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Who is a Sapiophile and How Can You Attract One? [with Quiz!]

Who is a Sapiophile and How Can You Attract One? [with Quiz!]

Updated on Sep 20, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Sapiophile - Meaning, Signs, Significance and How Can You Attract One

Wondering what the word sapiophile means? Or, did you hear someone calling you one? Perhaps you or a loved one is always attracted to intelligence… and you’re intrigued by this behavior.

Whatever might be the reason, you’re at the perfect place! This think-piece is your one-stop answer to everything about sapiophiles.

Well, before we dive deep, here’s a short answer – between beauty and brains, Sapiophiles always choose the brain. Intellectual and meaningful conversations are the way to their heart.

Aren’t you already excited? Because I am!

So, get ready for the journey and hop in…

Sapiophile Meaning

Sapiophiles are people who feel attracted towards intelligence or intelligent people.

A Sapiophile finds intelligence attractive… This intelligence does not refer to the ordinary intellect, it’s above-average intelligence.

Well, in a world where half of the people fall for the heart and good looks… these people feel sexually and physically attracted towards intelligence. Isn’t that cool?

If you are a smartie and have a good IQ, then you might physically or mentally turn on a sapiophile. They also have an eye for creativity!

Wondering where it all began? Let’s find out…

Where does Sapiophile come from?

It is a combination of the Latin term Sapient: Wise and Greek term Phile: Lover of. Both the ancient man and the Greek were sapiophiles, to begin with.

The word sapiophile has a Latin root. It is derived from a combination of Latin words: “sapient” which means “wise” and the Greek suffix “phile” which means “lover of”.

So, smart people with high levels of intellect and a great sense of humor are most attractive to a sapiophile.

It’s still unknown who originally coined this word: Sapiophile, but its origination dates back to 1991, 21st C.

Let’s connect it with the beginning of time…

Evolutionary effect

To understand the historical relevance of the term, we must believe that a certain aspect of being a sapiophile or a sapiosexual also deals with evolution.

Education and the theory of natural selection left no choice for the human mind… other than choosing the subjects that appeared intellectually and logically correct.

Many argue that early Homo sapiens were more superstitious than intelligent. But that doesn’t mean that intelligence didn’t exist.

In fact, the discovery of tools itself is a big example of their intelligence. To women, the men who hunted with these tools might appear to be physically attractive. Isn’t that an example of being a sapiophile?

Talking about the present, people who are more equipped with the use of technical gadgets always appear as bright in the group.

Thus, evolution affects people’s mindsets in every walk of life.

Next, let’s also check recent history…

Ancient example

Look into history to find decent examples… civilizations have always kept intellectuality as the base of their development.

For instance, ancient Greece is the best example of a sapiophile civilization. The Greeks believed that falling in love with a fool is ridiculous.

For them, gathering Intelligence and improving as an individual was the norm. This marks the practice of sapiosexuality in Greece.

Though sapiophilia was already in practice, it wasn’t coined. Mostly because people were not fully aware of its significance.

Curious why you need this term? Come on, let’s know…

What is the significance of the word Sapiophile?

The term sapiophile helps you convey the type of person you are, want to date, or feel sexually attracted to. It’s quite helpful in online dating apps.

People believe that the word exists just to add another element of interest and spice to the dating world. But that is not the truth.

However, the usage of this word is very important and it holds a very crucial significance in modern life.

In the current era, busy people don’t have the time to understand each other’s expectations. But it’s easier to understand with full information about their particular personality or sexuality type.

The word Sapiophile easily explains those who get attracted to people with high IQ.

Earlier people probably described it with their habits, choices, and general behavior. But now, one word can easily convey your likes.

It gives you an idea about a sapiophile’s personality. It helps you understand them and meet their expectations without much hassle.

But even if you identify as a sapiophile… How is it useful? Let’s know from here…

Who uses Sapiophile?

Nobody usually uses this word unless they’re explaining it or describing themselves. This word is mostly used on social media. The uses are:

  • To describe one’s own personality in a word.
  • Some sapiophiles look for a sapiophile life partner, and so they use this word to demonstrate their needs in a partner.
  • To search about their own personality.
  • To educate themselves on the expectations, choices, habits, and behavior of a sapiophile.

