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How to Show Affection and Love for Someone: 60+ Ways to Try On

How to Show Affection and Love for Someone: 60+ Ways to Try On

Updated on Aug 10, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How to Show Affection and Love for Someone - 60+ Ways to Try On

How to show affection and love to your partner or someone else? If you want to find out how then you’ve arrived at the right place. 

Well, showing affection isn’t always easy. Affection and overt displays of love may not come naturally to some of us, due to our personalities or the environment we grew up in. 

On the other hand, displays of affection are critical in the vast majority of relationships. Don’t be concerned if you’ve been having difficulty. 

When it comes to the question of how to show affection, it’s really the little things that go a long way and they’re very simple to do.

Here are a few simple ways to show more love and affection in your relationship to let your special someone know you think the world of them.

How to Show Affection and Love for Someone - 60+ Ways to Try On
How to Show Affection and Love for Someone – 60+ Ways to Try On

How to Show Affection in a Relationship – 60+ Ways

A relationship can appear to be the most difficult thing in the world to get right while also feeling like a well-oiled machine that glides so beautifully and smoothly when it does. 

That’s how it goes: one minute you’re feeling passive aggressive, the next you’re feeling as if there’s nothing in the world you could love more.

Aside from not sharing your fries, one of the biggest red flags in a relationship is a lack of affection. It’s all too common for partners to take their relationships for granted.

Below are some amazing ways to show affection.

1. Build the strength of your relationship and keep improving it

Building on your relationship’s strengths can be beneficial, positive, and uplifting. This does not change or diminish the negative, but it can frequently make it feel much, much smaller. 

So, while your partner may not be as affectionate as you would like, they may be excellent at providing for your family or handling household chores. 

Rather than focusing solely on the negative and lacking aspects, build on the positive. Praise them for good work, and provide positive reinforcement and praise to make everyone feel good. 

If a partner is aware that they are having difficulty expressing and displaying affection, receiving praise in other areas where they excel can be very beneficial and even aid in breaking down emotional barriers and walls that may be contributing to their lack of affection. 

This strategy can also help to increase feelings of connection and intimacy between partners, which can lead to increased levels of love and even affection.

2. Work on yourself and try to show love in different ways

If you are the partner who is having difficulty showing affection, consider what may be causing this.

As previously stated, many people have difficulty opening up due to trust issues, past trauma or betrayal, personality factors, emotional vulnerability challenges and so on. 

If you are having difficulty expressing yourself through physical actions or verbally, it may be time for some self-reflection.

Also, take small steps at first! Take it one day at a time, beginning with one small step each day. 

This can frequently assist people in developing more trust and confidence in themselves, their partner, and their relationship, allowing them to be more emotionally vulnerable.

Learn more about breaking down emotional barriers in your relationship.

3. Have night dates with your partner or loved one

While this may seem obvious, or you may always have date nights with your partner, it is critical that when there are concerns about intimacy and affection in the relationship, you continue to use date nights as a means of spending quality alone time with your partner. 

In our relationships, we can frequently become stuck in a rut. We may fall into the same routines, so try shaking things up and switching up your date nights. 

This can help to set the tone for some quality alone time with your partner in a novel way.

This can also serve as the foundation for connection, intimacy, and the much-desired affection.

4. Have some intimacy with your partner

Next, try initiating or continuing intimacy, sex, and affection with your partner. It’s critical that you continue to initiate affection because it shows your partner that you want a certain level of affection. 

While they may have a different level or need for affection, it is critical that we compromise in our relationships and find a happy medium. 

Furthermore, when a person feels rejected, they may stop initiating affection and when this occurs all affection in the relationship is lost. 

When you initiate intimacy, try talking about what they like and gauging your partner’s level of comfort with displaying affection.

This way you can figure out what they like and dislike which may lead to more affection and intimacy between the two of you.

5. Don’t expect so many things from your partner or loved one

Answering the question “how to show affection” is pointless if you expect something in return for everything you do. It is important to manage expectations in a relationship. 

Keeping score will eventually lead to feelings of resentment and make you believe you’re somehow superior in the relationship because you always make the reservations for wherever you and your partner go.

To express affection in a relationship, you must understand that it is done solely to make your significant other happy. 

