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How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship? Tips, Activities, and Everything Else

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship? Tips, Activities, and Everything Else

Updated on Aug 30, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Long Distance Relationship - Tips, Activities, and Everything Else

Are you in a long distance relationship? Or, about to start one? 

Perhaps you got your dream job in another city? Or are you willing to continue your studies in your dream university away from your partner?

Of course, you’re jittery about the move and can’t seem to get your head around this newly-found distance.

Though it’s sad to part from your lover, I’m happy that you decided to invest time in your relationship. With your sincerity, your relationship will definitely work out.

I understand your troubles and uncertainties about the physical separation… that’s why I’ve got exactly what you need to successfully make your LDR work in this think-piece. 

Though your relationship will face the test of time, I hope you fight through them together,

So without any delay, let’s dive in…

Long-Distance Relationship Infographics

Long-Distance Relationship - Definition & How to Make it Works
Long-Distance Relationship – Definition & How to Make it Works
Long-Distance Relationship - Things To Do & Challenges
Long-Distance Relationship – Things To Do & Challenges

What is a Long Distance Relationship?

Any romantic relationship where the partners aren’t geographically close, is a long-distance relationship.

A long-distance relationship or LDR is one where two romantic partners are geographically separated from each other.

In comparison to a regular relationship, you can’t touch or even meet your partner face-to-face.

Sometimes romantic partners live in different parts of the world which makes long-distance dating relationships even more challenging.

Adjusting in between two distinct time zones isn’t a child’s game.

The lack of physical contact in long-distance dating takes a hard toll on both partners, but the best relationship bonds can emerge from it.

Almost half of the college students in the current world have a long-distance partner.

Though you think long-distance relationships are hard, make it work with these…

Long Distance Relationship Tips (how to make a long distance relationship work)

A long-distance relationship needs more of everything… emotions, feelings, communication, time, space, attention… everything. The distance can and will take a toll on your romantic life.

So, let’s find out how to beat them…

1. Build realistic expectations

You might feel the urge to keep contacting your partner throughout the day, but your partner might not want the same.

Don’t get it wrong, they love you, but they have other priorities like work, school, and other responsibilities.

Even if they do want it, they can’t always make it. So always keep your expectations low, and talk to your partner about it.

2. Time your catch-up

You might be busy with school on the weekdays, your partner might be busy with part-times on weekends.

Can’t get the right time to catch up? That’s normal, so you both must figure out your common time for phone calls or video chatting.

Though texting is easy, you can obviously bond more on video calls.

3. Don’t let the distance take over

On video calls, ensure you feel more connected while you listen to each other’s voices and gaze at each other’s faces through the screens.

Also, make your discussions more meaningful with good night and good morning calls. It can also be a welcome back call when they return home.

You might not be geographically close, but you can behave like you’re.

4. Discuss your schej

The easiest way to know each other’s whereabouts throughout the day is to share your schej with one another. Make a common calendar with each of your daily or hourly routines.

Easily figure out when they’re busy and catch up when both of you seem free. If you guys live in different time zones, this is a good idea.

5. Honor their time

Both of you make great sacrifices to hear each other’s voices or catch a glimpse of them in real-time. So, when you have a much-anticipated date, make your partner feel appreciated for their time.

Also, you guys are so far away from each other, so try to not postpone dates… unless you really can’t avoid your engagement.

6. Don’t let your mind wander

While spending time on date nights, focus on your date. However, if something’s bothering you, feel free to share it with them.

Your partner will feel connected and empowered if you express yourself to them.

But, don’t always talk about issues, make them feel special with your complete focus on them. You can also get dressed in some stunning clothes to make it romantic.

7. Celebrate achievements together

Each of you has something going on in your life, which might be good or bad. Even if it’s mostly bad, don’t forget to rejoice in the good times together.

Whether you lost a few pounds or overcame a fear, always share and celebrate the smallest things together.

It might also be something your partner achieved, that calls for celebrations too.

8. Be more intense

Long-distance couples face challenges similar to long-term relationships, where you must make conscious efforts to continue a healthy relationship.

Well, apply the same logic to your long-distance relationship now. Emphasize communication more, pay attention more. Be more thoughtful and sweet to each other.

Honestly, if you really want to make your long-distance relationship work, you need to give it your ALL!

