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25 Signs You are In A Relationship and Don’t Know It

25 Signs You are In A Relationship and Don’t Know It

Updated on Sep 26, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

25 Signs You are In A Relationship and Don’t Know It

Being in a relationship and not knowing it consciously can happen with just anyone. In the initial days of courtship or in the early stages of dating and friendship, you may be unsure of whether you like the person, or whether you share common interests with them that can actually take the relationship forward on a serious note.

In this article, we will elaborate on the telltale signs you are in a relationship and don’t know it. Further, what you can do thereafter would also be talked about.

So stay tuned for some great suggestions that can shape your relationships in healthy ways.

Signs you are in a relationship and don’t know it

When you are in a relationship and don’t know it, you might feel confused about your next course of action. You may also find yourself spending much more time with the person yet perplexed about the idea of falling in love.

Many times people do not realize that they are in a relationship because they have not consciously analyzed the deep bonding that they share with each other. The daily chaos and work-life balance may hinder effective communication as well.

Sometimes when you are in a relationship and don’t know it consciously, it means you are dating the person unofficially. Unofficial dating may occur when you are not clear about the plight of your relationship yet like the other person with great interest and intensity.

You are spending a lot of time with the person and feeling bad when not being able to do so. You are not ready to be away from them also. These signal that you have a deeper emotional connection with your partner, but do not want to call it a relationship.

Perhaps, labeling this emotional connection as a relationship that is quite close now is not done by you. All these happen because you lack clarity about the subtle signs that show you are in a relationship and don’t know it.

All relationships take time to grow and evolve and yours is also like that. You may remain in utter confusion if you have still not discussed the matter with your partner. 

Sometimes, you need to communicate openly just to gather ideas about how they feel about you, or what is their opinion about the future of this bonding. You need to gather information about physical attraction as well so that the depth and intensity of the bonding can be evaluated by both of you.

The blurry and gray areas of the relationship need to be cleared by open communication so that you gather clarity about where the relationship is heading to.

It is important to know all the specific signs that you are almost into a relationship, though unknowingly. At times, it is vital to know how to grow the togetherness into an eternal bonding of love and affection.

25 Signs you are in the relationship without knowing it

Every relationship is different. It varies in terms of affection, love, care, mutual understanding, and much more. There are some key signs that you are in a relationship and these signs are common for all. 

1. You are constantly thinking about your partner

One of the potent signs that you are in a relationship and do not know it is when your mind is filled-up with their thoughts only. When your partner is not present with you, you are reliving the moments shared. You are engrossed in their thoughts in such a way that your daily schedule is also getting hampered. Maybe, you are falling in love with their small details as well.

2. You meet each other a lot more these days

When you are in a relationship and don’t know when it happened, you will find yourself trying to fix a date with them. You will crave their attention and time much more than what it was before.

You will meet your partner more often and feels like not having ‘enough’ of it. Sometimes, loneliness feelings will set in if you people cannot meet as expected; maybe due to work-related commitments. 

3. You communicate regularly

Another sign that you are in a serious relationship is when you are calling them or texting more often than was a few days or months back. You are dying to know what’s going on in their lives. There could be long calls at odd hours as well. Sometimes, you may try to stay connected all the time.  

Perhaps, your partner is the first person you call in the morning. The nighttime talks are long and you may not know when the dawn is about to set in. Since the person is always in your thoughts, you are craving some more communication all the time.

4. You are comfortable around them

If you are comfortable being with them, sharing your deepest secrets, and trying to be what you are actually, then it means you are in a relationship. You, people, are no longer good friends; instead, your relationship is showing subtle signs of serious bonding. When they hold your hands or try to get intimate with you, you feel happy about it.

If you feel like that you can show your authentic ‘self’ in front of your partner. There is nothing to hide and you can share your emotions openly with them, then it is a sign that you are already there even if it happened unknowingly.

5. Your belongings are in their house

Another telltale sign that your dating phase has taken a serious turn is when you are having your belongings in their house.

You won’t mind leaving your stuff in their house. You may have left your wallet, books, and important papers in their house. This also suggests that they are very important to you now. It’s not casual dating only.

6. You know their friends and family

When you know some of their friends and family members closely, it’s a sure sign that you are already in a relationship even if you are not accepting it openly.

Sometimes, you may find yourself going for family outings with them, or interacting with their friends who have actually become common friends now.

7. Both of you have made many sweet memories with each other

If you have spent lovely moments together that you will never forget, then it indicates that you have fallen in love with your partner and would hate to let them go away from your life.

You are cherishing the togetherness to the fullest and the relationship itself is getting closer to your heart. This indicates that you and your partner are already emotionally connected; though unknowingly.

8. You are always eager to know their success stories and fatal failures

You will come to know that you’re in a relationship when you show ample interest in knowing their success stories and failures equally well. 

As couples, you and your have the power to accept each other’s faults and failures also. You, people, are open to discussing issues and resolving everything mutually.

Maybe, you will show a lot of enthusiasm and happiness in learning about each other’s success and victories; your relationship satisfaction with the person is on a higher note than ever before.

9. You are feeling sad when spending some time apart from each other

 If you are having a serious relationship and it’s not dating only, then you will notice that you are feeling sad and upset when your partner is not around. If they are away for an official tour or have gone to a distant town for work, then you’re feeling too lonely and isolated.

Sadness and hopeless feelings are becoming obvious and you’re getting some subtle vibes that you have fallen for the person seriously.

10. Sense of humor matches with them

If you think that your sense of humor matches with your partner and you share a lot of smiles and laughter with them, no matter where you are; then you are already in a relationship and don’t know it consciously.

Maybe, you are still connected to them in a superficial way because you are unsure of the emotional intimacy and togetherness that you share with them.

