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Dating Vs Relationship: What’s the Difference and How to Know What You Are Into?

Dating Vs Relationship: What’s the Difference and How to Know What You Are Into?

Updated on Nov 21, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

Dating Vs Relationship - What’s the Difference and How to Know What You Are Into

Wondering about the difference between dating vs relationship? Or, are you unsure about your relationship situation? Perhaps, you think you’re in a relationship… but your partner isn’t exclusive?

Well, there’s a thin line between dating and relationships… and despite how frequently humans entangle with one another… they might not really know the difference. 

If you’re the same or wanna know where you stand in life… you reached the perfect place. In my think-piece, you’ll also understand the subtle signs when dating takes a serious turn… and whether your partner reciprocates your feelings.

Curious about your situation? Let’s not waste any time and board the flight to…

Dating vs relationship – What’s the Difference?

Many people don’t understand the line between dating and relationships. Nowadays, people say “we’re dating” a lot more than “we’re in a relationship”.

It might be because the latter is a mouthful and takes more effort to say…  because they really don’t know the difference… or, because the term “dating” sounds cooler.

But, they aren’t the same so, let’s get a quick glance…

Basis of DifferenceDatingRelationship
CommitmentDating isn’t a serious commitment.Relationships are full of commitments.
IntimacyDating is more physically intimate.Relationships are more about emotional intimacy.
FeelingsDating is about experimenting and being adventurous.Relationships are serious and heartfelt.
LongevityDating may be short-term.Relationships are usually long-term.
CertaintyThere’s no certainty in dating.Relationships are stable and certain.
Ideal forUsually, youngsters opt for dating to prepare for relationships.Relationships are for serious partners who intend to settle down.
ExclusivityPeople exclusively date but it can also be open.Relationships depend on exclusivity.
DecisionIn dating, you get different choices to choose the best for you.In relationships, you don’t fiddle around with options and focus on one person.
GainsYou learn life lessons from dating. With relationships, you nourish your personal growth.
FreedomWhile dating, you notice the benefits of freedom alone.In relationships, you understand that you can be happy without that much freedom.
Connection with peopleWith dating, you superficially connect with many people.In relationships, you connect on deep levels with one person.
PromisesDating has potential and possibilities of joy.Relationships turn the possibilities true.
MutualityIn dating, you may not always have mutual feelings.A relationship works and depends on mutual feelings and agreement.
CommunicationCommunication is generally limited in dating.Communication is one of the foundations of a relationship.
ExpectationsYou can’t expect much if it’s casual dating.There are many expectations in relationships.
PrioritiesDaters don’t make one another priorities.In relationships, you’re one another’s priorities.
ComfortIn dating, you might not be too comfortable with one another.In relationships, you’ll feel comfy in one another’s presence.
PlansYou’ll make more meaningful plans with your partner in dating.You make more serious plans with one another.
SocializingIn dating, you keep them away from your important social life.In a relationship, you mingle with one another’s close circle.
Support systemWhile dating, your support system is still your family and friends.In a relationship, you’re one another’s sole supporter.
TrustYou don’t instantly trust the person you’re dating.You deeply trust one another when you’re in a relationship.
VulnerabilitiesYou won’t feel comfortable about exposing your vulnerabilities in dating.In a relationship, you won’t fear sharing your vulnerabilities to one another.
Saying “I love you”You won’t usually say the precious words “I love you” in dating. Even if said, it doesn’t have meaning.Saying “I love you” is an important part of relationships.
The term “us”In dating it’s usually “You and I”, not “Us”.When in a relationship, you work as a unit and use “we” and “us”.
ReferenceDuring conversations, you don’t refer to one another as your boyfriend or girlfriend when you’re just dating.In serious relationships, you refer to one another as a boyfriend or girlfriend.
SeparationSeparation isn’t a formal process in dating. Pairs might even ghost one another.In relationships, you’re responsible to give closure and communicate properly after breakups.
GroomingWhile dating, you don’t feel comfortable being together without grooming.You feel comfortable in your own skin in relationships.
FutureIn dating, you live more in the moment and hardly discuss the future.In relationships, you talk about your future steps.
FamilyYour family might not really be concerned about your partner if you’re dating.Friends and family continuously wait for the wedding news when you’re in a relationship.
Moving onYou move on pretty fast from one person to another in dating.In relationships, it’s hard to forget the beautiful moments.