If you give a gift expecting to receive something in return, you’re inviting a world of disappointments and repressed feelings. You’ll quickly realize that’s not how affection works.

6. Support your partner in the same way that you would your favorite sports team

Supporting your partner in any new effort or hobby they may pursue is a thoughtful way of expressing affection.

Learn about whatever they’re doing and show genuine interest. Even if it’s something that goes over your head, make sure you’re there to support them when they need it.

Part of what makes being in a relationship so wonderful is the emotional support you receive.

Your partner should not feel as if they are venturing into uncharted territory on their own. Having you by their side will boost their confidence by a factor of two.

7. Listen carefully to their requirements and help them in possible ways

It’s critical to understand the difference between always helping and always listening. Some battles must be fought by your partner alone. 

When they’re venting to you, they sometimes just want you to listen rather than offer solutions.

Making her feel validated is a simple way to show affection to your wife because it shows you understand that sometimes people just need to vent.

When it appears that all you do is solve minor problems for your partner, they may conclude that you believe they are incapable of dealing with their own problems.

“How difficult is it to show affection?” is a question you won’t even consider when you and your partner end up sleeping in separate rooms because you constantly undermine your partner.

Of course, being there for your partner when they need you is essential. You should play the role of Robin to Batman. When things get tough, the title of “significant other” really shines.

8. Take them seriously and don’t take them for granted

Isn’t it the wife’s job to take out the trash? She’s always doing it! Nope. Don’t take your partner’s actions for granted.

They aren’t doing it because they have to; they are doing it because they care about you.

A simple thank you, or even better, offering to do the task yourself, can be an excellent way to show affection to your partner. 

You could even show affection over the phone by calling your partner and telling them how much you appreciate and admire everything they do for the relationship; it will brighten their day.

9. Make your partner happy by treating them well

After you’ve shown your partner all the respect in the world, after you’ve treated them nicely and proved that you don’t take them for granted, the truth is that one of the best ways to show affection is to spoil them. 

Give them a spa day, take them on a shopping spree, and buy them those expensive gadgets they’ve been eyeing for a while.

If you’re looking for unique things to do for your husband, while they may not want a shopping spree, there’s bound to be a utility tool or a cool new gadget they’ve had their eye on for a while. 

Surprise them with it, but make it clear that this isn’t a regular occurrence. You don’t want to start reducing your milk to make ends meet because you two are constantly spoiling each other!

10. Find relevant ways to express affection

Take out your notepad and begin writing a poem or a song. It makes no difference if it’s good or bad, what matters is the thought you put into it. 

Think of all the things that would cause your partner to drop what they’re doing and hug you. Sing them a song, plan a date night at home or do whatever it is they want you to do in bed (just the one time, we promise).

The question “I don’t know how to show affection” is likely to get you stuck in a rut, complicating an otherwise simple problem.

Bring out your inner artist and make your partner forget about Ed Sheeran, if only for one night.

11. Show your love in public or gatherings

If your partner dislikes making a fuss, consider proposing during a baseball game or making a grand gesture at a friend’s wedding (you shouldn’t steal their thunder anyway). 

On the other hand, a little public display of affection never hurt anyone.

Maybe sing them a romantic song during that karaoke night or just hug them in public to show them and everyone else that you love them.

When this occurs, you will no longer be asking yourself, “How do guys touch you to show affection in a relationship?” If he’s shy but still goes out of his way to compliment you in front of his or your friends, he’s a keeper. 

12. Perform something special for your partner

We’ve all got a favorite chore or two. Aside from that, the rest are simply tasks that must be completed. 

When you’re worried about something important like whether or not you’ll get that big promotion, doing these chores can be difficult. 

Helping your partner finish a few chores so he can get on with his day is a great way to show him how much you care. 

This could be as simple as doing the dishes or as involved as helping him in painting the house.

If you’re unsure what to do, just ask! “Is there anything I can assist you with?” or “Is there anything I could do to make your life easier for you?”

13. Make affectionate eye contact with them 

Every family is unique and they will express affection in a variety of ways. Some parents expect their children to hug them while others prefer a handshake. 

