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Did You Spot a Couple Holding Hands on the Streets? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Did You Spot a Couple Holding Hands on the Streets? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Couple Holding Hands - Meaning, Types, Benefits, and How to Hold Hands

Ever seen a couple holding hands publicly? Seems cute, right? 

However, there are so many ways to hold hands… wondering if they all mean the same? Nope!

Whether you want to understand the meaning of holding hands… or want to reach out to your partner’s hands… you’ve reached the right place! Because this think-piece is your one-stop solution about hand-holding.

Holding hands highlights your deep connection with your partner.

Few people consider it as a public display of affection… Others think it’s a small gesture to portray affection.

Can’t wait to know more? Let’s head right in…

…and I hope you two hold on to one another’s hands forever!

Hand holding meaning

Holding hands expresses your love and affection towards your partner. It makes you feel comfortable and safe. The type of holding hands depends on the person initiating the gesture.

Often, we hold our partner’s hand without even realizing it. This cute gesture gives you a sense of intimacy and closeness with your partner with just the bare minimum.

Holding hands simply means expressing affection, empathy, closeness, comfort, warmth, safety, and, most importantly, love.

But of course, it depends on how the couple feels about holding hands.

To some, it means the world. They believe holding hands in public signifies their togetherness and love.

In contrast, some couples find it too cringy and are uncomfortable holding each other’s hand even in private places.

Since it is a common gesture, even science is digging deep into it to find out its benefits. Curious what science found out? Let’s know from…

The science behind couple holding hands

Holding hands decreases stress and anxiety and increases the status of your comfort. It signifies your emotional connection with your partner and develops the desire to cuddle even more. 

Sometimes, couples dating for a long time and even in sexual intercourse hesitate to hold hands.

Holding hands requires a powerful and emotional connection between the two. It is a sign of commitment.

If you are comfortable holding your partner’s hand, you are ready to take the relationship to the next level.

Touch is one of the most important senses. We feel more comfortable, less anxious, and stressed while physically touching a loved one.

It is due to the release of a hormone called ‘oxytocin’ in our body, also called the “cuddle hormone”. It develops the feeling of trust and intensifies your desire to touch and cuddle with your partner even more.

Holding hands is one of the best ways to avoid any misunderstandings.

When we talk to our partners while holding their hands, the conversation becomes more meaningful and genuine.

However, holding hands isn’t that simple… the way your partner holds your hands means something deeper. Curious about the meanings? Let’s check it here…

Types of holding hands and their meaning

There are different types of hand-holding styles that help you determine what your partner feels for you. Also, the nature of holding hands depends on your partner’s mental state.  

So, let’s not waste time and reveal this secret soon.

1. The down-facing palm

It is one of the standard ways of holding hands. This type tells us about the power dynamics in the relationship.

If your hand is on the top (palm facing downwards), then you’re the dominant one.

It is also due to the sex difference. Usually, men’s hands are on the top because of the height difference.

2. The passive hand holding

It is a type where a couple holds hands in a firm yet very gentle manner. It expresses their respect for each other’s boundaries and empathy.

It also symbolizes a tender relationship with a deep connection between the couple. Further, it also implies that the bond doesn’t suffocate or limit their individuality.

3. The relaxed lace

This relaxed hand holding pattern denotes the couple’s trust and care for each other. Such couples are okay with some amount of distance.

Although they are passionate about each other, some distance does not bother them. There is a desire for physical connection but they also deal with each other tenderly.

4. The finger grabs

This type of handholding is common between more independent couples. It means they want to stay connected with physical touch and also give their partner their space.

Further, it may signify that you guys enjoy leisure time being around each other and love being physically intimate in general.

5. Lose grip

This is a usual style early in the relationship… when you two are just warming up for the hand-holding gesture.

It is delightful, subtle, and indicates your partner’s desire to connect with you physically.

Whoever initiates the handhold is quite bold but wants their partner’s consent, thus holds it very gently.

6. Firm but not interlaced grip

This pattern might mean two things. Firstly, when your partner holds your hand firmly, he wants to give you solid reassurance and make you feel better.

Secondly, your partner might want to show their dominance over you with their firm grip.

7. Over the shoulder walk

It is the sweetest form of handhold you may find.

Suppose, a couple walks down the street… The guy has his arms wrapped around the girl’s shoulder. The girl nonetheless holds the guy’s hand to show that even she is into it.

