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Have You Met Your Soulmate Already? [45+ Signs to find out]

Have You Met Your Soulmate Already? [45+ Signs to find out]

Updated on Jun 15, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Soulmate - Definition, Signs, Types and How to Find Your Soulmate

Does everyone find their soulmate just like Jack found his Rose?

Maybe yes… Maybe No.

But we sure as hell dream of one.

“Text me once you are home” – Damn right, I will even give you a call just to hear your magical voice.

Some say that love finds you even in the darkest of days, while some believe not everyone is lucky to find the love of their life. Some people make it seem effortlessly smooth, and some do not even bother.

We all know that somewhere in a small corner of our hearts, there is something that keeps wanting more.

It craves understanding and compatibility, the desire to be cared for and loved by someone.

But do we know who that someone is?

Let us find that out in detail!

Soulmate Infographic

Soulmate - Definition, Signs, Types and How to Find Your Soulmate
Soulmate – Definition, Signs, Types and How to Find Your Soulmate

What is a soul mate?

A soulmate is your perfect match for you. You have an impeccable emotional connection with them, and they positively impact your life. There is a soulmate for every one of us, and life with them will be nothing less than perfect.

Well, the definition of soulmates is different for every person. It depends on personal preferences. Even psychologists believe that the description of soulmates is subjective.

But, the most predominant definition for a soulmate would be someone who is your perfect match and the one you must find to attain happiness in your love life.

It is believed that there is a soulmate for every one of us. This person is the missing piece of your life’s puzzle.

A life with your soulmate will be nothing less than perfect. The popular notion is that if we are not happy with our soulmates, we will never be pleased by anyone else ever.

Some people also correlate soulmates with someone who had a significant impact on their life. Like someone who changed your perspective regarding something and eventually, teaching you to live your life differently.

Or someone who modified your outlook about yourself and the world, thereby teaching you a valuable lesson.

Cultivating a unique connection with someone who can read you like an open book is rare. Being able to express your innermost emotions without feeling judged is a treasured experience.

You also struggle and grow with your soulmates. Everything seems effortless with that one person.

It is difficult to find words that are worthy enough to define soulmates. But, in brief, a soulmate is someone who will motivate you to gain expertise in awareness of yourself.

This was all philosophical, let’s find out what science has to say.

Are soulmates real? – The Science behind it

There is no proper research evidence to explain the existence of soulmates. Science believes that it is a matter of geographical proximity. The more frequent the communication, the more chances of becoming soulmates.

Logically speaking, there are more than seven billion people on this planet, and the probability that you will find that one out of these seven billion people seems next to impossible.

If you do the math right, you are likely to connect with multiple people during your lifetime. Whenever we decide the criteria for being soulmates, it is a long list of personality traits, cultural background, education, and looks.

But the most prevalent factor that contributes to people being soulmates is the geographical proximity. I know, it does not sound romantic.

But people are more likely to develop feelings for someone with whom they connect frequently.

 And, this is not my opinion alone, it is backed by science.

There are no research studies that can provide evidence of the existence of soulmates.

You can believe in soulmates but do not keep it close to your heart. Relationship experts say that obsessing over the idea of soulmates can harm your current relationship.

So, focus on what you have. It might be too precious to lose.

If you are unsure about what kind of partner you have and whether they are your soulmate or not.

Break the shackles of the stereotypical definition and embrace these different types of soulmates.

Types of soulmates

Do you ever feel this sudden and strong sense of connection towards some people as you walk down the aisle of life?

They become the protagonist of your fairy tale without the dawn of realization. Such people often contribute to love, comfort, support, or wrath.

They bring an influx of soul attachment – commonly known as our Soulmates, 12 of which are listed below.

1. Soul Partners 

The most known type of soulmate is soul partners. Usually, they may be among friends, family, siblings, colleagues, or life partners. You have spent almost your whole life with them. 

They magically influence your life and eventually support you in the long run, be it emotionally, socially, or professionally.

They give you the incentive to move forward without looking back and play a pivotal role in balancing your life. 

As Jill Blakeway rightly said, When you meet the other half of your soul, you will understand why things did not work with others. 

2. Soul ties 

Soul ties are formed by a series of actions that lead to a specific reason for meeting that person in your life. 

One fine day you come across a friend or mate who potentially becomes the cause of inspiration and motivation in your life.

There might be some things that you would never do yourself still you did because of some circumstances. Now you feel that it was the right thing to do. And, it was also fun. 

You may also have a soul tie with this cat who dwells in your neighborhood, who you see down the street every day.

3. Past-life soul mates

The people we meet in our current lives were probably the people we have met in our past lives. 

Past lives and deeds are a crucial part of Indian mythology and philosophy. Hundreds of thousands of people believe and have faith in meeting soul mates from their previous life. 

Soul remembrance and identification lay the foundation of this type of soulmate. A remarkable past together leads to intense attraction in the present.

This thought-provoking quote by Rabindranath Tagore explains it all: I seemed to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.

4. Karmic soul mates 

Karma (according to Google) is the sum of actions of a person in his current and previous states of existence. This is viewed as a deciding factor of their fate in their future presence. 

It can bring good luck or bad luck, depending on the deeds done by the person.

Instead of looking at karma being good or bad, it is a relationship created with a person due to small but noteworthy interactions. It can be affirmative, pessimistic, or unbiased. 

