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How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You: 20 Subtle Ways!

How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You: 20 Subtle Ways!

Updated on May 27, 2022 | Published on Feb 24, 2020

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How To Make Him Miss You - 20 Subtle Ways To Make This Happen

Have you heard of the old adage ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder?’ If you have then you already know the crux of how to make your boyfriend miss you.

If you have heard of it and haven’t applied the same on your man, well then, it’s about time that you do.

However, if you haven’t heard of it until now, then this article is exclusively for you!

However, in this quest of love, we often make a big mistake. We get so involved in our special someone’s life that they slowly start pulling away from us.

They lose interest in us. Why does that happen? The main reason is that they start taking us for granted. They think that their girlfriend will always be there for them no matter what.

So, what should you do to remind him of your worth? Well, you need understand the psychology behind it and follow these 20 subtle ways on how to make him miss you.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You 20 Subtle Ways!
How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You 20 Subtle Ways!

Why Should You Make your Boyfriend Miss You?

When you care about a person, you want to be a special part of their lives. There is nothing wrong with that. It is, in fact, a natural human tendency to so.

When it’s the love of your life, it’s even more obvious that you want to know what keeps happening in their lives 24/7. You fall in love with this person and it’s beyond your control. We all have been there.

When you spend a lot of time with your boyfriend, things become boring and monotonous.

This happens not because your boyfriend doesn’t have feelings for you, it’s just that they have started taking you for granted. This is when you have to start thinking about how to make your boyfriend miss you.

This is the first and foremost reason for you to start considering some methods that would involve some tools for you to apply to your relationship with your boyfriend, simply to remind him how special you both are for each other.

Thus, follow these below mentioned subtle ways to make him miss you and want you the way he used to.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You – For Long Distance Relationships

If you and your boyfriend live in different cities or countries, well, then, there is a greater chance that he might drift apart from you.

Even though true love finds its way back to you but it might demand a little effort from your side. Thus, here are a few ways that can help you make him miss you.

1. Avoid excessive communication

If you are one of those girlfriends who are constantly in touch with their man, well, it’s about time to change your habits. If your man lives away from you, then the need to stay connected with him is usually heightened.

Thus, the time spent with him, even on a phone or Skype call should be lessened. Trust us on this one, you shouldn’t pay him a lot of attention to him if he is giving you some fishy vibes.

As soon as you notice that he is pulling away from you, well, go ahead and avoid having excessive conversations with him. If he cares about you, he would notice the changes and will soon come running after you.

2. Hang Up the Call First

This one works like a charm on someone who is living away and trying to lose the strings on you. If you are usually the last to say goodbye on calls or texts, then it is for the best to turn the tables.

What we mean is that you must learn to hang up the phone first. This will trigger his emotions again and again to the point that he will start wondering when he will get the opportunity to talk to you again. It’s a magical spell.

3. Do Not Call First

When he is living away from you, it is important to let him reach out to you first. If you are usually the one to initiate the calls, then he might get bored and expect you to call him all the time.

He might also start pulling away since he knows that you will always reach out to him.

Do not give him that satisfaction, girls! When you take the step back, he will start wondering if and when you will call him.

When he won’t hear from you for long, he will immediately start calling you and taking time out for you no matter how far he lives from you.

4. Send Him a Gift that Reminds Him of You

Send him something that connects both of you. For instance, a scent that will remind him of you. This means that the fragrance you often wear around him should be his long-distance gift from you.

The memory of your scent will be etched somewhere in his mind and it will trigger the good memories that the two of you have shared together. This will make him miss you incessantly. Give it a try.

5. Limit Your Social Media Use

The essence of a relationship slowly burns out if both the partners know all the things about each other, especially when one is acquainted with the day-to-day activities of each other.

In today’s world, the best way to know about someone’s day-to-day activity is through their social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, if you want to attract him back to your life, then it is advisable to stop or limit the use of your social media channels for a while.

When he won’t receive any updates from your side, he will go crazy to know about your whereabouts and start missing you like crazy.

6. Indulge in Phone Sex

When you and your man live far away from each other, it takes a toll on your sex life as well. Yes, we all can agree on it.

Thus, the only option to spice up your relationship is to indulge in some steamy phone sex with him.

The best way to do it is to fix a time when you are both free and would want to steam things up.

Start building the pressure and send him seductive messages to make him go absolutely crazy for you. Who knows, he might book a ticket on the weekend to come to see you and well, take things forward.

7. Send Him Sexy Photos

Another way of spicing things up between the two of you is to keep sending him pictures of yourself in different costumes.

When you show interest in doing things just for him, this will make him feel more wanted and special even when he is living far away from you.

However, you should always send your pictures to someone whom you trust and are comfortable with.

Remember, you should enjoy your relationship with him and do not feel compelled to do anything that you don’t want to!

How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You – After a fight

Now, this is one category that has affected all of us at some point in our lives.

If you have been into frequent fights with your boyfriend and it seems like he doesn’t care about you anymore and worse, doesn’t miss you at all, then try these tricks to make him miss you like crazy soon!

8. Spend Time with Your Friends

You shouldn’t want to be one of those girls who forget to live their own life in order to please their boyfriends.

Such relationships almost always have a dead-end though we do not hope the same for you. Even so, you must remember that you have one life and you ought to live it for yourself first.

So, go ahead and live it out with your friends. They love you as much and would appreciate spending some quality time with you.

This would work wonders for your relationship as well since your boyfriend will somewhere feel that you are having fun without him and this will make him want to be with you and miss you even more.

9. Get a Haircut or Makeover

The more you worry about him enjoying the free time instead of talking to you, the more and faster he will pull away and this will lead to him missing you less.

However, when you follow some simple tips on keeping him in the loop of missing you, the result starts showing soon.

