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60+ Signs Your Man is a Husband Material

60+ Signs Your Man is a Husband Material

Updated on Sep 15, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Husband Material - Meaning, Signs, Characteristics and How To Be One

Wondering what husband material means? Wanna settle down but feel uncertain if he’ll make a good husband? Or, do you just want to be a good husband yourself?

In this think-piece, you’ll find all the answers you’ll ever need to decide on your marriage partner. I’ll pinpoint the important facts you must seek in a husband. 

If you’re a husband (to-be), you’ll know exactly what a wifey material wants from you!

So, let’s put on our seatbelts and step on the ride…

Husband Material Meaning

A man is husband material when he dates with marriage in mind and doesn’t play around with relationships. But that’s not all because the rest depends on your choice and varies.

The man you think is good enough to get married to and spend the rest of your life with is husband material.

However, what makes a man charming enough to label him as husband material varies from person to person. You and your sister or bestie have a completely different definition of a great husband.

So, it all comes down to how serious he is about you and your relationship.

For instance, a man that’s serious about their partner from the beginning and doesn’t seek new relationships when things get hard. Rather, you want him to put effort into keeping the relationship strong.

On the other hand, if marriage is on your mind, a man who isn’t ready to be exclusive or commit to an exclusive marriage is never a husband material.

He’s not a bad person, but such men aren’t suitable for marriage-minded people. However, such men might become good husbands when they change for the better.

But not every boyfriend is husband material… some are just boyfriend materials. Oh… are you curious about the difference? Then, let’s check it here…

Boyfriend material vs Husband material

A boyfriend material man will love you but he won’t commit to marriage and might feel doubtful about your relationship and future. He won’t be transparent with you. A husband material man plans about a future with you and looks forward to it.

A good man might make a great boyfriend but not enough to make it onto the husband material checklist. Good boyfriend material is someone that treasures you but isn’t ready to commit.

They don’t have their plans for their future ready and marriage is too big of a responsibility for them to think about. He may love you dearly, but he’ll always feel doubtful.

He’s supportive of your future plans in name only. He won’t let you unconditionally invade his privacy. He might never let you know his real emotions.

On the contrary, a guy who is husband material doesn’t have his head up in the clouds. He knows his plans for his relationship with his partner.

He doesn’t value partying or having fun for a moment. He had a fair share of stupidity in his life and learned enough to get his life together.

He’s comfortable being himself and knows that his partner deserves the best. He’s his partner’s strength and greatest supporter. He’s an all-in-one package of a best friend, a lover, and a partner.

Wondering if your boyfriend has the important qualities of a good husband? Let’s compare it here…

Signs of a good husband material

Even if your boyfriend is the best man you’ve ever come across, you may still have questions about him as a “husband”.

Not all boys are ready to get married or are suitable for marriage. Some might even vouch that they’re ready but in reality, have no idea what marriage means.

So, never take a man’s word for it and know if you can put a ring on it here…

1. He’s over his puberty years

A marriage material man has experienced puberty, committed mistakes, understands the consequences of his actions, and presently is not interested in any “boyish” action. He’s mature enough to tell what’s right and what’s wrong.

He’ll also have a good understanding of his self-identity and won’t feel self-conscious or less than. If he wants to change himself, he tries to and doesn’t waste time whining about the possibilities or his bad luck.

He won’t waste his time on something that won’t bear him any results. This may sound like a husband material is a complete bot.

However, it’s only because he dealt with enough situations to know and understand reality.

2. He’s a lucky combo of a Best Friend and Partner

A good husband won’t be your life partner alone. He won’t be someone you share a bed and steamy memories with. He’ll also be your greatest support in rain and shine.

Despite the situation, if you can always ask your boyfriend for support and rely on him at any time, he’s boyfriend material.

He’ll be ready with pizza when you’re happy and reach out with tissues when you’re down.

Precisely, he’ll be your best friend and you’ll feel you hit the jackpot.

3. He’ll love you unconditionally

You and your partner both have flaws and strengths and nobody is perfect… even AI needs regular updates. Many men start looking outside their relationship when they find flaws in their partner.

