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What is a Serious Relationship? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Serious Relationship? Everything You Need to Know

Updated on Sep 04, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Serious Relationship - Definition, Signs, Questions & How To Move On

Are you looking for a serious relationship? Are you nervous about taking your relationship a step further? Or, are you confused if your partner feels the same for you? If you answered yes, to all these questions, this think-piece is meant for you.

There are so many green flags and red flags that you need to analyze before stepping into a serious relationship.

A relationship is not serious only when your partner spends time with you. That is not how you can justify love or togetherness. You need to closely look for cues to understand if you are ready for a relationship or not. 

But before we dig in deep, you must first understand the meaning of a serious relationship.

Serious Relationship Infographics

Serious Relationship - Definition & Signs You & Your Partner is Ready
Serious Relationship – Definition & Signs You & Your Partner is Ready
Signs A Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious & Signs of A Serious Relationship
Signs A Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious & Signs of A Serious Relationship
Questions to Ask Before Getting into A Serious Relationship & How To Move on From Serious Relationship
Questions to Ask Before Getting into A Serious Relationship & How To Move on From Serious Relationship

What is a Serious Relationship?

A serious relationship is when two partners are committed to each other and are looking at a future together.

The definition of a serious relationship is different for different people depending on what they want from life.

But there’s one common thing in all: they both want each other in life.

So, when two people desire to have long-term relationships with each other, have the end goal of marriage, or have seen a bright future ahead, it is called a serious relationship

There’s no specific age, time, limit or milestone to be achieved that can determine what you should do and when.

You must ONLY be satisfied and happy with your relationship, no matter the rules or boundaries.  

Casual vs Serious relationship

It is important to understand the differences between a serious relationship and a casual relationship to avoid heartbreaks.

Only when partners are mutually committed and present their real selves to you, it is time to take the big step. 

Well, here are a few differences that will help you know if you have surpassed the phase of a casual relationship.

Casual RelationshipSerious Relationship
Casually present with each other for personal desiresMutually committed and agreeing to partnership
Partners do not have any solid plan for futurePartners have their future planned to the T
Neither of them is serious about each other and are in it for “fun”Both of you don’t actively look for someone else
Each partner hardly communicates about who and what they areEach partner shows the real and unedited version of themselves
Neither the two people know each other well nor each other’s friends and familyWell versed with the near and dear ones – introducing you to his family
Terrible communication between the twoExcellent communication and clarity

Thus, no matter whoever you date, make sure you communicate well, check in if it feels comfortable, and know your partner’s opinion. Anyone who cares and respects you and shows concern is worth being in a relationship with.

Remember, the right person will always make you feel secure and will never keep you dangling in the middle.

In the end, yes, it is difficult to determine whether you have found yourself “the ONE” or just another one! 😉

Signs you’re ready for a serious relationship

If you are tired of all the short-term relationships and have started wondering if you should start the quest of “the one” then I think this is the biggest sign that you are ready for a serious relationship.

Although there are various other factors that you need to consider before jumping to the conclusion…. Here are a few more signs that you must look into.

1. You want commitment

If you are a person that craves intimacy, both emotional and physical with one person and you want to be fully committed to the same, then it depicts that you are ready for a serious relationship.

In simple words, if you are a person that does not like the concept of dating multiple people with no strings attached and you are looking for someone to experience every little thing in your life together, this denotes your wish for a serious and long-term relationship.

2. You know what you are looking for in a partner

When you are ready for a serious relationship, you already have a list of qualities that you want in your potential partner. It is simply knowing exactly how your partner is supposed to be.

Keeping aside the basic concept of similar religion or caste, you like to have the minute things such as love for yoga or traveling as a hobby in common with your partner.

If you have developed this attitude, you are ready to find something for the long term.

3. You no longer wish to make excuses

Sometimes it happens that you want a serious bond with someone but you think that you won’t be able to give sufficient time or attention to the other partner. This is because most of your day is committed to work responsibilities.

But when you’re actually ready for a serious relationship, you will stop making such excuses and will pursue it wholeheartedly.

No number of responsibilities can keep you away from an intimate connection.

4. You are not doing it out of pressure

A serious relationship is something that should be formed only when both partners are into it, equally. It shouldn’t be an outcome of any kind of pressure.

If you want the relationship because of the love or the bond that you share with your partner and not because of the pressure from your family or your friends, that’s when you are actually ready for a serious relationship.

If you’ve committed to it due to the pressure at home or peer pressure, then you are paving the way for a disaster.

5. You wish to risk it

It is necessary to understand that when you are committing to a serious relationship, you are investing a lot of emotions and also letting your heart out of its comfort zone.

But if you do not take this risk then you will never be able to find the one. Because how will you learn to swim if you’re afraid of the water?

So, when you’re ready for the risk, then my dear, you are ready to commit yourself to a serious relationship.

6. You wish to make memories

When you initially start dating someone, you do not expect much from them, rather you let a few dates pass and see how it goes.

If after spending a reasonable amount of time with your partner, you crave more time and wish to make memories with them, then I think this is a sign that you are ready for a serious relationship.

This is a sign that you have started to like their company and want to build something long-term with them.