An epitome can be Prospero and Alonso (characters from The Tempest by William Shakespeare). The karma of Alonso returns to him after 12 years in the form of a storm raised by Prospero.

5. Romantic Soul mates 

Romantic soul mates are often referred to as life partners who help one another heal and improve to be better people.

People at large often explain this feeling by butterflies in the stomach. It serves as a clear sign of an invisible association between two souls and people. 

This beautiful quote by Karen M. Black says that We meet our soulmates when we are on our soul path.

6. Soul families and Soul groups

Soul families and soul groups are the collections of all our soulmates, family members, or soul connections. They may also be the people working towards a common aim. 

They are meant together to work upon a similar cause in large groups and help each other. Soul families spread love and moral values. When they are together, they make the world a better place. 

Rightly said, your kith and kin will be there with you through thick and thin.

This is not decided by birth but by the endeavors to do good. Non-governmental organizations on a social mission are the perfect example of soul groups in recent times.

7. Companion soul mates, aka soulmate friends

When we are born, our relations as parents, grandparents, siblings are already decided. Friendship is the only relationship that we choose by ourselves as life goes on.

Childhood friendships are the ones that are the most long-lasting and are often referred to as companion soulmates, aka soulmate friends. The friends we make at the various stages of life play a significant role in our decisions.

An excellent example could be Antonio and Bassanio (characters from The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare). Antonio was ready to lose a mass of flesh just for his bosom friend Bassanio.

8. Kindred spirits 

Kindred spirits are soulmates who are not restricted by optimism.

Kindred means ‘of similar nature or kind’. This makes it easier to understand who are kindred spirits. 

They are the people who really understand and connect with you. They can be people interested in shows, games, books, fashion, and flavors, similar to yours. 

Ann Parrish says, “To discover a kindred spirit is to find your heart in the heart of a friend.” Here she means that you should find people you genuinely resonate with.

9. Soul Contracts 

Soul contracts or commitments are settlements done from soul to soul. It is imperceptible. Soul contract may be raising a pet or writing a piece of poetry or baking something on a lazy afternoon.

These kinds of agreements are spiritually bent and are formed pre-birth or pre-incarnation. Soul contracts can make challenging tasks doable.

It makes a person less indecisive. The amount of motivation that is drawn from such an agreement is immeasurable. 

According to Paul Coelho, these are bent to happen as, “Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.“. 

10. Soul teachers 

Soul teachers are mentors or guides who guide you to the path towards success. They touch your soul with their wisdom and inspire you to aspire. 

Soul teachers build the foundations of our careers and council you whenever struck on a life problem.

They do not have to be your school teachers or tutors. They can be any elder brother or sister or a friend who teaches you to tend to do demanding tasks and accomplish them with flying colors. 

Soul teachers help you learn from mistakes and pass the lessons from generation to generation in this life.

11. Soul crossings 

Soul crossings refer to the connection felt with someone who crosses your path at some point in your life and changes the whole direction.

The time and state of affairs are not the priority when that soul crosses you. But, the eye-opening experiences and the longing in your heart that this person leaves behind is the “real” deal.  

This type of soulmate explains how the amount of time spent with a person does not really matter when they are your soulmates. 

As suggested by Erol Ozan, “Some beautiful paths cannot be discovered without getting lost.”.

12. Twin Flames 

According to Savvas, A twin flame is your own soul, shared across what appears to be two physical beings. It is one soul split into two bodies.

It is a very rare yet interesting bond to share with a person. To summarize, twin flames are a soul relationship guided by a spiritual essence.

Twin flames bring to the surface your deepest fears, insecurities, and shadows due to their “mirroring nature”. It’s not just you but your twin flame is also equally affected by you.

Did twin flame and soulmate sound quite similar? It might be a category of soulmates, but it is different in many aspects.

Go ahead and read the differences between a twin flame and a soulmate.

Twin flame vs soulmate

Soulmates and Twin flames are different in a lot of aspects. The main difference is in the definition itself.

Soulmates are those who have a deep connection with you because both of your souls are compatible and friendly to each other. Twin flames, however, are part of a single soul divided in half and put into two different bodies.

Each of them has its own merits and demerits. Let us take a detailed comparison in the table below.