It says: Even though we are walking, we like to be close to each other, and we enjoy physical intimacy.

8. The few fingers hold

It is a very flirty handhold. Couples usually hold on to each other just with 2 or 3 fingers when they are overjoyed, which defines subtly.

For instance, you do it while taking a stroll by the park or wandering in a shopping mall on Sundays.

It means you’re having a good time together and want to physically touch your partner.

9. The one-finger handhold

This is the most relaxed type of handhold. It’s not as intimate as the one with the interlocked fingers, but I must say… this is quite romantic.

It gives you the playful and flirty vibe from your partner, and it’s quite appealing. If you are not fond of tight grips, the one-finger handhold will make you feel better.

10. Casual brushing of hands

Imagine walking side by side with your partner, and your hands casually brush against each other. It usually happens when the relationship is new and exciting.

It depicts the rush ongoing within the couple. Also, your partner might want to tease you or drop hints about a tight grip handhold. It’s like foreplay before an actual hand holding.

11. Sort of flimsy grip

This handhold might seem very casual from the outside, but it is pretty loaded on the inside. It generally happens in public places with a lot of rush.

Your partner reassures you that they are there for you. It is not very firm, but the fingers sweetly playing around your partner’s palm makes it very playful.

12. Casually holding in public

Don’t we all like to flaunt our ownership of something beautiful in public? Yes, girls, you are right! Asking for a guy who holds your hand in public is not a lot.

If a couple casually holds each other’s hand in public… it denotes their confidence in each other and the longevity of their relationship.

13. Holding hands while driving

Doesn’t it feel great when your partner reaches out for your hand… even when they are behind the steering wheel?

Imagine how beautiful it is to hold someone’s hand while humming your favorite tune. It is the most adorable type of handhold and can mean the world to your partner.

It usually means they think of you subconsciously.

14. Holding hands on the first date

It is very uncommon for people to hold hands on the first date. But come on, we don’t live in the 1950s anymore.

If your partner holds your hand on the first date, it might be their way of showing affection. It’s a sign of welcoming you to their personal life.

It also signifies that your partner is comfortable around you from the beginning.

15. Eye contact while holding hands

Do you know what is even more intimate than a handhold? Eye contact while holding your partner’s hand.

This kind of hand-holding shows that they’re pretty confident and serious about you.

It usually happens when your partner talks sweet things about you or maybe is ready to kiss you.

16. Stroking hand while holding it

It’s quite romantic when your partner holds your hand while gently stroking his thumb on the back or massaging your hand. It depicts that you two are already connected very deeply.

Your partner might also do it to comfort you and express love. It also shows that they are romantically interested in you.

17. One arm around you and the other holding your hand

Imagine how appealing it is when a guy puts his arm around you and reaches out for your hand using his other hand. It is the purest way to express you’re madly in love with them.

It shows your partner’s interest in getting closer to you. It will also make a classic pose for couples to put on the gram.

18. Kissing along with holding hand

It is incredibly romantic when your partner kisses your hand while holding it. It gives you all the royal vibes you need.

It shows that your partner is obsessed with you. It is their way to be loud and clear that they want a romantic relationship with you.  

When holding hands mean more

19. Interlocked fingers

You cannot disagree that interlocking fingers while holding your partner’s hand is the most intimate gesture.

It is a way of telling your partner that you are extremely sure of them. This type of handhold is not very common among new couples.

So, ladies, if your man holds your hand while interlocking his fingers, know that you got yourself a keeper.

20. The wrist grabs

When your partner grabs your wrist, anyone will think it is a sign of aggression or possession.

But if you look into it deeply, it might mean that your partner strongly wants a physical connection with you.

It might be your partner’s way of expressing their deep feelings for you.

21. On top and bottom

How sexy is it to just picture this type of handhold… where your partner sandwiches your hand between theirs!

They may look into your eyes and talk about something important.

It will boost your oxytocin level to the highest, and be very sure that your partner is paying full attention to your words.

22. Arm draped combo

When you and your loved one are watching a movie, and their one arm is around you. You also cannot resist but hold your partner’s hand.

People watching you sitting like that might recommend you get a room. It is a lovely sign of showing love and support to you.

23. One hand gently resting on top

You can mainly see this type of handhold during a serious conversation between the two. It feels pretty doomed when your partner puts one hand on top of your hand.

