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How to Compliment a Girl – On her Looks, Hair, Smile, Body, and Everything Else [+300 Compliments]

How to Compliment a Girl – On her Looks, Hair, Smile, Body, and Everything Else [+300 Compliments]

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Compliment a Girl – On her Looks, Hair, Smile, Body, & More

Are you wondering how to compliment a girl? Confused if she’ll take it offensively? Or, are you just tired of women not acknowledging your compliments?

Well, human beings have insecurities and they can’t always accept that someone else thinks they’re beautiful. Further, some women even had bad experiences as others tried to take advantage of their friendliness.

With the ongoing crimes against women, it’s nothing new if she doesn’t feel suspicious of compliments. However, you can slowly eradicate her doubts about your intentions.

In this think piece, I’ll teach you exactly that alongside enlisting 300+ super smooth compliments.

So, let’s boost the pretty girls’ confidence here…

Top 10 Tips on How to Compliment a Girl

How to compliment a girl – An in-depth guide

In this world, paranoia and doubt are ingrained in girls since their childhood. After all, we’ve witnessed multiple poor women being scammed, assaulted, and whatnot. So, every girl out there thinks once if the person that praised her really meant it.

Further, there are insecurities about physical appearances. With the advanced tech of makeup and surgery, women feel so ashamed of themselves.

But, you and I, both know that women deserve to hear sweet words without comparing themselves to plastic or fearing being scammed. So, let’s learn to uplift them at ease here…

1. Figure out what she agrees and disagrees with about herself

If you want to take the easy route, then figure out what she’s confident about. She’ll easily accept compliments when she agrees with them. Usually, girls won’t believe in your compliments easily… more so if it’s the first time.

She might become suspicious about your intentions. So, for the first time, follow her pace.

However, if you know her for some time, you’ll know her struggles. If she worked hard but didn’t receive the expected results, she probably doesn’t believe in herself anymore.

So, encourage her in such areas and try to convince her she’s great. She may not feel good about it on the first go, but she’ll eventually understand.

2. Identify what she values in others

When she compliments others, what does she focus on? If she usually mentions intellect, personality, and efforts, then she values them more than appearances. Possibly, she also thinks that she doesn’t possess them.

If you notice that she has those traits in her but isn’t aware, take this chance. Tell her what you think to make her day. You might free her from major insecurities with repeated affirmations.

Mention her efforts and show her that you always noticed her. She’ll feel special with your keen eye and support.

3. Compliment her personality instead of her body

If you still don’t have any idea, know that women love comments on their personality. But if you try to pass remarks on her body on the first go, it might not be a good experience for either of you.

In this world, women are still prone to be objectified. They tolerate catcallers and even put up a fight with molesters. They’re just tired and want to be more than just a body part.

So, if you point out something about her personality, it’ll be a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, every girl puts effort into her personality… it defines her, so she’ll love to hear more about it.

4. Find out about her achievements

Before you begin to praise her, spend time to know more in detail. Discuss your latest achievements and ask for hers. It might be something about her academics, professional life, or even her personal life.

Looks are superficial and they’ll change with time, but her achievements won’t leave her any day.

So, she won’t be afraid that you won’t care about her if she loses it. She’ll cherish your compliment for her entire life.

Moreover, current era women treasure their success even if it’s something small. So, convey that you admired her efforts whether she cooks for her family or is working on her dream job.

5. Make sure you really agree with the compliments

Before you lay out the compliments, think over if you really believe them. If you don’t believe something, your words won’t be sincere.

With time, the girl will understand that you don’t mean it. Women have good instincts about lies, so don’t underestimate them.

The same goes when you keep talking about a certain quality. Perhaps, she’s a hard worker but it’s just not enough to reach her goals. In this situation, if you say her efforts are enough, she won’t try harder.

She’ll later understand you weren’t serious about it and learn the hard way to never trust any compliments. Instead, keep it natural to avoid anything offensive or misleading.

6. Put yourself in her shoes

If you can’t understand whether your words are appropriate, think about how you’ll feel about receiving such remarks. If that still doesn’t help, then imagine how you’ll feel if your sister or mother received such compliments.

This will help you resonate with her emotions and understand if she’ll be glad or uncomfortable facing such situations.

Further, if you know her for a long time, think if she has any insecurity. Avoid those landmines to prevent any misunderstandings.

If you think there’s even a slight risk, opt for a different plan. Don’t gamble with her emotions because once you hurt her even mistakenly, it’ll harm your bond. She may become defensive around you.

7. Pick the right time

The perfect time also builds a sincere compliment. During a serious conversation, if you talk about her physical appearance, she won’t like it one bit. You’ll rather seem distracted and she’ll feel disrespected. 

So, compliment her when you’re both in a good mood. Or, if you want to be random, ensure that it’s about the same topic.

For instance, when she shares her worries about a new project, tell her you also believe in her skills and capabilities. Praise her a bit to encourage her.

Further, physical appearance compliments during serious situations seem demeaning and objectifying.

8. Harmonize your words and actions

Your body language and actions also matter when you compliment her. If you can’t afford to look away from your phone while you say she looks gorgeous, will it be of any value to her? Do you think she’ll believe it?

If you think her eyes are pretty but avert your gaze, how do you even know?

So, if you’re glad that she treated your friends kindly, don’t just say it. Take her out for dinner and make her feel special. People feel that a confident person only needs the idea and the words… it’s much more than that.

If you can’t do anything grand or are tight on time, send her a small token of appreciation.

9. Make sure you are respectful

So long you’re respectful in your words, your sincerity will reach across them. Don’t joke about their views, opinions, dreams, feelings, or hopes.

Further, sexual compliments for strangers are equal to catcalling, so don’t do it unless you both flirt with one another regularly or she’s your partner.

Another form of “flattery” that is actually insulting and disrespectful is comparison.

For instance, don’t compare her current appearance with her past ones. “You look great today” and “you look better after the weight loss” gives the impression she didn’t look nice in the past.

Don’t compare her with your family if she’s your love interest.