Basis of DifferenceTwin FlamesSoulmates
Emotional developmentTwin flames find it easy to grow emotionally because of their instant intense connection at a spiritual level. They are there for their partner throughout the journey.Soulmates tend to bond slowly and do not have the privilege of an instant connection. This is why they might face problems in the earlier stages of the relationship.
AimTwin flames aim to nurture their other half by providing welfare and enrichment. They contribute a lot to each other’s lives.Soulmates aim towards enriching their individuality, thereby gaining some significant learning. They allow you to grow on a personal level
Destiny Twin flames are destined to be together, given that they are incomplete without each other. Maybe not physically, but they will always be together emotionally. The lives of twin flames are connected on a deeper level, which allows them to be together forever.When it comes to a soulmate, we can have multiple soulmates during our lifetime. So, soulmates might not stay together till eternity. They might end up being a phase of each other’s life.
RealizationTwin flames are instantly aware that they have a deep connection with each other. They realize this in the early phases of their relationship.This dawn of realization might not hit the soulmates anytime soon after getting into a relationship. They might not even feel any sense of mental stimulation throughout their relationship.
Insecurities Twin flames strongly believe that they are made for each other. Their relationship is based on this spiritual realization. Hence, the intense connection between them does not allow them to possess insecurities.Soulmates have to deal with insecurities during the duration of their relationship. They might even decide to get separated from each other when these insecurities are not addressed.
Taking a breakTwin flames stay with each other through every phase of the relationship. They have got each other’s back and are ready to support their other half along the way.Soulmates are open to the idea of taking a break. They might arrive at a situation in their relationship where they stay away from each other for a while. When it comes to soulmates, healing and personal growth are sometimes prioritized over togetherness.
Pain and sufferingsTwin flames generally do not go through a lot of pain and suffering. They know each other in and out and can assess each other’s feelings to the T. This is why their journey is filled with positivity and feel-good experiences.Soulmates go through it all. They feel all the negative and positive experiences with each other. Their journey is long, and the connection is not as deep as that of twin flames.
Physical IntimacyTwin flames possess a splendid physical intimacy. This happens because they share a deeper spiritual connection with their loved ones. It multiplies the pleasure on the bed.Soulmates are also supposed to experience a great physical connection. But they do not possess an instant connection. This is why their physical intimacy keeps getting better with time as their bond improves.
FrequencyThe frequency of twin flames is just one during a lifetime. They are your other half, and you cannot have more than one half. Hence, a person cannot have more than one twin flame during their lifetime.We can have multiple soulmates during our lifetime, depending on our connection with someone. Anyone can be your soulmate, even someone from your family and friends. It does not always have to be romantic.
Similarities Twin flames, the word twin says it all. Twin flames have almost similar characteristics and traits. They are called twins because they are identical in every aspect of their personalities. Soulmates are mostly the yin to their yang. They offset each other. Their behavior is different, and there is a sense of individuality. They are different branches from the same tree – similar roots yet are unique in their own way.
Soul wavesTwin flames sing the same soul song. Each line gives way to the upcoming line in the same rhythm.Soulmates have similar waves. They might have the same genre of soul song, but it is not the same song.
Experiences Twin flames are privy to similar experiences in their lifetime. It does not matter what backdrop they had. The life events of twin flames turn out to be almost identical.The experiences that you have had can be totally different than that of your soulmate. This brings a fresh perspective and new feelings into the relationship.
The difference in opinionTwin flames are similar in every aspect of their personality. This is why they have the same perspectives about every situation. They look at things from the same angle.Soulmates explore different angles of a topic in their relationship. Their bond enlightens them by helping them learn new insights into a subject.
ControlTwin flame partners rarely have any arguments. Their connection is so natural that there seems no need to control or manipulate the other person. Hence, there are no control issues or domination games. Soulmates do not have that instant connection like the Twin flames. This is why they experience a power rivalry in the initial stages of the relationship. Here the partners are focused on dominating the other one. This encourages them to be manipulative.
ExistenceNot everyone has a twin flame. Only a few people who are lucky to have a deep connection with someone can have a twin flame. Their bond extends to a higher level of spirituality.There is a soulmate for each and every one of us. Our soulmates exist in some part of the world, and we might or might not have an encounter with them during our lifetime.
CommunicationTwin flames do not face any hurdle in communicating with their other half. Their connection is strong enough to thrive through problems like long distances or differences in opinion.Soulmates can stop communicating when they find their partner having a different opinion. Not being on the same page can even bring a permanent pause to their conversations. 
ToxicityTwin flames have a high chance of having a toxic relationship because they have similar traits. Along with similar healthy habits, the unhealthy habits are also the same. This can contribute to high levels of toxicity. The romance might fade later because of the predictable nature of the partner.When you are in a relationship with your soulmate, it rarely gets toxic. The partners can go separate ways when they phase-out of a relationship. They do not let toxicity make a home in their relationship.
Concept of the soulTwin flames are the other half of each other. They are a single soul that has been divided in half and acquired by two different bodies. Twin flames belong to the same soul.Soulmates, as the name suggests, are the mates of your soul. The souls are connected to each other in some way or the other. They are an individual soul who has a great bond with each other. This is why we can meet multiple soulmates during our lifetime.
Spiritual growthTwin flames achieve a higher spiritual intimacy as soon as they get together. Their connection is miraculous and nothing less than divine.Soulmates evolve and grow spiritually over time, but twin flames have an intense spiritual and divine connection with each other right from the start.
Complexity with the connection  Twin flames face a lot of complications because their connection is not just limited to this realm. It is intense and spiritual.Soulmates rarely face any complex issues in their romantic relationship. Even if they go their separate ways. they still understand the perspective of the other person. The bond is sweet and admirable most of the time.

Now that you know the difference between twin flame and soulmate. Let us help you identify signs that will tell you whether or not you’ve found your soulmate yet.

How do you know you found your soulmate?

Few people do not believe in soulmates, while a few others daydream about their one-and-only.

Do you want to know if your partner is your soulmate? Read through these signs and closely observe your feelings when you’re around your partner – I’m sure you will find your answer.

Let’s go….

1. It is a pretty evident 

How would you know this person is your soulmate? Well, it is not that tough to determine, believe me. 

Oftentimes, in life, we might experience a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts, which is quite natural and foreseeable.

But the right person, your soulmate, will not make you feel uneasy – instead, there will be a sense of calmness when they knock on your doors.  

