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How To Keep A Guy Interested After Sleeping With Him? Be Irresistible With These 20 Ways

How To Keep A Guy Interested After Sleeping With Him? Be Irresistible With These 20 Ways

Updated on Sep 18, 2023

How To Keep A Guy Interested After Sleeping With Him Be Irresistible With These 20 Ways

So you are wondering how to keep a guy interested after sleeping with him. You thought that you’d only mean business. But you still ended up breaking the rules. 

Well, in the world of casual sex, this isn’t something new. This usually happens when you find some genuine chemistry and want more than what you thought. 

And there are definitely some ways to turn a casual fling into something serious. Keep reading to find out!

How To Keep A Guy Interested After Sleeping With Him? – 20 Ways

You hooked up with him, thinking you could easily get over him. But things didn’t follow the plan. You can’t help but feel gravitated towards him. You want to make him yours and not just for sex. 

Since he never puts his guard down, it certainly feels impossible. But you can make it happen if you follow these…

1. Don’t Act Needy

Men don’t want to be in touch with clingy women. So, if you text him back immediately after parting or the next morning, you come off as clingy and needy. This can put him off, so do the opposite.

2. Don’t Keep High Expectations

Remember, you just had sex with him. So, this does not mean that he must wife you up right away. Thus, try to keep your expectations low. Avoid sharing your hopes with him completely.

3. Let Him Know You Had A Good Time

If you are sleeping with him for the first time, he might doubt his skills. So, he might not be eager to get in touch with you. 

So tell him that you had a great time with him. The best way to go about it is to talk it out.

4. Try To Tease Him Whenever You Can

Don’t forget to tease him, be it physically or even mentally. This is one of the best ways to go about it and can keep the spark alive. 

For instance, pull him closer to you and leave a soft peck on his neck. It draws him towards you and keeps him interested long after you have slept with him.

5. Don’t Pressure Him

To keep a guy interested in you after you have slept with him, avoid pressuring him. Don’t do it directly or even indirectly by asking any questions.

Otherwise, it will have a negative reaction, and he might lose interest in you.

6. Let Him Follow You

Let him follow you instead of you going up to them. Do not text or call and wait for him to contact you. 

Men like challenges, so let him realize he isn’t easily getting you. Rather, he has to work harder to make you fall for him. 

When you give him something to chase, he will come following you.

7. Dress Well Around Him

Be presentable, but it does not mean you always have to look like a diva. However, try to wear good clothes, smell good, and maintain hygiene so that he’s attracted to you.

8. Don’t Share Everything About You

Do not share too much about yourself in the first meeting or the initial days. This will make him want to explore more of you. 

You should always build up the mystery first. It will attract the guy towards you, and he will be under the perception that there is more to you than just sex.  

9. Spend Time Other Than Having Sex

To make a guy interested in you after you have slept with him, you need to spend quality time with him. Make sure this time does not involve physical intimacy. 

It can be something like going to a movie together or even going out for a quick meal. This will help both of you understand that you are compatible, and this might go forward.

10. Don’t Lose Your Independence

The moment you lose your independence and give in to what the guy is saying, he’ll lose interest in you. 

Hence, after you have slept with him, ensure that you never compromise your independence. It shows the man you are a strong woman and know how to stand up for yourself.

11. Be Yourself

If you want him to be interested in you, don’t let him have a false impression of you. Always show your real self to let him know how proud you are of yourself. He’ll be more into you that way!

12. Go With The Flow

Instead of planning many things, go with the flow to keep things natural and pressure-free. 

In most cases, when you plan, things may not work your way. However, things naturally work in your favor when you don’t try too hard. 

Hence, trust the process and go with the flow.

13. Consider His Mindset

Some guys will pursue girls to have sex, and they lose interest once they have what they want. They commonly do not develop any emotional connection to their sexual partners.

Does this guy have the same mindset? Or does he have some soft corners? What does he feel for girls who are into casual sex? 

Get answers to these questions to know how to keep him hooked.

14. Don’t Be Predictable

Guys in their 20s and 30s often believe that developing an interest and pursuing one woman can get boring. This is because once they know a woman, things become predictable.

So, subtly show that you have a lot to offer, and it will never get boring with you. Be spontaneous to deal with this effectively.

15. Be Confident About What You Want

Before you start to develop a relationship or interest in the guy, it is important that you are confident about what you want. 

When he sees that you are sure about and have made up your mind and nothing changes even after how he rejects you, he’ll develop feelings.

16. Be Straightforward

Sometimes, guys can’t understand if you are on the same page and you want to be pursued further. 

Hence, be straightforward and mention that you seek more than physical intimacy. Many guys like women who can speak their minds and are not intimidated.

17. Know When It Is Too Much

If you keep pursuing a guy too intensely, it sometimes becomes too much. He will not develop feelings towards you this way. 

Instead, don’t let it reach this situation and save your dignity. When you learn to control your desire to pursue him or walk away from him, he’ll develop an interest in you.

18. Keep it Sexy

If you plan on dating your sex buddy, it is extremely important to keep it sexy yet classy. This way, he’ll know that you are looking forward to the physical intimacy and much more.

19. Don’t Sleep With Him Way Too Often

Avoid sleeping with him every time he asks you to. Otherwise, it gives off a vibe that you are easy, and he can have you even without investing emotions. 

So show him you are extremely busy and don’t always have time to sleep with him.

20. Never Follow Him On Social Media

When you follow him on all the social media accounts after sleeping with him, he may feel that you are stalking him. He’ll feel you are extremely interested in him. 

Instead, keep up the spark and let him think you are not interested in them.

Try not to follow him on his social media accounts. Or even if you follow him on one platform, do not follow him on the others. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

It’s not that hard to keep a guy interested after taking him to bed. However, make sure you avoid the major mistakes by following the above steps. 

Lastly, remember to protect your dignity at all costs. If he only means sex and doesn’t want anything more, never beg for him. 

Remember that you will get better men if this doesn’t work out. After all, you’re worth a lot more than you think!

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