Or they try to fix their partners like a project. They might cheat on them because “It’s all your fault… You behave crazy and make me seek comfort from other women.”

They might even publicly insult their partners for “not being enough”.

So, if your man understands that you’re flawed and doesn’t criticize you for it, he’s a keeper babe, don’t you lose him!

4. He won’t bail off at the crucial moments

Life isn’t always like a flower field… sometimes it’ll be full of thorns and poison. Though the ups and downs are normal, some men flee the moment their partner becomes a “problem child”.

They feel overwhelmed when a woman seeks support during tough situations and can only stay put until the good times last.

However, if your partner doesn’t escape from you during your troubles, he’s a husband material.

But, he may not be able to leave his 9-5 job at 11 am for you. However, he’ll try to get his work done faster and meet you ASAP even if it means he’ll lose sleep.

5. He’s considerate about your feelings

During major life decisions, life partners must think about how their choices will affect their partners. How does your boyfriend react to such situations?

Do you think he decides for the better of you both or just for himself?

If he always or mostly chooses things in favor of you both, you’re in a happy relationship and he’s the husband material you always wanted.

It shows that your feelings are important to him and he prioritizes them over everything else.

If you were hardly ever hurt by his decisions, he possibly thought long and hard about your feelings and emotions.

6. He isn’t ashamed of growing in the relationship

In your relationship, you’ll always have fights and disagreements. However, how do you guys resolve the conflicts? Does he blame it all on you and ask you to change yourself? Does he hold you responsible for all of it?

If your boyfriend doesn’t tell you off alone but instead works on the issue and wants to deal with it together, he’s THE man. He knows that to make the relationship work, you both need to grow up together.

When you’re with a man with a growth mentality, you can work through every hurdle together.

7. You both make a great team

Two unique individuals come together to build a relationship. You both were born in different families and know life in your own ways. It’s normal to have different perceptions about life.

However, a man with a husband material mentality knows how to work together as a team. He’ll know that you both need to compromise your thoughts and emotions.

So, if your man believes and treats you as his teammate despite being so different, he’s worth getting married to. He knows exactly how to make you feel special with the tiny-little things.

8. He’s willing to communicate

Most men don’t have the will or patience to talk things out. Especially when it’s their fault, they’ll look for ways to avoid you or any kind of conversation that may cause them to admit their mistakes.

If your man is ready to own his mistakes and communicate properly when the situation calls, you have your future husband right there.

Obviously, he won’t blindly take all the blame on himself if it’s not his fault. But he’ll be responsible for his part of the deal. 

He won’t shy away from initiating conversations to make up with you if it needs him to apologize and make things right.

9. You can trust him with your eyes closed

If you’re dating or in a relationship right now, do you feel you can trust that dude? Do you feel that he might move on when he finds someone better? Do you tiptoe in your relationship so that he doesn’t get tired of you?

If you always feel uncertain about his intentions about you or the relationship, that’s proof that he didn’t put enough effort to convince you he’s here for life.

Or, he actually showed signs that he is only here for a good time, not a long one.

When a guy is marriage material, he won’t make you feel like that. His actions will show you he’s serious.

10. He’s verbal about his commitment

In this world full of one-night stands and drunken mistakes, every serious man or woman feels wary. They don’t want to be with someone and feel uncertain about their feelings.

Just as you’re marriage-minded, a guy with similar intentions has a similar share of concerns. He’ll feel anxious about whether his partner understands his feelings and intentions for both of your future.

He’ll make sure to convey that he exists in your present and will be with you in the future every time either of you feels insecure.

He’ll tell you that he needs you for the long run and might even tell you about his future dreams revolving around you both.

11. He’s your motivation to improve

When you’re around the ideal husband material, you won’t feel pressured to change yourself. However, his presence will naturally awaken a desire to enhance yourself in different ways.

Every single day you’ll seek new ways to chase your dreams with baby steps. His support inspires you to get rid of any bad habits and lead a healthy life.

He won’t make you feel bad if you don’t change yourself overnight. However, he’ll push you gently and constantly to become a better person.

