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Benefits of Being Single – Best Ways To Enjoy Your Singlehood

Benefits of Being Single – Best Ways To Enjoy Your Singlehood

Updated on Jan 15, 2024

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

Benefits of Being Single - Best Ways To Enjoy Your Singlehood

When someone has just come out of a long committed relationship it can be hard for them to understand the benefits of being single

Whereas, it is always necessary to look into the positive sides of everything and how it can help you to enjoy your life. 

You can pay more attention to yourself and focus on your growth in life during your singlehood.

In this phase, there is no need to pay extra effort for someone. That can give you so much time to do things that can provide happiness.

After coming out of a long-term relationship it is normal to feel alone and left out. But, this can allow you to make new friends and create some new memories. 

It is a great time to catch up with your old friends and spend more time with family. 

Benefits of Being Single - Best Ways To Enjoy Your Singlehood
Benefits of Being Single – Best Ways To Enjoy Your Singlehood

Benefits of Being Single – 21 Awesome Advantages

There are several surprising benefits of being single and in this section, we are going to discuss them all. 

1. You can travel freely

When you are in a relationship with someone you have to consider your partner every time you make a plan for a trip. 

Your life partner may not like the idea of a solo trip or a trip with your friends.

Sometimes even if they want to be a part of your travel plan, they may not get the opportunity or a time off from their work. 

It is hard to sync your timing for a vacation frequently and you may need to cancel your plans. 

When you are single, things can be really easy for you. You can go whenever and wherever you want to go. There is no need to consider what your partner is thinking. 

Pack your bags and go trekking to a mountain or enjoy the relaxing breeze of the sea. 

People who love adventure in life and are single can make an instant travel plan, just after waking up in the morning, without holding themself back. 

There is no hesitation or boundaries involved if they are financially and emotionally ready for a vacation. 

2. Flirting with anyone

Being committed to a relationship does not allow you to flirt with someone no matter how much you like them.

Even if you are flirting, there is always a fear of getting caught. 

Sometimes, while talking to an unknown person for a long time, you may end up flirting with each other and liking them. 

Later, it is normal to feel guilty if you are already in a relationship. Things can get really complicated when that person starts developing feelings for you. 

Things become guilt-free and more adventurous when you are single. You can flirt with anyone you want without thinking twice. 

After healthy communication both the individuals are free to like each other and go out together. 

Some people have a tendency to flirt with every other person they meet without realizing anything.

They just can not control their behavior whenever there is an attractive person in front of them. 

It is better for them to enjoy their singlehood to avoid any complicated confrontations and awkward situations in life. 

3. You can work on yourself

You can have enough time to work on yourself when you are single. There is no need to pay attention to what your partner is expecting from you. 

Figure out all the things that you are lagging in and focus on improving them.

You can develop certain habits that are good for your health like working out every day or taking care of your mental health. 

4. Save so much time

Being committed to some relationship needs your attention and so much of your time. You need to spend time with them every day and pay attention to their life and their issues. 

Helping each other to resolve these issues or achieve your goal is another important factor in a relationship. 

When you are single, you do not have to spend your time talking to someone as a routine.

All the time one spends texting and calling their partner, you can utilize doing something productive. 

You do not have to give your time to someone on a regular basis, you can have all your time for yourself. 

Do something that you like or learn something new to upgrade your skills. Singlehood can give you more time to complete your work and reach your goals faster.

Take some new classes or just increase your relaxation time. You can talk to your friends or spend more time with them too. 

5. You can have a peaceful and quiet time

When you are in a relationship with someone it is normal to have disagreements in different steps of your life. 

Both of you may have different views and beliefs about different things which can cause trouble while making a decision in your life. 

Your partner may not be able to understand your thoughts or your decisions about something. It can create anger in both of you and result in severe arguments. 

The peace of the house will be compromised whenever you are arguing with your partner. 

There is no one to create conflict in your life when there is no romantic partner present in your life.

Life can be really struggle-free and free of any misunderstanding or disagreements about anything. 

There is no one to always talk about something in your ears. You can enjoy some quiet and peaceful time after a busy hectic day. 

A calm environment can help you to clear your mind and think straight without worrying about something. 

6. Become more self-reliant 

Love and relationships can be devastating sometimes.

Every time you have some issues with your partner it can affect your confidence level as well as the ability to have faith in your judgment.

Having a huge fight with a romantic partner or a bad breakup can take away all the energy someone has. It can be difficult to pay attention to something important in this mind state.

