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How to Get a Guy Like You: DOs and DON’Ts!

How to Get a Guy Like You: DOs and DON’Ts!

Updated on Jun 26, 2023

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How to Get a Guy To Like You - 27 Amazing Tips To Impress A Guy

So, you’re here to know: how to get a guy to like you!

Well, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

We’ve all been there at one time or the other.

Honestly, most men are a lot simpler than most women out there. It’s just that when a woman falls in love with a guy, her mind starts creating scenarios based out of fear of the future or insecurities of the past.

Thus, it is more complex in your head than it is in real life. Additionally, most of us end up falling for a guy only to realize that he wasn’t the one!

As painful as that realization is, there are certain tactics that can help you with attracting a guy, and keeping him too.

Although there is no holistic guide that can give you tips on how to make a guy like you or ‘how to get a guy to like you‘, there are still some things you can do.

All you have to do is focus on being a classy and real woman. Trust me, guys just can’t get enough of a woman who is secured in her own space and knows what she brings to the table.

How to Get a Guy To Like You - 60 Amazing Tips To Impress A Guy
How to Get a Guy To Like You – 60 Amazing Tips To Impress A Guy

Tips for ‘How to Get a Guy To Like You’

Thus, if you want to make a man fall in love with you, just be your most authentic self, because the truth is that what you seek is seeking you too.

However, in today’s world, there are so many digital distractions to catch a guy’s attention, perhaps, you should follow the below tips to make him fall head over heels for you completely!

Here’s how to make a guy like you:

1. Let your aura speak for you

Guys love women who are confident in their space. In fact, the best kind of confidence is when a woman allows her energy to introduce herself even before she opens her mouth.

Yes, you must allow your aura to tell your story. Be assured that your natural vibe and confidence will blow him off his senses.

2. Keep up with your sense of humor

It isn’t just women who fall for guys having a great sense of humor. It is also the other way around!

Guys love hanging out with women who have a sense of humor, more because that’s a rare trait found in a woman. You do not have to push your skills however to attract a man.

If it doesn’t come naturally to you, do not force it on yourself because sooner or later, it will prove to be an inauthentic part of your nature and might drive the guy away!

Learn to get to know him before building ideas of future with him in your head. If you have already created a fantasy in your head, then it might be hard for you to see beyond it and address the red flags. So, it’s important to stay in the moment and if it doesn’t feel natural with him, let go.  Spending time with him is the best way to clear all your doubts.

3. Get to know his interests

When you show any interest in a guy’s passions and things he likes to do, he starts to feel comfortable with you.

When you listen intently to a guy talking about his interests, and you show interest in them too, he might start falling for you too.

There is no affiliate program for dating but if there was, this point would top the list! So, when you talk about a guy’s interest, he subconsciously starts connecting with your vibes and feels good about himself.

When you make a guy feel good about him, you are halfway there in making him fall for you.

4. Smell incredible

Men and women both are attracted to the mesmerizing smell. However, when a woman smells like Versace, she becomes highly irresistible to a guy.

A woman who smells incredible feels good to the guy, even without touching her. This is one of the top dating tips a woman can apply to her.

The result is always positive and yes, you can easily afford a good fragrance for yourself as well.

When a woman smells good and has an appealing body language, no man on the planet can resist her! All you have to do is be confident, be yourself, smell sexy, and have a killer body language. A fine touch in the middle of the conversation with him will drive him crazy as well. Don’t be afraid or doubt your move—you are going to make him fall for you irrevocably. Don’t be afraid or doubt your move — you are going to make him fall for you eventually.

5. Maintain eye contact in-between the conversations

When a guy meets a woman, her eyes and smile are the first things he notices. When a woman maintains eye contact with a guy, it speaks of her confidence and belief in herself.

This also means that she isn’t afraid to speak her truth and her reality. It is one of the most significant ways to improve your interpersonal communication skills too.