There is another word that is somewhat similar to sapiophile. It is called sapiosexual. But are they the same? Let’s find out…

Sapiophile vs Sapiosexual

Sapiophile describes a person. While sapiosexual describes the nature of sexual and physical attraction of a sapiophile towards intelligence.

Sapiophile is a noun, whereas sapiosexual is an adjective-noun. Let’s take a closer look at the definition of sapiophile and sapiosexual, to draw a clear difference between the two terms.

Sapiophile: An intelligent person who is attracted to smart and intelligent people.

Sapiosexual: Sapiosexual nature refers to the tendency of Sapiophiles to get sexually attracted or physically attracted towards people who have a high intelligence quotient (IQ).

We all get impressed by brains… but does that make you a sapiophile? Let’s take a quick glance…

Signs of a Sapiophile

You might have been in a relationship with a sapiophile but things didn’t work out. Or you broke up with someone because of mismatching intelligence… and now you’re full of regret.

It can be either.

People often mistake a sapiophile to be an emotionless person. However, that’s a myth… Even sapiophiles have emotions. The only difference is that their emotions are also intelligent. 😉

Humorous, but true, that sapiophiles have emotional intelligence. Other than that, here are a few more signs that will help you identify a sapiophile…

1. Libraries are their best friends

A sapiophile’s eyes can miss everything, but not a library. They spend most of their time reading and grasping knowledge.

Hence, it also becomes a reason for their fluency and linguistic grip. The hefty words glide like butter into their intelligent conversations.

 2. They enjoy deep conversations

If you’re a sapiophile, there’s a high chance that your adrenaline rush is at its highest peak, during heart-to-heart intellectual conversations.

You like interacting and exchanging views and thoughts about intellectual matters.

Not everyone can strike a conversation on those topics and that’s the reason you don’t bond like everyone else.

3. They have a photographic memory

Sapiophiles are often noticed to have a photographic memory. Every object that catches their eyes, be it for seconds, is inscribed into their memory.

Let’s assume: you walked by an advertising board.

Being a sapiophile, you will remember every little information in the advertisement. You didn’t learn it by heart, but captured it with a glance… so it was completely unintentional yet you have it in your memory as fresh as a chapter from your textbook.

4. They like debates

Sapiophiles love to debate or feel happy to engage themselves in one. Their arguments are based upon the deep research and knowledge they gathered all their lives.

If you’re a sapiophile yourself, you must have won several debate competitions and if you know some person who is a sapiophile, here’s a warning: never challenge them in a debate unless you know you WILL win.

5. They are curious spirits

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can satiate their thirst for curiosity. This curiosity constantly fuels their hunger for knowledge. Thus, they’re attracted to people who are as curious as them.

That constant urge to know something is what keeps them alive.

For example, you may find them engaged in deep research… as well as interested in tiny things like how a remote control car works.

So, their curiosity has no range and bounds and includes everything in the world.

6. Education is a must for them

For sapiophiles, education is the most important factor in an individual. They, themselves, are well educated and want society to be active in literary fields.

They want to promote education in every corner of this world. In fact, they don’t differentiate between people while imparting knowledge.

For example, they’ll be equally excited whether they deliver knowledge to a group of intellectuals or to a lower uneducated class of society. According to them, education is for all.

7. They’re people with an open mind

Sapiophiles embrace knowledge from any group of people. Be it a toddler or an experienced adult. They listen to everything that possesses some sort of learning.

Normally, people don’t like being advised or criticized. But Sapiophiles accept it with an open mind and also appreciate their effort. They will never dismiss your opinions and also appreciate it if it is legitimate.

8. They don’t like to play dumb

Sapiophiles, DO NOT AT ALL, accept stupidity or dumb behavior. Rather, they are annoyed by such people.

Some people act innocent all the time… and a lot of others get attracted towards these kinds of people. Sapiophiles neither behave like this nor withstand such behavior.

9. They are self-accepting

Let’s accept it: If you’re a powerhouse of knowledge… you or the people around you will never get enough of you.

