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How to Cuddle: An in-depth Guide with 40+ Cuddling Positions 

How to Cuddle: An in-depth Guide with 40+ Cuddling Positions 

Updated on Aug 30, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Cuddle - An in-depth Guide with 40+ Cuddling Positions 

Are you wondering how to cuddle? Want to indulge in it but feel awkward? Perhaps you can’t break the touch barrier? Or, is it because “women don’t make the first move”?

Whether you’re a man or woman, I’m super pumped up about your interest in cuddling. After all, it’s a great way to deepen your feelings.

As a bonus, you’ll also know things to do to keep the awkward silence at bay during your sesh.

So, let’s dig deeper into the ultimate relaxation here…

How to Cuddle Someone?
Different Types of Cuddling Positions

How to cuddle someone?

While cuddling is an amazing experience, it takes two to tango. If your partner doesn’t wanna cuddle and you hover over them, they might flee right that moment and even file harassment charges. It sounds crazy scary and of course, your love life is at stake.

If you never cuddled with your partner, you need a strategy to convince them into it nonverbally. So, check this plan before executing anything else…

1. Take note of your surroundings

Before your cuddling sessions, keep the weather in mind. If it’s a hot and humid day, your cute embrace won’t feel comforting at all. In that case, your romantic partner might want minimal physical touch.

Further, think where you’re seated. If you’re in a cramped place like a movie theater or car, you might need cuddling positions which work with low physical contact.

2. Don’t show impatience

If it’s the first time, give time for your partner to feel comfortable. No man or woman feels safe with a sudden embrace.

If you jump on your partner abruptly, they’ll naturally flinch, freeze, or shake you away. Such responses won’t make you happy either. So, always spare enough time until they’re seated comfortably.

3. Endearingly rub them

When your partner has enough time to settle down, brush their body affectionately. Massage their hand to let them ease to your touch. They’ll eventually find cuddling with you more interesting.

You may even massage their feet or shoulders if your position allows.

4. Keep it simple

Don’t stress yourself trying to massage every body part of your partner. Keep in mind that a cuddling session may not lead to sex. In fact, don’t aim for sexual satisfaction at all.

Your aim is to feel good together with pure physical intimacy.

For instance, while you’re binge-watching TV, rest your head on your partner’s chest or shoulders. Or, put your arms around them to help them rest their head on yours.

5. Share a comfort object

Since your partner may misinterpret your intentions, bring them a comfort object. It might be a soft toy, cushions, or blanket.

They’ll naturally feel you don’t want sex but want them to feel warm and comfortable. Of course, keep the weather in mind.

Further, it can also help if you’re in a stiff situation like a car or the sofa.

6. Make them feel at home

If it’s your first time cuddling them, they probably aren’t mentally prepared. Ask them if they’re comfortable.

If any part of their body looks stiff, rub them. They’ll understand that you have clear intentions and calm down a lot. If they need more space, let them have it.

7. Goof around as you like

Cuddling isn’t a school assignment so relax your body. Don’t stay silent and make small talk like usual. When you can have conversations easily, tickle them to make them laugh.

Play with their hair or give them a scalp massage to seem sweet. Kiss them on their forehead or cheeks to comfort them.

8. Don’t let the awkwardness sink in

If you stop communicating with your partner, things may turn awkward. So, keep the exchange even if it’s nonverbal.

Brushing their hair and holding hands are just a few ways to smoothly advance to the cuddle comfort. A random comfort in appearances will also help the situation.

While you keep talking, slowly ease yourself into a comfortable cuddling position.

9. Never forget to check-in

Once you reach the position, don’t stop the banter. If you abruptly stop talking, things may again turn awkward. So, amidst the fun, after a while ask if they’re comfortable.

The cuddling position you like may not work for them. If they’re uncomfortable, they may not verbally mention it, so ask away since you initiated it.

10. Switch your positions

Usually, in your first cuddling sesh, the guy becomes the big spoon and holds the girl. But the same posture throughout your time together is bad for your body and boring.

Your arms and legs may fall asleep and spoil your experience. Always try to shuffle your body position whenever your body feels stiff. This creates a sense of comfort and ease, so if your partner is uncomfortable, they won’t endure it silently.

11. Remember, “Females can also lead”

If you’re a female, don’t assume that you can’t initiate cuddling because they never show it in movies. Cuddling is a gender-biased activity, so you may wrap your arms around them without hesitation.

If your partner is a female, don’t be astonished if she tries to cuddle first. It’s a way to show affection so accept it wholeheartedly.