A woman who is able to look into the eye of a man, he knows that she means business.

Do not forget to maintain eye contact when you are being flirty with him. Men simply cannot resist women who flirt well and on top of that, aren’t afraid to connect through eyes.  A woman is magical when she knows what she wants from her man. So, go ahead and make him fall for you.

6. Build a life outside your relationship

Nothing makes a woman more attractive to a man who knows how to respect him for who he is and what he wants. You can do this by building a life outside of your relationship.

Many women slip into a form of co-dependent relationship where all their energy is focused on their partner.

As a result, they feel ignored and hurt when their partner wants some time away. In truth, this pattern is common among both men and women, and it’s not just women who are prone to becoming clingy towards their men.

The easiest way to prevent this from happening is simply ensuring that you have some hobbies, interests, and friends outside of your relationship.

You can take up a class, join a club, or simply call up your old college friends. This way, when you and your partner will have enough time for yourself, and you will return to each other with even more enthusiasm than before.

7. Be happy

Being happy is the new sexy! Period.  A woman who is happy in her body and zone is highly appealing to the guys. This doesn’t mean that you have to hide your emotions with an ever-smiling face.

You should be as real as you can be, especially with the guy whom you want to fall in love with you!

However, it is important for you to have a positive mindset about everything in life. When you are feeling sad, be sad, but then get back to your positive self.

Positive people are usually happy and shine the brightest in a room full of people. When you are with a guy, your radiance shows.

There is a good chance that he or she will fall for that happy and glowing face almost immediately. After all, who doesn’t like someone who loves themselves and are their own piece of sunshine?

8. Look good

Look good
Look good

Men are visual creatures and they fantasize dramatically about the woman they are interested in. So, the best thing you can do to make a guy like you is looking good all the damn time.

Try different hairstyles, wear good make-up and dress stylishly and the guy will notice.

It might sound old school to you and it surely is, but you should know that every guy wants to see a woman dressed impeccably and looking glorious all the time.

While it is in no way a necessity but it’s nice to dress up for a guy and perhaps let him know about the same. However, this is not limited to just one partner.

You can ask your partner to put in the effort to dress up for you too!

One of the top signs that a guy is falling for you is when he wants to know things about you, meet you and hang out with you. However, sometimes, when there is a push and pull between you and him, there are chances that he has his own stuff to figure out and he is working through it all to connect with you.

Men aren’t as emotionally intelligent as women and thus, they might take some time to figure out their feelings.

In any case, you should know that most of the time, it is a person’s own issues that make them responsible for their decisions and actions. So, you must focus on yourself and leave the rest in the future.

9. Love yourself first

Self-love is important in or out of a relationship. The maxim that says “If you cannot love yourself, nobody else will” is absolutely true.

When you love yourself, you display a different level of confidence. This confidence attracts guys because let’s be honest, not all girls have it. The face glowing in poise makes you unique, and who wouldn’t like to date someone like that?

10. Gift him out of occasions

Men shower gifts on women to impress them. Then why can’t girls do the same? Go out of your way and get him his favorite watch or video game.

You don’t necessarily have to wait for occasions to give him gifts. We don’t need occasions to make our loved ones feel special, do we? So, when you are out shopping, buy something for him as well and surprise him.

11. Cook for him

Like girls, guys also love being pampered and spoiled. So what is the best way to do that? Remember the saying, ‘A way to a man’s heart is always through his stomach.’ Did you know how to get a guy’s attention and affections?

Cook his favorite dish, or make him taste whatever dish you try for the first time. This implies that you’ll take good care of him and make efforts to satisfy him.

12. Tell him about your hobbies

While you talk, mention your hobbies, like you enjoy watering plants, meditating, reading a book, or watching a movie as soon as it releases.

Tell him how you spare time for your hobbies apart from your work schedule. 

Let him know how you manage time for yourself… how you live a balanced life within the external chaos. And nothing can be more beautiful than that, isn’t it?

