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20 Glum Signs He Is Forcing Himself To Love You 

20 Glum Signs He Is Forcing Himself To Love You 

Updated on Sep 22, 2023

20 Glum Signs He Is Forcing Himself To Love You 

These days, if you feel that something is wrong with the way your man shows his love, you better check for signs he is forcing himself to love you

While it can be because of work/school issues… in that case, he should’ve come clean about it. However, if the passion is missing for too long and you’re just growing distant helplessly, that’s no joke.

So, let’s know the truth here! 

20 Signs he is forcing himself to love you 

By now, you suspect your man acts loving only out of duty and not because he wants it. You feel too scared to ask him directly… after all, what if your darkest fears come true?

You can’t stand the thought, let alone it happening in reality. However, you must know the truth ASAP and not just accept this half-hearted situation.

So, gather all the courage you can and get started! 

1. He rarely shows any affection

Giving and receiving affection in your relationship makes partners feel loved and builds trust. And c’mon, it’s barely a relationship if no affection exists. 

So, if he is forcing himself to love you, even the thought of showing affection won’t cross his mind. He won’t hug, cuddle, or kiss you. 

Even if he says he loves you, you will feel no warmth in his voice.

2. He does not like being alone with you

When partners spend one-on-one time together, they get intimate and show vulnerability. Partners often talk their hearts out. 

So, one of the biggest signs that your guy is forcing himself to love you is when he does everything to avoid being alone with you. 

He’ll do it to prevent himself from being vulnerable in front of you. You’ll often find him busy with his phone, even if you are alone. 

3. He tries not to talk about the future

When a man really loves you, he will often talk to you about his future. He will include you in both his short and long-term future plans. 

But, if he completely avoids discussing the future, it probably means he is in a forced relationship. He does not know where you stand in his life. So, he can’t imagine spending his life with you. 

4. He never gets jealous

A moderate amount of jealousy is a sign of healthy love. People in love can’t even stand seeing their partner with someone else. 

The situation looks grim if your man is not bothered about someone else taking his place. He doesn’t even care if he acts indifferently when another guy flirts with you in front of him.

5. He rarely makes eye contact

Partners make eye contact to connect. In love, you often feel like staring into each other’s eyes for hours. 

But, if your man rarely looks into your eyes, he is probably forcing himself to love you. He averts your gaze since he is not honest about his feelings.   

6. He does not introduce you to his loved ones

A guy who loves you will introduce you to his family and friends soon. He will want to show you off to his friends. He’ll still be excited about the prospect even if he’s waiting for the right moment. 

On the other hand, if this man avoids bringing his loved ones into the picture, he is definitely forcing himself to love you. He definitely has no plan to be with you in the long run!

7. He asks whether you want a break

Lately, if he’s been asking if you would like a break, he doesn’t want the relationship anymore, but he doesn’t want to hurt you. 

He feels guilty, making it seem like you want the break. At this point, it is quite obvious that he is pressurizing himself to love you. 

8. He tries to change you

Everyone wants their loved ones to grow for the better. But when someone pushes you to change your natural self, that is a problem. 

If he really loves you, he’ll love you without any judgments. But, if he is trying to make you be someone you are not, he is really forcing himself to love you.  He’s probably in love with the fact of who you could be if you accepted his ideas.

9. He feels the pressure to settle down

This one is for those whose man’s family forces him to get married or he wants to reach a milestone.

If he incessantly asks you to settle down with him but doesn’t show any other signs of love, chances are that he is trying to force himself to love you. 

He just wants a family, and you’re his only available partner!

10. He does not like being on his own

This may sound counterintuitive, but if he constantly runs behind you, that’s also a warning sign. 

He does not like to be alone, so he opts for a relationship to avoid feeling lonely. Chances are that it has got nothing to do with you. He’d do the same even if it was another person as his partner!

11. He’s inconsistent with his love

Another sign that your man is forcing himself to love you is when he acts hot and cold. He might ONLY remember his long-lost feelings for you and treat you right once in a while. 

But other times, he’ll be busy and content with himself. Well, love is an unwavering emotion, and what you guys have is not it!

12. He does not like to change things

Check if he’s too comfortable in the relationship, and you guys get on well, but there is no passion or romance. This is another red flag!


It may seem implausible, but he would rather force himself to love you and have someone rather than start over from square one. Things are not great, but he can “manage”!

13. You often feel that it is all about sex

Notice if he initiates sex when you talk about your feelings. And then he pulls away just after you’ve had sex… there’s no cuddling or deep conversations at all!

Well, that’s another sign he’s forcing himself to love you. He’ll always distract you with his desires and then make excuses that he’s too tired. 

He would also rather keep you by his side to have easy access to sex than try to find someone who he can love. 

14. You have caught him cheating on you more than once

Cheating once is not a mistake, but if he cheats more than once, that’s a huge problem!

So, if you catch him cheating on you multiple times, it is obvious that he is forcing himself to love you. Rather, he’s not even trying hard enough to pretend to love you.

If he really loved you, he would be too blinded by you to look at someone else.

15. He always puts others above you

If he loves you, he will put you at the top of their priority list. But if he goes drinking with his friends instead of going on a date you planned weeks before, that’s an alarming sign!

It would have made sense if he canceled a date for an important meeting. But if he rarely makes you his priority, it is beyond doubt that he is just forcing himself to love you.

16.  You often feel like you are walking on eggshells

If a man really loves you, he would want to forgive you even when you do something terrible. 

But if he is forcing himself to love you, he would not have patience for you. You’ll often feel one step away from making him hate you forever.

17. His emotions feel fake

Another sign that this guy is forcing himself to love you is if his emotions are fake. It would seem like he is acting out a script, or his endearments are rehearsed. If this rings a bell, then most probably, they are fake. 

18. His actions never match his words

Notice if he says that he wants to commit but pulls away whenever things get too serious. Perhaps, he makes plans with you only to cancel them. 

If his actions never match his words, it implies that he rarely tries to keep his word. 

In love, people always try to keep their word. But, if he makes promises only to break them, it means that he is forcing himself to love you. 

19. He’s infrequent with his communication

Communication is the foundational stone of every relationship. When in love, people can’t stop talking to the object of their affection. 

One of the biggest signs that a man is forcing himself to love you is when he doesn’t consistently communicate with you. Since his feelings are forced, he obviously can’t express his true self to you. 

20. He rarely shows interest in your life

When a man truly loves you, he always takes an active interest in your life. 

If he has a steady job, he can’t text or call you regularly to know how you’re doing. However, he would at least be curious about what is happening with you and check in on you often. 

But, if his feelings are forced, he rarely asks about your day.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If most of these signs were positive, you’re probably heartbroken. But, you need to calm yourself and have an honest conversation with him. Ultimately, it’s never wise to assume that he’s forcing himself to love you… after all, you might have misjudged his actions!

But if he admits to the situation, check if he wants to fix things or move on. Just remember that you can’t teach him to love you. Give him another chance only if he genuinely wants to keep you. Otherwise, let that man go!

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