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18 Infallible Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

18 Infallible Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Updated on Sep 13, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

18 Infallible Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

For married couples, it’s essential to maintain open communication and trust between one another. However, there may be times when you see subtle signs your husband has a crush on another woman

These signs can manifest in various ways, such as increased secrecy, emotional distance, sudden changes in behavior or appearance, and frequent mentions of the other woman.

Recognizing these signs early on can help address the issue with honesty and transparency.

Signs your husband has a crush on another woman

Are you picking up on subtle signals that your husband may have undisclosed intentions? Does he appear preoccupied with someone unfamiliar to you? Do you suspect that he’s not content in your relationship and harbors feelings for another woman?

If your intuition is telling you something is amiss, it’s possible that your husband has developed a crush on someone else, and your marriage is currently at a crossroads.

The emergence of suspicions regarding your husband’s emotional attachment to another woman is not something that arises just like that. It’s unlikely that you suddenly wake up one morning and realize that you and your spouse are emotionally distant despite living under the same roof.

The signs of your husband’s crush on another woman may have always been present, albeit subtly, making it challenging to consider them as concrete evidence.

You may observe sudden changes in his behavior such as a lack of love and understanding for you, and a defensive approach to arguments. Sometimes, he might ignore your feelings altogether or try not to share his whereabouts with you.

All these have led you to this realization that he desires the company of someone else and not you. It’s not unreasonable to be consumed by suspicious thoughts and second-guessing that whatever you’re thinking is absolutely true.

Some of the sure-shot signs that your husband has a crush on another woman are clearly discussed below:

1. Your husband is attending to another woman more than you

One of the clear indications that your partner is showing a strong interest in another woman is when he consistently directs a significant amount of attention toward her.

If you often observe him engaging in conversations with an attractive lady quite a number of times, it is likely that he has developed a genuine interest in her. He may also talk about or refer to this appealing woman much more than he used to be earlier.

2. A sudden attitude change is noticeable

You will know that your husband is developing an emotional bond with someone when his behavior takes a complete turn, becoming the opposite of his usual self. Maybe the intimate moments along with the intense eye contact during passionate lovemaking are no more present now.  

There will be times when he will actively hunt for instances where he need not spend time with you, maybe he will cover up with excuses as he doesn’t want to face you. There will be an overall diminishing interest in you and the family.

3. He remains glued to his phone

Another sure sign that your husband has a crush on another woman is when he remains engrossed in his phone, never seeming to detach from it. 

Moreover, he keeps his phone just beside him all the time, lest others notice him chatting constantly with someone. Your husband is carrying the phone wherever he is going, or accepting calls away from you. 

4. He emanates a distinct radiance when he is around her

In her presence, he exudes a unique glow, an undeniable brightness that illuminates his entire being and reveals the profound impact she has on him.

When she talks, your hubby is closely listening to her as if he is mesmerized by her charm. He may praise her in front of you with an edgy glow on his face.

5. He hunts excuses to stay away from you

If your husband constantly spends the majority of his time away from home, it can be a clear sign that he has developed a crush on another woman. He may show disinterest in engaging in activities with you and frequently hunts excuses to avoid making plans together. 

Instead, he dedicates a big portion of his free time to hanging out with unfamiliar friends whom you are not aware of.

Whenever he goes grocery shopping or re-fuelling the car, he takes longer to return back home. You may find him actively seeking opportunities to leave the house because he prefers spending time with someone else. It is possible that your husband is either having an affair or moving closer towards one.

6. He avoids being intimate with you

You can simply realize that your love life has taken a backseat when your husband starts showing signs of having a crush on another woman. This is because he actively tries to avoid you, ignore you, and not mingle with you anytime through the day.

There is no touching, kissing, or holding hands between the two of you. There is something going on in his life that has impacted the physical closeness he once shared with you.

7. His displeasures are on the rise day by day

When your husband harbors a crush on another woman, he consistently finds fault and expresses discontent with your actions. Regardless of your efforts, he seems chronically displeased with everything you do, which may indicate his emotional attachment to someone else. 

When his eyes are on someone else, the slightest disagreements can turn into big fights very easily. He may blame you for things going wrong in his life or tries to corner you in verbal fights completely.

8. He stalks his new girlfriend all the time

If you notice that your partner is devoting all of their online time to liking and commenting on another woman’s pictures, it can be concerning. There is a distinction between the types of compliments one gives, ranging from genuine to flirtatious.