Further, if she doesn’t accept or respond to you positively, stay respectful till the end. If you react inappropriately, she’ll only feel more suspicious.

10. Be honest and stay original

Make sure you don’t compliment her to lead her astray with false hopes. Say it because you mean it sincerely. If you have ulterior motives like shallow sexual or physical desires, she’ll eventually know even if it’s too late.

Don’t try to curry favors just after a compliment, she’ll think you only want to use her.

Moreover, don’t copy from the internet completely. The ones you’ll find here may work on someone else but not her.

If you say something that doesn’t apply to her or works for any random girl, she’ll catch you red-handed. She won’t accept it and feel suspicious about your intentions.

Instead, play around with the phrases to customize compliments for her. If she’s special to you, I’m sure you can do it.

Suppose you have a girl around you and want to compliment them on something. Did you decide what it’ll be?

Well, if you’re unsure, then her looks are always the safest bet. You can use general ideas and still make them work.

If you have many girls in your family and social circle, you can say something different to everyone and still have enough ideas left. So, let’s get started right away…

How to compliment a girl on her looks

Women are always a bit uncertain about their looks. And by looks, I don’t mean just their face, it’s each and everything from their hair tips to the toes. You can’t blame the girls in your life either, they just want to look good… they don’t desire supermodel titles.

So, it’s quite easy if you want to spread happiness in any woman’s life. Let her know she’s beautiful with some tips and examples in mind…

1. Make sure your tone is genuine

Tell her she looks good only if you believe that, otherwise your tone will be off and she’ll feel hurt. It’ll have the opposite impact on her.

2. Don’t try to get intimate with her

Don’t ask for her number right after complimenting. She’ll assume you said it only to hit on her. She’ll instantly refuse your praises even if they’re true.

3. Don’t compliment about something you mocked

In case you made fun of her looks or insulted her in the past, apologize. A total-180 won’t make her believe in you. Make things right with her and let her heal first.

4. Avoid overdoing it as it’ll wear the charm off

Compliment her every day but don’t just stick to her looks forever. If you know her well, praise her personality, intelligence, and skills to show that you aren’t superficial. Show her that you see her as more than just a pretty face.

5. Don’t make up something nonexistent

Before you speak about something specific, make sure that quality exists. Let’s say her nails are chipped and brittle but you didn’t notice them. However, you praise her nails… that’ll be an embarrassing situation!

Compliments for a girl’s looks

1. “You’re no less than sunshine on gloomy days.”

2. “I bet your looks make babies smile”

3. “You look great as usual.”

4. “How do you look so attractive even in shabby loungewear?”

5. “You glow so hard… yet that’s the least noteworthy thing about you.”

6. “Your blushing face looks extremely alluring.”

7. “Your beauty is enough to brighten my day.”

8. “Don’t get me wrong but with spectacles, you look like a hot nerd.”

9. “Tell me about your skincare… your skin looks so smooth.”

10. “You look so angelic when you’re asleep.”

11. “Your beauty is spellbinding.”

12. “You always look fresh like cherry blossoms.”

13. “I feel drawn to your gorgeous looks.”

14. “I bet you won Prom Queen in high school.”

15. “On a scale of 1-10, I’ll give you a solid 20.”

16. “Honestly, you’re naturally gifted with such high cheekbones.”

17. “Your perfume smells divine. What’s it?”

18. “I’m sure you groom your nails quite often.”

19. “You always stand out from everyone else.”

20. “You look sexy in literally anything.”

Do you not want to stay so vague and get down to details? Confused which part of her is a safe bet? Well, I understand the dilemma and that’s why I have an elaborate list. However, for now, what do you think about her hair?

A few sincere words may help her flaunt the luscious locks even better. So, if you want her to feel you care, note down her feelings about her hair and head to this…

How to compliment a girl’s hair

Hair is any girl’s pride and almost all girls take special care of their mane. Of course, some don’t take pride in it and rather feel self-conscious as they don’t have hair like others. But that’s no reason to back off.

Firstly, ask yourself, do you think her hair is pretty? If you think it’s true, then there’s no issue here. Make her believe in herself even more with a compliment to her hair with some basic ideas in mind…

1. Get down to the deep specifics

Does she have straight, curly, wavy, or other types of hair? Is her hair blonde or platinum blonde?

If you’ll compliment her hair on anything specific, ask her beforehand. Don’t compliment her right away when you gather the info.

2. Never assume anything about her

She might fight with dandruff, dry hair, alopecia, or any other issue without your knowledge. Don’t assume she’s blessed with good hair. Rather compliment her on how she cares for it.

3. Avoid digging in too deep if you’re unaware

Since women’s hair can be so different, don’t get down to the details. Hair is a tricky part of the feminine body so it’s better if you avoid any comments about her scalp health unless you know her hair well.

4. Keep it mostly superficial to save yourself

A girl can have a bad hair day yet still make it work with products and accessories. Stick to how her overall hair looks at the moment.

Compliment her on how it looks from your perspective to make her confident.

5. Be more observant before you speak

Hair doesn’t look the same every day and she won’t style it the same forever.

If you compliment her about her previous day’s untied hair while she styled it in a bun that day… it might send the wrong signals. She’ll think you mean she doesn’t look good.

Compliments for a girl’s hair

21. “I love how your hair smells.”

22. “What did you do to your hair? It looks stunning.”

23. “Your hair is like a stream of rivers.”

24. “This hairstyle looks so fine on you.”

25. “How did you do this hairstyle on your own? Nobody can pull this off so well.”

26. “I can see all your deep conditioning paid off.”

27. “Is it just me or did you do something to your hair?”

28. “Your hair looks so silky, I bet it’s tangle-free.”

29. “Your perms are to die for!”

30. “Are those clip-ins or real highlights?”

31. “I swear your hair looks like Jennifer Lawrence’s.”

32. “You look cute with curtain bangs!”

33. “Not that you aren’t, but side-swept fringes make you look so intelligent.”

34. “Even if your luscious dark locks turn into grey, I’ll always be by your side.”