12. Add more softness

If you’re constantly afraid of running out of ideas during the session, you’re nervous. Though nervousness is normal, it won’t help you enjoy the moment. So, get more pillows or blankets and support wherever your body feels stiff.

Or, if your partner fidgets, ask them if they need any or put a pillow over your arm to help them lie on your side.

13. Munch on something

Another comforting activity during cuddling is eating. Grab a big bowl of your favorite food and share it. This will make you intimate even more.

Sometimes your hands will brush against one another and make the situation even more romantic.

14. Invite your pets

If you have a cuddly pet at home, this is an added pleasure. A pet can help you steer away from awkward vibes easily. Your partner will let their guard down if a third person is around… even if that’s your pet.

So, if you feel nervous touching them, let your pet get busy with cuddling. The pet will help you both ease up to the situation and break the touch barrier.

15. Prioritize hygiene

If you’re down with the flu or seasonal allergies, it’s best to avoid cuddling. Your partner won’t like it if you cough or sneeze on them.

In case anything on your partner makes you cough or sneeze, turn away and use a napkin to cover your mouth.

Excuse yourself to the washroom, wipe up your face, wash your hands, and sanitize yourself. After the covid fiasco, everyone wants a hygienic partner.

16. Get playful

When you’re cuddling for a while and your partner’s body (head, face, arms, or shoulder) is near your face, playfully plant a kiss. This will catch them off guard only to notice how sweet you are.

If your partner faces towards you, run your hand up and down their back. If they face away, do it over the arms. This will calm them and make them feel even more comfortable.

17. Take care of your odor

While cuddling, you’ll both be close enough to catch one another’s scent. So, don’t forget to brush and apply deodorant before you begin.

Spray a room freshener or light candles to enhance the mood. Look out for any stinky clothing or bedding too. 

18. Slight touches are also sweet

If you’re not ready to kiss or massage her, focus on feathering touches. Brush your fingers on their cheeks or mindlessly make patterns on her palms.

If that’s still too much, then let your knees or feet touch to feel intimate yet cozy.

19. Go with the flow

When you get comfortable, your body will sync with your partners naturally. Don’t force yourself to do anything because your body will cuddle when it finds “the” moment.

If you’re too nervous to get close to them, ask if they’ll mind if you sit closer. Think about what you want to do during the moment. Which cuddling position you want is completely up to you so don’t pressurize yourself.

20. Don’t overthink

Though you’re allowed to think through and choose a suitable moment and position, don’t think too long. If you can’t seem to settle for any idea, go for what you learned through the steps.

Further, if you delay due to odor issues, you’ll become more anxious every second. Let go of any insecurity and slowly pull them in or hold hands. If they like it, they’ll give you the signal.

But not all moments are cuddle-worthy, so let’s hunt down the perfect moments here…

When to cuddle?

You can cuddle anytime anywhere given you both want it. However, in some instances, the effect of cuddling multiplies. While in other instances, it’s an absolute necessity to cuddle, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Those moments can support you to build a strong and long-lasting relationship. If you’re unaware of what they are, let’s take a quick stroll here…

1. After waking up

If you two live together, this is the best way to begin your day. Snuggle up with your partner when you’re half asleep and this might also lead to morning sex.

This will also boost cuddle hormones and help you begin your day on a good note with lots of energy.

2. After fighting

After a lovers’ spat, both parties feel terrible about themselves and doubt their partner’s feelings for them. To make up with your partner, cuddle to reassure you still love them.

After a fight, it might feel hard to make this move, but it’s extremely important to diminish any space at such moments.

3. At the end of a bad day

If your partner had a bad day, a cuddle will help them realize life isn’t all that bad.

With the boost in feel-good hormones, they’ll feel confident and at least calm down in your arms. This will create feelings of trust and companionship.

Further, turn on the TV to listen to love songs. This will remind them you’ll always stay by their side.

4. After sex

In a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, couples who cuddled after sex experienced a high rate of relationship and sexual satisfaction.

However, if it’s a quickie, shower affectionate kisses and caresses during sex to make up for it. Couples, where one of the partners falls asleep right after sex, make the other feel worthless and unloved and used.

5. After BDSM

In a dominant and submissive play of BDSM, cuddles are a serious aftercare routine. It helps the dom and sub become intimate with oxytocin boost and reduce pain and stress from the sensual activities.

BDSM might include intense humiliating acts, so cuddling will help you undo any psychological damage and return to reality.

Even if you know the moments, did you fix the location? If you did not, let’s get right to work…

Where to cuddle?

