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100+ Dating Profile Examples for Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge and So Much More

100+ Dating Profile Examples for Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge and So Much More

Updated on Sep 06, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

100+ Dating Profile Examples for Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge and More

Searching for dating profile examples? Ready to look for potential dates? Can’t make an impeccable profile?

Then you reached the right place to build your compelling dating bio! 

In this think-piece, I have something for everyone… you might be a young adult or in your 50s… you might be introverted and feel awkward about everything or not. 

If you want to increase your chance to find a date much more, try using multiple apps! Though it’s the same “you” everywhere and you can use the same bio… it never hurts to mix it up.

Impatiently waiting to find your mate? Let’s begin with a banger mating call here…

Dating Profile Examples Infographics

Dating Profile Examples for Men
Dating Profile Examples for Men
Dating Profile Examples for Women
Dating Profile Examples for Women

Examples of dating profiles for females

Women have never-ending sides to them. They can be loving motherly figures even to their siblings. They control the workplace and people call them bossy.

Despite the name-calling, you – a woman – are a loving person and deserve it all. From sweet to funny female dating profile examples, let’s check it all here…

1. I love dancing to the moon and back. So much that I’ll practice steps while cooking for my parents… to the point that I focus better on work with dance rhythms. Don’t worry, I won’t force you to dance along with me, but your eyes might hurt watching me dance so much. Looking for someone who’s available for silly banters, spending loving free time, and making the best memories.

2. Life is too short so I crawl through a new eatery every weekend. My body says against it but I can’t really help it. Tryna figure out what I can bring to the universe in exchange for good food. Love basking in the morning sun and breathing in the fresh air. Want some Vitamin D in the day and gain weight at night? Feel free to start a conversation!

3. Hopelessly in love with my 3 dogs… ready to fight them for the first position? JK but if you love dogs, we can have a great date playing with them in the park. People watching and bird watching both equally intrigue me. You’ll always find me outside on weekend afternoons. Wanna make a new story every day, but I’m also busy earning a living. If we catch up, Frisbee or binoculars, which is it?

4. Stayed at home with a cup of coffee and a book on rainy days. Went bike riding on sunny days with water and sunscreen. Make a snowman and snow fairy in the yard during ice-cold days. You’ll always catch me doing something despite the weather. Always prefer talking till late at night than texting endlessly. Here to build a long-term relationship, what’s your goal? Ping me up even if we’ll be friends.

5. Live for the emanating petrichor over musk and flowery fragrances. Always laze around on my friend’s porch on hot and humid afternoons waiting for it to rain. Hope to fool around with someone in the first rain of the year. Staying indoors for so long during covid that my inner beast is crying. If I always whisper something about nature and romance, will you get mad?

6. Bartender by night, bibliophile by day… love to whip cool cocktails for friends and family during parties. Love romantic comedies and still swoon over Disney romance. Pretend you didn’t see me crying over a happy movie. Believe that intense romance doesn’t need money. Not the first to enter the party, but the first to support you during bad times. Waiting for someone with similar thoughts on this side. Hit me up anytime!

7. From relationships to pet projects, I take everything in my life seriously! A proud feminist and believe in gender equality, not female dominance. I believe in having no regrets whether it’s about others or myself. Teach self-love by passion. Teach in a high school by profession. Believe in empathetic teaching, share lots of love, and expect respect! Love to meet new people and play extreme sports like bungee jumping.

8. If I became a zombie, will you run away or let me eat your brains? If I became a werewolf, would you run your hands through my fur on a full moon night? If you become a vampire, will you promise to drink only my blood? I’m full of trap questions, fun-loving, and love to tease people. If you’re in for a dose of stupid questions, ping me right away.

9. Short, chubby, and oozing sarcasm on the shores. Joining the army of Doctors soon. Always up for a Friends rerun in between classes. Professors think I’m the calmest of the lot when I’m downright evil. Love listening to raps but can hardly throw words half as fast. Watch criminal documentaries during my free time. Looking for someone to add to my crazy life and share the flavor of my life.

10. I’m vegetarian, not vegan. Don’t expect me to skip my milk or woolen goodies. Can’t help hoarding candles for my bath. Love children but don’t have them and don’t expect to have them anytime soon. Internally I dance when I’m happy and scream when I’m embarrassed. Externally, I’m poker-faced since birth. Love stargazing from my room but hate waking up to mosquito bites. Want a date to enjoy lazy evenings.

Are you a man? Wondering if I’m a  Feminazi and have no place for men on my list? That’s an absurd assumption you got there, mate.

Men deserve to date too, otherwise, where will my straight women go? All right, enough with the stupid jokes, and let’s head in…

Male dating profile examples

To my beloved male readers, before we begin I have an important announcement for you. Never add sexual innuendo to your dating profile. It’s repulsive to your potential match.

Even if you’re not here for anything serious, mention “casual sex only” or “just for sexual relationships”. Other than that, let’s take a look here…

11. Into tasting beers during my spare time but don’t have a beer body. My sense of humor is so morbid an acquaintance suggested psychotherapy to me. Lately enrolled in clay modeling only to find my bad skills. Dead serious about my skills though. Art fascinates me like a 10yo. Nowhere near Picasso but better than grad school level. Glad to paint your portrait anytime but just not like the French girls’ style.