You also feel grateful for his support and wish to show him your capabilities by doing well on your own.

12. Your values overlap

To sustain a long-term relationship, you need common core values. Your values define your beliefs and identity. It also includes your morals, dreams about your future, and ideal lifestyle.

Your thoughts about settling down, getting married, and having kids… all of these are part of your values. If you share similar values, you’re on the same page about your life.

This builds compatibility and chemistry between you two. It shows that he’ll be a great husband because you have the same thinking style.

13. His folks think you’re a superhero

Whether a man is a husband material or not also depends on how his friends and family perceive you. This is because their perception of you directly emphasizes how your partner perceives you.

In front of you, he may not mention how he truly feels about you. To avoid any conflict he might suppress everything. However, to his closest folks, he won’t have the same restrictions.

Their behavior towards you is a direct reflection of your partner’s feelings. If they think you’re an amazing human being, there are high chances your partner told them that. Such a man is definitely husband material.

However, make sure you listen to the right person. If someone in his circle is hostile without reason, don’t misunderstand your partner.

14. Money isn’t a plaything to him

When you wanna get married and settle down, you want to feel safe financially. Financial instability is one of the greatest reasons behind marriage failure.

So, notice his expenses while he’s around you. Know if he has any debts and how much. Knowing his credit score doesn’t make you a golddigger, you’re only digging into facts for your own future security.

Even if he has debts, it’s not a red flag so long he consistently pays them off. Given he doesn’t hide his financial situation, doesn’t spend on too many lavish and unnecessary things, and has a financial plan or saves ritually, he’s a good man!

15. You have a personal jester

On dating sites, serious partners look out for a good sense of humor. With dry humor, people can’t stay happy or optimistic in their relationships.

Any man can please you in bed or with gifts, but when you don’t feel good, you need a man with a funny side. So, review your relationship and think about how he cheered you through the years.

If he puts enough effort to make you smile on a bad day, he’s the husband you want. He’ll make even the most boring days cheerful with his superpower: sense of humor.

16. He’s financially independent

In some cultures, a man living with his parents is the norm. However, if people usually move out as soon as they become independent in your culture, look out for that.

If he lives with them, is it because his parents are dependent on him? If that’s not the case, will he move out soon?

Or if he has already moved out, does he pay all of his bills and rent by himself or does he seek his folks or even you around the end of the month?

If he can take care of all of his financial needs by himself, he’s ready to be hubbied-up! 😉

17. Adventure resides in his soul

You both probably have distinct interests in life. This is more or less the same for all the couples. However, if you both indulge in your respective activities… how will you spend time together?

To make a marriage work, both parties must be willing to try out new stuff. First, find out if you’re ready to partake in his interests. Don’t expect something you can’t do for others.

If you’re ready, now find out if he also likes to go out of his way and try out your hobbies even if he’s uncomfortable, that’s the adventurous dude you wanna tie the knot with. 

18. He’ll sacrifice it all for you

To some it may sound romantic, to some it’s impossible, and to others it’s boring. But if you think hard, you’ll know that this is a necessity.

You don’t need him to go bankrupt for you. But you at least expect he’ll do his best to make you happy, so long he can.

Relationships and marriages aren’t easy and both sides need to put in enough effort.

If your boyfriend takes care of you when you’re unwell, checks in during bad times, or even cheers you up during setbacks, he’s the love of your life.

19. Your folks are no less than his own

Let’s be honest and accept that everyone has weird family members that put us in tight situations. We ask them to not behave a certain way, yet they still do knowingly or unknowingly.

If your partner knows such people in your friends and family circle yet still tries to get along and accepts them wholeheartedly, that’s the kind of groom you need. That man wants to see you happy with him and your friends and family in one picture.

Even if some of your folks feel hostile towards him, he won’t fight them but treat them well. This shows he wants to win their favor and take your responsibility for all of eternity.

20. More power was never his goal

Does he respect your thoughts and emotions and give you equal power in the relationship? When you have disagreements, who makes the last call?