Will you ever go to the same date venue for all eternity? No? Then why must you have a monotonous cuddle venue? Add new locations to cuddle to invite a spark of novelty every time you snuggle up.

However, not all locations are comfortable for it. So, let’s find out the best ones here…

1. At home

If you live together, you can of course cuddle at the most comfortable place. Whether you want it in the bedroom, living room, porch, garden, or wherever you want it.

Of course, privacy is important, so it depends on who you live with and if they’re nosy.

Further, if your partner comes over and you don’t live together, cuddling out on the porch will attract nosy neighbors. So, make wise use of space.

2. At the theaters

Though there are lots of people in the movie theaters, it’s always dark and many couples cuddle so most people overlook PDA.

So, lift the armrest and get closer to your partner in the dark hall. This is how to cuddle in a movie theater.

Learn how to cuddle while watching a movie together while you feel your heartbeats and breaths in sync.

Squeeze their hands while laying your head on their shoulders during emotional scenes to make the experience even better.

3. In your car

If you’re wondering how to cuddle in a car comfortably, get near them while they’re driving and lean on their shoulders.

Or, if you’re curious about how to cuddle at a drive-in movie, get your blankets out and snuggle in for a romantic experience.

4. Outdoors

Whether you’re out in a park or going hiking, if you know how to cuddle while sitting, you can make the best of your outing.

Hold onto his arms while you sit side by side in nature and lean into one another. Resonate with nature together while you maintain physical contact.

Or, let the person with the smaller frame sit in between the legs of the other. The person with the bigger frame can hug the smaller one from behind and hold hands.

5. A rented space

If you can’t make it happen at your home because of your personal reasons or can’t find privacy in public places, rent a room for a few hours.

However, this may lead to sex because of the boundless privacy, so choose what you want wisely.

So, all set on the approach, time, and location! But how will you cuddle? Do you have a particular position in mind? Even if you do, I’ll suggest checking this out…

Different Types of Cuddling Positions

Cuddling is cool if you both agree on a comfortable position. However, most beginners in cuddling struggle to find a comfortable position. It’s basically because each individual has unique experiences and desires about physical contact.

Sometimes your desires may clash, but that’s no excuse to stop cuddling completely. So, let’s check all the possibilities to get you comfortable here…

Lying Cuddling Positions

1. The Spooning

How to do it

The one with the larger frame or the dominant partner between you two is the “big spoon” while the other is the “small spoon”. You both lie on your sides. The big spoon’s stomach faces the small spoon’s back and vice versa. The big spoon then wraps their arms around the small spoon.

Pros & Cons

This is the perfect position for any snuggle buddies out there as you receive most physical contact in this one which provides more comfort.

This can lead to sex a lot so if you want to know how to not get hard while cuddling, don’t try this one. Because your partner’s movements will eventually rile you up.

However, if the big spoon snores, the bear hug can become an issue for the little spoon. Further, the little spoon can’t easily get out of this bear hug’s grip as it restricts movement. In humid weather, this isn’t the best idea.

2. The Half Spooning

How to do it

In this, you lie on your back while the other’s sides face you. They snuggle up against your arm and rest their arm over your chest or abdomen.

Pros & Cons

If the usual spooning isn’t your best bet, this one is an alternative. You’ll feel close enough to feel warm, happy, and loved.

You won’t feel smothered by one another’s body so close or sweat profusely. You both can scroll through social media if you’re just not ready to sleep.

3. The Bum Cheek-to-cheek

How to do it

You both lie on your sides and face opposite directions but your heads are in the same geographic directions. Your bum cheeks and lower backs touch. The remaining body relaxes as you desire. You may even play footsie with your feet when you’re playful.

Pros & Cons

This position promises you good sleep quality and space but you also get a substantial amount of physical contact.

If you guys don’t like being too touchy-feely or throw kicks and punches in your sleep, this works again. This also works if you’re hard and want to hide it.

After sex, if one of you wants space and the other desires physical touch, this is it.

4. The Honeymoon Embrace

How to do it

During the honeymoon phase, when you can’t get enough of one another, entwine yourself like this during sleep. You both face one another and entwine your arms and legs and one of you rests your head on the other’s shoulder. The other’s chin touches the former.

Pros & Cons

The position seems pretty romantic as hugs tightly with every part of your body. You can even gaze into one another’s eyes and lose yourself in some kissing and caressing sessions. If things get hotter, it may turn into a hot sex sesh too.

However, when you wake up in the morning, your morning breaths won’t feel as romantic, but you guys may not mind that. This one will leave you sweaty in humid weather.