12. Not a sapiophile, but feel passionate about holding intellectual conversations. Healthy debates with a round of any board game are my jam. Bring me any book and I’ll recite it out loud. Both the aroma of tea and coffee fill up my place. I’m a full-time IT guy in search of something new in life. Hope you won’t mind a coffee date if I ask you out on a rainy day.

13. Born a nerd. You’ll always find me fiddling with a gadget or gaming when I’m done with my studies. My pet always pulls me out for breaks. Cherish the present and hope about the future. Friends think I’ll be a TedX motivational speaker. Don’t think that’s a bad side job aside from being a lawyer. Want someone to listen to this geeky motivating soon-to-be-lawyer. Think that’s you?

14. I’m old-fashioned as hell. I like the idea of holding doors open, helping someone with my all, being in exclusive relationships, waiting long before the first kiss or sex, and dropping off my partner home after the date. Wanna have an at-home date? Well, here’s the deal, I’ll buy all the ingredients, we’ll cook together, and you can make fun of my cooking all you want.

15. I’m one heck of a lucky man. Turned my passion for baking into a profession. I can make the best cake with the funkiest colors. Love listening to rock, pop, and classical music. Wanna share my dreams and hobbies with someone and let them pull pranks on me. Because pranks light up lives, right? If you’re like-minded and open to hearing me ramble about my likes, make me your prisoner.

16. I’m so into YouTube spirals, that I probably know a bit about everything. You’ll see me with my headphones plugged in all day. Pursuing Finance as my major and working at Walmart part-time. In love with all flavors of life. Connect with me for a round of online chess, I’ll definitely imitate a bot’s moves. Love going for long walks by sea with an ice cream in your hand? Count me in!

17. I believe in perfect matches but am open to making things work with my all. I counter religious preaching with science and logic. Still moping over the death of Ironman. Might pull you to the yoga mat every morning. We can sleep in after a good breakfast. Learning archery to look cool… I mean what’s a better way to a maiden’s heart than being Hawkeye?

18. Obsessed with the Bermuda triangle scenario since childhood. Wanna watch conspiracy videos together and debate about the crazy possibilities. Work, friends, and family are important but I’ll cling on to you for at least one weekend day. Find Penguins walking the cutest. Show me your favorite videos and let’s hit it off. If someone loves to travel, don’t forget to ping me soon!

19. I want to play mobile and PC games with someone. If you have a thing for tech or wanna learn, I’m ready to babble continuously about it. Love horse-riding on cloudy days. Mamma taught me how to treat others right. I’m conscious about my health but sometimes I just can’t resist hotdogs. Come on a hotdog date someday and I promise I won’t share mine.

20. I’m interested in Ethical Non Monogamy and all kinds of relationships. I want emotional connection and intellectual alignment before sexual relationships. Friends call me weird as they find me with an ice cream in all weathers. Ping me up if you’re a like-minded female with similar desires and are open to building honest boundaries. Hope to meet in real life soon. How about I teach you skateboarding for our first date?

Do you want to find something specific for an app? Wanna do something that’s more popular in that app?

Well, if you didn’t know, every dating app has different ongoing trends. For instance, if you wanna create a Tinder profile, you better follow me…

Tinder Dating Bio Examples

Earlier, people really didn’t put much effort into profiles. However, with changing times, Tinder bio became more interesting. Online daters emphasize funny Tinder profile writing over straightforward and serious ones.

So, let’s check some short yet interesting dating profile examples for males and females here…

For men


I love Basketball 🏀

I adore Pigs 🐷🐽

I may watch, hear, and say nasty 🙈🙉🙊… but at least I don’t smell or taste nasty

I’m an open-minded Male loving Male ♂ ❤ ♂

I have practiced jogging and weight lifting since childhood. We can rob a bank and flee the country with you on my back. 🏃 💸

I love wine tasting and have a few old bottles on me 🍷


Stayed indoors during quarantine for so long that I cry every time I step indoors

Hoard memes like it’s my retirement savings

So tall that I’ll be an excellent big spooning partner

Occasionally go to the pub, not an alcoholic

Have a few awards in Best Manager of the Year and PubG

Stay miles away from toxicity

Love watching the ocean merging with the sky

Let’s hold hands on our first date if you don’t mind a nervous man’s sweaty palms!

23. I went on an overseas trip and woke up to my dream. Working hard to make my dream come true.

No one-night stands or no-strings-attached here.

Will know what kind of person you are before saying “I love you”

Ready to be a good friend and slyly come out of the friend zone

You can avail PAID dating advice here. Send me a SUPER LIKE to know more.

24. Everyone says so much about themselves. But I wanna request you a few things.

Please say you like…

Dogs > Cats

Takeout > Fine dining

Stroll in the park > Clubbing

Funny drunk > Psycho drunk

Exclusive relationships > Non-Exclusive relationships

Judging by personality > Judging by birth date, time, or zodiac signs

Yourself > Me… because you’re one of a kind whether you swipe right or not!