Honestly think if it’s mostly him, you, or a mix of both? A husband material man will never try to suppress his partner. He’ll maintain a balance in the relationship.

Even if it’s as small as which sex position you’ll try next, that’s your dream man waiting with a ring. He gives you an equal footing in the relationship because you’re equals.

If he’s unsure, he’ll communicate to know your desires and sincerely ask for your input.

21. His vulnerabilities are crystal clear

Men have a great sense of privacy. They might break down but still won’t let others know about their fears, insecurities, and desires. Some may mistake it for trying to be “manly”, but that’s how they’re wired.

If a man, however, tries to show his “weak” sides and opens up like a book to you, you mean a lot to him. It’s not easy for a man to be so candid about his life.

He trusts you and knows for a fact that you won’t cheat him. Further, he doesn’t open up to everyone either, it’s all because he dreams of a future with you.

So, this is a major sign that he has the husband’s material bone.

22. He’s ready to settle down

The best sign of being a husband material along with everything else is when he says he’s dating to get married. If he’s not ready to get married anytime soon, he doesn’t fit on this checklist.

However, it never means he’s a bad person, so never shame him for his choices.

He might be busy with his career, doesn’t have his finances under control, or is coping with a traumatic experience… such men are genuine. But you can’t hope they’ll wanna get married anytime soon.

So, if your partner is just mentally, emotionally, and financially ready to take up another person’s responsibility or even more (because, babies!), he’s husband material.

23. He doesn’t have major ailments

True love doesn’t happen based on a person’s medical history. In fact, a man with ailments can also make a great husband. However, since you’re following a checklist, let’s make sure you have nothing but the best.

You don’t need a muscle man or the most handsome man alive to get married. However, make sure he’s healthy enough to work and provide for his family.

If he’s unfit or unhealthy, he’ll stay bedridden most of the time. He’ll instead become your burden and you’ll have to take care of everything from household chores to providing for the family.

24. He encourages health-consciousness

A healthy man alone doesn’t make the world a better place. If your boyfriend inspires you to follow a healthy lifestyle too, that’s the cherry on the cake.

However, there’s a subtle difference between someone that shows and supports you how to eat healthily and someone that criticizes your diet, calls you names for having food you love, or forces you to change your diet.

A man that’s husband material will bring about the right changes in your diet, sleep, and exercise routine without being overbearing or hurtful. He’ll make you want to try out a better diet plan and stay focussed on it.

25. Self-discipline about addiction is important to him

To stay healthy, you must also avoid certain things like drugs and alcohol. If a man is deep down with addictions, he’ll soon destroy his health and won’t be capable of supporting the family.

Seek someone that may enjoy addictive substances once in a while, but won’t depend on substances to function well. These may also include gambling, gaming, and food.

If your boyfriend isn’t addicted to anything he has a great sense of self-discipline which makes him a better husband material than anyone else.

26. The negatives can’t control him

Society connects words like rowdy, angry, and high-tempered with men as if it’s a glorious trait and everyone must accept it.

However, you mustn’t accept anyone in your life that can’t control or channel their negative emotions… even if that’s a friend.

To be husband material, a guy must be capable of controlling his anger and treating you gently despite the situation.

Before or after the marriage, he will get angry and overreact when the situation goes out of hand… that’s a humane reaction. But make sure he doesn’t inflict physical or emotional harm on you.

27. He’s way over his ex

If your boyfriend still misses his ex, yet is in a relationship with you, then you’re nothing more than a rebound to him. He probably projects his ex on you and tries to enjoy his past relationship.

If he’s emotionally stuck to the past, he can’t make you happy, honey. For marriage, seek a man that’s over his ex and will love you with his soul.

You can’t be happy with a man even if he has all the traits but secretly doesn’t desire you. If he doesn’t have emotional baggage or is ready to get rid of them, he’s the one.

28. He doesn’t find others tempting

A good husband will make sure that you don’t feel insecure about his other potential mates. He won’t flirt around with others and cover it up saying “I didn’t touch her, why are you jealous?”