All the leg entangling may lead to leg cramps. You can’t easily break free if you want to visit the loo. If you rest your chin over your partner’s head, their hair may tickle your nose, make you sneeze, and wake your partner.

5. The Sweetheart Clasp

How to do it

You lie on your back and hold your partner. They rest their head on your chest. You may wrap one arm around your partner and hold hands with the other, but your legs are free.

Pros & Cons

Your partner listens to your heart beats and breaths. This is how to simulate cuddling with parents. It calms them down as it mimics childhood safety. It builds a sense of trust and wellness in your relationship.

During winters it’s great for warmth but in summers it might leave you messy and soaked in sweat.

6. The Leg Draping

How to do it

You both lie down in a comfortable sleep position and then each of you hugs one of the other’s legs.

Pros & Cons

You can prioritize your sleep and still enjoy physical touch. Your entire body won’t sweat in this one other than your calves.

If anyone feels uncomfortable, the other one will need to move their legs. If they’re deep asleep and won’t move their leg, the other one might suffer from a leg cramp or throw the leg away which will spoil their sleep.

7. The Bum Cushion

How to do it

Your partner lies on their stomach in this one. You lay your head on their bum and you’re free to sleep as you feel comfortable.

Pros & Cons

This is when you want to avoid too close physical contact, feel submissive, or simply need a softer place to lay your head. This can lead to playful caresses later.

However, it isn’t a great sleep posture. If your partner moves in their sleep, your head will fall hard. They can’t move your head gently off the cheeks when you fall asleep without waking you up.

They’re on their stomach so they might fart at your face.

8. The Arm Draping

How to do it

You both face one another and drape your free arms over one another. You can keep the other arms (on the side you sleep) free from any entangling. Your knees touch but the legs are free.

Pros & Cons

You can maintain eye contact and hold a romantic conversation. You are close enough but not too close to get morning breath on your face.

You both can comfortably fall asleep with optimal warmth and space in this one. But if you wanna sleep and your partner stares holes into your face, you know that’s frustrating.

9. The Pretzel

How to do it

This is mainly a leg cuddling position. Like the intersecting parts of a pretzel, the legs intertwine the same. This doesn’t define the posture of your upper body. This one is somewhat like the leg draping but you also entangle your leg in this one.

Pros & Cons

Since this one adds more pressure to legs than leg draping, it can reassure you of their presence and calm you if you’re anxious.

But simultaneously, this increases the leg cramp possibility by a few folds than the leg draping. Sleep quality may decline with the excess pressure on the calves.

In the end, the quality of your sleep depends on how your body reacts to it.

10. The Arm Pillow

How to do it

You lie on your side and stretch the arm of the same side. Your partner sleeps on their stomach and rests their head on your arm.

Pros & Cons

We all know how hard it’s to find the perfect pillow. But when you find out your partner’s arms are the answer to your quest for the right pillow, you feel the spark.

You believe you’re made for each other and that your bodies fit just right. The romantic phrases come true in your mind and you bond deeply.

It also shows how caring the one who gives their arm is. However, human body parts can’t be pillows for sleeping. The arm will fall asleep before either of you does. The one sleeping on the arm will also have a sore neck.

11. The Courtship

How to do it

Aka the Verona Skeletons Cuddle. You both lie on your sides face-to-face and clasp one another’s hands as if you want to tell them “I’ll be here for all of eternity.” Your knees bend up and the little spoon’s knee rests on the bed just above the big spoon’s.

Pros & Cons

Holding hands helps you slowly get used to intimacy and physical touch if you’re touch-averse. You can slowly warm up to close proximity.

However, your hands also get sweaty and uncomfortable. If either of you moves a lot in their sleep, the others’ hands will get dragged around.

12. The Sloth Attack

How to do it

This is more usual in clingy sleepers. You might change roles in your sleep between the sloth and its tree.

You may sleep on your back and your partner sleeping on their side entwines their free limbs across your body. They also rest their chin just above your shoulder on the bed and very close to your ears.

Pros & Cons

So long you’re both awake, your partner’s tight grip won’t restrict you excessively. However, if they fall asleep, it might feel overwhelming.

It’s cozy and snug only when it’s cold. In hot and humid weather, even if you fall asleep like this, you’ll naturally push one another away due to the extreme body heat.

13. The Two Peas in a Pod

How to do it

This cuddle position is dedicated to your bond with your furry buddy. You laze on the bed or ground lazily and your pet nestles up against you. You both stretch out and have a comfy nap.