Friendships can be expressed in a variety of ways but no matter what the gesture. It will show to a family member or friend that you are there for them. 

Children may desire and necessarily require more contact. To let them know you’re there, hold their hand as they cross the street or pick them up when they’re too tired to walk.

Place your hand on their shoulder or squeeze their hand to let them know you’re thinking about them and that you’re concerned.

14. Inform your loved ones of your feelings 

As people get older, they tend to lose sight of the value of being open. Many times, family members will stop telling each other that they care which can cause a schism. 

Be open and honest with your family and friends, especially when they are going through a difficult time. 

For example, you could give your best friend a long and heartfelt hug before he leaves town for a new job.

Children require feedback. Tell them that you will always love and care for them. Don’t show affection only when they do something good or when they are hurt.

This will lead them to believe that you only care during those times.

15. Help friends and family members who are in need 

It will be appreciated whether you assist your mother in cleaning her house or your best friend in moving to the new city. 

Chores, big or small, can pile up and overwhelm anyone and assisting a loved one in getting back on track is a clear sign of affection.

For example, something as simple as dropping by to cook her dinner after she’s had a baby can have a long-lasting impact.

The key here is to be considerate and thoughtful. Cleaning the house may appear simple but it would be greatly appreciated by someone who is overloaded with other responsibilities!

16. Discover the different love languages to show affection in multiple ways

This is a term that is frequently used to describe the various ways in which people give and receive affection. 

Physical touch, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, and quality time are the five categories or languages of affectionate acts.

You should learn these “languages” to better understand how those you care about express and receive affection. 

Your partner may communicate in a different love language than you. Talk to them to find out what kind of affection they require. 

Take a test or take a quiz to find out what love language works best for both of you. Check to see if they’re legitimate, and keep in mind that the results won’t always be suitable for everyone.

When speaking with your partner, make an effort to actively listen. This will prove to them that you genuinely care.

17. Determine the type of relationship you have with the person you care about 

When it comes to significant others and even most family members, you usually have a good idea of where your relationship is at. 

Friendship can be more difficult at times. Long-time friends are frequently shown affection as if they are family, whereas newer or less well-known friends may be uncomfortable with this.

Apply the same five principles to friends and colleagues but modify your actions accordingly.

For instance, if a coworker thrives on positive comments, say something like “I like your new haircut” rather than “Your legs look nice in that dress.”

Do not try to pressure affection. If someone appears to be uncomfortable with your affection, you should stop. 

She may explain why your affection makes her uncomfortable, but she is not required to do so. It is up to each individual to decide whether or not to accept affection from others.

Also, keep in mind that even if your partner thrives on a particular type of affection (such as hugging), they may not always desire it.

18. Reach out to and touch your partner frequently

Kissing your partner is one of the most obvious signs of affection. You should also include more subtle physical contact particularly in public places.

In public, holding hands and giving hugs are less restricted than kissing your partner.

If your partner has had a particularly stressful day and requires extra affection, giving her a back massage can be a wonderful way to express your love.

Even small gestures, such as sitting close to your partner while watching TV can show her you care.

19. To connect with your partner, use kind words 

A healthy relationship relies heavily on communication. Show your partner affection by complimenting him on his good qualities and telling him how much you adore him. 

It also doesn’t hurt to leave him a note or send him a text to show that you are thinking about him even when he isn’t present.

This could be as simple as telling your partner how much you missed him when he returns home from a trip.

If your partner is going through a difficult time in his personal life or at work, these encouraging words will show him that you are there for him.

20. Give your partner a present or gift

This can take place on a holiday, but it does not have to. You can give your partner a gift whenever you want if she needs a pick-me-up! 

Make sure your gift is thoughtful and truly personalized for your partner. Even a generic item such as a CD that your partner really wants can be personalized with a letter or a picture.

Making a gift for your partner shows that you know them well enough to select an appropriate gift. The time you spent making it will also prove your dedication.

21. Give them hug often 

When considering how to express affection, physical touch takes center stage. A loving hug makes you happier and releases both oxytocin and dopamine, the love and happiness hormones. 

Guys touch you to express affection by placing their hand on your lower back in public or simply pulling you close while walking next to you.