9. Surprise one another

Since you guys’ live miles apart, the last thing they’ll expect is a surprise. After all, everything happens over call or text, what more can happen?

A surprise visit perhaps? If that’s out of your budget, then order them great food. Or you can send them something handmade… if you’re into crafts… via post.

The smile on their face when they receive it will make your day.

10. Communicate

You and I know that you miss your partner tremendously… but do they know? We think they must understand… but saying it out loud to them is the icing on the cake.

If you want a cherry on top, make genuine remarks like “I miss how we held hands and walked…” instead of a simple “I miss you”.

11. Prioritize virtual date nights

Your date nights usually include Netflix and chill with pajamas and messy hair? Change that… comfort is important but sometimes show off your sexiness to your partner.

Ladies put on your best gown and makeup… Gentlemen, groom yourself before the call.

Flaunt your irresistible sides and challenge yourself to be more interesting than the Netflix show.

12. Fill a common bucket

Sounds silly but make a group chat with only you two for your bucket list. Add things you want to do together in the future… where you both live together.

Feels like a dream? Hope you fulfill your dreams soon.

You can add “Try out the pumpkin carving together before Halloween” or “Go wine tasting on Christmas Eve”.

13. Find common interests

Since you guys are in a dating relationship, you must have something in common. Perhaps you’re both into adventures, or you’re both bibliophiles who love to engage in a quiz from your favorite books.

Stay connected while you spend more time with your common interests. Have fun with something interesting and fruitful together instead of simple catch-up. 

14. Don’t let the flirting wither away

You guys are apart, can’t kiss, so what? Flirt through texts and calls, lace your messages with naughty hints. Or, send them a raunchy picture… you might lead it to sexting, so beware.

Innocently flirting and suggesting that they make your day brighter works too. Aim to express that they’re precious and your only romantic interest in the world.

15. Relieve the itch down there

Everybody has sexual needs, so don’t ignore them because you’re apart. Instead, during dates, unbutton your shirt because it’s too hot, or let your sleeves slip down unintentionally.

Touch yourself during the call to turn on your partner. However, it entirely depends on what you want and are comfortable with.

16. Use some unique date ideas

Always stay back at home for dates? Let’s get creative with dates… Try cooking something exotic together, or order each other food from their area.

Go out to a picnic spot and show each other the scenic beauty, but you need a good network for this one.

Play online games if you’re both into it.

17. Spice up the conversation

You guys talk but how much do you know about each other’s life well? That’s okay but it’s never too late to begin the talking.

But instead of making an interview out of your date, play some conversation games. Feel connected after knowing something meaningful about each other’s life.

Play Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, Twenty questions, or any other game that interests you.

18. Work on yourself

While you love the time spent with them, don’t disregard the time apart. For instance, use it to build yourself into an impeccable and irresistible life partner.

You are someone unique so build up your uniqueness, don’t sulk when they’re not around. Instead, find new things to learn. Identify a new hobby or skills you always wanted to ace.

19. Smash the relationship milestones

LDR’s mostly don’t work out because people don’t put enough effort, couples reach a stagnant point in their relationship, everything looks boring, they don’t connect, and break up.

Focus on growing together as a couple and keep things interesting about yourself. As long as you find yourself interesting, your partner will feel the same. So, accomplish some milestones together.

20. Flaunt your vulnerabilities

If you experienced bad past relationships, it might be hard. However, you’re dating someone new, so build an emotional connection with your vulnerabilities.

Emotional detachment won’t help your relationship.

Share your fears, dreams, fantasies, and build romance differently. Show them that they’re special with intimate details about your early life, or your true feelings about your day.

21. Share your disappointments

Relationships have ups and downs… sometimes you’ll disappoint your partner, other times the reverse. Thought, never keep the hurtful feelings muddled inside you, else it’ll result in more distance.

Resolve difficult situations with a clear mind, communicate about whatever got on your nerves without insulting them.

And always use “I” statements, no blaming or yelling, respectfully solve situations.

22. Catch up physically

If possible, plan vacations together… depending on your budget, holidays, and many other responsibilities, catch up with each other in real life.

Assure each other that you work hard for a future together. Work extra hard beforehand and use the due holidays for each other.

At least once, meet them despite the expenses… you can always earn back lost bucks, but not lost time.