This type of handhold usually brings bad news along and is not preferable most of the time.

24. The over-the-shoulder lock

Similar to interlocking fingers, this type of handhold also brings you very close to your partner.

It is even more intimate because here, your partner puts one hand around you, and you reach out and hold their hand while interlocking fingers too.

It is the most intimate form and clearly expresses your desire to be even more intimate with your partner.

25. The My lady

This type of handhold usually signifies that your bond is full of love and respect for each other.

Usually seen in the wedding pictures, the couple demonstrates the validity of their relationship using this kind.

The woman’s hand may be bent towards their partner’s hand, making it look small but no less intense.

26. Wrapping both arms around yours

It is different from when your hand is sandwiched between your partner’s hands. It is a type where your partner holds your hands using both their arms even while walking.

It shows that your partner wants you even more and wishes to keep you safe and warm. It feels like embracing your partner topped up with strong emotions.

27. Super firm grip

All the super firm and tight grips while holding hands do not mean dominance. You generally find it at the beginning of relationships.

It may mean that you, too, are strongly connected and like expressing it by your grip. Holding on to each other tightly can also communicate the intensity of your relationship.

28. Clasp your hand fully with interlaced fingers

It is the classic type of handhold. Couples who want to flaunt their relationship to the world prefer this type.

It is intimate to another level and feels good. You already know that an interlaced finger boosts your oxytocin, but with the hand’s clasp, it feels like magic.

29. Holding one hand and touching the face with the other

How obsessed your partner is with you if he holds your hand with one hand… and reaches out to feel your face with another.

It shows that your partner is very much into you and loves touching you.

Some parts of our body are more intimate and the face is one of them. It may not lead to sexual intercourse and yet your partner might touch it to make you feel loved.

30. Fingers intertwined and facing forward

Already intertwined fingers symbolize a strong connection, but when they are facing forward, it’s even better. It denotes your desire for a stronger relationship.

If you and your partner hold hands in this manner, it’s a sign of a long-lasting relationship.

31. Pinkie grip

It is the most flirtatious way of holding your partner’s hand. How playful will you feel if your partner just reaches out and catches your little finger?

It is also a subtle way of expressing commitment and telling your partner that you want to be intimate even if you are in public.

32. Holding hands while crossing the road

Some girls are afraid of crossing busy roads and look for a hand to support them through it. But they only hold the hands of someone they trust blindly.

So, boys, if your girl holds your hand while crossing roads, it is a sign that she trusts you completely. Similarly, the guys do it to make their girls feel safe.

33. Squeezing hand while holding it

You usually squeeze your partner’s hand while holding it when you are going through difficulties. So, if your partner squeezes your hand, ask them if they are okay.

It is also a sign that your partner is afraid of losing you in the future and wants to be by your side.

34. Holding hands even while sleeping

Just holding hands during the daytime is not enough for some couples. Some people cannot take their hands off each other even while sleeping.

But it is not completely bad. It might mean that your partner wants simple physical touch after an exhausting day… maybe, it helps them sleep better.

35. Interlocking fingers around family

If your partner holds your hand around their family, it is clear that he is sure about you.

Further, if he also has the courage to interlock fingers, he wishes to announce to his family about his future just with you.

This type of handhold makes you feel exceptional and gives you that special place in your partner’s life. It is a sign of commitment.

36. Hand gripping around the opposite gender

If your partner holds your hand tight around your opposite gender… It is a protective and possessive stance. They want to signal the others that you’re taken, or “He/She is mine.”

It’s a warning to others to not hit on you.

37. Holding your hand face to face

This is a sign of emotional interest. When someone holds your hand and faces you, they want to be in a relationship with you.

It implies that they’re falling in love with you. They might be ready for a kiss after a sweet confession.

Hand Holding simply makes you feel better and initiates the physical connection with your partner. However, there are several other benefits of holding hands. Let’s get to know them here…

Benefits of holding hands (Why do we hold hands) 

Holding hands looks cute and adorable. You feel great and think it’s a couple-thing. But it also has some emotional and psychological benefits attached to it. Wondering how? Follow this trail…

1. Eliminates stress

While watching a horror movie, a monster pops out… What’s your immediate reaction? You want to instantly hold your bae’s hand, right? If the monster was real, that won’t help. 

But holding your partner’s hand at that moment made you feel safe and reduced your stress and fear. The comforting physical contact reduces stress to a great extent. 