13. Always thank him

Guys always help out girls… However, it annoys them when girls don’t thank them for their efforts. If you take him for granted and think his efforts are mere duties, you’ll push him away from you.

So, always thank him for standing by you. A simple thank you won’t cost you anything, but it can make his day. Next time, he helps you without even asking for it, remember this.

If you can’t thank him in person, ask for his number and drop him a thank you text… that will suffice.

14. Let them know you are available

Guys don’t usually hit on committed people. So, if you want him to like you, let him know you’re single.

Subtly update your relationship status as single on Facebook and send him a friend request. Or, hang around with your girl gang at the places he usually visits. Ask him to accompany you to some event and say that you don’t have anyone to go with.

Or, ask your friends to strategize and bring you two together?

15. Initiate conversations through texts

No need to wait for him to break the ice. Just ask for his number and drop him a text to let him know that you think about him.

Suppose he has an upcoming exam, send him a ‘good luck’ message. He will acknowledge the sweet gesture and that you remember the important events.

Send him memes or flirty texts if you have nothing to talk about. If he reciprocates, know he also shares the same feelings.

But if he doesn’t reply to two consecutive texts, consider that as an answer and stop texting.

16. Invite him over weekends

It is not necessary for guys to always plan and invite you out. In fact, guys love it when girls return the favor.

So, plan a shopping spree or simply invite him over and enjoy a Netflix and chill day at your home.

This way, he will not only get time to socialize with your friends and family but also comes closer to you.

17. Consider his feelings

While you have feelings for him, he may not reciprocate the same. He isn’t obliged to make you an important aspect of his world only because you like him. 

Suppose a random guy likes you, will you also feel the same? You may reject the guy because you don’t like him.

Similarly, he might not be sure about his feelings towards you or may not be available for a long-term commitment.

Consider his feelings and try to reach a mutual conclusion about your relationship.

18. Be patient

Let things flow in a natural place. Don’t try to rush your togetherness and end up ruining it. Give him time to understand if he feels the same or wants to try dating.

Give him space and if he doesn’t answer positively, silently move on.

If you think you two are compatible, but he doesn’t… wait for him if you really like him.

19. Be ready for adventures.

Guys love adventures and if they get a girl with a similar preference, what more will they need?

So, if they want to hike, climb mountains, or dive underwater, you’ll be their constant partner.

20. Be accountable for your actions.

If you habitually play blame games, the odds will never favor you. Along with the blame, you only push people away from you.

So, have the courage to accept responsibility for your actions. Moreover, stick to your promises because if you cannot, he will have a hard time trusting you.

Being a girl if you’re open to accepting responsibilities… it will drive any man towards you.

21. Apologize when required

If you make a mistake, develop a habit of apologizing.

Yes, we all commit mistakes and have our shortcomings. But if you apologize for the times you screw up, it reflects your humility and gets the guy to trust you.

22. Accept productive criticism

Look, he may not like a few aspects about you, and vice versa. Or, maybe you are going wrong somewhere and he stops you from doing that. During such instances, be open to criticism.

Don’t prioritize your ego above everything. Understand that you can be incorrect too.

Be open-minded and mature enough to accept that you need to look at things from different perspectives.

Once you have developed a spark with a guy, you need to use certain psychological tricks and mind tricks to take the game further and to the next step, and so that you are not stuck in the friend zone forever.

Although it is obvious that you cannot force someone to move forward with you if they don’t want to, there are definitely some psychology and science backed tips and methods that can Get his attention.

Here are some of them.

23. Ask him to help you

Ask him to help you
Ask him to help you

Studies have revealed that people often tend to like those people for whom they have done favors, even if initially there was no connection between them.

This is because our subconscious mind believes that since we help the other person, they would do the same for us.

This reverse psychology trick is also known as the Ben Franklin effect, because it was he who first discovered this strange phenomena.