Pros & Cons

People pay to snuggle with pets as they’re great stress relievers. They lower your blood pressure and make you feel warm and optimistic. You both can blame the other for making a mess in the bed.

But if they kick around a lot, it might not be a great experience. Further, if you usually sleep with someone (a partner) on the same bed and they’re allergic to pet fur, that’s trouble.

14. The Afternoon in the Park

How to do it

While your partner lies on their stomach listening to songs or trying to sleep, you lay your head on their lower back and read a book or gaze at the sky (hence the name). It’s like the bum cushion but on their back. 

Pros & Cons

The lack of eye contact makes this cuddle less intimidating. It’s great for beginners in cuddling. Though the bond may not feel as deep as in standard cuddling positions, you can have your space.

15. The “T” Party

How to do it

Your partner lies on their back and you lie on yours and rest your head on their stomach. Much like the Afternoon in the Park, your partner can gaze at the ceiling or sky with you while stretching their legs.

Pros & Cons

They can give you a slight scalp massage or place their hand on your chest for intimacy. You can share how your day went and catch up on everything. However, the pressure on your head might make your partner uncomfortable.

16. The Suspenders

How to do it

This is a must if you want to know how to become a baby cuddler. You are the older one lying on your back with both your arms spread open. If you’re familiar with the child, they’ll snuggle in your arms and even climb over your torso. You can hug them as you like to make them feel safe.

Pros & Cons

It’s a great way to bond with your kids and they learn to trust you and receive your unconditional love.

In colder times, a child’s body warmth feels amazingly cozy and your child feels comfy in your reliable and strong embrace. This leads to good sleep for both parent figure and child.

However, children kick, punch, and slap a lot in their sleep and they might take too long to fall asleep. The entire process to calm them down may hinder your relaxation.

17. The Chain Spooning

How to do it

You spoon your partner and they spoon a soft toy, child, another person, pet, or even a pillow.

If you want a cuddle party but don’t have anyone, contact professional cuddling businesses in your vicinity. Each cuddling session might last 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your needs and booking, with a charge of $80 per hour.

Pros & Cons

If you’re not aware, cuddle parties are a real thing and they help you beat the stress. However, if the last little spoon is a living being, you’ll both have added disturbances in your sleep routine.

18. The Reverse Spooning

How to do it

The one with the smaller frame between you two hugs or spoons the one with the broader back or frame. 

Pros & Cons

Despite your small frame, if you’re more giving, this might make you feel at ease. If the bigger person feels low, you can comfort them.

It also works when you want to hug something big to sleep and feel cozy without their breath on your face. The broader person can be your anchor if you’re on a narrow bed.

19. The Blanket Sharing

How to do it

On the couch, one person lies down with a big blanket. The other lies on top or beside them. 

Pros & Cons

If you’re not watching any show, you’ll feel all snuggled up and stay warm during cold seasons. It’s a bad idea during the warmer days.

However, you can’t hold this position for too long because someone will get smashed. If you’re watching someone, you can’t comfortably and completely see the screen and you’ll give up.

20. The Lying on Top

How to do it

One of you will lie on their back. The other one will lie on top, on their stomach.

Pros & Cons

You can’t continuously lie like this for hours so it’s not for sleeping. However, it definitely shows how badly the person on top wants the other.

21. The Head on Chest

How to do it

In this you both lay down – one on their back and the other on their side facing the partner – with one partner resting their head on the chest of the one lying on the back.

Pros & Cons

You’ll feel more connected with your partner and your bond will soften up. When you lay on your partner’s chest and listen to their heartbeats and breaths, you remember the purity of your compassion.

22. The Yin and Yang

How to do it

You both lie down with your head directed in opposite directions. As you face one another, the head of your partner lies on your legs and vice versa.

Pros & Cons

It builds a feeling of giving and taking for you both. It helps you both to increase intimacy and reconnect.

23. The Monkey Baby

How to do it

This one is just as a baby monkey rides on the older monkeys’ backs. You lie down on your stomach and your partner lies on top of your back on their stomach. They may also hug you from behind.

Pros & Cons

In this, you make full-body contact and feel cozy. It can help you catch sleep sooner. However, it might feel overbearing if the one on top is too heavy.

24. The Hip Joint

How to do it

Lay down together on your backs and let your shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and feet touch. For added intimacy, hold hands.

Pros & Cons

In this posture, you both can engage one side of your body into sidewise cuddling and enjoy the personal space on the other. The key points that touch in this position also creates mindfulness and intimacy.