7. You are not scared of vulnerabilities

It is a challenge for anyone to commit themselves to something long-term, but when you are not afraid to jump in and take up the responsibility, you are ready for it.

The emotional investment is high with a lot of risk… but if you’ve found THE ONE, you’re never going to regret it.

8. You are ready to accept changes

When you are ready for love, you have already accepted your partner for who he/she is today. Spending a lifetime with someone definitely means that you’ll both experience a lot of changes on the way.

If you are ready to accept those changes then this is a clear sign that you are ready for a serious relationship. 

9. You are open-minded

Initially when you start dating someone, if you carry an idea of preconceived thoughts about how the person should be, then it is possible that you might end up disappointed as nobody can match your imagination.

So, when you meet someone, you should have an open mind as if you were traveling to a whole new country.

In that case, dump your checklist and let yourself enjoy the moment. Happiness comes in little things and therefore you should be open-minded and enjoy the little experiences that the person brings to you.

If you are ready to do so, then you might consider yourself ready for a serious relationship.

10. You are over your past relationships

If you are not willing to accept yourself today for who you are then it is time to make changes.

If you are confiding in your partner and are not hesitant to share anything from your past, it is a sign that you are ready to move on in your life.

You should be able to think of your previous partner without any hatred or angst and understanding how you both were not meant to be.

If you have reached this stage then you are all set to find a long-term love in your life.

These were a few signs that would help you decide if you are ready for a serious relationship or not. If you find yourself there, I suggest taking the risk and going for it. The commitment of the long-term relationship is a joy that everyone beseeches.

Imagine spending an entire lifetime with the person you love. No flings can give you that happiness.

But you should also consider if your partner is ready for it or not. If you want to know more about some signs that your partner is ready for a serious relationship or not, read along.  

Signs your partner is ready for a serious relationship

It is always seen that one of the partners is always ready for commitment earlier than the other.

Are you confused about where your relationship is going? Don’t worry, it is a very common concern.

If you are at the point of life where you think you are ready to give your partner the full commitment but are not sure if they are also ready for the same, here are some signs that will help you give you a sneak-peek into their mind.

1. They ask you about your future plans

If you and your partner are having conversations regarding your future plans then it is good news for you.

If your partner just wanted to keep things casual and not take it anywhere in the future, he/she would have avoided talking about it.

So, if you face questions regarding your future goals… where you see yourself 10 years from today or if your partner is in it… then it is certain that your partner also wants to settle down with you.

2. They want to give the relationship a “name”

When you are casually dating, your partner would just refer to you as his/her ‘date’. If your partner wants to give your bond a name then it is a sign that they’re in it for a longer haul.

Being referred to as someone’s girlfriend, spouse, or wife is a significant thing. So, if your partner urges you to define your relationship by giving it a name, then they are looking for a future with you.

3. They ask about your interest in other people

It is seen that women take men seriously when they are assured that they have an exclusive relationship.

It is quite obvious that you will not want to build something long-term with people who like casual flings or are interested in dating multiple people.

If your partner wants to know about your thoughts on dating other people, then it is a sign that they are looking forward to sharing a future with you.  

4. They do not see anyone else except you

If your partner doesn’t care about other prospective partners, and constantly talks about how you’re THE one in their life, then it’s a green flag.

You know that all our emotional and physical desires cannot be fulfilled by a single person.

But if your partner chooses to commit to you, and stop looking for other people, then it is definitely a sign that they love to spend time with you and are serious about you.

5. They make plans about your future

Imagine dating someone and talking about your future and seeing him/her in it. Feels special, doesn’t it?

So, if your partner, even during lame conversations, talks about your future and imagines how things would be for both of you then of course, there’s no one else – except you – in their life.

6. They ask you to live together

When your partner is no longer satisfied with casual dating, he/she would want to spend more time with you.

Living together under the same roof is considered the first step towards marriage in today’s modern relationships.

So, if your partner is asking you to move in together, this is a clear sign that they are serious about the relationship that they share with you.

This step would make things more real as you will get to know about the entire lifestyle of your partner.

7. They share everything with you

If your partner is ready to share a major part of their life, then he/she probably wishes to have you beside him/her for a lifetime.

This might include introducing you to parents or a wider group of friends, posting about the relationship on social media, or spending a lot of their free time with you.

These are all signs that will help you figure out if your partner is ready for a long-term relationship.

8. They start talking about love

Confessing love can have multiple aspects to it. We all agree to the fact that emotions are louder than words.

Even if they are not speaking it aloud you can find it in their actions. The way he/she looks at you, the assurance they ask for, the text that they demand when you reach safety, all of this combined show their love and concern for you.

If your partner does these little things, it’s time for you to understand that they have started using their love language and want things for a longer time.  

9. They love spending time with your family

Your partner must not only love you but also love and respect your family.

Introducing each other to your respective families is a big step in itself and if your partner feels comfortable around your family then it’s a good sign.

Developing relationships with the other family members makes the bond stronger and helps you to know your partner in a better way.

When your partner plans hangouts in an attempt to spend time with your family members, it denotes that he/she wants to build bonds for the future.

10. The conversations start with ‘We’

Instead of using ‘you’ and ‘me’, if your partner starts using ‘we’ in conversations, then you should feel special about it.