24. Compliment him, but not often

Men are generally not very used to getting complimented very often, that is why they often feel very special when it does happen and they tend to remember it for a very long time.

However, if you compliment them all the time, it will lose value, because they will start thinking that it’s just something you do and it doesn’t mean anything.

To establish maximum impact of your praises, compliment them only once or twice in a week. This will give him some mixed signals, and he might start wondering whether you like him or not.

This will also keep him on his toes and keep him guessing whether or not he will receive a compliment today or not. As a result, you will have him spend time thinking about you, and that is your ultimate goal.

25. Use his name between conversations

Studies have revealed that when a person talks to us using our name often, it has a very unique effect on activating our brains. Indeed, it has been revealed that our subconscious mind involuntarily responds to the sound of our own name.

This happens even if we are not in a state to respond or act on Anything. Moreover, it is a way of boosting someone’s ego, without making it too obvious.

26. Mirror him

There is a considerable body of research behind the statement that we tend to mirror the actions of the people that we like or love.

This doesn’t have to work only one way; you can also use it in reverse. If you want to show your connection to someone, start suddenly copying their gestures and their body language.

Usually, this happened subconsciously, but you can also make a conscious decision to do this.

This will make him notice you and give his subconscious brain the idea that you actually like him.

Psychologists have also noticed that mirroring someone can create a close bond with them, no matter whether those gestures are done consciously or consciously.

27. Reveal your flaws and weaknesses to him

A lot of women want to hide their flaws and project an image of being perfect in front of the guy they like. While it may work in the short term, the truth is that we ultimately fall for people not because of their perfection, but because of their flaws.

This does not mean that you have to show all your problems to him immediately and overwhelm him.

But maintain a balance and every now and then, show him that you are a human being who can occasionally mess up things or goof up. This will make him more human and approachable in his eyes.

He will also see that you are not a fake person obsessed with looking perfect all the time.

28. Expect good things

In psychology, this effect is known as the Pygmalion Effect and it states that we generally mold ourselves according to the expectations that other people have set up for us.

Consider this – if you think of a person as a jerk or unpleasant, you are bound to behave in a way that is also unpleasant.

This will ultimately encourage the other person to also be unpleasant towards you, even if it’s a subconscious decision. Think of this effect as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What you expect is what you will get. So, try to expect good things from him and you will be surprised to see that he will react to those expectations by being better towards you.

29. Let him talk about himself

It is a well-known fact that everyone likes to talk about themselves. We are all our own favorite subjects, and one doesn’t have to be a narcissist or conceited to want to focus on their own problems and accomplishments.

It is also very well known that most people like it then someone asks them a lot of questions about themselves.

Use this psychological phenomenon for your benefit and make sure that you ask him about his hobbies, work, what his family is like, and what his value system is.

The goal is to get him to open up to you and indulge him in his favorite topic of conversation, that is, himself.

30. Use attraction theory

The attraction theory states that people who have similar backgrounds and value systems tend to fall in love with each other. Find out what kind of guy he is and see if your value system and background match up.

If he is an enthusiast or sports guy, talk to him about your own sports and fitness interests. If he is more of a Family Guy, you can talk about how important your family is to you.

However, this does not mean that you should lie to him. If you both do not have anything in common, this does not mean that your relationship cannot be successful.

So, don’t feel forced to come up with some fake communalities.

31. Spend more time with him

There is a psychological phenomenon called the mere exposure effect which states that we tend to like people who are familiar to us. And the best way to familiarize yourself with someone is to spend time with them.

Use this to your advantage and find ways to spend time with him. If he works in the same office as you, you can try to be in the same team as him. If he’s a classmate, you can Ask him to help you with some subjects.

32. Display positive emotions

Research has revealed that people are highly affected by the moods of people around them. In fact, according to this research paper from the Ohio University and the University of Hawaii, it has been revealed that we can even unconsciously feel the emotions of the people around us.