25. The Shingles

How to do it

You both lie on your backs in this one. You rest your head on their shoulder and they drape the forearm over yours on the other side or vice versa. This is similar to how you side hug your friend while sitting.

Pros & Cons

This one feels cozy and comforting for the one being cuddled with the arm. However, it may restrict blood flow in the other one’s arms. This is how to cuddle a girl and make her feel safe.

26. The Paper Dolls

How to do it

This one is just how cut-out paper dolls have a train of human figures with joined hands. You both sleep on your back and hold hands with your fingers touching.

Pros & Cons

This is a comforting position and you won’t overbear one another in the sleep. You get enough personal space while you also enjoy one another’s presence. If you want to know how to cuddle in bed without hurting your arm, this is one of the good ways.

27. The Starfish

How to do it

Stretch out your limbs like a starfish and lay your limbs over one another as you feel comfortable.

Pros & Cons

This is a great position for stretchy sleepers. It also lowers stress and helps in high-quality sleep for couples. You’ll wake up feeling fresh as you won’t smother one another with your limbs yet still have enough body contact.

28. The Tetherball

How to do it

One of you will curl up in the fetal position or into a ball. The other person stretches their hands just enough to reach the other’s hips or back and rest it there.

Pros & Cons

This may not feel like cuddling to many and is usually a cuddling tactic for mature couples. If you both want to sleep independently but enjoy the benefits of cuddling, this one helps.

Sitting Cuddling Positions

29. The Lap Cushion

How to do it

Your partner stays seated with their legs stretched out and you lay your head in their lap just like in romantic flicks.

Pros & Cons

This position shows affection and trust as it leaves the one lying more vulnerable. It isn’t a sleep position but great when you want your partner to spoil you.

With added face caresses and fingers running through your hair, it’s a cute experience. You can even kiss and watch your favorite shows together.

However, your partner’s legs might get sweaty.

30. The Drawbridge

How to do it

Sit upright on the sofa facing the front. Your partner sits on the far end facing you and stretches out their legs on your lap. You may massage their legs to help them let loose.

Pros & Cons

This one shows you how to get a girl to cuddle with you. If it’s your first time cuddling, this helps you relax your girl (or boy, I don’t judge!) and get into even more intimate cuddling later.

It is a great romantic way to begin your exclusive cuddle services. Your partner will feel cherished and warm up to your physical yet nonsexual advances.

However, if you want to stretch your legs on your partner’s lap, know that they might not like the idea. Further, if you take up too much space on the sofa, they might assume that you want to dominate the relationship.

31. The Yoga Retreat

How to do it

You both face one another while sitting with crossed legs. You pull one another in for a deep hug, lock your arms, and enjoy the moment.

Pros & Cons

In this deep embrace, you feel close from deep within and connect with your breath in sync.

However, if your body isn’t that flexible, you can’t hold this posture for too long. Awkwardness may creep in when you’re done relishing the silence.

Questions like “How long should we hold it?” and back cramps may ruin the moment.

32. The Lounge Sitting

How to do it

You sit down with your legs apart. Your partner sits in between your legs facing away from you. You give them a bear hug from behind. Your partner can rest their torso on yours like you’re a lounge recliner while you both enjoy your leisurely time.

Pros & Cons

This one is similar to spooning while sitting up and it’s much less restricted than the actual spooning. It feels great for the person sitting in between the other’s legs.

However, the big spoon or the one behind might not always be comfy with the other’s weight. If you want to get spooned in this one, make sure you check in about their comfort.

33. The Smooth One

How to do it

This is a classic one that you see in rom-coms where a man and woman sit together while watching a movie and he smoothly yawns, stretches, and casually places his arm behind the woman on the couch.

This shows how to cuddle with your girlfriend without her noticing. With time you slowly move your hand to hug your partner’s shoulders.

Pros & Cons

This cuddle works for all kinds of relationships whether you’re friends, family, or lovers. For cuddle beginners, after the drawbridge, if your partner feels more comfortable, this can be your next move. However, your arm may fall asleep soon.

Since this hug works for all personal relationships, it might send the wrong signals to someone who has a crush on you but is no more than a friend to you.

34. The Cuddle Knot

How to do it

This is also called cuddle huddle by some and the sitting alternative of chain spooning. On the couch, you sit with your body in an angular position. Your partner sits beside you and slowly rests their back on your chest or shoulder.

If you have children around, they do the same with your partner and if you also have pets, they snuggle up to your children. In the end, you alone take all that weight on yourself.