25. Let me give you a preview of our first date…

I’ll pick you up from your place and tell your parents/roomies I’ll bring you home by 10 (IDK which day though)

If you’re not allergic to animal fur, I’ll take you to the animal shelter and cuddle lots of animals. (This is my secret to make you fall for me)

If you’re allergic, we can go for a short library date. (You’ll show me your favorites while I marvel at your beauty)

BTW sorry to disappoint, I’m 5’9”, not 6’.

For women


I’m a new vegan and I don’t judge you for not being one.

I love nature, so I’ll take you to plant saplings on one of our dates 🌳

My blissful life left me with many lines on my face and I’m proud of it.

Looking for a Pirate to impress my granddad and have a duel with

Win your chance to date me with the duel!

27.  My grave life mistakes

Wearing white on rainy days, while eating anything with schezwan, and during workouts

Hoping that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will get married and crying for a week after their breakup

Laughing at the worst moments

Mistakenly snorting in front of a date when I get too comfortable… when it was his deal-breaker

I have no idea what dating red flags are. Please tell me what yours are so we can figure it out together.

28. My biggest fears:

Spiders, Snakes, Cockroaches, Working on the Weekend, Meeting someone like Amber Heard, Hiring the wrong kinds of employees for my employer, Chocolate going extinct, Zombie apocalypses, Forgetting to wear pants before leaving the house (almost did that once)

My greatest hopes:

Going on a world tour, Trying out all the food types the world has to offer, Learning bird language, Running a food and ice cream business for the underprivileged (since ice cream is a must-have), Laughing before the moment I die.

29. Not here for the 🍑 + 🍆. Find your way to my ❤️ before that and I’ll return you the favor.

Too old for casual hook-ups, too young to have babies… I believe and behave like an adult but am so scared about heartbreaks. Well, I guess isn’t that everyone’s fear? Guess I’m not that weird.

That’s my everyday thought in my life 👆🏻

30. Let’s be honest and figure out this 👇🏻

Late night parties vs Late night convo

Short-term relationships vs Long-term relationships

Casual hook-ups vs Serious flings

Staying alone vs Staying with roommates

No pets vs Lots of Pets

Pink vs Blue

More cash and Zero Friends vs No cash and Lots of Friends

Forever Single with lots of flings vs Committed to only one person forever

Well, I’m honestly the first one. But open to changing my perceptions. Are you game?

But who said Tinder is the only uprising dating app? Another one’s Bumble and it’s quite the heartthrob among everyone as it allows you to meet new friends on the app. Many more pros are waiting for you if you choose Bumble, so hop on my ride…

Bumble Dating Profile Examples

Bumble is way better when it comes to serious relationships and even marriage. You find great men and women with parents ready to interview you. Bumble is like a free matrimonial site.

However, if you like casual relationships, this might sound intimidating. But bumble has something for everyone. So, let’s check out some witty dating profile examples for females and males…

For men

31. I like…

Hitting the snooze button too many times for my own good

The smell of the first rain after a hot season

Learning words like defenestration (the act of pushing something or someone out of the window)

Observing the happy faces of my parents even when they fight

Eating ice cream on freezing cold nights

Watching Chubbyemu

Playing with random children in the park

32. Let’s play a few rounds of Two truths and a lie…

I live by the sea. I’m pursuing medicine. I have never been to the beach.

I love Eminem. I hugged my favorite artist. I own more than 100 merch of my favorite artist.

I’m a mixologist. Lots of men and women hit on me during my work hours. I never casually slept with a woman ever. (Fact: I’m into women)

33. Here’s a list of things I’m proud of…

I can tell you about an aircraft with one glance at the model. I can do literally anything with my feet. I can tell the notes of your perfume with one smell. I can make anyone laugh with my laugh. I can sing in karaoke without looking at the lyrics. I can make any crying baby laugh within minutes. I can make your dad approve of me very quickly.


Pro: I love continental food

Con: The recipe books are always written in Spanish, I don’t know Spanish

Pro: I love stargazing

Con: The stars hypnotize me to dreamland too soon

Pro: I love psychological thrillers

Con: I’ll ask you to accompany me to the bathroom for the following week

Pro: I’m a Christian

Con: I’m no Christian Grey

Pro: I love Christmas and Thanksgiving

Con: I don’t have a date and feel too lonely to attend the parties


Unpopular opinions…

Anime is underrated

Starbucks is overrated (I make better coffee)

Home delivered French fries are always soggy

Positivity follows behind money (And I am a sucker for my own money)

Going Dutch on first dates is underrated

“Tell me more about yourself” is the worst question ever

“Hi” and “Hello” never turn into successful dates

I’ll probably flirt with you using my violin and piano.

For women

36. First…

Love: Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

CD: Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park)

Thing I want in the morning: More sleep

Place I went out of station: My dear granny’s

Favorite animal: Rabbits

Person I confide in: Granny

Adventure I went to: School field trip (lots of stories why I call it an adventure)

Celeb crush: Justin Bieber (*internal screams* DON’T judge me!)

If you want to know more, hit me up right now!

37. About Me: Busy bee with Chemical Analysis all week long. Desperately waiting for the weekend road trips with my pets. I often frequent dog cafés and let my pets socialize. Sometimes I leave them at the café and go on solo short getaways. I’m allergic to mean girl culture and love empowering women.