A person can only use ‘we’ if he/she is sure of being together in the future. This clearly denotes that your partner is ready for a serious relationship.

These were a few signs that would help you decide if your partner is ready to have a serious relationship or not.

However, many people do not identify it during the right time and end up facing commitment issues later on.

So, to know if your casual relationship is really getting serious, here are a few signs. Come, let’s have a look.

Signs a casual relationship is getting serious

Although the hook-up culture is at its peak nowadays, casual dating can also turn into a serious relationship if you and your partner share the connection.

There’s no defined time limit that couples should take to make their relationship official, it just happens if you love to spend time with your partner.

Here are a few signs that will help you identify if your relationship is getting serious.

1. You obsess less

It happens in the early stage of a relationship when both of you talk to each other the entire day and daydream about each other.

Everything seems to be revolving around your partner in the initial stage, but this charm fades away when the honeymoon phase gets over and you’re entering a more settled stage.

Eventually, you will not stalk them and won’t wait for their replies because you are rest assured that they will drop you a text when they have time.

The rush and the excitement when things are new is usually high and when this fades away yet you are equally attached to your partner, that’s when you can say that your relationship is getting serious.

2. You reach out to each other for everything

Whether it is about planning a dinner date and just sending a sweet text, both the partners need to do it equally.

If you notice that you are the only one reaching out for a date then it might be a possibility that the other person is not much invested in the relationship.

On the other hand, if you see that the other partner is also putting in efforts and is interested in talking, it is turning into something serious and long-term.

3. You have no interest in other prospective partners

When you start dating someone and eventually it leads to the loss of interest in seeing other people, then it is quite sure that you are enjoying the person and want to take it further.

If you truly find your partner interesting and want to be devoted to him/her, then you won’t even think of someone else.

The idea of being with them is enough for you. If this happens to you, then my dear, your relationship is going to be long-lasting.

4. You have met each other’s friends

In today’s world, getting along with family members has shifted to be the second priority. Getting approval from their close friends has become more important.

If you make a good impression in front of your partner’s friends and eye for their approval, it might prove to be a deal cracker for you.

If you or your partner are introducing each other to a close group of friends, it is a sign that the relationship is taking a step ahead.

5. You can talk about anything

Initially, when you start dating someone, there is a constant dearth of topics. Having a real conversation with them is very difficult.

Most of us carry a mindset that we have to impress the other person which acts as a bar for discussing sensitive topics like future goals, financial planning, past relationships, or your dreams.

However, if your relationship is getting serious, this fear fades away and you feel comfortable discussing anything with your partner without any hesitation or fear.

6. You can spend time without sex

In any casual relationship, sex is the one of the most important parts of the relationship and can be used as an excuse to meet your partner.

If you and your partner love spending time with each other doing other stuff like watching a movie or traveling then it is a sign that your relationship is turning into something deep.

If your relationship is just based on the desire of having sex then, I’m sorry but it’s nothing serious.

7. You feel home around them

Initially, both the partners intend to impress each other and take hours to dress up with a face full of makeup.

But if you feel comfortable inviting your partner over to hang out when you are in your pajamas and your hair is not combed for two days, that is when you can tell that it is quite serious and you can let your partner see the goofy side of you.

When you develop feelings for the person, looks hardly matter.

If you feel joyous and love spending time with your partner in your ugly version, it is going to be long-term.

8. You split the check

Although the expectations are from the men to pay the cheques for the dinner nights… It is quite outdated now. Yet, many men still think of it as a way to impress women.

If you enter a serious relationship, you will realize that it is not far from the men and split all the bills equally… right from buying a new car or going out to have pizza.

It is important to keep your financial situation clear and be transparent about it with your partner.

9. You want them to win

When you see your partner succeeding in life more than you, it is difficult to avoid jealousy.

Although in a serious relationship, success for any one of the partners should be considered a joy for both of them.

You will know that your relationship is getting serious when you are genuinely happy with your partner’s success and want them to keep growing.

If you or your partner keep motivating each other to achieve big goals, then the love will be long-lasting.

10. You know they will be there for you, no matter what

Be it making dinner plans, sharing beds, or sharing the same hobbies, you will know that you will have your partner by your side in all parts of your life.

If you’re confident about your partner and know that they will accompany you through all phases of life, then your relationship may be getting stronger.

The confidence when you have someone at your best and at your worst, is unmatched.

11. You keep stuff at their place

It honestly starts with something as small as a toothbrush and then leads to important things like contact lenses or clothes.

Once you are attached to your partner, you start planning sleepovers very often.

Carrying important stuff to each other’s apartment can be hectic and you might lose some of your stuff during this.

If you reach that stage when you have started keeping some of your things at their place, then it will lead to a strong relationship.

12. You can use their stuff freely

Sharing personal stuff with your partner can be a very big deal for some people. Some people don’t like anyone stepping into their private space.

If you have reached the point in your relationship that you can freely use each other’s stuff without any hesitation then your relationship may turn into a serious one very soon.

13. You’re no more bothered about “how do I look?”

When you are in a serious relationship with your partner, you start feeling a sense of comfort in their presence. You do not feel the need to maintain yourself around them.

