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27 Types of Guys Who Stay Single and Know Possible Reasons Behind It

27 Types of Guys Who Stay Single and Know Possible Reasons Behind It

Updated on Jul 06, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

Types of Guys Who Stay Single - Types, Possible Reasons & More

Did you know that there are different types of guys who stay single? Yes, there are some guys who are far away from settling down because they are not interested in any serious relationship.

Not just this, but there are several personal reasons that can be responsible for it. Some do not feel confident about themselves to start a romantic relationship after having a breakup. 

Else, they need some time to resolve their issues and move on from their pasts. 

The reasons are many! Therefore, with this article, we are going to highlight the reasons for staying single and the types of guys who choose to do so!

Without any further ado, let’s dive in. 

27 Types of Guys Who Stay Single and Know Possible Reasons Behind It
Types of Guys Who Stay Single
27 Types of Guys Who Stay Single and Know Possible Reasons Behind It
Possible Reasons of Guys Who Stay Single

Types of Guys Who Stay Single 

1. Aging players

Some boys tend to explore their youth with multiple women and have some fun before settling down with someone. 

When these guys continue their play even after their 30s and do not commit to someone to spend their life with, loneliness and sadness may surround them with time. 

They can develop several issues and insecurities in their life which are holding them back without making them aware.

In most cases, these guys often end up losing their values and spending their life alone. 

2. Frantic man

Guys who have not settled down yet can wake up tomorrow and realize that they need a family to share their emotions and thoughts. They can be really desperate at some points.

These men do not know what they actually want from life and their desires can change every day. They can be harmful at times. 

If they want something in life they will do everything to achieve that goal but this behavior can be really difficult sometimes to cope with.

3. Bitter man

Bitter men are those guys who do not have much positive experience with relationships and love. 

These people have several negative and bad experiences with dating and they are not yet ready to move on and have a fresh start.

They are so heartbroken and hurt that they have developed some negativity about relationships.

Bitter men express their emotions and feelings through rage and they are very expressive and vocal about it. 

4. Divorced dad

If someone just has gone through a divorce with their partner and got out of a bad relationship, he will need some time before starting something new. 

If that person has kids that means he will think more about his children before thanking them for a new relationship.

He will prefer someone who will be more suitable as their mother figure and take care of them than someone only interested in him. 

5. Married guy claims to be single

You will find some guys in your life who claim to be single but if you look deeper you will find them married. 

They are not satisfied with one woman in their life and they want to explore other options and have some fun in life. Nothing about these guys is attractive enough. 

Someone who was involved with someone like this may develop some severe trust issues in their life which may affect their future negatively.

6. Dumpster fire 

Dumpsters are always unable to behave normally with other people. They develop certain communication issues which may affect their relationship as well. 

Even if they can understand that there is a problem going on, these people can not do anything to resolve the issues that they face with other people in their life.   

There are several reasons that can be responsible for these issues but it is certain that if someone is going out on a date with a dumpster, it will always be a disaster. 

7. Guy who is always in the friend zone 

Some people have a specific type of personality pattern that everyone wants to be friends with.

These guys are not attractive enough to most people and everyone always wants to be a good friend to him.

There is no specific rule to overcome this particular situation. You need to do more research and find out certain ways that can help you develop yourself and make you more attractive.

8. Manchild 

These types of guys are immature and unfit for a romantic relationship. Rather, they just want someone to replace their mother with whom they wish to get physically intimate. 

They are not very responsible and they do not put much effort into making a relationship work. They want their partner to provide everything to them and satisfy all needs. 

9. Optimistic quitter 

Men who have different priorities than love and who just like to stop pursuing anything related to dating or relationships are called optimistic quitters.

They do not have a habit to think negatively about certain things.

Though they do not misbehave with the women who are paying attention to them, they will not try to pick up the women who are showing some interest in them. 

10. Messed up guys

You will find some guys who are just messed up and do not know how to date someone even if they have reached their 30s. 

They will find a lot of difficulties accepting the fact that they have certain issues which need to be fixed. 

Some of these guys have stopped dating due to several reasons and some of them are just on a temporary break. 

11. Happily single 

Some men are just happy to be single and do not want to get involved in certain complexities in their life.

They want to avoid any complications of a relationship with someone. They have several things to do in their life and dating is just not one of them. 