If you want him to like you, display positive emotions like happiness, joy, and pleasure around him. Try to be motivated and inspired, instead of glum and sad.

Your emotions really are in fact his emotions and he will start associating you with his own happiness. This will make him see you in a positive light and seek your company over and over again.

33. See him how he wants to be seen

We all have a certain perception of ourselves and certain beliefs about our own appearance. We also want other people to perceive it in the same way.

This phenomenon is known as the self-verification theory, and it basically means that we want to be perceived in a way that is aligned with our own beliefs about ourselves.

A series of studies at the University of Arizona and Stanford University had revealed that people who had positive self-views also preferred people report highly of them.

This is because we usually like to interact with people who give us feedback which is consistent with our own identity.

So, the next time you’re talking to him, try to discern how he views himself and through conversation and your actions, show him that you see him the same way. This will create an intimacy between the two of you.

34. Tell him a secret

Studies have revealed that one of the best techniques for building a relationship is to tell someone a secret.

According to this paper, people who answered personal questions about themselves felt much closer to each other than people who only engaged in small talk.

You can try this technique for yourself as well, when you are with the guy you are head over heels for.

The next time you are talking to him, start with revealing little things about yourself that are not known to everybody.

Share and seek intimate information and answer questions that may seem a little bit personal. Try to get him to do the same.

This will definitely bring both of you closer to each other, and make you want to confide in each other in the future as well.

35. Show him you can keep a secret too

Just revealing secrets is not enough. You also have to show that you are trustworthy and that you can keep his secret. Studies conducted in Florida and Arizona have revealed that people often place a very high value on trust and honesty in a relationship.

According to Suzanne Degges-White from Northern Illinois University, trustworthiness has been identified as one of the most important and determining factors for estimating the longevity of a relationship, whether it is a platonic one or a romantic relationship. 

This is why it is important that when you are trying to get him to like you, you have to establish right from the start that he can trust you with his secrets and can be vulnerable with you without any doubts.

So that in the future, when he starts looking at you as more than a friend, the foundation of trust and honesty is already there.

36. Act like you like him

According to the phenomena called reciprocity of likings, it has been revealed that when we think that someone already likes us, we also tend to like them back.

This has been further proved in This study where the participants were told that some members of a group probably like them, and later on, these people also indicated that they liked those who supposedly liked them back.

It may seem deceptively simple, but you can absolutely get a guy to like you, simply by showing him that you like him.

You can do this by being warmer and nicer towards him. Smile at him and use the tricks mentioned in this article. He will certainly notice and but this will increase his chances of liking you back as well.

37. Be ready to walk out if he doesn’t like you

Nothing is as sexy as self-respect. If you find out that your dream man does not feel the same way about you, be prepared to walk away from him. Do not depreciate yourself by chasing after a man who doesn’t want you.

Maybe he will respect you for this and come after you, but this is not guaranteed, and do not count on it. Walk out for your own sake, not in hopes of using the tactic to attract him.

38. Chill with his friends

All guys want their girls to enjoy their near ones’ company. Haven’t you heard, to guys, friends are as close as brothers? So, if you mix with them well, you already made it halfway to his heart. 

Be that cool girl, and get his friends on your side. This way, you can hang out with him more often.

His friends will also try to establish a bond between you two and ensure he doesn’t forget you.  

TIP: Remember not to flirt with anyone else from his group. He might think that you have nothing special for him.

39. Flirt a little

Once you casually start hanging out with him, flirt with him to give the ‘I am interested’ vibe. 

Smile whenever you see him or give him the broadest smile than others if you are in a group. Make eye contact with him in a room full of people.

When he catches you looking at him, hold the gaze for a little, smile, and look away to keep him wondering.

Alternatively, make some physical contact with him. For instance, brush his arm gently while speaking to him, hug him often, or play with his hair. 