35. “I’ve hardly seen many people with nourished kinky hair.”

36. “Your cuteness can shun babies and puppies.”

37. “Someone got a fresh haircut!”

38. “Your hair is silkier than silk itself.”

39. “You look like a goddess when your hair blows in the wind.”

40. “Your ponytail always looks so perfect it puts hairstylists to shame.”

Compliments for women on their hair work the best when you’re present with them in person as you can see what she looks like at the moment.

However, if you’re texting, i.e., not with one another, you can’t tell what they look like at the moment. They might have greasy hair and feel guilty if you compliment their hair. So, let’s know what to do while you type away here…

How to compliment a girl over text

With a smartphone around us 24/7, we can convey our feelings at any time of the day. However, you can’t see one another while texting. You gotta figure out the other person’s feelings through the tone of the text.

Further, it’s easy to misunderstand one another in such situations. At this point, if you’re afraid of offending her, I understand! So, let’s try to make a smooth approach here…

1. Don’t get her contacts from elsewhere

Did you get her contact info directly from her? If you asked it from someone else, she won’t appreciate it at all.

You’ll seem creepy if she doesn’t know who you are or where you got her contacts from. She’ll obviously block you afterward.

2. Get familiar before complimenting

If you ask her number and text her “Hi, Beautiful, it’s <your name>.” That’s acceptable.

But, if you text her compliments only and not make any effort to bond, it’ll lose the charm in the long run because she’ll be tired of replying to “Thank you”.

3. Never send her big paragraphs

Keep the compliments subtle and short if you’re not too close yet. If you get closer, you may become more outspoken with more than one-liner compliments.

4. Avoid double texting at all costs

Again, if you’re not that close, she may not answer your compliments right away. Don’t text her more than one text with compliments to get a reply. If she doesn’t reply much, ask her genuine questions.

5. Put your life together first

Don’t stick to her chat box 24/7 because she has a life other than texting you. Every girl likes to hear great compliments but that’s not your sole aim in life.

Make sure you send her limited texts so she knows you have a life and don’t send such texts to get in her pants.

Compliments for a girl over text

41. “I haven’t seen you yet but I can tell you look great.”

42. “I wanna focus on work, but texting you is so fun.”

43. “I love how you always motivate me.”

44. “You always have the answer to my worries.”

45. “You can bring any party alive.”

46.  “Didn’t mention it before, but you really killed it today!”

47. “Your carefree attitude is so eye-catching.”

48. “Your minimalistic living is so fascinating.”

49. “Your texts are so sweet. I can’t wait to meet you soon.”

50. “I thought you’d flee from my boring texts. Thanks for bearing with me.”

51. “Your name in my notifications makes my heart skip a beat.”

52. “You’re something really special.”

53. “You’re such a precious jewel.”

54. “You know exactly how to join back broken hearts.”

55. “You have the perfect amount of compassion and mischief.”

56. “I bet you’re made of sugar, spice, and chemical X. You’re the definition of power!”

57. “You looked so cute playing with the puppies yesterday.”

58. “Don’t get me wrong but your nape looks really cute in a ponytail.”

59. “I might spend the whole day scrolling through your cute selfies, but that’s unfair for the real deal.”

60. “Texting you is the best part of my day. You’re so full of radiance even here.”

Another way to sneak into a girl’s heart and create a good impact on her is to appreciate her smile. Are you wondering how to say anything different because she smiles the same every day? Well, her smiles don’t change, but each of them has different reasons and you may be the next.

A smile might be superficial or from deep within her core. It always tells you a million stories, so let’s take a moment to appreciate it here…

How to compliment a girl’s smile

A girl’s smile is the reflection of her heart. Whether she’s jumping in joy or whimpering in pain, she’ll always have a smile plastered on her face. If you’re not close to her, she won’t easily show you her vulnerabilities.

So, during such times, the least you can do is praise that graceful and radiant smile that hides away the real her. Your compliment may change her outlook on life and give her a push to start afresh. So, let’s cherish that smile here…

1. Ensure you saw her smile

If you never saw her smile, a compliment on that might make her feel suspicious. She won’t easily trust you if you say something like that or assume you’re a stalker, so wait until she does.

2. Or, charm her in your own ways

A perfect compliment on her smile must accompany her smile. Whether you ever saw her smile or not, make her laugh with your good sense of humor. It’ll seem much more genuine.

3. Don’t be tactless with sensitive things

A smile is more than a curve of her lips. It also shows her dental and oral health. If she’s got braces on, she’s working on herself. Don’t say anything funny about them.

4. Show her how she charms you

Does her smile make you happy? Do you feel the world becomes a bit brighter with it? Show her that her smile matters to you. Explain the magic in words like “you have a contagious smile”.

5. Read her mood for a moment

If she’s sad or focused on something, a compliment on her smile doesn’t fit well. It’ll highlight that you’re distracted and irritate her. She might also assume you can’t wait to lead her to bed.

Compliments for a girl’s smile

61. “You have a darn infectious smile.”

62. “Your laugh is the best thing ever.”

63. “Your evergreen smile makes me want to keep living.”

64. “I always carry the smile you gave me.”

65. “Your pearly whites can brighten up a dark room.”

66. “Your smile is the brightest thing I saw today.”

67. “If you smile once, I’m ready to do anything for you.”

68. “I wanna fall asleep, but I also wanna see your smiling face more.”

69. “Your smile brings me back to life.”

70. “I’m born with a good sense of humor to make you smile.”

71. “Your beautiful smile can light up a room.”

72. “Your one smile can kill millions of hearts.”

73. “I can’t even scold you when you smile so sweetly.”

74. “Tell me how many hearts you stole with your smile?”

75. “Your smile should be illegal.”

76. “I wonder from whom you got your astounding smile.”

77. “Your smile is the reflection of your golden heart.”

78. “Your smile gets me weak in the knees.”

79. “When your lips curve, I feel butterflies in my stomach.”

80. “Your smile is kinda intoxicating and I wanna get drunk tonight.”