Ladies, if you’re wondering how to show your husband affection, initiating sex can be a huge morale and confidence booster for him. It makes him feel more appreciated and turned on. 

Touching each other frequently and lovingly is a great way to show affection and should be done on a regular basis by any couple, if they want to avoid the dramatic conversations “Why don’t you love me anymore?” 

22. Show your love by doing small things too

Place a sweet note for your partner somewhere they will see it. Remember to remember their coffee order the next time you’re both at Starbucks.

While they’re away from you and missing you, get them a dessert. 

Show affection via text by randomly texting them and telling them how much they mean to you. Get them a rose just because. Be gentle, gentle, and respectful.

It’s the little things that add up to make you the best boyfriend/girlfriend ever. Consistently being cute and kind will ensure that your partner never feels you don’t show enough affection. 

Furthermore, it may cause your partner to begin bragging to their friends about how lucky they are to have you in their life. 

Being in the favor of your partner’s friends is the best way to earn brownie points.

If you’re always thinking, “I don’t know how to show affection,” just ask your partner’s friends what you should and shouldn’t do. 

They’ll almost certainly give you a gold list of pet peeves and major loves about you so that you had no idea existed in the first place.

Plus, you’ll get more brownie points with your friends for showing that you care! 

23. Make everyday valentines for them

No, it isn’t, but it very well could be for the two of you. 

If you think your relationship has become stale for a while and you’ve hit a rough patch in terms of romance, you could spontaneously turn a regular day into a full-fledged Valentine’s Day celebration

Take your partner to their favorite restaurant, cover your bed with rose petals, drink champagne in bed—the whole shebang.

A spontaneous act like this is ideal for rekindling a romance that you thought had died. 

Set up a candlelight dinner for your husband or wife, complete with the fancy silverware you never get around to using. Make it into a mini-vacation to go above and beyond. 

Take the day off from work, plan a nice long weekend getaway, and go to the spa with your friends.

Ways to express affection that aren’t sexual can often be cuter than what happens in the bedroom.

24. You should do the same as your partner is doing to show the love

If your partner is always doing things to keep the relationship interesting and to show you how much they care, you should do the same.

If they’re flirting with you via text, respond with a cute text of your own. 

If they continue to surprise you with a gourmet dinner, treat them to breakfast in bed every now and then. Seeing your partner smile should make you happy, which is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

We don’t want you to say, “I’m not sure how to show affection!” You’re reading this article and you’re probably thinking about something.

Things can quickly spiral out of control if your partner believes they are doing all of the work. 

How to show affection to your wife or husband is as simple as matching the energy and effort they put in.

25. Spend quality time with your partner

This entails putting away cell phones and other distractions and giving your partner your undivided attention for a period of time. 

Make regular dates with your partner, but if you notice that he is going through a difficult time (for example, transitioning to a new neighborhood after a recent move), you should step it up even more.

Giving them your time and energy is an excellent way to show affection. It will also help to strengthen your bond.

A date night can be out on the town but if your partner prefers a quiet evening, you can always stay in and watch a movie together.

26. Meet them in person, not only prefer texts and emails

We are always “connected” in the high-speed world of texting and emailing. The issue is that we keep failing to personalize these types of connections. 

When your partner requires true personal connection, you should be aware of it and ensure that you provide it.

Instead of sending abbreviated texts like “ahh” you could say something like “I’m looking forward to seeing you.” 

“I’ll be there shortly.” While both are saying the same thing, the first is very dry and impersonal whereas the second shows that you care that you are on your way to see this person.

Thank your partner for being thoughtful or for the little things she does that she may think go unnoticed (like taking out the trash).

To make your compliments more meaningful to your partner, personalize them. Instead of saying “You’re stunning,” say “You have the most amazing smile.”

Draw attention to the specific characteristics that define your partner. Try it, “You always have such unique views on things. I enjoy speaking with you.”

27. Express your feelings in loving ways

First and foremost, it is critical to communicate with your partner. Communication is one of the most effective and direct ways to address problems in a relationship. 

Sit down with your partner and talk about how you’re feeling and what you’re noticing.

It is critical not to point fingers and assign blame as this can lead to defensiveness, but rather to approach the situation with care and concern. 