If he can’t avoid flirting, someday he might cheat for real and say “It was consensual and I still love and provide for you so everything’s alright”.

Your boyfriend is a husband material only if he understands that loyalty is important in marriage. Further, you both must make sure you hold the same definitions of loyalty and infidelity, so you don’t have issues later on.

29. He must be a saver

A marriage-minded man knows that he’ll soon take on the responsibility of his partner and children. He prepares for everything way before because he knows that savings need time.

When a man emphasizes living in the moment to the point he depletes his savings, it’s a red flag. If your boyfriend thinks about his future and doesn’t just live for today, he’s marriage material.

He’ll be able to protect his family even during financial crunches. He won’t let his family suffer due to any unwise decision. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll never have fun or lead an extremely frugal life.

30. He has good investments in mind

Savings aren’t the only way to secure your future. Investments are another form of it. However, if you don’t invest in the right places, he might threaten his future.

Make sure you marry a man that believes in investments and knows how to do it wisely. This will promise you and your children an enhanced lifestyle in the future.

Investments won’t change your life overnight, but with time, you’ll find the results of your patience. If your man is patient enough to get the rewards in the long run, that’s an added benefit.

31. Family time is his priority

You won’t know this one well unless you’re acquainted with his family. If your boyfriend tries to make space for his family (which is now his parents), he’s a keeper.

It shows he understands that he treasures his time with his closest family and understands the value of bonding. After marriage, you and your children along with his parents will be his priority.

He’ll make sure to spend enough time as a husband and father and raise an emotionally stable family. So, if your boyfriend is family-oriented, you’ll have a happy family.

32. He’ll choose family over friends – any day!

A human being has more commitments when his circle grows. Family, friends, coworkers, and lovers are only a small part of it.

Suppose, he made prior commitments to his friends or you but his family is in a tight situation. Who does he choose? Does he tell his friends to push the occasion for later and support his family or vice versa?

A guy that’s husband material will know the importance of the situation and stay back with his family. If he can prioritize his family now over his friends, he’ll be a wonderful husband later on.

33. He’s a sociable person

In case you didn’t introduce him to your friends and/or family yet, look out for this sign. How does he behave with strangers? Does he seem unapproachable or is he friendly with most people?

When he sees a person in a pinch, does he try to help them out? If your boyfriend is friendly with everyone (unless someone hurts him), he’ll get along with your family perfectly.

Your friends and family will also accept him soon because of his amicable nature. An ideal husband is a man that your family also likes.

34. Social status doesn’t concern him

How does he treat the servers? How does he react when his subordinates need him? Does he treat the poor as equals?

Notice if your boyfriend treats everyone well despite their financial or social status. If he can stay humble when he has everything, everyone will love and respect him.

If he believes in such values himself, he’ll ensure his kids learn the same and become respectable and kind individuals in the future.

35. He’s respectful towards women

A good husband must stay respectful to women both in-person and on social media. Notice if he’s kind and gentle with his female friends and family. Does he respect their opinions? If yes, green signal!

Next, stalk him on social media. Does he leave derogatory comments on random women’s pictures and posts? Does he talk to them respectfully even through comments?

Let out your inner online researcher and understand how he treats women at home and outside. If he’s respectful to all women, he’ll also be the same to you.

36. He understands the concerns of mental illness

In this era, mental issues are as common as physical ones. However, people are prone to suppress their mental health problems for fear of shame and embarrassment.

But a husband material won’t overlook issues like depression and anxiety. He’ll be aware of the importance of treatment in such situations.

If your boyfriend doesn’t take psychological issues lightly and encourages treatment, he knows exactly how to deal with such situations and won’t let such issues overpower him or affect his marriage.

This is another important mandatory sign of a husband material man.

37. “I’m always right” isn’t his slogan

Some men have an intense ego that they can never be wrong. They won’t listen to the other person because they’re always right. If your man behaves similarly, he’s not the perfect one.

Instead, such men are immature and they can’t build a happy marriage. Marry someone that listens to you even if you’re wrong and gently expresses himself.