In case you didn’t see her in person but saw her picture on social media or dating apps, it may get a bit difficult. But, of course, you can still compliment her as much as you want… just that you must stay careful about your words if you don’t know her for long.

Women are sensitive beings, so always use soft and mild words that won’t upset her in any way. So, let’s react to her pictures gracefully here…

How to compliment a beautiful girl picture

Whether it’s online or offline, most women love to take pictures and feel cute. In this current era, selfies are a major trend in social media.

Though no woman uploads her picture online for the validation of random people, some naturally feel disheartened without good compliments.

It’s more of competition among women themselves rather than being accepted by strangers. In this situation, if you’re unaware of the best way to react, keep these in mind…

1. Consider the picture source

Did you see the picture on a social media platform? Or, did you receive the picture from her directly? If it’s on a public platform, be mindful and choosy about your words.

2. Think about your connection

If you’re a best friend or a lover, you can leave a mushy compliment, unless she dislikes that. If you’re not close or she is your work buddy, keep off from intimate phrases.

3. Keep respect in the equation

Even if she shows extra skin, cleavage, or any body part, she won’t entertain objectifying compliments. Respect her even if it’s a boudoir picture.

4. Think about how to use the background

Compare her beauty with the environment. The sun, lighting, a garden, a café, or simply the vibe around her. Say she’s prettier than everything around.

5. Keep it relevant and unique

Understand the theme of the picture and check for any caption. Keep the compliment about the subject and don’t be monotonous. Use different words from your last compliment. If it’s a public picture, say something different from others and keep it concise.

Compliments for a beautiful girl picture

81. “You look so confident and courageous in this picture.”

82. “I can’t believe a woman can be as beautiful.”

83. “You have a photogenic face.”

84. “You always look so polished and professional.”

85. “Hey gorgeous!”

86. “You’re a diva in posing!”

87. “I wouldn’t be astonished if you were a model.”

88. “Even your awkward clicks look cute.”

89. “I wish I had a model like you.”

90. “I can’t believe no model agency contacted you yet.”

91. “In short: Classy and Bold.”

92. “You enhanced the beauty of the scenario.”

93. “You know exactly how to drape yourself for clicks.”

94. “Your snap is on!”

95. “Your vibes enhance the background.”

96. “I can’t really put a finger on it… but this picture is kinda special.”

97. “Your picture reminds me of Daphne from Scooby-Doo.”

98. “Am I wrong or you’re sparkling here?”

99. “Your eyes tell me you enjoyed the vacation.”

100. “Damn, you look hotter than the sun.”

If you want more, did you ever think about complimenting a girl’s body? Do you notice how girls react to such compliments? You probably grimaced at the thought because these always turn out to be bitter situations. Well, it’s actually not that hard so long you know your limits.

In fact, if you know the correct way, it might brighten up her day better than you imagine. So, let’s get the correct ideas about…

How to compliment a girl’s body

Women are extremely alert and reactive about body compliments (as they should be). So, most people avoid compliments on their bodies but that isn’t necessary at all.

In fact, there are great ways to do it without making anyone uncomfortable. If you’re curious why you don’t hear anyone giving such compliments, it’s because these are so mild that nobody notices. So, if you’re ready to learn this art, let’s head right in…

1. Keep in mind it may hurt her

Girls have a love-hate relationship with their bodies. She might feel insecure about something you feel is attractive. If you don’t know her well, you may hurt her.

2. Steer clear from objectifying language

Legs, breasts, and genitals, never mention these even if she really looks beautiful and you don’t have ulterior motives. Women no longer tolerate silly sexist comments even in a positive light.

3. Wait until you’re close

Shower sexual compliments only if you’re her partner and she’s comfortable with you. If you just met her or only talked through texts, wait until you bond more.

4. Keep it general

If you’re not that close to her, compliment gender-neutral body parts. For instance, her hands, arms, feet, calves, or face. Below her neck and above her knees is a no-go.

5. Never use these in professional settings

If you’re a co-worker, boss, junior, or anyone at her workplace, never compliment her body. This isn’t the platform for it. You might get reported for workplace harassment, so beware.

Compliments on a girl’s body

101. “Your knuckles are really cute.”

102. “Your nose is adorable.”

103. “I can hold these soft hands forever… even if they turn wrinkly.”

104. “You have a great body… but I don’t mind growing fat with you.”

105. “Your body is as fit as Gal Gadot from Wonder Woman.”

106. “You look so healthy.”

107. “As radiant as always!”

108. “Your flamboyance catches me off guard every day.”

109. “Don’t get me wrong but your feet are really pretty.”

110. “I’m sure you got a manicure!”

111. “Your pretty frame fits right with me.”

112. “You know the perfect body flattering styles!”

113. “I swear you’re a complete snack.”

114. “I can tell the bench press really worked.”

115. “Bodycon dresses were made for you.”

116. “I’m really curious about your workout routine.”

117. “I love your confidence about your body.”

118. “Beauty and size have no connection. You proved it!”

119. “Your skin is so chocolaty that I’m hungry.”

120. “I can’t believe your skin is so supple.”

Are you scared that she might think you’re creepy? Well, if you’re uncomfortable with such types and also feel paranoid about the “creepy” tag, I sympathize with you. In this world, nobody blinks before labeling others and once someone does, it’s a traumatizing situation.

Further, if you experienced something similar, I’m so proud that you want to socialize and return to the normal flow of life. So, let me be a part of your fight and make this a great experience here…

How to compliment a girl without being creepy

If you’re worried about how a woman takes your compliments or want to stay extra cautious, focus on her personality and achievements. Such anxieties might also apply if you attend an office party.

You must compliment your supervisors despite their gender, but you gotta stay extra alert with the females because who knows who will misunderstand you. So, whatever your situation is, let’s know to appreciate women without putting them on high alert…

1. Never focus on her body

Women find it creepy when a man randomly talks about her body – any place above her knees and below her collarbones.

2. Emphasize her style

If you don’t know her well, you may focus on her overall looks, face, or smile. Or, praise the way she carries herself or her aura.