You will feel relaxed and comfortable in the presence of your soulmate and find yourself sharing a karmic relationship with them. Something that you would not have experienced with anyone before.

2. The friendship is unbeatable

Do you know the most beautiful part of any relationship? It is the friendship involved. The rapport is so strong that it defies any limitation. 

You two can have impeccable compatibility. If not for romance but for your friendly spirit, you would go beyond limits for your partner. Nothing can be more perfect than this.

Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soulmate in their best friend.

You know life gets easy with friends around, and what can I say when you fall in love with them – it’s the most beautiful connection ever.

Are you still wondering why Chandler ended up with Monica?

3. The calm you feel in their presence is blissful.

The right person will not only give you butterflies but they will also give you the sense of being at ease – all at once.

You start being yourself and roll down all the doors and filters.

The sense of belongingness, even when they are sitting far apart, is the cue you need to identify your soulmate.

4. Your mood = Their mood.

You both accept each other’s shortcomings and feel extreme empathy for your soulmate in times of crisis.

The connection that you both share makes you aware of each other’s pain and happiness, thereby helping you experience them all together. You cry in their pain and laugh in their joy.

If you’ve found this kind of divine connection, it’s all you could ever ask for.

5. There is immense respect in your hearts for each other.

Respect forms the foundation of any relationship. Without it, a relationship would either die or turn toxic.

When you both respect each other’s boundaries and space, it will surely develop into a soulful connection.

A better understanding of your bond concerning your feelings and ideas makes it unique. Respect and love go hand in hand. One without the other will not satisfy your connection.

6. They are the yin to your yang.

Perfection cannot be attained by anyone on this planet. A soulmate connection balances the imperfections between the two, and as a whole, you both can conquer the world.

A soulmate connection does not have to be a replica of each other. Even if you two come from different sections of society in terms of behavior or temperament.

What matters is how you both compensate for each other and accept the differences.

7. You have a consensus on significant matters

Do both of you find yourselves on the same page in life most of the time?

If you and your partner agree on the same ideologies in life, you are luckier than most out there. Finding a middle ground in the crucial areas of life and discussing the concerning issues with patience is all we need. 

You may not find matching interests between the two of you, like favorite TV romcoms or deciding whether to go for outdoor dates or indoor private ones. 

But when it comes to the crucial areas of life, like sharing life goals or career plans, you both end up sharing similar ideals.

8. Your life goals align with each other

Like all other old-school romantic stories, you also want to be with your partner till the end of the time. You have already planned the way to make it work.

You both may have different dreams or jobs in different cities. But at the end of the day, you still manage to talk to each other.

You communicate > You ask about how was your partner’s day > Your partner asks if you had your food on time or not. This is it. These little things matter. 

No matter how busy your schedule is, you think about them before hitting the bed. This makes you feel relaxed.

Relationships for the long haul are not a cakewalk. But if you both commit to staying together, you’ve already found your soulmate.

9. You encourage them to become better

It’s a dream to grow together. That extra little push when you are unable to see the light is all that matters – and if your partner does that for you, what else do you need?

A partnership where you both grow together is a sign that you share a soul connection. Appreciate them for who they are now. Inspire them to achieve more in life. 

What is the point of a relationship where you cannot make your partner feel motivated or good about themselves?

10. You are not afraid to show your true self

Are you able to portray your true selves to your soulmate without filters? 

If you can feel this type of comfort and calmness when they are around – then, you, my friend, have found your soul connection.

Attaining that level of understanding where you do not fear being judged by them is tough but once found, it’s a different kind of gratification.

You can share all your strength and weakness with your soulmate. And, even after all this, nothing can dim your love for each other.

11. You both do not give up on each other

No relationship is all perfect and fairytale-like. It is all a matter of effort. Are you ready to fight for it? Are you willing to compromise on your habits that might make them uneasy? 

Life is a bed of roses, but the thorns are complimentary. Getting into fights is not bad. Arguments are important to understand each other’s behavior and response to actions. 

It is an everyday process to make a relationship long-lasting. A soulmate connection will find its way amongst all the mess around and fight for it. 

They will work for it and be willing to take some solid steps and go that extra mile to keep your connection safe.

12. You are privy to their love languages

Everyone has their own love language and ways of expressing and receiving it. Some convey them in words, some by touch and some by way of giving. 

Every human is unique, and their aspects differ from each other. If they are introverts and still go out of their way to express love, appreciate it. 

It is really crucial to understand your partner’s love language. Do not compare your connection with others. Your bond is one in a million so embrace the uniqueness of your relationship.

13. They are your biggest cheerleader

You and your soul mate together make an unbreakable bond. You both are at your best when you have each other by your side.

There will be situations when you have to go through some tough times. But just knowing the fact that you are not alone will make you feel at ease. 

You both support, trust and respect each other immensely.

14. You have empathy for them

Do you also experience heartache, when you see them going through pain? Your soul connection feels every ounce of your pain and happiness.

It is like two bodies with a single soul, where both of you feel it all together. Sharing such a divine connection is very hard to define.

15. Your chemistry is firework worthy

They say the chemistry will speak for itself when you finally find THE ONE. Physical intimacy plays a crucial role in defining this chemistry.  

Your lovemaking would be so exceptional that you will not stop thinking about them. The butterflies in your stomach never stop fluttering.