About You: Challenge me intellectually and go out on aimless road trips. Willing to stay in and play with my pets sometimes.

38. Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran > Eminem, Linkin Park

Basketball > Table tennis

Sweet < Spicy

Chinese > Continental

Country scenes > City scenes

Skirts < Shorts

Beaches > Mountains

TV shows > Podcasts

Baggy Tees > Fitted dresses

Luxury items < Thrift stores shopping

Blanket forts, coffee > Dancing in the rain

Cafes > Pubs

If my story sounds interesting, dare to tell yours?

39. Three things about me: I’m a black hole for caffeine, a never-ending waterfall of stupid jokes, banter, teasing, affection, and mischief, and I will blatantly ask you to be my model to practice for my nail art exams

Three things you must know: I’m a ♀ and Interested in ♂, don’t call the ambulance if I sleep too long and don’t wake up even when you push me off the bed, and be prepared to teach me how to cook.

40. Last:

Reason I cried: Allergies

Time I sneezed: Just now

Book I read:  A Spot of Trouble (Teri Wilson)

Show I watched: Squid Game

Place I visited: NYC for a relative’s baby shower

Thing I want from a man: anything in pink, criticism, pricey things

Thing I’ll give a man: A day without me bothering them

Food I share: Cheesecake

Time I had fun: Today (Yup, the answer’s same whenever you check)

Since Bumble is free, it’s full of ads… can’t help them, right? They gotta earn the revenue for their hard work. However, if you’re ready to pay and get rid of the ads, there’s a great dating app waiting for you called Curious how to set your profile there, let’s go check the…

Match.Com Dating Bio Examples is a paid service and completely ad-free and it’s similar to matchmaking services. And if you’re more comfortable on a PC over a smartphone… is just the one for you.

They have both dating apps and online websites. After writing the perfect dating profile you’re all set. Here we go for dating profile examples for women and men here…

For men

41. I’m a single employed bisexual man in the search of hot-tea but ready to settle for less. I know what I want in life and work to reach my goals with all my heart. I love to make others happy but don’t know how to express it. I usually do it with material gifts but need someone who’ll show me how to do it better. Are you the one to guide me through?

42. I grew up with a loving family and am ready to share the love. Many people’s red flags include a dysfunctional family but I want to show you the brighter side of life. Whether your parents didn’t shower you with enough love or you’re content with your family, let me ask you out on a family date?

Thinking about whether I’m in a hurry to tie the knot? Well, it’s about time but please take your time!

43. Once upon a time a boy once told me, “Men can’t get married to one another”. I cried for days only to find out my sexuality. I’m a late learner but I don’t forget my lessons. Let me know about the worst you faced in life and perhaps we can build a grieving relationship? JK! Let me be your cheerleader and win your chance to have good pasta forever.

44. My gramps told me to wait as long as I can before I get married but nobody told me I can’t date. So, here I am looking for someone laid-back and ready to laze on the hammock with me and listen to me recite poetry. Occasionally go dancing in the club and write haiku in my leisurely time. So where do you wanna meet? In the club or a library?

45. The only bad part about my sense of humor is nothing. I might be the funniest of the lot… with too many self-deprecating jokes. I’m so funny that I love myself to the moon and back. But the next moment my inner voice asks “Why are your social media walls so empty then? Why are you looking for online dates again?”

Honestly, do you have an answer to this?

For women

46. Have Cliché couple goals… Wanna be like Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively.

I’m a sucker for margaritas. Propose me with a Shrimp Taco and I’ll become all yours.

Gold and diamonds don’t fascinate me as much as good lipstick. But don’t you ever get me makeup gifts because… not all men know how makeup works.

Have a couple of bucket lists but need a partner for those. So, are you ready?

47. Aquarius, 5’6″. I usually prefer face-to-face dates or phone dates over texting. I can express myself verbally and with my speech tone much better. I hope you’re oozing with a sense of humor and like sports. I love sports dates whether it’s on the couch or at the stadium. I get a little competitive when I partake in sports. Think you can beat me? Because I won’t go easy!

48. A spontaneous belle looking for my Beast. Don’t worry about being tall or having muscles… I care more about perfect emotional connections. I hope you don’t judge me either because I’m a perfect short and sweet girl next door. Anger issues and codependency are my red flags. Let’s go on a late-night walk with our pets and let’s get to know one another even more.

49. I like drama only on screen. Can we pretend that we’re long-lost lovers from another timeline? I’m religious and want someone with the same faith. I’m not intolerant toward other religions but I know what I desire. I won’t stand getting date baited and I’m not looking for friends either. Ready to figure out what works and doesn’t work to make a good relationship?

50. I love dogs and babies but one barks at me when I pet them and the other wails like I stole their pacifier. Looking for someone who’ll explain to me the magic behind making the gorgeous beings around me happy. I’m a sucker for Victorian romance and a great bathroom hummer… really can’t remember the lyrics well. Think you can guess the lyrics to my songs? Then hop in the shower maybe… or not.

However, if you want an app or website with more views than, but just not anything that leads to commitment and a serious relationship… I know you don’t want

To put the pressure off the table, choose another dating app called OkCupid. And then, let’s get some more ideas here…

OkCupid Dating Profile Examples

I can’t really figure out the best thing about OkCupid. They offer you both free and paid services. So, if you like the free one and wanna get rid of ads and have better dates, you subscribe.