Let’s understand these a bit more elaborately…

1. You’re not committed in dating, but are in relationships

In dating, you’re not deeply attached to your partner. You know it’s casual and just enjoy it for the heck of the relationship status online. You don’t behave like you’re actually committed.

You both know you’re open to hanging out with one another or someone else whenever you feel like it. There’s no pressure that you must hang out as an item with only one person.

In committed relationships, however, you don’t treat another man or woman as you treat your partner. You both mean to stay together forever.

2. You only experience physical intimacy in dating. Relationships have emotional intimacy

In casual dating, the intimacy might be physical and sexual. It’s always just casual and exciting and not for emotional reasons. You hardly bond emotionally and know one another’s emotional issues.

Relationships require you to be emotionally connected. You can build a relationship only when you build emotional connections.

Physical and sexual intimacies are also important, but they aren’t the highlights when it’s about a relationship.

You’ll feel something is amiss without an emotional connection. Eventually, no relationship lasts without emotional intimacy.

3. Dating is about fun, but relationships are serious

Dating is rather a fun, playful, and lighter variation of relationships. You don’t have to take responsibility for one another’s feelings.

In fact, you don’t entangle your emotions when you’re dating. It’s like a stroll in a virgin forest where you find new things which mimic relationships.

In relationship territory, it’s about sincerity and authenticity. You can’t play around and hurt your partner’s feelings.

You must know about what you’ll give your partner in the relationship and never disappoint them. Unlike dating, in relationships, you can’t take everything easy.

4. Dating might be a month-long. Relationships might last forever

Dating is exciting as it’s a replica of the honeymoon phase of real relationships. You’re only there so long it’s fun.

So, dating can last from somewhere between one month to six months and you’ll crave excitement with someone new after that. 

A healthy relationship can last a lifetime. Since you’re not just in for the fun, it’s your responsibility to make the arrangement fun again. People in committed relationships look around to make it last together.

5. There’s no stability in dating, but relationships are stable

While dating, you can meet multiple people simultaneously. It’s like keeping your options open, just in case. Everyone does that and nothing is wrong with it because there’s usually no exclusivity.

So, if things go south, dating partners can split at any moment. Due to the short-term and casual nature, you really can’t expect much from it.

Unpredictability is acceptable in dating but not in a relationship. Serious relationships are built on the stability factor. Relationships are so certain that they even lead to marriages.

6. Young people are into dating. Relationships are more for mature ones

Due to the lack of pressure in dating, it’s the best for youngsters who want to have fun, experience the thrill of relationships, and want to enjoy themselves.

There’s no hurry for a relationship for them because they have better things to focus on in life and don’t know the feeling of commitments.

Relationships, on the other hand, are suited for people who seek their soulmates.

They wanna spend their lives with only one person and enjoy it with security and commitment. They like to know that someone always has their back.

7. Loyalty may not be important in dating. It is in relationships

Casual dating is very open and lacks exclusivity. You can date other people while being with one and not be answerable to one another.

There might be other kinds of dating statuses and arrangements depending on the daters.

You aren’t unfaithful or a cheater if you date other people simultaneously.

On the relationship grounds, you may follow ethical non monogamy (ENM). However, traditionally, exclusivity and loyalty are a huge deal. Even if you follow ENM, it’s consensual.

Seeing others while dating doesn’t need your dating partner’s consent.

8. Dating lets you explore. Relationships only have one answer

In casual dating, you meet various people and you get to choose them as you wish. You’re your own judge and you choose as you like. You’re as free as a bird to choose your next direction for fun and excitement.

In relationships, you don’t look around for more choices once you find the one. You stay committed and loyal to only one person. If you want to take the next step in life, you do it with the same person.

You can’t be in a relationship with one person and get married to another the next day.