This way, you can talk about your feelings and devise a plan for dealing with the situation. 

This is also important if your partner is dealing with a problem that is interfering with their ability to show you affection.

Allow them to express what that is and how the two of you can work on that.

28. Don’t make emotional distance from your partner

Getting stuck in a nag and retreat pattern is a very common cycle that we see with couples. This is the stage at which one partner nags and the other retreats. 

When a partner withdraws and becomes more emotionally distant, the nagging partner increases their nagging behavior causing the retreating partner to retreat even more and so on. 

It’s a vicious cycle that appears to be rising and causing chaos in the relationship.

If you’ve addressed your desire for more affection in a positive and constructive manner, try some other tips and ideas without pursuing the issue any further. 

Again, constant comments about a lack of affection may cause your partner to withdraw even more, so be cautious and mindful when you do communicate. 

As stated in the preceding point, ensure that your communication is attempting to find solutions to the problems rather than blaming them.

29. Show affection by taking a step back

Men, and even women, can go overboard when it comes to ‘how to show affection.’ They’ll be at their partners’ disposal, always willing to help. Or, to be irritated. 

When looking for ways to show affection without being sexual, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that being their personal butler will is enough.

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the best way to express affection is to take a step back and let your partner be.

If you’re always there to meet their every need, it can become tiresome after a while. 

Relax on the questions, let them text you whenever they’re available, and give them your undivided attention whenever you’re together.

30. Tell her all of your darkest secrets

When they know your deep, dark secrets, anyone will feel like they are an important part of your life. All you have to do to show your girlfriend how much you love her is to share with her. 

When you share everything with her, she will feel loved because it shows that you trust her. Tell her about a time when you were scared or when you failed to deal with a problem. 

Make her feel special by displaying your vulnerable side. Make your girlfriend your confidant even for things you don’t tell yourself, to show her how much you care.

31. Look into her eyes

Allow your affection to shine through your eyes. Don’t be afraid to catch a glimpse of her from the corner of your eye. She will be able to see the love in your eyes if she catches you. 

You are not required to say anything. Moments of peaceful silence can bring her closer to you.

One of the best ways to show a girl you love her without saying it is to look at her with fond admiration.

32. Send ‘I Love You’ text messages to her randomly

Messaging may appear old-fashioned in the world of video calling, but trust us when we say it works wonders. 

Short and sweet texts in the middle of the day show her that you remember her even when you’re busy.

You don’t have to do it on a regular basis, but every now and then send her messages like ‘I can’t stop thinking about you’ ‘I love you so much’ or ‘I miss you.’ 

These small gestures will confirm to your girlfriend that you love her and will allow you to show your love for her via text message.

33. Give her a hug and whisper sweet nothings into her ear

It is critical to show to a woman that you love her more than anything else in the world. Most girls enjoy it when a guy hugs them from behind, surprises them and whispers ‘I love you.’ 

It is a unique way of expressing romantic love that cannot be compared to any other type of intimacy.

When she turns around, a small peck on the cheek will always be more memorable to her than any other act of sexual intimacy.

34. Surprise her with doing her favorite things

You don’t have to break the bank to surprise her. Surprising her could mean doing any of the small things that make her feel special. 

Like cooking dinner for her after a long, tiring day at work or showing up to a date with a bouquet of flowers, or giving her small gifts like a pair of earrings without any occasion. 

Such surprises will show her that you think of her even when she isn’t around and will try and convince her that you adore her.

35. Pay attention when she speaks

Women enjoy sharing their lives with their significant others. Pay attention to what she says even if you don’t think it’s relevant to you. 

She is telling you something because she feels comfortable doing so and wants your opinion on something. She believes she can share her ideas and opinions with you which is a strong vote of confidence. 

You may not be interested but if it is important to her, pay close attention. This will clearly show to a woman that you value her above all else and that you care.

36. Pamper your girlfriend to show her how much you care for her

Pampering her does not imply chasing her around like a puppy and catering to her every desire.

It means that you could occasionally bend over and tie her shoelaces or get her coupons for a relaxing spa. 

It could be as simple as getting her a glass of wine after a long day, cuddling with her while watching a movie together or simply picking her up or dropping her off at work. 

