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How to Make Him Chase You – 40 Surefire Ways

How to Make Him Chase You – 40 Surefire Ways

Updated on Oct 28, 2022

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Make Him Chase You – 40 Surefire Ways

If you ever approached a man first and got rejected, you probably wondered how to make him chase you. I know how you felt… heartbroken with lots of broken fantasies… like a fool that he never noticed.

Well, I’m glad to say that we’re on the same boat and… and I’ll introduce everything you ever needed to make him crave you in his life!

So, let’s make him fall for you hard and chase you harder here…

How to Make Him Chase You? – 40 Ways

In real life, dating and relationships were never as simple and magical as in Disney movies. You don’t always get the one you desire… and even if you do, their affection isn’t guaranteed forever.

If you confess to him, he gets an ego boost and thinks he can do better… instead of considering you, they chase better women.

Sometimes, even your exclusive and committed partner might take you for granted… and you only hope to be desired like before.

So, whether you’re single or taken, don’t beg for attention… instead make him desire you with these…

1. Never chase him… instead ignore him!

When you want a guy to chase you, the hardest action is to ignore him. You probably try to work your schedule around his life to meet him more.

For instance, you find out his gym hours and you HAVE TO get the same slot!

Or, you know about the supermarket he goes to and also the days does his grocery shopping… the same supermarket magically sells your favorite pudding around the same hours and days as he visits.

Stop creating so many unnecessary coincidences… that literally give away your secrets and he’ll lose interest.

2. But also show him a glimmer of hope

To make high-quality men chase you, first understand male psychology. Men definitely want things that they can’t have. If they face a challenge, they start competing even before they know the end results.

They’ll treat you as a challenge and strive hard to get your attention. However, if this goes on for too long, he might lose interest because you’re just unattainable. Don’t make him chase you forever.

So, give him a little attention and hope. Tell him: “I’d like it if you were gentler” or anything else that you want from him. Show him he has a chance to keep him around!

3. Have your own life

If you were in a relationship in the past and wondering how to make him chase you again, here’s the deal!

Any man loves to pay attention to a high-quality woman that has her own life. He’ll fall in love head over heels if you have goals, interests, and hobbies, and work on yourself. Men find a woman focused on her life irresistible.

So, take your time to build your life. Figure out what you want to achieve in life. Start paying attention to your professional life and work towards your dreams. Show him you’re worth the chase!

4. Make him crave more for you

So, you’re wondering how to make him chase you after he pulls away?

Let’s make him regret pulling away altogether!

You might think that’s IMPOSSIBLE… but hey, trust the process, okay?

You probably give away too much of your life details and he thinks he has nothing more to explore about you. So, brew up an air of mystery.

For instance, talk about something interesting from your past. But don’t go too deep and steer the topic to something else instead. Leave him wondering about you more and enjoy the chase!

5. Show him he has the power

Men love to be in charge because it’s a huge ego boost… they want to feel like an alpha when you play the damsel in distress.

Ah… I know you hate playing games and feigning weakness… but it’s all to make him feel good!

You don’t need a man to live by, but don’t be afraid to act that way from time to time. Let him solve your minute problems and thank him to show that you appreciate his effort.

6. Respect yourself

Here are some mistakes women make because they don’t understand the meaning of seduction… sadly they don’t feel they dress wrong because they want a man to chase them.

Showing more skin or wearing almost nothing won’t get you a quality man. High-quality men love women that respect themselves.

So, don’t dress trashy even if your crush likes his women that way. Tease him but don’t give away everything. Dress up comfortably to boost your confidence.

Moreover, if you change your wardrobe as per his tastes, it’ll also show that you’re chasing him and not vice versa.

7. Stop whining

Men never chase a woman who nags, complains, and whines about every single thing in her life. Guys don’t even like to be around such women and feel annoyed, to say the least.

And you know what comes next? Running for the hills!

You can have bad days and share them with him… but don’t play your miseries on a loop.

The reason? He’ll think you’re so uncool and can’t fix your own life. Forget about showing interest, he’d hate to be around you because of your nagging.

So, limit your complaints before he finds someone else.