9. You know yourself from dating… and grow from relationships

In dating, you identify your dealmakers, dealbreakers, red flags, and boundaries. You get lots of heartbreaks and life lessons.

You know what you want in your love life and what kind of traits in a partner won’t work out. You understand the meanings between infatuation, love, like, crush, etc.

In relationships, you already know the lessons and are prepared to make the best for yourself. You rather grow up as a couple and become better people with time.

You fight together and slowly learn different problem-solving skills from one another

10. You find the fun of independence in dating. Relationships show you the fun of companionship

In casual dating, you’re busy soaring the sky alone and enjoying different experiences. You’re free to drive your love life however you want. You might even get addicted to staying free of commitment.

You can end a bond whenever you want if it doesn’t satisfy you. You don’t think much about it because you’re not responsible for breaking hearts.

In relationships, you understand that being together provides a different kind of satisfaction. You fight, make up, forgive, and still enjoy their company because they make you feel secure and special.

11. You know names in dating. You know much more from relationships

In dating, while you date multiple people, you get to know more people. You know their names and superficial details. It’s just skin-deep info they’ll give anyone else.

You find different natures of people… and they’ll only stay for a good time. Info like their occupation, school, favorites, etc. are available but that’s all.

In relationships, you get to know why a person is a certain way. Everyone has a story behind their personality. When you’re committed, you get to know everything.

12. Dating has possibilities and relationships turn them true

Dating may lead to relationships, knowing yourself, growing your connections, building a social life, fun, excitement, adventure, and much more.

Or, it might lead to nothing. You may not learn much about yourself, you may not have anything long-term with them. At some point, those people might not matter anymore.

So, dating is just a possibility, not an assurance.

Relationships, however, assure to fulfill your growth, a future, learning new stuff about yourself, and having a healthy social life. You’ll certainly have such promises fulfilled in relationships.

13. Mutual agreement has no space in dating. It’s a must in relationships

Your feelings and decisions about the bond in dating might not be mutual and still ethical. If you wanna stay together yet see other people… it’s your wish. Your date can’t stop you from it.

If you want to not meet your date, you don’t… they can’t blame you for not being more attentive. Dating is shallow and selfish… and it’s alright because nobody is serious… So why will you invest extra effort?

Contrarily, relationships depend on mutual agreements. Everything happens with both partners’ knowledge. You’re not free to see anyone or act on your own… without thinking about how your partner may think.

14. Communication has no value in dating but it’s precious in relationships

While dating, you don’t communicate much… there’s no definite rule, but you feel more comfortable being on your own than talking too much.

You usually talk about superficial stuff like gossip, having takeout, trying new eateries, jokes, and no heavy stuff.

To sustain a relationship, you specifically need to communicate your feelings and decisions in your individual life.  You talk about the heavy and uncomfortable details.

You bypass it in dating because it’s tough. A relationship without communication may soon meet its downfall because partners easily get frustrated.

15. Though expectations aren’t important in dating, they are in relationships

Since you’re free to take care of your own satisfaction while dating… you can’t expect much from your partner. You’re in charge of your life and you can’t blame another person for not making you happy.

However, in relationships, you’ll expect it even if it’s something very small. It’s not about the grand gestures but taking care of basic daily responsibilities.

Since you both work as a team, you split many chores and responsibilities. Each of you expects the other to stay true to their side of the deal.

16. In dating you’re not their priority. You are a priority in relationships

In casual dating, since you’re not responsible, you might be open to many others, and not that invested or entangled in the arrangement… you won’t be one another’s priority.

Your priorities will always be your work, school, friends, and family. The bond takes a backseat while you pay attention to the important things in life.

In a relationship, on the other side, you both prioritize one another before anything else.

Perhaps, sometimes due to an emergency you might be more attentive to some other aspect of life… but overall you stay in first place in one another’s hearts.

17. The comfort level is much lower in dating than in relationships

Even when you’re dating for six long months with a person… you can’t be comfortable with them about everything. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t enjoy one another’s company much.

You’ll feel more comfortable being on your own and trying to make things work alone.