Moreover, this app isn’t as marriage-oriented as Bumble or However, people do find forever soulmates here. So let’s brew an online dating profile to attract men and women here…

For men

51. If you ask me to choose between the beaches and mountains, I’ll pass. My life is long enough to enjoy both. I’m the guy that spoils such fun questions. Call me indecisive but I love getting the best of all worlds. I hope you’ll not get bored of my stupid answers and my spontaneous trip plans. I like independent women but I don’t mind covering for both of our tabs.

52. Last time someone told me I was their type… I donated blood shortly after that. People do a countdown to birthdays, New Year, and anniversaries… I countdown to my death. Every year on my birthday I say “Yay, closer to another m*#@^&f*&^%$g year to my death!

People don’t understand my dark sense of humor and run for the hills. I believe someone out there has similar tastes and is looking for her.

53. Favorite things about the where I live

Pizza is dirt cheap because of too many available street stores. A store lends their TV with their Netflix subscribed. You get the fun of Netflix on hourly packages and it’s cheaper than getting an account yourself. My block is full of domesticated animals on the loose. You get to cuddle any of them for free. I don’t need alarms because Charles the cock always wakes us up.

54. People who really know me say…

I’m always laughing like a maniac. Reality: I randomly remember something funny from the past.

I’ll be forever single. Reality: I’m waiting for a serious relationship. They had too many meaningless relationships.

I’m a binge eater. Reality: I exercise really hard and I wanna be happy with my food.

I’m addicted to vanilla. Reality: Vanilla on my plate defines love.

Hit me up if my story intrigues you.

55. Some misconceptions about me…

I’m a lady’s man × [Women ask me for advice to rat out their cheating men]

I’m a lazy ass × [I work at night and sleep at day, can’t help that]

I have no feelings × [I do, but I don’t allow others to walk over me]

I lead people astray × [I tell them a reality as it is and it doesn’t match with social expectations]

For women

56. A woman-loving woman, 4’9″, don’t be disappointed to see this shorty.

Experienced with being a shoulder rest for friends

Experienced with biting off their wrists like a Chihuahua whenever they do that

Finding love online because everyone wants to date supermodels.

Here to have fun 🎉 and find a sensitive gal who likes to dance in the rain to Rihanna

If that sounds like your jam, let’s begin a conversation!

57. My biggest regret: I relished my pet’s biscuits mistakenly, only to realize he ate my pizza as revenge.

My ideal fake sick day: “I’m on my periods” because if women don’t deserve equal pay, then unequal workload!

My mom describes me as: A bad bathroom singer that makes her pets cry. She keeps me around because I’m good with fixing appliances and literally anything around the house.

58. On Saturday Afternoons, I’m always out in the neighborhood teaching the children from the slums. We have a cola party at the end of class. On Sunday Mornings, I visit my parents and cook them a scrumptious breakfast I looked up online. Unfortunately, they’re dishonest reviewers and I hardly know if my food is good enough. Need someone who’ll give me an honest Sunday breakfast review! Intrigued? Let’s talk…

59. The places I’ll hang out must have one or more of these…

Food, refreshing drinks, calm ambiance, cozy weather, greenery, flowers, birds and animals cries, lots of blue, mosquito repellents, and a place to sleep.

The people I’ll hang out with must be…

Open-minded, fun-loving, responsive to conversation starters.

My potential matches must be…

Open to knowing my story before assuming I’m guilty, passionate about myself, encouraging towards my life decisions, respectful.

60. I’m bad with mistreating others and having poor eyesight #sufferingwithsuccess. Don’t call me out if I say there’s no food in the fridge, even when there is. Don’t wanna die alone so I hope to have many kids by then. Woke up mom with a blowing horn once. Have self-diagnosed OCD for sweet guys who respect women and are feminist. If anything sounds like your thing, what are you waiting for?

OkCupid is honestly pricey due to its vast collection for friends, casual relationships, and serious relationships… but if your pocket doesn’t permit it, Hinge is always at your service.

The app is available at a cheaper price and is a favorite for many youngsters.  So, let’s put less pressure on the pocket and get on with it… 

Hinge Dating Bio Examples

Hinge is a female-oriented app and one of the best for women who want serious relationships.

It’s popular among Millenials and you’ll find less explicit content that puts women off. It also supports your off-screen time with limited scrolls. So, whether you’re a male or female, let’s check some good profiles…

For men

61. My simplest pleasures:

Lazing on the weekends while chatting with friends and going out on Saturday night for a bar crawl

Waking up on Sunday without a hangover from the bar crawl

Spending Mondays early enough to motivate myself

Returning after Monday work and say “Well, X more days to get paid”

Just kidding, I love my job! My company will sack me if I won’t haha

Waking up to find your text on my profile

62. This year, I took resolutions for

Building more interpersonal relationships

Spending more time at the orphanage

Mastering my granny’s pork soup

Having kimchi without caring about the stench

Trying veganism and not giving up because of others

Approaching my life with more positivity

Healing myself from daily negativity

Trying out an Ouija Board and calling my great gramps to taste my food

Finding potential dates on online dating sites with optimism (Don’t ask why)

63. I know the best place in town for…

Dumplings, Pizza, Shaved ice, and buttermilk

Buying classy hand-me-downs

Costumes from different cultures

Strolling in the evening for a cool breeze without too much disturbance

Gaming arcade

Convenience store with cool local products

Alcoholic punch

Foods your mom will approve of

Dancing place that’s not a club

If any of these interests you, let’s meet and have a great date.