3. Make it all about “respect”

Don’t use “I love…” phrases frequently as it’s only welcome from really close ones or women.  If you’re a man, stick to phrases like “I respect…” or terms like “commendable”.

4. Notice her position in your life

Who’s this woman in your life? If she’s a stranger, you mustn’t try too hard. If she’s someone at the office, then maintain a safe distance and stay respectful in your body language.

5. Keep her efforts in the loop

If you know about her hardworking nature, highlight that. She’ll love it if you recognize that part and easily accept your words. If you don’t, strike a conversation to find out.

Compliments for a girl without being creepy

121. “You’re so quick-witted.”

122.  “Your handiwork is second to none.”

123. “The positivity in your soul cleanses all the bad vibes.”

124. “You never doubt your choices and I love it!”

125. “You motivate me to accomplish the hardest hurdles in life.”

126. “I respect how you’re such a devoted daughter/mother/wife/employee…”

127. “You have a keen eye for detail.”

128. “Your infectious enthusiasm is all anyone needs.”

129. “I really wish to learn more from you!”

130. “I’m so thankful for your tireless help.”

131. “Your work is always so impressive.”

132. “I respect you as my role model.”

133. “You can melt even the coldest human on the planet.”

134. “I love spending time with you because you’re so interesting.”

135. “This selfish world needs more people like you.”

136. “You’re the essence of a strong and independent woman.”

137. “You’re not just a pretty face, you have a sharp brain too.”

138. “I’m flabbergasted about your remarkable imaginations and ideas.”

139. “You have a talent for comedy! You make any joke far more fun.”

140. “It’s been an honor to know you.”

But if you know someone with really pretty eyes, how will you stop gazing into their pretty orbs? Worried if they’ll feel uncomfortable with your mesmerized look? Well, you can clear the misunderstanding with a compliment for her eyes and catch her off guard.

This will make her day and also save you from being called a “weirdo”. So, let’s know how to play this game fair and square here…

How to compliment a girl’s eyes

A woman’s eyes hold the reflection of her soul. Mind you, her eyes are always beautiful whether she wears makeup or not! So, if you met a girl and can’t move your eyes off her, it’s time to express what’s on your mind.

However, her concept of pretty eyes might vary from yours… once again, pop culture and media are to blame for such insecurities. So, let’s remind her that here…  

1. Take a good look at her eyes

Before you mention her eye color, shape, or any other detail, look carefully and make sure. If you compliment her with another girl’s features, she won’t appreciate it.

2. Eradicate her insecurities

In this era of filters, makeup, and surgery, many women are insecure about their eyes. Tell her how beautiful her eyes are to you “despite what she feels.”

3. Dive into great details

Her eye color, the twinkling, the whites, and even her lashes… all of them can be a reason to compliment her. The eyes are a safe subject so never shy from going the extra mile.

4. Hold her gaze

If you avoid eye contact, how will she know you mean it? Look into her eyes if you’re together during such compliments. If you’re not her partner or don’t like her romantically, break eye contact after 5 seconds.

5. Don’t force her to accept it

She may still not believe the compliments. In this situation, smile softly and reply “To each their own…” let her know you believe in it, even if she doesn’t.

Compliments for a girl’s eyes

141. “Your eyes take my breath away.”

142. “Your eyes hypnotize me so badly.”

143. “I love your kind eyes.”

144. “Your brown eyes show how grounded you are.”

145. “You know exactly how to turn heads with your eyes.”

146. “Your eyes look so warm.”

147. “The flecks in your eyes are so captivating.”

148. “Gazing into your eyes is the highlight of my day.”

149. “Your eyes can tell a thousand stories and I’m ready to hear it all.”

150. “I might lose myself in your dense eyelashes.”

151. “Your gaze is so tempting. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel if you wink at me.”

152. “Your innocent eyes make me long for you more.”

153. “I’m ready to drown in the deep abyss of your eyes.”

154. “Your eyes are the most striking feature of your face.”

155. “I love how your glossy eyes never lie.”

156. “Even if you’re insecure about your eyes, I only notice boundless beauty.”

157. “I can see the honesty in your eyes.”

158. “Your eyes shine harder than any jewel.”

159. “Your eyes are so mischievous it makes me blush.”

160. “Those blue eyes make me wanna dive in the ocean.”

If you’re connected with her on Instagram more or got acquainted with her, you might feel a bit awkward complimenting her. You might overthink the situation and only leave a like on her posts and leave it there. However, your genuine compliments might brighten up her life more than you thought.

She probably has enough people in her DMs and comments, but if you’re worried, she’ll never notice, let me help you right here…

How to compliment a girl on Instagram

Instagram is a platform for everyone to become a diva with pictures, videos, reels, and stories. Women find much more independence to post media about their artistic sides.

One outstanding compliment can leave them feeling appreciated forever, so think hard after you read these…

1. Never over compliment

If you don’t know her personally, compliment her only once, whether it’s on a post or in DMs. She won’t believe in multiple compliments. Don’t send multiple texts or she’ll feel creeped out.

2. Avoid cliché words

Check her media comments to understand what cliché is for her. If she receives too many “sexy” in the comments section, avoid that. Type something she hasn’t got yet and is respectful.

3. Never go astray from the subject

If they hide their eyes in the video, don’t compliment their eyelashes. Notice the subject of the picture before complimenting. It might be her lips or even a pet.

4. Mention details

Look in the background for a common interest. You might find a pet or a place to compliment them on. If they aren’t the subject of the uploaded media, this is a great idea.

5. Keep the occasion in mind

Read the caption or any info they add in the media. If it’s a birthday celebration, don’t talk about their professionalism or caring nature.

Compliments for a girl on Instagram

161. “Your outshining presence says it all.”

162. “Every time your pictures blow me away.”

163. “Are you a rare diamond? You shine like one.”

164. “I could tell you were a natural beauty.”

165. “Your stories are pretty amusing.”

166. “You must be the most gorgeous on Earth.”