You are more logical and your reasoning power is extravagant. So, it is obvious that you embrace yourself as being a logical person. You wouldn’t hesitate to show it off!

10. They are big-time grammar nazis!

To some, it’s annoying to speak before a sapiophile. Sapiophiles cannot handle incorrect spellings or pronunciations. They will always cut you off in the middle and tell you to correct it before proceeding.

No mistakes can escape their eye, not even a spelling error. They also get super happy when someone correctly spells a complex word. Yes, you’re right they’re Grammar Nazis!

11. They are open to questions

Sapiophiles are well-educated personalities. So, they will never let your questions go unanswered. Rather they will appreciate your curiosity and answer all your questions patiently.

They will never berate questions or the questioners. They like clearing others’ doubts and queries.

12. They don’t hide behind perfection

They do not restrain from expressing themselves. Similarly, they are also eager to know others’ horizons of imagination and thoughts.

They analyze human behavior and never shy away from expressing their weirdness and fears.

For example, a sapiophile can handle enormous academic stress but can also get scared by a tiny cockroach.

They’re really tough during exam times… but also feel a child’s excitement while eating a cup of ice cream.

13. They use deep conversations as foreplay

A normal person needs physical proximity to feel sexually aroused to another. But for a sapiophile, they need a very deep conversation to feel aroused.

Like if you want to seduce a sapiophile, ask them some intense questions, and see how their eyes glisten while answering.

No physical characteristics matter to a sapiophile as much as IQ. They don’t need cuddles or seductive clothes to feel giddy down there, just match their level of intellect!

14. They are gifted with creativity

Sapiophiles are extremely innovative, creative, and unique.

We all have differing perspectives, and it’s a fact. Sapiophiles carry their own legacy and always want to stand out from the general crowd.

They are extremely picky about their interests and tastes. For example, they may listen to hundreds of songs, but only a few find a spot in their playlist.   

If you ask them what was wrong with the other albums, their in-depth explanation will shock you. They notice things that others don’t even know about.

15. Sapiophiles are emotionally intelligent

Sapiophiles are extremely balanced individuals. Just like their academic intelligence, their emotions also have a certain level of intelligence.

Their practical approach towards everything might make you doubt whether or not they have emotions. But the truth is, they do.

They want to be loved, cared for, and pampered like any normal person. They also crave for shoulders to lean on and a hand to hold on.

The only difference is that they don’t let their emotions control their actions.

16. They’re explorers

For a normal human being, adventure means traveling, trying a new sport or clicking pictures. But for a sapiophile, it’s profound exploration and an inferno that drives their intellectual fire.

From my personal experience, if you ever go out with a sapiophile, you will witness a totally different form of adventure. And it will amaze you, for sure!

Not only will you enjoy the journey, but also find a new perspective of looking at things. All the discussions during the trip will find a special place in your mind.

You might not click pictures or do funny things but you will definitely get important lessons in life.

17. Social media isn’t their cup of tea

Sapiophiles don’t believe in scrolling social media for pleasure and entertainment. Instead, they use it for gathering information and becoming more productive.

Yes, while the whole world just can’t get enough of dancing reels, sapiophiles feed their curiosity on social media.

18. They’re patient listeners

Even after knowing the rights and wrongs, they never lose patience while listening to others. You may not match the same IQ but they will still listen to you and speak only when you’re finished.

For example, you have new ideas running in your head, yet don’t know where to vent without hesitation and fear of judgment… a sapiophile will be your best friend!

19. They have an intelligent sense of humor

If you think sapiophiles are humorless, then you can’t be more wrong. Rather their humor is rib-tickling. They extract humor from their knowledge, so the punches are extremely witty and funny.

Caution: You may not easily get their jokes, or sometimes may not understand that you’re supposed to laugh at it.

20. They are extremely particular

They invest a lot of time analyzing and inspecting things and so, they have a deep knowledge about almost all the topics they know about.

A sapiophile is extremely picky while choosing attires or a utility item from the market. If you gift them something they like, they’ll be much obliged and thank you from the bottom of their heart. But if they don’t like it, they’ll be straight up honest about it.