40. Make him feel you’ll always be there for him.

Like girls, guys also have their low phases… but they don’t share it with anybody. Moreover, social stereotypes about “guys are always strong and do not suffer” obstruct their expressions. 

So, be understanding and supportive during his low phases. Let him know that he can always count on you no matter what.

41. Be financially independent

Usually, girls depend on guys to bear their expenses. While guys don’t mind that, they will always prefer a financially independent girl.

Obviously, nobody likes spending their hard-earned money like a waste treat. 

Moreover, financially independent women are stronger than dependent ones. This strength and courage attract a guy more than your looks.

42. Accept his flaws

Nobody is perfect, and that’s a universal fact. So, accept him for who he is… don’t force him to pretend to be someone else.

Don’t try to change him because he’ll abide initially, but get annoyed with the pretense later. He may also start ignoring you for such demands.

So, make him feel worthy… tell him that you accept him for whoever he is.

43. Don’t break your promises

How would you feel if he didn’t comply with his promises? He will feel the same when you break yours. So, always, I repeat, ALWAYS stick to your words.

It indicates that you don’t bluff and have a strong personality. Moreover, he will learn to trust you and rely on you for your honesty.

44. Support him in his dreams

While you walk out to build a dream life, the journey will never be easy. Our society considers men as the breadwinners and the caretakers. Their lives are full of responsibilities. 

That’s why guys look for an understanding and supportive partner. So, let him know that you always have his back, and will stay with him through all ups and downs. 

He knows that he’ll struggle in the path towards his dreams… but it’s easier if he knows that someone believes in him. These small yet significant qualities make him like you.

45. Seek his advice

Whenever you are stuck in a hard situation and need help or advice, reach out to him. He’ll feel special because you remember him first when you’re troubled.

He will also understand that you care about his opinions and trust him with your life decisions.

If you listen to his advice, he’ll feel he’s your ‘hero’ and eventually gets attached to you.

46. Calm him when stressed

Like you, he also has his own set of stressful problems. During such times, don’t add on to his baggage.

Tell him you will stick through thick and thin. Know if they want any help from you to get rid of the situation. 

He will certainly like you if you assure him you’ll always be there.

47. Consider him your priority

Both of you may have different opinions and needs. So, if possible, try to understand his needs and prioritize them. He will love you for your selfless behavior and for understanding his desires.

He’ll also feel that you’ll look after both of your welfare in a relationship and are adjustable. You can compromise on certain things to keep him beside you.

48. Make time from your busy schedule

Everyone has their own daily tasks to do and a hectic schedule. Like you, even he is busy.

But, if you make time for him in your busy schedule… he will definitely appreciate your effort. He’ll realize that he is your priority.

Go out of your way to keep him happy and be present for him whenever he needs you.

Similarly, don’t cancel plans with him unless there’s something absolutely important. He may feel that you have other things more important than him and not expect something further from you.

49. Respect his masculinity

Men feel shy to ask what they want. They always want their partner to respect them and see them as a “hero”.

So, respect him and understand his POV, and he’ll eventually like you.

Ensure that you respect his boundaries and do not do anything behind his back. For men, their dignity is their life, so preserve it at any cost.

50. Look for the best in him

While you try to impress him, motivate him to become his best version. Inspire him to achieve his goals.

Sometimes he’ll get demotivated due to the roadblocks… always remind him to be consistent during such periods.

When a girl helps him get inspired and achieve his dreams, what more will he look for?

So, this was what you SHOULD do, but now what about what you SHOULDN’T do?

Let me answer that for you!

Don’t Do This To Get A Guy like You

Having said that, there are certain things that turn off men too. It is also necessary to keep in mind what not to do if you want your special someone to stay with you for the long term.

Here are some things you should avoid in order to get your crush to like you:

51. Do not think much about the next stage

Most of us ruin what we have in the present moment by thinking about the next phase of the relationship. 

If you are going out with a guy you really like, then just enjoy hanging out with him and trying new activities with him. Whatever is supposed to happen, will happen in the future. 