167. “It’s a matter of time before beauty brands approach you.”

168. “Your lip sync in the reels is so on point.”

169. “You’re already an IG model!”

170. “You’re such a beauty icon that I can’t scroll.”

171. “That dog’s so adorable in your picture. Is that yours?”

172. “I can’t define your beauty in a sentence, so I won’t.”

173. “I love that restaurant too. What did you like the most?”

174. “You’re comparable to any Goddess.”

175. “I checked your art account. Couldn’t help but follow it.”

176. “Jack asked me to share his words: “Your business page catalog is really cool.”

177. “Your LIVE had so many supporting comments. I’m sure you’ll reach your goals soon.”

178. “You’re such a noble soul… the orphanage kids must be happy.”

179. “Happy belated birthday, beautiful! You looked amazing in the pictures.”

180. “Congratulations on your achievements! You’re really one of a kind.”

On the flip side, if this girl is your best friend, you have a lot of history and understanding with her. So, is it easy to compliment your best friend? As you thought, that’s definitely not the situation. Being her best friend, you get the added pressure to say the best ever thing about her.

After all, you somewhat feel responsible and affected by her feelings about herself. So, if you wanna make your bestie’s day, follow these…

How to compliment a girl best friend

Best friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Their mood and perceptions about themselves equally impact us.

If you have a female best friend, you probably know that on her low days your encouraging compliments are a major mood booster. And when she feels better, you naturally feel your best.

But by any chance, if you feel unsure about how to manage the situation, here are all the tricks decoded for you…

1. Don’t lead her on

Depending on her sexuality and your gender, she may fall for you. You CAN be best friends, but don’t forget best friends make great partners.

Be aware and choose the compliments wisely. If you feel something’s off with her feelings, it’s better to convey your intentions about her.

2. Mention the word “friend”

Make sure your intimacy, gestures, and words are purely platonic verbally. Use terms like “best friend” or “true friend” so she doesn’t get the wrong idea. This will diminish any risk of being led on or its accusations.

3. Highlight her supportive nature

Appreciate her support throughout the years. Remind her that you didn’t take her for granted all this while. Let her know what she did for you matters.

4. Focus on her strength

As a friend, it’s your duty to equally uplift her. If you’re grateful for what she did for you, through the compliments, remind her that she’s worth everything.

5. Show her you’re there for life

During bad times, tell her she’s a born fighter and you believe in her. Keep such compliments rollin’ during crises because she needs it the most.

Tell her that your friendship will stand strong through thick and thin.

Compliments for a girl best friend

181. “I love that you prioritize honesty.”

182. “If I have to throw my life to save you, I will.”

183. “You can be any man’s wonder woman.”

184. “Don’t forget you’re incredible in your own way.”

185. “I define you in two words: Faith and Pride.”

186. “Your creative energy is impeccable.”

187. “You’re such a smarty pants.”

188. “I learn something new from you every passing day.”

189. “You have endless courage.”

190. “Thanks for always staying by my side.”

191. “You’re the sweetest buddy ever.”

192. “You’re the only one that listens to me.”

193. “Whenever I’m low, you cross my mind first.”

194. “People feel true friends are rare… but I got you.”

195. “I’ll have a good friend like you, over 100 fake friends any day.”

196. “I appreciate you.”

197. “I believe you can overcome any situation. I saw you for years and I know.”

198. “I won’t need another best friend in this lifetime.”

199. “Through rain and shine, you were always there for me… you’re the best friend anyone could ever wish for.”

200. “I’m so glad to have a loyal friend like you in this crazy universe.”

However, if you like this girl, want to make her yours, or if you’re both in a relationship, your compliments for her must definitely be unique. She’s the most precious woman in your life, so you can’t use the same kind words for her as others.

Further, she also hopes that you’ll praise her differently than any other woman. If such expectations feel burdensome and you can’t figure out what’s extra special for a romantic partner, let’s get a quick glimpse here…

How to compliment a girl you like

When you’re around the love of your life, you’ll normally become tongue-tied by her beauty and magnificence. That makes it all the harder for you to utter a word while you soak in her boundless splendor.

But if you don’t express yourself well, it’ll definitely impact your position in her life and her feelings for you. So, let’s do this with these steps.

1. Note if she’s aware

If she isn’t aware of your feelings, try to drop hints with the compliments with respectful language like “I wish a beautiful woman like you’d be my wife.”  This might be the best way to test the waters safely.

5. Accept rejection positively

She may not like you back, so if she notices your feelings and rejects you, don’t react, accept it, and move on.

If she disrespects you, break contact for good but still don’t react because her reactions mustn’t define your character.

3. Dare more if you’re together

In case you’re in a relationship and comfortable with one another, you may drop slight sexual compliments. If she doesn’t like it, stick to personality ones. If she flirts back, seal it with a kiss.

4. Look forward to the future

If you’re exclusive to one another, compliment her about how you can’t wait to marry a wonderful beauty or that you can’t wait to start living in your new house with her by your side. Mention your next relationship milestone to get her heart racing.

5. Express your gratitude

Let her know how much you appreciate her efforts in the relationship. Admit that, her support and confidence made you the person that you are. Let her know your deepest feelings with this confession in the form of compliments.

Compliments for a girl you like

201. “I’m extremely grateful for my stars for letting me cross your paths.”

202. “Both your innocence and beauty allure me beyond words.”

203. “I wonder how you steal my heart every time we meet.”

204. “You make my heart do backflips.”

205. “I don’t pray to shooting stars… they can’t help me be your partner… you can!”

206. “If I have you by my side, my dreams will come true.”

207. “I’m ready to be your beauty’s captive forever.”

208. “Are you a magnet? Every time I look at you, I feel drawn.”

209. “Your touch makes me burn with desire.”

210. “Even your sensuality is lovable.”

211. “I’m sure it’ll sound the best when I call you ‘Mine’.”

212. “I wish to wife up a strong and pretty woman like you.”

213. “I feel so fortunate to have you by my side forever.”