Everyone is self-sufficient enough to manage their lives on their own but everyone craves a little love and attention from their significant other.

These small gestures of pampering will show to your girlfriend that you adore her.

37. When you’re side by side, take his hand in yours 

Holding hands is a simple but effective way to express your feelings for your boyfriend.

When you’re walking around with him or sitting next to him, take his hand in yours. This shows to him that you want to be close to him. 

If it’s not possible to hold his hand, grab it and squeeze it before letting go. It might be difficult to hold his hand while he’s driving or when you’re sitting across from each other in a restaurant.

38. Run your fingers up and down his arm, back and shoulders

Touch is an excellent way to flirt with someone, and it is critical to continue flirting even after you are in a relationship.

Stroke his skin gently to create intimacy between you. Your touch shows to him that you are still interested in him and crave his affection.

For example, while you’re sitting together, you could casually stroke his arm.

39. Increase your level of intimacy by hugging him 

Your boyfriend will feel loved and valued after a warm hug. When you first see each other and before you part ways, pull your boyfriend into a hug.

Additionally, while standing side by side wrap your arm around him and hug up against him.

If you’re meeting in public, try a quick hug or a long hug if you’re meeting in private.

40. Give him a kiss to remind him that he is desired

Kissing fosters a high level of intimacy between you and your partner. Give him a quick peck on the lips or a kiss on the cheek if you’re in public.

When you’re alone, give him a passionate kiss on the lips.

When kissing your boyfriend in public, keep his preferences in mind. If you think he’ll be offended, kiss him when you’re alone.

41. Text him “good morning” and “good night.” 

Texting him during these special occasions shows him that he is on your mind. Make it a habit to text him as soon as you wake up and as soon as you go to bed.

This is a simple way to express your feelings for him.

Your texts can range from “Good morning, handsome!” to something more elaborate, such as “Good morning, handsome! “I wish you a wonderful day!” You could also send him a meme or a photo of yourself.

42. Throughout the day, text him to let him know you’re thinking of him 

Texting back and forth with him aids in the development of your relationship with him. During the day, look for quiet moments to send him a quick text.

Inform him of your activities, check in with him, or send him cute or funny memes.

“Today is so stressful!” you might say. “How are you?” or “I’m thinking about you!” “I hope you’re having a good day!”

Sending him more than two texts in a row may feel overwhelming to him. Wait for him to respond before texting him again.

43. Tell your boyfriend what you appreciate about him to make him feel special. 

Remind your boyfriend of why you chose him as your partner by highlighting his best qualities.

Describe what you like about his appearance, why his personality drew you to him, or which of his quirks you find endearing. This shows to him that you value everything about him.

“Your broad shoulders are so sexy!” you could say, or “I love listening to you talk about history.” “You’re so smart!”

44. Listen to their needs

You’re on your way to get your partner their favorite chocolate when you realize—you don’t know what it is.

Before you make a grand display of your affection, find out exactly what your partner wants and expects from you. Get to know your partner before making any assumptions.

You may find yourself in hot water if you give them things they don’t actually want. You don’t want your partner to believe you don’t even know who they are.

Listen to them when they talk about their hobbies, which can be a great way to show your wife or girlfriend affection.

45. Say nice things about each other

You’re the cutest!

No, you’re the cutest!

So forth and so on. You’ve probably seen these annoying couples who can’t decide who is cuter for some reason. So, we’re going to ask you to play the role of that couple. 

Of course, you won’t be as obnoxious, but positive reinforcement in the form of compliments can work wonders for both of you.

Things will go smoothly if you tell your partner what you like about them and why you love them. Tell her that she looks great in that dress.

Inform him that his workouts have improved his appearance. 

You could even do this over the phone to express affection; all it takes is a “I’m so happy to hear your voice, it always puts me in a good mood!” Just keep the compliments coming and you’re done.

46. Show your affection by soft touches and hugs

When considering how to express affection, physical touch takes center stage. A loving hug makes you happier and releases both oxytocin and dopamine, the love and happiness hormones. 

Guys touch you to express affection by placing their hand on your lower back in public or simply pulling you close while walking next to you.