One of these tips includes getting a makeover or simply a haircut. When you get a makeover and post a picture, he knows something is up. He gets a bit nervous that this time you don’t give a hell about your fights.

This especially works in cases where the woman is the one who calls it off and initiates the conversation.

When you are the one to call/text first, it feeds his ego and he believes that you will do the same every time. Break the cycle, get a makeover and let these visual creatures understand who is the boss!

10. Stop Being Available for Him

Ladies, believe it or not, he will eventually stop missing you when he knows that you are always available for him, yes, even when you fight, he knows that eventually, you will reach out to him and things will get back to how they were.

Well, this time, give him the taste of his own medicine.

Stop being available for him. Stop calling, stop replying, stop telling him that it’s okay because it’s not. Focus your time and energy on more productive things instead.

Even though it’s important to remind him of your absence from time to time, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that sometimes, it’s you who is at fault and the fight might begin because of something you must have done. So, even after a fight, you should give yourself some time to think over what exactly happened and who was really at fault.

So, if you think that it was you who committed a mistake and blamed him for the same, then perhaps it’s for the best to apologize to him but also tell him about the things that he did and why you have a problem with him.

11. Clear Communication 

Sometimes, the best thing to make him miss you is to be mature and talk clearly to him about what is it that made you start the fight or argument with him. When you are completely yourself, things get better.

Not many people have the courage, ability and mental clarity to communicate clearly and confidently about the things they want from a partner. It is important to say what you mean when talking to your partner.

When you tell him things that you want or not want, if he is mature enough for you, he will understand and not only miss you but also respect you for the strong woman that you are.

12. Be Happy

The most attractive thing about a woman that makes a man miss her is her extraordinary ability to be happy, no matter what.

By happy, we do not only mean smiling and laughing all the time; we mean to spend a day by yourself, join a hobby, put your energy into building your career or dreams, etc.

When he will notice you living your dreams loud, he will miss you and even apologize for the fights or leaving or whatever it is that you want or expect him to say.

Nonetheless, it is for the best to stay true to yourself and do not compromise on anything, if you feel that you deserve better.

13. Don’t Be Easy

Men want women who aren’t easy to please. When you give away all your secrets and mysteries pretty early, they think they will have you do anything they want and sadly, girls, being emotional creatures continue fulfilling their wishes until they cannot anymore.

As frustrating as this sound, men start losing interest in these women.

As long as a woman makes a man feel good about himself, he will give her just enough to keep her close to feed his ego.

So, girls, it is important to not to make him feel like you are a once-in-a-lifetime woman, and not just anyone. Make him crave for you more and more and more!

How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You – Over a text

These days, most communication between people takes place via text messages. So, you must also know the tricks to make your boyfriend miss you over text.

14. Send Him Romantic Messages

The best way to get to his heart over a text is through romantic messages with a tinge of seduction. When you talk to him in a cute yet seductive way, he would fall in love with you more and more.

Now that he is in love with you, there is no doubt about the fact that he will not miss you. In fact, if you know you are doing it right, you will also know that he is losing his senses over you. And it’s a good thing!

15. Don’t Try So Hard

When you know you have him in your loop, do not give it all away in a single go. The best way to keep him craving for you is to keep him craving for you again and again.

One of the top ways to make him go crazy for you is to never ever try hard over texts to keep him interested in you.

In fact, not trying so hard should come to you naturally. You know your worth and you shouldn’t give it away.

Even if you have given him a lot of your attention, it is for the best to avoid doing the same and live in your own space without thinking of the future with him. Stop fantasizing about the same and go out and enjoy your life.

16. Avoid Texting Him First

Even if you are someone who doesn’t believe in the game of ‘not texting first,’ it is time to get acquainted with this game.

Not being the first one to text him is the kind of body language that is invisible, sure, but it is necessary.

17. Catch Up with Your Friends

Continuing the last point, instead of thinking about texting him first, spend time with your friends and share his stories with them and hear about theirs as well.

When you focus your energy somewhere else, he will feel it energetically and perhaps, will text you first. Go ahead and try this!

Since you won’t be texting him first, you can add a little fuel to the oil as well. Change your profile picture with a male friend of yours, especially if your boyfriend doesn’t know him personally. This will make him wonder if you even want him anymore and will immediately leave you a text.

18. Wait for Some Time Before Returning His Texts

Now that you have decided to not text him first, you shouldn’t wait for his text either. However, 99% of the time, the guy always texts or calls first no matter how egoistic he is.

It is important for both of you to play this game. It also tells whether either of you care for each other or not.

Once he texts you, understand that you do not have to return the text immediately. We know you are upset; we know you miss him as well but please, it is a request to not sound like you will cross oceans to reply to a text message.

Give him time to understand that you aren’t that easy and that he will have to work his way through to you.

19. Don’t Make it Too Obvious

It is great to make him miss you; it’s the best feeling ever. However, do not make it too obvious for him to learn that you are actually making efforts to make him miss you like crazy.

At the end of the day, you are working hard to make him realize that you are the love of his life. However, it is important to be real with yourself as well.

Your number one priority should be that you are your own love of your life and if he can’t see that then perhaps it is for the best to let him go and figure his own life.

20. Stay Positive About Everything

Men love women who have a completely positive outlook in life. Heck, people love people who are positive in life about everything.

So, the best thing for you to do is to let him be and focus on your life and be the best version of yourself.

Closing Thoughts

While having him miss you is a beautiful thought, it is also important to remember that when a man doesn’t do such things for you naturally, it is almost never worth it.

If he loves you and you love him, you will figure out a way through it all.

So, while you can use the above things to make him notice you, do not go below your standards to make him realize your value.

You are invaluable and if someone can’t see it, then well, the best thing is to let him go or let it be

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