Few things like not waking, wearing clothes that do not fit you well, mismatched outfits or uncombed hair will not be a matter of concern when you are around them.

Once you are brave enough to let your partner see you in the ugliest version of yourself, you will know that the comfort level has reached its peak and it will turn into something serious.

14. You share your Netflix! 😉

Once you start sharing little things like the Netflix password or the key to your apartment, you can say that you have moved forward in your relationship.

This fact also proves that you know that your partner would not judge you based on a messy house or the content that you watch.

You are okay with them knowing that you spent your entire day watching multiple episodes of your favorite series. These are the little steps that help take the relationship further on a serious note.

15. You have a bedtime routine

When you start living with your partner, you naturally divide responsibilities and things start getting real.

If you have already agreed on who sleeps on which side of the bed, who switches off the television, who takes the responsibility of shutting the main door, and who gets water for both of you, then you have come a long way.

When you prefer sleeping together on the same bed, hugging each other, and feeling your partner’s presence, this means it is something serious.

16. You know their favorites

It is quite obvious that you start knowing each other’s likes and dislikes when you’re in a relationship but it makes a difference when you remember it.

If you remember their favorite ice-cream flavor or their favorite cartoon character, buddy it is getting serious!

For example, ordering white sauce pasta over mixed sauce just because your partner likes it, indicates that you pay attention to what they say and care about their choices more than your own.

If you have learned to prioritize your partner, then it is a sign that it is getting serious.  

17. You share pictures together on social media

If you are okay with posting your partner’s picture on social media then you have got something absolutely real. It may not seem like a big thing but it is because social media is a source of “gossip” for everyone.

And I’m sure you or your partner don’t want to spread false gossip until you’re sure in your head.

If you or your partner like to show off your bond on the gram and like posting pictures doing romantic stuff together then it is quite obvious that your relationship is getting serious.  

18. You can visit them anytime

If you are spending enough time with your partner that their watchman allows you up to his apartment without any questions, then you both are headed to something serious.

If your delivery address is set to default to their apartment and you find it convenient that way, then you have come a long way.

Also, their roommates or family members are okay with you dropping by any time. If you can relate to all this, then you can tell that your casual relationship is no more casual.

19. You have good sex

Sexual intercourse with someone new is always different and exciting but the best sex is often with people who you have feelings for.

If you are having sex with a person for a longer period, then they will know exactly what you want in bed and by that time you also would have figured out what they like.

When you overcome the awkwardness of demanding what gives you pleasure in bed, it can be said that the relationship is getting serious.

20. You are committed to resolve the fights

As kids, you would have heard that fights make bonds stronger. Now as you are growing up, you will realize that it truly does.

If you and your partner have fights, which is quite normal, and you both have the understanding to sort things out, then it is something real.

Breaking up after having fights is the easiest solution people find in casual dating life. But if your partner sticks around even after arguments, this is a sign that your love is strong and long-term.

21. You know each other’s ‘most embarrassing’ moments

Everyone takes pride in sharing the happy moments of life but only the favorite ones get to know the most embarrassing ones. That does not include silly things like tripping down the stairs.

If you are capable of sharing the most embarrassing things that you have faced and still find it cringe to tell other people, then your partner has created a position in your life that nobody can share.

This means that you no longer think that things are casual between the two of you.  

22. You can share silences

When you start dating people, the awkward silences between the conversations make you feel embarrassed… but that does not exist anymore.

When you reach a place in your relationship where you don’t run out of topics and even if there is nothing to talk about, you just enjoy being with each other quietly… that’s when you know this is for a lifetime.

23. You are no longer available on dating apps

Once you are emotionally invested in your partner, you won’t feel the need to be available on dating apps because you no longer want to find anyone “new”.

Also, you will quit stalking your ex on social media or his/her friends because your partner is the only one you care about.

So, if you’re losing interest in other people, this means that you’re feeling secure in your current relationship.

24. You aren’t formal with them

At the beginning of the relationship, you tend to maintain things formally like asking if your partner is free before a facetime or waiting for them to invite you for dinner.

When you put an end to these formalities and don’t think twice before doing anything with them… that’s when you need to understand that it is leading you the long way.

25. You know each other’s schedules

When you spend so much time with each other that you know every little detail about your partner’s schedule, it’s absolutely getting serious.

Eventually, you will not disturb them during their work hours because you know that at the end of the day, they will come back looking for you.

You have the faith that your partner is only yours… and no matter what, they’ll never leave your side.

These were the few points that will give you an overall idea about the stage of your relationship.

If you think that it is leading to something serious and you are also ready for the commitment then what’s the wait worth for?

But what if you’re not in the transition but have already reached the destination? Let’s find out!

Signs of a serious relationship

In a casual relationship, the investment of emotions and feelings is extremely low but in serious relationships, that is not the case.

Your relationship doesn’t need to be claimed “serious” if you both are happy and gratified. Here are some signs that denote that your relationship is already serious and your love is ever-evolving.

1. You are in an exclusive relationship

When you and your partner love spending time with each other and no longer find someone else to go out with, you’re already in a serious relationship.