23. Don’t hog their time

As much as you love and want them all to yourself, don’t overdo it. Sometimes, you might cross the line unintentionally and seem clingy to your partner… that’s a bad idea.

Don’t scare them away with clinginess. Rather, communicate about what’s a turn-off for each of you. Don’t expect you’ll like/love everything about each other since you’re in love.

24. Learn from the experience

Feel the distance is tearing you apart? That’s normal, so instead of sulking, do something better today. This is your time to live your own life independently, without their support.

If you guys lived together and your partner was in charge of cooking or fixing the car, time to learn them yourself. Learn their skills and become someone impressive yourself.

25. Keep them in the loop

Your partner might dislike you meeting your childhood friend, but you don’t need to break personal relationships for love.

Instead, inform them where you’ll be, by what time you’ll return, send them your snap in your outfit, etc. Better let them know now, rather than making them tense or suspicious.

However, do it because you want to keep insecurities at bay, not because they demanded it.

26. Connect with loved ones

Don’t know what to do when your partner is so far beyond reach? Meet your friends and family. Time to talk with your loved ones and bond with them all over.

Take this chance because you hardly get to visit them. Plan your dream vacation with your family or invite everyone for a get-together. Use your loneliness for something better.

27. Connect on social media

Social media is great when it comes to posts… sharing funny, cute, romantic, or any kind of posts that suit your palate.

Post old funny pictures on their wall to mildly embarrass each other. Also, call them up, DM them old pictures to reminisce about the old times.

Talk about when you both crushed on each other but were too shy to confess.

28. Spill updates about loved ones

If you plan to stay together in the long run, you have more priorities other than one another… their family. Keep them in the loop about your friends and family, also learn about theirs.

Share pictures from your family get-together or friends’ reunions, gossip about the juicy bits. Share with whom you have beef and they mustn’t bond with.

29. Name your babe

Look up the internet, you’ll find some articles about pet names for your partner. Get on the call with them and choose a “cutesy” name for each other.

If they’re not into cute names, they’ll hate it… find the cutest name that gets on their nerves. This will be a fun way to tease them, have fun, and connect innocently.

30. Hope for a happily-ever-after

If you’re in a long-term relationship, remember that they value you as much as you do. You’re miles apart because you want to be perfect for each other.

Soon, your wait will reach the end, and you’ll live together for good. You’ll face hardships, fight together, and love together. So, wait for a happier future ahead of you.

Feel too bored with your LDR? Can’t imagine ways to make it interesting? Here are some…

Long Distance Relationships Activity Ideas (Things to do in a long distance relationship)

Since the beginning of your long-distance relationship, what did you guys do? Text, calls, played online games… talked so much that you’re out of topics?

Perhaps nowadays the awkward silence in your calls increased?

Don’t misunderstand their feelings… they’re out of ideas like you. So, here I am with your rescue.

1. Convey your feelings with a walk

Go on a walk together in areas of your choice while you stay on call. Talk about the interesting deets in the vicinity, express what you think suits your partner from the area.

Send pictures of the cute minuscule details that catch your heart. It might be a stray cat, children in a playground, or a train waiting in the station… anything that defines your area.

Encourage them to do the same and bond over a simple call.

2. Watch a long-awaited movie

Perhaps you two have busy schedules and can’t invest in outdoor activities. Then watching a movie isn’t the worst idea. If you don’t like to stay quiet for too long, let them know you’ll talk.

After all, your bonding is more important than the movie. Get cozy under the sheets, even snooze a bit if you’re tired from work. I’m sure they’ll love to watch your angelic face.

Enjoy the movie date as you like it, with no strict rules.

3. Do a cook-off

Are you both good at cooking? Then try preparing challenging dishes together and rate each other’s masterpiece.

However, if either of you isn’t a great cook, then learn from the expert. Try your best to impress each other through the cooking session.

Once you’re done, have your dinner date, praise each other’s skills or make fun of it. This activity will help you both spend long meaningful hours.

4. Invest in same hobbies

Do you have any challenging indoor hobbies in mind? Perhaps you can take up an art class together, or even invest in fitness activities. Or, learn a new language together.

However, don’t force yourself to have the same hobby if you don’t want to. Rather, invest time in different hobbies while you connect on call at the same time.

