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How to Take Things Slow in a Relationship – 14 Useful Tips to Guide You Through the Phase

How to Take Things Slow in a Relationship – 14 Useful Tips to Guide You Through the Phase

Published on Aug 30, 2023

How to Take Things Slow in a Relationship – 14 Useful Tips to Guide You Through the Phase

How to take things slow in a relationship is a question that arises in the minds of every single individual who meets someone for the first time and has no idea when they can jump into a relationship with them. 

The timing is a crucial element and most of them are not sure about it. So, let’s check further –

How to Take Things Slow in a Relationship? – Tips You Must Follow

What does it mean to take things slow in a relationship? It goes to show that either individual or both partners require time to develop a fair understanding about where they wish to take the relationship. 

It is not about being weird, it is about being sensible in one’s approach. Let us now take a look at some of the tips that you can follow for taking things slow in a relationship –

1. Show Honesty Right from the Beginning

You must always remain upfront and tell your partner that you intend to take some time before making any decision. 

Romantic partners must stay on the same page or else it would unnecessarily create misunderstandings, which might make the relationship fall apart.

If it so happens that your partner wants things to move at a rapid pace, while you do not share the same perspective, then they might feel you are not interested in them. 

Then you must make them understand that it is honesty, which helps to build trust at the beginning of a new relationship.

2. Make It Clear Why You Want to Take Things Slow

You must be clear about the reasons behind taking things slow in a relationship. 

If you feel as if you are committing a mistake or have no idea about what you are doing, you have to simply remind yourself why you have to take things slow in the first instance.

There might be various reasons, out of which might be because you have just come out of a breakup in your relationship, and you feel that it is too early to jump the gun. 

You are still not in the right frame of mind to let someone new take the place of your ex in your life. 

3. Go for Casual Dates and Have Fun

It is a common practice to go on romantic dates while being in the initial stages of a relationship

Things turn haywire if you try to overdo something while planning your dates. Make them happen casually, or else you will force your partner to reciprocate similar dating plans.

There is neither any need to make them romantic nor it is imperative to go as a couple. Rather, you must keep things simple and enjoy each other’s company. 

You can be a part of group dates, involve yourselves in various activities, or even explore some new things.

4. Avoid Spending a Lot of Time Together

Taking things slow in a romantic relationship means you can have romance but do not need to show urgency for doing it rapidly. 

It is also possible to feel special if you meet with your partner two times a week and do some entertaining stuff together.

This would help you take note of how your partner handles themselves under various circumstances. It can make you show even more affection toward them. 

Alternatively, it can even help you know if indeed you do not like them.

5. Make Attempts to Know One Another Better

When you are serious about taking things slow in a relationship with the girl you like or the guy you are following, you must make all the attempts to have a better understanding of each other’s personality.

If you intend to move slowly into a relationship, then ask them some open-ended questions to get your desired answers. 

It could be asking about their childhood, inspiration, happiness, and things you do not enjoy being a part of your life. They can enable you to know them better.

You must be open to receiving these questions from the other end as well. It will be a two-way process, which would help you to know one another better, or else the love will not bloom in the relationship.

6. Have Limited Interaction

Apart from not seeing one another every single day, you should prevent yourself from sharing every single detail of daily happenings in your life. 

It is fine to text or speak over the phone a few times each day but you must try and stay apart from one another during some moments.

For instance, there is no need to make drastic changes in your life for another individual before you are sure your state of relationship is ideally suited for making these decisions.

7. Try Not to Have Sex Very Soon

One-night stands do not turn into something that becomes happily ever after in real life. It happens only in movies that are based on imagination. 

A study suggests that all those women who tend to have sex with their partners later on in their relationships become happier after marriage than all those who tend to rush into sex.

When you have sex early into your relationship, it is also linked with living with one another sooner than normal, thereby resulting in dissatisfactory marriages. Thus, it is another way you must take things slow in a relationship.