Found a sapiophile around you? In love with them? Let’s first know these…

Things that can attract a Sapiophile

Whether you fell in love with a sapiophile or you want to befriend one… if you’re geared up with what attracts them, it’ll make your job a tad-bit easier.

Though it doesn’t promise marriage, at least they won’t refuse you.

So, let’s get to know them here…

1. Intellectual Discussions

If you can initiate a deep conversation, then you can attract a sapiophile from the back of a hand.

They always dig deeper whenever an interesting topic strikes, so if you know all about this conversation you started, then you are the one.

2. G.K

General knowledge strengthens your intellect. So, if you have vast knowledge and can deliver info on random topics, then you can easily draw a sapiophile’s attention towards you.

Imagine how great it might be to stay up with them the whole night, discussing worldly affairs!

3. Obsession

Sapiophiles absolutely love obsessive behavior. If you want to impress a sapiophile you need to know A LOT about something… the bare minimum would not do – remember, only when you are obsessed with something, do you give all your strength and determination to obtain it.

If you’re an expert in one (or many) things, it is sure to attract a sapiophile as they can see it right through your conversations!

4. Challenges

Sapiophile love challenges, and proving their own proclamations right. If you have the courage to question them without hesitation… and play the devil’s advocate with them… nothing like it!

However, make sure your questions are sensible and it can really put them in a place of dilemma. Who knows, the challenge that you’ve thrown at them with your questions might just win their heart.

5. Wit

Sapiophiles love people who easily grasp and process information… because they want quick learners around them.

If you know how to constantly self-improve or speed read the texts, you already have their attention – you just need to walk the extra mile.

6. Education

Education is the topmost priority for a sapiophile… So if you are rich in academics and have profound knowledge then no one can stop you from dating a sapiophile.

Sapiophile want people to never stop learning like themselves. So if you’re still learning and you value it, then what’s the wait worth for?

Tell this to your sapiophile friend, and see how their eyes pop out.

7. Reading habit

If you can’t sleep without reading, it’s only a matter of time when a sapiophile comes running to you.

For them, books are their most precious possession and they absolutely adore people who love reading as much as them.

The choice of books is also a great way to charm them – so make sure you’re not reading some stupid rom-com when you bump into them.

If you own a library, then that’s the icing on the cake. It will open the door of opportunities for the sapiophiles to visit you.

8. Curiosity

Curiosity can help you keep going in life. If you also apply the same philosophy in your life, then you’re soon going to find your sapiophile friend in the place where you go to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Don’t worry, a sapiophile knows of all the learning powerhouses in the city! 😉

If you can’t get enough of learning, no matter the age, that’s when you know your curiosity knows no end.

9. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the erogenous points of a sapiophile, not even exaggerating. 😉

A sapiophile has a greater capacity to learn and retain vocabulary than other common individuals.

So, if you’re always willing to dive into a sea of vocab, then it’s possible to meet the ocean (a sapiosexual)! The way you play with words in your phrases will definitely draw a Sapiophile towards you.

10. Logic and Analytics

Sapiophile prioritize logic and analytical mind more than anything else. People, who give out information based on facts, are reasonable and sensible.

The potential to gather facts and analyze a piece of information before putting it out is extremely rare found. 

For example, when you turn your hypothesis into a logical theory and present them to a Sapiophile, then they will surely acknowledge your dedication and will also be impressed.

11. Uniqueness

It is natural for an average person to fall for someone with common interests. But sapiophiles only like people with unique interests.

It helps them explore more and unfold new mysteries when they both interact.

Sapiophile like people who stand out of the crowd and have an interest in digging deep into matters.

12. Professionalism

Your determination and hard working attitude can help you approach a Sapiophile. They look for people with great achievements and those who focus on being a better person.

For them, work is worship and they also expect their partners to be entirely committed to their work. So as soon as they identify your willingness to achieve your goals – they will naturally be attracted to you.

13. Refined Taste

Sapiophile are very selective in nature. They observe and analyze everything before recognizing them as favorites. If you’re one of them, then you know how much time it takes for you to like something.