64. Everyone doesn’t have a perfect dating profile, so it doesn’t justify your real personality. Well, I was talking about myself, but if you relate to this… don’t wait and hit me up. Let’s mope together about how there are too many catfish on online dating websites.

Working with a Tech Giant as a Tech lead… You probably guessed it right. I’m a geek from birth and will probably recreate many soon.

65. I’m a straight man and I’m good with makeup… you probably checked my pictures. I’m obsessed with colors and expressing a new me every day. My folks joke that I’m homosexual but are always ready to ask me around at weddings, graduation ceremonies, and any kind of parties. Wanna help me prove them wrong? Let’s have lots of fun with makeup soon.

For women

66. My passion is surfing but sadly I don’t live by the sea and friends think I made it up. It’s only because nobody accompanies me on my beach trips… so nobody posted sexy pictures with me unsexily falling in the water. I have a knack for making different kinds of bread… so much that I’m considering a new business. No, I’m not looking for a man to support my business. Stop assuming stuff, I like women!

67. I think I’m a typical pink-loving girl. I have too many pink outfits, lipsticks, and plushies. I geek out about cosplay conventions and hoard anime merch. I wish I could fly like Cardcaptor Sakura in a pink outfit. Suggest me an anime and I’m down for an online movie date. I love motivating and counseling my students unofficially. I believe children also need mental nourishment.

68. I cried the most…

– On my graduation day

– When Chester Bennington and Stan Lee passed away… I still have a few parasocial relationships

– When my father said he didn’t want me

I was happiest when…

– When my friends promised to stay in touch after graduation

– My grandma supported me in be a librarian

Lessons learned: Life is full of ups and downs, so let’s love it together.

69. Dating me is like returning from work and knowing someone got you delicious food and waking up to a hot beverage every morning.

I desire someone that will keep the toilet seat the way I like it, replace the toilet paper after using up the last stash, and never get tired of wanting to beat me in games… don’t worry I’ll always win but I’ll cheer you forever.

70. Things I hate…

– Selfish and showy people… but nobody admits they’re selfish, right? They don’t understand when they’re boasting. (if only our thoughts were loud)

– Telenovela… this thing freaks me out more than Indian shows. The never-ending spirals of Telenovela scare me to death and shock me so hard that it brings me back to life.

Wanna make a senior dating profile? Looking for a more serious relationship? Or, do you feel shy about seeking casual ones for your age? Relationships have a different definition for everyone and it’s okay however you want it. So, let’s get down to work with these…

Dating Profile Examples for 40+

Nowadays, we need lots of time to have a stable career. So, it’s hard to think about relationships when you’re not ready to take your own responsibility. It’s wise to wait despite how long it takes as feeding more people isn’t easy.

Whether you’re a man or woman over 40, dating profile examples are waiting here to express your glorious life…

For men

71. Here’s a successful businessman with multiple priorities and ways to loosen up. Really though I’d regret not dating by 40. But now I’m proud I did, I’m ready to give my future family all the security they need. I wish to sing along with my wife and kids, visit new places, and even stay fit together. Looking for a woman who doesn’t get tired of my twisted optimism.

72. I tried so hard and got so far… And in the end, it REALLY DOES matter! I’m sure I won’t be Tired of being what you want me to be, now that I’m more than just an entrepreneur. Interested in settling down with someone ambitious and loving. Looking for a serious and exclusive relationship, but don’t worry, we can take it slow if that’s how you like it!

73. A financier by the day, a songwriter by night. Passionate about flying jets myself and mountain climbing. Love surprising my family with unexpected pleasantries. I have too many children’s books at home for my nephews and nieces. Every day is a new journey and I look forward to returning to someone’s hug at the end of these journeys. Let’s set off on a vacation and get to know one another!

74. Used to be a school delinquent and now return them to the right path of life as a living. I relate so much to them and maybe that’s why I can figure out their feelings so well. I’m really passionate about my job and hope my date supports me to do better and be communicative. Communication can bring us far and without it, nothing works. So, let’s make this world a sweeter place together!

75. I can’t back off from my chosen path unless you show me I’m wrong. Divorced for years and was finally ready to push myself into dating. I promise you a bomb sense of humor… for exchange, hope you laugh your heart out and forget about your sorrows.  All of my friends either have kids or are cheating. I’m still ready for neither… If you’re ready, let’s figure out life together.

For women

76. I’m passionate about checking new restaurants every weekend, teaching salsa, high-intensity workouts, and cleaning up. Apparently, I’m also passionate about my work… think you can spot my occupation out of those? Waiting for a strong-willed man to join my journey. Hope you’re passionate about everything you do, whether it’s your job or your relaxation time. Too old for drama, too young for making out outdoors… but it totally depends on you.