Your goal is to share purposeful time together happily. So, one of you can knit while the other learns a new language.

5. Bond with each other’s loved ones

Do you bond with each other’s family well? If you’re in the same state as their family, then invite them to your place.

Bond with their family and friends over lunch and ring up your partner. Show them that you’re waiting for them as eagerly as their family.

Usually, you won’t ponder on this idea when they’re out but bet on it this time. Perhaps, they miss your partner but can’t share it, share similar emotions together.

6. Spice up your date nights

How are your usual dates? Take outs and movies? Let’s spice them up with some party music, classy dishes, preferred alcohol, a sexy outfit, makeup, candles… everything you need for a romantic date.

Follow the date with a risqué tease if you feel bold. Flash them some skin, change on a video call, but don’t show them everything.

Make them beg for more… you know your partner better than me, so you don’t need any more suggestions about it.

7. Hunt houses online

If you guys aren’t married, ever talked about it? In the future, you two will live together in the same house. Take this opportunity to share your choice of décor and ornaments.

Check out houses online and share your opinions on them. What shade do you want for the bedroom? What kind of appliances do you want for your kitchen? What about the furniture?

Scroll through the possibilities and share your preferences with each other.

8. Complete chores in sync

Daily chores can be tiresome and boring when you do them alone. But, if you talk to your partner during the chores, it can also be a fun task. Your partner can’t share a hand, but they’ll cheer your mood.

Though you might not want to show up cleaning a blocked toilet… dusting, laundry, washing dishes, etc. is doable over a video call.

They might share a unique skill for getting that coffee stain off your favorite shirt.

9. Get fidgety with toys

No, not the bed ones… just fidget toys. If you guys are into fidget toys, you can get yourself and your partner some. Order a few at their places and play with them together.

They can help you calm your nerves, boost your concentration skills, and are an overall great object to play around with.

If you have good microphones, be their personal ASMR artists, if they’re into it. So, wanna calm your inner child with some fidget toys?

10. Set out for virtual picnics

Pack up food, drinks, a mat, and even a parasol… and off you go for a picnic. Choose a day when both of you are free and can go out for picnics.

Once you reach your picnic spot, switch to video call. Share a hearty meal under the sunny skies and show each other the natural beauty around you.

If it’s safe, stay behind until sunset and view two sunsets together. For different time zones, share daytime and night-time skies through video calls.

However, relationships are relationships… and you both might unintentionally hurt each other. Let’s prevent that with some…

Long Distance Relationship Things to Avoid

Certain impulsive actions can hurt your partner and result in an irredeemable ridge between you and your partner.

Furthermore, they might not understand even if you’re sincere with your apologies. 

Some scars never fade and ruin long-distance relationships… so let’s pull out the weeds of your relationship…

1. Disbelieving your partner

You and your partner have miles of physical distance in between. Trust alone can help you sustain your relationship.

Perhaps your partner might not always keep you in the loop, miss a date, or may not call you at a pre-decided time… however, that’s no excuse to distrust them.

If you let suspicions grow in your relationship, it will shake the foundation of your relationship.

So, whenever anything seems wrong, communicate instead of asking for photos of their location.

2. Forgetting they have a life

When you guys catch up after a long period apart, you’ll feel like making a memory out of every moment. You’ll want to visit all the local attractions, try out all specialties… and that’s fine.

However, your partner does have a normal life when you’re not around. Overdoing the “making memories” part can hamper their regular life. Also, you miss out on what their regular life looks like.

So, make every moment count, but stay within a limit.

3. Ignoring the chores

When either of you visits the other, you probably want to completely focus on each other and forget about daily chores. Perhaps you want to laze together in bed every day and order takeout.

You’re living a moment’s fairy-tale, real life needs work even at home.

So, instead of a lazy afternoon, clean the house together, make lunch together, do something you did alone for so long with their help.

Build some team skills, experience how it might feel in the future to live together.

4. Suppressing your emotions

People in long-distance relationships can’t quickly get used to talking over calls or texts… especially if they were geographically close at some point.

If you feel like keeping your thoughts suppressed, that’s understandable. However, that’s not the wisest thing to do. Suppressed emotions can later lead to worse relationship issues.