Whereas, singlehood does not bring these day-to-day problems into your life.

You can invest all your energy and attention in something really important for you. It can make you more confident and self-reliant. 

You will be able to observe all the possibilities before making a judgment and the chances of getting success are higher in this state.

Your faith in your judgment will also increase with time and experience. 

7. Spend more time with friends

Being in a relationship can limit the time someone spends with their friends. It is not always necessary that your romantic partner will be okay with your need to hang out with your friends most of the time.

The time you used to spend with your buddies will always decrease after starting a romantic relationship with someone. 

A relationship can occupy all the free time you have and with time you may lose touch with all your friends.

It is not easy for everyone to balance your friendship and your relationship smoothly. 

Having some good friends is really important in life with whom you can share everything. Strong friendship can make your life a lot easier. 

Loosening the connection with friends can affect your friendship and you may end up being alone. 

Being single can be a huge advantage in this case. You can spend all your free time with your friends and spend as much quality time as you need. 

Plan a video game night, watch a game, go shopping, there are no boundaries that can hold you back or no one to answer. 

8. No need for adjustment

A successful relationship needs adjustment and compromise from both sides.

If any of the partners disagree to take one step ahead, it can create an imbalance and affect the relationship negatively.

If it is hard for you to think of any adjustment, you are not ready for a relationship yet. 

Enjoy your free will and your singlehood and do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. Being happy and satisfied is all that matters at the end of the day. 

People often think of compromise when they feel lonely. They become desperate to find someone in life and their needs can make them settle down with the wrong person. 

After some time they may realize that it is not easy to adjust everything all the time and end up regretting their decision. 

If you are one of them, try not to rush into things and take as much time as you need before making any final choices. 

There is no need for any settlement or any suppressed needs when you are not in a relationship. 

9. Do whatever you want 

There are no boundaries, no limitations, no commands in your life when you are single. 

No one will tell you what to do and what not. There is no fear of what your partner may think of your decision and how they may react. 

You can get all the free will and freedom you want and do everything your heart asks you to do. A relationship always needs lots of care and effort. 

Every choice you make in your life can affect your relationship positively or negatively. 

Thus, you have to consider your partner’s choices, needs, and thoughts every time you make a choice. 

Things may not go in your way all the time. When you are not ready for that singlehood is all you need to explore happiness and excitement in your life. 

10. Learn more about yourself

Being single can give you enough opportunity to learn more about yourself. You can try to figure out your likes and dislikes in life and the things you really need. 

You can utilize your time to think about different things. 

Taking some time for yourself should be helpful to understand all your mistakes in life and the way to rectify them. 

If you are experiencing certain conflicts in your life, find out several methods to resolve them and move on. 

This also helps you to think about your future and have a clear idea about your goals. Make a plan to fulfill all your desires and achieve all your dreams.  

If you feel that you have lost the purpose of your life, taking some time can assist you to find one.  

11. More sex

Being in a relationship can limit your sex life.

People can get so occupied with different responsibilities of their romantic relationship or marriage that the frequency of intimacy decreases.

Singlehood gives you more opportunities to boost your sexual life and develop intimacy with several individuals.

There is no limitation or boundaries and you can have sex as frequently as you want.  

12. Fewer regrets in life

The more you make mistakes, the more you regret them in life. When you are in a relationship, what is not wrong for you can be extremely wrong for your partner. 

In certain situations, things can get really challenging for you.

Therefore, you will regret making some decisions without thinking about every possible outcome. 

The chances of doing something and regretting it later are lesser in those people who are not in a relationship. 

Single individuals have the opportunity to live their life and experience different things on their own terms. 

There is no one who can ask for answers or blame them for something. Thus, it can make their life less complicated and does not create any regrets. 

13. No complicated dates to remember

There is no need to remember several dates like your partner’s birthday, your first date, your meeting anniversary, and many more. 

If you are committed to someone and not able to remember these dates, things may heat up between you two. 

You do not have to pay attention to minute details like what you did on your first meeting or what was the first thought that came to your mind after meeting your partner. 

14. More open to challenges

When you are enjoying your single life there is nothing that can hold you back from doing something adventurous.

You do not need to worry about your partner and get ready to face any challenges at any time. 

Facing different challenging situations and learning the ability to handle them smoothly can improve your problem-solving ability. 

It can also positively affect your personal development and positivity in your mind. Experience to handle these situations can also increase your self-confidence and self-trust.  

15. Can make you happier sometimes 

Singlehood can bring more happiness to your life after coming out of a bad relationship. 