You are always brimming with energy when you meet someone new and rush yourself into doing things that you should never do in a hurry, only to repent later on. It is necessary to resist the temptation of sharing the bed with them. 

Taking things slow means you can discuss with the person you like and tell them that you wish to wait before becoming intimate with them.

It holds for both men and women. You must be in a position to encourage trust, comfort, and vulnerability before entertaining thoughts of attaining physical pleasure.

8. Avoid Having Discussions about Your Future

Another tip that you must follow while trying to take things slow in a relationship is not to engage yourself in any kind of discussion with your partner about the future. It is especially applicable if you are in a casual relationship.

You must start taking them as your soulmate or visualize the house by the seaside where both of you would live after marriage. It does not matter what kind of plans you might have already made inside your mind.

For the time being, please try not to share your plans as it might become a reason for scaring them away from your life, especially if they do not share similar sentiments.

9. Refrain from Giving Big Gifts

One of the worst things that people do when they have just started their relationship is to exchange expensive gifts with one another. It is enough to ruin the future of any relationship. 

Therefore, if you truly wish to take things slow, make your partner feel special by giving them normal gifts in the form of chocolates or flowers.

10. Ascertain the Direction of Your Relationship

While it is okay to take things slow in a relationship, it is equally important that you are sure about the direction you want it to go and how you wish to mold it toward the same. 

You have to be firm in deciding if you want a casual relationship with someone who carries a similar level of interests as yours, or if you wish to build it over a long term that ultimately results in a marriage. 

Even though it might take some time, it is necessary that you start taking one step at a time in the right direction for fulfillment of your expectations. 

11. Do Not Introduce Them to Your Parents Immediately

The next big commitment people make to their partners in haste is introducing them to their families. This is an extremely sensitive step to take and hence, you should rush into doing the same if the other person is not ready. 

Both of you must be sure about the future of your relationship before introducing one another to your near and dear ones.

When you intend to take things slow, bringing family members into the mix can only complicate matters and unnecessarily put a strain on each other’s minds.

12. Prevent Yourself from Being Controlling and Possessive

As you intend to take things slow in your relationship, you are not having regular meetings with your partner. Therefore, there might be some sort of inquisitiveness on your part to know about their whereabouts.

It is fine if you ask them how they spend their day but do not suffer jealousy if they tell you they have met their ex. 

In case you get jealous and ask your partner to stop meeting them, it is one of the clear signs that you are a controlling individual.

You cannot afford to assert any kind of dominance over your partner irrespective of the stage of the relationship you find yourself in. It is not good to control anyone from leading their life with complete independence, even if you feel insecure. 

This is especially true when you have already made up your mind about settling down with them, without letting the other person know about it.

13. Talk about Each Other’s Hobbies

When you are in the middle of being in love with your partner, you simply forget about everything else that exists in this world and only focus on various aspects of your lover. You wish to be around them most of the time.

There are things you must avoid in this respect while trying to take things slow in a relationship. It is better to let your lover know you better by involving them in your hobbies. 

Simultaneously, you must show your curiosity about their hobbies and make yourself a part of those. This will create magic and help develop a special connection between one another.

14. Prepare to Share Your Susceptibilities

It is extremely important to stimulate all kinds of susceptibilities in a relationship if you genuinely want it to last for a good length of time. 

You can have this benefit if you know how to take things slow in a relationship. This is because you will have more time to know about your partner in detail than you would if you rush through your relationship.

Moreover, you will also learn how to learn and rely on each other. Being susceptible to them would also help clear out their confusion about whether you are not interested in forging a relationship with them or just taking one step at a time.

Final Words

We have discussed various tips you must follow for taking things slow in a relationship. They will not only help you build trust and give you enough chances to know each other but also enjoy a long-term association.

Thus, these tips will act as guidance for budding lovers to know the do’s and don’ts for the perfect execution of all your plans.