It is very natural for you to reach out for the hand of your loved one when you are anxious. Doing so calms you down and makes you feel better.  

2. Spots a pressure point

One of the most critical pressure points is in your hand. Specifically, it’s in the area between your thumb and your forefinger. Hand Holding puts pressure on that point.

The best part about it is that you don’t need needles to activate such a point. Simple acupressure can do the job.

When you activate this point, it helps you deal with specific problems like headaches, sinus, toothaches, or swellings. 

Holding your partner’s hand might activate that point and help you relieve your pain quickly. 

3. Helps to communicate

Actions speak louder than words. But the fact that “you can communicate with physical touch alone” is a recent discovery.

Apparently, it might be the most effective form of communication. 

Psychologists found that you can easily send emotional signals accurately with touch. If you have a tough time communicating with your partner, just grab their hand.

Trust me; it will simplify the conversation and add more meaning. 

4. Keeps you warm

Do you realize that one of the best ways to preserve heat is skin-to-skin contact?

So, if the weather is cold and you don’t have gloves, tightly grab each other’s hands and enjoy the benefits of biology. 

Even if you are busy with work, say reading a book, you can always free one hand and experience the comfort and warmth of holding your loved one’s hands. You will definitely feel good and loved.

5. Expresses your love

As per relationship experts, physical touch comes in the list of five love languages. So, physical contact is a way of expressing love.

Holding hands is a simple and readily available gesture for showing your partner that you love and care about them. 

Similarly, your partner feels loved and emotionally connected to you if you initiate hand-holding. Holding hands is the most supreme of all the physical acts. 

6. Benefits physical and mental health

Interlocking fingers of your hand with your partners highly benefits your physical and mental health. It reduces the production of stress hormones in our bodies.

Holding hands also releases oxytocin which helps us feel calmer. Your blood pressure and heart rate also decrease if you reach out to your partner to hold their hand when you feel anxious. 

7. Eliminates physical and psychological pain

Some studies show that holding hands activates our vagus nerve and helps us reach a relaxed state of mind. It may reduce our physical and psychological pain. 

Even studies have seen that people experience less pain while holding their spouse’s hand. But this study only stands true when you’re holding your partner’s hand, not a stranger’s hand. 

8. Boosts intimacy with your partner

Physical and emotional intimacy are closely related. For some couples, holding a hand is the purest form of intimacy.

Couples usually initiate physical contact with each other with hand-holding.  

Once you are comfortable enough to hold each other’s hand, your desire to get intimate gradually increases. 

9. Communicates the intensity of your bond

At some point, sex was a sign of seriousness in relationships. But, in today’s world of sexual freedom, holding hands takes the lead.

Couples who start holding hands indicate that they desire to take their bond seriously.

If your partner holds your hand in public or in front of their family, it shows that they are serious about your bond. 

10. Provides support

Be it your partner or a friend, holding their hand always emphasizes your support for them. When you hold someone’s hand, it is a clear indication of your support for them. 

Often, you may feel hesitant about things… but when your partner consoles you, holding your hand provides you that sense of security.

11. Flaunts entitlement

For some, holding hands is a form of showing love and care. But that is not the case for everyone.

Some may hold hands with their partners because they’re too insecure to let them around freely. For example, some men like to hold their spouse’s hand to announce their relationship publicly. 

12. Makes you more sociable

Touch is a prevalent way of connecting with people from an early stage. You might casually touch your loved one’s arms or hands.

Touch deprivation shows adverse effects. So, you can easily say that holding hands makes us more sociable.   

13. Boosts oxytocin

Holding hands makes you feel nice. Any physical contact with your partners, like hugging or cuddling, boosts the level of oxytocin in your body. It is the love hormone produced during orgasm. 

Holding hands also increases the level of oxytocin to some extent. It builds an even stronger connection with your partner. 

14. Makes your heart healthy

Holding hands may reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. When you feel anxious, you reach out to your partner, and a small gesture as hand holding surely makes you feel better. 

These factors improve your overall heart health. Your partner’s comfortable touch can save your life. 

15. Fights loneliness

It is possible that you feel alone and insecure even in a room full of people. Holding hands interrupts that feeling and provides you with a sense of belonging and security. 

Even though verbal consolation is powerful, holding hands might be a cherry on the cake and help you feel better in no time. 