214. “You multiply joy around me.”

215. “Let’s throw the dice. Odds, I’m yours. Evens, you’re mine.”

216. “My safe space is you.”

217. “You always know how to make me feel.”

218. “My karma is really clean to have you in my life.”

219. “Nobody in the entire world makes me as happy as you.”

220. “I’ve never been with someone as lovely as you.”

Sometimes, you may not be in love with a girl but can’t help appreciating her talents. Perhaps, she’s a great dancer, and her moves left you mesmerized.

In this situation, you’ll probably keep mum as you don’t know how to praise her… because either you’re not a dancer yourself or you can’t phrase the words without offending her.

But, what if you can convey your thoughts without misunderstanding? If that sounds interesting, let’s move on to…

How to compliment a girl on her dance

Some women are born with a flexible body and learn the steps naturally while a few others enroll themselves in a dance class to learn the skill. Both of them are equally applaudable for their talents. When they receive compliments, it actually pushes them to improve themselves.

So, if you find such rare gems, encourage them like this…

1. Never ogle at her sexually

When people dance, their bodies shake despite their gender. Don’t even mistakenly stare at her sexually. If she finds out, she’ll never take your compliments without getting creeped out.

And of course, never say anything about “shaking” her body as it screams of your bad intention.

2. Know her dance form

General compliments about her dance are okay if she danced in the club. But if she practices a particular form, learn about it. Mention small details to let her know you’re aware of what you said.

3. Don’t mention details you don’t know

If you don’t understand much about her dance, that’s okay. Don’t force yourself, or else she’ll understand you try too hard to please her and probably don’t mean anything.

4. Compare her to experts

If she isn’t already a popular pro, compare her with one. She tries her best to be one and you never know what she experiences to succeed in her passion. So she’ll feel appreciated and validated by your compliments.

5. If you’re a fellow-dancer, appreciate her journey

If you’re also a fellow dancer, you’ll know her struggles exactly. But, if you know more than her, guide her and let her know she’s doing well. If you’re a junior, say her hard work motivates you.

Compliments for a girl on her dance

221. “You danced as nobody noticed you… but everyone is… you’re that good at it.”

222. “I always liked your posture… I guess it’s because you’re a dancer.”

223. “I love how every step is sensual.”

224. “Your moves are so on point.”

225. “I can’t believe you’re dancing for only XYZ years!”

226. “Girl, you were born to dance!”

227. “You’re so good at this!”

228. “Your steps were so full of vigor”

229. “I can see how passionate you’re about dance.”

230. “I’d hire you if I had a dance school.”

231. “I noticed how hard you worked today.”

232. “That step was really enthralling. Can’t imagine how long you took to learn it.”

233. “Your energy brings life to the performance.”

234. “I swear I saw the judge’s jaw drop.”

235. “I wouldn’t be astonished if you danced in your mum’s womb.”

236.”I’m sure MJ would be proud of you.”

237. “You’re a firecracker on the stage.”

238. “I love how your steps contain so much sass.”

239. “Your every step oozes with smartness.”

240. “You’re such a quick learner.”

Further, if you see a well-dressed woman, you turn your head while she passes by. While you enjoy the pleasant view, she gets the creeps thinking “Is something off about me? Do I look weird?” Stares only make women even more self-conscious and underconfident.

Some even give up on decking up because of the strange gaze. But little does this girl know that people actually loved her outfit. Your one word can help that girl, so if you’re ready, let’s support such girls together…

How to compliment a girl on her outfit

Everyone out there isn’t born with a good sense of fashion, so when you see such girls, don’t forget to appreciate them. You might not know, but your encouragement might build a new designer.

So, whether this girl’s a stranger, a friend, a co-worker, a family member, or your lover, compliment her outfit and let her slowly build confidence. She might use her skills for greater purposes someday, so let’s do it here…

1. Notice her clothes, not the figure

Her outfit looks good because of her knowledge about what emphasizes her curves better. However, unless you’re a girl, it’s better to avoid “curve” compliments.

Similarly, never mention how well she “fills her clothes” as that’s plain disrespectful.

2. Focus on the colors

An outfit looks good when she plays along well with the colors. If her outfit is single-toned, focus on her makeup, accessory, hair, or eye colors. Mention how she made everything work well.

3. Look out for statement pieces

Perhaps her bag, jewelry, or even a necklace makes it stand out. You may recognize that if you have an interest in fashion too. If you do, mention it and she’ll know you’re serious and not bluffing.

4. Point out the best outfit part

Which part of her outfit do you think is the best? So long it’s not something near you-know-where (genitals and breasts, if you didn’t get it), it’s cool to talk about it. Otherwise, go for the second-best part.

5. Blame it on fashion

If you’re not that well-read on fashion (I don’t judge you, that’s normal!), praise her “sense of fashion”! Don’t highlight anything particular to stay safe from follow-up conversations about it.

Compliments for a girl on her outfit

241. “This color is made just for you.”

242. “Your attire brings out the color of your eye.”

243. “I can guess the effort you put into your outfit.”

244. “You’re really great at putting together a perfect outfit.”

245. “You have a striking sense of fashion.”

246. “Your dress accentuates your curves so well.”

247. “The train of your dress puts everything together so well.”

248. “You can even make thrift store outfits work!”

249. “Your dress is the most stunning one here.”

250. “You define style!”

251. “I’m sure many girls want to get your dress.”

252. “You look like a diva in that dress.”

253. “You look dazzling in this attire.”

254. “Is that a custom dress? It fits you just well.”

255. “I really thought you were a supermodel from afar.”

256. “You’re the most elegant one at this party.”

257. “You have such great taste… where did you get your shoes from?”

258. “This dress looks like something out of Shakira’s wardrobe.”

259. “You dress to rock!”

260. “You’re so good at color contrasting!”

If it isn’t a talent but something she’s born with like her lips, that’s also quite cool. After many celebrities getting lip fillers, women kind of feel less than when they don’t have the perfect pout.