52. Do not make him the main focus of your life

It is great to be a part of his life but it’s even better to not miss any part of your own life as well.

In fact, it is important for an independent woman like you to maintain your personal and professional life and be present in the moment.

It is healthier to be with a man because you want him and not because you need him. Follow your heart, be true to yourself, win in life, and chances are, you will understand how to get a boy like you.

53. Do not smother him

Do not smother him
Do not smother him

A woman with an open mind knows that everyone needs their space in life. Not many people pay attention to this but codependency is the most toxic form of settling into a relationship. It is not healthy in any case. So, the best thing is to respect his space, especially, if he asks for the same.

Many women get bitter toward a man when he asks for space. This isn’t fair on his part. You must set boundaries for yourself and also, allow him to have his. 

54. Do not try to fix him

This is one of the most common problems people face and there is a lot of bad relationship advice out there these days that contribute to this problem. Do not start a new relationship thinking that you can change someone.

It is better to pick someone who is already aligned with your worldview, instead of finding someone who is not.

This will create unnecessary friction. And don’t worry, you will find someone who is mature enough that you do not need to fix him.

55. Don’t nag all the time

How long can you bear someone who nags constantly? A nagging person always turns off anybody.

So, to win your favorite guy’s attention, don’t be a crybaby. Nagging or crying for sympathy will never make him like you. 

Instead, be bold enough to face any situation… without nagging or focusing on the problem.

It will highlight your optimism and courage to deal with hectic life situations. The guy of your dreams will definitely incline towards you.

56. Don’t show off

Don’t get into details and brand names when your guy compliments your dress.

Relationship counselors say that it may portray you as a materialistic person, and turn into a repelling trait for the guy.

Instead, act normal… like it’s not a branded piece… thank him, and switch over the conversation to some other topic. 

Even if you know about the coolest places in town, don’t boast about it. Your crush might act distant if you do this.

57. Do not stick to the phone around him

Girls are always immersed in phones…. Taking selfies, posting stories, and the list goes on.

But don’t do that.

Don’t stick to the phone around him. You’ll already become unique from other girls to him. Isn’t that really easy to do?

Moreover, if you stay glued to your phone… he’ll feel you prioritize others more. This thought may keep him away from you.

58. Don’t talk much about your ex

Nobody likes it when their (prospective) partner focuses on someone else. So, if you keep talking about your ex to your present crush, you’ll obviously repel him. 

You’ll leave an impression that you’re still stuck with your ex. He’ll think you’re not emotionally available to accept a new journey.

So, why will he even care to like you or ask you out?

Thus, if this sounds familiar, accept that bygones are bygones. You are ready to start a new phase of life without them.

59. Don’t pretend to be someone else

If you pretend to be someone you are not, he will find out very soon. It will turn him off the most. He might even distance himself from you.

All of this will happen as he notices your façade. That may seem like a trap to him, so avoid such behaviors.

Don’t forget, even if you hide your true self from him… someone else may rat out your true behavior.

When someone learns the truth about their loved one from others… that’s a huge disappointment.

60. Don’t talk negatively about yourself

Some people routinely bicker and highlight their negative traits. However, if this rings a bell, you may repel your guy. 

Nobody likes someone filled with negativity. Because when you put yourself down, you’re your negative habits… yet do nothing to change it… why will someone even want to be with you?

Discussing your bad habits with someone may sound cool to you… but it may not leave a lasting impression on your special man.

Take-home Message

It is good to try things and follow tips to make a guy fall for you. However, you must love yourself enough to not go out of your way to make him realize what a catch you are!

If the connection doesn’t come to you or him naturally, then it is for the best to feel no bitterness toward him and let the whole thing go.

Sometimes, people aren’t ready to move ahead even if you are perfect for them. You cannot do anything about it.

The only thing you can do is move forward with your life and know that the one for you is out there and will find you soon.