8. Take care of yourself

Physical attraction was always a big part of a successful love life. Though it’s said love based on beauty is superficial, it’s the first instigator of the union of two hearts.

So, don’t slack off on your appearance… but don’t go broke for it either. Do your best depending on your paycheck!

Wear flattering outfits and treat your skin, hair, and nails. If you can’t figure out what suits you, don’t be ashamed and consult your shopping assistant and beautician.

Once he feels physically attracted to you, he won’t be able to resist the chase.

9. Never stand him up

If you’re wondering how to make him chase you and commit, respect his advances. Though I told you to play hard to get, don’t do that if you have committed to a date.

If you flake out on dates, he’ll know it’s okay to not commit. Unless you have a serious emergency like a medical situation, don’t stand the dude up once you agree to a date.

Men are simple beings and they’ll absolutely follow your lead in this one. And trust me, it’s not even to take revenge for the heartache. They’ll only follow your lead thinking that’s normal.

Worst case scenario: He won’t even try to chase you again.

10. Show interest in his likes

To make a man chase you, you must create a surreal connection. No, don’t get me wrong… you don’t need a contract from your past life. Instead, showing interest in his tastes and appreciating him will do the job.

So, whenever he brings up his favorite video game, don’t say it’s boring. Don’t lash out at him for bringing up something he does with his friends… instead of talking about romance.

Appreciate the little things a man says. Guys don’t downright claim emotional support and connection, they bond with things they like.

Moreover, join him in a video game sesh to show off your playful side and you’ll be irresistible. 

11. Create healthy boundaries

So, how do you know that he is worth the attention and effort?

You can’t follow a 40-rule guide for a foul and crappy man. Before you make him chase you, make sure he’s someone worthy.

If the man can’t protect you when you need him… if he doesn’t treat you well or takes out his frustration on you… or if he violates your boundaries frequently… girl, you deserve so much BETTER!

Make sure you stand up for yourself whenever you feel wronged. A nasty guy will think you’re going out of your line… but a quality man will be amazed by your self-respect and healthy boundaries. He’ll long for your heart and soul.

12. Figure out what you want and charge for it

Men don’t fancy indecisive women whether it’s about daily personal choices or major career goals. For instance, if he asks you what you want for dinner and you say anything’s good yet refuse everything he suggests … that’s a no-brainer turn-off!

Similarly, don’t be indecisive about your life goals. Know what you want to do with your life and just chase them with full force. Don’t give up on your goals if it gets tough and takes challenges head-on.

He’ll know you can deal with anything and want to put effort into you. See him falling in love with your passionate side.

13. Embrace your inner strong independent woman

If you have a job and earn your own living, be as independent as you can. Don’t depend on a man to buy you GUCCI… buy it for yourself if you can afford it. If not, you can live without it.

Be self-sufficient and don’t expect him to spoil you rotten. You deserve all the pampering… but remember, he’s not your free cash!

More than all the mind games in the world, this trick will help you win a man’s heart and mind quicker. Men are tired of being the provider… so, if you don’t depend on his wallet, you’ll be the breath of fresh air he’ll want near him.

14. Be proud to be you

Another mistake women make is when they pretend to be someone they aren’t to grab a man’s attention.

A woman grows up hearing multiple things men like in their women… big boobs, bouncy rear, toned legs, glossy hair, and so on.

Tell me, aren’t you tired of changing yourself based on these stupid trends?

Even if you pretend to be someone you aren’t to grab his attention… at some point you’ll stop pretending and that man will stop chasing you.

It’s totally not worth changing your identity… so, be proud to flaunt your real self and watch him go gaga over you!

15. Don’t cut off the emotional connection

I advised you to be strong, independent, and the most badass chick in the town… but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a soft side. Show off your loving, nurturing, and caring side.

Be open to the idea of falling in love and creating a deep connection. Otherwise, a man won’t try to chase someone who completely ignores emotional attachment. So, if a guy tries to bond emotionally, don’t take it for granted.

After all, he’ll try to have you more only if he finds you interesting. The exotic combination of badass and loving might make him drool and chase you with his might!

16. Chill-ax! 😉

C’mon girls, we all know we get irritated at the smallest things. We, habitually, flare up the tiniest issues and the entire female race has a bad reputation for that.