12. Choosing beggar 

There is nothing called a perfect partner in any relationship. Everyone has some negativity or some flaws. 

You just need to accept the bad with the goods if you really like someone and try to overcome both of your negativities together. 

Choosing beggars are those men who search for a perfect woman when they are far from perfect. 

They want a package deal with perfect looks, the perfect age, perfect height, perfect career, and perfect everything. 

While searching for the perfect one they never get someone to share their life with and stay single for a long time. 

13. The catch 

Men who have a nice body, a healthy mental state, and a good life often search for women who are in the same position in their life. 

It is hard to find someone exact equivalent and as a result these guys often stay single for a very long time in their life. 

14. Serial player 

Serial players are those men who are adorable and have a good sense of humor. It is easier to fall for them.

These guys have a unique method of seduction and get women for enjoyment and fun. 

Their charming personality will attract you towards him and the next moment you will find yourself in his bedroom. They know what exactly they need to stay at a given moment. 

However, the moment you will be able to understand his lies and his actions; it will be too late. 

15. The nice guy 

Every friend group has a guy who is a shoulder to all the women of the group who are having a guy issue.

Though he is the rescuer and attractive, no girl shows any romantic interest in him. 

These guys are always ready to solve every issue their female friends have in life but everyone leaves them for some other guy at the end. 

Though these men are great as friends, girls like those men who do not live in the shadows and express their true intentions and desires. 

16. Workaholic 

Guys who only care about their work and their career will never pay much attention to a woman and put any effort to win her. 

These guys are always very busy with their professional life and they do not have much time to go out for a date with someone. 

No woman will want this guy in her life because he will never make her the priority. He will take every chance to get back to work rather than spending some good time with his girl.

17. Money oriented 

Certain people believe that spending a lot of money can solve every issue in their life.

This type of guy will spend a lot of money to make his girl happy but will never value her emotions and her true feelings. 

He believes that an expensive gift can make up for anything bad that he has done to make his girl mad. 

Even if you find these guys attractive for some time but after a certain period you will understand the big fat ego he has underlying his money and his expenses. 

He will not be patient enough to talk and resolve your issues and no girl will be able to stay with these men for a long time. 

18. Fairy minded guy

Fairy minded guys are the men who often find themself roaming around their imaginations. They have very little contact with reality. 

They are always in denial and are ready to accept the complications of the real world.

These guys are not ready to take actual responsibility for someone and explore the real world together. 

19. New lease on life guy 

The new lease on life guy is someone who just got out of a very long-term relationship with someone. 

These people often continue their relationship for a long time because of the pressure of the people around them even if they are not satisfied or happy with it. 

Breaking up is a very difficult thing to do especially for these guys. After a break up they often feel relieved and try to live their life with some excitement and fun. 

20. Misogynist 

Misogynists are the guys who generally hate women. They are not at all romantically interested in any women. 

These people only develop intimate relationships with multiple women but they do not want to settle down with one. 

Women used to get attracted to them at a younger age but now women also try to maintain their distance from these people. 

Although, there are some women who are still attracted to misogynistic men and some studies prove that! 

However, these men are more attached to their cousins. According to them, their cousins are very understanding and more connectable than other people. 

21. Controlling parent guy 

Some parents are too controlling about every decision of their children. If a guy has one of these parents then it can affect their every step of life. 

A guy with controlling parents will not be able to date a girl with their choice. 

They will need to take care of their parent’s choices too and if their choices are very different it can make things really complicated and more confusing. 

This guy will never be able to marry someone he likes or get involved in a long-term relationship with a girl he likes. 

If his partner’s choice is poles apart from him and he does not want to lead a life of his parent’s choice he will try to stay away from any long-term commitment with anyone. 

22. Never met the right woman guy

Some guys have very specific preferences about women and they are ready to search for their dream girl for their whole life.

They will never agree to compromise with their preferences or their desires. 

These guys love their work and their personal life too. They are not at all worried about their singlehood, rather they really like to be single. 

These guys want to avoid any pressure from society or their friends and family. 

They believe that they have not met their soulmate yet and they can wait for eternity just to meet the right person for them. 

23. In the closet guy

In the closet, guys are the kind of people who are not really attracted or interested in any woman at this moment. 

