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How to Flirt with Your Wife and Keep the Spark Alive? 25 Cute Ways

How to Flirt with Your Wife and Keep the Spark Alive? 25 Cute Ways

Updated on Sep 29, 2023

How to Flirt with Your Wife and Keep the Spark Alive 25 Cute Ways

Do you feel that the spark in your married life is long lost? Well, then, it is normal for you to ask, “How to Flirt with your Wife?”.

After all, flirting is the secret of a healthy, long-lasting relationship. But not all men know the right way to do it. Here, in this think piece, there are about 25 ways that can make your partner fall in love with you all over again

How to Flirt with Your Wife? 25 Ways

Remember, it’s never too late/early to add the “flirty” flavor to your marriage – whether you’ve spent years together or it hasn’t even been a month – this list of tried-and-tested ways stands true for both cases.

So, let’s get going…

1. Compliment her like you used to

Surprise her with sincere yet playful compliments that make her blush. Pay attention to the little things that she might miss, like how her smile lights up a room.

She would know that you are still fascinated by her beauty just the same.

2. Send sweet texts when you’re at work

Drop random texts during the day to remind her that you miss her. Even a short “thinking of you” text or an adorable poem might just brighten her day.

These messages let her know she’s in your thoughts and help you feel closer to one another even while you’re physically apart.

3. Light up the secret signs

Create signs and jokes that only the two of you will get. It might not seem so important right now, but honestly, it can help you both to build your own tiny world.

Every moment you spend together is more precious when a connection is sparked by something as simple as a glance, a sentence, or a touch.

4. Plan date nights regularly

Plan regular date nights to keep the excitement alive. Plan an activity-date where both of you do something together, or a candlelit dinner at your residence or an exciting road trip.

You can also recreate your first dates, as it will transport you back to your early days and give you a reason to shower some extra love on each other.

5. Tease her at every chance you get

Teasing may not always be sexual; it can also be intimate. Touch her while she’s cooking, give her a kiss while she’s working, or just drop her your picture where she can see your bare body while you’re still at office with the caption “Thinking of you”.

It may feel childish, but sometimes, these silly things help keep the spark alive in your relationship.

6. Keep love notes in secret places

Leave her little love notes that she might find out of the blue. Hide them in places she visits routinely, like a post-it note on the bathroom mirror or a letter in her bag.

These tiny actions reassure her of your care and commitment. If she is having a bad day, this will make her smile almost instantly and also strengthen your body by the day.

7. Cook together on weekends

Try to make routine activities, like making dinner, into a flirty, fun experience for the both of you.

Cooking together is a great way to bond and also gives you another opportunity to flirt with your wife. Swap ingredients and steal some bites – of the food and of your partner – while preparing a great meal.

8. All you gotta do is dance! 😉

Take her out in the town, or randomly pull her for a dance in your living room.

Whether the music is playing or not, sing and groove and see how it makes her blush like a newly married.

Let yourself lose in her arms and let your heartbeats direct your movements. It’s a great way to show your love and create happy memories you can share forever.

9. Play games together

Games or challenges not only allow you to flirt with her but also take the fun to bed.

Anything from a board game to a mysterious bet will inject some healthy competition into your relationship. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to laugh and tease your wife.

10. Give her surprise gifts

Occasionally, shower her with thoughtful presents and make sure to add a little note with it. Remember, it’s the little things that matter the most.

The gifts don’t always have to be something big. It can be her all-time favorite book, a bouquet of her most-loved flowers, or anything that holds special meaning.

This will show her the attention you’ve paid to her interests and preferences and of course, tickle her heart!

11. Recreate some old memories

Go back to the good-ol’ days and try to re-create some of the magic. Spend some quality time together, reminiscing about the honeymoon phase.

Try recreating your first meeting or the day when you went down on your knees. These throwbacks will remind her of the charm you shared at the beginning of your adventure together… and also urge her to keep it alive.

12. Let the eyes talk!

Make passionate, longing eye contact to express your feelings. It’s a powerful form of intimacy to gaze deeply into one another’s eyes.

Hold the stare for an extra second to communicate unspoken feelings and jog her memory of the profound bond you share. It’s a silent declaration of your undying affection for one another.