When you are experiencing several complications and pressure in your relationship things can be really depressing. 

Relationships are always hectic and stressful. There are multiple things that you have to consider, think and remember while maintaining a relationship. 

Mental and physical abuse can cause several damage in your life and create trauma. With time things will become unbearable and toxic. 

If you are experiencing a similar situation, breaking up will be the better option. 

Being single can help you to lose a bundle of pressure from your chest. Life can be easier and more manageable without the piled-up stress that comes from a bad and unhealthy relationship. 

Happiness is the most important thing and if you are not satisfied with someone, being single will bring more satisfaction in life. 

16. Gives you a chance to save your finances

Maintaining a relationship is always very expensive. There are many gifts and expenses involved in it. 

You have to gift your partner in every other celebration or special event like birthday, anniversary, valentine day and there is no chance to escape from this situation. 

A huge part of your savings will go away with all these for your partner.

With time you may not be able to spend money on yourself to save more as the responsibilities will always increase. 

When you are single there is no extra cost that you have to spend on someone else. You can utilize all your money and pay more attention to your savings. 

Plan your finances according to your long-term and short-term goals and enjoy your life just like you dreamed of. 

17. Learn to enjoy your own company

Staying single will not give you any scope to spend time with someone all the time. 

Though you can spend time with your friends or family members, your own company is the most important thing at the end of the day. 

Spending time with yourself and enjoying it is something that can take away all your pain. Do things that you like when no one is with you and enjoy your time. 

It can help to resolve all your abandonment issues and fear of being left out. You will never feel lonely even if you are alone as you utilize that time with satisfaction and positivity. 

18. Makes you self sufficient 

It is natural to depend on someone or to take help from someone close to you, whenever you face any difficulties. 

Being single always eliminates the chance to discuss your issues with someone special and find a solution together. 

You only have to find a solution to all your problems.

Thus, with time the habit to do your own work or deal with everything all by yourself will make you self-sufficient.

There is no more need for someone else’s help or sympathy. 

19. Save you from a heartbreak

Whenever you are in a long-term relationship with someone there is always a chance to experience betrayal and heartbreak from your partner.

It is not necessary that every relationship is meant to have a happy ending. 

Heartbreak can be really tough to deal with and move on from. If you are too emotionally attached, you will get hurt pretty badly.

Leading a routine life with a broken heart is not easy and all your goals and needs can be pretty messed up. 

Being single gives you a chance to avoid all these things. No expectations, no attachment, or emotional intimacy is involved in life. 

When you are single no one can play with your heart and your feelings and move on, breaking your heart.

There will be no tears in your eyes for some random girl or guy and so much of your time will be saved. 

20. Gives you a chance to meet someone better

When you are stuck in a relationship you are not allowed to explore other options and even if you do there are consequences. 

Finding someone more compatible and a better match than your current partner is going to make you regret your decisions.

Being single can make you free from all those restrictions and boundaries. You can explore as much as you want and find the right match for you.  

Not being committed to someone gives you enough scopes to meet someone better and start something beautiful. 

For example, you are at a restaurant and you find someone gorgeous sitting in a corner.

You can approach that person and start talking. After some time you both may be interested to go on a date together and know each other better.

Now, it is an easy decision to make when you are single. But if you are already in a relationship, it is not really an option. 

21. Spend time with your family

Family is something that most people take for granted.

They often get so busy with their professional life, relationships, and friends that they do not get much time to spend with their families. 

Singlehood gives you enough time to think about your family members and spend some quality time with them.

You can have dinner with them or plan some vacation together when there is no one taking all your time. 

These small things can help you to strengthen your bond with your family and make some nice memories for life. 

Why Being Single Is The Best?

Everything has some positives and negatives, when you focus on the positives things will be more enjoyable and easier to deal with.

The preference or comfort of being single differs from person to person. 

If you are that kind of person who is not ready to get stuck with one person or take on all the responsibilities, singlehood is better for you. 

Relationships come with so many boundaries, limitations, and commitments. 

For people who want to fly free, explore every other option, go on adventures, and face new challenges every day, being single is way more convenient for them. 

How To Enjoy Being Single – 8 Ways

Here are some steps that can help you to enjoy every moment of your singlehood and get on with your life. 

1. Ask yourself why you are single

This is a really important question that every single person should ask themself. 

Every person has different desires and perspectives and different experiences. Answering this question will help you to sort out many confusions about life. 

Individuals who are single after a certain age, often make their goal to find someone and start a relationship.