Pros & Cons

Initially, this feels warm and fuzzy and creates feelings of unity. Everyone has one another’s attention in such close proximity. You feel blessed and uplifted with so many cuddle buddies around.

However, with time the body heat and weight on your chest might become intolerable.

35. The Sitting Cuddle

How to do it

This is how to cuddle on the couch. While watching TV you sit upright facing the front. Your partner is seated and their body faces yours. They rest their head on your shoulders while you put your arm around their shoulders. They may get cozier and put their legs in between yours. 

Pros & Cons

You build great intimacy while one or both of you run your finger through the others’ hair. If you feel cold or afraid during the show, it creates a sense of safety.

36. The Holding Hands

How to do it

This one doesn’t need you to lie down. Lean against one another while you’re side by side and hold hands. This is also a way if you want to know how to cuddle with your girlfriend while standing.

Pros & Cons

This innocently intimate cuddle is also perfect if you’re interested in knowing how to cuddle with a guy for the first time. You won’t overwhelm one another with excess entangling and allow one another to slip out comfortably if they’re not in for it or they need to visit the loo.

37. The Sitting Hug

How to do it

Sit side by side and maintain eye contact. You can mishmash with other possibilities. You may put a hand on their leg or they may put their leg on top of yours. Laying your head on your partner’s shoulders or giving a side hug also works.

Pros & Cons

You both feel a sense of balance and connection. It comforts, reassures, and feels intimate, yet allows you plenty of independence and space.

38. The Turtle Hug

How to do it

Your partner with their limbs curled in the front lies face-down like a ball. You kneel behind them and drape your torso over them while wrapping your arms around them.

Pros & Cons

This unusual cuddle position is useful when you feel anxious and need to feel comforted, protected, and safe. The person underneath slowly calms down in this posture. It isn’t for sleeping or simply hanging out but for emergencies like panic or anxiety attacks.

39. The Lotus

How to do it

You may sit cross-legged and your partner will sit on your lap face-to-face or vice versa. They’ll wrap their legs around your body and hug one another.

Pros & Cons

The extremely close entanglement will help you both calm down with oxytocin production and cortisol reduction. It also reduces your blood pressure.

40. The Double Knot

How to do it

You must sit straight on the bed with the back facing the headboard or a wall. Your partner sits in between your legs or vice versa. While they lean back, you wrap your arms and legs and kind of cross them in front of them depending on your partner’s frame. 

Pros & Cons

It builds a sense of delight and entanglement. Physical contact helps in emotional and psychological benefits in your relationship. You feel closer to them and it develops relationship satisfaction.

Ever wondered why cuddling feels so good? Or why do experts recommend cuddling in relationships? Well, you’ll soon know here…

Why should you cuddle more?

Some people crave cuddling or any affectionate physical contact but hardly know why. Others avoid being touched and cuddling is a far-fetched and dreadful possibility for them. Some even assume cuddling is immature.

However, training courses to become pro cuddlers are available because of the high demand for this activity. So, if someone tells you off for being a cuddle lover, let them know these facts…

1. It boost sexual satisfaction and intimacy

After a steamy sex session, especially rough or BDSM ones, cuddling is really important. You feel grounded, close to one another, and snap out of any power play during sex. It heals you mentally.

Even after a regular sex session, a 2014 study showed couples that cuddled found higher sexual and relationship satisfaction.

2. You bond better

You release the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin while cuddling. You feel refreshed, loved, and connected. When you cuddle with friends, you bond with them even better due to the hormone.

Of course, you can’t cuddle with literally anybody. They must be your close and trusted friends only.

3. Enhances your immunity

If you also get a Swedish massage during a cuddle, this will unbelievably boost your immunity. The massage includes long gliding rubs with tapping and firm kneading.

A 2010 study shows that Swedish massage boosts WBCs or lymphocytes (fights disease), diminished arginine vasopressin production (the hormone triggers cortisol or stress hormone production), diminishes existing cortisol concentration, and reduces cytokines (causes inflammation).

4. You express yourself nonverbally

Many research shows that physical touch is a popular way to communicate your emotions of love, empathy, and gratitude among close-knitted people. It even shows when you’re devastated and need support.

A 2009 study also showed that emotional communication can also take place between strangers through touch. However, refrain from it to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Lowers high blood pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, cuddles can calm you and your blood pressure. Proven research says that holding hands and hugging for a while can help lower your systolic and diastolic blood pressures.

So, a cuddling routine can also dramatically reduce any risk of cardiovascular diseases or stroke. If you or a loved one is a cardiac patient, take notes.