A husband material will accept their flaws and imperfections and will respect your opinions in such situations. You don’t want to be with someone that discounts your opinions even when they’re wrong.

38. He won’t panic too quickly or for too long

When under pressure, any person may break down and that’s a pretty normal humane reaction. Don’t judge a man when he shows emotions during tough times.

However, notice how long he takes to collect himself back. A man that’s husband material won’t spend too much time in shock or denial. He knows people depend on him and he must take charge of the situation soon.

If he makes you take control of the situation because he can’t cope with it himself, that’s a red flag.

39. He has the same faith

As you’ll see on YouTube or Instagram, many interfaith couples hit it off smoothly. While that looks like the epitome of love and acceptance, how do you know that’s your cup of tea?

Further, how many interfaith marriages worked to date? You don’t know it for sure so steer clear from it. Clashing opinions and beliefs may become great issues while raising children.

Ever wondered what your child will follow? So, your husband material is someone of your religion. This will be far easier than always compromising on one another’s religions and feeling smothered.

40. He believes in consulting higher powers

Each and every person randomly faces sticky situations in life. If you’re a religious person and consult God before difficult decisions, your marriage material man must also be so.

He must equally believe in God’s power and spirituality. This is another way to bond deeper with your partner and cherish your marriage differently.

If you’re an avid believer but he isn’t, it’ll result in adversities between you both. It’ll also impact your children’s lives as they’ll feel confused between right and wrong.

41. His prayers aren’t selfish

Even if you both have the same faith and believe in praying together, find what he prays for. This is a tricky task but you must check it before getting married.

Does he pray for himself or all of his loved ones? You may say it’s okay if he doesn’t because you will.

However, that’s not the point because prayers are the very image of his dedication towards his loved ones and it only needs a few words.

If he can’t ask the Lord to care for his beloved, will he ever care for you when the real time comes?

42. He’s already there in sickness and health

When you’re sick if your boyfriend flees thinking you got Covid that’s not a reassuring sign. You need nutrition and mental support during such times. If your life partner locks himself up in his room, who’ll care for you?

A husband material man will care for you when you’re down with a cold. He won’t sacrifice hygiene and his health and get the necessities right. But he won’t ignore you until you magically get better all alone.

This shows how he’ll treat you and your kids over the years when you get married.

43. He makes you feel safe

If a man is husband material, he’ll make you feel safe and protected. When you’re in trouble, he won’t scare you or blame you for it. When you have a bad day, he won’t let you cry alone.

He may not get enough time or opportunity to talk to you always, but he’ll have his one language of love.

Whether through objects, affectionate words, touch, or anything else, he’ll show he has got your back. You’ll know that if anything goes wrong, he’ll be your sole pillar and roof.

Even if you’re caught in a thunderstorm in life, he’ll use himself to protect you from harm.

44. He follows through with his promises

If a guy can’t keep his promises when you’re dating exclusively without an apt excuse, he’s not ready for marriage. In life, you can’t always stick to your word because of other troubles.

But if a man fails to follow through even without reason, he did it intentionally. He doesn’t value his partner’s emotions or thinks too highly of himself.

This shows that he’s still immature and has a lot of growing to do. In marriage, though you care for one another, that doesn’t imply adopting a fully grown baby.

A husband material man will know to respect the promises.

45. He’s also interested in wife material

If he’s marriage-minded, he’ll hope that his partner is equally marriage material. This sign needs you to judge yourself. Do you think you’re a wife material?

If you pass the wife material checklist and he’s in an exclusive relationship for a long time, then he secretly wants to get married.

He wants someone that’s ready to settle down. He’s probably spending time with you to make sure that you both fit perfectly.

Perhaps, he doesn’t follow a list of signs but his intuition to understand what he wants in his life partner.

46. He does his best to support your career

If your job is your passion, you may not always be able to focus on yourself or your meals. You might become forgetful about some chores due to excess work pressure.

When you’re busy with your work, does he ask you to get back to the kitchen or does he go in himself?

A husband material man will share some of your responsibilities when you’re busy. He’ll do everything possible in his power to make your relationship work.