There are even men that force their partners to become a pouty Barbie against their wishes. You never know which girl goes through such problems, so let’s make someone’s day better here…

How to compliment a girl’s lips

If you spot a girl with good lips, “I love your lips” might sound a bit weird… she might think you’re aiming for a kiss. I know things may go haywire and you might get charged for harassment. But that’s possible only if you go wrong with it.

If you wanna know the ways to make her feel pretty without looking like a pervert, you’ll have it all here. So, let’s turn up the groovy mood and sprinkle a bit of your magic into her life…

1. Reconsider your relationship

Who are you to her? Compliments about lips are suggestive so proceed only if you’re a female, a potential or existing intimate partner, or her makeup artist. Otherwise, such compliments put women on the spot.

2. Notice her lip condition

If she got a cold sore, chapped lips, or a bruised lip, that’s a bad moment to compliment her “usually” flawless lips. Get a good look and ensure that she looks as good as ever. Otherwise, it’ll sound like mockery.

3. Know who to compare with

Regular human beings don’t have lips like Kylie Jenner, so don’t compare with her. She may like Angelina Jolie’s natural ones. If she didn’t get lip fillers, she may not take a comparison with a celeb without natural lips positively.

4. Say only what you see

All lips shapes and colors are beautiful. If she has thin lips, don’t say she has plump ones. If you do say that, she’ll take it as sarcasm or feel inferior about her lips. Don’t describe it as something it isn’t.

5. Look out for risky adjectives

For lips, “plump” “luscious”, “juicy”, and many more adjectives work. You’ll find many more of them online BUT steer clear of what may sound off. Everyone doesn’t like the adjective “fat” even if it means no harm.

Compliment for a girl’s lips

261. “Your lips are to die for.”

262. “Your luscious lips make me wanna bite them.”

263. “Your cupid’s bow is so deep and enticing.”

264. “In an era of lip fillers, your natural beauty is kinda sexy.”

265. “How many hearts did your pouty lips break?”

266. “Your lips look so kissable.”

267. “I can’t wait to have those lips all to myself.”

268. “Even Victoria’s Secret models envy your plump lips.”

269. “Your lips look like the best art in the world.”

270. “Your lips are perfectly luscious.”

271. “I can stare at those lips forever.”

272. “I’ll probably believe anything if it comes out of those lips.”

273. “I’m astonished that you protected your sweet lips from ants so well.”

274. “Your lip shaping technique is awesome.”

275. “You can rock any lipstick you want!”

276. “What’s the secret to your perfect lips?”

277. “Those sultry lips look straight outta Hollywood.”

278. “Having lips like yours is the Holy Grail!”

279. “The natural ombre of your lips drives me crazy.”

280. “Your lips are so symmetrical it’s hard to believe they’re real.”

However, if you like a girl’s voice, you probably think it’s something more on the “safe side”. The risk of her misunderstanding you is absolutely nil unless the way you say it feels disturbing or she has a bad history with you.

I’m so sorry if that made you anxious, but different situations lead to confusion, so even if it’s a harmless part, you might still end up in a gruesome situation if you’re not careful. So, let’s know how to do it right here…

How to compliment a girl’s voice

If a girl learns she has a nice voice, this might encourage her to chase her singing career and build the next singer or she might build enough faith in herself and learn to speak more freely. You may debate that standing up for herself has got nothing to do with her voice.

Well, you never know how a small compliment can help her battle in her life. So, if you’re ready to share the love one last time, read on…

1. Pick the right mood

Unless she’s screaming with rage, sobbing desolately, or focussed deep in something, compliments for a woman’s voice are always welcome. So, only use them during casual socializing moments.

2. Do it over a call or text

Over texts, say “I miss your sweet voice.” On the call, say “I can listen to your voice forever.” Both give away good vibes. 

But don’t say so when you’re together, as it’ll mean you dislike talking with her in person. However, if she’s a singer, that’s alright.

3. Read about music if she’s a singer

If she’s a singer, learn what areas she struggles more with and complement her accordingly. If you have better knowledge about singing, compliment her honestly.

4. Be ready to face her shyness

Girls aren’t as open to compliments, so she may stop talking much out of embarrassment. Don’t react negatively to that and stick to your thoughts about her. She’ll eventually understand you.

5. Tell her you’re ready to hear more

If you like romantically like her or want to pursue her, drop subtle hints that you’d love to hear her forever. If your compliments make her happy, you’ll hear a lot from her as she warms up to you.

Compliments for a girl’s voice

281. “You have a sweet voice.”

282. “I love listening to your melodic laugh.”

283. “Your voice soothes my anxiety away.”

284. “Did you learn singing? Your voice is so strong.”

285. “I fell for you the moment I heard your voice.”

286. “I can’t forget your comforting voice.”

287. “Your voice is perfect to lull babies to sleep.”

288. “Hearing you laugh as my alarm tone will be so soothing.”

289. “I love talking to you. Your voice calms me down.”

290. “You were blessed with a nightingale’s voice.”

291. “The man that’ll wake up to your voice is lucky.”

292. “I never knew you could sing so well.”

293. “You pour your heart out in your songs, don’t you?”

294. “You have such a soulful voice.”

295. “I can sense the dominance in your voice… and it’s sexy.”

296. “Your voice is so similar to Selena Gomez.”

297. “I wish I could fall asleep while you talk.”

298. “Someday, if I become a music composer, you gotta work with me.”

299. “I love to hear you laugh so much I’m ready to be your jester.”

300. “Your sleepy voice is so adorable.”

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Complimenting a woman might seem tough because of all the landmines on your way. However, if you truly feel someone is worth the praises, don’t stop!

Your gentle words might even save a life, so share the love. And while you’re at it, do it the right way so you both feel great about it.

Remember, this doesn’t just make the woman happy. Rather it also multiplies positivity in your life. However, don’t forget that the compliments in this list won’t perfectly match with one person.

Customize the details based on the girl and your bond with her. Don’t let her catch you red-handed or misunderstand your purpose, and embarrass you. Your efforts matter, so never let anyone belittle them.

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