You may have a great sense of taste whether it’s about music or clothing – but you’re extremely picky about it.

But don’t worry that’s a good thing – as the refined taste is bound to attract a sapiophile.

14. Good sense of humor

To strike a conversation with a sapiophile, play out puns on the average person’s behavior… but while doing it, be mindful of the surroundings.

This trick will surely give you a kick-start and you both might find yourselves laughing by the end of the discussion.

15. Musical instruments

If you love music and know how to play a musical instrument, then the chances of attracting a Sapiophile are higher. They have diverse knowledge about many things, music is one of them.

They know all the ragas and talas. Your creativity in the field of music will naturally pull them closer to you. Not everyone has the ability to feel the music and understand the depth of it, sapiophiles do.

You both can have an exciting music competition and enjoy the thrill… all while diving deep into music conversations.

16. Open-mindedness

If you graciously accept feedback without being defensive, then that’s not only a great human characteristic but is also the way to a sapiophile’s heart.

Not everyone can accept and own up to their mistakes… the majority of them constantly try to prove their point regardless of the loopholes. So, this naturally makes you a better human.

Sapiophiles highly admire this rare-found quality.

17. Honesty and Authenticity

Sapiophiles have a very calculative brain and they make sure to think twice before saying anything.

And so, they also expect the same from you… you must give proper reasoning and communicate legitimate facts to help them believe a point.

They are not people who’ll purchase a product because of the marketing gimmicks. Instead, they dive deep into the ingredient list and ensure the safety of the product before investing in it.

So, they don’t like blabbermouths at all and admire honest individuals to the core.

18. Research skills

Sapiophiles are super courageous and they never back off from trying out new things. If something interests them, they invest all their effort to deeply investigate the matter and find something productive.

If you are good at researching, then a sapiophile can be your best company. Not only will they provide you with the knowledge and guidance, but also keep you excited through the process.

19. Traveling and exploration

Sapiophiles have an intense ardor for traveling to places. The ones who share the same enthusiasm for travel as them… a great adventure awaits you.

They not only travel to places but also live them. They try to know the history, the geography, and everything else about the place.

Looking at the carved walls or walking through the path of the jungle, they like to experience every moment.

20. Confidence

Last but not the least, since sapiosexuals always make sure that the information they deliver is free of fault, they are very confident people.

They also don’t like people with low self-confidence. If you value yourself and are invested enough in your self-improvement, you’ll naturally be confident – no matter the IQ levels.

The confidence in your eyes gives them a sense of security. They know that you have a meaningful objective in life, and when the need arises you can fight for yourself.

Fell in love with a sapiophile? Let’s try matchmaking here…

How to start dating a sapiophile?

If you’re not a sapiophile, dating one can be an exhilarating task.

Suppose you’re on a date, they bring up Quantum Physics, but you have no idea. Or let’s say, during a normal conversation they pop in a very heavy scientific term, but you never heard of it.

I have been there, and I can relate to the situation entirely.

You feel awkward and under the rock. But don’t get disheartened… It happens. You can’t always be at your best and guess what, you don’t have to be.

…and yes, you can still win their hearts, here’s how.

1. Don’t pretend. Be real

Never pretend to be a sapiophile when you are not one…. It’s a huge mistake. Sapiophiles are way too smart and will soon catch your tricks.

Stay as real as possible… Never try to fake your “wit” in order to please them. Trust me, it’s not worth it if they fall for your “masked” behavior. Pretending will not help you in the long run, especially in a sapiophile relationship.

2. At Least don’t be illogical

Of course, don’t get under their skin. Being real is fine but when you know their likes and dislikes… don’t do anything that irritates them.

By now you know, how illogical behavior can put off a sapiophile almost instantly.

So, don’t use illogical or impractical facts during debates with a sapiophile. Believe me, there’s no better turn-off than that.

3. Be ready to improve

Another thing that can irritate a sapiophile is your inflexibility. When the glass is already full, there’s no scope of filling it again with information.

A sapiophile will never accept this. They like people who are ready to absorb wisdom and knowledge, without being headstrong.

They like people who are ready to improve, rather than hanging on to an incorrect and illogical belief.

