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32 Signs You Are Unofficially Dating

32 Signs You Are Unofficially Dating

Updated on Feb 02, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Signs You Are Unofficially Dating – Check Out The 32 Types

Do you feel that you are dating someone in your life, but you are still not sure about it? You need to understand the signs you are unofficially dating that clarify you are unknowingly going on unofficial dates.

Before getting into the discussion, let us first discuss a few aspects of unofficial dating.

Signs You Are Unofficially Dating Infographic

Signs You Are Unofficially Dating – Check Out The 32 Types
32 Signs You Are Unofficially Dating

32 Signs You Are Unofficially Dating

It is quite exhausting to find yourself in a situation in which you do not know where your presence lies in the life of an individual you have a crush on. 

They have not given subtle signs and hence you wonder if you are into an unofficial date. Therefore, if you wish to know if you have been dating one another unofficially, there are signs to look out for and get a clear picture.

Let us discuss the possible signs below-

1. Calling Each Other Regularly

It is one of the first things that you need to look out for. Are you constantly calling each other, whenever you are not meeting? During the initial phase, lovers find it tough to stay away from one another.

Hence, they resort to making calls now and then to stay in touch. When you answer the question, yes, then you are surely in a relationship or there is a fine line between dating and a relationship.

2. Chatting More Than Normal

Do you always chat on social media platforms almost every single day till midnight? The likelihood is high if you have got in touch with each other through one of the dating apps.

Do you check up on one another more often than not through text messages? If you indeed indulge yourself in these activities, these are signs that you are dating unofficially.

3. You Are Always Supporting One Another

Loving someone carries the desire to always be in touch with that person. The feeling stays inside you even when you are carrying out your daily responsibilities.

If a guy loves you, he will try to do everything possible to stay by your side. The same applies to a woman.

In case both of you love each other’s company and like having lunch or dinner together, then rest assured that it is more than just a casual friendship.

4. Your Partner Often Stands by Your Side

The male fraternity loves to protect. It lies in their makeup. Their mental framework is such that they always wish to protect women, particularly those belonging in their lives. 

When a man loves you differently, they do not even hesitate to take risks and defend you.

They hate seeing the women they fall in love with, get into any kind of difficulty and look to show them that they trust them with their safety. 

The women also do not step back from doing this, if they genuinely love you.

5. You Have Met with His/her Parents

Your partner makes you meet their parents and there is no need to have any confusion about it. This is because sensible people will never bring their parents into a relationship if they are not serious about you.

Moreover, even if they introduce you to them as their boyfriend or girlfriend, do not feel bad. There are some homes, getting into a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend is not allowed.

Hence, the only way they can introduce you to their family is as a friend.

6. You Have Met with His/her Friends

It is a common practice for all those who feel that you are an integral part of their life to make them meet with their friends and family members, other than parents. 

As a man, when you let your female counterpart meet your close friends, it is quite evident that he wants more than just friendship.

On the other hand, as a woman, you will only let a guy meet your friends when you are sure that he can indeed become your life partner. 

These are the friends with benefits, who enjoy making new connections to get something in return. Therefore, if you are getting that privilege, then you are more than just a friend.

7. You Depend on One Another

Whether you are a male or a female, you discuss a lot of things with your partner. In the process of doing so, you also look to take a lot of their advice from time to time. This is a clear indication that he/she is in love with you.

It also means that they want more from your end. They see themselves getting into an unofficial relationship with you and making plans for the future.

8. You Feel Each Other’s Pain

There are various types of love that one can experience. They include the Agape, the Eros, and the Philia. Love has different levels. 

You can reach the level where you start feeling the pain of each other quite deeply and you desire to risk your life or even expensive items.

This is where you are expressing Agape Love, the highest form of love you can give someone, and it is quite rare for anyone to find. 

On most occasions, when someone shows this kind of love, it indicates that they want to build a long-term relationship with you.

9. Showing Signs of Jealousy

One of the best ways to find out if someone loves you is by keeping a close watch on how they feel when you are with an individual of the opposite gender.

If a man becomes uncomfortable in the middle of other men, he will make sure that you leave the place.

On the other hand, ladies can even start faking illness to get back your attention. If you see this, then these are the signs you are unofficially dating.

It is because they tend to be the non-verbal way of expressing their love and affection for their partners.

10. You Both Often Think of One Another

It is a normal practice between two lovers. When you are in love with someone, you will keep thinking about them till you both meet again. This is a clear indication that you are dating unofficially.

You will get to know that you are occupying a space in the thoughts of one another through the frequency of calls you have received from one another.

11. You Feel Comfortable When You Are Together

There is a different level of comfort that you experience when you find an individual with whom you can be yourself on all occasions. Your mischief or inadequacies do not cause any kind of disturbance to them.