These guys are well settled with a good job and a good family. They even have good looks, physical and mental health. 

They are just not interested in a relationship with a woman and want to be single for now. 

Some people believe that these guys might be gay and afraid or insecure to accept that in front of others. However, closet guys are absolutely straight and they have nothing to hide. 

24. Online dating guy

Some guys can be really aggressive and desperate if they are the only single guy in their group.

They can get frustrated worrying about their age and not getting someone to date for a long time. 

They are available on every online dating site and secretly ask everyone to go out for a date.

These guys are unable to believe their singlehood as they were always with a girlfriend at an early age. 

They will not accept their insecurities in front of other people.

If someone asks them about their relationship status they will say that they are too busy with their work and are not able to get time for a date or a relationship. 

25. Guys who give up dating

Some guys are not just energetic or enthusiastic to make an effort and search for a girlfriend.

They just give up on dating and make excuses that they have tried too hard but yet they are unable to get someone as their partner. 

Whereas they have never tried hard, they are just too lazy to go out for a date or take someone to a movie or something. 

These guys do not like the concept of online dating and want to stay away from all dating sites. They like to spend time in their room behind locked doors. 

26. The flaky guy

The guy does not give much importance to his partner and bails them most of the time. These guys avoid meeting their partners and do not spend enough time with them. 

They will not compromise their life or try to adjust a little for their partner. 

These guys will stick to their point and will always expect their partner to adjust. 

They are not much interested in how their partners feel about anything and will do whatever they want without thinking about anyone else. 

27. Hook up buddy 

Some guys are not interested in settling down with one girl. They are just very much interested in hookups.

You will find these guys with some new women every alternate day. 

They do not have much faith in any romantic relationship and they think it is boring and a waste of time to spend your whole life with only one person. 

These guys want to experience all the fun in the world and explore every option available. 

Why Are Men Staying Single?

Several reasons can be responsible for a guy to be single. These reasons can be personal as well as situational. He may have experienced something in his life which is affecting his present. 

Here we are going to discuss all the possible reasons that can be responsible for a guy to be single. 

1. Unhealthy attractions

Sometimes people choose someone to start a relationship with who is not appropriate for them and this is the beginning of an unhealthy relationship or an unhealthy attraction.

This person you have chosen may not be emotionally available

This process is very much unconscious and you often tend to blame your partner for an unsatisfying or an unsuccessful relationship. 

If you are getting rejected by someone then you often tend to blame it on something else without thinking that you may be seeking out the wrong people for affection and love

Few people have an unconscious tendency to get involved in a relationship where their critical thoughts or negative memories of childhood can be reinforced.

This can result in unpleasant relationships, great anxiety, and loneliness in someone’s life.

Such people will not be able to be involved in a relationship for a long time and will prefer to stay single to lead a pleasant life

2. Creating boundaries 

Some people can get hurt in their interpersonal relationships for various reasons. Their experiences in life can be really painful sometimes.

This pain and sadness can create a boundary around you that you are unable to cross. 

If you had several negative experiences regarding relationships, you may build an imaginary wall to protect yourself. You will avoid being vulnerable around other people. 

If you received cold behavior from your primary caregiver or your parents during your childhood it can affect your development of affection towards anyone. 

Negligence from the people you love for a long time can create a feeling of mistrust and attachment issues. 

You will not feel comfortable when someone is showing too much affection.

You may feel suspicious too if someone is showing interest in you and you may develop a thought that they are trying to harm you in some way by getting closer to you. 

In certain situations, you will try to build up a wall and increase your distance to protect yourself from any negativity or heartbreak. 

3. Fear of intimacy 

Though everyone wants to experience love and desires a partner to share their life with, sometimes they develop an unknown fear to get intimately involved with someone. 

Some people run away from the people they love the most. Keeping their distance and punishing their loved ones can reduce their anxiety and worry. 

These people have some boundaries in their life and they are not ready to let someone in and open up to someone.

They are afraid to get too close to someone and push away if someone is trying to get closer. 

If you are afraid to connect with someone and let them enter your life you will get anxious whenever someone is trying to develop an intimate connection with you.

You may feel threatened and try to punish that person and increase your distance from him/ her. 

4. Judgemental nature 

Your past experience can affect your judgment and your decision making ability.

