Start with simple ones if you’re too nervous.

9. Play monogamish

If you’re both open to having consensual sex outside your relationship, choose this. Visit a pub or any place where you can socialize with strangers… like a sports club or even the department store.

Let your partner watch you be hit on by others or vice versa. If your partner is open to it, book a hotel room or end the flirting at contact exchanging.

Your partner might feel turned on to know you’re still desirable to others. Sometimes, people need a push to snap back to reality.

10. Compliment while communicating

Some couples simply forget to praise their partners because they’re used to the charms. Communicate about your concerns and sneak in with compliments. They’ll feel more motivated to work on them.

Tell them how you miss the date nights when they became even more charming. Or, about their playful side which they only ever showed to you.

Want a shortcut to know if you’re in the honeymoon phase? I got you covered here…

Honeymoon phase quiz

Are you feeling impatient? Can’t sit and tally with the signs? Well, I don’t blame you for that. At times, I feel the same, that’s why I got you this amazing shortcut to identifying if you’re in the honeymoon phase.

So, let’s get started this instant…

1. Do you easily feel aroused when you see your partner?  

A. They’re so hot, I can’t resist them

B. Nah… it takes a bit of work

2. Do you long for them all the time?

A. I can’t wait to meet them next

B. When I’m idle and have no responsibilities, yes.

3. Can you go on chatting late at night despite having a long day?

A. Yes, because (s)he is my first priority

B. Sometimes, I can’t ditch sleep and rest over love

4. Do you kiss your partner first thing when you return home?

A. Yes, it’s a ritual!

B. Well, we greet one another and kiss too. It all depends

5. Does their presence always make you smile?

A. They’re like a ray of sunshine. They’re perfect so yep!

B. It depends, as long as they don’t push my buttons

6. Do you initiate sex and physical intimacy to feel more at ease?

A. Yes, it’s comfortable

B. We communicate for such situations

7. Do you think they stay rent-free in your mind?

A. Definitely yes. How did you know that?

B. They’re somewhere in the back of my mind. But I know my priorities.

8. Do you get hot and steamy almost all the time?

A. Yes, we’re like animals in heat

B. No, we can stay without getting too touchy

9. Do you connect emotionally only with physical contact?

A. Yes, it’s a must

B. No, we can bond in multiple ways

10. How frequently do you fight?

A. I avoid fights

B. We don’t keep count but we do fight

11. What do you think about your dissimilarities?

A. I try to ignore them.

B. We try to work through them

12. Who’s in your future picture?

A. Me, my partner, and our children

B. All of my loved ones

13. Do you talk to your friends about your partner a lot?

A. Yep, they ask me to stop

B. No, I like to keep things low

14. Do you meet them makeup-free or without grooming?

A. Hell no

B. Yeah… that’s comfy

15. What do you feel about life without the honeymoon phase?

A. I hope it never ends

B. I don’t mind having as much attention, but it’s okay either way.

If you mostly answered A’s 

You’re in the honeymoon phase right now. Enjoy your time but make sure you don’t ignore any relationship red flags. Don’t idealize your partner, they’re a human just like you. Bond with them in this phase and work on sustaining this phase.

If you mostly answered B’s 

Right now, you’re not experiencing the honeymoon phase. You’re quite logical about your decisions and are possibly happy with your current situation. However, if you want to bring back the honeymoon phase, don’t be afraid to try the tips.

I don’t think that was all you wanted. You want to know more and I wanna tell you more. So, let’s head in…


The honeymoon phase is a confusing topic to many. Mostly because you can’t notice the exact date when it starts or ends.

Rather it’s all about how you feel. Naturally, men and women have different opinions. And some even think it doesn’t exist. So, let’s find it all here…

1. Is it normal to miss the honeymoon phase?

Undoubtedly, the honeymoon phase was the sweetest time in your relationship. You had many of your firsts in that phase so, it’s normal to miss it.
However, don’t judge your relationship for lacking the honeymoon phase. Your relationship can be healthy even without all that glitter and sparkles.

2. Is the honeymoon phase real?

Some equate the honeymoon phase with infatuation and think it’s not the real deal. 

People feel intense chemistry during the honeymoon phase. But once it’s over you understand the reality.

Whether your honeymoon phase is real or not, depends on how compatible you are. When you overcome this phase and face difficulties, will you stand strong through the turmoil?

If yes, then you developed deep feelings from this phase. You can’t deny the relationship phase then, right?

You can’t judge their feelings even if you want to rush it. It takes time to understand the depth of others’ feelings. Few dates aren’t enough to know it. However, if you get good vibes, don’t sit back.

Also, don’t force your partner to commit to anything too fast. Everyone works with different timelines, so it’s better to let them open up with time.

3. Can the honeymoon phase last forever?

When your relationship is new, you experience the honeymoon phase. This is when you feel passionate love because everything is so miraculous, exciting, and thrilling.

But human beings always want more. Without variety, we easily get bored and find the downsides of what we have. Think about the first time you got a smartphone and the time you changed it.

In relationships, it’s the same. Soon the honeymoon phase wears off, you find faults in one another, think others are better than your partner, and slowly shift to companionate love.

So, if you can’t always have surprises and thrills, you can’t last this phase forever.

4. Is it possible to have no honeymoon phase in a relationship?

Some couples don’t experience the honeymoon phase at all. Their love slowly burns rather than burning all at once. These couples don’t experience extremes of emotions.

They develop their feelings throughout their relationship. It’s like there’s no particular honeymoon phase for them.

Rather, they experience the thrill in a short amount throughout the relationship.

5. What’s the take of men and women about the honeymoon phase?

As per a 2015 study, out of 395 couples, about 86% of women stated that marital satisfaction declined after 30 months of their marriage.

While over the same time, 78% of men reported no change in marital satisfaction.

There can be two conclusions from it. Men’s efforts decrease in marriage with time. Women become insatiable and demanding with time in marriage.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

The honeymoon phase is precious, enjoy it as long as it exists. However, if you’re way past it and can’t revive it, don’t have conflicts because of the phase itself. 

Rather, if you feel anything is lacking in your relationship, communicate what you want. Be straightforward and listen carefully to your partner’s thoughts on it.

Getting into the relationship rut is quite easy. So, don’t panic, it’s natural… but don’t accept it either because that stops the relationship growth.

Work hard to madly fall in love once again. And if you can’t, couples therapy is always by your side. Love harder every moment of your life.

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