In a relationship, you’re ready to spend every moment of your life together. You find 24 hours inadequate to make every day count. You’re so comfortable and happy around one another, you only want to stay together and enjoy life.

18. In dating, your plans are yours personal. In relationships, it’s usually mutual

In dating territory, you don’t make your big memorable plans with your date. You might go out for ice cream, and watch Netflix together… but you mostly seek your friends and family for important occasions.

For instance, you’d rather want your parents and a best friend to attend your grad ceremony… because they have a distinct presence in your life.

In relationships, you always wanna include one another in the important bits of your life. You take your days off in sync, so you can go have mini-vacations together.

19. You hardly introduce a date to your parents, but you do when you’re serious

Your coworkers, friends, and family build your social life. You’re quite close to these people… probably closer to them than your date.

Since you’re unsure about your future with your date, you don’t wanna let your important circle know about them. You don’t want anyone to spill stories of a casual date to a serious partner.

In a committed relationship, you introduce one another to your important folks.

You want everyone to know about them and accept them wholeheartedly. This is a step towards taking the next step in your life.

20. They’re not your support system while dating, but it’s otherwise in relationships

If you’re dating, whenever you have some problem, you run to anybody other than your date. You don’t expect to support one another or invest time for them… so, you never expect them to return the favor.

You mostly rely on a close friend or family member during trying times.

In a relationship, they become your go-to person for any life issue. You find one another reliable. It’s because they proved they’ll be there whenever you need them.

Even if you need to cry on someone’s shoulders and need them to do nothing, you choose your partner.

21. There’s an obvious difference in the level of trust in dating and relationships

In dating, you’re not that open to trusting your partner. It’s either because they never did anything worth winning over your trust or because you’re not as close to trusting them.

You want to take more time before that. Since they’re not completely exclusive and committed or the relationship is unstable, you feel secure without trusting them.

Contrarily, relationships thrive on trust. You might even trust your partner with your life in grave situations. Trust is the essence of strong and healthy relationships.

22. Vulnerability exposure is a no-go in dating. The story is different for relationships

When you can’t trust a person, don’t feel secure, feel the other person might leave you any moment… which is the case for dating… you can’t depend on them for too much.

You won’t feel secure sharing your deep secrets with that person. You won’t even wanna burden them with the heavy talk. You know pretty well they aren’t interested, so why even bother?

On the flip side, in relationships, people share their dreams and fears without a filter. They don’t mind baring their weak side to the love of their life.

23. You don’t say “Love” in dating. It’s regular for relationships

In casual dating, people know they aren’t serious and they’ll be around only for a short time. There’s no emotional connection to it. So, they never say “I love you” even mistakenly.

Since you’re only exploring the possibilities… there’s nothing serious in the equation.

In relationships, you’re past the doubt and exploration phase. You’re aware you want one another forever, so the words “I love you” flow out like honey.

Some people aren’t comfortable saying it out loud too often so they rather show it in some other language.

24. It’s You and I in dating and Us in relationships

In dating, when you talk about any activity… you don’t refer to yourselves as a unit. You’re two individuals and you don’t try to change that. You subconsciously keep a distance between you.

Suppose they’ll take you to eat somewhere… you ask “Where will you take me today?”

In a relationship, the dialogue changes into “Where are we going?”

You subconsciously use language which shows you’re together and closer than ever. You act as a team and are a team in reality.

25. There are no titles in dating but in relationships

When you’re dating, you’re free to see whoever you want while being with one. So, you can’t really label anyone a particular title.

Moreover, you don’t feel as close as to label them someone precious in your life. You keep the labels off the table because there’s no meaning to the bond.

You’ll introduce them by their name and no endearments. 

In serious relationships, they’re your boyfriend or girlfriend. You introduce and mention them like that to your loved ones.

26. Separations are different in relationships than in dating

In dating, when you no longer wanna stay together, you leave them without much explanation. They don’t hold you responsible for much either.

You break up over texts or calls, and if it’s too casual and new… you might even ghost them (certainly not suggesting it’s any good).