Every touch of them leaves a memory that you keep on recapitulating. 

16. You have their support no matter what.

You will not have to ask for it. Your soulmate will be there right behind you in every situation. You won’t need to speak it out or let them know you are going through a rough phase. They will know it all. 

Sometimes you might also be amazed at how your soulmate knows about all of it. Your soulmate will take all possible steps to bring back happiness in your life.  

17. They make you feel secure.

Although little jealousy is healthy and completely acceptable, you are super confident about this person. The sense of security you feel is unmatchable. 

This confidence makes a relationship stronger. Your heart builds that extra trust every time your partner keeps assuring you.

You know your bae well enough to give them the desired space without having to worry about “what if they’ve gone to meet someone else”.

You know that their heart belongs to you and only you, so there is no chance anyone can get in between and ruin things for both of you. The soulmate connection radiates itself from far.

18. You want them around yourself 24*7.

Only having your partner by your side or around you is more than enough. You do not need to plan fancy dates to enjoy their company. Even sitting in silence for hours will not feel boring because you understand each other’s language. 

Words are not the only way to express your love towards each other. Let the eyes do the talking.

Let their heartbeat make you feel the emotions they are feeling within. The feeling you experience by being with them at that moment is all you need.

19. Their flaws are attractive.

There might be a difference between you and your soulmate. In this case, instead of being repulsive, you find yourself being attracted to your soulmate.

You and your partner are aware of every single flaw that you both have. But you do not get annoyed over them. Instead, you work on it together.

Even if you had an argument, you try to express your perspective and empathize with theirs… instead of playing the ego game.

20. You have frequent encounters with them

If you and your soulmate are not in a relationship, but you see each other all the time, then how many more signs do you need to make them yours?

You might bump into them every now and then. If your conversations are engaging, and you’re left wanting for more every time you get back home… Well, grab a spoon and ask them out.

21. Your choices are not abnormal anymore.

Have you ever longed for someone who would understand your playlist? When you find your soulmate, you will not be wondering about this anymore.

After meeting your soulmate, you start feeling validated. You finally feel the presence of someone in your life who understands you.

Your weaknesses turn into your unique qualities. They make you a better person.

22. The fortune-teller said so

If you want to attain cues from the universe about whether a person is your soulmate or not, then what is better than visiting a fortune teller.

Speaking to a psychic or a fortune-teller can help you look at the situation clearly. This way, you will know if the universe is on your side… or not.

23. The differences do not threaten you.

You do not find it necessary to agree on everything with your soulmate. You solve your disputes with an open mind. You also pay attention to your partner’s opinions.

Feeling respected even after a difference in perspectives is a significant sign of finding a soulmate.

24. Their happiness is a priority

You want to see your soulmate happy all the damn time. You feel compelled to lighten up their mood after your partner had a rough day. 

If all you ever want is to see your partner comfortable and happy, then you have found your soulmate, my friend.

25. You give each other the required space

Self-love is a vital aspect of every relationship. A healthy relationship is one where the couple always has some time exclusively for themselves. 

When you tell your partner that you want to be alone, they should provide you with your personal space. If they do, you have got yourself a soulmate, mate.

26. You can read their mind. 

Has your partner said something that was already on your mind at that exact moment?

Do you understand what the other has to say by the look of the eye? If that is the case, then this is a telepathic connection, my friend.

The telepathy between you and your partner might feel like a dream. You know they are your soulmate when they complete your sentences.

They know the workings of your brain and what you are thinking at a particular moment. What more could someone ask for anyway?

27. Your gut is giving your positive signals

These are the signs of the universe, babe. If your gut says that this person is your soulmate, listen to it. These cues are enough to know that this person is made for you. 

You find yourself at ease when you are with your partner. A beautiful feeling surrounds you in their presence. This feeling is evidence that you have found your soulmate.

28. Even your zodiac finds you both compatible

If astrology thinks that this person is your soulmate, you should give it a thought. Right? 

Astrology can help you find which zodiac is most compatible with your zodiac. Do not forget to check your horoscope to know if love is arriving soon or not. 

Well, Blake Lively is a Virgo, and Ryan Reynolds is a Scorpio. It is needless to explain the power couple they are. Zodiac finds Virgo and Scorpio to be very compatible for a love relationship. 

I hope you find the Scorpio to your Virgo.

29. Everything is falling into place.

You have been through phases in life where you lost some potential partners because of wrong timing. Maybe you were not in the right mental space to get into a relationship. 

But now that this person has entered your life, everything has suddenly fallen into place. You feel ready to enter into a new phase of life with this person. 

The universe is falling back into place and finally delivering you a soulmate.

30. Life seems beautiful

Everything about life seems beautiful. You do not question the universe anymore. You have a good attitude towards everything that is happening around you. You believe that everything happens for a reason. 

Is this what you feel when you are with your partner? You have found yourself a soulmate, my friend.

31. Your emotions are valued

For the first time in years, you have felt understood by someone. You finally feel that you have found someone who values your emotions. 

You know that there is someone in the world who wants to know your feelings instead of just labeling you as dramatic. This care and understanding is something that only a soulmate can have.

32. You feel like you have known them forever.

Do you feel like you have known this person forever? And do you find it difficult now to imagine a life without them? If yes, then you already know what it feels like to have a soulmate in your life. 