He may even take your pet out for a walk and get your favorite coffee so you get a bit more sleep after a long day. If you found such hubby material, don’t forget to return the favor!

47. He hopes you’ll respect yourself too

An ideal hubby will not only respect you, but he’ll also teach you how to respect yourself. When you ignore your needs or hurt yourself actively or passively, he’ll stop you.

If you blame yourself for not failing in something, he’ll show you the reality to stop you from deep within. He’ll always find ways to convince you’re an amazing person.

This is because he feels happy when you’re confident and refrains from self-loathing yourself. He hurts when you don’t treasure yourself as you’re the most precious to him.

48. He’s interested in your future plans

When you excitedly tell him about your future plans whether it’s weeks or months after, how does he react? If he only focuses on the immediate future plans, he doesn’t mean to stay for the long run.  

However, if he eagerly listens to your next Halloween plans during this Christmas he’s already hooked for the long haul.

Further, if he takes extra care about your choices in investments, getting a home or automobile, that’s your hubby-to-be waiting with a ring. He’s equally interested in your future because, in his mind, he’s present in all the pictures.

49. He tries to adjust with your pets

If your boyfriend is husband material, you’ll think he gets along just fine with your pets. Or, perhaps he pretends to do so because he wants to impress you.

However, if your pet really annoys him, he’ll complain the least bit about your furry buddies but nothing offensive. He wants you and your pet to accept him as one of yours.

If he isn’t invested that deep, he’ll declare war on your pet which is a red flag. Or, he might particularly avoid your place to not encounter your pets.

50. He’s one of your crazy girls

Fact check: Girls like to gossip more openly than boys. Girls get a bit crazy when they bitch about someone.

How does he react to it? If your man says “You’re so dramatic”, “Quit being so whiny”, or “Just deal with it silently”… he isn’t your husband-to-be. Imagine you’ll hear such remarks your entire life whenever you vent out.

If your man chills with you throughout the venting process and even partakes in it, he’s the man you want. He knows things get worse and you need to take it all out. Probably, he’ll also follow suit.

51. He’s meticulous in the bedroom

A man is husband material if he prioritizes both your sexual satisfaction and not just his own. He won’t mind giving you oral when he asks the same from you.

He may not last hours but he’s ready to please you for hours. He knows that your body needs more time and devotion and he’s ready to get you down and dirty for you.

He won’t even think that preparing your body is too much work. He’ll rather have fun making you scream and beg for more.

52. He doesn’t go green with jealousy

Being in a relationship doesn’t make you unavailable to other men. Not that you want any more attention, but other men will hit on you. Even if you think nobody does, your man knows it happens.

However, if your man thinks you purposely hide it when you get hit on or get angry when another man talks to you, you’re better off without him.

Or, if he thinks that you’re not worth others’ attention, that’s even worse.

A husband material will know you’re attractive and that other men will want your attention even if you get married. But he’ll be confident because he knows you only have eyes for him.

53. Your bucket list naturally becomes his bucket list

If your bucket list is full of crazy stuff that pumps lots of adrenaline, a man that’s husband material might be afraid of a few activities. He’s a person too and is allowed to express himself when he’s afraid.

However, he’ll work on his fear even without your knowledge. At some point, he’ll take you to check one of your crazy bucket lists because your wish and happiness matter.

And when it’s something as important to make it to your list, how can he bear to not accompany you? Even if bungee jumping isn’t his thing, he’ll be there with shaking legs.

54. He isn’t a social media addict

If a man craves social media fame, you’ll always find him spending time on his smartphone. He won’t know how to protect his privacy and will always try to get perfect pictures or prank videos.

He’ll not pay attention to you or important events in your lives. This kind of man isn’t marriage material at all.

An ideal husband must live in reality and focus on spending time with you, not his social media buddies. He must understand that everything in your life isn’t worth showing to the world.

55. Your folks know about him

One of the important qualities of a good husband is that he can make the best of any dull moment like grocery shopping, babysitting, and chores.

He’ll make a great impact in your life and make you happy at any instance he gets. This will make you want to boast about him to your friends and family.