Hold your inner feminist with the “That’s stereotyping” and “all women aren’t the same”… of course, we’re unique but we all lose our $#!t to minor matters.

So, if he suddenly stopped chasing you, make sure to check if you acted this way. If yes, change your habit. Try out calming exercises like meditation to not exaggerate small issues.

17. Be confident from the inside

During your journey to make a man chase you, try paying attention to your feelings. You might doubt your desirability more often than not… because the media and society always made women feel insecure.

Thoughts like whether he likes you, whether he thinks of you at all, or whether you’re enough for him to spring up in your mind.

And these insecurities take a huge toll on your overall confidence. So, it’s time to pick up all of your broken pieces and heal yourself. Focus less on his feelings and more on yourself.

So, do you like how he treats you? Do you enjoy his company?

Prioritize yourself in your worries, be confident inside out, and bewitch him until he can’t resist the chasing game.

18. Let him put more effort

If you’re wondering how to make him chase you in a relationship, know that you can’t put in 50-50 efforts. If you both put in equal effort, that means he reciprocates your feelings at most and does the bare minimum to keep you.

So, if you want to make him chase you… you gotta do less and make him do more for you.

For instance, if he asked you out on a date, don’t ask him on the next one right away. Let him initiate most of the things. Keep him wondering what you’re up to and watch the magic happen.

19. Focus on the push-pull concept

According to the push-pull concept, when you PUSH or put pressure on a man, he’ll PULL away.

You might push him by being clingy, dependent, insecure, and even rushing relationship milestones. These actions overwhelm men and instead of a chase, they run for their lives!

You don’t want that dude to be scared of you because you force commitment and responsibilities on them too soon. So, keep the unwanted pressure at bay.

Enjoy the moment instead of asking whether he wants you for the long run. Rather focus on your own qualities and he’ll think about it himself!

20. Whatever it takes, don’t attract drama

If you dream of multiple men chasing you… stop that fantasy right away! Stick to one man, don’t find other dudes just because the first one took too long and you got bored.

I mean… imagine from a man’s point of view.

Will you chase a woman that slept with another dude because you were busy? Will you forget about a woman that can’t commit to you alone and will invite anyone to her bedroom?

Unless you guys are quite open-minded and practice ethical non monogamy… this habit will backfire.

So, be a woman worth being chased by avoiding dramatic love polygons!

21. Spend time with friends and family

Don’t focus on this guide 24/7… you have a life and loved ones beyond that man.

Spending time with them will refresh your mind, maintain your friendships, and you’ll always have your friends by your side if something goes wrong.  

However, if you don’t do this, you’ll show the dude that he’s the most important part of your life. He might even take you for granted.

But we can’t let the dude get so full of himself!

So, to make him chase you, connect with your loved ones. Make him jealous of the time and attention your friends get from you.

22. Cherish your personal space

If the dude starts chasing you, he’ll try to contact you at every hour of the day. Though it’ll feel amazing to be the center of his attention, it’ll wear you out too soon.

Moreover, if you entertain him whenever he initiates contact, he’ll easily get bored and move on to a new chick.

You can’t let the chase end so fast… so, stop answering his advances all the time. Don’t say yes to dates whenever he asks you. Don’t let him keep you up till late at night.

When you have plans, stick to them, and don’t let him change your mind to keep the chase on.

23. Don’t initiate contact with him or respond too fast

He’s drop-dead gorgeous and your dream man… and your heart wants to blow up his cell with phone calls and text messages, right?

Don’t make this grave mistake… if he gets the sign that you’re crushing on him, it’s game over!

So, never initiate contact first. Instead, if he calls you, take time to respond. If he sends texts, delay the reply by a few hours… that’s how to make him chase you over text.

If he texts on social media, don’t check his texts instantly… otherwise he’ll know you’re playing mind games with late replies.

But if he doesn’t blow your phone, don’t get concerned. Stay busy and wait for his moves.

24. Flirt with him

Once you overcome the last step, you guys will start text messaging to and fro. During that, send flirty texts sparingly. Don’t let your emotions overpower you and aggressively flirt!