You do not update dating apps like Tinder or Bumble because you are satisfied with your partner. It is the most important sign that you or your partner is ready to handle a serious relationship.  

2. You said ‘I love you’

Although it is very easy for a few people to confess the magical words, there are still some people who take these words seriously and they mean it when they say them.

If you and your partner have such a mindset and you have already confessed your love for each other, it is a sign that you both are into a serious relationship.

Many people find it adorable to keep expressing their love for each other, and they choose multiple ways to do it, but it only happens when you are looking at your future with them.

3. You attend each other’s family functions

Introducing your partner to your family is itself a very big step. You only take your partners home when you’re sure about them.

The easiest way to tell if someone is into you is when they want you to build a bond with their parents.

Trust me, there is no bigger sign than that. So, if your guy takes you home for Christmas or your girl invites you over for a picnic, it clearly says that you guys have taken it to a serious level.

Being a part of your partner’s family events is special and random dates do not get this privilege.

4. You want to solve differences

Disagreements are very common in any type of relationship. In casual flings, a simple fight or an argument is enough for the two to end things between them.

But, if you and your partner make efforts to resolve them and stick around, that clearly states that both of you want to make things normal, and this only happens if you are serious about the relationship.

Even the thought of fighting and staying away from your partner is deadly to you, and you want to be on good terms with your partner.

5. You spend most time with each other

How do you know that your bond is getting stronger? When you start spending most time with each other and still don’t get bored.

This shows that you are comfortable enough to share your intimate space with your partner and ready to handle serious relationships.

6. You are concerned about their success and failure

In casual relationships, usually, there is a feeling of jealousy when you see your partner succeed in life.

But when your bond gets stronger, and you genuinely start caring about them, you will realize that their success brings joy to you too.

You want to support them in their hardships and celebrate each other’s success together. You are worried if they are not achieving their goals and want to make things easier for them.

7. You adapt habits of one another

If you spend so much time together, that your partner’s habits or hobbies become yours too, then you are successfully into a serious relationship.

For example, you have undeclared rules of watching any new movie tighter or visiting any new place together… and even though you’re not committed to it, you still comply.

Eventually, you start realizing that you want to do everything with that person, and that’s when you know your bond is pure.

8. You are YOU – no filters, no acts!

Everyone wants to impress their partner on the first date, and for that many people start pretending to be someone they are not. It should not be the case.

If you want things for a longer time, you have to be yourself from the initial stage because with time they will anyway come to know the true version of you.

When you are confident enough to be yourself in front of your partner, and you know, they are not going to judge you for who you are, then it is a sign that you both are living in a serious relationship.

9. You travel together

Traveling just does not mean packing bags and taking the first flight out. You travel on your holidays to spend quality time and make happy memories.

So, if your partner is wanting to travel with you, it is an indication that they want to spend happy moments with you by their side.

It is quite a big step as you generally do not develop that urge to share special memories with people you are casually dating.

So, if you are planning to travel together then your relationship is quite serious.  

10. You consider them in every decision you make

You make major decisions in your life depending on the things that surround you. Your life goals, your family, and your mental state – you consider everything while making future decisions.

If your partner adds to that list then you must know that your relationship is absolutely long-term and serious.

Even small decisions like grocery shopping or the flavor of ice creams can make a huge difference if they consider your likes while deciding.

11. You flaunt your partner

If your partner takes up their social media account to post pictures with you, then it is quite evitable that they are happy with the relationship and want the world to know about the two of you.

It is only when you are in a serious relationship.

If your partner takes pride in holding your hand, and walking in public places like malls, it is good news for you.

12. You are each other’s priority

You know that your relationship is serious when you are your partner’s priority, and so they are to you.

You cancel plans with your friends because you want to spend more time with each other and get along even better.

Your other responsibilities like office work do not intervene in the attention you give them because you genuinely want to make time for them.

You know it is serious when your partner treats you as their priority and does not let any other thing come in between.

13. You talk openly about your relationship

Communication is the key to success in any relationship. Usually, couples do not communicate well and face issues with each other resulting in differences in their relationship.

You know the bond is going to last when you and your partner are comfortable talking to each other about your relationship, your thoughts, and your expectations without being judged by them.

14. You begin to develop rituals

Having brunch together on Sunday mornings or trying new restaurants together, or watching a newly released movie with each other is like an unspoken deal between you two.

It is already understood that those rituals are to be done together.

You would never develop such a situation if you are dating someone casually. If you and your partner have developed habits together, then it is clear that you are in a serious relationship.

15. You’re in each other’s routine

Hanging out with them is a sure part of your routine.

Just like you go to work every day or take showers daily, seeing them, talking to them, or spending time with them also becomes a part of your daily routine.

If you are making them a part of your regular life irrespective of how busy you are, that’s when you know you’re committed to a serious relationship with your partner.

16. You consider their family as your own

Apart from the fact that your partner loves you, it should be really important that your partner love and respect your family members too.

Not just for the sake of the world, but your partner should do it from their heart.

So if your partner makes an effort to spend time with your family or make plans to hang out together is a cue that your partner is committed to you.

17. You care about their well-being

In casual relationships, couples usually pretend to care for each other but deep down they are not very much bothered about you.