If you’re wondering how to show your husband affection, initiating sex can be a huge morale and confidence booster for him. It makes him feel more appreciated and turned on. 

Touching each other frequently and lovingly is a great way to show affection and should be done on a regular basis by any couple if they want to avoid the dramatic conversations “Why don’t you love me anymore?” 

47. Spend quality time with your partner while paying attention to them

No, simply spending time with your partner is insufficient. Turn off the sports game and pay close attention to what your partner is saying or feeling. 

You should only pay attention to them when they are speaking. It shows that you are a good listener and are interested in what they are saying.

Do you want to know how to show your wife affection? Simply listening to her intently is an excellent method.

Make her feel heard and appreciated. Whatever you’re doing while you’re together, you must make each other feel as if you’re truly present for one another.

The same is true for women; if their male counterpart is ranting about their sports team losing all of their matches or how bad things are at work, you must listen. 

You don’t even have to provide any solutions. Provide motivation and support and you’ll realize it’s not so difficult to think of thoughtful things to do for your husband.

48. Make the gift thoughtful as a way to express affection

We’ve all heard that giving someone nice gifts is a great way to show affection. When you have a big event coming up, such as a birthday or an anniversary, don’t focus solely on how much money you spend; instead, make the gift thoughtful. 

It may even save you money in the long run; the best gift ideas are those that are thoughtful.

Giving a gift that you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into proves affection in a relationship.

Make a scrapbook of happy moments you shared with your partner, put in some effort, and give them something difficult to find but that you know they’ve always wanted. 

When you see the smile on your partner’s face after you give them a thoughtful, considerate gift, you’ll realize all the time you wasted overthinking the question “How difficult is it to show affection?” was just useless.

49. Give him full attention

When your bae is talking to you, give him your undivided attention. Remove yourself from that bothersome phone, close your laptop and clear your mind of the day’s stress. 

Give him the same amount of love and attention you gave him when you first started dating. When communicating with him, avoid multitasking. 

Make an effort to pay attention to what he has to say. Whether you’re talking about something important, like your partner’s insecurities, or something trivial, like his dislike for pineapple on pizza, you should be listening intently and remembering everything.

50. Know his needs

This is made easier if you have spent a significant amount of time with him and are in a long-term relationship. Predict what your significant other wants before he realizes he needs it. 

Understanding his values and needs will lead to this. These don’t have to be large or expensive gestures; small gestures can mean a lot. 

For example, Keep a towel on the hook for him, if he has a habit of forgetting to take it to the bathroom.

Replace his deodorant, shampoo and soap before it runs out. Do these charming little things that will take up little of your time but mean a lot to him.

51. Express your feelings for him verbally

On a regular basis, practice verbally affirming your love, respect, and admiration for your partner.

If you’ve moved past the “I love you” stage, make it a habit to say those three magic words on a regular basis. 

You may feel as if you are stating the obvious but it is important to remind yourself that you love him.

If someone hears something repeated enough times, they will eventually believe it. 

The more you express your affection for your partner, the more it will stick with him and make him feel secure in the relationship.

52. Understand his love way of expressing love

Is he a fan of physical contact, acts of service, acts of kindness, or gifts? Learn these little tidbits about your significant other and you’ll be able to love him right. 

If you notice that he frequently kisses your cheeks or plays with your hair, you can try doing the same to him.

Find ways to express affection that are acceptable to both of you. This will help to strengthen your bond.

53. Inform him that you are paying attention

When he speaks, pay close attention. Respond to and participate in the conversation to validate your significant other. 

Communication is a critical component of any relationship. It is acceptable to express your disagreement with them on certain issues. 

However, clamming up or ignoring them when they try to communicate with you is a sure way to drive a schism between you two or ensure that he never confides in you again.

54. No matter how busy you are, make time for him

Make an effort to spend quality time with your family. This is a wonderful way to show your significant other how much you appreciate them. 

Even if it means squeezing time out of your hectic schedule, you should do it. Give him your time; it is a small but meaningful gesture that shows how much you care. 

Meet up with him during your lunch breaks, stop by his workplace to say hello, or even commute home together – these are all things you can incorporate into your daily routine.

You should figure out what works best for both of you and then hang out whenever you can.