In serious relationships, you need a proper conversation… preferably something face-to-face. You explain what went wrong, discuss why you can’t give it a second chance, and if they can negotiate in any way.

27. You aren’t comfy in your skin in dating. In relationships, the idea is regular

In dating, you don’t trust much to show your partners your vulnerabilities. You might feel tense going without makeup, dressing up, or looking all polished head to toe.

You feel they’ll judge you and stop dating you if they saw you without the glitter and glam.

In relationships, you feel super cozy showing off your face sans makeup. Or, you don’t care about your stubbles.

You know your partner loves and accepts you even in your PJs and that’s the drive of your confidence.

28. You make major future plans in relationships, not dates

In dating, you never ask “What are we?” or “What’s our next step?” unless you fell for your casual date.

Even if you did, the answers are usually disappointing. Casual dates hardly ever want to settle down for serious commitments.

On the other hand, you’ll ask serious future questions about your relationships… and hold a mutual conversation.

“When will we tie the knot?” “When will we get our house/car?” “How much must we save for this investment?”

So, it’s all about relationship milestones when you’re committed.

29. Your family asks different questions in dating and relationships

When you’re casually dating, since it doesn’t sit well with the elders… they ask the whereabouts of your date for your security and move past the topic.

They might ask you to go for a serious relationship and get over the current one. They might even think you’re heartbroken and try to introduce you to potential matches.

In relationships, they ask you about when you’ll get married, have a baby, if you’re troubled over planning a good proposal, and the likes.

30. Moving on in relationships is harder than dating

Even if you fall hard for your casual date, in the back of your mind you know there was no security. You might deny the situation, but not for too long. You’ll struggle a bit but move on fast enough.

You’ll soon even find a new casual date if you were seeing other people simultaneously.

In relationships, it’s much harder. You have higher risks of depression from relationship breakups You might withdraw from social situations and suffer both physically and mentally.

Wondering the cause behind the confusion? Even though they’re so different, why do people use the terms interchangeably? Let’s figure it out here…

Why do people think dating and being in a relationship are the same?

Usually, dating and relationships are all about perceptions and feelings about a bond. You might feel you’re in a relationship with your partner, while they think you’re dating. It’s always because you didn’t communicate your thoughts on the arrangement.

The dating vs relationship definition is quite different. Dating is something casual and it helps you test out your suitability. Relationships happen when you have already concluded that you’re suitable.

They usually take place in stages, however, your feelings about the bond also label it. If you think you share a chunk of your life with one person, you call it a relationship.

Suppose you spend time together with them having dinner dates, movies, doing chores, and socializing with friends… but you didn’t label the connection yet.

 The confusion begins here and people call dating a relationship.

You might be in a rush to begin a relationship. You have a few dates, like it, fall for the other person hard, spend more time… and assume it’s a relationship.

Your partner thinks it’s dating but never verbally said it. They assume you think the same. So, it’s all based on perception and communication to understand your situation.

Without communication, you mix up dating and relationships.

Anxious if you’re dating or in a relationship? Let’s find a cheat sheet to know about it…

Are we in a relationship or just dating – How to know?

You usually start off any relationship in the form of dating. However, people hardly mention that “From this day onwards, we’re in a relationship.

I hope you’ll be exclusively loyal to me…” Rather, people assume their partner understands everything.

So, let’s know how to find out your current situation here…

1. Did you meet their folks?

If you don’t know their best friend, their pet doesn’t recognize you, or their favorite aunt has no idea of your existence… that’s a sign you’re dating.

However, if you often hang out with their close friends and family, they’re showing you off to family… that’s a green signal of being in a relationship.

2. Do you feel secure with them?

Do you feel they might return to their ex? If you always have an urge to do better… otherwise they’ll find someone better… that’s insecurity. If they don’t make you feel secure, it’s probably dating.

If they assure you’re the only one in their life… that they’re exclusive to you, won’t look elsewhere for new love… that’s a committed relationship sign.

3. When do you catch up?

If your partner usually hangs out with you to kill time, that’s dating.

For instance, they meet you in between classes to get rid of boredom and you have food after school before their part-time job. But they spend time on the weekends only with friends or family.