Probably, you are now used to cracking jokes and calling each other nicknames that no other knows. All these can facilitate the emotional connection and make it more deep and satisfying.

11. You try many new things together just for fun and enjoyment

When you find yourself doing many activities together with your partner or trying out new experiences very often, it is a clear indication that the relationship is pretty serious now.

You are already into a commitment of mutual sharing that is much more than just liking each other’s company. Your relationship is not dull and a lot of spice is adding up every day to make the bonding beautiful and satisfying.

12. You wish to know whether they also love you

Are you interested to know whether your partner also has similar feelings of love for you? Are you dying to know whether they miss you too often just as you do? Then, this indicates that you people are in a relationship but still unsure of how to carry it forward. At the same time, you will experience warm feelings for your partner and life seems to be really blessed and beautiful.

13. Their quirky nature is equally attractive to you

Does your significant other apologize a lot or behave in odd ways in certain situations? Do they appear confused and puzzled at times? Are they neat freaks? Still, you like and love them, Right?

When you are falling in love and getting into a relationship, every small gesture and quirk of your partner appears attractive to you. Maybe you will adore these silly things and would want more of them every day.

This indicates that your relationship has already taken a serious turn; even if you have not given any conscious effort to make things work out the way they did.

You will love their sense of style, the way they do things in front of others, etc.

14. You are not interested to know other attractive people

If you find yourself in a position where you are not interested in seeking other potential partners, then it’s a sure sign that you are in a relationship. The others on the list are not at all interesting as per your choice.

You are keen to know the person in your life. You are not inclined to know other people even if your family wants you to do so. This happens when love is in the air and you are already in the relationship stage which seems to be a serious affair now.

15. You no longer plan dates

When you are enjoying your romantic moments with your partner just like that without planning a proper date, time, and venue, it indicates that you’re in a relationship without knowing.

Sometimes, you are keen to have sudden outings without prior planning and there is complete consensus from both ends.

16. Disagreements are sorted out easily

When your arguments and differences of opinion are getting resolved on their own without putting much effort, it means you are happy with the other person.

Both of you are adjusting well and the affair or dating is becoming a serious relationship now, even if you are not realizing it fully.

17. You have intimate feelings for your partner

Are you feeling something deeply for your partner for some time now? Do you feel from deep inside that you have fallen in love with the person with whom the bonding seemed to be a close friendship only? If yes, then you are getting into a relationship that is intimate, full of trust and dependency.

In reality, you have fallen for someone who is very dear to your heart and you think that you can actually spend more time with the person.

18. You people feel like a couple

If you and your partner feel like a couple being together, then it indicates that your affair is turning into a relationship without you realizing it formally. You are eager to spend more time with the person and enjoy the togetherness completely.

19. You can trust them and count on them easily

Do you think that you can count on them whenever you are stuck or in an issue in life? Do you trust them more than yourself? This means that you have complete faith in them and you are sure that they can keep you happy and blissful as always. Your courtship is serious and you are in a relationship that can transform into everlasting love forever.

20. You are daydreaming a lot these days

 Are you daydreaming about your partner much more now than in the past? Do you feel that you can get along well with them in the future as well? You people talk about the future and make big plans that can be beneficial for both. Maybe you are getting positive vibes that you will have to live life with the person who resides in your heart.

21. Your partner has opened up to you

If your partner opened up to you and discussed their intimate feelings for you, then you can be pretty sure that your relationship is serious and you should give more importance to the feelings that you are also having for your partner. 

When your partner shares their worries and emotional woes with you openly, it means they want you to know more about them. They may share their concerns about life in general or discuss plans for the future as well. Sometimes, these subtle things hint at a relationship and not a casual friendship only.

22. You think about your partner above everyone else

If you seem to remain concerned and all consumed in their well-being, then it indicates a relationship, even if you have not taken it seriously. They will occupy your thoughts and you will always remain bothered about what’s happening in their lives every now and then. Moreover, you will show care and concern much more for the special friend than you do for others.

23. You know the language of love that flows in each other’s heart

When you fall in love and don’t know whether the feelings are real, it means you know the language of intimacy and love that flows silently in each other’s hearts. You have learned the ways of expressing love to each other and always feel loved and supported.

24. You know your boundaries will be respected

In healthy relationships, boundaries are protective shields that define your worth as an individual. Thus, it needs to be respected and honored by both sides. 

When you see that your boundaries are honored by your partner and they prefer you to remain the way you are, it means that your relationship is serious. If your partner honors what you value and shows faith in your beliefs, then your affair is turning towards a relationship.

25. You’re not scared to share your opinions with them

When you are free to tell them how you feel or give opinions openly on important life matters that may impact both of you, then it’s a relationship, not a casual courtship the way it started. You are confident that your partner will listen to you, and will consider your opinions and feelings as worthy and significant. These feelings are signals that you are in a relationship even if you are not aware of it in a conscious way.

What next….

If you’ve realized that you have found the one special person in your life, then you should consider more about growing as a couple and know each other in intimate ways. You can also consider marriage or a live-in relationship; whichever is convenient for you and your partner.

Furthermore, if you are happy and blissful with them or the emotional intimacy that you share with them feels good, then pay attention to the signs that hints at a relationship blooming slowly.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantRelationship’

When you are going around with a special friend who has become quite close to you in a few months’ time, it may become difficult to understand whether any relationship is actually present or not in the bonding. 

Thus, learning the various signs discussed above will help you realize the relationship status you are in with your close friend or partner. Sometimes, it may take a long time before you take a call to finalize the relationship as authentic and official. 

You should also look for signs of whether your partner is also equally interested in marriage or not; or how much they feel the bonding to be worthy and intimate.

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