Want to experience that feeling but aren’t confident? You’ll learn it in no time, so let’s know…

How to hold hands?

Do you also find holding hands very intimate? Are you trying to hold someone’s hand and have not been able to do it for a long time? Here are a few steps that you can follow to initiate the gesture.

For taking someone’s hand,

1. Gauge the level of interest

If you are on a date with someone and think of holding their hand, look for signs first. Notice your partner’s course of action to verify if they are ready for the move or not.

If your partner playfully pushes you away or holds your arm, or if you simply find them coming closer to you, this might be a sign that they are ready to hold hands.

2. Check your hands

Indeed, you will be nervous if you hold your partner’s hand for the first time. Make sure you don’t have wet or sweaty hands. If they are sweaty, wipe them off gently.

Clean and moisturize your hands. Super dry hands or rough hands are not very appealing.

3. Wait for the right time and place

You do not want to hold your partner’s hand for the first time when you are with a large group of friends.

Even when you are doing activities that require you to move a lot, holding hands is not very convenient.

Choose a place or time when you both are comfortable. Going for a walk or watching a movie in the theater is preferable when holding hands.

The darkness in the halls will add to your privacy and won’t be a problem if your partner is very shy.

4. It’s time to take their hand

Once you have found the right place and time and feel ready, take your partner’s hand. Make sure to take it slow and be very gentle because everyone remembers the firsts.

Make sure you do not scare your partner away. You do not want to give the wrong impression in the early stage of your relationship. If they pull out, do not force and make an issue about it.

The chances are that they might not be interested in holding hands, but looking at the other side, it might be the case that your partner is too shy and not ready for it.

At this time, you should try to make them feel comfortable instead of being offended by it.

5. Start slow… and simple

Start to hold your partner’s hand using the simple technique for the first time: When you grab their hand, reach out towards the center of their palm, making an X with your hand. Gently close your hand, wrapping around your partner’s hands.

To make the moment even more intimate, try rubbing your thumb on the back of your date’s hand. It will make it ten times more personal, and the level of oxytocin released will be even higher.

Also, remember not to hold it too tightly. Holding it tightly might make your partner uncomfortable and also make your hands sweaty.

But taking someone’s hand and actually holding it is different. To know how to hold your partner’s hand, read along.

6. Make eye contact

Before initiating the gesture, give your partner some signs. You do not want to do anything out of the blue and scare your partner away. 

First, start with making eye contact with your partner. You cannot deny that even an eye contact helps you reciprocate some kind of intimacy.

You can also give a random smile while looking at them right in their eyes. It will give them a sign that you are interested in them, and slowly walk closer.

7. First, touch them

Touching your partner playfully before actually holding their hand is quite important.

Try rubbing your hands across each other at dinner or anything similar to know the response. Physical touch can be intimate but also awkward at times.

To avoid that awkwardness, you should do a kind of hand-holding test. You can quickly grab your partner’s hand and drop them at the location.

This way, you can hold their hand for a while, and it won’t be anything significant too.

8. Drop subtle hints

You should also give your date some clues before reaching out. Make excuses or find reasons so that your partner does it before you.

Flirty ways like your hands are cold or checking the palm size might make your partner hold your hand before you even initiate.

Even if your partner does not understand these signals, try again. They might miss out once, but some chances will notice your urge to hold hands soon.

Maybe your date is also interested in holding hands but might be nervous. Giving such hints might bring some confidence to them.

9. Be bold

If your partner still does not figure it out, that is okay. You need to be bold now and hold their hand.

You can gently touch the fingers or squeeze their hand softly. If you and your partner are nervous, this little act might help you both relax.

Confidence is an attractive quality. So, if you hold your partner’s hand confidently, the chances are that they will get even closer to you. It will also tell the date that you are interested in them.

10. Intensify your hold

Once you get comfortable holding each other’s hands, do it more often. Intensify your holds. This will express your desire to be connected to your partner, both physically and emotionally.

And, of course, it expresses your love more than anything else in this world.

But if you are not bold enough to do that yourself, you can always ask your partner to hold your hand. But there should be a proper manner to do that.

Read along if you are interested in knowing how to ask your partner to hold hands.

How to ask your partner to hold hands?

Only the thought of holding your partner’s hand can be really exciting to you because it gives you butterflies. Of course, it will be. It involves a lot of intimacy.

But what do you do when you are not brave enough to do it yourself? Or are you worried about how they will react to it?