While he may attempt to justify his actions as mere friendliness, you can usually sense when someone is flirting, especially if it’s your partner. Therefore, these excessive interactions on social media might indicate that he is becoming fixated on another woman or potentially engaging in online infidelity.

9. His behavior towards you changed all of a sudden

If your husband’s words and actions changed out of the blue and he is showing kind behavior, then be sure that he is trying to cover his mistakes.  Moreover, he starts displaying an exaggerated level of niceness towards you that is doubtful to you. 

His behavior takes a sudden shift, as he becomes overly attentive, considerate, and accommodating in ways that are uncharacteristic of his usual demeanor. All these are clear indications that your husband is having a crush on another woman.

10. He is conscious of his looks these days

When a person develops a crush on someone else, they may become more aware and conscious of their physical appearance. Similarly, if your partner starts paying increased attention to how they look, it could be a sign of them having a crush on another woman. 

They may put more effort into grooming, dressing well, and maintaining their physical fitness. This sudden shift in their behavior suggests that they want to appear more attractive and appealing; possibly to catch the attention or impress the person they have developed feelings for.

11. His body language supports his feelings

Despite his best efforts to conceal it, his body language reveals the truth. A husband with a crush on another woman often displays subtle cues such as lingering glances, leaning towards her, mirroring her movements, or fidgeting nervously, inadvertently giving away his hidden feelings. 

Though he might remain tight-lipped about his new affair, you can make out from his body language that something is cooking up in his life and you are being fooled around very easily.

12. He is lying frequently

Telling a few harmless fibs every now and then may seem inconsequential, but when your spouse constantly hides half-truths, it becomes evident that your marriage is in jeopardy. 

The emergence of a new woman in his life might be the catalyst behind his feeble attempts at constructing deceitful narratives to explain his whereabouts. Doubts are inevitable in such circumstances, as you possess a deep understanding of his character and can discern his falsehoods with regrettable accuracy.

13. He stops being jealous when another man appreciates you

Recall a time when he used to sulk if you merely exchanged a casual greeting with a stranger on social media or embraced a male friend in public. Back then, it may have been irksome or stifling, but now he seems indifferent to whom you engage in conversations or attend social gatherings with. 

How did all those concerns suddenly dissipate as if they were never there? It’s possible that your husband has found a new love and merely transferred to another person who has captured his romantic interest. He no longer feels jealous when others appreciate him or talk about him publicly.

14. His initiatives toward the family are lacking

Can you recall the most recent instance when he surprised you with a romantic gesture? Have his efforts to make you feel all warm and fuzzy ceased altogether? Is your marriage now characterized by a disregard for important dates and the overlooking of special occasions?

If you find yourself nodding in agreement, it’s possible that he is channeling this energy elsewhere. It is these small gestures that breathe life into any relationship.

However, if he continues to grow distant and increasingly cold towards your marriage, you can rest assured that your husband has developed a crush on another woman.

15. He has become defensive these days

Your husband’s defensive behavior has become noticeable lately, possibly indicating his emotional connection or attraction toward another woman. When a husband is having a crush on someone else, he may display defensive behavior as a way to protect his secret. 

This can manifest through increased secrecy, evasiveness, becoming easily agitated or defensive when questioned, guarding his privacy, or showing signs of guilt or deflection when confronted about suspicious behavior. 

16. He keeps her photos secretly

This shows that your husband is over-affectionate towards another woman behind your back. If you cross the question, his probable answer would be, “She is just a good friend” and he may become defensive and start making stories related to the photographs. 

17. He compares you with her

Is he comparing you with her lately? Or trying to undermine your contributions at home and in his life? Then, it’s a sign that he has developed an affair and is trying to humiliate you openly.

He no longer harbors love and kindness towards you. Your relationship has lost its spark and forced you to think whether it is worthy to save your marriage any longer

18. He accuses you of having an affair with another man

Despite his own infatuation with another woman, he casts accusations at you, claiming that you are involved in a romantic affair with another man. 

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantRelationship’

If you notice these signs in your husband’s behavior, it could indicate that he has developed a crush on another woman. But before you jump to definite conclusions, you need to be sure; otherwise, the situation can backfire. 

When you have sufficient evidence, it’s essential to address the issue with open communication and seek professional guidance if needed to navigate the situation. Always try to make a healthy space for conversations that can help both of you resolve the problem without being harsh on one another.

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