Your folks will know about him even before you introduce him because you feel so lucky and proud to meet him.

Your intuition tells you want him and he’s the perfect match, so you can’t stop telling stories about him.

But that’s not all, while you’re in a relationship, you must also keep an eye for his characteristics like these…

Characteristics of a good husband material

If you want to be even more certain but can’t compare every sign with him, I understand the hassle. Some signs only show up during certain moments.

However, your man’s characteristics are always visible. Be more perceptive and if your man is husband material, you’ll definitely notice these…

1. He may not be wealthy, but he MUST be intelligent

2. He may not be muscular, but physical and mental health is mandatory.

3. His sense of humor must appeal to you, not others.

4. He won’t hide his emotions just to look “manly”.

5. He’ll be happy about your success.

6. He’ll push you to grow professionally.

7. He will be thoughtful and understanding, not just try to cover issues with expensive gifts.

8. He won’t ask you to sleep with him too fast or move in with him before he’s capable.

9. He’s always eager to share memories from his childhood.

10. He has a good idea about financial management.

11. You can trust him with your soul.

12. He is a family-oriented man.

13. He’s no less than a best friend to you.

14. He’s ready to set out on adventures with you

15. He loves all of your imperfections.

16. He’s not addicted to social media.

17. You thrive to be a better person because of him.

18. He makes you feel the most beautiful of all.

19. He makes your friends and family love him.

20. He praises you behind your back.

But, are you the man instead? Wanna be the perfect husband material for your lover? I also have answers for you, so let’s keep rollin’…

How to be husband material?

If you have already gone through the signs and characteristics, you probably feel a bit confused. However, you can slowly become a husband material if you focus on improving certain parts of yourself.

Just as they say a good foundation makes a sturdy building… if you know how to value your partner and relationship, you can be their hero. So, take heed of this relationship advice…

1. Set goals in your life

Even if you’re a nice person, are loyal, and have a good sense of humor, that won’t make you a husband material. Think seriously about your future and work hard to achieve them.

Women want a man with solid dreams and goals. Don’t stay satisfied with what you already have. Try to earn more and become more successful than your current job can make you.

Dream big passionately and chase them. If you meet a dead end or fail, don’t lose motivation and try harder.

2. Learn tricks to be dependable

Women love reliable men, so be one in all possible ways. Keep your promises and convince your partner you only have them in mind. Don’t let them jump to conclusions and feel anxious because you forgot to reply to her.

Be punctual, loyal, and support your partner when they need you. Don’t keep her making wild guesses when you’re away.

3. Don’t shy away from communication

Communication is a tough point and not everyone can do it. However, for your future spouse, practice being more expressive, and dare to have conversations even when they’re uncomfortable.

When your partner wants to talk, let them. Don’t try to suppress their voice or leave them in between an important conversation. The secret to a healthy marriage is endless honest and open communication.

4. Set your priorities straight

After marriage, you will have a life other than your family. However, know when to stay back and give them time. If your wife is sick, she can’t cater to the kids.

Even if she doesn’t have a job and stays back at home all day, she needs backup! Sometimes, sacrifice for your family and their needs. Make her feel valued and heard in your marriage.

5. Use the gifted strength for the best

Men’s physical strength is much more than women’s. Don’t take that for granted and behave like a superhero to your partner, instead of fleeing at the sound of danger. Protect her when she needs you and don’t let her fetch by herself.

If you stand beside her during tough times, whether you protect her physically or emotionally or just ensure her safety, she’ll never forget the little things.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, at the end of the day, your relationship and marriage depend on your choice. The signs of a husband material man for you might not be completely identical to this list. 

Further, if your steady boyfriend is a great person but isn’t ready to get married, don’t label him a playboy… think about his circumstances. 

Consider if you wanna reach a middle ground to make it work. Communicate what you desire from your relationship and let him choose what’s important to him.

If you guys can’t reach a middle ground about your relationship, then break up amicably.

Moreover, don’t expect your man to be flawless. Remember that he’s also a human and he’ll have equal expectations from you in the relationship, so prepare yourself.