Find a way to communicate, even if sometimes you misunderstand a text or audio message, work through it and work on your relationship together.

5. Dismissing the efforts

You guys are apart, can’t visit one another within the next few weeks, months, or even years. That doesn’t imply you can’t do small favors for them.

When the seasons change, order a seasonal outfit for them, or make a muffler by winter and mail it to them.

When you have virtual date nights, put the effort into your looks. Deck up your best like any real-life date.

Call them and ask how they are because sometimes people forget to share minute important info.

However, relationships with some basic rules often work better than the ones with no rules at all.

Long Distance Relationship Rules

Long-distance relationships need communication, trust, honesty, and loyalty to work properly. No need for rules if you keep them in mind.

It’s your long-distance relationship and your rules. Decide together what might bother you and how you want to change that.

However, one rule any relationship coach will spell out is communication.

Whatever you need to add or remove from your relationship, talk it out.

For instance, you guys are into open relationships, then figure out how much exclusiveness you want in your relationship.

Will you date and have sex when apart? Or, keep it down to non-sexual flirting?

Furthermore, you guys won’t agree with all of each other’s demands, and that’s okay.

Negotiate what works best for both of you.

You don’t need rules and boundaries, trust, communication, loyalty, and honesty will help you find your ground rules.

However, despite their honesty and openness to each other, something always goes wrong like these…

Common Issues in Long Distance Relationship

You and your partner might have common interests but you aren’t each other’s clones. There will be differences in opinions and perceptions… that are normal and make your relationship unique.

But a little more effort can help you mitigate the damage.

1. You have misaligned relationship goals

You might plan to marry your partner, but they might not be sure about that far into the future.

Or, you want to get married within 5 years, while your partner demands more time to build financial strength to feed a family.

Couples hardly talk when they want to hit the relationship milestones, and leave one another hanging… leading to misunderstandings about the other’s seriousness.

How to Solve It?

Though before beginning your LDR, you guys settled for the same relationship goals… communicate about it sometimes to ensure you’re both on the same page.

Since you must discuss it regularly, don’t make these conversations too serious. Bring up the topic randomly once every month just to check in.

If you don’t have the same goals, express what you expect and negotiate.

2. You don’t have faith

Trust issues are normal in LDRs… however, people in a long-distance relationship work on them.

Suppose, initially your partner pinged you as soon as they came online… but nowadays you see the “online” tag beside their name, but no texts or calls.

Even your texts go unnoticed. Overthinking about the situation is normal.

How to Solve It?

Relationship experts say that such feelings are natural, but if you don’t eliminate them, they can harm your relationship in the long run.

Communicate your concerns about your relationship honestly, and observe how your partner reacts.

If there’s nothing worrisome, they’ll not get defensive, clearly express what’s on, and show concern for your worries.

3. You both don’t give equal efforts in the relationship

Your life is difficult with school/work, household, and even family responsibilities… However, it’s the same for your partner.

When only one person makes all the efforts for a relationship, it becomes burdensome.

In fact, some people lose confidence in themselves because they misinterpret their one-sided efforts as neediness. They might even feel ashamed about it.

How to Solve It?

Sometimes people forget that a relationship requires equal efforts from both sides. Be it calls, texts, gifts, or even visits, both sides must play equal roles.

Communicate about why all the efforts in your relationship are one-sided.

You can’t force your partner for more, but if you know the reasons, you can have realistic expectations from each other and feel confident about the relationship.

4. You take U-turns from conflicts

When you’re far away and hardly see your partner’s face, fights are the last thing you want.

For instance, you might worry your partner has nobody to care for them, so why rile them up with minor issues?

You ignore the important things; they pile up and become a massacre later on.

How to Solve It?

Even if you have extremely contrasting opinions, don’t suppress them. Discuss them without any blaming, shaming, or screaming.

If you plan to live together in the future, better resolve any current issue now. Don’t ignore your individuality over your relationship.

Moreover, you’ll also be able to get to know each other with such discussions.

5. You take your partner for granted

When you’re miles apart, connect through short texts and calls… you feel you know everything about their life.

For instance, they have classes at 8 AM, and part-time from 4 PM… after knowing this you don’t show any more interest in their life.

In fact, you tend to miss most details about their life because you don’t show enough interest.

How to Solve It?