A flirty text once in a while will show him he has a chance. It’ll rile up his desire to have you and he’ll chase you until he can make you his.

When you guys are on dates, flirt with your body. Playfully tease him by touching his hands while talking. Pat his arms while laughing. Twirl your hair when you act coy.

Just make sure you don’t do it all at once.

25. Keep the contact brief

Another way to not let the chase get stale is to give good things in small amounts. You might want to stay back longer during the date because of your feelings… but don’t.

When you have an exciting texting sesh, cut it short. If you shared something interesting about yourself and the conversation is at its peak… roll back and change the topic.

If they reciprocate your flirty text with a naughty one, sign off for the night.

All of these will make him hungry for more attention from you!

26. Never rush the relationship

I understand you’re in love… but don’t ask him to get into a relationship. At some point, I used to hate that even if women have feelings first, why can’t we just confess and hit it off?

So, I did… failed miserably, and now I have answers!

Your feelings alone won’t make him feel like diving into a relationship. Men cherish their freedom so much that most guys can’t handle it when a woman asks them out.

So, let the dude understand his feelings and then chase you. If you confess, you’ll also spoil his excitement to win you.

27. Don’t let him have his way

If you guys aren’t in a relationship yet, don’t let him take any kind of advantage… and guess what? I’m guilty of this too.

Once you let them have the benefits of a relationship, you become an easy woman in his eyes. He thinks you’ll let any man make out with you. He’ll get bored once he has fun and totally forgets about the chase.

Just to clarify, I’m not saying all men are douchebags… but what if he is?

If he feels frustrated, he’ll lose control and you’ll know better about him. On the other hand, if he respects your boundaries, don’t think he deserves the benefits for it. You never know… it might all be his game.

28. Don’t let him know he’s special

Avoid anything that might give away your feelings for him. Don’t share your feelings with someone who can’t keep secrets. Never talk about him too fondly to your mutual friends.

Take care of how you handle your phone and social media accounts. Don’t save his number with a heart or bunny emoji. Don’t add a pinup to his chat on your phone. Don’t dedicate cheesy posts on your Instagram to him.

This way, he’ll know he needs to put more effort before you consider him as a potential mate. He’ll take it as a challenge and work harder.

29. Create a vibrant social media account

In the digital era, your employers stalk you on LinkedIn and suitors stalk you on all possible social media platforms. So, you must learn how to make him chase you on social media!

Keep your profile updated especially if you guys are already connected on social media.

Add a recent profile picture, add something interesting to your story every day, upload group pictures and whenever you hang out with friends at cool places check in online and tag the friends.

This will keep you on his mind 24/7. He’ll be jealous that you’re busy enjoying your life with others while he wants your attention.

30. Wait for him… patiently

Patience isn’t a virtue just for show… it’s hard to be patient but its fruits are the sweetest. So, whenever you’re around him, don’t stare at him too much lest he’ll know your feelings.

When you guys are at the same party, wait until he comes across the room to talk to you. Show your power over the situation by not getting drawn to them. Let him work harder to grab your attention.

If he wants you, he’ll come over… if he doesn’t come over, find someone worth the effort.

31. Show him you have options

If you want him to make him crazily chase you, show him that you have other options. Even if he’s the only one you ever laid eyes on, don’t show. Instead, he must feel lucky to be noticed by you… and not think you’re the lucky one to have him.

So, intensify the situation with the competition. Flirt with other men on public posts online and when you’re around him. Show him that there’s a queue of men waiting for you. So, if he doesn’t pick up the pace, his loss!

When he knows you’re in demand, he’ll want you even more. However, make sure you don’t entangle with any of those men sexually or emotionally… or it’ll lead to drama.

32. Don’t go MIA from his life

Sure, you want to be hard to get… but stay close. Even if you’re unavailable, don’t go completely out of his sight and life. Instead, haunt his life subtly even when you’re too busy for him.

Don’t disappear from his life to show you’re unattainable. Act wisely so that you’re always on his mind even if you turned down his date.

For instance, if you went on a vacation with loved ones, post pictures of how much fun you’re having.

He’ll always think about you and want you more… but if you’re not on his mind, someone else might replace you.