You may be prejudiced about certain things in your life for your past and you are not ready to explore other options. 

If you were betrayed or heart broken by someone you really liked it can affect your confidence level.

You may start questioning your decision and your choices about certain people. You will not be able to trust someone and start something new. 

Negative experiences can affect your thoughts and force you to think critically about everyone around you.

If you meet someone new you will hold yourself back and make some judgemental decisions about that person.

5. Fear of commitment

Some people may have developed a fear of committing to someone for a long time in their life. They may be confused about fulfilling all the responsibilities of their partners. 

If you have seen so many good relationships end for some reason. Further, you have experienced something bad in your past relationship too.

It is possible that you may not be able to commit yourself fully to someone. 

You can be worried about getting hurt by your partner and you think that she may break her promise and leave you alone for something in your future.

You do not have much faith in committing to someone for your whole life. 

6. Fear of competition 

If your confidence level is not up to the mark, it is very natural to develop a fear of competition.

You will not be comfortable taking part in any because you believe that you will never be able to win. 

It is easier for some people to lose before taking part than losing from someone else. 

You may be insecure about how to talk to a girl and girls not liking you.

Lack of confidence can create a fear that no one may choose you as their partner and you will embarrass yourself in front of others by asking them. 

All these thoughts and beliefs can create a fear of competition which will hold you back to put yourself out in the field. 

7. Lack of self-esteem

Everyone wants a healthy relationship in their life to build an emotional connection and spend their life but some of them do not believe that they deserve one. 

These people are not satisfied with themselves and their life. They are insecure about their professional or personal life. 

They have developed certain thoughts that they are not interesting enough and no one will pay much attention to them. 

Such thoughts may appear if you have received some critical comments about yourself from someone for a long time.

This can affect your self-esteem and create fear from taking any initiative. 

You are not giving any chance to someone because you are too afraid of rejection and you believe that you will end up getting hurt. 

8. Isolation

With growing age, you will feel more secure and comfortable in your comfort zone. It can be really difficult to step out after a certain age no matter what the reason is. 

This lack of encouragement can hold you back from starting a healthy romantic relationship with someone. 

When you have reached a certain stage in your career where you are well settled and in your professional life, it is hard to start exploring new things all over again. 

If you are financially and practically well settled it can become really difficult to take risks in life.

After a long day, you will not be able to get the energy and the enthusiasm to go on a date with someone you barely know. 

You will prefer the coziness and the comfort in your house and some relaxing time alone. 

9. Making rules

Some people prefer to set up some rules for themself and lead a life by following these rules. 

If you are one of these people and you have made a rulebook for your relationship too then it can be difficult to follow all of them in real life. 

If you have set these rules from your past experience and you are too determined to follow them, it can be really difficult for you to build a relationship for your future with these rules.

Having certain fixed rules can limit your options and set a boundary for you.

If you want to find someone with whom you can spend your whole life, you need to be more flexible and realistic more often.

10. Inability to fulfill responsibilities 

Some people are really afraid to take on new responsibilities in their life. They are afraid that they may mess everything up. 

A relationship brings a lot of new responsibilities.

If you are not ready to take them and if you think that you may not be able to fulfill all these responsibilities, you will try to avoid developing a romantic relationship with someone. 

11. Guys with a low confidence level

Your confidence can affect your ability to take the charge and start something new. You are not confident enough about yourself and you are insecure that people may not like you enough.

You will be confused about every choice that you make and you rely too much on others. It is easy for someone to break your determination and make you question yourself. 

If you really like someone and you want to ask her out for a date, anyone who does not like you very much can put the thought in you that the girl you want may not be the right choice for you.  

This will also affect your professional life and your personal decisions about several things. 

If you start questioning yourself so frequently your decision making ability will be destroyed and you will not be able to achieve happiness in your life. 

12. Low effort

If you do not put much effort into anything you desire it can be really difficult to achieve what you really want. 

Some people put very little effort to find a healthy relationship with someone and maintaining it if they already have one.

Their low effort can hold them back from putting themselves out in the dating world. 

If you want a girl who will love you and care for you, you need to put some effort into making her feel the same way. 

If your behavior is effortless when it comes to date no girl will be comfortable enough to put her faith in you. 