When you have no time to catch up, ramble on a text about your bad day, share cute pictures of your neighbors’ cat, literally share everything in your life.

Encourage your partner to share their life deets too. Even if they’re busy they can at least send a picture of their dinner after a long day.

6. You ignore the financial talk

Of course, you both want to meet each other and spend time together, but you need money, time, and energy for that.

Now your partner might expect you to go out of your way to meet them, but you can’t because of tight finances… you don’t share that, but feel burdened and resentful.

How to Solve It?

Though touchy, disclose your financial situation to your partner… if not them, then who? Share how much you can financially invest for your relationship, vacations, the frequency of visits, and so on.

Don’t pressurize yourself because another long-distance couple did something. Your unique relationship includes unique plans.

7. You disrespect their space

You might feel insecure about the distance and always try to monopolize them. But that might negatively impact your relationship. If your tendencies disturb your partner, they’ll think they’re better off without you.

How to Solve It?

If you crave your partner’s presence, tell them… figure out some way to work with your insecurities. Tell them your deepest fears and show your vulnerabilities.

8. You can’t wait to fight

Sometimes, you’re in a really bad mood and can’t wait until the call. So, you fight over texts. However, if you’re not direct, your partner won’t be able to spot the issue… which further adds to your frustrations.

Or, your partner says something harmless, and you read in between the lines, misunderstand and draw the fights longer.

How to Solve It?

Well, simply wait until you can get on call with them. Meanwhile, you can reflect if your thoughts went wrong somewhere and prevent hurting your lover.

9. You compare

When you and your partner lead a long-distance relationship, others around you flaunt their loving relationships… It hurts to see them hugging, kissing, doing everything you wished for yourself.

However, if you blame your partner for the LDR and fight with them, you’re straying away from your goal – a happy relationship.

How to Solve It?

When you feel jealous of other couples, try to invest your time in something else like a new hobby.

Tell your partner that you miss them. Work on your communication skills together to make the relationship stronger.

10. You ignore their interests

After the move, your partner invested in a new hobby. How much do you know about it? Perhaps, you never heard of the activity and left them alone.  

How to Solve It?

Well, what if you are ignorant? Or else why wouldn’t you ask them about their interests. Also, lovers feel great when their S.O ask them for help… It secretly boosts their confidence.

Know about the new interests… how they feel about it, what part of it is easy and what’s tough… Invest in that hobby if you like it yourself.

Long-distance relationships are hard to sustain, but you can increase your chances if you know…

How to survive a long distance relationship?

Some people will tell you “Your partner will cheat on you.” Others say “It’s all a phase”… with their negativity your will to survive your long-distance relationship goes down the drain.

But, hey, I support you… Been there, and believe it works out completely fine. So here are some secrets for you…

1. Plan dates IRL

In LDRs, you’re always uncertain about the next time you meet, hug, or kiss them. You see other couples among your friends, long for such intimacy, feel jealous, heartbroken, and that’s entirely fine.

Let go of such feelings with simple steps like planning real-life dates, a vacation, or a visit to their city. However, it depends on how much time, money, and energy you can spend on it.

Since you’re already up and reading this think-piece, you’re probably determined. Set a definite date when you want to visit them.

2. Don’t jump to conclusions

While checking their social media, you found their status with an attractive person of the gender they like… feel hurt? Hate that you can’t be that person in the picture?

Finally, rolled down a spiral of jealousy and suspicions? But that will hurt you both instead of clearing your negativity.

Whenever you feel jealous, share your feelings instead of judging them instantly.

Perhaps they’ll do something to pull up your spirits. Sometimes partners put extra effort when they know their partner is jealous and cares.

3. Integrate communication with comfort

Communication is important in your long distance relationship… In fact, communicate to figure out all problems between you two.

However, you and your partner have a busy schej too. So, calling at 10 PM sharp every night might not be possible for either of you for obvious reasons – tight schej, lack of sleep, etc.

Cut yourself some slack and treat communication like refreshment, rather than an obligation. When you take it easy, a relationship becomes more fun for both parties.

4. Define life goals

At some point you’ll end your LDR… did you picture that yet? Where do you both want to settle down… in their city or yours? Know about each other’s plans and align them.

You can’t stay apart in two different cities forever and call it a relationship. For instance, you’ll get married, plan a family… you and your child will need your partner… what about then?

