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How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You in 30 Easy Ways

How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You in 30 Easy Ways

Updated on Nov 02, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How To Make Someone Fall in Love with You - 30 Easy Ways

Want to know how to make someone fall in love with you?

I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been there too.

Well, a lot of people fall in love and use inappropriate or unfair means to win over their crush. Meanwhile, their crush tries to break free of their psychotic behavior. 

After all, when you begin to have feelings of love for someone, you desperately want them to reciprocate the same.

But don’t worry, I’ve prepared everything you need in this think-piece to turn your love at first sight into a soulmate… without making them uncomfortable.

Let’s know the secret to their heart… and I hope they fall for you, hard!

How to Make someone Fall in Love with you – 30 Ways

Falling in love is easy. But making someone fall deeply in love with you is tricky.

Don’t worry, I’ve divided the process into 30 techniques (some of them are interesting psychological tricks) that can make your love interest fall in love with you!

Here you go!

1. First, love yourself

The journey starts from within…

You cannot make someone fall in love with you if you don’t love yourself. Work on your personality, connect with your inner self, accept your flaws, and appreciate your abilities. Embrace who you are.

Take care of your mind, body, and soul. Be loyal to yourself.

When you love yourself, it really doesn’t matter if people around you love you or not. This makes you look self-confident and independent.

These two traits naturally attract people towards you, because you are your own shelter. It makes you stronger and more responsible.

2. Make sure you are a potential partner

You may not spell it out loud, but you’re aware of the traits you desire in your partner. You have a preconceived notion that makes it easier for you to identify your potential partner.

If you want that special person to fall for you, then identify all the traits they have been looking for in their partner of dreams.

No, you do not have to don shining armor and Cinderella’s glass shoes… Just make sure you are compatible with them.

Some common values and morals, you know. As long as you satisfy the basics, you are good to go.

3. Put your best appearance forward

They say the first impression is the last impression. I do not quite agree with this.

But it is true that if you want someone to know you better, you first need to make sure their eyes stay put on you… long enough for them to approach you.

So, make sure you keep your best foot forward. Don’t try too hard and stress yourself over this. Just indulge in self-care.

Prioritize your physical and mental health, get regular with your cardio and be mindful about your diet. When you eat well, you look good and feel good.

Nothing is more appealing than a well-maintained and confident person.

4. Flaunt that smiling curve on your face

Your smile is a curve on your face that sets everything right.

Of all other facial expressions, a smile is the most heart-warming of all. When you smile, your facial expression exudes positive energy. It presents you as a confident person.

Smiling can make you more appealing than before.

When your crush is busy noticing your smile, they might ignore your other unattractive. So, now you know how a smile can compensate for other shortcomings in your personality.

Crack a joke yourself and laugh at it together!

5. Stay a mystery

Leave some room for imagination.  When you keep things to yourself by not disclosing the whole plot, the prospect will always come back for more.

Don’t just blabber every detail about you, let them take that extra step to find it out.

The more you stay secretive the more attractive you might seem to them – It’s the natural human tendency

So, if you really want them to chase you, stay more mysterious and undercover.

6.  Let them toil a Lil

Nobody plays hard intentionally… but if done wisely, it works well.

Research shows that playing hard to get makes you more desirable. The other person might feel that it’s a challenge or it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to get you.

For instance, if your crush thinks that it is really tough to win over you… they will definitely put more effort to find a way to your heart.

This may be one of the best ways to get the girl’s/boy’s attention you’ve been yearning for a long time.

7. Indulge in their passions

Do you know about your crush’s likes and dislikes? What makes them happy? Do you both share some same interests?

If not, then talk about their passion and interests. Often, passionate love finds a kickstart with some common passionate conversations.

When you meet people with common interests, you naturally feel connected.

You might not like playing chess, but there is no harm in trying if that gives you some quality time with your love interest.

Plus, it’ll also give them an assurance that whether or not you enjoy the activity, you’ll still accompany them.

8. Let the eye do the talking!

Make eye contact more often. Everyone who said, It’s All In The Eyes and Eyes Don’t Lie wasn’t lying.

Observe how they behave when your eyes meet and how they react to a minute of eye contact.

During the initial stages, eye contact can give you butterflies in the stomach… and that’s normal.

Whenever you look at them, let your eyes voice your emotions. Express I love you through your eyes. Trust me, they’ll know what you feel without even saying.

9. Touch them often, but casually

The opposite genders are very sensitive to touch. Our bodies can well identify the intention behind every touch.

To further intensify the intimacy, try caressing their shoulders gently, playing with their hair, or holding their hands when you talk about a sensitive topic.

Let your fingers slightly touch their fingers when you walk side by side. Or maybe, you can give them a side hug to greet.

A hug will release Oxytocin which is also known as the love hormone.

These light intimate moments will help you both bond deeper.

10. Listen to your crush

Good listening skills are not a common trait to many. If I ask you – Do you like it when someone actively listens to you and engages in the conversation? Your answer will definitely be a YES.