13. Less of interest

Even if you do not have many things going on in your life and you have enough free time from your professional life, still you may not have much interest in developing a new relationship with someone at this point. 

You are satisfied with your current life and you do not want to get involved in something new. You prefer your single life and you do not want any complications of a romantic relationship in your simple life. 

14. Introverts 

If you are an introverted kind of person it can be really difficult for you to take the initiative and start talking to someone you like. 

You are not very comfortable around other people and you panic in certain situations where there is an involvement of someone whom you are not close with.

Your preference is to stay alone and spend time with yourself. Besides, you are only comfortable around the people who are really close to you.

15. Not satisfied with their looks

You may not like your looks, your personality and you believe that no one else will like your appearance too. 

You are insecure about certain parts of your body. It can be your hair, color, nose, eyes, or any other particular part of your body that you do not like about yourself. 

If you are not satisfied with yourself it is natural to think that no one will like you. You think that you do not deserve someone good in your life. 

16. Recent heartbreak

If you were in a relationship in your past and you have experienced anything bad there, you may develop certain negative thoughts about a relationship. 

Someone you loved may have hurt you deeply and you are not able to move on yet.

You are afraid to get hurt again and you do not want to experience the pain and the betrayal by someone close to you all over again. 

17. Poor flirting skill

If your flirting skill is not good and you get too nervous and stressed when you are around a woman it can be a reason behind your relationship status. 

You are not very efficient in talking to a woman and impressing them instantly. It is really hard to flirt with a woman and get their attention. 

People who face difficulty with flirting and expressing their feelings can experience more complications in starting a relationship with someone they like. 

18. Inability to move on

If you were in a relationship with someone and you are still in love with that person even if you two are not together, you will not be interested in starting something new. 

You may have a huge crush on someone but that person is not much interested in you. One-sided love can also be another reason. 

You are too emotionally attached to these people that you are not ready to move on and explore something new in life. 

19. Bad experience

You may have experienced something really bad in your past relationship.

If you have a history of an abusive or violent relationship with someone, it can change your judgment about dating.

You may not be able to build your trust and down your guards for someone easily. 

Your past may affect your future thoughts and your decision about certain things in life. 

20. Unavailable woman 

Sometimes even if you are ready to mingle with someone you may not be able to find someone available.

All the women around you are either committed or not romantically interested in you. 

Even if you are ready to explore the world with someone and start a new phase in life, you may not get anyone to share your thoughts with.

21. Lack of ambition 

Women are always attracted to men who are working hard to reach their goals in life. Ambitious men are always a turn-on for them. 

If you are not sure about your future and you do not have any ambition in your life most women will not pay attention to you no matter what other qualities you have.

You should find a goal and start working for it if you really want to do something good and find someone to share your life with. 

22. Easily intimidated 

If you get too intimidated by certain things in your life it can be a huge turn-off for some people.

You feel insecure about different things about your partner and you are always afraid to do something new in life. 

Your habit to prove yourself in different areas in front of everyone can reflect your level of self-confidence and your determination.

23. Not a good personality 

Your personality is one of the most important things that a girl notices while talking to you for the first time. 

Your looks and your career can play a very important role in this case but if your personality is not up to the mark it can really ruin everything. 

Try to learn more skills which can help you to develop your personality and make everything about you unique and impressive.

24. Not attractive

How attractive are you, do not always involve your external beauty and your background.

Your thoughts, communication skills, sense of humor, understanding ability, or personality pattern can make you attractive to different people. 

25. Too focused on something else

If you are too focused on something else in your life you may not find much time in building a new relationship with someone. 

Developing a relationship and maintaining it requires your attention and focus.

If you are not ready to spend your valuable time and thoughts behind it, you may not be able to find someone ready to compromise that. 

Best Age to Be Single for a Man

There is nothing called the best age for someone to be single.

Singlehood is always a choice for the people who want to explore and take enough time before making any final choice about their life.

According to most men, 35 is the best age to be single. You will get enough time to build your career and settle your professional life. 

Your ability to understand and your control over your emotions will improve with your age and you will be mature enough to make the right choice about the person you want to share your life with. 


There is nothing wrong with being single for a long time in your life. If you are not confident enough then you may want to take some time before committing to someone. 

It is absolutely fine to explore more options before making the final choice about the person you want to spend your entire life with!