They do not consider the fact that it is the right time or right person for them or not. 

It is possible that you are single because you just came out of a bad relationship. You may not be ready for it yet.

There are different priorities in your life and relationships are just not one of them.  

There is nothing wrong with the need to enjoy single life for as long as someone wants.

It should be their choice to take without any pressure or influence from their surroundings or the society. 

The sooner you have a clear idea about your intention, the easier it will get to deal with the situation and enjoy it to the fullest. 

2. Focus on your goals

There is no need to think about what someone else is saying or doing. Focus on your priorities and try to have a clear idea about your aspirations and goals in life. 

You have a huge opportunity to live on your own terms and do not let it go in vain. 

Figure out what you want to achieve and start working hard. Nothing can be compared to the satisfaction of achieving your dreams and only you can understand the true value of this feeling. 

3. Think what are your future expectations about a relationship

Everyone has certain needs and expectations from their relationships. Even if they are single at present, they have some ideas about what they are looking for. 

Make a list of all the basic things that you want from your relationship and how you are planning for your future. 

If you are happily single now, at what age do you want to start looking for someone special, and by when do you want to settle down. 

Though no one can tell when a person will fall in love, it is good to have some clear thoughts about your expectations for your future.

This can make things less complicated and easier to sort things out. 

5. Do not compare yourself with others with a partner

Sometimes looking at your friends getting married or roaming around holding their partner’s hands can make you question your decision.

You should stop comparing yourself to others around you. 

Every person has different priorities and goals in their life and you should focus on yours.

Do not let others influence your thoughts and make you do something you are not ready for. 

Think about all those things that you enjoy doing and the things that are on your bucket list.

Remember why you have not let yourself get involved in any romantic commitment. Focus on everything you have achieved throughout the time you were single. 

6. Do things that inspire you

Inspiration is really important in life and focuses on doing the things that motivate you to walk towards your goal. Motivation or inspiration can different in people. 

It is not necessary that if something is effective for your friend it will have the same effect on you too. 

If someone is getting motivated by watching a movie, doing some relaxing exercise can be inspirational for the other person. 

Figure out the things that can help you to stand up every time you feel low. Do what works for you without searching for what your friends are doing. 

7. Make new friends 

If you feel lonely at the end of the day, find someone to share your company with. Everyone needs friends in their life.

It is your opportunity to put yourself out there and make some new buddies. 

Hang out with your friends, go for a drink, play games, watch movies, and party like crazy.

There is no one to set boundaries in your life when you are an adult and have stable finances. 

It is your happiness that matters. 

8. Find some hobbies

Singlehood gives you enough free time to do things you like and explore all your hobbies without thinking twice. Find an area of interest and start exploring. Look for things that you enjoy the most. 

Read your favorite novels, hang out with your friends or just cuddle with your pillow and watch a movie after a long tiring day. 

You can learn something new and upgrade your skills too. This way you may be able to acquire some new hobbies

Benefits of Being Single Man

Though most of the benefits are common for all men and women, certain sparks are more effective in single men.

  • Be as much a workaholic as you want to
  • No need to save extra time for your girl
  • There is no need to pretend, you can be yourself 
  • Be as messy as you want
  • Hang out with your buddies every weekend
  • There is no one to hold you back from  watching your favorite game
  • Save your money and spend it on yourself
  • No pressure for doing something against your wish
  • Flirt with anyone you want 
  • No one is there to point out your faults

Benefits of Being Single Woman

Things can be more difficult to maintain when you are a married woman and you are in a bad relationship.

Just like men, there are unique sparks of being single that are more effective in women. 

  • No need to give answers to someone
  • You can be extra selfish
  • Spend as much money you want on yourself
  • Focus more on your professional life and your goals 
  • No need to think about your tiring responsibilities
  • You are free to meet as many cute guys as you want
  • Spend more time with your girlfriends 
  • Groom yourself according to your own preference
  • Singlehood can make you more confident and self-sufficient 
  • Make your life on your own terms
  • No need to worry about your personal space


Now you know the benefits of being single. Believe it or not, singlehood can be the best time for development in your personal and professional life.

It is the time when you can entirely focus on yourself, and your family and spend time with your friends. 

Do not waste your time thinking about those people who have successful romantic relationships.

When the time is right you will definitely find your true love and build an amazing relationship. 

Do not rush into things just to be with someone. Utilize this time to enjoy your life being single and fulfill all your crazy desires.

Remember once gone this time will never come back.