After all, who doesn’t want to be heard? A person who listens to you with genuine interest will appear to you a lot more attractive than you really are.

Listen to them talk about their interests, dreams, their hopes, families, memories, and their aspirations.

Be a part of the conversation, counter-ask, and let your partner dive into the petty details.

But yes, don’t constantly ask them to share more, and hey, never interrupt when they are talking.

11. Be their friend first

It’s good that you are planning a long-term commitment, but you cannot just jump into it.

When you are all eager to make someone fall in love with you, start the journey with a healthy friendship.

Support them with all your heart and be a shoulder in their tough times. Also, this phase is a great opportunity to know more about their likes and dislikes. 

Friendship is the safest way to walk into someone’s life and know them more closely and casually.

And who knows, perhaps this is what you actually want, and not a proper commitment or relationship.

12. Hold on… take it easy

When you try to make them fall in love with you, you cannot chase their feelings.

Never be a creepy lover who constantly chases their love interest. If you do this, you’ll only scare them away with your desperate behavior.

It also depends on the nature of the person you are dealing with.

For example, there are people who enjoy being chased, but then there are people who simply cannot compromise with their personal space and peace of mind.

So, you gotta observe what they want and proceed accordingly.

13. Leave some distance

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

You don’t need to create miles of distance between you and your crush. Rather, disappear occasionally… no that’s not a cue to ghost them.

For example, it won’t harm you if you don’t attend your classes for a day or two, provided both of you are in the same class.

You can also call a sick-day off from the office, if you both share the same office space.  

If they come to see you home, you know your answer!

Similarly, if you leave for home a little earlier than usual, and they ask you to stay back, it again denotes that they are fond of you.

So, this “distance” is going to make them desperate for you.

14. Mirror their actions

Don’t imitate them 24×7. Instead imitate one or two special body gestures. For example, your crush can have a unique way of holding a cup of coffee, or they can have their own way of “hugging”. 

These are very few actions that you need to mirror, don’t start copying their body language too much. That will make you look like a cheap creep despo.

On the contrary, mirroring their special actions will build your interpersonal bonding. Your crush will feel more connected.

Plus, they will also start noticing you in the crowd, because you share common traits with them.

15. Don’t lose your original personality in the process

No matter what you do to impress your crush, the process mustn’t change your authentic personality.

Even if you seek a casual hook-up… trying to be somebody else than what you are will make you less comfortable with them. And when they see the real you, they will feel disappointed.

You might not realize that as individuals, you’re gifted with several unique traits which makes you, YOU.

You can always improve yourself for a good reason but changing yourself for another is a futile endeavor… nobody wants to be around such people.

16. Make them feel special

Will you date someone who doesn’t make you feel special? Of Course NOT!

Same goes for your crush.

This is your cue to make a serious effort to make your crush feel special. If they feel under confident or confused about their life, then be the first one to motivate them.

Appreciate their positive traits but make sure the praises are genuine and from-the-heart. Real compliments go a long way in comparison to cheesy flatterings…

17. Flaunt your skills

Don’t hesitate from flaunting your innate talents… they will feel good that you are passionate about something.

For instance, you might be a brilliant guitarist or a fantastic painter. Let them know about your skills and talents.

Don’t brag about it, rather use your skills to surprise them… It makes you seem more worthy.

If you are fortunate enough and their hobby coincides with yours, then you both can spend a good time practicing the skills together.

Plus, it also makes you a lot more prospect-worthy now! 😉

18. Shower kindness

Never be arrogant, not just with your crush but even in life. Kindness is one such virtue that can help you stand away from the crowd.

You will naturally draw your crush towards yourself if they watch you helping the needy, feeding the stray dogs, or even helping a blind man cross the road.

Being kind or generous mustn’t be a pretense. It is a human trait and you must display it naturally.

People with great personalities must be naturally kind towards their surroundings to attract others.

19. Let them know you’re not perfect.

So, what if you’re flawed, no one is perfect. Embrace your negative qualities and don’t hesitate to talk about your flaws in front of them.

Share your vulnerabilities, show them you are not perfect. Trust me, this will make you look more attractive than any perfect man or woman.

Flaunt your flaws as you flaunt your skills. You are a human and it’s natural for you to be a mixture of odds and even.

However, if you have some extremely unacceptable habits, then dude, improve as soon as possible! It’s never too late.

20. Be their emotional support

Successful relationships are always more about emotional comfort than physical comfort.

Let your crush know that you’ll be emotionally available for them, no matter what. They must feel safe and secure with you.

Don’t step back from holding their hands, or extending your shoulders when they need to cry.

Who knows if they are having a tough time dealing with their feelings and emotions?

They won’t reveal their vulnerable side easily, they will need some time and space to trust you which leads us to the next tip.

21. Create trust

Trust is the foundation of all great and healthy relationships.

Make your crush feel that they can depend upon you for everything in their life or reveal anything to you.

You cannot create trust in a day. It takes a really long time. Be patient and calm while you’re at it… only consistent efforts and patience can help you win their heart.

They will trust you only when you are honest in your life. Make sure they don’t find you telling lies or making stories in the desire to impress.  