77. I’m a divorced full-time mom of a 12yo, working in Wendy’s for a living. I can’t think of a happier life without my baby… but I’m finally ready to start dating again. Don’t mind if you’re divorced and have kids… I hope for a happy family that’ll get along well. No hurry, but I wanna date with the intention of marriage in mind. Text me if this sounds like a good deal.

78. I love covering my tab in restaurants. I don’t need a man to spend my vacations, but want someone as an ally in my daily humdrum. Want to make wholesome memories while traveling and sharing my life. I’m on dating apps, but I don’t mind making a friend or two. Let’s have a good time together while making delicious food and counting the stars.

79. I might sulk one moment because of the rain and happily start dancing in the rain the next moment. During fights, I might fume with anger one moment and cry the next. I can’t define myself even after 40. I find solace in nature’s lap and want love and a healthy relationship with an understanding person. I’m ready to explore the possibilities of online dating apps.

80. After work, the best therapy for my fatigue is cuddling with my furry friends. Love cooking fresh meals every day because health is my dearest wealth at this age. I leave my furry friends to a friend whenever I’m in the mood for Saturday Matinee. With years of wisdom, I’m sure I want someone loyal, interesting, and who can take a joke.

Want even more mature female dating profile examples? Or is it a man’s? Well, your gender and sexuality don’t really matter… and what you feared, neither is age a factor. Your heart and free spirit matter the most in this situation. So, here you go…

Dating Profile Bio for 50+

Most people over 50 give up on love thinking life will soon end so why bother? Well, it’s because you’re a lovable person and you can make others like you so much better. You probably don’t believe me but don’t feel anxious.

Whether you’re a man or woman over 50, dating profile examples are all you need to begin your blissful journey!

For men

81. If you say “I’m sad”, I’ll probably reply “I’m dad”. My kids gave up on my dad’s joke compulsion disorder. A widower for two decades, raised my kids on my own. I loved when they trusted me with everything in their life. Finally ready to pick up on the dating game when my nest went empty. Hope to enjoy my retirement happily with someone.

82. Love comedy flicks and trying to understand popular culture. Into yoga, laughing clubs, late evening walks, beach dates, sunset and sunrise viewing, and love getting massages from professionals. I’m about to retire in a few years and am looking for a retired or to-be retired male companion to share the second spring of my life. I’m not into alcohol, so that might be a dealbreaker for me.

83. In the 5 decades I lived, I learned a lot from my daughter. The greatest was that happiness and romance don’t need to stop. Before she goes off for her happily ever after, she wants to set me up with a date. I hope to meet an understanding and calm lady around my age who values happy times together over expensive getaways. Let’s be partners and be together forever.

84. Ticking off my bucket lists at the age of 50+. But I probably waited too long and have nobody to share my joy with. Looking for someone to go on trips, taste wine, roast s’mores from self-made bonfires. I take my health very seriously and hope you’ll listen to my requests about it… because we gotta happily live a long time with these old bones

85. I like furry animals so long it’s not a tarantula. I love eating meat with scales unless it’s a snake. My faith lies in non-prophet organizations like Atheism. I’m the hottest in town though I’m no celebrity… You see, I don’t have any fans. Beware of your bank balance, I can push you over any time to ruin it. I’m really playful with my words and hope you won’t get angry at me.

For women

86. I’m a crazy food lover but my doctor restricted half of my favorite foods. So, I share the love with my grandkids and relish the taste through them. My house always smells of chocolate and butter… because of the children. Love gardening and making pottery. I’m starting off a new business with my passion. Need a man who doesn’t give up on age.

87. I’m a meditation club president in my locality. I love traveling but I don’t think my joints can take long journeys. Crazy about ice cream. My pet peeve is being late. I want someone who understands that life is too short to fight and is straightforward and compassionate. Want to trust my man 100% and have no regrets at this age.

88. Had my fair share of romance through life. But never wanted to settle down until 2020. I really didn’t want to die alone and am looking for someone to marry. This might sound funny for a 50-something old lass, but I want my happily ever after to begin now. If you’re ready to begin a married life now, shoot me a message.

89. A psychologist and therapist by profession. Don’t believe in restricting love with age. Interested in Polyamory and have enough love to love many. Giving a shot to build my own polycule and approach happiness in my way. Want my partner to hold honest communications about their feelings. Want someone who isn’t afraid of commitments. If you only want a friend to support you morally, don’t be afraid to write back.

90. I’m easy-going and love mingling with people. Don’t laugh but I wanna make friends on an online dating site and hang out to live my life the best way. I like feeding people so don’t be astonished if you get a Christmas invitation. I like appreciating the good in human beings. And of course, I won’t turn down potential dates because that’s the aim of dating apps and sites.

But sometimes, more than your age, gender, or platform, you worry about your comfort. The first and foremost thing about dating apps is socializing. If you’re an introvert, it might feel really awkward to make an honest profile. So, let me lead you in this case…

Introvert dating profile examples

My partner is an introvert, so trust me I know where I’m coming from. An introvert’s dating profile is usually a bit awkward.

They’re actually witty and have great conversation skills once they warm up… but before that, they mess up the bio big time. So, express yourself with these and be more honest with yourself!