It’s a relationship where your partner doesn’t use you as an interval filler. They spend proper time and pay undivided attention to you like on the weekends or after a long day at night over a call.

4. Is your presence on their social media obvious?

If your partner never posted your pictures on their social media, never tagged you in any post, or doesn’t allow you either… they’re reluctant to show your existence to the world. You’re definitely dating if you have similar scenes.

However, if they post your pictures, then they’re confident about you and committed to this arrangement. This shows you began your relationship journey.

5. Do you guys communicate regularly?

If your partner leaves you hanging in between texts, forgets to reply, you constantly wait to hear back, and you just feel uneasy about it… you’re not a priority because you’re still dating.

In serious relationships, people try to be attentive and reply sooner whenever they’re available from their duties. Of course, you can’t expect a serious partner to text back in between a meeting.

6. Do you discuss future plans?

In casual dating, your partner will specifically avoid any future planning. At most, they might plan a month ahead about going to a concert or movie.

However, they’ll skip the conversations about their hopes, dreams, where they’ll settle down, or even a trip six months later.

In serious relationships, you’ll make plans like you’ll move in together when you wanna use your unused leaves for vacation, when you’ll have a family introduction, and so on. It includes all the important planning.

7. Do you share personal backstories?

If your partner always stays aloof, doesn’t share vulnerable stories, and you feel you don’t know much about them… then you’re probably just dating.

If you guys, however, are comfortable enough to share your deep, dark stories with one another… they share a significant piece of their present and past every day… you’re connecting deeply. This is a legit relationship sign.

8. Did any of you have sex with others since you started seeing one another?

Since the time you started going out, did you or your partner have sex with anyone else?

If yes, you’re not special in one another’s life. This is casual dating through and through.

If you both cringe at the thought of sex with another… not feel interested in new people… or even felt a pang of jealousy or rage about your partner being with someone else… It’s a relationship.

9. Are you guys comfortable around one another?

Do you feel pressure to be perfect in front of them? Do you think you’d rather be found dead than caught without makeup or in PJs in front of them?

Do you feel the connection might fade if you get comfortable in your skin? Then you’re not as close and only dating.

If you’re in a serious relationship, you’ll feel great being together without decking up.

You know they love you the same whether you have layers of makeup or a clean-shaved face… or, with a hangover and stubbly face.

10.  Did you guys have a serious conversation?

Do neither of you ever mention relationship labels? Then you guys aren’t comfortable talking… mainly because you know the other one’s answer.

You subconsciously avoid it to protect yourself. This proves you’re in the stage of dating.

However, if you guys communicated about your arrangement… discussed your relationship status… or even mutually confessed that you can’t and don’t wanna live without one another… you’re both smitten and began a serious relationship.

Wondering what’s better for you? Let’s find the answers here…

Should you date or should you be in a relationship?

You’re the best judge of this situation. Whether you and your partner mutually want to date or be in a relationship, it depends on that. However, if you’re not on the same page… avoid it until you’re sure.

As per relationship experts, dating and relationships both help you find more about yourself, the kind of person you’re as a partner, and your desires from your partner.

Both of them are cool if you and your partner are comfortable with them. As per both of your perspectives, if you want to create something casual or serious… it’s completely on you.

So long you have fun, both are great. But make sure you don’t invest too much on a casual date.

Probably you always thought dating and relationships go hand in hand. Wondering if it’s at all possible to date without a relationship? Let’s figure it out here…

Can you be dating without being in a relationship?

Dating is when you check if you’re suitable for one another. You don’t commit to them because you’re not sure yet. If things don’t work out, you move on. This is how you can date without being in a relationship… and it’s quite common.

Dating helps you explore the relationship pool from the shallower side. 

So, you get to understand how a relationship works superficially and have a trial about how a relationship might work with someone.

Commonly, many people date without leading it to a full-fledged relationship.

It’s like using a smartphone model quickly in the store and considering whether you really wanna invest.

So, you have your time to understand the person slowly, observe if you develop feelings for them, and assess whether a future together is at all possible.