If you feel comfortable whenever you are together, it is a good sign that you are unofficially dating and could probably make a compatible couple.

12. You Do Not Find Others Attractive

You feel magic within your heart when you see a person that is ideal for your heart. It makes you unable to see anyone else just as attractive as the person in your mind.

Whenever this happens that no other person feels as attractive in your eyes, it shows that you have got into the depth of love.

It also states that you have subconsciously separated yourself from that individual. This makes it obvious that you are dating.

13. You Get Access to Their Private Stuff

When someone loves you wholeheartedly, he will not mind telling you about his income, and plans and also open up his home to you. He would also not hesitate to introduce you to their friends.

As far as ladies are concerned, they will be ready to share secrets, which they have kept away from one another. This is enough evidence of the trust they have toward you and the relationship they want to get into.

14. You Take Responsibility

The general tendency of friends is to support one another, but the one who loves you will carry a different sentiment. He or she will go that extra mile and make you realize your importance in their life.

If a man starts pampering you, and helps you in carrying out some work, even without asking for the same, you should not doubt that he loves you a lot. 

This might be his ideal way of expressing his feelings. On the other hand, ladies can assist you in completing domestic chores.

15. You Attend Events Together

Any individual can assist another one to a reunion but not continuously. If you receive an invitation for an office dinner, it is perhaps he has talked of you on several occasions and wants you to meet his friends.

Girls also love showing off men in their lives for people to see. If this is a common occurrence between the two of you, then you are surely in a relationship.

16. People Feel that You Are a Couple

There is a natural urge not to pay attention to what people say, but there are certain things that you cannot ignore. It is especially applicable when the talk is about someone close to your heart.

People speak as per what they see and that influences their feelings. If they call you a couple, it surely means that they have noticed some qualities in both of you to make them believe that you both are going around.

17. You Experience Peace in One Another

One of the primary things that someone looks for in their partner is peace. You always wish to avoid getting into any kind of conflict in a relationship.

If you understand each other so well that you can resolve your issues without creating any fuss, this is a clear sign that you are dating. It is because one does not come across this ability among individuals randomly.

18. You Enjoy Cracking Jokes on Each Other

When two individuals are in love, they will not only crack jokes on each other but also enjoy them wholeheartedly. 

Suppose a woman loves you and she will even laugh at your dry jokes. A careful examination of the same would reveal that they are not laughing at your jokes, but because of the reason that you are telling them.

The same applies to men as well. If you truly enjoy each other’s jokes, there is a high possibility that you are unofficially dating.

19. You Keep Pictures of One Another

It is quite a random thing to have other people’s pictures on your phone. When things become overboard, it is time to take a closer look and find out what’s happening.

Men tend to keep pictures of their girlfriends and sisters on their phones. If you realize that he keeps your pictures as well, it is a sign that both of you might be unofficially dating each other.

20. You Support the Opinions of One Another

A person who loves you will always look to support you, standing by your side, supporting your decisions. 

They will give you complete freedom to make your own choices. He or she will expect the same from you.

If they give you the space to freely express your thoughts and feelings and continue to support your choices even when others do not, it is because he or she wants to see your loyalty.

21. You Give Priority to Their Needs

It is not a common practice to place others’ needs ahead of yours. If you happen to get this kind of generous treatment from a man or a woman, it means that you have great value in their eyes.

Most importantly, in their eyes, you are their lover. This is particularly applicable for women, but men are also not too far behind. 

They generally do this to women, with whom they fantasize and talk about the future.

22. You Give Compliments to Each Other Affectionately

Even when you haven’t met for a few days, you can exchange affectionate compliments with one other now and then. It is another sign that you are dating unofficially. 

No matter how many compliments you receive from others, that one compliment from a special person is enough to make your day.

You can feel the one that comes straight from someone’s heart. This, in combination with other signs, will surely let you know that you are unofficially dating.

23. Your Partner Shows You Off

You will surely make out whether he or she feels proud of you if they show you off regularly. This is what men do quite often and they love it when others compliment their woman’s beauty.

When this happens more often than not, rest assured that you are into unofficial dating. Thus, this is also one of the major indications.

24. You Plan Out Fun-Filled Activities Together

Women find a whole lot of things to do in their leisure time. They include shopping with a group of friends and hanging out in a very cool environment with their girls. Men also do the same.

When someone lets you enter into their personal space often, it means that you are more just a normal friend to them. It is a sign that the other person has accepted you.

25. They Brighten Up Your Mood

It is quite likely that you will find yourself in a difficult situation from time to time. This results in your bad mood. Under these circumstances, the thought of him or her helps you get rid of your sadness for a length of time.

You reflect on some moments spent with the special person. It manages to gladden your heart and this is indeed a sign that you are in love.