However, take your time to figure this out. Don’t make rash decisions in a hurry.

5. Practice self-control

When your partner isn’t around and you miss the action, your attention can go astray. Nobody will moral police you for flirting with an outsider, however, is that really what you want?

Reverse the roles and imagine how you’ll feel if your partner noticed somebody else with hungry eyes in your absence. Feel heartbroken, jealous, or betrayed? Got the point!

If you must, discuss opening your relationship with proper boundaries. Don’t cheat on them in any way.

Obviously, that wasn’t the end of your train of thought… so find more information here…

FAQs about Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships are tricky and there are more things to keep in mind in a long-distance relationship. So, shall we know the last few it-bits to boost your confidence? Let’s go…

1. Do long distance relationships work?

This depends on your relationship and circumstances. All relationships don’t have equal needs, and you must identify those needs. Satisfy them according to your capabilities and within your comfort.

For instance, you both desire weekend date nights, however, someone can’t make it for reasonable circumstances.

Or, you want their undivided attention, but they’re busy with an important project.

You both and your relationship will change, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Rather than giving up because of challenges, fight.

Both of you must make significant sacrifices to make it work. Compromise but don’t hamper your needs from your relationship. Find the middle grounds where you both can be happy.

If your LDR doesn’t satisfy your desires, it might not work. So, communicate what you need and how you both can fulfill the needs.

2. What is the success rate of long distance relationships?

First, check out some interesting stats…

– A 2006 study on over 330 college students found that half of them successfully sustained the long-distance relationship and reunited. However, a third of the successful reunions led to breakups within a few months.

– From online research of KIIRO (sex toy brand) over American respondents, about 58 out of every 100 people reported successful long-distance relationships.

– A 2018 research found that long-distance couples who traveled over an hour to meet their partner broke up more easily.

If these stats scare you, know that your relationship depends on your efforts. Sometimes LDRs don’t work out even with the utmost sincerity, but that’s not all to the story.

Communicate honestly and openly, respect, and have faith in each other and your relationship, hopefully, it’ll work out just fine.

3. How long do long distance relationships last?

Again depends on the partners and the circumstances. Your LDR can last as long as you both are comfy with the arrangement. If you can make do with without physical intimacy for long, the LDR will last long.

Your LDR might be for weeks, months, or even years.

Though you guys might be in sync, your intimacy needs mustn’t be equal. One of you will always need more than the other… and the difficulties will start to pop up. 

One of you might silently struggle with the situation, so always communicate honestly… because, with time, it becomes hard to deal with LDRs.

However, sexual frustration can lead to arguments in the relationship. If so, undergo relationship coaching to sort out issues.

Suppose it still doesn’t work, break up.

4. How long is too long for a long distance relationship

The “too long” mark isn’t a specific time… rather it’s the moment you or your partner lose the emotional connection from the lack of intimacy.

Once one of you finds it unbearable, it might be too long. Moreover, if you’re suppressing your emotions from them, you’re slowly losing the connection.

A sign of holding tightly to emotional connection is too frequent contact… which implies you’re afraid your bond will break.

However, if one of you avoids talking, it implies you’re way past the too-long mark.

5. Who must move to end a Long distance relationship?

Not an easy decision… and it also depends on your bonds. If you’re in a long-term LDR, you might already have some hopes for your future and happily-ever-after.

If you both stick to not moving, you might regret it later down the future. Don’t be selfish about your relationship. If either or both of you can’t compromise, you’ll end up breaking up.

If you’re tied back by your jobs, take some time to search for opportunities in your partner’s cities. If you can’t move because of a sickly family member, consider including them in the move.

Don’t ponder upon “why should I sacrifice and not them?” Instead think why not, figure out ways to beat the challenges.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Long-distance relationships are harder than physically close relationships… they magnify the common challenges because you can’t sense your closeness with your sweetheart.

You can spare thoughts to long-distance relationships because your love is as strong as ever. And distance doesn’t hold a candle to your bond.

At times you might feel cr*p about the distance, but it’ll all be fine as long as both of your destinations include the other. 

The extra mile of effort will be hard but also highlight your capabilities and passion for each other. So don’t give up on it too fast.

However, always choose what you deem best for your relationship.

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