But in the case of a serious relationship, you genuinely care about your partner, their health, their career, and everything relating to their life.

Keeping them motivated and dedicated to pursuing their goals is your responsibility. Their mental health matters to you. If their problems seem to be yours, then the relationship is quite serious.

18. No amount of time is ever enough with them

Just casually talking to them on social media or spending some time on facetime is not enough for you anymore.

If you constantly make plans of meeting them or daydream about them, then it indicates that you are serious about them.

You do not think of anyone casual throughout the day. So, if you urge to spend more time with your partner then it is a sign for you to understand that you are in a serious relationship.

19. You are together on weekends

All of us want to spend the weekends in utmost comfort doing things that you like and with people you love.

If you wish to spend your weekends with your partner then it means that you enjoy their company. It can be for watching a movie together or going for an afternoon stroll, you can’t imagine your weekends without them.

20. You get pets together

Just like being introduced to your respective families or moving in together in the same apartment is a big step, getting pets together is also a way to convey that your relationship is long-lasting.

Getting a pet home means sharing its responsibilities for a very long time, and you would never do it with someone casual.

These were a few signs that will indicate that your relationship with your partner is extremely serious and your love is everlasting.

It is important to identify that your relationship is at what stage and commit yourself accordingly.

If you are ready for a long-term relationship but cannot find a partner, certain apps help you find the potential match. To know more about it, keep reading.

Dating sites for a serious relationship

Everyone around is looking for ways where you can meet good people and start building a long-term relationship.

Several apps help you connect with your prospective partners, but most people use them for one-night stands that just take away your belief in love.

Although that is not always the case, there are quite a few apps that are used to find people who are interested in long-term relationships, including…

1. Match

People mostly use this app to find long-term relationships only. It was launched a few decades ago, and we have heard a lot of success stories.

This app also involves several cases of catfishing but the app is continuously working on improving it so that it is more convenient for you to find your perfect match.

2. Eharmony

The short and sweet sign-up process of this app has attracted a lot of youngsters. The best part is that it does not ask simple religious questions rather brings about more interesting topics…. In an attempt to help you find your desired match.

Although there are 80 questions, it claims that it would take only about 20 minutes and might help you find a perfect partner.

3. OkCupid

It was launched very recently and promises that you won’t end up on a date with someone who does not pay attention to you.

This app lets you have access to its best features without any subscription and helps you find a date depending on the common questions both of you answer to.

4. Hinge

Hinge gets your point that dating apps can be fun, but no one actually likes being on them. Thus, its algorithm and profile criteria are set in such a manner that you would not ever end up with someone you may hate later in life.  

It allows you to put yourself up there and meet several people of your liking and finally select THE one.

5. EliteSingles

For people who think only love and romance are not enough to be committed in a relationship and want to match their educational and professional backgrounds too, EliteSingles come to the rescue.

This app matches people who are on the same level, but sometimes it is incorrect because many people tend to lie about their job and income.

6. HER

HER remains to be the sole application that is exclusively for queer women. It allows its users to get more creative while designing their profiles.

The best part is that this app gets you connected with people who have similar interests and join their groups. It might help you find a bunch of friends in your city.

7. Bumble

Bumble has introduced the concept similar to Tinder where women need to be the first ones to start conversations.

It also allows those messages to be there only for 24 hours, and if they remain unanswered it automatically deletes. It helps to keep your queue clean. You can mention what you are looking for in your bio.

8. SilverSingles

It is a sister site of EliteSingles which sends you a handful of matches every day after assessing five of your main traits. It saves much time because you do not need to sit and surf all day long to find matches.

The questions asked are fairly standard for a dating site, and it is easier for you to find a match using this app.

9. Coffee Meets Bagel

As its name suggests, this app is designed to introduce easy date ideas where you do not have to dress up and make it all formal.

It has millions of users which adds up to its advantage but you also find a lot of messages every time you sign in as this allows anyone on the platform to message.  

10. Tinder

It is not a bad app because you will find the shyest people logged in here. It is also quoted in series like ‘the office’ that couples who meet on Tinder live happily ever after.

So, if you are in a quest for a long-term relationship, Tinder is the most convenient app to be on.

These are a few dating apps that will help you find partners for a long-term relationship, and personally, I have also seen many people finding the perfect partners using them.

So, if you are someone who wants to start dating, you should pick one and at least start your discovery.

But you should always keep in mind that you and your partner have a similar mindset before entering into a serious relationship.

Here are a few questions that you need to ask your partner before committing yourself.

Questions to ask each other before getting into a serious relationship

You cannot take the decision alone of getting into a serious relationship. You will have to talk to your partner about that.

Here are a few questions that you can seek an answer to before making a decision.

1. Will you be there for me no matter what?

Casual dating is a lot different than serious relationships. So, before moving forward, it is good to ask your partner if they are willing to stay by your side through thick and thin.

Because if they don’t feel the same for you, moving further in a relationship may be useless. So, analyze their actions and ask them if you can trust them on every matter even if you have fights or are mad at each other.

2. What is your definition of cheating?

You are two different people in a relationship, and hence, you two will have different opinions on cheating.

Some people think having friends of the opposite gender is cheating, whereas some think kissing is cheating.