33. You are supportive of their ambitions

You might have been conscious in the past about who you want to spend your future with.

Professions like mountaineering or foreign diplomats were something you did not desire your partner to take on because of the distance they bring.

But you support this person with anything and everything they want to pursue. Their dreams are your dreams, and you want to back them completely. 

34. They know your feelings in and out

Your soulmates understand the rollercoaster of your life. They know all about your highs and lows.

Your soulmate is there to support you when you are feeling low. They are your comfort couch after a rough day. 

They don’t get jealous of your limelight because they know you deserve it. Your soulmate lets you bask in the joy of your highs like a free bird. Having someone like this is such a grateful feeling.

35. You are intrigued by them

When you love someone for who they are, you love them with all your heart.

You let that person embrace their authentic self. Loving someone requires acceptance. If you have accepted them COMPLETELY, you have found your soulmate.

36. You can have bitter conversations without hesitation

There are no conversations that you are scared of having with your partner. The topic can be bitter to the core, but you know that everything will be alright in the end. 

The sense of security your partner provides you helps you be open and honest to them. This behavior is a vital sign of finding a soulmate. 

37. You are not afraid of being dramatic.

You are not afraid of drama anymore. You do not hold back emotions to prevent the situation from getting heated.

You feel comfortable telling everything to your partner because no matter how hard things are, they will not leave you. 

This sense of security helps you to avoid holding grudges and embrace a healthy relationship where you can talk about anything and everything.

38. Jealousy is not your thing anymore.

Jealousy has taken a backseat after you came into a relationship with this person. You are not affected when other people drool over your partner. 

You know that your partner is super loyal and the last thing they would do is break your trust. This happens because you know that they belong to you. 

Feeling secure about your partner is the ultimate sign of finding a soulmate. 

39. You are not afraid of being brutally honest with them.

Babe! I appreciate your efforts, but the pasta you made was not edible.

If you are not afraid of telling this to your partner, you are definitely soulmates. When an honest opinion does not create a rift in your relationship, you know you are made for each other.

Your partner will not get mad at you for calling them out on something. They know that you are just putting out your honest opinion instead of sugar coating things.

They might even appreciate it because, at the end of the day, they know you love them.

40. You are a team.

You are not afraid to take risks because you know that your partner has got your back.

You feel comfortable doing risky stuff because your partner is your safety cushion. They will prevent you from getting hurt. And this is all you need.

41. You never play the “it quits” card with each other no matter what.

Leaving them is not an option. None of you believe in telling the other person that you will part ways with them over something insignificant.

You value and respect your relationship. You have put your relationship on a high pedestal. And you would not want to belittle it by giving someone unworthy and rude threats.

42. Vibes are filled with happiness

Do you know the most vital aspect of a relationship? It is how you feel when you are in one.

Do they make you feel happy even when they are not around? Do you still feel loved enough when they are miles away? Well, then, that’s it.

You’ve found your soulmate.

43. You have no memories of your life before they walked into yours.

When you finally come across your soulmate, you will not even realize how it actually happened. You will not remember what exactly led you to meet this perfect soul. 

It is hard to explain. But in your head, you will be all sorted knowing that it was meant to be one way or the other.

The connection is not an ordinary one. It is something divine that is hard to explain. 

44. Apologizing is easy, and it comes from your heart

Do you know what ruins a healthy relationship? It is the pride and ego that get in the way of taking your relationship forward. Apologies should not be so hard to ask for when you love someone. 

When you can apologize even when you are not at fault, it shows how much effort you put in to keep the relationship alive.

If a sorry can save your relationship, your pride should not come in the way. And if it does, that relationship is not worth keeping. Trust me.

45. They are your stressbuster

After having a hectic day at work or on days when you feel low, you know that when you come back to them, they will be there for you.

Your partner provides you all the comfort you desire, sometimes even at the expense of their own. You can loosen up in your partner’s arms and are not afraid to show them your vulnerable side.

They don’t judge you for what you’re feeling. Instead, they move mountains to make you loved and cared for.

If you find all these signs in your partner, then Congratulations.

But if you don’t, I’m sure you’re already looking for one.

So, mate, read the step-by-step guide of how to find a soulmate given below. The guide provided below explains it all. So, hold tight while we uncover the most awaited secrets.

How to find your soulmate?

Luck sometimes plays a vital role in finding a perfect match. But rather than just depending upon luck, you should start working on yourself to find a desirable partner.

Apart from that, here’s a 10-step guide to help you find your potential soulmates.

Step 1: Cherish the single life.

It may seem contradictory. But, before finding your soulmate, you need to be a happy and confident person. Relationships will not last long if you are not happy with yourself.

To find a perfect match and a partner who is equally attracted to you, you must know your likes and dislikes. You can do that by…

  • Pursuing hobbies that you find interesting.
  • Reconnect with your friends and family members
  • Analyzing several career options that align with your interest
  • Maintaining a diary of your day-to-day life.

Step 2: Take note of the traits you want to attain in yourself.

Make a list of things you enjoy. For example, you are attracted to someone who likes reading or someone with a good sense of humor.

Maybe you are attracted to a person who is athletic or energetic and not the one who is always laidback.

Once you’ve identified the traits, try to build on them. In the process, you will find that you are meeting the one who shares the same interests as you.