26. You Often Receive Gifts from Them

This is quite a popular way through which both men and women express their love and affection. Purchasing a gift for someone does not always mean that you are unofficially dating.

The thing that makes you believe it as such is the exchange of gifts happens quite regularly. If a man or a woman randomly buys gifts for their partner, the other person could get the impression that they are loved.

27. You Both Have High Tolerance Levels

There are occasions when a woman can go overboard and test her partner’s patience quite a lot. If you feel that he tolerates your tantrums no matter what, it will not be wrong on your part to assume that you are dating.

Similarly, a man can do things that might seem quite irritating to others. He could feel as if his conduct or activities do not bother his lover at all. She is quite chilled out and accepts things as they come.

28. You Share Good Rapport with Siblings

This is quite a common occurrence. Women easily get attached to the siblings of their crush. They will make time to bond with them, even if things go against their plan.

Men can even go to the level of gifting their lovers’ siblings and hence impress their lovers. They can keep gifting them precious items now and then buy their love.

29. You Have Trust in Each Other’s Goals

There cannot be a better way to show love than believing in the goals or visions of the person you love.

A man of principles will always choose to love in this manner. It is because they believe that goals are what defines a real woman.

Hence, offering support and enabling them to realize their goals is the hallmark of a true gentleman. The same thing applies to women. If he or she makes that extra effort to see you become the person you are meant to be, you could be unofficially dating.

30. You Have Assigned Nicknames for One Another

When you both take your time out to choose a sweet name for each other, then there is more to it than just having fun. Pet names or nicknames are things that real couples deal with regularly.

Do you have some nicknames, which you use quite frequently? Then you can say that it is one of the signs you are unofficially dating.

31. Your various aspects of lives overlap

You spend every day together, sharing each moment as they come through in your lives. As time goes by, you discover that a number of aspects of your lives overlap.

It ranges from likes and dislikes, the profession in which they view career growth and views on ideal life partners.

32. You leave behind random things at each other’s residences

It is a sign that you feel quite comfortable being at each other’s homes. You look forward to coming back time and again. 

This ease of gelling with one another and even making family members part of their lives shows that things are moving in the right direction.

So… What To Do Next?

If you have come across the signs mentioned above, perhaps you will look to settle things.

The following tips can help you define your present situationship-

1. Talk to define your relationship

Make sure to have a clear-cut conversation that can help give a name to your relationship. Initiate a discussion as and when you feel that the time is right.

Whenever you decide to have the talk, keep the following things in mind-

  • Properly assess the present status of your situation.
  • Question yourself if you want an open or committed relationship.
  • Get ready to receive their response and act accordingly.
  • Make sure to let the conversation take its own course.
  • Try to throw your questions in an open-ended manner.
  • Be specific about what you want to know and not beat around the bush.
  • Plan for your next meeting to know each other better.

2. Do everything by yourself

It is never a good thing to suddenly stop communicating and bring the unofficial dating period to an abrupt end. You should be responsible for going forward in a formal relationship if you want to.

Even if your unofficial date has left you upset or you have been okay with it, both of you need an official confirmation from one another regarding the next step.

3. Tap onto the instinct that makes them feel special

Even though unofficial dates do not require you to show heroism, you can still tap onto this hidden instinct. 

You can do this in the following manner.

  • Appreciate whatever activity they do.
  • Tell them that they make you happy.
  • Enhance their level of confidence.
  • Support their passions, interests, and hobbies.
  • Challenge them to scale new heights in his life.

4. Give the impression that you are not easy to get

Is it possible that you become a part of their plans, which they make at the very last minute? Do you make them feel as if you are okay with the silly excuses, which they give every time they fail to meet you?

This show of complacency from your end is one of the main reasons why your date feels that you are quite happy with how things are at the moment.

You can try doing the following things to make them feel that they have to work hard to get you –

  • Do not instantly respond to their calls or messages.
  • Reply with only yes or no.
  • Make them feel as if you are very busy.
  • Refrain from making commitments.
  • Let them make the first move.
  • Show that you do not require their assistance.
  • Casually mention other dates to check out their reaction.
  • Take your time before getting intimate with them.

5. Feel free to leave if things are not working for you

The phase of situationship comes with a challenge as well as a sense of freedom to mold yourself and plan your goals in life. 

Sociologist, Jess Carbino believes that individuals might be looking to explore dating, relationships and learn about ways to chat romantically.

There is no harm in getting rid of this situationship once and for all if you feel that nothing seems to work out. After all, even this phase is also not bad as it offers a chance for personal growth. You can get an idea about where you stand.

Closing Comments

The signs we have discussed in this article are strong indicators to suggest something concrete is about to happen.

They show that your relationship is slowly moving toward becoming official and attaining serious status. Take the help of relationship coaches or dating experts, if needed, to gain clarity.

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