Talking or hanging out with the opposite gender is normal. Considering such activities as cheating only indicates that you are trying to control your partner.

So, ask your partner what they mean by cheating to be on the same page from the beginning.

3. Is honesty required in a relationship?

Lying with your partner will not take your relationship forward. So, ask your partner if they feel honesty is required in a relationship. If yes, do they promise to be honest with you every time?

However, also ensure that being brutally honest may sometimes hurt each other’s feelings. So, you may need to balance the honesty factor and decide the terms beforehand to keep your relationship steady.

4. What are the changes you observe in yourself over a few years?

Are you the same person as you were five years back? No, of course not. You know the lessons you learned and the wisdom you gained.

Similarly, ask your partner how they have changed in the past five years because you have to keep progressing.

Asking this question will give you an idea if they understand their needs and learn from their mistakes.

We all go through failure- whether it is about our dreams or our relationships, but evolving from them is important.

5. What do you want from this relationship?

Well, I believe this is the most important question for any relationship. You both may love spending time with each other, but if you do not have common future goals, you are wasting your time.

Hence, ask your partner if they are looking forward to the relationship just like you are.

When couples don’t discuss this, it often happens that one partner is waiting for marriage, whereas another doesn’t want it. If that is the case with you, you are wasting your time.

6. How do you cope with life situations?

No relationship is forever rosy. You are going to fail tremendous falls, but is your partner ready to deal with them? How do they deal with their real-life situations?

In the initial stages of a lifelong bond, you have to make too many compromises and adjustments to fit with each other.

So, if they get angry and quit the relationship during tough times, you may not have a successful relationship. To avoid that, ask your partner how they plan to cope with such situations.

7. Why did your last relationship fail?

To avoid problems in the future, you should ask your partner the reason behind the failure of their last relationship.

Most times, the answer will be ‘Ex cheated on me.’ Fair enough, but you must know the truth. There can be incompatibility issues or misunderstandings too.

This question will help you know what your partner wants from your relationship and if they are responsible to handle a relationship.

8. How did you deal with your emotions and feelings growing up?

We all have been raised differently. While women are more emotional, men pretend to be strong.

But asking this question will help you know what has shaped their behavior and how you must deal with certain situations with them. You will know if they can easily communicate their emotions or not.

Also, probably the question will enlighten you to know if their way of dealing with emotions presently has changed or is still the same.

9. What are your thoughts about your friends’ relationships?

When you discuss your friends’ relationship with your partner, you get deeper insights into what your partner thinks is a good relationship.

Maybe you can work on those points too and make your relationship successful.

So, discussing your friends’ relationships with your partner will give you examples of a good relationship and a bad relationship which will ultimately help you to strengthen your own.

10. Do you think you make each other better?

The entire concept of a relationship is that there is somebody who lifts you from your current position and puts you in a better place.

By ‘better place,’ I don’t mean roaming around the world, but makes you better in your life.

A partner must be able to bring out the best version of you. If the reverse is happening, I don’t think it is a good idea for you to step into a serious relationship. Hence, you must ask your partner this question.

11. What do you value most about our relationship?

Well, this question is the real test of your partner. It gives you knowledge about why your partner is with you.

If you ask them and they reply sex, chilling, money, or any materialistic things, you have your answer.

This question helps you know what is it that keeps you bound and what may help your relationship grow further.

It indicates their seriousness towards your relationship. So, ask this question before to ensure you are not wasting your time.

12. What are your plans with kids?

Again, being on the same page is important in a relationship. You will never be successful in a relationship if you don’t have the same goals. So, it is better to discuss beforehand if they want kids or not.

If you are a person who is looking for a proper marriage and family life, but your partner wants to live life on their own terms, then maybe you need to rethink your relationship.

So, this question will help you prevent your marriage from failing in the future.

13. What are some things that you will not like to compromise?

Everyone has fixed standards or deal-breakers in their life that they wouldn’t like to compromise on for anyone.

Asking your partner about such deal-breakers is important because it helps you know if you both are on the same page.

If they are not ready to take responsibility for your marriage and focus on something else entirely, you know that you are traveling downhill. So, make your years count and know if you both are on the same page.

14. Will your friends and family accept us?

There are chances that your families may not accept each other or your partner has nosy friends that keep interfering in small matters.

Thus, it is better to ask your partner what are some toxicities that you will have to deal with before stepping into a serious relationship.

This way, you also know if you will be able to go through the bumps on the road and will be well-prepared for the journey.

15. What are your priorities?

Yes, it is important to know what is a priority for your partner. Most of them will answer about money, career, family, and that is okay.

But are you there on your priority list? It is necessary to know if they consider you as your priority because otherwise who are you making compromises for?

Well, they should prioritize themselves too, but not at the expense of you, NEVER.

16. What are your views on other men/women?

While casual dating, you might not know your partner’s thoughts on other men and women. But you must question them about this before stepping into something serious.

This question will help you understand their perception and attitude towards other men and women.

Are there any stereotypes that they have already in their mind? Do you agree with their perception? If yes, I am glad for you, but if not, consider re-thinking over your relationship.

17. What are your thoughts about sex in a relationship?

For most guys, sex is a necessity in a relationship. While few women don’t have a problem with this, the others do.