Even if you do not meet your soulmate this way, you will notice that you have learned quite a few skills.

Step 3: Be open-minded with your thoughts.

People cannot always predict the trait which attracts them the most.

Making a list of the things you desire in a person will not always help. You might get attracted to a person whose interests will not match with yours, but that is absolutely fine.

If you want to find an ideal partner, it is acceptable to have some deal-breakers. Let your instincts get into the game in finding your soulmate, not just a list of pros and cons.

It is important not to judge them based on their caste and culture, skin color, or age differences.

Take it slow and make efforts to get to know each other… do not just jump to the conclusion.

Step 4: Stay away from people that develop attachments in seconds

Forego the urge of having an affair with an admirable person who is already in a relationship. A relationship that laid its foundation with betrayal will not last long. They are deeply rooted in infidelity.

Wait until the right time to make sure that your partner-to-be has been single for long periods. This will help you succeed in the survival of your relationship.

Step 5: Be sociable and work on your networking skills.

If you build on your social networking skills, it will help you explore various options according to your interests.

You may meet some friends of friends, some office colleagues, or even some absolute strangers and strike conversations with them. 

It is the best way to meet people who have similar thinking like you.

Some more ways that can be helpful are…

  • Joining a hobby club
  • Alumni groups
  • Meetups
  • Volunteering in events
  • Host a house party with mutual friends

Step 6: Keep a friendly demeanor.

A humorous, joyful, or radiant personality will help keep your companions complacent around you.

Some light flirting with them can take you a long way. Their response will tell you whether or not they’re interested in taking it forward.

All in all, you need to be open to making your friends comfortable interacting with you.

Step 7: Blind dates? Oh yes!

Your friends are aware of your interests, your likes, and dislikes. Trust their instincts and go on with the choices they make for your blind date.

Do not shut the door of opportunities to meet new people. It may not always be a win-win situation, but who knows one fine day, your soulmate comes knocking?

Step 8: Hone your flirting skills.

There are numerous ways to flirt. Know every possible way and adapt with a few you find attractive. Remember to not cross the line if you don’t want to offend your partner.

Friendly compliments and light banter can take you a long way. Other than that, the following are the traits you must know to up your flirt game.

  • Use cheerful and subtle pickup lines
  • Nod to express your affirmations
  • Keep the conversation alive
  • Compliment on the “details”
  • Maintain eye contact during the conversation.

Step 9: Create an online dating profile but leave them wanting more.

In this modern generation, many people use online dating platforms and are also successful at using them for their benefit.

Now about your dating profile, there is no need to write every particular thing about yourself in the bio section.

Just a little introduction, likes, and hobbies – That should serve the purpose. You just be honest and yet keep some surprises for when you secure a date!

Step 10: Arrange a meeting at jaw-dropping places.

Places have a very crucial role to play when you meet the “ONE”.

Imagine you both are meeting each other in a pub that plays high-volume music, where neither of you can hear each other while making conversations. Such a bummer, right?

So, pick a subtle place with a friendly ambiance. It can be anywhere like an amusement park, a themed restaurant, or any other place that relates to both of you.

So, buddy, do your research and don’t let the golden chance go.

Finally, understand that you have more than one soulmate!

Let me tell you again: you meet multiple soulmates in your lifetime.

Anyone who says otherwise, don’t believe them.

Give your relationship time. If it does not work, move forward and don’t dwell on the past. Do not get obsessed with the “you have ONLY one soulmate” concept.  

But also, don’t keep chasing the perfect. Because buddy, no one is perfect. So instead of hunting the ONE, motivate your partner to become a better version of them.  

Remember, it takes time to build a relationship to the point where you become soulmates. This is a long process filled with hardships and roadblocks.

It takes years to know each other before you can proclaim each other as “Soulmates”.

Now that you know how to find a soulmate. Aren’t you excited to know what will happen when you meet? If yes, then keep reading, honey.

What happens when you meet your soulmate?

Finding your soulmate can seem like a dream come true. It can send you to La La Land with beautiful fireworks all over the sky.

Confused? Let me explain.

1. You are YOU in front of them.

Yes, and that’s most important of ALL.

Accepting yourself with all the flaws (mentally, emotionally, physically) is the first step of having or expecting a healthy relationship. The more you know about yourself, the better you communicate with your partner.

Effective communication is the secret to all happy and gratifying relationships. Life experiences make it hard to let your guards down.

But if you can do so without the fear of being judged or rejected, that’s when you know you’ve met your soulmate!

2. There are healthy discussions, not fights.

Everything in this world has a yin and yang situation to it. When you fight with your partner, you don’t always have control over your words or even tone.

Fights are a part of relationships. Like caramel salt popcorn, a relationship comes with different flavors. 

The motive and intention of both the partners are the same, but they have different approaches to it.

The efforts to resolve a situation matter. Not how big or small the fight is or whose fault it is. 

You can make mistakes. But, having an intention to solve the arguments where ego, attitude, self-obsession, negativity, and other terms have no space is all that matters.

3. You spill all your secrets

When you meet your soulmate, you naturally roll down ALL your guards, without any effort. The vibe is so soothing that you tend to spill all your secrets, even the most deep-rooted ones.

This is because you feel so comfortable in their surroundings that it gets almost impossible for you to restrict yourself.