For men

91. I feel pretty awkward mingling with people. But guess everybody does… some fake it till the end, some build confidence while faking it. I’ll give it a try and hope my date will forgive me for the awkward silence. I won’t mind if you’re bossy or take the lead. I promise to learn from you and fall in love with you in the process.

92. Love fantasy stories, computer games, and anime… but I’m not an addict. I find keeping my thoughts to myself and not standing out of the crowd comfortable. Though that doesn’t imply I tolerate bullying. I’m a growing anti-bullying activist and coping with my introverted nature simultaneously. Looking for someone supportive and who loves constructive criticism. If you think I’m your type, let’s write!

93. Learning new things fascinates me. When I begin something new, I don’t stop until the end. I didn’t yet find something specific to call my passion. You might find me dancing alone to jazzy music behind closed doors on Saturday afternoons while I clean my space. I’m really not good with people so the weekend nights are usually movie marathons. Let’s meet if you don’t judge my lifestyle.

94. As per age-old romantic stories, men are supposed to be brave and always fight the monsters to save the damsel in distress. Then they flaunt their happy married lives to society. I’m down for the first part, I’ll always be there in times of need… but maybe I’m not good with public courtship. I’m usually introverted and become warmer when I know someone with time.

95. Let’s say, we are stuck in a dangerous life situation on a full ship. I’ll probably make a survival way for both of us to escape… but not try to help the rest. Well, not because I’m selfish or cruel… but because I really can’t handle public situations. So, if such a situation comes up, would you mind talking to the others on my behalf? Because I really don’t wanna leave them behind.

For women

96. I’m a passionate guitar teacher by day and a budding novel writer by night. I love to stay cooped up in my random and crazy imaginations. I feel more comfortable being on my own, but since the guitar is also my passion… I don’t mind bearing the discomfort for a while. If you don’t mind lots of stay-at-home dates and occasional outdoors dates… want to try making a new story?

97. Guess the lie among these…

I go for a jog at 5 am. I work as a receptionist in a doctor’s chamber. I’m an extrovert. I’m a complete geek. I think the answer is pretty clear, so hit me up whenever you like.

Want someone supportive, that doesn’t judge me for my likes, is honest, loving, and ready to watch Friends on a roll.

98. I love spicy Indian food, spending time on the computer, making memes, gaming, listening to podcasts, and home delivering everything since Covid 19. I like pets more than humans… at least they’re honest. Introverted and looking for someone who’ll respect my way of life and not try to fix me up like a project. And I code for a living.

99. I heard I had a great profile… It was shortly after getting a blood test report. Proud feminist but never boasted about it until now. I’m a part-timer at IKEA, and “No, the product you saw online isn’t available in the back!” I really wanna scream that out… but too introverted to say that. If you’re also working, let’s discuss how you deal with such situations.

100. I’m too quiet and I love to stay that way. But I don’t mind if you wanna talk and spread some energy my way. I define awkward silence as blissful. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll listen to you ramble all day, and when I start getting comfortable… I might start talking about Star Wars a bit too much. If you think you wanna try or can handle this, let’s chat and meet.

Oh well, it was a long journey, but don’t leave just yet. Let’s check the last-minute dating profile-writing tips here…

5 Tips for Writing Great Dating Profile

Not just this one, you’ll find an abundance of dating profile examples online. You might feel one particular example or parts of different examples define you the best. You might think putting the ditto info might be great, but that’s a major failure!

Rather, follow these tips for the best dating experience

1. Never copy-paste

There are so many dating profile examples. You might wanna copy something that matches you well.

However, copying is never a good idea. Keep a hint of originality and rather use the idea to make it easier. Use the outline to highlight the real you.

2. Introduce yourself

For a great profile, the first step is introducing yourself if the dating app or website doesn’t show your name along with your profile photos. Start with “Hey, it’s <name> here” or “Hi I’m <name>…”

Add clear, natural, jolly close-ups and full-shots. Profile photos are important for good online dating profiles.

3. Talk about your hobbies and qualities

Another online dating profile tip asks you to fill in your interests. Interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes determine your compatibility and chemistry.

Whether it’s a 50-word short or 300-word long, take your time to explain your qualities and mostly refrain from being too direct.

4. Express your date’s preferred qualities

What do you expect from your date? Do you want them to follow you everywhere in the world? Or, do you want to stay at home and have fun?

Explain the qualities you desire to save both of your time and energy knowing one another. However, don’t focus too much on unwanted qualities.

5. Make them curious

It’s important to express yourself and some sites allow you to create a profile with endless characters.

But don’t write a dating profile with too much info. A great online dating profile makes the online daters curious for more.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Despite your age, gender, sexuality, sexual or romantic preferences, and personality… There’s someone for everyone out there. You’re one of a kind and you can brighten up someone’s life with your presence.

So, take time to know and love yourself and wait for that special someone patiently. However, no matter how desperate you’re for a date, don’t trust anyone too soon. 

The world is full of opportunists… you may be out to build a business or a relationship, someone will always try to take advantage of your weakness. 

Never click on links your dates send you and never lend them money… doesn’t matter if their life is hanging on it.

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