13. Share your wildest fantasies

The tried-and-tested way to flirt with your wife is to talk about your wildest fantasies. These talks help you understand each other’s dreams and desires in bed.

It’ll also help you find new ways to keep things exciting and steal a few naughty smiles on her face.

14. Look for ways to spend time with her

Always be readily available to do new things together that’ll multiply your avenues to “flirt”.

Whether it’s trying something new or going on trips together, it helps you make memories that last.

The excitement of the unknown and the thrill of learning something new light a spark that makes your relationship feel fresh and keeps the romance alive.

15. Bring home sensual lingerie for her

Give her sensual lingerie – red lacy or black slutty – to maintain her anticipation. This will show your admiration for her and also add a surprising element to your sex life.

It reminds her of your continued desire for her and leads you both to bed.

Honestly, if flirting leads to some intimate act, you know you’ve done it successfully.  

16. Avoid technology when together

Spend time together face-to-face, unplugged from technology. Put down the phones and computers and look into each other’s eyes while talking.

The real deal is when you give her whole, undivided attention. In this world full of digital stories, try to make a real-life story with her – and the spark in your relationship will never die.

17. Don’t forget to appreciate her

Thank her for being in your life, and tell her how much she means to you. Show her that you appreciate her for more than just her work.

Make sure she knows how much you appreciate everything she has done for you and also all the positive changes she brought with her.

Showing her such profound appreciation will make her feel valued, and you’ll see the spark in her eyes that no other “flirting” trick can give you.

18. Give her a sensual massage

There’s nothing a gentle and sensual massage from your partner can’t solve. After a tough day at work, help her relax with your soft touches.

Additionally, build a calm environment, light an aromatic candle, and rub those erogenous spots a few extra times. And if you combine it with some sensual kisses, you know what follows. 😉

19. Forehead kisses take you a long way

Always kiss her on the forehead before leaving for the office or a business trip. Even while you’re apart, she’ll feel safe and loved because of this sweet token of your care.

These pecks say a lot more than your words and help you build a bond that can’t be broken by time or distance.

20. Be a good listener

This may not be a typical “flirting” trick, but it can tickle her in places you may have never imagined.

In today’s world of decreasing attention span, if you pay attention to what she says, you may have won half the battle to her heart.

Show that you care about her opinion by actively listening and asking questions. This not only tells her that you genuinely care but also reinforces your emotional bond with her.

21. Do things that she doesn’t expect from you

Unexpected experiences revitalize a relationship and also help you level up your flirting game.

These surprises, whether it’s a day trip or a weekend retreat or maybe cooking dinner for her, will take you a long, long way in your relationship.

You’ll get closer to one another as you anticipate and experience things together.

22. Engage in light role-playing to add a spark of novelty to your relationship

Playful role-playing allows one to assume various characters and situations.

Whether it’s reenacting a favorite movie scene or creating your own fun characters, this imaginative activity adds a dose of exhilaration and humor to your daily communication.

Bonus Tip: Create two characters, one in bed and one out of bed! 😉

23. Perform thoughtful gestures just to make her smile

Subtle but thoughtful ways to demonstrate your affection, like serving her breakfast in bed every Sunday or kissing her first thing in the morning, serve as a constant reminder that you care deeply about her joy.

…and also act as a ground to play with her!

24. Share amusing videos or memes that resonate with your relationship

It is often said that if you can make your wife laugh, you can make her do anything. So, send her humorous memes through the day and come back home to elaborate on it and share a good laugh together.

The laughter you experience together bonds you and adds life to your conversations.

25. Give her kisses that catches her off guard

When she least expects it, kiss her on the cheek, forehead, or even for a few seconds. These unplanned gestures of love will not only make her heart skip a beat, but they will also demonstrate your undying passion and awe for her.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Always keep in mind that flirting is about making your wife feel wanted, valued, and loved. If you adapt these techniques to what she likes, your relationship will grow in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

These 25 unique suggestions range from fun comments and covert gestures to unexpected gifts and shared adventures, all intending to tickle your wife just the same as when she was your girlfriend.

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