4. Read

Hey, you might not be a bookworm but why not include it in your daily habits when there’s no harm? Besides helping you date a sapiophile, reading daily can help you grow in all aspects of life. Visit libraries frequently, and learn to spend time with books or even newspapers.

Start slow. Remember, something is better than nothing. At least, you will have something to talk about on your dates!

5. Try fun and adventures

The worst mistake: considering a sapiophile an intellectual moron! NO! They’re absolutely not that.

They have a good sense of humor, barring the sensitive matters of their life. Apart from that, sapiophiles are fun-loving people who love to explore and experience new things.

That’s it! Now that you know all the tips and tricks, it’s time to get into some action.

Before that, why not take a sapiophile quiz to be sure…

Sapiophile quiz

You can attempt this quiz if you think that you are a sapiophile. In case you expect someone else to be sapiophile, play this quiz with them.

After all, in the end, if nothing it’s all fun!

1. When you watch an entertainment show, do you remember its sponsorship info?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

2. Do you have a habit of reading the ingredient list or a manual of your products?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

3. What interests you more?

A. A meaningful conversation.

B. Casual chit-chat.

C. Both.

4. Do all your discussions turn into a debate? And, are you obsessed with winning them?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

5. Do you fail to give time to your loved ones because you are too busy with work?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

6. Do you think of the pros and cons before taking any step?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

7. Do you face a lot of problems in withstanding a disloyal person?

A. Yes.

B. I don’t care.

C. Sometimes.

8. Would you want to be someone with creative skills but not punctual?

A. No.

B. Yes.

C. Maybe.

9. Do you want to own a library, someday?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. I don’t know.

10. Do you freak out if you submit your projects late?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

11. Have you ever thought of trying any illegal activity?

A. No.

B. Yes.

C. Maybe.

12. Will you marry someone who doesn’t love themselves?

A. No.

B. Yes.

C. Maybe.

13. During a conversation, if someone cuts you off in between… Does it annoy you?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

14. Do you love traveling to new places?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

15. Do you like solving puzzles?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

16. Do research-related jobs interest you?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Maybe.

17. How do you react to compliments?

A. I analyze if it’s true or flattering.

B. I don’t care much.

C. I believe it.

18. Are you comfortable revealing weird facts about yourself?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Maybe.

19. Will you marry the person who loves you the most in the universe or the person who is intelligent but does not love you as much as the former?

A. One who is intelligent.

B. One who loves me the most.

C. A person good at both.

20. Do you face problems while understanding and processing someone’s emotions?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Sometimes.

If you mostly answered Option A 

Look buddy, you are a sapiophile. But, remember this is not a judgment, the results are solely based on a quiz that you attempted right now and the answers you ticked.

Plus, being a sapiophile or a sapiosexual, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Remember that an honest, intelligent, and successful person will be an asset to everyone.

I know it’s a little difficult for you to meet the emotional expectations of people, but rest assured, you will make it up!

And if you feel lacking, never stop being yourself, just because the people around you are uncomfortable.

It’s okay! You’re not here to please anyone, you have a unique talent. So, like always, embrace yourself.

If you mostly answered Option B 

You are not a sapiosexual. You are a carefree person who does not think much about such matters.

Well, this carefree nature has its advantages and disadvantages too, so be careful!

The good news is that you are prepared for the worst… and you’re courageous, so you will overcome whatever life throws at you.

If you mostly answered Option C

You are a person who behaves as per the situation demands. You keep your actions and thoughts balanced, which is definitely an envious trait.

But when you start acting according to situations only, it somehow restricts your clarity upon certain matters. Not having clarity might cause you to make decisions that only bring regret later on.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

In life, you never know where it’s gonna take you. Whether you’re a sapiophile or not, I only suggest one thing: Enjoy who you are, rather than focusing on society’s expectations.

The world will always force its judgment on you, whether you like it or not. However, life only happens once, so why not make the most out of it?

If you read this think-piece just to attract a sapiophile towards you, don’t worry the tips won’t disappoint. But as I said earlier, love has its own ways to seep in… so believe in the power of love!

What’s meant to be will find its way back to you eventually.