33. Don’t shy away from mutual friends

If you guys have mutual friends, that’s your perfect opportunity to stay on his mind subtly!

Hang out with them and show them your fun side. Also, talk to them about your crush positively and respectfully… but don’t get too excited. Because these people will 100% pass the word to him. 

When he finds out how you think about him in his absence, he’ll be impressed by your genuine feelings. He’ll understand he has a chance to win your heart and chase you harder.

Moreover, if mutual friends get close to you, they’ll definitely convince him to pursue you.

34. Reward his efforts

While he gives his all in the chasing, he might get exhausted at some point. If he keeps trying and you hardly respond, that might show him you’re not worth the shot or that he’s too out of your league.

So, once in a while, reward him with something sweet… but nothing extreme.

For instance, if you feel really moved at the end of a date, hug him or peck him on the cheeks… but don’t let it escalate to a makeout session.

Show your gratitude mildly and he’ll be recharged in no time for the chase.

35. Create a strong impression

If you want him to chase you, leave a lasting impression on his mind every time you meet or connect. So, how will you do that?

Be the last one to make a move and leave. For instance, if he drops you off at your door after a date night, kiss him, say goodbye, and close the door. He’ll be shocked and enchanted by the move.

He’ll wish that if only you didn’t go inside, he’d deepen the kiss and it might’ve been his lucky night… but oh well, better luck next time!

But if you guys are texting, send a goodnight with kiss emoji. Don’t reply if he texts anymore and let him think about you.

36. Find out your common interests

Talk to him about his hobbies and interests and check for things you both like. It can be a show you’re both interested in or even a sport or meme. If you find something common, tell him about it. However, don’t go out of your way to send him memes and jokes about the commons.

Instead, forget that you ever told him about it. Next time he’ll indulge in the common activities, he’ll remember and miss you. He might even plan a date with these common hobbies. And if he does, know that he wants to impress you.

37. Take him on unique dates

When you guys spend time together, find out about the types of thrilling activities he experienced. Then plan your dates based on things he never tried.

You can also be more direct and ask about the things he’d like to do but didn’t yet. Create some shared first experiences with him. This way, he’ll feel cherished because you remembered and feel a connection.

Of course, he’ll also find you intriguing which will make him think more about you and chase you at full throttle.

However, don’t entertain requests like losing his virginity or taking yours… respect yourself above everything else.

38. Tease them innocently

You can tease him with flirty texts, but how far can you go with that? Words can only do so much for you… but pictures are worth a million words.

So, go out shopping with your friends, pretend like you can’t decide which outfit to buy. Take sexy and provocative selfies in your outfits in the changing room… but nothing too revealing.

Act innocent like you don’t know how it might affect him. And ask him which is better.

You can also play the same trick and ask him to choose your outfit for an outing with friends. His urges will force him to pursue you.

39. Steer clear from the labels

With time, you’ll notice a connection between you guys. You’ll feel excited to see that you’re finally dating… but it’s still casual. However, don’t ever ask him “What are we?” while casually dating.

For a while, don’t ask him to commit or become exclusive. Don’t expect too much. Wait for when he thinks it’s appropriate to ask you out. At most, tell him what you expect from dating and what kind of relationship you desire.

If he doesn’t try to change anything, that’s your cue to leave before things get messy. After that, you can either wait for him to realize his mistakes… or, look for love elsewhere.

40. Believe that you’ll get Mr. Right soon

If the man you’re pursuing right now doesn’t respond positively or says that he’s not ready for dating and relationships, it’ll hurt a lot because you hoped for something out of it.

You might feel so low that you’d think there’s nobody for you out there. But hey… that’s not how it works. That man isn’t meant for you… doesn’t imply nobody is!

You’re worth so much more so keep the search on. You will find the right man when the time’s right. So, never try to get someone who refuses you.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Making a man chase you is time-dependent… but, set a limit to waiting. You don’t want to wait for him until you have no option left. So, build your own time frame.

Of course, don’t expect him to grow feelings overnight. It might take a month if you meet regularly. But if you guys are texting buddies or know each other online, you might need more time.

If he doesn’t respond, don’t feel guilty to start from scratch and build a healthy relationship with someone else.