Your soulmate does something to you so effortlessly that all your walls are knocked down… and you’re left exposed but not overwhelmed.   

4. The intimacy is heavenly.

As the word Intimacy pops up, most of us shy away from the discussion. Let’s understand that every person has their own definition of intimacy. It depends on how your partner expresses it.

For some, it is just holding hands, and for some everything is in the eyes. For others, it is kissing and a lot of cuddles. 

Whatever it is, it gives your soul a sense of calm and gratification – a kind that you’ve never experienced before. Remember, physical intimacy has more impact mentally than physically.

So, when you’re around your soulmate, you wouldn’t just feel satisfied physically but also emotionally.

5. There are chemical reactions in your brain.

Human bodies are made of so many components that you and I can’t decode (unless of course, it’s your profession).

When our body feels something (mentally, emotionally, physically), it releases certain kinds of chemicals. These chemicals, at times, lead to us having a blur vision about situations and problems. 

You might feel over-optimistic and see hope in every corner. You are not afraid of suggesting not-so-rational solutions to the problems because of the sense of security you get from the person.

But this also leads you to have a problem-solving mindset and a risk-taking attitude. 

Tough decisions don’t take a toll on your mind, anymore. You know this person will always have your back, no matter what.  

All this happens only when you have met your soul partner – not a causal buddy!

6. Their presence is intoxicating.

Intoxication brings along both – good and bad. No matter if it is a person, place, or thing. You get addicted to someone when you spend a significant amount of time with them.

Not only the big moments, but you also like spending tiny-little moments with them.

The sense of comfort and warmth you feel in their presence is bound to be addictive – after all, there are not even a handful of people who make you feel at home.

They appreciate you in your true self and it is so rare and precious for you that you feel a gaping hole in your heart in their absence.

Buddy, you already know you’ve met your soulmate – it’s time for you to make a move!

7. You start having better relations with people around you.

When you find a person who affects your life positively, you will also see a positive impact on your other relations as well.

The safety cushion they provide prevents you from investing your time in negative thoughts. This helps you stay happy and so you gradually tend to emanate positive vibes to all the people surrounding you.

People accept and appreciate this positive change in you. So, when you notice such a significant change in your life after the entry of your soulmate, do not let this person go.

8. You ooze confidence.

Confident and ready to conquer the world.  

You’ve never been like this before but since you’ve met this person, the change is absolutely majestic. It feels great. It feels like you are ready to toss six in a ball.

But you know, even if you do not score, the person at the stand is praying for your success.

They will still love you and will not get disheartened. They will never lose faith in you and push you hard towards your goal, no matter what.

When you meet your soulmate, you know that the person will love you even if you fail.

9. You feel accepted.

Loving someone in their highs is easy, but accepting someone in their lowest and darkest phase is the ultimate test – but this person refuses to leave your hand, no matter what.

You feel accepted, welcomed, and celebrated.

They compliment you on messy hair days, and give you a hug even when you haven’t bathed for days.

They introduce you to their inner circle and move mountains to see a smile on your face (quite, literally!)

10. Life lows don’t impact you as much as before

Soulmates hang in with you through all the highs-and-lows of life. They are not just a strong support but also a shield to fall back on.

Soulmates are supposed to make you feel better about yourself. They help you grow and harbor an optimistic approach towards life. They make your life beautiful even when it seems messy.

So, if you know such a person, ask them out the first chance you get.

It is all fun and games until it starts hurting your relationship. Yes. You heard it right.

An obsession with the concept of soulmates can ruin your relationship. Read ahead to know how.

Can the concept of soulmate harm your relationship?

Yes, the concept of soulmates can harm healthy relationships as people keep waiting for “the one and only” their whole life.

Research and studies have shown that the people who believe in destiny and the concept of being in the search for ‘the one’, end up ruining their existing relationship.

The people who strongly believe in being destined to a special someone are inclined towards cheating. These people often wrong their partners by referring to them as not “soulmate worthy”.

They believe finding soulmates is in the hands of destiny. Thus, they never push themselves forward to find the root cause of the problem and blame it on fate.

Now that you know how harmful your obsession with soulmates can be. Let me tell you some healthy ways to think of soulmates.

What’s the healthier way to think of soulmates?

The healthier way to think of soulmates is to think of them as best companions or extra special people.

People who strongly believe in destiny and only soulmates often lead to toxicity in their relationship. A better and healthier way to think of soulmates is by thinking of them as close and extra special people.

People who truly understand you and back you up when in need. They provide unconditional and divine love and propel us to keep moving forward and learn from our mistakes.

The thought of having only one soulmate is bigotry. Hence, it is advised to take into account all aspects and then decide.

Soulmates are counterparts who think and act similarly and empathize greatly.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

So far, so good. That was ALL about soulmates.

There is no science to it, no undiscovered experiments, no evidence to back it up.

There is just a belief that each one of us has a soulmate… out there, in the universe.

The concept sounds exciting. But only until it is not obsessed over. Or until it becomes the reason people stop putting in the effort. Or until it turns out to be what it is not supposed to be.

Love, attention, and care are something that we all yearn for. From finding a soulmate in someone else to pushing someone to be like the one you imagined – one can go to a different extent for the perfect one but is that really necessary?

Humans are not perfect, and they are not supposed to be. They have flaws, some deeper than the deepest trench we know of.

But what’s the fun in “perfect”?