Well, you can always ask your partner to hold your hands. But again, how do you do that? I have some ideas for your rescue.

Keep reading along to know about a few ways that you can use to ask your partner to hold your hand.

1. Wait until you are in a private place

Firstly, you need to wait for the right time. Suppose you are sitting in a coffee shop with the crowd; you need to wait until you guys leave to take a stroll in a park or travel in a cab on your way back home together.

It will give you and your partner privacy and save you from all the awkwardness. Making gestures like this when you are alone increases intimacy.

2. Start with a high five

You can also trick them playfully. You need to give your partner signals that you are ready to hold hands. 

When you both are together, and something good is accomplished, or even if your partner says something cool, offer a high five to your partner and let your hand linger for a few seconds to give your partner the indication.

At this time, you should notice their body movement and their reaction if they don’t feel awkward and don’t pull away immediately.  

3. Place your hand next to theirs

You can try to place your hand as near as possible to your partner’s hand while not touching it.

For example, if you are out on a date, you can put your hand right next to theirs on the table.

Maybe if you are sitting next to them, you can put your hand down from your lap and place it near their hand so that it almost touches it.

It can be the most subtle way to give your partner the sign that you want to hold their hand. If they still don’t initiate, do not worry so much. Maybe your date just missed your clue.

4. Let your hand bump into theirs

If you and your partner are casually taking a stroll around the park, try swinging your hand back and forth and pretend to brush against their hand.

Or even if you are sitting together, find reasons to brush your hands against theirs. Maybe to reach out for a thing that is there on their side of the table.

It will make it quite obvious for your partner. If they also do the same to you, do not hesitate. It might be a possibility that they are sending a signal right back at you.

5. Ask them directly

If you cannot read their body language or not be able to read their mind, just ask. It is the best way to ensure what they want.

You can use questions like “Is it okay if I hold your hand?” or “Do you want to hold hands?”. If their answer is yes, you can confidently hold their hand without any hesitation.

Even if the answer is no, take it easy. It might be possible that your partner is not okay with physical touch, or they need more time.

6. “My hand feels cold”

It is a very cute and flirty way to ask someone to hold your hand. You can just ask them to feel it if it is cold or not. If they say yes, ask them to warm it up by holding it for a while.

You can flirt a little and hold hands with your partner on chilly winter evenings. Just a line would be enough. Use this line “My hands are super cold; can you just warm them up a little?”.

7. Challenge them to a thumb fight

A thumb wrestling challenge is the most playful way to break the ice. You can get all flirty while you wrestle with them.

Your time together will be induced with a little competition and a little physical touch at the same time.

After your little game is over, you can keep your hand nestled in their hand for a little while. If your partner does not take their hand back, you can keep holding hands.

8. Tell them you can read palms! 😉

What a fun way to touch your partner’s hand! Even they will understand that you are just kidding. If you know reading hands, check out the lines and tell them what will happen.

If you do not know reading hands, that’s okay; you can just make something up. Nobody believes in the predictions anymore.

You can also turn this situation into something flirty. While you see your partner’s hand, tell them that they will hold hands on a cute date very soon. It might add some fun and spice to your relationship.

9. Compare the size of your hands

Put your hand casually right next to your date’s hand and randomly comment on the size of their hand.

Depending on the difference, you can say things like, “wow, your hand is so smaller than mine,” and then take their hand to check.

You can definitely turn it into a moment by saying something really sweet. Use lines like “they still fit together” or “they look good together, isn’t it?”. You can also slide your fingers if you see your date blushing or smiling.

10. Pull them somewhere “to show them”

Act all excited and tell your partner that you need to show something at that very moment. If they are slow, just grab their hand and take them to the destination.

You can show them anything normal, maybe a beautiful plant or a cute street dog.

Then just keep their handheld. You can even try to make your partner’s cheeks turn pink by cracking flirty jokes like, “I guess we just have to keep holding hands now.”

These were some cool ways by which you can ask your partner to hold hands. If the plan works, enjoy the moments with your date.

But always remember, the situation may not always be in your favor. It might be possible that your partner does not want to hold hands because they might not be ready yet.

In such a case, you should react rationally. To know more about it, keep reading.

What should you do if your partner doesn’t want to hold hands?

If your partner does not feel like holding hands, don’t worry about it. Give them some time and talk about it freely. Remember, it is an act of intimacy and must always feel good.