6. Helps bust stress and anxiety

A 2004 study shows that any massage with stroking, stretching, and squeezing helps you relieve stress and anxiety.

They escalate the dopamine and serotonin production in the human body that works like mood regulators. Dopamine is also your brain’s pleasure center regulator. So cuddles with such massages can give you the same benefits.

7. Relieves pain

Therapeutic physical contact includes placing hands on or near your body. It helps you balance your energy and stimulate healing naturally.

So, therapeutic physical contact as part of cuddling can give you the same benefits and reduce any pain in your body.

8. You sleep well

With all the above-mentioned benefits, you naturally feel relaxed when your body settles down. Your breathing becomes even and you ground yourself to the present where you’re safely tucked in someone’s embrace.

It relieves any emotional and physical pain and lets your body lose. Everything together is the recipe for good sleep.

9. You may have sex later

If your sex life isn’t that happening, don’t head to foreplay first. Rather, nonsexual cuddling is your best option. The surge of dopamine in your body due to cuddling heightens sexual desire.

If you begin with foreplay, the pressure of performing well makes people nervous. Cuddling, on the other hand, will help you both ease up to the situation.

Further, sex will also reduce stress, build better health, and deepen your bond.

10. You feel warm

During the colder seasons, cuddling can help you both stay warm and secure in your bedroom and even outdoors. Have fun while you hold one another for body warmth with a side of banter and laughter. This will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship and help you maintain a good mood.

Now, if you want to enhance your cuddle experience, go ahead and build some skills…

Tips on how to cuddle

If you’re not used to cuddling, you may meet multiple roadblocks in your way. One of the most common issues is an awkward silence even if you’re cuddling at the moment. Millions of questions zoom through your mind about your next step or if your partner is okay.

However, you can keep yourself busy to prevent overthinking. So, help yourself to enrich the experience…

1. Fiddle around with their mane

In your childhood, your caregiver stroked your head to put you to sleep or calm you down when you cried. Strokes through the scalp always feel good and it’s a sweet, familiar, and warm touch.

Disregarding your genders and sexual orientations, go in for a quick run through your partner’s scalp during your cuddle sesh.

You may turn it into a scalp massage if you like or let it be a soft hair brushing with fingers. This will make your partner extremely happy, comfortable, and even sleepy.

2. Plant sweet kisses

During the cuddling hours, if your partner is anywhere near your mouth, plant sweet innocent, and sweet kisses on their body. Make sure to keep it sentimental and not anything sexual.

Let them feel cherished and cared for with forehead kisses. Kisses on the shoulders, back of other’s hands, and arms are also sweet. Make sure to not go near their legs, feet, navel, chest/breast, or any other sensual place.

This is how to cuddle your boyfriend in bed and make an impactful impression on his mind.

3. Be each-other’s masseuse

You already learned the benefits of massage and nobody hates body rubs after a long day or before beginning one. Learn some massage tricks and gently massage your partner’s body.

Let them feel blessed to cuddle with you and they’ll return for more. Some usual massage spots are the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Some less spoken ones are the forehead, temples, hands, and feet.

However, massages are really tough and demand physical energy. When you’re too sleepy for effort, rub your palms back and forth on any body part.

4. Lightly glide your fingertips on their body

Your fingertips can do magic and put people to sleep instantly. Glide your fingertips up and down their torso, legs, arms, and even face. You can do this in most cuddling positions.

Feather-light touches also help to relax your partner if they’re stressed or sad. However, don’t try it if they have a rash as it may get excessively itchy.

5. Go in for a tickle game

If it’s not bedtime yet and you both have enough time to goof about, tickle them softly. Let your partner burst out in small giggles (because you don’t wanna destroy their sleepy feeling).

Make sure you don’t tickle for too long at a stretch. This will show it’s a form of flirting and you want them emotionally and physically closer.

The laughter will relax them more and they might even reward you back with more tickles. If you both still have enough energy, this may result in a steamy sex sesh, but don’t raise your hopes too high.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Most people don’t cuddle for the benefits but because they want to. Some people don’t cuddle even if doctors suggest them to.

It all comes down to what kind of dynamics you and the other person want in your relationship with your partner, children, friends, and family.

So, if someone denies your advance to cuddle, don’t feel hurt. Understand that everyone’s take on cuddling is different and they don’t have any personal grudge against you.

However, in the current world, cuddling can help you relax and rejuvenate. If you crave it but your loved one doesn’t, hire a professional cuddler and boost the quality of your life, not just sleep.