Be immensely respectful and sensitive when they finally open up to you. Your insensitive reactions can push them back into the box… and this time for forever!

22. Take a stand for them

Men and women both must take an equal stand for their significant other… and when you do that for your crush, it solidifies their confidence in you.

If you notice them facing unfair challenges in life, then you must try to support them with all your might. Don’t show off or overdo it… but also make sure, your crush is never standing alone!

Being a strong voice for them when they really need it will trigger a sense of safety and security. Trust me, this tip alone can draw them extremely close to you.

They will depend on you and love you for having their back.

23. Respect them

No one wants to bear the brunt of a toxic or abusive relationship. If you cannot respect your partner, then take my advice and end it already.

A relationship where the partners don’t respect each other will simply be a circle of toxicity.

Marrying an abusive person and having kids with them will affect the lives of the kids too.

Respect does not only imply talking politely to your crush. Besides being respectful during conversations, respect their decisions, ideas, and opinions.

You may have differences in your thought processes, but that mustn’t make you disrespect your significant other.

24. Help them

Get on your toes to help your partner in need. Do you see them struggling with something? Come on, extend a hand!

By helping, I mean genuinely helping from time to time, no BS. But once you do that, don’t sit back to write books on your kindness and seek gratitude.

For example, if they left their cell phone in a shop or transport, leave no stone unturned to help them find it.

It doesn’t take much to pass them the bottle of water when they need it. These are small gestures that make them feel looked after.

Don’t feel pressured and burdened with whatever you do for your crush. Do it because it makes you happy to help them.

25. Let them breathe with you

Accept them for who they are, let them be their real self when they are around you. Your crush must not feel any kind of discomfort with you.

You never want to be with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable and inferior. Else, you’ll pretend to be someone who you are not.

So, don’t “try” too hard.

Let them laugh wholeheartedly, let them sob loudly, and let them crack nasty jokes. They must be able to do anything in your company.

26. Spend quality time with them

Look for ways in which both of you can spend some quality time together. Go for a walk or a bicycle ride.

Take them to a special place that you know. It might be spending time along a riverside, a hill, a park, or a Cafe.

Make sure that the place is free of chaos and noise. No distractions must spoil the moment. Leave your Cell phones at home… No digital disturbance is allowed.

Make the best use of this time and step closer to your crush. Don’t get physical with them unless you get any positive cues.

Strike deep conversations, make eye contact, and make an effort to know them as a human… trust me, if you hit the right chords, they’re bound to feel a connection never felt before.  

27. Don’t miss the fun and adventures

Never deprive a love relationship of humor and excitement. Crack jokes, laugh at their punchlines, have fun with your crush.

Play pranks on them, tease them without crossing the limits.  Being a little naughty is always beneficial.

Try new and thrilling activities with them. New adventures, challenges, and tasks will bring you both together and force you to play like a team.

Eventually, they will seek you more because they love your entertaining side. That does not mean you need to be a pro entertainer.

It mustn’t be all about their enjoyment… even you must enjoy the fun and exciting adventures with your crush.

28. Mutual friends are catalysts

Mutual friends often play cupid in the relationship. You get to know so many intimate details about your crush.

Ask your mutual friend about the things he/she likes and can surprise them.

When relationships get a little boring, ask your mutual friends to go on a double date with you and add the spice to your date nights.  

Although your first trusted person must always be your partner, friends also act as a great support

Moreover, in dark times, they can come in handy to help you both resolve the issue.

29. Ask for their suggestions

If you really want them to fall in love with you and engage in a long-term relationship, then you must always seek their suggestions for all your decisions, big or small.

Write their name on the top of your wise advisors’ list.

This small gesture communicates that you value their advice… and makes them feel cherished.

Soon after, you’ll find that your crush is also approaching you for all the important decisions in their life.

30. Look for what’s missing in their life

Connecting superficially with them won’t suffice… If you want them to fall for you, connect with them deeply.

Find out what they lack in life, what makes them sad… and see how you can help them.

If you can fill the void in their life, nothing like it. It’ll make them believe that you are the one.

Plus, this also shows that you are not just sympathetic for your crush, but also empathetic.

Now that you have all the tips, here’s one last tip: understand that nothing happens overnight. You need to be consistent and patient… and above all, stay hopeful.

If you have lost hope in the first few days, then there is no point in continuing it any further.

So what if they did not notice your efforts, in the first couple of days? Nobody told you that the happy day would never arrive!

For lovers, sometimes hope is all that you have. Remain optimistic in your pursuit and you’ll soon see the results.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you have been investing all your efforts for a long time and the NO from their side has always been consistent… then just know that NO MEANS NO.

You can’t control someone’s love for you… but don’t act like a desperate and stubborn lover who attempts unfair means to cage their beloved.

You can’t achieve everything you want in life… Not because you don’t deserve them, but because you deserve better!

It’s all a matter of perspective. Make sure you have a constructive outlook at the end of the day.

Believe in yourself because someday your stars will shine and your lucky one will come to you from the front door!