Your partner might not enjoy holding hands… even if your hands are well moisturized and baby soft. There is a lot more to it.

If they do not feel like holding your hand, don’t take it personally. Instead, make your partner comfortable.

If you feel that you are missing out on something huge without holding hands, then freely communicate about it.

Know the reason behind their hesitation. It will eventually fade away if it is just shyness or awkwardness, and there is nothing to worry about. So, give your partner time.

Constantly try to build intimacy between you and your partner together. Whether it is sharing an ice cream tub or wearing each other’s clothes, whatever works.

No matter how long it takes, holding hands must always feel good. Don’t hesitate or feel uncomfortable. Take it easy and work on it. Go ahead and hand-le with love.

What should you do if holding hands makes you uncomfortable?

If holding hands makes you uncomfortable, communicate it to your partner, be patient and work on finding other ways to share intimacy.

Don’t hold hands because everyone does it or it’s romantic. It is similar to any other act of intimacy, so, don’t do it if it does not feel good.

There might be many reasons for not liking hand holding with your partner. Especially if you are just on your first date and your partner reaches out to hold your hand, it is natural to feel awkward about it.

Whatever might be the reason behind that, communicate it to your partner. Be attentive while explaining to them.

Tell them it is not about them in particular, rather you don’t wanna hold anyone’s hand.  

Work on it and decide on a few other ways of sharing physical intimacy. Just be patient and communicate well. Do not force yourself into holding hands.

Think that cleared the buzz in your mind? It didn’t? I thought so… So, let’s check out some…


Possibly, you weren’t aware of so many benefits and meanings of hand holding… and that’s natural, no shade about that. But there is still more to know.

For instance, hand holding may have different meanings to men and women. Curious? Let’s check some more info, here…

1. Is holding hands a sign of love?

Holding hands is a sign of love but that doesn’t imply “romantic” love. Apart from couples, even a mother holds her child’s hand to ensure their security or best friends hold hands to communicate the love they have for each other.

Science says that hand holding releases the hormone oxytocin in your body and increases your desire to be physically close to someone.

So, if you love someone, keep making such gestures. Holding hands proves your affection for them. If they don’t initiate it, be bold enough to reach out for their hand.

2. Does holding hands mean you’re in a relationship?

Holding hands can mean a lot of things. But merely holding someone’s hand does not mean that you are in a serious relationship. It might be friendship or the start of something beautiful.

The best thing to do in such situations is to communicate clearly with your partner. Talk about how you feel and what it means to you. Similarly, seek your partner’s perspective about it too.

3. What does holding hands mean for a guy?

For guys, holding hands means that they are deeply connected and attached to you. If they hold your hand in public, they’re trying to express their love for you.

Sometimes, it also means that they are very protective. Notice the gesture and figure out what he feels.

4. What does holding hands mean to a girl?

Girls might hold hands with you even if you are just a friend. They do not need any emotional connection to hold their loved ones’ hands.

However, if she interlocks her fingers, or comes close to grab your arm, then she probably feels connected to you. Interlocking fingers while holding hands shows that she is fond of you.

5. Is holding hands flirting?

It depends on the type of holding hands. Notice how your partner carries forward the gesture. For instance, if he grabs your little finger in public, that’s flirtatious and playful.

In another scenario, if he loosely holds your hand, it shows that he is into you but does not want to invade your space. 

6. Should you hold hands on the first date?

As soon as two people feel comfortable, they may initiate any physical contact. It depends on your comfort level with the other person.

But if you are on the first date, hold your partner’s hand for a brief moment. Try to take things slowly and don’t do it very passionately. Take things slow and gently.

7. What is the best way to hold hands?

If you are doing it for the first time, I suggest keeping it playful. Find a valid excuse and see if your partner is comfortable or not.

Go for the classic finger interlocking while holding hands if you share some intimacy from before. That is one of the best ways to build your connection.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Hand holding may seem like a common gesture, but we all know it’s not… it’s so much more than that. It communicates love, extends support and offers.

It is a very subtle way to reassure your loved one. Further, this also helps your partner get rid of stress and anxiety…. And the list is never-ending.

Even if you are a person who doesn’t like PDA, try it from time to time. Holding hands occasionally in public may make your partner feel that you accept them the way they are. 

And if you want to express your exact emotions through holding hands, you know exactly what to do and which style to follow.