55. Tell him why he’s incredible to you

Explain to him why you adore him. One of the most amazing things in the world is to say “I love you.” On the other hand, telling someone why you love them can be a very romantic and emotionally intense experience. 

Knowing what distinguishes us from others makes us feel unique and special. Verbalizing your feelings for yourself can have a significant positive impact. 

You can make a list of everything you like about him and leave it around the house for him to find. He’ll come across them every few days and feel incredibly loved and adored.

56. Cheer him up when he has trouble or bad mood

Be his biggest supporter and fan, both privately and in front of your friends and family. Giving your partner genuine compliments and showing your support makes him feel adored and more confident. 

Praise his successes in front of family members, tell people about all the good he does for you and the community – make him feel seen and loved.

He should know that you are aware of and appreciate all of his positive qualities.

57. Say “I love you,” many times in a day

Declare it. Even if the words appear to suffocate on the way up. Take them out. When you see her coming out of the bathroom first thing in the morning, you can say, “I love you.” Or call her on your way to work, after you’ve just said your goodbyes, and just say it. 

Alternatively, send her an email during the day describing three things you admire about her. Wrap your arms around her and whisper, “I love you,” while she is doing something in the kitchen. 

Leave a note or letter in her car expressing your love for her. For her, use your favorite nickname. Send her a text. Tell her right before she goes to sleep. 

Say it when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store together. Just say it at least three times a day, if not more. 

58. Declare your gratitude and love for her in public

Claiming your wife as your own in public is one of the best ways to make her feel loved. 

It’s funny how some people (most of them probably unknowingly) act as if they don’t belong with their spouse when they’re in a public place, out to dinner with friends, or even at the grocery store. 

Come on, let’s go. Don’t make that error.

Make it clear to everyone that she is yours and that you adore her. You don’t have to go overboard; just be aware of her.

Open the door for her. Make a wink at her. Speak with her. Take a few kisses.

Introduce her to anyone you happen to be with. When you’re talking in a group, speak highly of her.

Make a big deal about it if you happen to be reunited in public. Make her the first person you greet and approach. Don’t just nod or say nothing. Give her a bear hug. 

Make a nice comment to her. Take her hand in yours and inquire how she is doing. Make others believe you two are lovebirds who are dating and have not yet experienced the “harsh-reality” of married life. Show them they’re wrong.

59. Make surprises and gifts the normal 

Bring her some flowers, chocolate, chewing gum or ice cream. Or maybe a new shirt or anything she’d like. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t even have to buy it (homemade gifts are the best).

But those small outward expressions will show her that you are thinking about her, that you care that she exists, and that you are so lucky to have her as your wife. ​

60. To help her feel your love, use non-sexual touch

Your wife adores non-sexual contact. You may think that touch is simply touch, but to her touch is frequently a simple gesture of love. 

The next time you see her, give her a big hug. As you walk down the street, wrap your hand around her waist. Hold her face in your hands and kiss her once on the lips, telling her she is beautiful.

Sit next to her on the couch and place your hand on her knee as you speak. In the car, hold her hand. Make her laugh.

Or simply poke her (she loves when you flirt with her). As you pass by, swat her bum. Before you go to bed, scratch her back. You get the picture?

Now, the purpose of non-sexual touch is to express love, and that is exactly what the intention should be.

However, it may simply (naturally) lead to your wife wanting to be more affectionate with you, resulting in a more fulfilling experience together the next time you make love.

61. Tell her how beautiful she is on a daily basis

At least twice a day, try any of the following comments. “You’re stunning, man” “I enjoy being married to such a lovely lady.”

“Sheesh, I think you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet” “You’re stunning” If you’re just getting started and want to appear more normal, try comments like “I like that top” “You look great” “You have nice hair.”

She may laugh, say “Oh, come on” and brush it off but she is secretly eating it up. Soaking it all in. And the sense that her deep desire for affection is beginning to be satisfied. Good work!

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

We all want to feel our partners’ love and affection. It not only reassures us that we are loved and appreciated, but it also strengthens our bond.

While it is true that some people struggle to express affection in a relationship, it is not impossible to learn how to do so. 

Following these simple tips will help you realize that showing affection to your partner isn’t all that difficult.