So, dating is completely possible without being in a relationship and there’s nothing wrong about it.

Are you already dating? Think it’s slowly becoming a relationship? Let’s clear the confusion quickly with these…

Signs your casual date is turning into a relationship

It’s hard to understand when your casual date turns into an inseparable person in your life.

You may crave them and still not understand that you’re ready to commit your eternity. Since dating transitions into a relationship very smoothly, figuring it out is a tough game!

But no worries anymore, because you’ll find out all the possible ways to find out here…

1. You stopped seeking options

Lately, are you a bit disinterested in your other “options”? Do you not feel replying to your other dates is necessary? Perhaps, you wanna delete your online dating profile?

If you said “yes” a lot… you stepped into the world of relationships. You won’t feel like flirting with others when one person becomes too precious.

2. You became one another’s go-to person

Whether you’re in trouble, angry, excited, devastated, joyous, or helpless… Do you always call your casual date? Or, let’s say you need a plus one for a party, do you only choose this person?

Perhaps, you found out your favorite artist is coming to town, do you ask the same person to go along? If yes, you stepped into the relationship territory. 

3. You catch up even without plans

Do you hit them up and call them over even when you have no plans around? Do you guys feel comfortable being around one another without any cause?

Perhaps, you call them over, they laze throughout the day reading books or shifting channels on your TV while you do the chores. When you’re done, you guys watch a movie together during lunch.

If your story is somewhat like this, it’s transforming into a relationship.

4. You slowly let the “ugly” out

Did you start feeling comfy in your casuals? Do you also react to them with real emotions? Are you comfy even if you’re sweaty and without deodorants around them?

Do you cry your heart out comfortably around them? Did you tell them about that one celebrity you like despite the entire world hating them?

If yes, that’s a concrete sign you’re already in a relationship.

5. You both had your dear ones approve

Did you show off your partner to your friends and family? Did they give you the nod of approval afterward?

Do you often take them along when you meet your folks? Perhaps, it’s because your folks like them and insist you bring them along?

Perhaps your siblings always make fun of you and your date is comfy with such banter? If this seems like your situation, have the exclusivity convo… you’re already in a relationship!

6. Your feelings are mutual

If you and your partner always have the same take about almost everything… starting from your relationship labels to your future plans.

If you both feel equally invested in the relationship and mutually agree on some stuff a lot… you’re slowly moving forward to a relationship.

You won’t have muddled ideas whether they like you back or not.

7. You expect something from them

In relationships, you have certain expectations from one another. You don’t say “Hey Rob, I expect you’ll pick up the groceries because we’re serious now.”

It might be a subtle “Think you can grab the groceries before returning?”

You also don’t ask them to be loyal but hope they will. You expect them to treat your parents well because you wanna get their approval.

If you hope for something from your partner, you’re serious and your casual date is transforming into a relationship.

8. Your priorities changed

Do you notice their off-days and manipulate your holidays accordingly? Do you try to ensure you spend more time with them than anyone else? Do you look for excuses and ways to hang out more often?

If yes, then it’s definitely changing into a relationship. You prioritize them just as you treat your closest kin.

9. You don’t second-guess before asking

Do you think twice before asking for favors from them? If you naturally think about them whenever you’re in trouble… it’s because you’re comfortable around them.

You know they won’t refuse you and always be on your side in trying times. This shows how much you trust them… which is only visible in relationships.

10. You’re committed to them

Are you interested in spending more time with them? Want them to stay in your life forever? Do you hope to stay beside and support them forever? Do you only want to be loyal to them?

Are you ready to compromise, fight, and makeup lots? Then be certain you hopped in the boat of relationship.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Before dating vs relationship choosing, always think about how you want it? Do you wanna date initially and later begin a relationship?

Do you only wanna date? Do you want exclusive dating? Think deep before reaching your answers. 

If you’re still pondering “Are we in a relationship or just dating?”… it’s time to communicate your real feelings to one another.

Open and honest communication can help you understand your desires and whether an arrangement works for you. 

If you’re not on the same page… take time to think over if you still want it. Don’t let your emotions overpower you and think rationally.

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