So, try to know your partner’s thoughts on sex in a relationship. It will help you decide if you are willing to give in the relationship or step out of it.

Some people just turn out to be sex maniacs, and you might not prefer frequent sex. If that’s the case, it will make your partner cheat on you.

18. What are your religious and political views?

In the initial phases of the relationship, you will certainly not talk about religious and political ideologies. But if you are thinking of a future together, these talks are necessary, my friend.

If the two of you do not share the same religious and political views, you may have continuous disagreements and conflicts in the later stages of your relationship.

19. Do independent people make you feel scared?

This question may sound a little sensitive, yet is important for a long-lasting relationship.

Most men fear independent women or abide by their male ego. For such reasons, they cannot accept independent women. If you are dating such a man, beware!

Similarly, most women think independent men cheat and dominate. If that’s the case with your girlfriend, it will cause problems in the future.

20. How is your financial situation?

Today’s generation considers this as the most important factor in any relationship. I don’t say money is everything you need in a relationship, but how can you survive without it?

While stepping into the future, you must know what you are dealing with, what lifestyle you will have, what compromises you will have to make, and how much your partner earns.

None of us would want to marry a person who is not ready to share the financial load, isn’t it?

But what to do if you were in a serious relationship and still failed? Well, I’ve got your back.

How to move on from a serious relationship

If you failed to be a part of their life and are trying to move on from your heartbreak, here are a few ways you can implement to get back to a normal life.

1. Communicate with your partner

Staying up late and being unable to sleep after certain breakthroughs is normal. The mental trauma caused by the end of a serious relationship leaves almost each one of us hopeless.

But, when the world feels upside down, that’s when opening up yourself in front of your potential partner works. Thus, when you’ve cried, yelled, and accepted your loss, it makes you feel light.

2. Don’t look for a rebound

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Thus, being careful with everything you do in life is necessary.

Starting up a new relationship or casually dating soon after a breakup can lead to you being hurt again. It may even turn out to be a disaster even though you two get along well with each other.

The term doesn’t have any specific limit, it can be anytime, depending on the person.

So, while hookup culture, rebound, etc. is normal, it is always a wise choice to take a break and not jump into another relationship as soon as this one ends.

3. Be honest with yourself

No matter what is happening in your personal or professional life, always, I repeat ALWAYS be honest with yourself.

Embrace the heartbreak and your coping mechanisms. Just let yourself be who you are and what you couldn’t be previously. Have fun, and don’t apologize for it.

4. Stop yourself from going back to your ex

How can you expect the same person who stabbed you… to fix you? Presuming to win back your partner is a wrong idea as it gives nothing but sadness in the long run.

Hence, just remember, there are plenty of fishes in the water for you to explore… so leave your ex(es) alone.

5. Let it go

Give yourself space… as much as you can. Allow yourself to be free from what has already left you.

If you still keep stalking your ex, or check their social media handles, it will not help you. Infact, it will only dig the wound deeper.

So, instead, be ALL OUT!

I know it is easier said than done… but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

6. Accept that your relationship is no more

Even though you were in a serious relationship, you need to accept that it is no more. The sooner you accept, the easier it becomes for you to move into a new life.

There can be multiple reasons why you both are not together today. But, it doesn’t matter… The only thing that matters is that you both are not together.

So, accept the truth, move ahead with new opportunities, and hope for a better future. Take a breath and believe that someone better is waiting for you out there.

7. Take lessons home from your unsuccessful relationships

There are two things that every failure leaves you with: lots of pain and learning.

Previous relationships teach us so many things – your weaknesses, your shortcomings and your strengths.

Make sure to always keep in mind about these pointers in your future relationships… I’m sure you don’t ever want to experience a similar kind of pain.

8. Start exercising

Exercise paves the way for good energy into the body and mind. It also makes you more focused, gives you a good shape, improves immunity, etc.

All of this, in turn, reduces the probability of having serious diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc., and in the end, improves the quality of life.

Further, exercise also helps gain mental stability and help you get out of this traumatic phase faster.

9. Focus on your goals

While you’re in a relationship, your time is divided but now you’ve all the time in the world to find your ground again… and get back to the grind.

So, if you want to become an entrepreneur or looking for your dream job, it’s time to start working on it.

10. Work towards self-love

Committed relationships often remind us of the qualities we possess and make us feel loved and cherished. But often when you part ways, you find yourself lost and unworthy.

Don’t let that happen to you.  

Choose and practice to self-love, every day, no matter how hard it is. Start with taking out some hours ONLY for yourself, do what you love doing, read books or maybe binge on your favorite show.

So this was some relationship advice from me to you… implement these in your daily life and you’re bound to see the difference.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Serious relationships are not easy to balance because it requires effort from both ends. A few people get overwhelmed during the process, whereas a few relationships evolve.

Either way, a serious relationship is certainly worth a shot.

Why will you not like someone to love you with all your flaws and still promise you a lifetime? We all want that, don’t we?

So, even if you are facing any issues in a relationship, speak to your partner or some relationship expert or dating expert and find a common ground.

But never give up… not as long as you know your partner loves you the most in the whole world.  

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